Garden & Gun Magazine

4.5 (97)
24.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Garden & Gun Magazine LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.2 or later
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User Reviews for Garden & Gun Magazine

4.52 out of 5
97 Ratings
11 months ago, mzliz44
I absolutely love this magazine!! If I could I would give it 10 stars! I would.
The writers are suburb, Every story pulls you into their world. The recipes are always so inviting, definitely makes you want to try making them. Let me say this, If I were stranded on a Desert Island and could only have one Magazine, It would be Garden and Gun. I think this tells you how much I treasure your Publication. Thank you! Liz M. mzliz44
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2 years ago, bmg13
Nothing has returned
Like other reviewers, I have had a subscription for a few years. When the update happened, I lost everything. I spent quite some time on the phone with Apple, they even mirrored my iPad. There wasn’t anything they could do. I called Garden and Gun and spoke to a woman on the subscription side and she referred me to another person. To date, he has not called me back. I have done all of the steps that they suggest and have emailed back and forth with someone named Emily to no avail. While the magazine was thoroughly enjoyable, their customer service has left A LOT to be desired. It is unacceptable to pay for a service that you are not getting and for the company to appear to simply not care and do nothing to fix the issue.
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2 years ago, Fharvin
App Does NOT Work
Just spent hours on chat with Apple and have restarted, reinstalled, logged out and in of app and nothing works. I have sent two emails and nothings. I cannot access my old issues and I will not resubscribe to the digital version of this magazine. Apple suggested that I contact the developer.
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2 years ago, hoffchick
iPad version is nice. Great magazine
It’s a wonderful way to enjoy my Garden & Gun magazine. You can switch back and forth between a replica version of the magazine and an article view where you can swipe through articles that have all of the images and nice layout I’m used to.
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2 years ago, FABinBaltimore
Lost everything
I’ve had a subscription for years and have purchased individual issues (some that should have been included in my subscription) and enjoyed the magazine. But with the new app, everything is gone. Restore doesn’t work and I even bought the new issue, despite my subscription and can’t even get that. I emailed but got the generic message that someone will get back to me. I think sadly it’s time to cancel the subscription before it renews again.
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2 years ago, Paul,Christen,Nathan
No support - no response
Seems to be a pattern with the app upgrade. I have a digital subscription, updated the app Friday and can no longer see my back issues or sign-in. Disappointed in product and failure to deliver.
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2 years ago, Stingray9999
Version update
Totally useless since last update. Will not restore any purchases despite following instructions to delete app and reload. App no longer seems to be available on Apple App Store. Please fix
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2 years ago, bery happy long time reader
App fixed, maybe.
I think maybe the app problem has been fixed. I was able to reload the app and upload all of my magazines nothing missing.
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10 years ago, screbel81
Fantastic app, I'm not too interested in having both print and digital
I love this app! I usually take my iPad everywhere and with this app I can have G&G readily available. Not only that but I can have MULTIPLE issues of G&G all at the same time on a single device! Carrying around a ton of magazines could be encumbering. Besides, I'm not one of those G&G subscribers who just has it sitting on the coffee table for "the look;" I actually read it so I'm not concerned with having a paper edition. My only gripes are that it be incentivized by pricing it cheaper than a print edition, and wish it were accessible on iPhone as well as iPad. Regardless, I'm still giving it five stars!!!
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2 years ago, ruby mary l
New App is No Working
I have spent several frustrating hours trying to get my new issue and past issues. I talked to several customer service people…the paper subscription says they can’t do anything and the new app people tell me I do not have a subscription even though I Have another year on my subscription. I will definitely cancel if I can ever get in to my account.
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2 years ago, J-Manns
Completely Broken
Over three weeks now since this version was released and it is still not fixed. Cannot restore purchases to all the content I had purchased for years, cannot access the latest version either.
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2 years ago, ReeseWallace
Fall Of A Southern Marvel
As someone who worked a decade in digital publishing, I can say confidently that the old Garden & Gun app was something of a miracle. Refined and personalized to their top-notch product with a relatively easy user experience designed to get you quickly to their beautifully presented issues. The new app is New Coke.
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2 years ago, Kissamew
App is NOT restoring my magazine purchases
I have purchased every single issue and the app does not let me sign in, nor will it restore my previous issues. NO, I am not calling a number for a run around. Obviously someone doesn’t care about faithful customers.
