Gatti's Pizza

4.2 (295)
18.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mr Gattis LP
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Gatti's Pizza

4.16 out of 5
295 Ratings
5 years ago, Street2Peschel
Love it!
Gattis Pizza is the best, and so is their app! Intuitive and quick, much faster to create custom pizzas then Pizza Hut app. Easy to apply coupons/deals, even after filling your cart. The version I have does not let me pay through the app. It makes me enter cash as payment type. Fix that, and I’ll add a star!
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7 years ago, IfIWereAPotato
So everything about the app is fine, they give you a variety of pizza and even a create your own pizza. Only problem is entering codes for the coupons you earn throughout the app. I get 2 results from entering the codes they give me. As soon as I tap apply, nothing happens and it’s just there. Other thing is it gives me an error so basically I get a coupon that won’t go through and expires in a couple weeks. Other than that, it’s an easier way to order pizza in my opinion.
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6 years ago, MissMerricka
So the app does what you need and the layout (circa Windows 97) is easy to view and use, but there are a few annoying things. 1- visually, it is so outdated and old looking. Hella basic. 2- I have 2 locations within 1.5 miles and it doesn’t let me choose which I want for carry out. 3- the app provides no estimated pickup time upon completion of the order. Have to wait for an email which tends to come at all different times. (Sometimes immediately upon placement, while other times I’ve already picked it up or got my delivery before the confirmation arrives to my inbox). 4- there is no order summary on the payment page, so if you enter your card info and then wanna double check one more time before submitting, you have to go back to the cart, then back to the payment screen. The input info isn’t retained between transitions.
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7 years ago, wgerik
Terrible App
This is the most horribly designed app I’ve had the displeasure of battling with in a very long time. It isn’t intuitive in the slightest, ordering as a guest won’t let you apply coupons to your order properly, creating a custom pizza doesn’t give you the option to add it to your order when you’re done building it, and on and on and on. To make matters worse, I called Gatti’s to place an order instead, and they told me they don’t have any visibility into any of the deals/coupons available in the app. Needless to say, I’ll never order pizza from Gatti’s again.
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6 years ago, Mollie0124
Gets the job done
The app is okay and it gets the basic job done, but it doesn’t have a way to check your order. The last few times the confirmation email has been delayed and I had no way of proving that we had ordered it. I also wish there was a way to add a tip. You can do it when you pick it up, but it would be more convenient to have a way to do it in the app.
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5 years ago, grj 88
Poor service
When we called to order nobody answered so put it online. Been hour and half still no pizza. So I got message saying DoorDash was coming. I called and spoke with someone and was told they do not have company drivers anymore. I was speaking with the man told him the wait was unacceptable and I would go elsewhere instead of working on changing my mind he hung up on me. To the managers at Pflugerville you need to train phone people. Sad as former driver and having son that drove for Gattis.
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6 years ago, Goldilocks3717
Best way to order!
Best way to order and see all the options. Coupons show on the app too.
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4 years ago, Pharmom2
Couple of issues
Love the value menu. But if you choose 2 medium pizzas, the app does not allow you to choose different toppings for each pizza. They also removed the comment box on the payment page. This needs to be added back in with plenty of room to give a detailed order if needed.
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3 years ago, lv.23
This Is the best pizza. Perfectly made and the crust to die for. Our whole order was fresh and warm. Best I’ve had from a pizza place in a very long time. Thank you Georgetown Gattis pizza and your yummy brownies as well as the chocolate chip cookies. WOW terrific. I definitely will be back
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3 years ago, MandyMMC
I love the convenience of the app however it never sends me an emoji confirmation, so I have no way to check on my order. I wish I could see my order status either in an email or through the app.
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5 years ago, Lighting in the dark
Love it!!!!!
Quick and easy to use!!!! Credit card option would make it better.
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6 years ago, Parrot.Shelley
Not linked well with maps
I can’t create an account because it says “Google mapping service cannot locate your address.” I find that hard to believe. The address works in every other function.
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5 years ago, Art in Austin
I just want a pizza
I’ve been eating Gatti’s pizza since it was at The Pizza Place in Austin 50 years ago. I’ve been ordering delivery since then and this app was impossible to make work. I installed my address and all the stupid stuff that they can sell to others and it still didn’t work. I give up Good pizza though
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5 years ago, Wine-with-cheese
No cash option any more!!
I loved the previous versions of the app - I didn’t care that it was not as flashy as the Dominos app. I could put my order in and pay when I picked up but now the app will not let you create an order unless you put in a credit card. BRING BACK THE PAY AT THE STORE OPTION!!!! I don’t trust the security of the app, I will not store my card with a pizza place.
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2 years ago, Ashy Ashley
Rewards Never show up!
I created two different accounts to try to accumulate points! Both accounts don’t work with this app and we visit Mr Gatti’s very frequently. I have deleted the app and added it to see if it was a bug, but nope Im still unsuccessful. This app definitely needs help, revamping and a new design. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME DOWNLOADING THIS APP FOR IPHONES, it doesn’t work. -Ashley
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6 years ago, Redhead Texan in DC
Track your order
The app is fine except that you cannot track your order in app once it’s been placed. You don’t know delivery time until after ordering. Needs a few updates.
