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User Reviews for GarageBand

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4 years ago, betyouaint
The singular reason I own a Mac
I don't like Apple. I don't like their ethos. I don't like their interfaces. I don't like their inflexibilty. I don't like their overarching control. I do however, for the most part, like Garageband and it's the only reason I own a MacBook Pro. It's not perfect and for a Windows user, I struggle with the paradigm shift from Windows shorcuts and control locations. However, I am willing to suffer given the perfect balance they have struck between power features and ease of use. But the feature that tipped me over into almost exclusively using Garageband is the auto-drummer. As a multi-instrumentalist who records all tracks myself, one by one, drums are the hardest. You can't do a one take scratch track so you have to go back and forth between drums and guitars until you get the groove and then start to lay down the serious tracks over the drums. And I'm not a great drummer either. With the drummer feature, I don't even bother recording my own drums anymore and just tweak what the app gives me.
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3 years ago, DannTee83
Big Bang onna Budget
Ive used garageband on my ipad for years before being able to afford a Mac. The crossover was simple all of the same functionalities with a few more bells and whistles (minus touch screen capabilities) so the learning process from mobile to desktop was quick and easily picked up while giving me more creating power. This DAW has to be one of the easiest but most effective music making progs. avail. and i grew to like the connection between the tablet and desktop giving the ability to transfer projects right from tablet GB to Mac version GB with no issues, and i later in life found the LOGIC app offers a mixing and more app that remotely works with desktop GB which made my add ins and mixing visible!!! from my tablet!!! as i worked!!!. Thumbs up on this software here which was an excellent gateway, stepping stone, lead off intro into LOGIC PRO X which is the same software but a more professional looking layout. So in return GB a great tool to have, even on my tablet which is my go to on the fly and actually has landed me several local and nationally known clients to work with due to its flexability and capabilities, Go hard at your craft you guys!!! im closer and closer to living out my dreams because of DAWS such as GB and LOGIC PRO. thanks apple you guys rock
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7 years ago, Raffercm
I’ve been using Garageband for 7 years now. Granted, this is a school laptop & I’m not any music pro, but I would say I’ve become pretty advanced with Garageband over the years. When my school reimages the Macs every school year, all of our purchased apps get automatically updated. When I was prepared to make more advanced music for college (I’m 16), I noticed something pretty off. #1, THE ARPEGGIATOR IS GONE FOR ANY KIND OF DRUM KIT. This helped me keep tempo with MANY of my projects & now it’s almost impossible to remake them in my own loop. Not to mention, some of the loops are gone too. Granted, I semi enjoy some of the new sounds like the clap & snapping, but I want my arpeggiator back. I can’t make music without it. I fell in love with this app, & I’d hate to not use it when I constantly have new tunes in my head I could make on here. I’d give this app 5 stars, but it’s now almost useless if you want to be able to produce good, on beat music. Looks like I'm going to have to save $200 to purchase Logic Pro if this doesn’t get fixed. I would really not like to have to do that because I have a lot of faith in Garageband when it comes to producing my music. Come on now Apple, you’re better than this.
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2 months ago, The Song Maker
I like it but
there is a problem with this app because i did not mean to press the button ok for putting the sound on a device and i want to here it on my mac so i really dont like this gragband and i will get the app back to see if the people that made the app fixses it to where i can hear my songs again and i made this very very cool song that i love but when i came back to hear my song i could not hear it cause i pressed the button so please fix this and i will give this app a 5 star rate cause i knoe i said i couldent hear it but i still like the music that i made so thats why i give it a 5 star rate but please fix the app!!!!!!!!!!!!! (new rating from "The Song Maker) i tryed using headphones and i can hear all my favorite songs again and it is because my brother is so smart that he told me to try using head phones yes he does not have the app so if anyone has this issue try using head phones then it will show a pop up meesage then click yesthen you will be able to hear again! Yay!
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11 months ago, Ronnied573
Wednesday I was having problems getting GB to work, and it appears to have been an oversight and mistake on MY part, not the app. So I'm here to update my review. I love GB and have used it for several years, beginning with iPhone, then to iPad, then to iMac. I had to restore my Mac to factory settings due to some malfunctions. When I installed all of the software, programs, extensions, plug-ins, etc., I did so before installing GB, and therefore couldn't get GB to open. Over the last 2 days I have been racking my brain, and receiving guidance from Apple Support trying to fix it to no avail. So the last thing I felt I could try was to uninstall ALL of my other recording software, extensions, plug-ins, etc, and then install GB. Welp, that worked. I have since re-installed all my other software, extensions and plug-ins (none of them compatible with GB though), but GB still seems to work as it should. So I updated my review/rating since I am unable to edit or delete the previous one.
