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User Reviews for GarageBand

4.07 out of 5
92.5K Ratings
4 years ago, KallMeDaKing
Pretty Good...
I like this app a lot and I honestly think that once I get better at producing music, that this could be a go to for me until I get to a professional stage in my career. The only problem is that there aren’t a lot of sound packs to choose from and it kind of gets boring after a while hearing the same sounds over and over again in almost all of your songs. So I think there should be more sound packs to choose from and that there should be more loops as well cause anytime I look through there it’s always very repetitive and boring. I also think there should be a quick tutorial cause I’ve had a lot of friends delete this app just because it was hard to navigate through and figure out what was what and where they could edit certain loops or some of their own samples at. It doesn’t have to be suuuper long but it should just go over the basic aspects of the app and where everything is at so that it’s easier for new producers to find stuff. Overall I’d recommend downloading this app cause it’s worth the while (at least until it gets old and boring but I still get on sometimes) I almost forgot to add that I also think it’d be a nice feature if you were to add a hidden loops list where you can remove loops from the general list and specific genres and things so that whenever you’re looking for some good loops you don’t come across the ones you know you’ll never use or just don’t vibe with.
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3 years ago, Roctor11
Let’s Do It!
This is a fabulous app that is an absolute Must for writers/arrangers who get stuck alone (not good) at airports, parking lots, Etc .. The sounds are absolutely fabulous! I could pick nits and say that on cannot press the drum-stick into the drumhead depressing just enough to tighten the next strike to a different semi-tone ... but I won’t. It is great for mapping out numerous tracks of a song in your head with symphonic strings or Japanese instruments (of which I had never heard) but which sound very Celtic. It is a candy store with invisible, one -way lids: they keep the candy clean but you can reach right through and grab whatever you need for the next part of your song! It is absolutely almost all of the “Jetson-type“ musical things about which I dreamt as a child. Everything for a complete rainy afternoon at my fingertips! If you can imagine it, most likely you can write it on this with the use of myriad tools. It’s learning curve is practically idiot proof – as attested to buy my ability to use it with such ease. Get this wonderful app and open up all the windows you can find As You Need and use them: choose a few at the beginning and find out how incredibly wonderful it is as you add on to your knowledge and your abilities. I am waiting to hear that someone has used this for an entire movie score ... it will not be long in coming – if it hasn’t already happened! Thank you for presenting this app to all of us to use it! It is almost God-given!
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4 months ago, ⭐️fivestarreviews⭐️
Garage Band
I’ve heard of this app before from teachers, friends, and family, and I decided that I would give it a shot! When I first downloaded the app, I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like, but now that I have it, I am highly impressed! This app is so cool in so many different ways! Let me tell you about this app! Garage Band has many different styles of music and different instruments. You can download different styles of music for free! This will give you access to more instruments, sounds, and more! My personal favorites were 8-bit Legends, Trak Girl, Soulection, Tom Misch, Oak Fedler, and Chinese Modern. When you choose one, you can play around with the sounds and instruments and pick which ones you would like to play in your song. When you hit the record button, you can click which sounds you want to play at that moment and the tune. You can get a little creative and play around with the tones, tempo and more! I am a dancer, and I liked having the opportunity to make some fun songs to dance to! All of your Garage Band Songs will be saved in files. Another good thing about this is that you can share your songs with other people through iMessage, email, Airdrop, Notability, Notes, Freeform, and more! This app is really cool and fun! You should give it a try and let your inner music maker shine! ☺️ Look for more reliable review at ⭐️five star reviews⭐️
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4 years ago, Rhsjshwhdyd
Almost Perfect
Allow me to start by saying that I’ve been using GarageBand for 3+ years and it is beyond comparison. Out of hundreds of apps on the App Store, it is by far the most user friendly I have ever been able to use. As somebody who was teaching themselves how to write music, the interface is almost always very helpful and easy to understand, even if you aren’t very knowledgeable of music in the classical sense. Although not everything about it is completely obvious, it is absolutely worth it to spend time playing around with and discovering new tricks and settings, that aid or streamline the music writing process. That being said, if there is anything about GarageBand that I don’t like, it is the sustain pedal glitch. It’s the only thing I would consider to be a flaw that truly compromises the effectiveness of the app. When adding/deleting/edited the lengths of sustains on music (particularly piano, as that is what I work with most often), I’ve frequently ran into a myriad of recurring issues; sometimes a sustain will still play even after it’s been deleted, or after shortening a sustain pedal it will still play at its original length. All in all, however much I dislike the issues with the usage of the sustain pedal feature, any grievance I have with that is dwarfed by my admiration of this app and my appreciation of the undoubtably talented people who put energy into making music so easy.
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3 years ago, ChinChinChan
Please add Triplet grid and Odd time signatures
I use this app to pass the time when I’m bored and I gotta say… I don’t think another free app exists that is as good or robust as this one. The keyboard patches can get dry at times but the audio recorder function is top notch. There are tons of drum patches but the “acoustic” drum patches sound absolutely terrible unless you put some work into them. I guess that is pretty normal on professional DAWS on your computer but I use this app to pass the time and really don’t want to spend 15 min trying to get my drums to sound like drums. Another downside I see is that the 4/4 grid is the only grid truly fleshed out in the app. If you switch to 3/4 or 6/8 (the only other options that exist at the moment) the app starts to have issues. If you try to paint notes on the grid it doesn’t quite land where you press and the grid goes directly from quarter notes to 32nd notes. And there is no triplet grid for any time signature. You just have to move notes around to where you think they might fall. Also, I wish there were more options for the time signatures themselves. I think on the computer you can just type in any subdivision you want and it creates a grid for you. But, all-in-all a great free app if not the greatest of free apps for the musically curious types.
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7 months ago, John dacon
CRAZY POTENTIAL, but lacking some basics.
