4.5 (1.4K)
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Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for

4.49 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
8 months ago, sandali lang, dios mio
It’s fine but i have a new mod to it You can actually friend ppl and text them When the owner is playing they should be able to ban/kick the selected person from joining You can look at anyone you have played with and be able to friend them It should say [name] found it! Instead of hit Bc I have seen some servers say “hit what? Hit my pu- u know
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5 months ago, this is sadies ipad
Hoping for a different app.
I love watching Gartic Phone videos and was hoping that this was a close mobile version, I was wrong. This is completely different and not even close to the PC game. I wish there was a good mobile version for that but there isn’t. For a app by itself it’s a pretty toxic app. I got harassed by people for being a lesbian furry and Therian. The art part of the game is not very good for actually drawing and you have to press a button to open a thing where you have to find the undo button and even then you can only undo twice in a row.
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2 months ago, Aboy5788
It’s pretty good…
A fun Pictionary game but it has a bug after it’s my turn drawing my keyboard won’t pop back up when I want to put in an answer so I’m forced to reboot it and lose progress my device is a iPad Pro please fix this.
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9 months ago, B is banana b.a.n.a.n.a.s
I see one annoying thing about the app that should be fixed, when someone is drawing and no one gets the answer please show us what the answer was. Other than that the new update is nice!
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8 months ago, Chloexxsimone
Game keeps getting hacked
This is a fun game except when my acct got hacked multiple times. As I’m in game my chat starts spamming inappropriate things. It says that I’m the one saying these bad things but I never typed anything nsfw in game. It also happened to other users in the chat, suddenly their acct would start spamming inappropriate messages. Ruined the app for me. Probably fine if you don’t play with random users.
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2 years ago, jxbdbdjfkfbdjfjfbfhfbbf
Pretty good game
Other people are complaining about how many problems this game has. I don’t think this game has many problems at all. But there is one tiny problem. Whenever I want to join a game and I click play it just says sorry your already playing on another device. That might just be me. And one more thing I barely even get to draw. otherwise this game is sooooo much fun I just started playing it today. I love how you can make nicknames and and change your Character Icon But one improvement that you can add is that you can friend people so you can just play with your friends whenever. I really love your game and hope you see this have a good day/night
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5 months ago, Kejs94d;diff
Why I rated it 3 stars
So, I rated the stars 3 because when your in games and they draw bad stuff they don’t report it when they draw it we have to and they should have cameras on the art work so there won’t be bad stuff in plus what if there’s kids in the group
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4 months ago, Ŧ Tech
Worked great this morning but tonight’s it just keeps spinning.
Worked this morning, but now game won’t open. I’m addicted to this game, but only some of my friends can play with me bc for many of them they can’t see the drawing while typing in a guess. They have to flip back and forth and it’s not fun.
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3 months ago, Alysha aaaaaaa
DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!! i was playing the game when a user joined the lobby with LITERAL child p*rn as his pfp. it was an entire gif not even a still picture. we kicked him out the lobby but he came right back. it was very shocking and disturbing to see such a horrible act done to a literal baby. i feel so disgusted. immediately deleted the game. this app is super unmonitored. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!
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6 months ago, ndjfnrmemdmc
I love
I love it but I do wonder for the game option is there a rainbow friends option if no pls add it if yes I have not seen it yet
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5 months ago, Dominos yummy
This game needs to censor things
Someone called “ NOT A WRITING APP” called me the b word and the n word, I did nothing to them. I think it’s just a bot, but, it’s very mean. Overall this game it very fun. Just please censor curse words.
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7 months ago, im a trainer
As long as no single soul has a Sus user that’s fine
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7 months ago, Youwouldntunderstand
Not worth downloading
People can easily harass others but as soon as you say something YOU get kicked or attacked. Honestly not worth the time. Won’t be able to enjoy the game.
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2 months ago, travismc93
Game shouldn’t allow profane names
People kept using racist names and comments within the game with no way to report user.