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5 years ago, MuzikJunky
Needs a better tag editor!
I love GarageBand and have used it for many, many years. If you want a simple but powerful DAW, this is the best it gets. However, since I make my own loops and chop them in the timeline, a powerful tag editor is needed in order for the program to see and correctly use the loops. Apple used to have its own loop utility with which you could set genre, transients, and set tempo automatically in relation to how many beats the loop had, but it no longer makes this useful program, and it won’t run beyond macOS Sierra. Loop Editor 2, the only comparable program that does the same job, can no longer be purchased since the company that made it went out of business. Another program that I uses requires that I upgrade to Mojave, but that will kill the loops utility. If there was a (free) program that could do this, I would be able to make music and keep the other important program happy. Other than that, highly recommended! Peace.
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3 years ago, Paul Oolman
Phased out
Update: Regarding those who lost the app/can't reinstall because of Big Sur: go to the app store, click your name in the bottom left hand corner. Under "Purchased by xx" find GarageBand, and click the cloud download. You should be offered the last version you downloaded. For some reason the track setting controls (quanta, velocity, recording settings, etc.) are missing for me which is why I tried to uninstall/reinstall in the first place. Maybe you’ll have a different experience. GarageBand was malfunctioning so I went to uninstall/reinstall. Turns out the latest version of GarageBand requires macOS 11 and unfortunately my MacBook Pro Mid 2012 non-Retina didn’t make the cut this year. Apple knows the type of machine each user has so why would they allow them to uninstall the app knowing they can’t get it back (maybe provide a warning) or better yet allow users to download the most current version compatible with whatever OS they have. Seems weird that my laptop can handle the newest versions of Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, etc., but not GarageBand. Either way I have no plans to upgrade anytime soon as my laptop still works great.
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4 years ago, Rushtallica
GarageBand quite unexpectedly...
I just downoaded and installed it today, then deleted, emptied trash, and tried to reinstall twice. I can't even get it to work at all to even try to troubleshoot it. I have used Reaper with nearly no problem whatsoever for years on PC and have so far also been able to use it on Mac with just a bit of troubleshooting to set it up correctly. But so far I haven't found a fix for the Garageband problem, and I'm not willing to reinstall the entire operating system just in the hopes of getting one app to function. I have a feeling that Reaper is likely a far superior product, anyway, though I guess in order to know for sure I'll have to use my other/Hackintosh setup to actually compare, as I have better luck with it running Apple software than I do this Macbook Pro. But I have no confidence to even attempt to pay for and download Logic X when I can't even get the free/watered down version to work. Although I am perturbed at the moment, assuming it's possible to change a rating or to submit a newer review for the same app, I'll come back to at least state so and, if possible, how the problem was sorted out...
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7 years ago, Chiliconcarnival
More Soundcloud options please!
I just switched from Pro Tools First to GarageBand to record my twice weekly Podcast, and so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The functionality and options available are fantastic. When I saw that it has the ability to load directly to Soundcloud, I got very excited. However, that excitement was short lived when I discovered that it doesn’t have the option to add a description to your track or Tags. Seeing as I am using both GarageBand and Soundcloud for Podcasting purposes, those are essential options. That being said, I can still just load the file directly on the Soundcloud page like I have always done. It would just be super convenient to be able to do it straight from the GarageBand app with all of the settings I need. Still, this is a great little program that I find easier to use and more convenient than Pro Tools First if you are looking for the free options out there.