If you’re looking to get into producing, GarageBand is definitely one of the easiest things to start with. It’s relatively easy to pick up and is simple to navigate. It takes MIDI input (at varying success rates) and the edit menu is generally very good for fine tuning (except for guitar tracks, with the 6 strings of the instrument having completely different midi tracks??) What it tends to lack in is more basic synthesis patterns. The closest I’ve been able to get to basic synthesis on this app so far without plugins required downloading a sound font pack. Even then, I found myself having to fumble with equalizers and distortion to get a moderately OK sounding sawtooth wave. The fact I had to go through that alone to get a basic wave is annoying but it’s not too bad when you take into consideration the ease of installing plugins into GarageBand. (Although a built in virtual analog synthesizer would be awesome, something similar to the Yamaha Reface CS in terms of simplicity and variety.) I do wish there were also more built in effect pedals. I frequently find myself wanting to use HP/LP filters and if the synth patch I’m using doesn’t have those built in I just have to deal with it. Overall, I’m very excited to see what the future holds for this app and I recommend it as a good platform for beginners through intermediate.
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3 years ago, punch1252
Dear Apple:
I love this app so much. I am not a professional music designer and I would be lying if I said I was, so this app works great for my intents and purposes, but I think there are a few missing features that could very well revolutionize GarageBand music designing: 1. Exporting iPad/I OS GarageBand files to Music. PLEASE PRIORITIZE THIS FEATURE This is already a thing on OSX (MacOS), but I would like to be able to export my GarageBand files to Music without many disappointing attempts at back doors and bypasses. 2. Add pitch correction for ALL blue audio samples/recordings. One of the problems is that if I record audio, then I can use Settings -> Follow Tempo & Pitch -> Semitones +|-, but with imported audio (not just from the sound library) I rarely am able to. 3. Sound pack request. This is a simple request for some new sounds. There are many times when I feel as though the “other” category should be renamed. Often times I find myself attempting to substitute an accordion with the Toy Melodica, or a saxophone with a clarinet and oboe/bassoon. I think the pack(s) should include: Almost the entire family of woodwinds The entire brass family A few more world instruments I hope you read this and will take these into consideration, and I REALLY appreciate the royalty free sounds.
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4 years ago, Some body you don't know.
Apple PLEASE read!
Hello my name is Caleb. I’ve been using garage band for many years now and I’ve always loved it from the start however there is a problem that I’ve run into recently that I hope you can fix. It’s a strange problem actually but garage band still deserves 5 stars anyway. So when I started using garage band there wasn’t as much content as there is now, less then a third probably. I was easily inspired to make music and could make neat catchy tunes every other day but now it’s harder to do that because there’s SO MUCH content it’s overwhelming because besides the five main things (guitar, vocals, drums, strings, and piano) there so many sounds like synths, bass, leads and such that I never know where to begin and I lose all interest in my creation, but I think that if you put a “sample” button on each sound so that we can hear just a single note at middle C or -1C for bass that would instantly get rid of the problem. Most of the time I know what sound I want but I can’t find it and I have to select a sound, play my song, and see if it’s the right one which takes to long with there being hundreds of choices. There might be this sound sample feature already and I just don’t know how to use it but if not please consider adding it. It would help so much and I’m sure I’m not the only one who would thank you.
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4 years ago, khanflikk
Issue recording vocals stops recording and doesn’t record anything you’ve recorded
Anyone know how to solve this recording stopping no matter how I record anything thru physical mic on iPhone 6s it use to record just fine. I’m about to purchase an iMac Pro and midi keyboard. Over the years I’ve tried all the daws garage band I can actually have finished work. I absolutely love it! MacBook experience wasn’t the best but it was an MacBook from 09 iPad Pro super impressed! So I can’t wait till I get the iMac Pro! I’m holding an pretty chart rank currently 17th global and 14th national chart rank. Trying to maintain this momentum until the iMac. GarageBand you tha best well tie with logic minus the new samples and loop packs! Alltho I use external more I still love physically playing the instruments that’s super dope! I now know how to play piano/keyboard and never played before. Does anyone know how to fix this recording stopping? Space seems to be the issue as always. Haha so I’m sure it’s the space problem. I deleted the app and re downloaded it and permanently lost roughly 20-25 new projects. Keep the live instruments coming definitely pretty dope! Especially playing drums and keyboard definitely give GarageBand an overall 6+ stars if I could cut samples that would be nice. Much love GarageBand been with ya guys and only you for almost 5 years now. -Khanflik-d
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2 months ago, 🧡minibutterflys🧡
New Acoustic Instrument: Piano Master
Give your music to rock and let it flow! First, the audience is the level 6-MAXIMUM. Second, the listener can hear the piano music sound. Third, the speaker can help you understand the rhythm. Forth, the music sounds are very similar in tone. Fifth, the music itself can also be very powerful as it moves through your mind. Sixth, the listener tone will change over the course and your brain can hear you. Seventh, the foreign tone will become more pronounced in your ears as the listener responds. Eighth, the interviewer lefties have been using your words in their speech as if it were written with your ears. Ninth, the interviewer responder is the most likely person who has the best sense and ability for a response. Tenth, the fumble frequency is a good indication for your ability. Eleventh, the best is to keep your opponent on track. Twelfth, the second time around is when the fumble frequency increases by two points per round. Thirteenth, the fumble rate increases by two percentage points per round in each quarter. Last, it would have a slight drop to a little bit higher if you could have seen a bit lowering. Piano Master is a band like instrument where you join a piano, and then play a piano solo for the first few minutes. Have fun and Enjoy your day!
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5 years ago, YourLittleSylveon
I want to use wind instruments, but they’re not there!
I’m a beginner music maker, and I’ve been playing in a school band for a lot of my life, so I grew up loving wind instruments like flute, trumpets, etc. but as of July 10, 2019, there doesn’t seem to be an option to get them. I searched for extensions to add to GarageBand so that I may use the more traditional instruments, but I couldn’t find anything. All I have is the computerized digital percussion, some strings I don’t know how to use (yet), and a piano which I’m unable to really use because on my phone screen, the accents and attacks on the instrument are very spontaneous and annoying. It’s a good app, don’t get me wrong, but no matter where I look, I can’t find any instruments I know what to do with in a composition (i.e. wind instruments). There also doesn’t seem to really be a good way of making music box music in it no matter how hard I try (I try using the Sweet Bells on the piano setting, but even after messing with the sound settings it still doesn’t feel right). The reason I point these things out is because I want to create more traditional or fantasy-based music. It would be nice to be able to create some ethereal music without struggling to find the instruments. Other than that, the app is wonderful and intuitive. I intend to keep using it, just so long as I have access to wind instruments and hopefully a music box-like instrument. Thank you for your time!