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5 months ago, °_🦋 Butterfly Queen 🦋_°
Bc everyone is saying bad words and this is the worst game I have ever played so sorry I have to do this but everything is all bad
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3 weeks ago, lcubanmami
I love it bro this is like Kahoolawe but the fun it to far🤣
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1 month ago, Akira's review
My Review
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3 years ago, Chalkurs
Its okay, Needs moderation
The game itself isn’t too bad it’s fun easy and intuitive. But with 2 people close to winning who ever gets the next turn will almost always win. There’s no moderation against writing words in the drawing either. Says don’t do it but people still do it. 9/10 of the drawings people had simply written the word and of course everyone guessed it. The word choices are also ridiculous, for example plumage, and spool. They are hardly guessable or drawable words. Especially for younger kids. On the flip side there is ones like triangle. Draws me and guessable but incredibly boring and easy. This game definitely needs an updated word pool, ones that can be drawn and guessed within reason. Honestly just seems like they didn’t put much thought into it.
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3 years ago, 天火XO
About the rule
I hope you would come up with a new scoring rule to prevent negative games. When a leading player is about to win and is drawing his/her picture, other players (especially when there are a few players in the room) sometimes just won't guess. I hope this situation would disappear soon. In my opinion, the rule could like this: the drawer gets a half of the points which the first player who successfully guess the word would get. Then he/she could get 2 points each player who guess the word correctly.
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6 years ago, BananaDoodles
Good Game but...
The game itself is really fun and a good idea, and I like the fact that I can chat with other ppl. But in most of the rooms I join, there are adults that say really really bad cuss words, and there was a guy named Red Ink and he came into the chat screaming cuss words like the F word and the B word, and also the A word. I’m just a kid, but tbh adults are ruining this game. It would be better if u couldn’t say bad words(like in Animal Jam it blocks out cussing) and if u can report a person not just a drawing. I said to the Red Ink guy that he was being inappropriate and then a different guy said that I hadn’t seen inappropriate yet. This just makes the game kind of dangerous for kids... Other than that this isn’t a bad game but pls think about my suggestions.
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4 years ago, Taximom2012abcdefg
This game could be good...
But needs moderators! There are none and reporting does nothing. A lot of teenage players (cursing, racial slurs) the chat is ridiculous, horrific language, and things being said...and distracting. Most don’t follow the 3 simple rules of the game. Hopefully they will fix this. But in the meantime, I hope to find something similar. If you want to play a game...don’t bother. Maybe they can put age groups? Whatever you not let kids play this game. Horrible things being said. Update: after playing without looking at the chat. It seems to be a “hangout or pickup “ for teenagers looking to hookup for chat, porn etc. too bad the youth of today cannot draw simple images or spell. Could have been a great game. Really should be shut down until they figure out a way to keep kids safe.
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3 years ago, mikuhagane13
Fun game, drawing horrible, some problems
The game is pretty fun, but drawing is absolutely horrible. I do digital art like with Sketchbook and IbisPaint, and I doubt I could draw anything good even with practice. There is a lot of drag and it seems to draw above where your finger is. It also does not respond to things like small flicks. This could be a strong reason why many write the words or give hints in hangman style. I also have a bug often when I can’t type in the guessing box as keyboard does not open, and to fix it, I have to open chat, then close it, and then the keyboard pops up when I click where to type guesses.
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6 years ago, game needs new rules
Won’t let me play
Hi! I just got ur game but it takes FOREVER TO LOAD! Can you please help me out and make the loading take less time? My friend says that there is inappropriate behavior and they’re breaking the rules of the game and they’re vote/kicking innocent people out of the game! My friend NEARLY GOT VOTED OUT OF THE GAME FOR NO REASON WHY!!! I think you should add that if they’re breaking the rules or being mean they should be banned until they learn not to break the rules or be mean to other players. P.s: my friend told me it’s fun and a great game :)
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4 years ago, Devin H Barnes
Decent Game. Keyboard is Broken
This game is genuinely fun, and whether or not the game is played properly is up to the people in game. If they break the rules, chances are nobody cares. Which is totally fine. Only thing is, on iPhone SE, for whatever reason, my keyboard will refuse to pop up on the chat or when I’m trying to guess. I had to guess the word “sun” and my keyboard wouldn’t pop up. Most frustrating thing ever. 5 stars would be fully enforcing the game rules with no bugs. 4 is no rules enforced, no moderation, no bugs. Had to give it a three star. No mods, no rules, and the only bug in game is costing me the entire match multiple times in a row.
