Garbage Truck

3.8 (16)
23.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Good Glue
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
5.1.1 or later
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User Reviews for Garbage Truck

3.81 out of 5
16 Ratings
11 years ago, DJSinATX
Good for 2-3 year olds
Fun, interactive and easy to play. Strangely no audio on iPad version but works normally on iPod Touch.
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1 year ago, Washington UL's
Buggy update
A recent update to the original Garbage Truck game prevents the game from properly rotating with an iPad or iPhone in a landscape orientation. The same problem exists with Garbage Trick Austin as well. (FYI, the Fire Truck update that happened on the same day not produce the same problem in that game. It’s still working just fine.)
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9 years ago, Zubdingw123
Fun at the Landfill!
My kids love to collect the garbage then dump it at the new Landfill! yay! Autorotation with the new update! Thanks for all the new trucks too!
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9 years ago, Russ_1981
This application is terrible!
Save your money and avoid this steaming pile. It has terrible graphics, terrible controls, and is unusable by anyone, let alone a child. I bought this hoping it would be decent and immediately regretted the decision and deleted it.
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12 years ago, Sweet Baby 73
Thank you for the new iPad version!! When I came on here to thank you for that I noticed the previous reviewer who had mentioned that thee isn't much going on and I wanted to say that my son specifically loves how focused this app is on just picking up the trash and dumping it. This and road roller are his absolute favorites. And I think it is because they literally mimic a matchbox car and how simple yet imaginative they are. I cannot say enough good things about this app! My son LOVES garbage trucks and everything related to them so this app has been a super fun game for him. So happy that someone made an app for the toddler garbage loving set!
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12 years ago, intercon333
It's cool, but needs more.
I really think this app could benefit from a bit more going on. Some stops could have more trash barrels than others, maybe some differently colored barrels. Instead of just various cars, there could be a bicycle that goes by (with a ringing bell when tapped) and someone walking a dog or baby carriage (bark/giggle when tapped). Instead of just the same smiley face on the airplane's banner every time, there could be alternating shapes or letters. I love the concept but it needs more creativity!!
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13 years ago, Garmommy
Thank you thank you thank you
When we updated our IPod with the latest version of ITunes, this game did not work. You fixed the issue quick. Thank you so much! We are using this game as a reward for potty training our autistic son. I can not say Thank you enough!!!!!
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12 years ago, Jennyinoc
This app is so cute for little guys who love trash trucks. My 23 month old is obsessed with the garbage truck so when I did a search and found this app I was so excited. It doesn't do a whole lot but my son is so young it's perfect!
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11 years ago, Cocotrains
Child begged me to delete
This series is so hit and miss, this app is one of their worst. As my child got frustrated because the game was so pointless and boring, he said aloud "delete this one!" He kept waiting for something new to do/new scene which never happened. You are stuck picking up the same garbage over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and......
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13 years ago, Married2Viet
This App needs some changes
While the application is good while it is running, there isn't any menu button to turn it off or go back to the settings. Also the volume button does not turn the volume up or down on this application. I would not recommend it until these fixes are in place.
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12 years ago, Corleone69x
Great potential
For our 1y5m baby it would be awesome if: slower speed option also makes airplanes and passing cars go by slower. And most importantly, get rid of the green Go button. Totally non works for a baby. Just let a tap anywhere drive the truck on.
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13 years ago, 52682lan
Love it!
Such a great game for my four year old. He loves it and I love that it is a relaxing game that he can play on his own. We've had it for almost a year now and it's still his favorite game.
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13 years ago, Few's
My 3 year old loves it!
My 3 year old loves trash trucks and this is his favorite app yet!!! He really likes it and keeps wanting to play w my phone! Great app
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11 years ago, Morenocat
Garbage trucks keeps disappearing
My son loves this but the truck disappears and we can't get it back till whole app is closed. Very annoying , please fx this bug. I noticed that it happens when he hits it with his knuckles and not pointer finger
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13 years ago, TeriBilly
This app
Looks good however: on our iPad the app won't flip when we rotate the iPad, there is no return to main page button and the same car keeps going by but no balloons and no fire engine.
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11 years ago, Brokermaw
Garbage truck
Best .99$ I have ever spent. My grandson loves it. Great graphics, many different trucks go by great sounds & plenty of activity.
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10 years ago, MelissHarper
Perfect for my preschool son
My little boy loves garbage trucks and he loves this game. It's really easy and he can work it all by himself.
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12 years ago, Big j little j
My 20 month old likes this. He loves when the man dumps trash into the garbage truck. Unfortunately the app keeps malfunctioning. The garbage truck disappears but the driver remains, suspended in midair! Other than that, it is good.
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13 years ago, bc2116
Good start, limited/repetitive.
My 2-year old is thrilled with this "Stinky Truck" game. But I don't think it'll last too long with the limited play. Still, I commend the author and hope s/he will keep adding to it. Worth the buck certainly.
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12 years ago, calebs gramma
My grandson loved the fire truck. I wish I would have read the review before purchasing. He played it for 1 minute then back to the fire truck.
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11 years ago, 42662
My 4 yr old got bored with app in several hrs, truck would disappear and had to close and reinstall.. Not worth the time in my opinion
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12 years ago, StaceyEiserman
Too loud!!
My son loves this game but it's soooo loud. There really needs to be some way to control the volume.
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10 years ago, Trash truck master
Garbage Truck
Our grandson is a garbage truck junkie. He loves the Good Glue apps
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12 years ago, Meeyo & Yahpoo
My son LOVES the fire truck and tow truck, but the garbage truck does so little in comparison. Pick up trash and compact that it?
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12 years ago, AidansMom2010
Waste of money
This app is a pointless, my son played for 1 minute, then went back to his other apps.
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13 years ago, Wierzgacz
Not working
We have the app for 5 min and the truck disappeared. Avwaste of money if you ask me.
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12 years ago, pookyabc
What a waste!!!!
You see the whole game/app in thirty seconds. Don't waste a dollar on this.
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12 years ago, Hailraiser
Stupid simple
A little to easy and pointless. Should be free.
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10 years ago, Paulster86
Want a refund
No interaction, waste of money
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13 years ago, Goodandgooder
Get garbage truck!
So much fun! Purchased recently for my 3 and 4 year old boys. They played it again and again on a recent cross country trip and I have to confess that I like too! Garbage collection is fun!
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13 years ago, Bake0738
Stupid app doesn't even work.
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12 years ago, LYH03
This one is pretty dull. One guy dumps garbage can into truck again and again.same guy.same can. Firetruck app cute and fun - get that one
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