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5 years ago, AJ_money maker
Needs to be solved
So I have been using this app since the iPhone 5s. And I have a major complaint it is a major book for those who are using voiceover with GarageBand. It’s a book Apple needs to take care of. I am a voiceover user myself and I have been having this issue. Whenever you would like to add compression, change your EQ, add reverb, or echo, or any really cool affect like reversing the track, changing the speed so if you were trying to make those rap style high hats, or adding other great effects. Garage band will not let you, as soon as you close out of your mixer it erases all of the things you’ve done. Matter of fact it doesn’t even add DFX it’s like you never even added them. I have been dealing with this bug, since I started using this app I have never been able to successfully add any of those amazing plug-ins garage band will not even change the sound of your recording, as soon as you go and increase or decrease the amount of compression reverb or like I said any of the other affects, and you close out of the mixer and prepped play to hear your track it doesn’t add them, then you go back to your mixer and look at it and see they’re all back down to 0% Apple please please fix this issue, recordings with sound so much better when you can actually affect the sound. This bug has been going on long enough. On behalf of me and other voiceover users a like please fix this issue
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4 years ago, rektandreas
Ok I have some problems.
By: —————— So I think this app is pretty good but when it comes to making your own stuff there is a bad bad problem. I have no problem with creating stuff already made but today me and my mom wanted to create our own song on it and I used a lot of the loops. And then finally when I was about to hit record button, THE APP TOOK ME OUT OF IT AND I LOST ALL OF MY PROGRESS. (It crashed) It took me almost an hour just to get some of it done. And now all of the progress is gone and I really think that you need to fix that because if that’s gonna happen to every single time you make a new song by yourself that’s not created all ready, then you’re gonna have a lot of people saying the same thing. Maybe you can fix that bug in another update! Please do it because I am very mad at the game and I don’t want that to happen ever again. Overall i give it a three-star because the app allows you to still create songs that great so I gave you five stars for that but then I’m like im about I create my own song and then that happened so that’s why I took away 2 stars. But I still hope that you guys can make GarageBand way better than it is right now but I don’t mean that in a bad way because I already said that I like it I just don’t like it too much because it crashed. so please fix that because I don’t want this app to be on my bad app list for the rest of my life.
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4 years ago, zipperbug
Recording Sections Limit Usefulness
I was told GarageBand is a great free Apple app that’s easy to use to start recording my podcast. Free, easy to use, Apple app, yes, but not that great for podcast recording. When I set out to try out the various features offered like adjustable line-in mic, monitor, and noise gate along with pitch controls and such I was very excited. The letdown came when I was ready for my first take. I wanted to make sure I could "spit my truth" for my full 15 minutes of fame. Now, I’m not a musician so I don’t think in terms of tempo, bars, sections, and time signatures. Unfortunately, GarageBand only allows 26 sections at 8 bars each, and adjusting tempo and time signature was no help at all. After ~4 minutes of recording I realized I had used almost 12 sections which gives me a maximum recording time of 10 minutes. Now I’m sure that’s phenomenal for musicians nailing down a riff, bridge, solo, chorus, or massive vocal track, and I’m not foolish enough to think that this app isn’t specifically designed for musicians. Yet, I still think there’s a slight loss of functionality, and opportunity to expand GarageBand’s reach by not allowing unlimited recording and the addition of a timer or stopwatch for those who are not adept at music’s timing system. Voice actors, storytellers, life coaches, podcasters, etc. could all benefit from the simplicity and functionality of the GarageBand app with a few simple tweaks.
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7 months ago, Legocopter2
Honestly great
I’ve made a dozen songs on Garageband (and a lot more unfinished little sound snippets) , and it’s honestly a great entry-level DAW. It comes with plenty of sound effects already, but Alchemy Synth changed the game for me. As my introduction into the art of turning knobs until something sounds good, GarageBand’s Alchemy Synth boiled it down to the basics——Hundreds of presets that give me a few options to tweak. The limits of what I could change about each preset helped me broaden my effects knowledge rapidly as someone who’d decided that it would be fun to try covering Megalovania in GB a few years ago. At this point, though, I’ve reached a ceiling of GarageBand; The lack of ability to cleanly automate things other than volume (and pan, with some work) has started to put walls on what I can make, so I’ve decided to move over to Cubasis 3. This isn’t to say that GarageBand is bad, though——It did for me more or less what I wanted it to. Seeing how it’s completely free, very easy to use, and packed with features, I’d say that GarageBand is an excellent choice for someone who wants to compose quickly and efficiently without needing to go into higher-level settings. However, for people looking to meddle with more odd things, it may not be the best choice.
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2 years ago, jrodswifey14
I love this app!
When i got my 13 in march it was already loaded to it and at first it was so complex i didnt mess with it much. After i had to wait around a few times i found the things i enjoyed the most about it that far… sadly i had a tagalong in my cloud using data like a crackhead and calling apple and sprint/tmoble several hundred times did me no good and they have been trained well. The first thing they asked who did YOU give youre apple id or imei to… the same stuff happend to two phones one i expected it to happen to the other id had high hopes but it didnt last long and the isd breach caused the device to green screen and paying my bill was also a giant hassle. They claimed i had service so they wanted their money… i still havent paid for august-now and unless i get a few $k ill be getting a flip phone and wearing foil on my head when i turn this 11 on… its connecting to wifi with no carriere service… i feel pretty let down being a customer since 2018 i did enjoy the extras but im unable to afford the trouble involved with any smart phone… when someone tells you iphones are unhackable ask how the imei in every phone is protected… i hate all phones now… it was a waste of money and a useless investment….