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4 years ago, jmariakahlo
my opinion
I just recently downloaded this game and to be honest I really like it so far. There’s just a few things that as a user i’d like this app to have. 1- i feel like it would be cool if we could change the color patterns. 2- better quality on icons, chats and sounds. 3- be able to be creative with our profiles, however we’d like. 4- codes to rooms instead of links. 5- less bugs please. 6- more time to draw maybe? just a preference 7- more tools to draw with i don’t know i feel like the main idea of the game is extremely interesting but the low quality and simplicity makes it kind of boring. nothing bad with being simple, just try to make it more appealing. offer more to the users.
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2 years ago, yassijiro
Not working on iPhone 13 Max
This is my second review of the game that is left for dead! Sigh! Game has lots of potentials as I mentioned on my first review but sadly no upgrades to the point that it is not aligned to new iPhones screen! So if u r on iPhone 11 or higher like 1: pro max , it is not working ! And there are no setting so u can fix it ! The commercials though are so alive and active bigger than the game! Please fix the issue if there is one person still working there! I really don’t understand who is paying these games for ads! And if u slightly care change the players age too! The vocabulary list is clearly for intermediate native speakers and advanced for others. And plz write the rules a bit bigger if u r still targeting children! What kind of game admin needs to be reminded of these !!
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10 months ago, aDeadPanda
App and Browser are too different
Sharing links opens in web browser instead of the app. The interface is also really different between app and browser. I cannot join specific rooms in the app but in browser i get a whole list to choose from. In the browser i can log in with Discord or some other account, but in app i only have the facebook option to log in.
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1 year ago, OggieGal92
Decent game, people are hit/miss though
I think this game is really fun when the right crowd is on!! Half of the time it’s people spelling out the words though, so I think there needs to be more moderation in that area. Some people get on and just kill the fun by drawing inappropriate stuff or spelling out racial slurs. I feel like this kind of thing is why I don’t play much anymore.
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2 years ago, blissner
Things you need to watch out for
Hi I love this game, but when I enter what I think the answer is it says things I never said, like for instance I typed “food” and it enter food but then it stayed the D word and the F word and other inappropriate words, and it makes me say hi to random people, so don’t let kids play this if to young to swear, and it is frustrating.
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4 years ago, CCubingMaster
First of all, if you haven’t, read not for little kids review. That is exactly what this game is. 2nd of all, I draw just one simple little number (3) and everybody that it was E for some reason and I got kicked out. Those dumb people... and 3rd, it won’t let me play, or type. Really though, HOW DO I TYPE!? I’m on mobile so don’t get made at me but I press as hard as I can and sometimes it works, but it’s really painful to do that. Here is a positive though, it has good graphics lol ok.
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6 years ago, MrCoffee007
It’s Awesome but it might need some work :)
This is a very fun game to play. Also their are sooooooo many different kinds of drawing you can draw too!!!! But lately I have been seeing lots of people using inappropriate drawings and usernames. And when people just write the word should leave da game immediately cuz that’s breaking da rules. Lastly this could use a little work but this game is really fun and Awesome!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, 13001300Zz
Great game
This game is amazing and masterpiece. Thank you very much for doing this, but there is one thing I wish you to develop to a better level "Sign up an account" Why Facebook option is the only option I wish more options
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2 years ago, Gamer gal69
It’s a good game
I like how I get to play with strangers because it adds a challenge. You dont know how their brain thinks when it comes to drawing very pacific things. It’s a genuinely fun game that’s completely with no adds in your face. I hope that this game expands more and keeps getting better
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3 years ago, wickedcoolturtles
Can’t see top of screen fully; otherwise fun game
Can’t see top of screen on iphone where folks type the letters for hints! This is a big problem. Otherwise the game is pretty fun. Sort of like Pictionary. Nice to play with random people. Haven’t tried many other games of this sort on my phone, so I’ll review again when I have more for comparison. Enjoy!
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3 years ago, Road rage the squirrel
Ignorance and cheating in a kids game
If its not obscene drawings its people just writing the word out. No one plays this game right and the devs don’t care. Trolls will be in group chat and gang up on the person in the lead and vote kick them out. Overall it’s not worth the hassle of installing when it’s nothing fun without your own private group. Also the dictionary the game uses is ridiculous. Its not very randomized and repeats a lot. But then theres words that art can’t describe, like liberation or geriatrician. Not to mention the timer is bugged and some people get 30+ seconds vs getting less than 20 seconds. Overall its a mockery of Pictionary, which should sue you for this mockery, and not even a good mockery. Btw this isn’t the youtuber version. This is like the 4chin Troll version.
