Games for Watch

3.4 (507)
57.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
HamptonsTek LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Games for Watch

3.45 out of 5
507 Ratings
3 years ago, Hogfanlarry
Don’t pay for the games
The free games are cool and work fine. But I paid for hangman and minesweeper and the hangman worked for the first two games then when I tried minesweeper it wouldn’t work. Now hangman won’t work either. When I click on the minesweeper icon in the phone app, the app just completely shuts down every time.
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5 years ago, ScottPaulson
So fun!
This game is so fun!! I didn’t have a phone and my Apple Watch was connected to my mothers phone, so when ever people were on there phones I would find myself on my Apple Watch playing this game! Finding the matching was my favorite. I would rate this game 5/5! So good I would suggest it!!
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1 year ago, GameEngine_3
A lot of bugs
I won’t write a long review I’ll just say one of the faulty problems I’ve encountered. While playing the memory game the image freezes and won’t let you chose any more tiles, but the time keeps running and you lose. I’m only giving it 2 stars cause it’s one of the few Apple Watch apps that have games. Hopefully they improve it.
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1 year ago, Mrhngxjjdf
I had fun with these games, I wish there were more free ones to play, I love the sliding board game, it really makes me think, but I have completed the rose one and now I wanted to complete the red and black stripe one and I did complete it but it shows I didn’t do it right when I clearly did:)
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6 years ago, RioJade
Slider puzzle error
The programmers apparently forgot the Rule of Parity when they designed this puzzle, and 50% of the time it scrambles in such a way that it is unsolvable! You cannot tell until you reach the final stage whether you can finish or not. If it turns out that you cannot, you must back away, approach the safe again and do the puzzle over. This time, hoping that you hit a solvable one.
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1 year ago, XXhackssss
Buying? That’s just cruel.
Bought the Apple Watch, and now every game on it has to be bought with more money! I’ve gone broke at this point! (Not really, we’re okay, but it’s for effect). Can it be more visible that you have to pay for 75% of the games from this app? I downloaded it and now I can only play like six games.
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4 years ago, Jordan Biery
Sliding Blocks
i enjoy the app it’s just it doesn’t function great, the software is a bit slow. and also when i solved the shore picture for the sliding blocks(you can clearly tell that it’s solved) it won’t allow me the missing piece to finish the puzzle and move on.
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2 years ago, hfugfvjhgjfjytf
Game is good but some errors
The sliding game is really fun but I have only done one, completed it, and it won’t give me a new one. It just stays on the completed one. I know i did it right, too. Also the tic tac toe and whack a bug games are extremely easy to win.
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5 years ago, Crystal_3827
Mind tinkering, time consuming games for when your bored and have nothing to do. Great for on the go and you don’t even have to get out your phone it’s like games on your wrist! Amazing! 🤩
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1 year ago, Gianna😆😆
The games
I payed for some games and the hangman only worked but I also payed for color blocks and two other games they didn’t work on my Apple Watch and said I didn’t pay for them the app is a 3/5
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2 years ago, BadBrigit3
Don't download it.
It won't even download on my watch. This game doesn’t work at all. It needs to be fixed, and why would you pay for games that don't even work? I tried for 3 hours to get it on my watch, and FINALLY it worked I played tic tac toe… and it cut my watch off! I turned it back on and it would not let me on! It’s a nock off game.
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5 years ago, Gav is awesome
Good but I found an exploit I think ..
When your playing whack a but if you spam the bug it will give you those points. I can get like 4 points for each bug. If this isn't a exploit sorry.
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2 years ago, rmjendbryrhdvdhshs
I don’t know if I have to wait
So I don’t know if I have to wait but I bought the hang man and it wouldn’t let me pay which I already paid but on my Apple Watch it say I have to pay for it .
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1 year ago, Kay$kay$
It’s good but….
When playing watch and repeat my screen goes off after getting a score of 7 and my game is over
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3 years ago, Brookebaron
Pretty good not the best
I like how you can play games but not all. All of the good games you have to pay for. But that’s not much. What really got me mad or upset is how the app looked it looks really sketchy
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4 years ago, NorbergFam
Scam/waste of time and money
The app worked okay after purchasing at first. Now the paid games won’t open and let me play at all. I’ve restored purchase, deleted app and redownloaded, restarted phone and watch, nothing helps. It’s garbage that the seller will charge you for a game just to turn around and stop letting you use what you already paid for.
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5 months ago, animals123465789
Would be a great game
I think this game would be really fun and interesting if it worked for me. I can’t download any of the free games no matter what. Even when I’m connected to WiFi. I tried deleting it then downloading it but that didn’t work either.
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5 years ago, Fattpill
Bait and switch
This APP makes it look like its some dinky little free games for your watch but when you download it you are now required to purchase games from them. Its like they are a mini Apple store. I would dare say, this is a scam. Run away don’t download. If they are this shady about doing business then who knows what other info they are stealing.
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5 years ago, TextCodeMan
Nice... and annoying.
The simple games are nice, and fun. 5 stars for games, -2 stars for annoyances. The ones that require purchase are on screen all the time. Very annoying. I’d like to remove them. I’d be happy to purchase, but I don’t want the other games.