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4 years ago, shnsnsnssnnsnsnnsnsns
I’ve been using this app for almost four years now, during a time which I knew close to nothing about music. After playing around for a solid year, this gave me a good grasp on the central workings of music, from a steady beat to more classical elements. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of pack additions, especially in the last year or so. However, I do have some critiques. 1: I know it’s possible on some other interfaces, but there must be a way to look at the tracks and the instrument at one time. Going back and forth hasn’t been the best experience for me. 2: this is a little petty, but the loops need to be organized better. The fact that I have to look up ‘piano’ instead of just putting it into an instrument is ridiculous. Also, adding onto this, there should be more loops of different time signatures. 3: This is probably the worst of my critiques; where is Macne nana. I’ve heard of rumors that she was created by GarageBand, (hence the Mac) and I’d love it if there was any sort of text to song audio that could be used, especially if it worked the same as the sampler, or maybe even the smart drummers. Overall, this app is probably the best mobile music creation app I’ve used. The rest cost money for what can be done for free here.
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5 years ago, Jack Talton
Better than fl studio mobile
I can't stop giving this app props because this is honestly the greatest music producing app so far... I'm actually in love with GarageBand the fact that there's so much to it actually makes me hype every time I get on the app. First timers will use the loops to create there songs that can tailor to there style. You can also add your own loops with the keyboard selection and synths. Millions of sounds that you can expand your arsenal with and it doesn't stop there. You can even download your own samples to expand your sound selection. Like I can record a note from my grand piano and turn it into its own song. This app will never die out as long as there is more and more sounds added to it. The only suggestion I'd add to GarageBand if I could. Would be to add more sound FX and chants. The essential to making genres of music is something that makes them memorable and the sounds that you can add will show it. I love this app and I hope it continues to grow because this potential already exceeds that of computer software. I can't wait for the community to grow more and more so that people won't have to spend 200 dollars on something when they can simply download a FREE app!!!
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1 year ago, Thenachokiller
Tuning, and time signatures
Hello! I love this app and I use it all the time to jot down music ideas I get through the day. One thing that I struggle with, though, is working around 4/4 or 3/4 or 6/8 when I’m trying to work in other time signatures. Things don’t meet up on the ones anymore and it’s a struggle to wrap my head around. Also, when trying to develop ideas in other tuning systems, like just intonation, it’s extremely tedious to 1. Record one midi string note 2. Merge that to itself so it’s just audio 3. Put that audio into the sampler 4. Adjust tuning by using the fine tuning feature 5. Merge new sample midi with itself so I don’t change the tuning for note a when I’m trying to change the tuning of note b. Can you add some way to make each sample track individual so when you adjust things like tuning, it only adjusts that one track and not all other sample tracks? Ideally I would like to have a feature where you can slide each individual note in a midi string track +/- 50 cents. Maybe even adding something like the current articulation feature but for tuning on each note. That way we can slide our notes up and down to the exact vent we want.
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6 years ago, killersongz
Essential for songwriters
I have been writing songs for over 20 years through a simple 4-track and using a drum machine. When I first heard about GarageBand, I thought it was a music-related computer game. I even got an iPad which already has GB downloaded on it from the factory and never even opened it for a year. Finally, I was bored one day and thought I’d take a look at it. WOW! I couldn’t believe how robust and professional it was! Here I’m tinkering with a 4-track and drum machine from the 80s all this time while I had a pro-quality music studio to write and produce sleek sounding demos just waiting for me to discover it! I’ve recorded some 400+ songs in GB that sound so good, some people actually think I recorded with an actual band! The drum sounds are impeccable along with fantastic bass, piano and string instruments. They even added brass horns! I just wish they included a saxophone with the horn selection. My favorite feature is the edit feature for each virtual instrument, especially when it comes to the drums. I’m able to move snare hits, kick hits, hi hat patterns, etc. to make them sound much more natural, like a real drummer would play. GarageBand is easy to use. You’ll be recording masterpieces in no time!
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2 years ago, Magic_Mushren
Buggy, not as user friendly as desktop
Title says it all, I think. Many times I haven’t messed with any settings but it’ll randomly stop playing an entire track it previously had no problems with upon playing the 2nd or 3rd time after opening any project, not muted, and no matter what I do I can’t fix it unless I completely re-record it. Can’t copy and paste it to a new track, either. Feels like it randomly corrupts the files somehow or something, lol. The features that make it easy to edit your track on desktop is not at all user friendly on here. It randomly glitches sometimes, when I’m not even touching the iPad, to make it to where only tracks are showing and you can’t access your options to show the library again bc it’s literally not present on the screen, so you have to force close it and re-open it to be able to access your library to add tracks or change instruments. Input lag is also an issue if you’re solely on your iPad. So many times it won’t be able to catch all of the input, and then editing it to ensure it has the missed sounds is again, a nightmare. For me, nice if you want to mess around or start some ideas, but editing is so clunky and buggy I’d recommend sticking to desktop for the final whatever’s.
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5 years ago, OkieWolf
I don't get it
GarageBand is good in some ways, not good in others, and completely ridiculous in others. It's good about keeping everything in sync, easy to create tracks, easy to mix down, and simple to use. But some things in GarageBand makes you scratch your head as to what they were thinking. One of the biggest ridiculous things I've found is dealing with segmented tracks. In song creation it's often necessary to create segmented tracks....add a part here....then another part further down the timeline within the same track. It's also beneficial to then be able to merge some of the segments into one so that you're only dealing with one item rather than several. 6his can be done easily with drum tracks (colored yellow) and touch instruments (colored green). However, recorded tracks such as vocals or plugged instruments or anything recorded (colored blue) CANNOT merge segments together. Why? I have no idea and neither does Apple support. There's no logical reason why you can't do this for recorded tracks. All tracks are waveforms. A waveform is a waveform. It doesn't matter how GarageBand categorizes it. It's still just a waveform. Drum loops are waveforms and segments can be merged. Touch instruments are waveforms and segments can be merged. Recorded tracks are waveforms but CANNOT be merged. Completely ridiculous.
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5 years ago, The child indoors
Almost perfect
Ok so I’ve been using GarageBand seriously for 3 years. And I’ve enjoyed making beats on it. I truly have. I think it just needs a little bit of adjustment. One thing I request is to add in a saxophone sound. I’ve been trying to make a chill beat with a saxophone in it and I’m not gonna buy a saxophone for this one beat. Another thing is to have tuned drum kits. For example, in the FL studio you can use a hi-hat sound, but it on a piano roll, and make a cool effect where if you make a quick chromatic sequence, it has a cool ascending hi-hat sound. I have one last request. Auto-tune. Now you don’t have to, but it would be a cool little feature to have on GarageBand. Like say I were to record me singing one note, say middle C. I would like for that note to change into other notes. Like if I recorded myself singing the note C, and the word “office”, and both syllables were on beat, each syllable could be different notes, or to make it more complicated, divide the syllables by twos, threes, fours, fives, sixes and so on and so fourth. Ok that got complicated. I just wanted to get the specifics about a possible new auto-tune feature. But so far the app is great I just request those three things. Have a great day!