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3 years ago, Young Jeriah
A ton of little things like audio sources switching, it overloading or stopping for no reason when ran on both rosetta and native. One very annoying one, when transposing a region on a track every single time i let go of the dial selecting how many octaves to transpose it switches me back to another screen resulting in me having to click back on it again to make changes again its extremely annoying and time wasting having to do reclicks, click play again, scroll it back to where you were, or have to reset something completely especially when you're fine tuning or things in that nature i love the app ive been using it for a while its great but these bugs are related specifically to the MacBook version as far as i know the m1 version at that, i did not have any issues using garageband on my ancient iMac
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7 years ago, Artery46829
Bugs galore
I have used Garage Band for years and this upgrade has ruined my recording process. Since the upgrade, I have been getting “feedback” warnings that literally stop the recording until I click on the warning window how I want to proceed. The track is ruined is at that point. The Apple programmers who developed the feedback warning have obviously no idea of what goes on when laying down tracks. Nothing should stop the recording process once it begins. Let it be distorted. I don’t care if the recording sounds like an airplane taking off. That’s my perogative. Just don’t build in some ridiculous “Gosh, we detected Feedback so we’re going to stop your recording while you choose door number 1, 2 or 3” feature that sabatoges the recording. And the real rub is - there’s no feedback when you listen back to the recording. It’s some stupid bug with the new upgrade. I have tried reinstalling Garageband. I have tried reinstalling the sound library. I have switched out my audio/digital interface. No luck. It all started with this lousy “upgrade.” I really can’t use Garageband anymore - it’s that bad.
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3 years ago, Metronome Music
I Like it- a great tool to learn the basics
OK- so I have been learning how to use a DAW for the past year and a half. Switching between Garageband and Ableton Live (Lite), Garageband is the one that really taught me. In fact, I liked it so much that I am buying Logic Pro. However, there are a few things- In the new update, Apple got rid of the Media Library, and now I have to pull up a seperate Finder Tab to search for the files that used to be right there- I had a full library of drum loops, one shots, and more. Also, it takes forever to find the higher-level stuffs, like plugins, third-party patches, that sort of thing. But other than that, it was a great beginning DAW, and I am ready to go higher.
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2 weeks ago, Bustnme
GarageBand is an incredibly versatile and user-friendly digital audio workstation (DAW) developed by Apple, making music production accessible to beginners and professionals alike. As an entry-level app for creating music, it offers a remarkable array of features that belie its free price tag for macOS and iOS users. One of the most striking aspects of GarageBand is its intuitive interface. Designed with simplicity in mind, the layout is clean and easy to navigate, allowing users to jump right into music creation without a steep learning curve. This is particularly beneficial for beginners who may be intimidated by the complexity of other DAWs. GarageBand's sound library is extensive and varied, offering a wide range of virtual instruments, loops, and effects. Whether you're looking for classic rock guitars, modern synths, or orchestral strings, GarageBand has you covered. This breadth of sounds makes it possible to create music in virtually any genre. The built-in instruments are not only diverse but also of high quality. The software instruments, such as the pianos, drums, and guitars, sound impressively realistic. This high level of detail helps to produce professional-sounding tracks even from a home studio setup.
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1 year ago, atengaw21
Issues for Apple
Apple is a best brand and a good company. And also the first macintosh computer ever build, But! when it comes to business like money management, marketing and etc, especially customer service. if I rate it on a survey? I would click on one star only and say "very poor". The reason why because 1st I’ve been buying products online that are totally different from the one seen on promotion and advertisement. 2nd Everytime I tried to call customer service online I had to wait for 2hrs to get replied. For the most part, the last but not the least, they always make me do overpayment on any apps are purchased on apple store. or sometimes after 6months to 1yr I end up buying again the same apps which are already being fully paid. if these issues are not in consideration or not being address, This company will loose people interest and could cause a bad reputation somewhere in the near future. And somebody gonna get whoops from dady’s belt.
