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User Reviews for GCash

3.26 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Nate5182
Way too many pop ups.
Everytime you open the app there is an annoying popup. Using apps like this are supposed to be faster than transacting with cash, but the pop ups coupled with the fact that you need to go three levels deep into the the app to initiate a payment is ridiculously cumbersome. Once logged in you should be able to process a payment with a single tap. Is that asking too much?
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5 years ago, Ghie Davis
So far no issue at all..
I’ve been using Gcash for quite sometimes now and didn’t had any problem with it. Hassle free for me since I’m receiving remittances on a monthly basis and it goes directly in my account. It save me from falling in line going to remittance branches to pick up the money. I also used the card for booking tickets online, and no issue at all. It’s very convenient since there’s a lot of options, like paying bills, sending and receiving money, buy loads, Etc. One time I sent a money to a wrong # and I called the customer support immediately and they refund my money for one day. I can also transfer and receive money directly to my bank account. I think the only thing they can improve is to expand their customer support to assist the customers without waiting on the line for long. Other than that I am happy and satisfied with the product.
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2 years ago, jd1236
Poor customer service
This company stole over $300 from my fiancé when she transferred money out of her account to another account for an iPhone the money never arrived in the Palawan cash account and gcash refuses to tell her where the money went, and why she doesn’t have it in her account anymore. In fact they just ignore her and didn’t investigate the claim. This a company riddled with issues like this. If you make a mistake and enter just one wrong number and send the cash to the wrong account if they cash out you lose your money and gcash will do nothing to assist you. There should be some kind of a delay in being able to receive money and cash out before the person knows they have made a mistake.. They know they can get away with this because the Philippines has no real consumer protection laws or at least none that the people can use to get justice from a crooked company like gcash!! Stay away from them and use a bank atm card instead much safer and more protection!!
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4 weeks ago, Scotty Doesn’t Know
Terrible support and account locks outs
When I first signed up for GCash things worked well. The app has the basic functionality that was needed. Stuff worked. However I have had two incidents in the past two months where GCash has just failed miserably to provide service, resolve account access problems and seems to have either the most under funded on incompetent support organsiation I have seen. After replacing a lost phone I spent 3 weeks trying combine support the app was broken and they had some failed biometrics implementation and no idea how to reset. Endless loop of treating customers like idiots that can’t take a selfie. Then the next month they push a new update with new security feature and again lock me out of access to my funds. Be very wary of GCash these days. It breaks hard and they do not treat you like a customer and will tie up funds for weeks on end.
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7 months ago, Jedgorgon
Pop up tutorials… Pop up tutorials EVERYWHERE
I use Gcash out of pure necessity, especially when the pandemic hit and physical contact was discouraged. Lately, however, the constant updates seem to reset these annoying pop up tutorials that force you to press them to proceed, tutorials that, mind you, I know how to utilize. This would be followed by more pop up tutorials, which constrict you until its completion. While it may take a few seconds, or even a minute, it is extremely user unfriendly. There are times when I must make a payment right now, rather than fumble with these pop up tutorials. If I were the developer, I would add a setting that disables these invasive tutorial pop ups, or add a (?) sign at the tab to guide a newbie, rather than force me into a tutorial.
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1 year ago, MickAël Garcia
No support
I have never review an app before but Gcash made me do it. I really had a bad experience of the customer care of Gcash and a complete nightmare. They are incompetent and don’t really give a serious care to their customers. Since May i tried to Verify my account to use the complete app, the first week every time i try to verify my account, i always get errors. After the first week passed i tried again and until this day every verification i did got rejected or errors who made my verification a nightmare, i submitted maybe more than 10 Tickets to their customer support. Most of the time my tickets get close without any agent respond. To the few response i got, it was always a generic answer. Get better pictures of your ID then try again then they close the case. The few agents who spoke to me was completely blind and respond to me with false resolution of my problem. Typically it was like this : Your ID don’t have ID number, Only false excuse and automatically closed my ticket. If you are a not verified to gcash you are limited to the access, it has been more than a month and not a single customer service did their best to hp me. Good bye GCash!
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4 years ago, blatfink
Very convenient I Use GCash All the Time
I use this all the time to pay my bills and buy movie tickets, its so easy and convenient. I also use GCash to buy load because it gives 10% rebate everytime. I have also used the GCash Amex to purchase online. Also love the promos and huge discounts given when buying with various merchants. Never had issues with this app. For customer service concerns, its super easy to get in touch with them and they respond fast, just go to their website and use the submit a ticket option.
