GCal for Google Calendar

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Chandalis Meas
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3 weeks ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for GCal for Google Calendar

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3 years ago, Suren Dias
EXCELLENT Google Calendar Application
I have been using this application for years and have no idea why it has so many negative reviews. Earlier it was not perfect and did have some glitches, but the new update is amazing and is exactly what any heavy-duty Google calednar user would want. It works exactly like Google calendar online and also has nice native macOS keyboard shortcut features. I have had no issues with links and creating new events. Making new events is easy; it is just like the web version of Google calendar. RAM is usage heavy compared to other native applications (roughly as much as a Chrome plugin), but still reasonable. Dark mode is good but there's too much 'glow' at times and the text for scheduled events do not have enough of a contrast with background colors. Would be nicer if the dark theme took a more modern and 'flat' approach, but is still a fine theme. I would use this over other GCal calendar applications such as Woven, and this is superior to Apple's built-in caledar if you're a Google Calendar user. Overall, excellent application and amazing update!
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1 year ago, dodiesdad
Lifelong* dream realized. (*a few years, maybe?)
I had long dreamed of the day I could have my GCal in my menu bar. This app has ushered in a blissful age of "tiny GCal icon with my schedule an easy breezy click away" like Eliyahu returning to welcome Moshiach. It was a bit tricky to initially get my calendar connected (mainly because I'm unfamiliar with the native Apple calendar app because, well, I like GCal better), but Chandalis was very helpful and patient. Now it's set up perfectly. If you're like me and have often pined for the stunning simplicity of that little icon in your menu bar…buy this. (Or don't! No peer pressure.)
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3 years ago, Russ_Taylor
Has Potential
I don't know why there isn't a dark mode, or theme built into the normal Google Calendar, but the main reason I bought this app was for the dark mode. And in a lot of ways this app is good. It shows me my calendar, has all the normal features I like and is great... as long as you don't change the view from wherever it's set. For example, I set it to the Week view, and if I try to change to the day or the month it just locks up. Eventually it usually updates but I typically end up having to close it and reopne it. If it worked smoothly I would give it five stars, but it just feels janky, and as I'm trying to use it for work and look ahead and behind for appointments, I just can't handle the level of jank this app has. Back to the web client and Dark Reader I guess.
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2 years ago, Mac__On__Mac
Very usable Mac desktop app for viewing and editing Google calendars. Attractive, straightforward, usable interface, and everything seems to work exactly as it should. This is the only non-browser app I've found that shows not only my own Google calendara, but also other Google calendars shared with me exactly as in the browser view of Google Calendar. I can also testify that customer support is excellent, as I had a little problem when I first installed the app (user error?), and the developer contacted me within half a day to help. Highly recommend!
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2 years ago, WriterAp
Excellent Desktop alternative for Google Calendar
I used Woven as my go-to desktop calendar for years until they abruptly shut down. I've disliked every desktop calendar app I've tried (including Apple Calendar). GCal is the closest I've come to getting a native Google Calendar experience, but in a desktop app. I'm one VERY happy customer. There's only one thing the developers can do to make it better: allow me to see all of my subscribed calendars in a single screen without having to switch between them (like what I can do in the Google Calendar app on iOS).
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12 months ago, Kemosobby
Exactly what I needed.
My work usually consists of many tabs among 5 different google profiles. I was getting annoyed at my calendar being one of those tabs that I had to search for. This pulled it out as a seperate app and put it on the menu bar so no matter what I'm doing I can see it and grab it quickly. I also still lets me have multiple calendars which would have been a dealbreaker. I haven't yet gotten used to being able to use mac shortcuts in the client but I'm sure I'll slowly add them to make things a bit more fluid.
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2 years ago, _lazybean
A little embarrasing how much stress relief this app gives me
This app has helped me SO MUCH!! I have like three gmail accounts and when I would have to open Chrome, go to Calendar, and then switch accounts, I would get so annoyed. I don't have that same annoyance anymore, and honestly, right now, take the wins where you get them. A small tool/purchase has made one small part of my day better, ridicously so!
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2 years ago, AmFuzzy
It's just OK.... lots of inabilities.