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1 year ago, #ElyseLillian2010
Okay, but here’s the problem….
I am a music producer and songwriter, and i’ve been using GarageBand for almost 5 years. Here’s the thing: GarageBand is great for simple songs and anything without complex vocals, keys, etc. But when you want to do detailed recording + editing, GarageBand simply doesn’t have the complexity that other music production software does. With this being said, GarageBand is a great starter tool and the best free production software i’ve seen. Here are some suggestions: Make it so you can tweak the vocals exactly. I know you can do it with piano, guitar, etc., but if you could pitch the singing to be the exact note you want, that would make any flats or sharps in it less noticeable. On the note of singing, I also think that there aren’t a lot of filters on the audio recorder. It would be nice to add some more that would actually be useful (crowd vocal options, main singer options, etc). Also, I really wish there were more loop options, especially acoustics. Most of them are some type of R&B or Hip Hop, so adding more genres for the loops would be beneficial. Thank you for reading, and please take this into consideration.
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5 years ago, elijio7521
It used to be super good...
GarageBand used to be awesome, it was my first music program and I loved it. Even when it first started out and it didn’t have as many features as it does now. However, over the updates and all, it’s performance has definitely dropped. It’s very laggy, it’s extremely buggy, I’ve had multiple files disappear (luckily iCloud saved me from that), and almost every single time the sustain doesn’t work properly. I record with sustain on and it plays with it off no matter how many times I keep putting the sustain on and it’s very annoying. When I tap on a key lightly it’ll play extremely loud but when I play it actually with force, it’s quiet and it happens multiple times. It’s made making music extremely frustrating and I stopped using this app. The MacBook version is much better but isn’t as portable and a lot of the keyboard sounds are nowhere to be found and it feels different and I don’t use it as often. Not only does the app itself feel laggy, but when using AIRPODS, APPLES OWN PRODUCT, it doesn’t even play correctly and there’s a huge delay when playing notes. Auxy and other music apps don’t have this problem when I use AIRPODS, so why is GarageBand BY APPLE having this sound delay when other non apple products are? It used to be 5 stars but I’m giving it 2 stars.
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3 years ago, Finesse P.
I would love to give this app 5 stars.
For what it’s worth, I’m a new app user, and new to the workings of production in general. I find that from what I know, GarageBand runs pretty smoothly. I REALLY love some of the synths, and tbh, before I started using GarageBand, I didn’t really have much of a trajectory in life. I used GarageBand for a few months, and suddenly(and this was just for a moment), I realized that MAKING music out of pure love and appreciation for the art of it, the SOUND of it, was exactly what I wanted to do with my life, for the REST OF MY LIFE. I don’t know if I’m supposed to give the app all the credit or not but, I DO think they were the catalyst for something amazing to shift inside myself. Not to get off topic though, I DO love the app. I don’t however have access to uploading to SoundCloud for some reason , but maybe this is happening to everyone?? I hope someone sees this and can help but even if they can’t, I am VERY happy for the self discovery I was able to make with this app, and for some for some of the pieces I was able to create, even if I can’t yet upload it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP!!
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1 year ago, Xjohnny2000
forced auto-normalization
i love this app and have been using it to experiment with music for many years. it’s helped me grow into a pretty solid music producer/beat maker and i’d love to have confidence using it on professional projects, but the auto-normalization can’t be turned off. this was fine when i was just learning but i’ve long since outgrown it and would like to turn it off. it was a bit disappointing to find out that auto-normalization could be turned off in the Mac version but not the iOS version :( I’d like to mix my songs in garageband and then master them in another app but every time i export, it gets rid of all the headroom i tried so hard to make because it normalizes all the peaks to 0db. the mixes sound okay but i feel like the forced auto-normalization is keeping me at a plateau in my growth as an artist. i can’t learn how to master the way i want if i can’t export from garageband without it normalizing. please make an option to turn this off like the Mac version. to me, that’s been the single consistent downside to the iOS version for so long, but the addition of this option would make it perfect. Either way though, thank you guys for an awesome DAW!
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7 years ago, AnonymsFan
NO 2/4 Time template/background
It is absolutely amazing and astonishing that Apple provides as default time signature rhythm templates NO 2/2 or 2/4 patterns but only a 4/4 template. SERIOUSLY Apple??? Lemme guess re this UX design flaw: the designers are under 30 and listen only to 21st century white rock/pop stuff. This is where either having a UX person with some maturity can be helpful or at least a person with perhaps some actual music education - someone who not only has listened to but has studied the roots of American music much of which is based in 2/2 and 2/4 time signatures. Another way of saying this is that most of the folk songs and music every kid in America has grown up with not to mention the base of most popular music especially blues is based on a 2/2 or 2/4 time signature. Your little hot coders may have figured that mathematically a 4/4 signature can be adapted. FYI: Nope. And that’s why dearest Apple you have GOT TO RETURN TO USING PEOPLE WHO HAVE THE ARTS BACKGROUND as well as the coding chops... or just at least hire UX people over 12 years old. This is such a huge missing basic that I am using it as an example to students in the UX unit of my design and development program. FIX IN NEXT REV PLEASE!!! You have been told about this multiple times. It needs to be moved WAY up on the fix list.
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4 years ago, Spaceman2015
Hardstyle, and better sound quality
Please add more hard hitting instruments such as hardstyle or hardcore kicks like in a sound pack or something with hardstyle synths like sub zero project or d-sturb. Also, it would be good if you guys added punchy basses for psytrance. Basically garage band needs more music packs and it would be great to see an option with eq tampering and more effects for a single track. Sort of like FL studio but more simple. What would also be great is better sound quality, one main reason why I don't think I should use this app full time is because of the sounds. All of the keyboards and instruments seem that they need more treble and clear tone. Also we need more instruments in a project instead of 30 only. If this version of GarageBand had more tracks and higher BPM (for French core and hardcore) this would be a permanent option for me and I wouldn't have to pay extreme prices for an over complicated DAW. In conclusion, please add hardstyle, French core, and hardcore kicks (and synths). Make the sound quality better. And more effect tampering and eq tampering. Please read this.