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5 years ago, DaveGorski
Smart Controls Not Working Even After Re-Install and Restart
A friend of mine was willing to part ways with her 2010 MacBook Pro (4gb Ram, 256gb Storage) and wanted me to see if I could use it. Long story short, I made sure I upgraded to the latest supported macOS (High Sierra), and downloaded GarageBand to see if I could record a few things. I like the sounds and the especially the drummer feature, but I was very disappointed with the Smart Controls freezing on whatever was previously selected in the last session. I tried re-installing TWICE and this continued. Don’t know if this is a High Sierra thing or related to the software across the board. Regardless, I know others have previously brought this up so I know it’s not just me. I also use Logic, but GarageBand is my go-to as it’s very easy to record a demo then finalize everything in Logic later. As it’s Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the opportunity to discuss this and I hope Apple is on the ball with this one :)
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7 months ago, Arial Star
I know one star is really harsh, but considering all of the hours I've spent on project glitches and problems, this single-star rating doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this app. Granite, I know it must come in handy for kids (or adults) trying to start out on the music journey, but frankly, if you are seriously considering making this app a part of your life (like using it for more than pleasure), I strongly don't recommend it. Garageband compared to other programs like LogicProX and ProTools (maybe even FruityLoops) has such a dramatic difference in a negative way. Garageband is like driving a golf cart while LogicPro is the Porsche and ProTools is the Tesla (not saying I'm supporting Musk in any way). The constant glitches are unbelievable, set aside that, and basically you are producing or mixing with both hands tied behind your back. I'm a professional musician. I do studio and am currently in a band and have students of my own. I had hopes to use Garageband to help my band and students by creating practice tracks for them and myself, but the struggle you go through trying to create one simple practice track is ridiculous! I understand if you are not able to purchase the others and Garageband is the only program you can get, but eventually, you will need to upgrade if your serious about whatever you're doing. :(
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7 years ago, Lenanawai
said to be accessible
I have been a pianist for about 20 years, and want to produce my own music. Some of my Visually impaired friends have said time and time again that garage band is super accessible for Voice Over users. So I figured I’d give it a whirl. And boy was I sad! Super hard to navigate, doesn’t make a lot of sense from a blind musicians aspect. I’ve had several years of music theory experience from college, and I can’t figure out any of the mix features. Thank God I’m not a music major right now! Apple, please fix! Most of the blind community don’t have the money to shell out for Logic Pro. most of us get by as it is, with just enough to squeak by on things like clothes, and if you can’t receive food assistance, you’re really screwed! So apple, please fix! All the independent blind musicians will thank you! I really expect more from the developers. I know you can do it! you’ve done it before! everyone I talk to who has an Iphone or Mac always say they use them because of the accessibility. And that’s why I went to apple! Which is a sentiment I will happily echo. Also, side note, the App Store VO tags are not coded correctly. This is a new thing, so just look at the previous version to fix this one. APPLE! Get it together! Cuz right now, it’s not a Macintosh I’m using, it’s a GrannySmith! Make it work again!
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7 years ago, dirtygoosister
Incompatibility With Third Party Plug-ins
Alright, so ever since I updated to High Sierra, none of my third party plug-ins work in GarageBand. NONE. Even newly installed ones. I’ve read in other forums that incompatibility issues are only exclusive to GarageBand, and not Logic Pro X. My main plug-in, Addictive Drums 2, used to work perfectly fine prior to upgrading to High Sierra. It’s such a misfortune, as I relied heavily on that plug-in to recording realisitc drum samples for my projects (not to mention that it cost $$$). I really, really hope it’s merely a security issue that can be patched in a future update. And I know I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. I want to turn to another third party drumming software, as I’ve heard Superior Drummer 3 works well with GarageBand. But, I don’t want to dish out more dough is I already have software that works (well, worked) well. I hope the developers of this program take this non-anecdotal issue into consideration. Peace.
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3 years ago, BuhByeApple
Switching to reaper and Windows
The fact that Apple is striving to prevent one from having an older model by removing compatible versions of software is ridiculous. I’m sure this is only the start of these issues and are bound to get worse. This will leav you with a choice of purchasing a $2000 mac that will be obsolete in 5 years due to Apples greedy business model, or, purchasing anything else at half the price that supports Windows who doesn’t punish any of their customers. Looks like I will be going back to a clean install of Snow Leopard so that at the bare minimum I can at least remove all of the Apple bloatware via Terminal. For anyone else in my posistion of wanting a DAW to dink around with- check out for cheap and high quality, check out Reaper. That’s one good thing about Apple, their poor business decisions help me discover better alternatives.