It's just OK. It is basically just a replication of Google Calendar in APP form however it doesn't work with needed plug-ins like ZOOM. SO I can't create a meeting invite for work and click to add Zoom information like I can in Google Calendar. Which means I still have to go and open the native Google Calendar for creating virtually every new meeting invite. Not worth buying it...even Outlook on my MacBook for Google Calendar was better. Will be going back to Outlook. If MSFT can figure out how to get parity with the PC version of Outlook, there'd be no competition that includes an integrated mail and cal app in one. Why is this so hard for companies to do?
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9 months ago, Air Phloo Review
So close
This is almost a five star app. Unfortunately, loses one star because the widget does not refresh properly and is always showing wrong/out of date information. Loses one more star because it frequently logs you out and logging back in is annoying, especially as you can't use password autofill like you can in a web browser. FIx those two things and I'd give it five stars, especially as it has consolidation of events that appear on multiple calendars, which even the official Google Calendar does not have.
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1 year ago, Caliber Fabrication
Total Garbage, Can't Get Refund
I wanted to use this app to keep my google calendar for work always on my desktop. At sign-in, I can either choose an individual gmail account (which doesn't work because my business gmail has a different domain) OR I can choose a business email. Ok - chose that. Now it doesn't give me the ability to connect to an existing google workspace, even though I'm an admin in that workspace. The only option is to create a NEW google workspace. Oh well, guess that's not going to work. Request a refund of the app and it just says "ineligible for refund". And the Support link only displays FAQs. Really poor customer experience. Do not recommend.
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10 months ago, Anna Dusek
Not bad but not what I expected
I like to now have an app on my desktop to allow me to easily visualize my Google Calendar with all the colors I use to facilitate identifying family activities. Was just not expecting the app to be a pure mirror of the calendar and was looking to have a couple features such as: being able to select and change multiple tasks at once, to be able to define a default calendar or to better visualize schedules that overlap muliple days with end and star times in the same date (very useful for blended families).
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5 years ago, SufiScience
Key features still missing and frequently buggy
I use this app every day on my laptop just so I can have an easy command-tab access to my calendar. This app frequently fails to save my changes, however, and there are certain features that have just never worked. The number one feature I would request that they fix immediately would be that hyperlinks in the event notes actually function. At this point if I want to open a link that has been dropped into the notes of a calendar event, I have to open my calendar from a browser to do so. How is this not a priority feature?
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10 months ago, Erich N
Had an issue and got the best support!
I feel compelled to write a review to thank Chandalis for his extraordinary support. For some reason, the app stopped working on my computer. We had various back and forths and despite the complexity of the issue, Chandalis didn't give up and resolved my issue. Not only is the app very useful but I'm also impressed by the level of support. Thank you!
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2 years ago, drdrcasey
Crashing on Mac OS
I love using my google calendar and I have it on all of my devices. I have not had an issue with it until I downloaded it onto my macbook air. I have found that if I don't use it for a while, I will be logged out and then when I log in, there is a glitch that says I am signed back in and to close the window, but I can't get past that message. I close the window but then open it again to see that message. So then I have to shut down the app and open it up again. I would appreciate it if this could be fixed, thanks!
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1 year ago, JoeMcV
Great container for Google Calendar
Does just what it should - puts Google Calendar into a Dock Icon by itself. As a bonus, it intecepts video conferencing links and directs them to the right browser/client. So Zoom meetings start Zoom directly, Google Meet starts in Chrome, everything else in Safari. Easy configuration for your preferred link handling. Only been using it for a day, but love it so far.
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4 weeks ago, macdaddynyc@
It does exactly what it's supposed to do, and more!
I prefer this application over Google Calendar's web interface because I prefer the behavior of an application over a web page...plain and simple. I use it for work, and it authenticates with Okta, and integrates with Zoom, Outlook, and Fellow without a hitch. It's pretty much flawless.
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7 months ago, amberhillman
This app is everything I wanted EXCEPT
I would like to be able to see both my work account and my personal account at the same time. this is because I have my daily tasks separated between the two and it is immensemly helpful that I can see both on my mobile phone and table, but I would like ot have it all in ONE place on my computer as well. Please make it happen!
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9 months ago, mbclack2
I absolutely LOVE the color of the Google Calendar, but never knew about this app. After stumbling across it I immediately tried it out and knew that I found what I've been looking for so I could finally have quick access to my Google Calendars on my Mac.