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3 years ago, Shiterururu
When I signed in my account even tho My number and MPIN is correct GCASH “something went wrong”
I’ve been using GCASH for almost a year now and this past few days. It’s starting to get annoying and pretty bad for me. Why? February 4, 2021 , THU 6:09PM my client cashed in a money in my GCASH account and I waited for your notification but no. Until today it’s still saying “something went wrong” I’ve been submitting tickets etc. asking for help and waited for someone at least one soul in your help center, no one was answering nor calling me to discuss about the issue. It’s quite disappointing tbh. I tried opening my account on my sister’s GCASH app but I still get the same notification again and again and again “SOMETHING WENT WRONG.” I hope you’ll fix this issue and give me the cash that my client cashed in on February 4, 2021. And I hope that my account will be recorded and my balance on my GCASH account is still there. Kindly don’t deduct it you don’t know know how I’ve worked for that money making art commissions everywhere to support my small business and school needs. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Jean Marion
I’ve been using gcash for a year now and all i can say is that it is very helpful and convenient. I am still a student and it helps me to send and receive money immediately whenever I need it. I run a business online and it is the fastest mode of payment. I also go shopping online and I use this to pay my orders. I can also buy load thru my phone w/ necessarily going to the nearest loading station. Thank you Gcash for doing a great job! This is way better than paymaya.
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2 months ago, Ben khooger
As expected it will scam me and that's why I have never trusted this crop gcash application why did I try it again? Ok, to make a story short I downloaded gcash app because I'm working abroad and I want to make a seamless money transfer to my family after my profile was verified I transferred money worth 10,000 to tried then to my surprise why I am not receiving otp to my registered mobile number? I did all the troubleshooting to solve it even though I deleted the apps and it was useless and worst was their customer service o my goodness you are talking to their AI bot which cannot help anything then I surrendered and my money gone in just a second gcashcam...
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5 years ago, Waknawokek
There are better alternatives
Don’t waste your time on this app. It always has errors. Wanna buy load... “oops, there’s something wrong please try again later”... wanna cash in? “Oops, we are under maintenance, try again later”... there was a time that their maintenance was for an entire afternoon, and there was no choice of cashing in except going to globe, wow how convenient! Also, it says you dont need load to access this app? Good luck with that. i think globe hired morons in developing/maintaining this app. You will have less headaches with paymaya. Yeah you can try this app and see for yourself but Dont say i didnt warn you. Those 5 star reviews are probably the moron developers of this app writing fake reviews.
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3 years ago, Eff P
Not as convenient as PayPal!!!
This is a complete waste of time and money!! Because of the pandemic, I didn’t want to go out that much so I’ve decided to finally use Gcash/Paymaya. Everyone in our household uses PayPal but because Gcash/Paymaya is more commonly used, we had ourselves registered. And boy oh boy, not only did we have a hard time registering and having ourselves “upgraded” in the system, but the app also has a lot of issues. Aside from not being user-friendly, we also can’t withdraw back our money easily if an issue pops up; it is also necessary to “upgrade” your account. You are forced to use valid IDs and such. And when you DO use a valid ID, the system cannot scan your passport because it’s apparently too “blurred” to be used. When the account was finally upgraded, we also had a difficult time sending money to the bank because the transaction cannot be processed for some reason. The chat support can only do as much. Gcash, where is your IT department?
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4 years ago, Nosgaber
Very slow sign-in screen time!!!
It’s so frustrating to always wait for approximately 40-50 seconds before I can sign-in successfully and get to the MPIN sign-in screen. After restarting my phone and mobile app, I have not seen any improvements at all not to mention I have a fiber internet of ~100Mbps. I’m baffled by the slow performance of this app; is this really the best that you can offer? As one of the largest companies in the Philippines, I’m sure you can do better! I’m hoping that the developers would see this feedback and and obtain support to fix the issue.
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4 years ago, Kuya Orly
Fast and Fair
Using GCash for paying our bills is so Fast like a wink of an eye, secondly is safe and Fair coz they won’t charge you when buying and sending Loads instead you will get a rebates when you use GCash for on line transactions. And most of all it’s very very safe coz your personal infos is secured and if you forgot to Logout your GCash automatically GCash command center will log you off for security purposes😂 Thanks GCash! God bless the personnel and Staff!
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3 months ago, logian briigman
Good concept, bad execution
Gcash is virtually accepted in mostly every major or minor store in the Philippines but what makes me give Gcash this low of a rating is its unreliability. Gcash is often down or can’t handle a certain amount of users at once. With this, I can’t trust it to even pay a check at a restaurant without having to wait until its back on. Gcash is only as convenient as it is reliable.