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6 years ago, TheaterOfTheme
I just started using GarageBand again after not using it for 5 years or so and have primarily used Reaper. I think the current interface is much better and the drummer function is amazing. I was going to buy Logic Pro, but I may not have to anymore given the fact that the drummer app is fully functional in GarageBand and I am able to use plugins like superior drummer. I honestly couldn’t believe it when I was able to add 3rd party plugins—GarageBand is way more powerful than I thought! Perhaps its my mistake, but I had mentally grouped GarageBand in with low end software like Audacity up until now. I will update if anything changes :)
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5 years ago, Natedaydbto
i dont like the update
this new update has made it a pain to mix and master my projects…. if i can downgrade my garageband please show me how because this version makes me never want to use this program ever again…. i put a lot of time and energy into creating my music. this program has aloowed me to cut out the middle man and learn how to get things done myself…. this has put a major speed bump in the road for me…. its the smart control window it keeps freezing where i cant switch instruments and edit smoothly… i have to keep restarting the program over and over… i really dont like it…. please fix it i love garageband but right now i dont like it…. (Its like family we love our family even when we dont like them most of the time and yall were my favorite cousin not so much right now)
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2 years ago, smartgamertag
Plugin Load Problem
I’ve used GarageBand on my mac for a like a year and a half, the features I like to use in this app is the easy to acess user interfaces for editing music and a wide range of Apple AUI Plugins. But, during June 1st, 2022, all of my installed custom plugins can’t fully load up when it’s finished. It only shows numbers and slide icons instead of loading in the actually AUI plugin. This problem could probably be an unexpected bug or an accidental technical error but any other than that, can you please give me a procedure on how to fix the AUI plugin load issue, or try to fix this problem. Thank you!
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7 years ago, dlcatftwin
GarageBand 10.2
Really, an AWFUL update to Garageband - ease of use is NOT what I would say about it - the organization of your loops has become more obtuse, hidden, and difficult to find by category. Instructions re: changes are not provided, hence such expected components like “record-enable” of a track, which are now hidden unless you “activate” the track’s profile (which is not mentioned in the instructions, btw, so you spend oodles of time trying to troubleshoot this element!). The edit window now has its tools (such as Score vs. Roll) are not gathered together but strewn in all sorts of places. Advice - stck to version 10.1 if oyu have it, and avoid the upgrade pitfall - I long for a software developer that believes in “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. That person was certainly not hired to update GarageBand!
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5 years ago, Qrisp
Something wrong with last update
Since the last update I’ve not been able to open certain songs that were created on an older version of Garageband. When I tried opening these songs it created an overwriting affect turning it into a copy of the song I was navigating away from. Garageband has been a phenomenal tool til now. Fortunately, I have multiple versions of this song but what if I did not? Also, now my controller keyboard isn’t recognized through the midi connection either, all this since update. Before attempting to open any other songs I was hoping to get a fix for the problem but when I clicked the “Garageband Support” link on this page Safari says it can’t load the page. Is there any help for this? Need a solution! Thanks
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1 year ago, Jormf
Issue for over a year, No fix
Many folks will use Garageband with a device like the AKAI MPK Mini and similar. Usually they will download the plug-ins, tools etc. that make those devices fun to learn on and in the end are free tools to make music with, and the MPC software includes some pretty commonly used plug-ins. One of Those is "Hybrid_x64" by "AIR Music Technology" and this causes GarageBand to brick. It cannot even open because of an issue. that isn't 100% Apple's fault, but what is, is that this has been an ongoing issue and they have done nothing to fix. IF I uninstall everything and then reinstall Garageband, the problem persists. There is no way to stop garageband from looking for this now long gone plugin. I cannot use this program that was at least 50% of why I got a macbook.
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6 years ago, CosmoCowboy
O.G. User here, new bug's killin' me
I've been using garageband since Snow Leopard days and I've always loved it, even back then. Recently after the newest GB update I've been fighting with a bug that occurs when I try to interact with recorded audio loops. The program takes several seconds to process the action, sometimes moving the loop in a wrong direction, or across to another track, and sometimes the loop dissapears entirely and I have to undo and try moving again. It's a relatively small thing, but my work is fast and my methods are pretty streamlined; this slows me down by throwing annoying kinks into my creative process and overall experience.
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7 years ago, JoeyVFX
A great app!
I’ve been using GarageBand for years and I love it! It’s super easy to use, and all of the essentials are easily accessible. Lots of third party plugins also work very nicely. One thing I wish could improved is the flex timing feature. The quality really isn’t that good after audio is stretched a lot. I know that this is done on purpose so that there is no lag or rendering time, but if there were a checkbox in the preferences panel that allowed for higher quality stretching upon export, then that would be perfect because I use that feature a lot when making remixes. Overall, I really love GarageBand!