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1 year ago, Unhae K
Improvements can be made
I do like the app overall, but some of the functions like scrolling through the months can be fixed. When I scroll through it on my laptop instead of switching from one month to the next, it moves to random months so I resort to just sng the arrow toggles at the top, which is not the most convenient. This app needs more updates to increase its efficiency.
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3 years ago, GlennWeikert
Excellent but Zoom links are not opening
I just downloaded this was hesitant because of the reviews but then realized that most of the bad reviews were from years ago. Works great and is exaclty what I wanted BUT... when I click on Zoom links it give me an error. Its not the Zoom link either bc I copied and pasted it the Zoom link and it works fine.
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2 years ago, OG Jazzlo
Not a solution for getting your Google Calendar experience from your phone onto your desktop! It does not combine more than one calendar, so if you have 2 or more google based calendars you have to just run multiple sided by side views. Really it just duplicates your online view, so you could just as easily open a seperate tab or browser insance and get the exact same thing.
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4 years ago, Matt Alexander At Work
Can't click links today, but usually good
Keeping up with Google changing GCal must be a pain, I think this app does an ok job considering. But I haven't been able to click meetings for about a week now, which means I can't join meetings, which is a dealbreaker. Also, I kind of wish there was an agenda list available straight from the menubar, but that's not a ding to my review, just an idea.
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5 months ago, Zombieslapper23
Trouble with Microsoft Exchenge
Can you please fix the medium "Upcoming Events" widget? The date looks goofy. For example, instead of reading it as January 22 Monday or even Monday January 22 it reads January Monday 22. The month and date should always go together. January 22 should be together regardless of whether you want Monday before or after. And why does the number need to be so big. It's so cheesy.
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7 months ago, martin so7o
Works, weird icon configuration
The app icon border is a little ugly (no offense to the developer, seriously), but you can get around it by replacing the icns. Also, the icon then changes once you're running it? Which is weird? Would be awesome to have an option to leave it as is. Anyways, aside from the aesthetics it works as intended! Good stuff.
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1 year ago, Jpw2001
Gives me Dark Mode, no lost funcationality
It brings through all the UI elements from the web version but in dark mode. It allows me to have calendar up as a separate app and to manage calendar notification separate from Chome. It is a win for me!
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3 years ago, Caraaaa;D
Love it!
I'm super confused on the low ratings. I never add events using this app. I use it for the sole purpose of being able to see all of my meetings for my different google accounts all in one spot and I get the ping notifications. Always works fine for me!
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5 months ago, Taipan007
Deleted items keep coming back!
First off generally love the app - however when i put something in to recur - it keeps coming back after stop the recurring and or delete the item. It's driving me nuts! Please fix.
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11 months ago, chucklo
Excellent app that I use Everyday
I like having a desktop app for my Google Calendar(s) in the dock on my Mac. I use this throughout the day. This keeps me from accidently closing a tab on my browser and the app has very nice features. It is very well done.
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11 months ago, mustansally123
Exactly what you woudl want with Google Cal!
Very easy to set up and I am able to organize all my tasks, events, and different school calenders! The only thing I wish they could add it the continuous scroll for viewing all the weeks
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1 year ago, Transhumanist
This is a Great App
While GCal is not really necesssary (you could continue to use the browser), it is simple and works great. It is also a lightweight app that won't overly burden your RAM or compute resources. Lastly, it is inexpensive. I enjoy using it and recommend it to anyone who utilizes Google Calendar.
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2 years ago, Meredith Snider
finally i can access my gal from my toolbar on my Mac and not have to have it as a tab on my safari search. This has made my life and scheduling so much easier! Did i want pay $4 for it? no. Am i glad i just sucked it up and did? yes!
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4 months ago, shouburu
Amazing help
After publishing my work email to my gmail it's become a life saver. I hate Microsoft soo much!!!! Just wish that this could pull the Google Calendar tasks integration. Currently have to convert my tasks to a event to get a reminder on a computer :/
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4 months ago, AGP99
Awesome, love the menu bar functions
I'm sick of closing down my GMeets to look at my calendar, or searching for the Join Meeting for my GoogleMeets. The join function from the menu bar is worth it alone. This does the trick and a bargain at $4. Just buy it!
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4 months ago, Kevin Mahaffey
If you want Google Calendar as an app instead of using it in a web browser, this is perfect. It looks exactly the same as using Google Calendar in a web browser.