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6 years ago, Seth Draven
Headed in the right direction
I love what Apple’s done with GarageBand and GarageBand iOS over the past few years, and I’m glad that now you can import and playback MIDI files on GarageBand iOS. HOWEVER, I’m still waiting for Apple to allow the EXPORT of MIDI files FROM GarageBand Mac & iOS. That would be a feature I could use that would round out the app as a near-“proper” DAW. That aside, I love the Alchemy presets and all the ways you can tweak them to create your own unique patches, plus the great user interface which makes it easy to use for both people new to making/recording music and longtime producers/DAW users. I’d also like to throw in though, that while I don’t generally use them myself, as well-crafted as the (post-2016) built-in and downloadable loops are, they’re pretty much only for EDM and dubstep music, maybe occasionally scratching the surface of pop-trap beats and glitch-hop. I’d personally like to see more loops that lend themselves to old-school hip hop or something. P.S. — This is all coming from someone who has used multiple DAWs (GB being a constant usually) separately and together, for many different styles/genres of music, electronic and otherwise. 🙂
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10 months ago, ok lol ok lol ok lol
Awesome But I Wish These Features Were Added
I’ve been using GB for a while now and overall it’s a really good DAW for mobile, at least when you get the hang of it. There’s just some things I wish were added to make the experience even more better. I get a lot of my sounds from online kits and there isn’t really a way to organize them since if you insert a file in the file section (the one with Apple Loops on the top right), it grays out the file and I can’t click on it. So basically I have like hundreds of mp3, wav and more files unorganized so most of the time I can’t figure out which file it came from. Another feature I wish was added is the time stretch feature. There is multiple ways to do this but you have to use the sampler and/or other apps to time stretch audio files which, in my opinion, is just time wasting and inefficient. It would be much more easier to just implement the feature itself into GB. Overall though, I would say if you’re new to making music and don’t know what DAW to start off with, I would choose GarageBand.
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1 year ago, Exalted Golem
Problems, Solutions and Requests.
There are way too many keyboards which is good but it makes it pretty hard to browse the huge library. Can we have the option to star our favorite keyboards like in apple loops to make browsing easier. Browsing drums can also be a pain because sometimes i like the kick of a drum machine but the snares or hi hats are bad so i have to go load through the hundreds of drums machines until i find some good ones. Can you add a custom drum machine where you can add any kick, snare, etc from any drum machine and be able to save those custom drum machines and also have the ability to favorite the the individual samples from drums to make browsing easier. We also need more cinematic drums! Lastly we need a master track so we can master our songs for free or at the very least be able to export wav files at -6Db so we can master using a 3rd party app. No matter how low i have the volume, when i export wav files its always pretty loud so there’s no room for mastering. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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1 year ago, ndbsbeg
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3 years ago, ahhhayeee
I like to change names around. I use this app to make ringtones. I had a song named x and I changed it to y. I named another song x afterwards, but when I dragged it into garageband it plays song y. Bruh. So I changed the name of the song in iTunes before using it in garageband. Big deal. I change the names of my ringtones around too. I had a ringtone named a in the past. I either deleted it or changed its name into something else. I made another ringtone which I want to call a. “The name is already taken.” T-T-T-WHUH?! No it’s not! Where? I looked around. Don’t see any files named a. I looked online for help. Google thinks I’m trying to start a band but my band’s name is taken. I’m not trying to start a band I’m just trying to makes ringtones and name them after tarot cards! Why is it that making ringtones is so tedious with apple anyways?! Just make it so we can make songs from ‘Music’ into ringtones! Then I wouldn’t be here complaining about garageband which I wouldn’t normally use in the first place! If naming wasn’t a problem I’d give this app anything but a 1, but for some reason naming IS a problem! Now what do I name my files after? Organs in the human body??? I got a 3 in ap bio which wasn’t good enough to transfer credits for college! Why is naming files of all things what I have a problem with???
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7 years ago, —• B •—
Some Suggestions?
Hello! I’ve been a fan of GarageBand for a long time now- back before the Alchemy Synth and the orchestral instruments were added. It’s been great making music, whether it’s covers of songs or my own creations, but I do have a few things to suggest. Key changes and tempo changes. When you’re working on a song, there are times when you realize, “Dang. This needs a cool change!” Here’s what I’m thinking: When you duplicate/add parts or edit them, there’s a switch for key/tempo changes. When you turn them on, the app will ask what key you want to change it to, or the tempo screen will pop up and say, “What tempo will your song be?” or something. 😂 Ukulele. Please. People may‘ve been asking for this already, but please, please add this in! It’s a cute sounding instrument and for those of us who don’t own one but want to use one in our music, who better to ask than the GarageBand team? Otherwise, it’s a great app, and I love using it. I haven’t experienced any bugs so far, and I’m happy I haven’t! Keep doing what you’re doing, guys! ❤️ Peace out! ✌🏻
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6 years ago, AngelaPaulson
I love the App, but there’s room for improvement
As a blind musician, I want to say, this is by far the best app I’ve tried, and the most accessible. It’s very screen reader friendly, and works very well with apple’s built in screen reader, voiceover. However, there is something that I really think would make the experience better. When I customize the chords, for example, if I want a major 7th chord, when auto play is turned off, it plays the chord just fine, and it sounds exactly like a major 7th chord. When auto play is turned on, however, it only plays a major chord. It does not play the notes to make the major 7th chord. I’ve also noticed this in minor 7th chords. It will just play a regular minor chord in auto play. And it also doesn’t play 9th chords. Pretty much the custom chords have no auto plays that play the notes of the custom chord. Auto play only plays the basic major and minor chords respectively. I would really like to see an update that auto play will make the changes to custom chords. Other than that, very good, and I enjoy using it.