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2 years ago, MA Davis
I Can’t Get A Response
I can’t login to my account or access my issues. I have repeatedly emailed the support group for the digital magazine but have yet to receive a response. Can anyone one reading this offer me any help before I cancel my subscription?
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2 years ago, Revvy 1275463
Awful App
I will add my voice to the growing chorus of those complaining about this new and terrible Garden and Gun app. This is a superb magazine but its reputation is being crippled by a truly awful app. I also have submitted an email but have not gotten a response. The clock is ticking on my subscription.
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10 years ago, Oasaie
Needs digital with print editions
I agree with everyone above. I would like to have the choice to read either way, I not have time to sit down and read an entire magazine and would like to pick it up and finish when I have time with which ever device I choose to use. I hate to say it, but I am with one of the other readers...if I can't have both, I don't want it at all. It seems to me that I heard that the publishers thought readers would be letting their friends download their digital versions so they didn't allow the option. Stupid. I think you would get more business because I show my friends things I find and they are noxious to go get it for themselves. Very often, we couldn't share if we wanted too, as we all have different electronic devices.
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9 years ago, 8357hip
Garden and Gun got it right
I don't subscribe to the paper version so I can't comment on the paper subscriber comments. However, this is a very interactive subscription. It's not just an E-reader version of the magazine. There are active links and animations which greatly enhance the paper copy which I have also enjoyed. This is definitely worth it and I can take it anywhere my IPad goes rather than trying to pack a stack of magazines. Love it!
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10 years ago, marozian
Slow as Southern Molasses
I have a love-hate relationship with this magazine and it's app. But I hate waiting for it. Two months between issues is a long time. So when a new one comes out, I'm fired up for new recipes, new dogs and perhaps a profile of a new musician I like. I'm fired up and then I'm frustrated because it takes for-blessed-ever to download. I get it, it has lots of gorgeous pictures and multimedia features. But so does Wired and it's issues download in minutes. And with Wired you don't have to wait for the entire issue to download before you can start reading it. So only two stars for the app and five for the magazine. Because good things are worth waiting for—but only for so long.
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10 years ago, EleeNelx
I Love This!
It was scary for me to give up "hard copy" magazines but when I did my life became simpler and I no longer had to make tough decisions as to "save it?/throw it out (Ouch!)/pass it on to who?". So.....I find the cost of this a real bargain. It's fun, the content fresh and the photos are inspiring. I like the videos--so, yes, I will renew my subscription and recommend this to my friends.
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3 years ago, CigarBen
Terrible app for a great magazine
The app used to be fantastic, but lately it’s incredibly buggy. My last issue as the June/July issue, then it quit updating. Furthermore, it would tell me I had no subscription through Apple until I would go check my subscription on my account, which is active, then it would work. Still, no new issues. Figuring I had a corrupted app, so I deleted it and reinstalled. Now, it’s blank, except for an error message saying, “Could not retrieve availability issues. Try again.” Terrible app. I want my subscription money back.
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11 years ago, Ilovecrabcakes
So glad this is now available for the iPad. Favorite magazine and I'm looking forward to my new subscription! Keep up the great work.
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10 years ago, R.Edd
Promising, but no print subscriber integration
This is a promising app, but if you are already a print subscriber (like me), there is no way to download previous issues you already paid for. The only choice is to pay for a new subscription. If the developer reads these reviews, please consider letting us print subscribers have digital access to issues we already own in a future release.
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11 years ago, Lad10x
Kinda let down but not entirely...
This gives you organized access to the G&G website, nice. But the digital magazines are an in-app purchase either by year or single issue. EVEN IF you get the print subscription. That's a tad odd but it's their prerogative. So it's a nice portal but I won't be paying twice for the same mag even if the digital version has "extra's".
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8 years ago, Gary Heaton
Love the magazine...
I love the magazine, but I'm not a great fan of the design of this app. Going sideways or scrolling down is not consistent nor intuitive. The download sizes are out of control. Could you possibly make the videos links instead of downloads? And the opening video is a waste of time and device space.
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11 years ago, The Sandlapper
Love it, my favorite mag
If you have a print subscription and want the digital, just call, they converted my subscription for me, now no wasted paper and I can take them all with me wherever I may roam. Awesome magazine for anyone in, from, or fascinated by "The South."
