GameTwist Online Casino Slots

4.5 (1.5K)
136.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Funstage GmbH
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for GameTwist Online Casino Slots

4.5 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
3 years ago, timmy6568
Come a long way
Twists have come a long way over the years. Like the current format, just would like to see bonuses come up more often.
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5 years ago, WiseGuy57
Waste of time, don’t bother.
Downloaded this because it has some familiar games I play at the real casino but, like so many others have said, it is quite disappointing. I played for a grand total of 5 minutes before it had drained all my “twists”. Never once did I win anything more than just the amount I bet. And I made all different bet amounts, not just max till broke. I understand these are games of odds but I have never lost everything that quickly even on real slots I play. Then as soon as you’re out of cash it prompts you to purchase more credit! HA!! Poor strategy to get people to give you their money if you ask me. Was really hoping I’d like it and would have stuck around (and even paid to play eventually) if I felt I was actually getting some sort of utility from this product, but that’s just not the case. It’s surprising because I would expect steep odds at a real casino but not when we’re playing imaginary. Here’s a thought: loosen it up a little = people feel more engaged, entertained and play longer= THEY WOULD SPEND MORE MONEY!! But I’m no marketing major (my wife on the other hand is though and she’s right next me). Sorry but I would not recommend this app to anyone..... DELETE
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5 years ago, B-N Babe
On the Fence
I’ve played quite a few of these slots while overseas, and have been with Game twists for many years (I’ve had a few accounts). I love me some “Book of Ra.” Nevertheless, I have gone the past couple of days with NO bonus spins (during literally hours of play) and I’ve lost millions of twists in the process. I don’t think the odds were anywhere near as bad with the real slots, in comparison to the app (over the course of these last couple of days— it’s THAT noticeable). Moreover, the tragedy is fact that I’m not even trying to win real money. BOTTOM LINE: Folks, play for the love of the games, not in the hopes of winning even fake money. Slot games/apps are a,”dime a dozen, and they’re cheaper options for slots apps if you’re buying credits. Shop around, and search out the ones who give back to their customers, and add value to your experiences; that’s what quality is all about!
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5 years ago, DaJuLee
Not For Me
Too small startup credits. They disappear in no time. There probably are bonuses to collect, but it would take too long to build up credits. I got to play two of the slots. Not sure if it’s the layout or color coordination; but, the colors were too striking and bothered my eyes. It made me dizzy when the reels went around. Also, there was a voice that kept saying something over and over while I spun, but I could not understand what word he kept repeating - annoying to hear that and not knowing what was being said. I scrolled through some of the slots and did not find any that appealed to me. No social interface, which is something that I look for in a slots app. I’ll be deleting after I write this.
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1 year ago, joydeledda
Used to be fun
This game used to be fun. However, of late it has gotten worse at least for iPad users. They advertise free spins for watching videos but most of them do not grant the reward I have reported this issue to them several times and they repeatedly say they’re working the problem or blame Apple. After more than a month of being told the same thing nothing has improved its only gotten worse. They will not be getting anymore of my money. This goes for for both of us.
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3 years ago, CasinoGod420
Great App but my favorite game crashes
Can you guys please fix Plenty on Twenty ? Its my favorite Game but everytime i play it it crashes after you spin once. been a long time and i still cant play it thanks!
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6 years ago, Chefc2u2
Does any one ever get any bonuses on these game. I think this is why I got rid of it the first time I downloaded it. It’s easier to win on the real casino games.
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1 year ago, Angry twister
They take your money and don’t credit coins
I’ve had over 40 attempts to purchase coins but it says transactions denied update payment method in apple settings and once I did it charged me 40 times but never gave coins. Apple won’t refund it even though I have screenshots of it saying denied and therefore taken for over 100 for stupid games
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5 years ago, jehagahah
I am no longer able to play this game. Since the new update the pop up promos are so big that you cannot press the x button. It’s outside the screen size. Please fix.
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6 years ago, JM018
I’ve downloaded and used multiple different apps over the past few years. Never have I seen such tight slots. I only downloaded this one because it had some of my favorite games and even purchased a bunch of credits so I could enjoy it, but what a waste of time and money. It takes several million credits to hit a single bonus.
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6 years ago, kadkord
Not working
All day today I can’t get in to play... it always said API endpoint could not be located.... could you please fix the problem
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5 years ago, 타이르기
Whats going on?
My funds were disappeared suddenly only 40seconds Please check my account transaction Skylifer
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6 years ago, Shrek275x0
Wont let me post
Just crap, still crap a few days later. Took 4Mil coins. No wins. ! Apple store. Remove this criminal app!
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10 months ago, Donaldbus2
Skill games needs update to include canasta and bridge
I have no keyboard on website due to green tube fix it or update app for more games
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2 years ago, Positive P
Do not purchase coins
Regardless if you purchase coins or not, the game rarely pays out. It’s a waste of time and better to just delete and re-download. They claim it’s giving you the casino experience however, the game is not fun and just eats up your coins unfortunately.
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3 years ago, Sivart1971
Bonus non existent lately
I’ve played for over a week without a bonus feature. I spent upwards of $50 Buying credits with nothing to show for it. Will soon delete and take my money to another app
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5 years ago, Yolobartolo
The game is great but I get a networking error without being able to log in. If the problem gets resolved, I will change to 5 stars the application deserves. I can provide screenshots of the window with the error - such shame, because this was the only casino app I really liked.
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3 years ago, Kati8888
Fun app.
No big issues, but there is no sound on From Dusk TIL Dawn. Please fix!
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1 year ago, Lucky Loser 011
Except daily bonus i didn’t see and feel nothing interesting in this game. It’s impossible to get a free spin playing any of games. Terrible!
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6 years ago, Syd.logan.daddy
Unable to login.