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2 years ago, NewbsieIsSus
Garageband is fire 🔥🔥🔥
WOW!!! This is amazing! I feel like I could make a thousand songs in one sitting with all of the audio files and instruments in one tiny box on the side of the screen. Just Drag & drop, too! No need to do anything complicated when it is the best App to download for music production, And it's FREE, too!! There are no issues with this either! it is fun and easy, and in just about 2 minutes you already have some fire beats (And really good bass, Synths, Hi-hats, etc.)! I really enjoy using this and I am excited for any future updates! 😛
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2 years ago, Legiitkhajiit
Good until you delete your project
Spent all day working on a project in Garbageband [sic] until I pressed the wrong key on my keyboard and deleted all my recordings. GB file was still there, tracks were still there, but all recordings were gone. "Can't undo." "Can't redo." Why is there a button to wipe your project in the first place? And why can't it be undone? Why isn't this addressed on Apple's support page? I used to like Garbageband. It's missing basic functions you would expect in a DAW, but I thought it was good enough for something included with the macbook. I was wrong. My problem should have been solved with a simple cmd-z. Instead I have to start from scratch. Then again what should I expect from a company that engineers its $1k phones to break and go obsolete?
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4 years ago, G-$KYE
annoyed with the auto "follow tempo & pitch" feature
I have to say, I really love GarageBand, but I am not paying 5.99 a month to experience literal auto-tune of my voice. I want to be able to have more control over my vocals. This "follow tempo & pitch" feature atuomatically applies to all vocals and even when I turn it off, it doesn't change the vocals back to their original state. I really despise this feature. Please fix this feature!!! I am really considering other options, even though I don't want to. Other than that, GarageBand is great, just really needs to fine-tune some detail feature so that consumers can actually apply features they want themselves.
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1 year ago, MAZURKA_Band
powerful app
I Downloaded the FREE APP. on my laptop, and recorded in two days a song i've been trying to record for 20 years. This app is easy to use (especially with an audio interface). When I Plugged the guitar straight into the computer and now i have a beutiful recording on my phone. It has effects built in and it has amp controls, sounds, etc. Voice controls, you name it. These other guys spending 200 bucks on "Studio software" are missing out...(on their 200 bucks)!!!! great app!!!
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2 years ago, Me3468083
Powerful, But Buggy Lately
Lately, my sound has gotten staticy and robotic just a few minutes into opening the application. It's weird because it effects every other application's sound output. But when I quit the app, my sound goes back to normal. Once I restart the app, it sounds normal for a few minutes, and then it's back to static and robotic output. Please help. UPDATE: I noticed it only does this w/o headphones, when I'm using the Mac's speakers for output. I've been using it for the last 30min with headphones with no problem. Weird.
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3 years ago, Parulabird
Completely dysfunctional when trying to use it in the most basic way
I never write reviews, but I have been having an extremely frustrating experience with garageband. I used to use it all the time without too many problems, so perhaps there are glitches and bugs in this update. I am using it for the first time in a while, and I just wanted to simply put a few sounds together. However, I have been met with endless errors such as: 1. "Error while trying to synchronize audio and MIDI." — I am not using MIDI. 2. "Sample Rate 15,984 recognized. Check conflict between GarageBand and external device". I am not even using an external device. 3. "unexpected request for audio data" and more. I am not using any instruments, external devices, or MIDI, yet these errors persist. I have tried creating new projects but I still get errors. Sometimes the audio will not play. I am seeking an alternative because I want softwhere where I can easily put together a few audio clips, adjust pitch, volume, etc, without all these nonsensical errors. I'd appreciate any help about these, too, because there isn't any on the internet. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Nobby556
Needs More
I believe that garageband, even tho it is considered dated, is good, and for the populus that still uses it deserves more, if you will, if you could, if you could please... Add more instruments, not loops, not synths, (Well maybe I'd feel fine if more synths of multiple variety were added...) I just want more instruments like saxophones, violins, violas, more guitars, harps. Also some of the things the updates bring are garbage. I get so excited for mobile updates then they disappoint me, badly. Have a blessed day, night, whatever, Hare Krisha, Thank You Boomer.
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4 years ago, Supreme_Squad
Awesome, however...
Its great, however, (i'm 14) I have Logic Pro x, and when it comes to making music wether it's singing, raping, producing, or mixing & mastering, Logic Pro X is all around better. I always have beats in mind and honestly garage band is mostly meant for people new to producing. Logic Pro X is a quality music producign app, but for a free app, I have to admit... Garage Band is pretty awesome! I love all of the loops and things, but i mostly use it to jot down quick beats that i have in mind on my ipad( I use Logic Pro X on my iMac). I have to give it to yall though, for a free app, Garage Band is pretty nice!