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5 years ago, Retro Fan
Like most here, I love the magazine and having the ability to view digitally is a nice plus (though I could never get rid of the print altogether!). However, for weeks now I have been unable to successfully launch the app. It crashes every-single-time and it needs to be fixed. The one star is for the buggy-ness of the app, not the stellar content.
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10 years ago, HeywoodJBM
Gouging their customers
I have been a print subscriber for years. For all of my other print subscriptions, I get the digital version (largely the same content mind you) included with my very costly print subscription. But Garden and Gun only offers the digital subscription as an addition to the already exorbitant print subscription. Absolutely terrible business decision. Wake up GNG!!!
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11 years ago, DaddyRobo
Transplanted Southerner
I am a transplanted southerner in the northwest and Garden and Gun is my connection to the south. The IPad version is just as satisfying as the paper version. Thanks Garden and Gun.
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5 years ago, GonzoJoe
File Format Error
Love the magazine, but for the last year, on my iPad, I have been getting an error message that the issue file format is newer than the target format of 6.1. I’ve update app, etc., and it won’t go away...
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5 years ago, CJ859
Phenomenal magazine but this app is absolutely worthless. I download issues only to have them disappear when I exit the app. Stability is awful. It would be nice for the great people at G&G to take the same care with their digital platforms as they do their physical copies. They can do better.
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7 years ago, jlwatts1
Made to sell more magazines
This is a useless app. I downloaded this app so that I could use my subscription to access the magazine on my iPad. Unfortunately, if you want to do this you have to buy the magazine again. Once I found this out, I just deleted the app.
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6 years ago, Scvdesigns
Love the magazine but the app crashes on me
I tried to read one of my downloaded issues. The app has crashed over 15 times today. Haven’t been able to read a thing nor drool over the photos. What gives?
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11 years ago, Mark Sandler
Mark Sandler
Lovin' the extra features. Great magazine!
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11 years ago, SReichl
One star. If you subscribe to the print edition, the digital edition should come with. I am sorely disappointed by the flimsy "get the extras" marketing bullyhoo to try and extort another $6 bucks per issue from me. G&G is a fun magazine. I'll skip toe digital edition, and possibly the print one too next time I'm up for renewal.
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10 years ago, JAmerican-Florida
Would purchase hard copy if digital was included
I am a bit old school. Love to hold the magazine in my hand....but also trying to go digital too. If I can't get the digital edition with my print subscription, I guess I will pass...
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10 years ago, Who cares11111111
Print subscribers cannot view
If you purchase the hard copy versions, there is no way to view them digitally with out buying it again. They are not looking out for their subscribers.
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11 years ago, bbeaucha23233535
Useless if you already have subscription
Would love to not have to buy again after I've already paid for print subscription. Don't really get this.
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8 years ago, pa & nc boy
Nothing too impressive
I haven't been able to test the full app because I only subscribe to the paper/magazine version.
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11 years ago, TornadoTerri
Double dip
Sad that you have to pay twice. And just as sad I get a message when I try to view my issue that I need a newer version of the app for it to look right. hat newer version?
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5 years ago, Sick of fourth nickname
I have alreadysubscribed
I can’t seem to read my magazine! And I actually believe that I have subscribed AND paid for one issue! This is just not working for me. I can’t find who to call!
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11 years ago, Bjl173627
Fantastic content
Simply a fantastic magazine.
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9 years ago, Kami000
I know times are tough for print, but double charging subscribers is simply greedy and wrong. Rethinking my subscription due to this.
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10 years ago, TENACPEACH
Terrible App
I have tried on numerous occasions to address download and multiple payment issues with Garden and Gun. Do not buy this!
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11 years ago, Joe Cracker
Subscribers have to pay???!!!
I'm a longtime subscriber and love the magazine, but why in the world would I have to pay twice. Newspapers and other magazines don't do this.
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11 years ago, PennyTL
Zero stars!! This app does not work! I get an error message to update the app, but there is no update available! I want my money back!!
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4 years ago, shawdog
Will not rotate to read
Will not rotate to read
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4 years ago, readerFL
App crashes
App no longer opens after update 4/2020. I like the magazine, but app is very disappointing.
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