I’ve tried multiple times today and the message api endpoint not available. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, Mr.Chainsaw
Many games, like my favorite, Katana have a bug if you get a scatter on the first reel it bugs the game out and you have to close it and re-open. Very dissatisfied.
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4 years ago, Angelvi21
This need more bonus
Even when you shop for so much, after so many spins, no bonus???
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1 year ago, Jtrusty12
This game only wants you to buy coins from the shop. It will drain your coins down so you watch their ads. In addition, they never pay out
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3 years ago, janetr
Fav. - one there’s more
Love it …..
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2 years ago, Disappointingcustomer
Very few bonuses
I have been playing for a long time now. Level 477 and about to delete because you only get very few bonuses.
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6 years ago, SkunkJunk5
i gotta say this is the only casino game that you can ho from 2 million down to 0 ... wow and it happens so many times, its like really?! The only casino that has the best slots ever but as far as being fair yeah nope!
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5 years ago, martimart01
Garbage game!
Do not download. Slot bonuses rarely happen. Also if you pay sometimes the game freezes and it will not give you the coins you just purchased.
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4 years ago, jopsx
The game is great i pike to play it, BUT JACKPOT sistem is horrible, you have 0% to win something, its like if you win it they need to pay in real money... I dont get the point of jackpot sistem...
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6 years ago, Bsbsysha shshshehebensn
Operation not permitted
I cannot play because a message with : “Operation not permitted” always appears. I have the newest update and I also confirmed my email. What’s the problem?
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2 years ago, re1245
No Bonus
This game produces no bonus. Spend money and spend money. I know people who just stopped. I am too. Bye and good riddance
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6 years ago, desertmom39
Love this app
These games are the best
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6 years ago, king5x5x
Thanks all works
Nice woks
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4 years ago, stroy004
It’s a lot of fun
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1 year ago, GamerMom#3
Unrealistic Slot Game
Don’t waste your time. If I could give “ZERO STARS” I would. $10M+ with zero free spins…unbelievable!
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10 months ago, Lamscastle
Money goes to fast
Hardly any good fortune or bonuses
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4 years ago, Clydooo
Cannot win
No win
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3 years ago, allbeauty337
Luv u
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6 years ago, Mjv26
Great game
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7 years ago, JesseCaca
Great game
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6 years ago, hari215
The Best
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2 years ago, japanaac
the worst casino game i ever play
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2 years ago, nidza00
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4 years ago, ㅋㅋㅂㅈ교
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4 years ago, riSSaV
Trash trash trash
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11 years ago, Calvin Nathaniel
Winning vs Losing
I wanted to give this game a top rating, but due to the slots playing rather tight, I'm unable to. The game although real and quite entertaining, doesn't provide for much fun when the tokens price is too large for a game that doesn't allow you to get into bonus more...winning creates the fun...not losing. Even when played with small amounts the games takes a plethora of spins to reach bonus or hit big. So, since we buy with real money and your only reward is tokens. Loosen the game to provide more wins and repeated bonuses.
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9 years ago, ImChopz
Love this app!
This is one of my favorite slot apps. Could be because I used to love playing these gaminator slots when we live overseas. I haven't seen them in the U.S. I wish the other gaminator games would be added like The Money Game, Sharky, RollerCoaster and I could go on! I love these games! The odds are a bit better than the real games - which I love. I don't like when the games give bonuses all the time - that's not realistic. Pls come out with more games!!
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11 years ago, Susie3338
I love your slots but I thought it was free and it is not after the first 2000. I will have to cancel when I run out of the last points I bought because I can not afford buying these points. I sure do dread canceling because I think these are the best slots I have found but I will have no choose. Do you have others that are free?
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10 years ago, elewis191406
Not enough coins to play with in beginning. You lose them fast not allowing you enough time to get to play and know the game. Should get bonuses more often so you can play longer without having to buy coins right away. Who wants to buy coins if you can win them without buying them which is difficult to do with these games. Otherwise the game is wonderful to play should not have to wait twenty four hours before you get a new set of coins
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10 years ago, Scjindpls
I've suggested it before....
I have suggested in the past that, if this game is not going to 'loosen up', so that the player can earn more tokens/experience more bonuses, there should be 'bonus tokens' every so-many EVERY other 'casino' game app!!! (Now, several months later...) I am now suspecting that these reviews are only for players, and are never viewed, read, or discussed by anyone that has anything to do with potential changes and/or improvements to this app/game. Not only are the bonuses few and far between, it seems that, with each update, token wins on spins keeps decreasing. Also, NOW, the 'Just Jewels' game can no longer be played from the GameTwist app - you have to download GameTwist, login, and play it as a separate game...COME ON....PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR CUSTOMERS....PLEASE!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO GETTING BONUSES??!!??
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8 years ago, לחכי
..•🎰•¡¡"Game Twist Review [@GameTwist]"!!•🎰•..
..I've Been Playing Game Twist [*@GameTwistMobileApp*] For aWhiLe Now.. And I Do Enjoy Playing.. But I "Don't Play" As Much AnyMore BeCause; It Began To (*STOP\*NOT) "Paying Out".. So, With "ANY" Game; If One KeepS Loosing (Over aNd Over Again), It BeComeS: ^Not Only *Discouraging ..But.. ^No Longer *Fun AnyMore.. ...*aNd*... Out Of "ALL" The [CasiNo] Game AppS I Have {^I Only HaVe *Six(6)*.. Which, Really Is Not Allot}; YoUr *"GaMe: [@GameTwist]"* Is The Only One That *GiveS\*PayS Out, Only "*ONE(1)* BoNuS" Every 24 HourS.. But, If aNd When I'm Playing, I Still Do Enjoy aNd Have Fun..
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