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2 years ago, i love to eat rice
Hung up my phone call without asking
Haven’t gotten to use it yet, but i heard it’s good. Only complaint at the moment is that i was on a late night call with my bf, the kind where he’s asleep already and I'm still awake with weird creative thoughts in my brain. I know, cringe, but we just like feeling each other’s presence even we’re physically apart. Anyways i decided to give the app a try cuz I’ve heard good things about it and it’s in one if those dusty folders on my phone of apps i never use. So i open it and a pop-up tells me i can’t open garageband while im on a call. Weird but ok, i’d understand if i can’t record audio on the app but i can’t even enter it? I press “ok” (the only button it gave me) thinking i could just try again tomorrow and IT HANGS UP MY CALL WITHOUT EVEN VERIFYING THAT THAT IS A THING I WANTED TO DO. Obviously i can’t call back cuz my bf is asleep, and obviously it’s not that big a deal cuz I’ll see him tomorrow, but it’s still extremely annoying and frankly RUDE that they didn’t ask first before hanging MY phone call. Thanks for ruining my love life GarageBand. Haha but seriously, please consider fixing that feature. I’m going to sleep.
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5 years ago, Lsahjspjsohauvibojd
Love it! But I have a huge problem.
I love the app but I have a problem. I’m making a pretty long medley. Roughly 350 measures in total. It’s been playing back and working well. Every so often, it says “Optimizing performance…” which is pretty normal, although it takes a while. Anyway, it just happened, I waited, and somewhere in the middle I got a “storage almost full” alert. I let it finish optimizing, and then I went into settings and cleared roughly 8GB of data. I go back into GarageBand, and my audio wasn’t working. So I closed it and re-entered. It was working again, but cutting out at some parts. So I closed it again and reset my phone and tried again. After a few tries, I discovered that it now works all the way until about measure 219 or so, and then the audio cuts off. But it doesn’t cut off all together. Certain instruments go about one beat before the others. What is that all about? I would be really upset if I really just lost 100 measures of audio. Please respond to this or update or help me somehow. I’m really worried.
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6 years ago, Sarge23060
It is SO detailed
So, all of the worse reviews are 100% because the users didn’t try hard enough or put in enough time on this app, because I’m not saying it easy for a beginner to use all of the complex features on this app. People who complained that they got discouraged when they couldn’t figure out the app, just keep trying, because there is honestly NOTHING YOU CAN’T DO with this amazing app. One motive for this review is that I felt bad for GarageBand getting beat down by all the bad reviews of people saying that it was bad because it was too hard or they just hadn’t figured it out yet. (no offense to those people) GarageBand is truly one of if not the best mobile music maker apps out there, you just have to put in the actual time and effort to unlock a world of musical possibilities. My only problem, and this started happening very very recently, is that now my device crashes whenever I try to open it up, but its no big deal because I’m sure that it’s just a problem with my device, and if not, it will be fixed soon. 😄😄
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6 years ago, Hohokitten
Okay the program works great, but once you add some FX, get ready for rage quit. The program will take at least four bars to get in time and in Tune for some weird reason and it’s quite annoying when you can’t get an idea out because the program is having ridiculous issues. On top of that, there has been multiple times where the program won’t even launch, and when it does all of my data isn’t there. It seems to be a serious hassle when your data isn’t there and you got to reset your iPad and reload the program 100 times before you can even enjoy yourself. I have even downloaded this programs most recent update along with my software update and these problems are still here. As far as I am concerned you people are lucky this program is cheap and is easy to work with when the issues are not present. As of right now, I wouldn’t even give this program a star for the problems that come along with it. And when the problems are fixed, I’d give it six.
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7 years ago, DesertEagle252
Awesome app!
GarageBand has become my best friend. I have been using it for about a year and a half now and have made over 100 songs on it. It is perfect for anyone who has a curiosity about making music. It is so easy to pick up and start using, and the learning curve is nice and progressive. To this day, I’m still learning new things about it! Such a little app contains so much power to create music of one’s own; it is truly second to none. The only reason it didn’t get its fourth star is because of bugs I’ve had to work around and one bad one that prompted this review. I recently had a bug pop up that would crash the app before it even opened. I couldn’t use it at all. I had to delete and reinstall the app and when I did, all of my songs were lost, even though they were saved in iCloud. There have also been other bugs that I had to work around in the past (most of which got fixed in the recent update), including reverse recordings not working and the recordings sounding way different than the loops they were recorded from. I do recommend this app to anyone wishing to start up in music, but beware of the bugs.
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2 years ago, Dox'd dude
My first iPhone 13
This app as well as Home, notes, numbers, HBO Max, and indeed have really soured my first experience with Apple. Those apps have somehow compromised my device, deleted photos, uninstalled multiple apps and created nearly a gigabyte of system settings in two days as well as over 100 analytic reports. I have never used any of them and they constantly try to download so I don’t not connect to Wi-Fi anymore. Disappointing experience. Apple support I had no suggestions my phone keeps telling me there’s a Watch associated with it through my Apple ID but neither Support or a check online PC or through settings show any devices connected. Still get the notification to download the new app to learn how to use my new apple 7 watch. I was looking for a safe haven by moving to som Apple and after having three androids bricked due to a compromise coincidently timed with a divorce and I really wish someone would just take the time to help. Feels just like having Bixby on a Samsung flip Z and getting locked out 3 times a week. 50 mile drive, 3 times to the bear nearest Apple store to have it reset. Som Apple blames the carrier, carrier blamed asid Apple. Just feel like a cog in the wheel, especially as a long time share holder.
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6 months ago, youthkid23
It’s Amazing!