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6 years ago, Jrkitecht
No complaints but...
I started using this app on my phone and am always impressed with the ability to create some pretty impressive tracks using a PHONE. Interface is the same on an iPad, and it would be nice to use it on an IPAD for the bigger screen interface but alas, I have not found the extra funds. I give the Phone and Pad app 5 stars… Overall I give it three stars because I did purchase an iMac and found that it has much less operablity than the phone or iPad app. Like using the loop table, instead of the linear tracks. Makes me Sad. Oh well. It is awesome for the price :) And it comes in really handy to make tracks for a DJ Controller…
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6 years ago, Shaman Of Sages
Garageband is not compatible with iOS
I have used GarageBand and Logic for years but, I have been very displeased with Apple as of late. We have an update GarageBand on iOS but not here. This breaks down the very beauty of working with Apple. I like an effortless exchange of data while working my projects. This version of Garageband is essentially worthless if you have crafted your project on and ios device. I don’t understand how Apple could get something so simple so wrong. This has never been an issue before. The inconsistency has caused me such a headache I have opted out of even using GarageBand until there is a solution. I feel like apple is falling off their game this isn’t the first extremely annoying thing they have done at the expense of their customer.
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7 years ago, resetpreacher
Update no help
I can't get Garageband 10 to record two inputs from my 2i2 Focusrite attached to 2012 MacBook Pro using Sierra. The sound is obviously getting to the interface. I set inputs to 1 on a mike and 2 on another mike for recording voice and guitar. I’ve enabled record in both however one will not stay on, no matter what I do. I’ve watched videos, checked blogs and forums — tried everything suggested, to no avail. I give up! Update 10.2 says it addressed ease of use but it appears no different on this issue. I switched to GarageBand from the Ableton Light DAW that came with the interface because I found that program too hard to learn. I’ve wasted a lot of time on this. Guess I have no choice but to go back to it because I don’t have money for another DAW.
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3 years ago, kufeb27
My only request is that APPLE makes a simpple swicth to CLASSIC GarageBand version button. Only because evrybody doesnt like the new version. Which is more like LOGIC PRO, which is totally fine, becasue I myself am trying to learn logic. But if I wanna learn Logic, i wouldnt use the new GarageBand, I'd use LOGIC PRO itself. I really miss the old version of GarageBand, it was simple and to the point and Ive been using it since Highschool. Nothing was wrong with it in any capacity. APPLE PLEASE ADD A SWITCH TO CLASSIC button for the old school users
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6 years ago, 666Kevin666
Still Great
I started farting around with GB in 2009 when I got my first mac. I liked cutting up existing samples and making my own stuff. Now I actually use my guitar and bass to track stuff out. Using EZ Drummer, the drums sound 95% better. The other 5% would come if GB would add Humanizingto drums (circa reaper). I feel the people below who left subpar reviews, claiming the program is dead and the like, aren’t actually preparing "their own” music--other than arranging premade samples. . . This program really is just a stripped down version of Logic and is the gateway into Logic
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3 years ago, zacisbac06
The greatest music app out there--and FREE!
Probabaly my favorite feature exclusive to Mac is this amazing app. It is 100% free, no strings attached. Buy a Mac and you have it. You can download loops from diverse library of sound, or, if you have a MIDI keyboard, plug it in to your computer and play hundreds of different synths, and acoustic-sounding orchestral notes. It has quite literally never crashed on my 2020 macbook pro, and it has allowed me to make music like a pro with only intermediate piano knowledge! Thanks Apple!
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4 years ago, sadrachv21
Great app, but i've had a real issue
This app has been treating me great ever since I first got my latop one year ago. However, recently the app has been very buggy. I have it in full screen and it starts going crazy by shrinking the window to a smaller size. Then the window starts flickering and glitching. Finally, it fixes itself after about 1 minute, but it begins the same thing after about 5 minutes. This problem makes the app very hard to use and discourages me from using it. Please fix this problem soon so that i get back to working on my projects and use my very pricey plugins like Keyscape, Fabfilter pro r, FM Tines, RX 7, and other custom sf2 files I have created for the sampler.
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5 years ago, 123Emankcin123
Where have all the filters gone--long time passing...