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4 years ago, Abdullahalkhaldi94
Good game
Good game idea but still there is a space for improvement. Linked should be shared also in public rooms. Also for private room there should be an option to allow or not allow people to join. Also, it would be better if there is more space for drawing. Good luck,
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5 years ago, zChao!😈
Some problems..
Sometimes I know the answer, but it won’t let me type, and so I miss the chance to get points. Edit: I’m probably going to uninstall this game because I was 2nd place and it wouldn’t let me type in any of the answers. Also, very inappropriate, and should be 13+. I saw cursing and inappropriate drawings. I even saw one guy have an inappropriate profile picture. But, if you fix this I will be happy to play and see if there’s any other problems! P.S. it has good potential. :)
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2 years ago, A'nna hamliton
Look I downland the game it’s good but the “kids” are on there cussing and stuff as a mom that’s stuff is very rude and what if the children learn a bad word and thinks that it’s ok all I’m am saying is to get it worked on maybe make some rules about or block the bad words out but something needs to happen other then that it’s a good game!
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5 years ago, Girlypr
Hey! This game is really fun but there is a glitch that is bothering me a LOT. When I am gonna guess I click the box but it doesn’t let me type. I keep tapping and tapping and it didn’t let me type. And I wasn’t able to guess! If you could fix this little bug, that would be great!
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5 years ago, koala bears are not bears
It’s ok
I like the game a lot but I hate how everyone can freely report someone and if enough people do it you can’t draw because one day I was just drawing and everyone reported me like if I wanted to I could report someone ahead and if others do it they can’t draw
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4 years ago, euzinhsamyyyyyq
the game starts well and it's pretty fun but FOR NO REASON it doesn't let me answer to many questions because it just stops the answer box, so that is no way that I can taps anything in. And it also doesn't adapt on my iPhone XR, the tip is on the very top of the app and the screen doesn't show me the whole letter so it makes the experience really annoying, I won't use anymore because of those, sadly, the rest of the things are pretty good.
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2 years ago, lisadelotoro
Kind of good but…
So this game is like Gartic phone but there’s something wrong so what’s wrong is the chat so u can just guess it but people are fighting and cursing to each other I would download it again but because of that I’m not so 3 star always stay happy stay safe bye
Show more
5 years ago, Anonyunus
Great but also hard
It’s hard for some people because they spam the kick drawer button and some never play so make it easier to draw and fix it we’re they have a serten amount of skips thanks for the great game
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6 years ago, gabsthepro
The best game🎮🎲📝
I can play this game without signing in my account and this game is so fun its fine to me but its a bit annoying when people all they do is skip there turn but every thing else I LOVE IT!!!!!
Show more
5 years ago, DINOloveyou22333
This may be a problem
The people who drive, making “funny drawings” by drawing pornography/nudity and it is not child friendly. And also the chat isn’t safe for kids too. Also, the game is broken for IPhone X.
Show more
6 years ago, drakgimenerg33
It has potential
Overall, the idea of the game is great. Sometimes, from my experience, I am unable to type in my answers for the drawing. As well as typing in this given chat room. Takes the fun out of the game once you know the answer and comes to find out the game compatibility with typing has disappeared.
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4 years ago, jajajajajjfi
I really like it but it’s kind a hard for me
It’s kind a hard for me even though I like it so much fun though and it’s kind of hard but it’s a little bit easy
Show more
6 years ago, suh du 6453
You don’t have to wait for your turn!
At least as far as I know, this is the only real-time drawing guessing game so that makes it the closest to Pictionary. It’s really fun!
Show more
5 years ago, Fortnite
Please help
It’s a fun game and all but sometimes it won’t let me type, in chat or guessing. And when I click out too long (like 1 min) i need a new link to share because it disconnects. Like thanks now I have to reshare and share with people I haven’t yet. It’s very frustrating. If it didn’t do that then I would enjoy it way more.
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This is nothing like how other people played the game there were types of games more profile pictures and I don’t like it it’s exactly like the style I remember but a totally different game so three stars
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