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8 months ago, XTurminator
I play this game when I am bored and most of the games are fun my only problem is that I have to pay to play some of the games but it’s good
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6 years ago, mabrie s
They Only Let You Play One Game😑
Once you start they will only let you play one game. When I click on Hangman or Sudoku it says I have to buy it for $1.99. And the rest, they just take you to the score screen even though you haven’t played a game, and they won’t let you get back to play the game. There needs to be bug fixes.
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3 months ago, MeIsKaylee
Can’t play
It shows up on my watch, but when I click on it, it just kicks me out of the app. It used to work fine so I don’t know what the problem could be. Everything is updated and I deleted and reinstalled it many times.
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5 years ago, LowkeyAmy
You can’t play anything
You can’t play anything except tic tax toe. You have to buy the rest and get a whole other app for them. I wouldn’t advise getting this for your own watch. I tried playing and it said I had to pay. This app isn’t with it. Also it only have like six games. I really didn’t like this app.
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5 months ago, Kawhicraft
Ground defense works now 🙂
Perfect fixed all my problems
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2 years ago, Amanda_chill1
Don’t pay for the games
I bought hang man and cross the road hang man worked for 1 game dose not work anymore and cross the road did not work at all the free games are fine though don’t pay for the games
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2 years ago, 137291285829
Controls are Rough
The controls are pretty jank for all the apps, it’s not unplayable but definitely needs some improvements, especially pong.
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5 months ago, Braxton Dawkins
Would give less stars if I could don’t download
When I went to delete it bc it was taking lots of battery off my watch it went away off my watch but won’t go away on phone Home Screen
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2 years ago, keyabug
It’s really good but the last 4 games don’t work (hangman,minesweeper, sudoku ,and 2048) if these games work it would be good
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3 years ago, B.1213
Can’t play
So I like the base games, but when I went to purchase hangman, it said successful, but it doesn’t load on my watch. Do I have to re-download the app or does it take longer than a few minutes to let me play?
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4 years ago, NikkiG8504
Can’t play minesweeper
Not sure what’s up. paid for it but can’t get it to play. there isn’t a “new” option to begin a game and nothing happens if i click on any tiles. not a fan of spending money on games but thought this would be a fun throwback to have around. disappointed that it’s a bust.
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4 years ago, alexi.h123
My opinion
This is a great game, one thing is no purchase items, another thing is you should add way more things to play it’s a pretty fun game.
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5 years ago, Evan Pahlke
Games for watch
This app is really fun but for some reason I can only play like 3 out of the 5 games why is that?
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5 years ago, Zarah07
Waste of time
I spent a great deal of time trying to figure out the slider puzzle just to come to find out that it scrambled it to the point where it was not solvable. It needs to be fixed before I would spend any more of my time on this game.
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1 year ago, sombody7(!3,$8)
Don't buy games
I don't know how but I got the hangman for free. So I figured that other payed games would work right? WRONG. It took my roller and ran. I never even got one of the two games. Stole my two dollars. I don't think I'll financialy recover🥲.
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5 years ago, Ricayla2016
It would be nice to take away each letter you choose or at least place a line across each letter you choose while playing hangman.
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3 years ago, kioncat
Very Disappointing
I couldn’t even get the free games to show up on my watch. I really wanted to get tic tac toe but it wouldn’t show up on my watch. Very disappointed, guess I’ll have to get tic tac toe from someone else.
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2 years ago, KIDZ BOP 🍬
Don’t Waist Your Money
I paid for more than half of the games but it still didn’t work. I tried and tried but it still didn’t work. So don’t waist your money!
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5 months ago, Cubingdash
Some games don’t work but some of them do
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5 years ago, ccbfvnv b
Within seconds deleted because it wouldn’t let me play half of the games and the ones that I didn’t have to pay for didn’t work either!😡
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3 years ago, mking56344359
Screw this dude
I bought sodoku and it wouldn’t even work redownloaded the app and now it pops up wanting .99 again and there’s no way to message him pull this garbage from the store apple
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9 months ago, Evansturtlefamily
I hate it
Horrible. I tried to download on my watch but it wouldn’t let me even when I downloaded it on my phone and looked in my iwatch app
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3 months ago, Pig Kisses xoxo
the games are very glitchy and don’t always work- but keeps me entertained well enough though 🙂 rated 3 just because very glitchy also - make more free games please
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5 years ago, yvrjf
Don’t know what to call it
The only app that really actually works enforced me would be tic-tac-toe game I was never told you need to buy games once you pitches the app it never said that. Beside the buying the app part the app is ok.
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11 months ago, Cmannix
I want my 99 cent back lol. I’ve been given puzzles that can’t be completed. From the start the boxes are open can’t be filled
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2 years ago, Oakie10
Want my $$ back!!
I purchased both the Sudoku & the Word Game Mode only to find that neither are working. I want my money back ASAP!! What a rip out - don’t purchase!
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1 year ago, football backgrounds
good games but
i dont like the about paying for most of the games. but the free ones i like!
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1 year ago, Starlicious82
The app shows you the games. Great! It explains the games. Alright, cool. Download or add the games, however…let’s just say it’s not possible. There no option. Wow. Buh bye app. What a waste.
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5 months ago, gingy16845
Paid for a game won’t even work I’m upset and want my money back
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1 year ago, uniquekid01
Free cell, four in a row
Several games don’t work at all. You pay for nothing.
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3 years ago, tg5yjtmtyhn
This app is terrible the games won’t show up on the watch it’s not worth it
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