Garageband 6.0.5. gave us everything to manage a recording. Great instruction tool, as well. What happened? Who is it that the new versions are for--certainly not musicians. Is this an attempt to get folks to move to Logic Pro? Not sure we would incounter the same--just a means to create simple background for movies and slideshows. I am dreading the day when my old MacBookPro konks out. Perhaps I'll make a big leap of faith and re-record everything in ProTools.
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5 years ago, cturpen26
I've been using Garage band for a decade now, I've recorded 8 albums of music with it, well over 100 songs. Honestly its never been great, but it's free so use what you got. But recently (past year or so) it's become more and more unusable. I can't hardly record more than 15 seconds without it an error message popping up saying "Disk too slow or system overload" and its constant. I can't get through anything. And this occurseven when it is the ONLY program open on my computer which has hundres of gigs of free space and I really only use it for recording. I've even tried locking all the tracks, doesnt matter. Garageband has always been fine, not perfect but it worked enough. But this? Completely unusable.
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3 years ago, IlovemyBass23
i am a MacBook pro user
i think you should give the Apple credit because windows has tried to compete with Apple and has never been able to beat they're software and buying a MacBook Pro just for GarageBand is just a waste of time to spend that kind of money just for a program is crazy they're other things that are really cool like the games not to mention the graphics Apple has come along way i am a huge fan of Apple so way to go Apple.
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7 years ago, simplemath
Could be so much cooler...
I was stoked when I got my new iPad pro this summer and realized that I could create songs on my iPad then finish them up on my MacBook. But you can’t really do that, even though they make it seem like you can. There’s not much feature-sharing between GarageBand 10.2 and Garageband for iOS. I don’t get it, Apple makes it appear to have a seemless tranisition between all the platforms and it’s actually false. It really bums me out when I create something great when I’m on tour, using only my iPad, then I can’t work on it on my laptop when I get home. GarageBand could be so much better if these connectivity issues were resolved.
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2 years ago, Jeff!!!!!
So many impossible limitations
This is a fun way to mess around but it's impossible to use it as a legit digital audio workstation. For example, if you have a stereo recording and you want to pan to the center to make it less wide, this is impossible in Garageband. You can't split the stereo into mono tracks, you can't adjust it at all. You can't decode mid-side stereo. All you can do in Garageband is play with the Garageband audio toys and loop beats. People have been complaining about the inability to convert stereo to two mono tracks for over a decade, it's an extraordinarily basic simple feature, and they refuse to do anything about it.
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3 years ago, Jjj496
Good, but why do you need Big Sur?
I like to make music, but I use this software for it's perks, like using soundfonts. I have MacOS 10, and MacOS 11 is Big Sur. Most software does not support Macs, and if it does, it isn't really good and is more confusing to set up than use. Most of them use subscription models. Garageband is flexible, easy, and free. I really like the DJ tools. There is no alternative that doesn't have a downside. Even the best ones are usually only for Windows. Can you tell me a way to use a previous version of Garageband?
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6 years ago, MikeyDMusic
As a professional musician, I have big problems with the 10.3.0 Garageband has removed support for 3rd party extensions. That means you cannot use ANY of them anymore. All of the projects I have spent hours on are now empty because the instruments are no longer compatable. DO NOT INSTALL THIS UPDATE if you have 3rd party extensions. The rest of the update is ok, but GB has has been effectivly destroyed for me in this update. All of the money and hours I have spent designing instruments are now gone. All of my old projects, gone. This is all a money-grab to get us to by Logic. I plan on switching to Microsoft if this issue is not resolved.
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6 years ago, KellyAnneonSC
HATE. Does not work. Should have read the reviews first
Trying to get a project done in double-time. Thought I’d update GB and have whatever the latest and greatest is, hopefully make things go better. WRONG! Now I have to wait for the beach ball to stop spinning every time I try to select a loop instrument and then decide I want something from a different category. Sometimes after a minute or two it stops. Sometimes it hangs up permanently and I have to force quit. A project I am in a HURRY to finish may actually never get done at all. I’m tearing my hair out!! I have difficulties from quibbles to serious probs about the UX (not as intuitive as before) and the loops themselves and Smart Control editing of my legacy-library sound settings as well (can’t understand why I can’t add effects? What the heck?), but Oh. My. Goodness. Not being able to work quickly or at all... having the program give up every few minutes... puts everything else I hate about this to shame. AWFUL update. I’m crushed. And also screwed.
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