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7 years ago, Ezforu1970
Quick and easy
This app is easy to use and does exactly what you want to order pizza, salad, wings, etc. before pickup or to have delivered. Awesome !
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6 years ago, Jennm48
Order history needed
App is great! I just wish you could see your order history. I don’t always get emails after I order so seeing a history would help to be sure my order was submitted.
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7 years ago, Val_Pal25
I love the updated app! They've finally added a rewards section so I can k ow that my purchases are equaling points. Easy to use and clean format!
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7 years ago, Karen_Eden
🎶Mr. Gatti's - the best pizza in town. For Real!🎶
Love Mr. Gatti's, love the app. Clear and easy to use. Very straightforward ordering system. Codes work properly and coupons are great! If you ain't eating Gatti's, you're doing it wrong.
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2 years ago, Shane Dawson #1fan
Fix the rewards
I was going to place an order and it said that my rewards was going to be included, but I was like “maybe I’ll place my order later on” so when I backed it, it was gone my rewards just disappeared even tho I didn’t use it
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6 years ago, Johns73
Coupon you get sent doesn’t work
Wish this was fixed, I have probably missed several pizzas worth of coupons.
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5 years ago, Blondie_D74
Google maps issue
I use apps for ordering/delivery with Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Papa Johns and many other restaurants and have never had an issue with “google maps not being able to locate address”. I am unable to use this app so I’ll stick with the others until this issue gets fixed. 😒
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7 years ago, ScottMShack
Not intuitive
The app is not intuitive for using a coupon. The default card won't change. You can't update a current card when the expiration date changes. Have to put in a new one.
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5 years ago, mikeitupaustin
Cannot sign up
Worst sign up service ever. Tried four times, but Google won't recgonize my address lol. Just use FB or Google sign in. Jesus. Oh, also, tried to see if I had previous acct, they sent me link that did not open at ALL. Jesus. I cannot believe this is real app experience in the modern world. Going somewhere else now
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6 years ago, Astrali
User friendly
Easy to navigate
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5 years ago, Bogg Dann
App Preferences
Could use a tracker like dominos
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7 years ago, DustyTX
App works for me
App and process has been flawless so far. Recommend both app and Gattis style of pizza.
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7 years ago, sticklizarddesigns
Quick and works well every time! Thanks!
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6 years ago, texaskid79
Works, should be improved
I am able to order, decent specials but the credit card stores never works, not the most user friendly app either. The ranch is worth dealing with the crappy app.
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5 years ago, dougontap
So easy nothing complicated
Easiest food ordering app ever. Better that the food!!!
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2 years ago, xcoaster1
Clumsy app and hard to read if you have vision issues. The app does not adjust to screen invert and it difficult to read th fields in the order and sign up.
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5 years ago, Resourcefulmom
Don’t work Austin TX
I haven’t been able to use this app. It keeps saying that google maps can’t find my address and location, so I haven’t been able to create a profile or order as a guest because can’t locate a store.
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6 years ago, FINSxOUT
No Problems!
Used the app 10 or so times with no problems at all. Great app for great pizza!
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5 years ago, bossssssshelby
I love Mr. Gattis and this app is perfect for when I need to order ahead! Never have a problem!
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12 months ago, Rich523ad
app is broken for IOS - not allowing checkout
For IOS, iphone 11 pro max, app is only displaying a blank sceeen. app’s internally lacks ability to report a problem (arrogance of developer I guess)
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9 months ago, A$AP Beastmode
Pricing wrong
When you go to checkout the subtotal is always higher than the advertised deal. On pick up!! Fix it y’all
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5 years ago, Jdhwrites
Google maps error - can't update to new address
Very frustrating. Especially since the house/neighborhood was built in the '80s. Not like it's newly built; not on the map.
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5 years ago, TacoRanchLife
Add Ranch
Gattis pizza is always fresh and good, but if you are really about it, you will add a large Ranch. Gattis ranch is the best!
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7 years ago, ABwonderland
Pretty good
It works well considering the complexity in pizza orders. Suggestion: please display the Online Pickup Time after the order is placed.
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6 years ago, Terminal 321
120 minutes for Delivery
The app should include estimated delivery time before wasting my time. I just called the store and told them I want to cancel and put on hold. And still waiting. Maybe best to add delivery estimated time.
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7 years ago, gafawkyasalf
Gatti's App Is Great
I'm impressed enough to write a review. It's effective and efficient.
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6 years ago, TashFawn
Great Pizza
So nostalgic getting Gatti’s! I grew up eating this yummy pizza and it still tastes the same!
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7 years ago, ellee33
Great app! Easy to use!
Super easy to use.
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6 years ago, Meredithlovesit
All time fav Gattis for delivery!!
Always loved this place!!
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5 years ago, Jrsimstx
Can’t complete registration
App says google maps can’t find my address, so I cant even complete account registration.
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7 years ago, The real Kibbie
Great app and easy to use
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5 years ago, no titles plz
Can’t use
Won’t accept my home address. Can’t create profile
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5 years ago, JBL546
Cheat u on the coupon
It drops the coupon to make u pay full price
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2 years ago, Rating is Zero
No taste horrible
I just left this supposed to be 4 rates. This pizza is horrible!! Little Caesar is better then this.
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