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5 years ago, MidgeMadge
Simple but lacking features
I like having a calandar as a desktop app, so this works great. The biggest problem is that I cannot click on any links within a meeting. I also lose the functionality to start a zoom call, which is available by browser. If it’s just a web interface, why wouldn’t it do exactly what calendars does?
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9 months ago, timoderbeste94
Great App and Attentive Developer
The app itself was awesome with the shortcuts and customization possibilities. The developer is also very attentive to user feedbacks and can address the issues very quickly. Would definitely recommend!!!
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3 years ago, Dexter Nyo
Upcoming event should be able to see in wiget
When we click on the icon from menu, it shoudl pop up with mini view instead fo showing full caldnear. and the wiget view currently its useless because we have to change our upcming event, tasks and reminder in quick view in order to be productive. currently it showing only calendar with no informaiton included.
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2 years ago, OSagnostic
Helps at work
I leave GCal running on my second screen along with Slack and it helps me keep track of meetings. This is more helpful that it sounds - thanks for helping me keep track of meetings!
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1 year ago, Cody P!
Much better than Browser! Just one thing though.
I love having my calendar at a glance! I'm not super organized with my time, but this helps. The only thing I would chance is that trying to cycle through months goes very slowly. Every time I try to click rapidly through months (like I can on other calendars) I end up double clicking and the app goes full screen. Removing that feature and allowing me to scroll months ahead would speed up how I use this calendar and I would refer to it more often.
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1 year ago, lbeerma5
So far, so good, but I have one question
Everything on GCal works exactly the same as the Google Calendar you access online, however my GCal seems to have issues syncing with my google calendar on other devices. How can I fix this?
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7 years ago, brittlynch
Love but recent update messed up
Love this app BUT after the recent update, I can no longer see the buttons (for editing, next, previous). The tooltip pops up so I can kind of navigate my way through but being able to see the buttons would make this a 5 star app
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3 years ago, nanasookie
No what I expected
I downloaded this app thinking I'll be able to sinc all my Google Accounts Calendars in one place like iCal, but it's only letting me see one calendar at the time. I tried to contact support before writing this review in case it's me doing something wrong, but when I click the support link it takes me to a blank website and says is "not secure". I would like to request a refund please. Thanks.
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2 years ago, midwestbasil
Overall excellent
I am super grateful to have the option to disable scrolling on month view. AND I wish there was an option to disable scrolling on the 4 week view too. Then it would be a five star app to me.
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8 months ago, 1zoeyb1
Needs more customizeable widgets
I bought this app specifically because my Apple calendar wouldn't sync with one of my external calendars, but I was disappointed by the lack of customization of widgets. Really need a small widget that can show "up next" with both today's and tomorrow's events at a glance. Thank you
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2 years ago, That 1 NDN Guy
Good except for an odd quirk
Fairly easy to use but the one thing I would change is the reoccuring event is impossible to set days. I am unsure if it's because I am using dark mode but I cannot see which days I select when setting up a reoccuring event. Other than that, the app is great and works as intended.
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2 years ago, Airspokanimal
Between liking and loving!
But I cannot find anything 'wrong' with it BUt I would like: More room for multiple items in month view. Easier integration with attachments/files that are NOT google drive. A new hairline for myself.
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2 years ago, Doctor Bill 68
No Google Login or Stay Logged in Option
Alright, it's a fine plugin. But every time I open it I have to login to google, even if I am logged in on Chrome and everywhere else on my mac. Drive me crazy. There is NO GOOGLE login, so I have to go to my password manager, copy and paste the password. Really guys? No Google login for a Google calendar?
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9 months ago, dm_magic
Great support
I wasnt able to get my calanders to show up, so I emailed the app creator not expecting much. Instead, dude got right back to me, was super helpful, and we got it reserved. Would buy again. A
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2 years ago, river_bells
Doesn't seem to do what I need
Nice interface, great app...if you have only one google account that you need to view events from. It will let you log into multiple accounts, for instance a work and a personal one, but there's no way to view all the events together. You have to switch back and forth between displays for each account and there's no way to easily spot conflicts.
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3 years ago, csoolady
Can't search reminders or tasks
Dear Developer, can you please enable the search feature for reminders and tasks? My ipad app and my iphone app both have these features and I heavily rely on the search function, but this app on the Mac does not offer searching reminders and tasks, only calendar appointments.
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