GarageBand is definitely one of the best apps I’ve ever used. You can do so much with it, even on mobile devices. There are so many instruments, from analog, to synthetic, to even classical styles like piano and strings. It is so easy to use, and it has been by far the best app. Not only that, but you can even send a GarageBand song directly from your computer to Apple Music! If you have a mobile device, you can airdrop it to a computer and do the same. The only problem I’ve had so far is that it cuts out quite frequently, though that may be a storage issue on my own terms, because it happens with my other apps too. I’ve been using GarageBand for almost seven years now, and I have created an endless amount of songs. I think it is very good for beginners who want to become musicians, or even just for fun. Especially being a kid, I’ve always wanted to make music of my own, and this has been the best app to start pursuing my dream. Thank you, Apple 🙂
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11 months ago, KMrGood
Awesome but frustrating
They got an enormous amount of options you can tweak for each set of sounds. Brain overload I suppose unless your familiar with. Two annoying things is the when an object has double actions,for instance the bottom bar is scrollable to see the different beats that are available, but if you just tap it then it starts all the instruments with beats in that column, no way of getting back to what you had…. Very frustrating when you have something you like going and then gone because iphone detected the touch incorrectly. The other thing is that when you tap it to start pay, the beat not the recording, it takes second to even start, so your timing get all screwed when your trying to start it at mid-count it can be annoying to say the least…. Undo should be for the last action of any kinda character a see to fix these mistakes, but it does have not…. If something had dual scrolling(toggle bar and instrument selection) it can get stuck on one action until you remove your finger and let is set fir 20sec…… the scroll motion has to be straight, which my thumb doesn't, slide it rotates…
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3 years ago, sarah berh
Awesome but things for the future
This app is awesome but we need like a avatar thing so we could soo our avatar playing. And it would be cool if we did like an online rap battle with avatars but since this app is GARAGE band there should be a garage and we can customize. There should also be a chatting system so we can chat with our fellow rappers but if there is a chatting system there should be a friend system. Also there can be like a setting so that you can change your name and profile pic of your avatar. So if you do this this will make the game more interesting and cool and get more subscribers. Oh yeah and there should be like a thing where you can get clothes and more hairstyles but ya I think it can also ask for your gender there should also be a hair treatment so that you could do blonde fading into purple and all that stuff but I really think you should put this on your list. Please put this on your list thank you!!! From, Anonymous person that 💕 s the app
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2 years ago, crime lady
Great but could use work
I think this app is great! It’s perfect for musicians, and if your just starting your music career this a perfect helper. Usually I just like to play around with the digital instruments and make instrumental songs. This app actually kinda helped me learn guitar (though that not my official instrument) and taught me a lot about music. But, I’m giving this app 4 stars, for a few reasons. First of all, there’s not a lot of options for different instruments to play. Basically it guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and a couple other random world instruments. I would love to see them add brass or woodwind instruments and/or other types of world instruments (sitar, bagpipes, xylophone, etc.) Also, the acoustic drums are terrible. I’m a drummer, and I’m good with screens. But every time I play a beat, (mind you I play with a metronome so I know I’m playing in time) it records some terrible sounding sloppy beat that I never played. So all in all, this a a pretty good app for beginner musicians to get started recording music, but does have a couple small flaws.
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6 years ago, elliot.harper.90
Surprisingly great
GarageBand is one of those music softwares that gets backlash because it’s “not professional” or because it’s “on a phone”. However, a quick look at all the new effects and instruments Apple has added to the newest version of the iOS GarageBand will nullify those criticisms. I have used GarageBand on my iPad and phone for three years now, and I have produced very good sounding music with it. Its pre-made synths are easy to play with and manipulate to the producer’s liking. If you are not content with your technical skills or musical connaissance, then Apple offers hundreds of loops, from beautiful synth chord progressions to distorted rock drum kits, that you can chop up and use in your songs. It is hard to see any flaw with the newest GarageBand. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in dipping their toes into production. And if music-making isn’t your goal for your future career, the app is still loads of fun and a good way to unload creativity and boost your imagination. Strong 5/5 for this app!
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2 years ago, iammane
Pretty darn good
This app has come a long way. The touch instruments sit in a mix really well, I’ve used GB for remixes handling 1+ gb of stems on an iPad Air 3rd gen and it performs admirably. It hosts AUv3 instruments and effects (for some time now) so there’s really no limit to the sounds you can get in here. The editing is really straight forward and behaves how you’d want it to. There’s re-key and stretch on recorded audio and it works pretty well in my opinion. Honestly, it’s nearly the total package… my ONLY gripes are that I’m missing a proper mix bus, like with a master channel, and I’m missing out on more automation. I know you can automate knobs on the internal instruments but there’s not a way to visually edit that after the fact, which is a bummer. I do understand this wouldn’t be trivial to add. But maybe one day… For the price, you can’t go wrong. I’m even really happy with some of the amp sims (both guitar and bass) lately. Also it works just as well on the phone as it does on the iPad, which you can’t say for all universal apps.
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4 years ago, Lojavvvv
Amazing App
I paid $100 for another DAW on my computer and have been using it for years, then I download GarageBand on my phone and find that I can do more on this app than I can on my expensive PC-operated DAW. Granted, if I understood the technical side of the production process better I'm sure I could get more out of the other DAW, but I don't have the time it takes to learn it, and Garage Band is very intuitive in comparison. So while it might be less powerful overall compared to FL Studio or Ableton, etc; in the hands of an average user like myself, GarageBand ends up being more powerful simply because it's easy to use. I think Apple knows that if they offer a high-quality, powerful and intuitive audio workspace for free that it gives people a reason to buy their products. So if you already have an iPhone or Mac, might as well take advantage of that access. It's crazy what you can do on the iOS app. I never would have thought I could work entirely from my phone and produce quality music.
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7 years ago, JayOTO
You can take this app more serious.
Apple has really stepped up the mobile DAW scene with this update. There's NO mobile software out there that's better than GarageBand right now. I don't use much samples in my work so the added mixing features helps me customize and bring out my sounds even better now and I can finally practice touching knobs before I buy a Macbook and really start working on tracks at a more professional level. I started using GarageBand a year ago and it just gets better and better. *UPDATE* So I'm 2 years into using this app and I really learned a lot. You can make underground level tracks using the app alone it has a ton of features and if you know what your doing you can create really cool sounds. I have the alchemy synths (via iPhone 6) and they sound great so far. The electric drum kits need a new update like the keyboards did they sound a bit outdated at times with the new sounds. I think an updated 808 trap kit would be good and a few more basses other than all the dubstep ones. A couple of amps for guitar/bass would also be pretty cool! A few extra mixing effects wouldn't be a bad thing either I really learned a lot with that new feature and it's really key for beat makers to become real producers. Also if you really read these reviews apple you should add to the mastering options a bit as well. Just a few more options to help introduce beginners to the world of engineering more. Great app though keep up the great work we appreciate it!
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