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5 months ago, heoabfoabgr
Buggy as of Jan 23
The app is very buggy as it won’t let me use my fund due to over the limit. When I review the transitions o am under the limit. When I try to upgrade my account by linking my BPI and doing a cash in, it doesn’t allow me to do a cash in even though I’ve successfully logged in using BPI. I haven’t had access to my fund in 4 days! Customer service is slow to respond and when they respond is not helpful or they don’t reply/read my entire message and only reply to pieces of it. Not good, but the only option unfortunately
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5 years ago, AnilesAndaya
SSS Loan Payment option please
Ito na ata ang pinaka the best na apps sa lahat for Finance.. pinaka gusto q ung (1)bank transfer free of charge.. isang pindut q lng tapos na transaction q sa banko..dq na need pumila ng mahaba at matagal. (2)Remittance, d na aq hinahanapan ng kung anu-anong i.d’s dahil deretso na agad sa Gcash q..again wala na nman pila. (3) SSS payment, voluntary kasi aq kaya isa lng binabayaran q monthly.. salamt po Gcash dahil ginagawa nyong madali ang buhay ng tao..pero sana meron din SSS LOAN PAYMENT para perfect na tlga kayo.. un nlng tlga.. pag yan dinagdag nyo talo nyo na lahat ng bayad centers.. minsan kasi imbes na mgbabayad aq ng SSS PRN dto sa apps.. isasabay q nlng xa babayaran sa LBC kasabay ng SSS LOAN q. Kaya please isama nyo narin SSS LOAN PAYMENT po please GCASH
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4 months ago, Ionlyreviewtheworstoftheworst
It works but it’s so annoying
I hate using this app because every time I open it I have to dismiss a popup. Just let me use the app. Stop getting in my way with your annoying ads. Also, why do I have to verify my phone number again and again? It’s annoying to have to go through that process when you’re standing at the cashier and all you want to do it pay for your stuff and go. The user experience on this app needs a lot of improving!
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1 year ago, DTAS121212
Scam to foreigners!!!!!
Took my personal info 2x and then said I was logged in somewhere else and after I finished my personal info again, it went threw and said 24hrs for verification!!! 24 hrs later and it’s saying it will take 7 days to verify, tried to ask help center in the app and now they want all my personal info again!!! I will be posting and paying Facebook to keep this story going on top of the news feed and I’m in presses of contacting vloggers in the Philippines to post my story to there followers as well!!! ((If your foreign don’t use this app))
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2 years ago, **?!_+**
Fix your app please
Buy load doesn’t work again. Due to the adds insertion at the top of the screen, the “Next” button is not visible below. The screen won’t scroll down. After choosing your network and adding the target number, you can’t move forward to add the amount. Customers need more service, less adds.
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4 years ago, gcashstealingmoney
Stealing money, their system is bulok!
I tried to invest in atram for only 500 pesos but since I was having some stupid charges from Gcash that I paid already, I tried to redeem since I want to be over gcash! Holly smokes, the 500 pesos that I redeem didn't show up on my account until now. You know what I'm happy that I only placed 500 pesos and not ended up putting too much investment on it because this Gcash is such a stupid waste of time. Even their customer service are not fixing problems just keep on sending ticket number! You can have my account, I don't need it! Saksak niyo sa baga niyo, mga magnanakaw!
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6 months ago, Mart cian p.gonzales
Not allowing me to enter my account
I use the same phone number i always use but suddenly it did not allow me in i have tried multiple times i hope gcash will fix this issue because im trying to buy something and i cant get into my account i am gonna report this issue gcash fix this problem what kind of security is this what if someone has hundreds of thousands in their account and one day it’s not allowing them to enter unless you want to get sued by someone fix the issue .
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4 years ago, Ariate, June
Gcash provide easy access to bank and mobile account but the thing the amount they charge is too big even if it is Php12 peso And poor people using this very often I think this is too much. Minimum of Php5 I think is better offer. Hope gcash will understand me coz i am very often using this app.✌️👍🏻
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3 years ago, gcashstraightpoopoo
Hassle to use.
It requires you to use third party apps to load money on to the account unless you have a bank account with a few select banks. If you just wish to load with credit card you must use a third party app to do so. Which is weird because apps such as grab or really basically any other app that exist you can load your account directly with credit card. So you must link a bunch of other apps to this one to make it even functional. Very clunky system. So where is the advantage?
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2 years ago, Elyasdeleon
The Future Is Now
Cashless financial transactions are the way of the present. The future is now. GCash is the Philippines’ only option for a cashless financial life, as far as I know. The app has no negatives. 5 stars. Pay your debts, pay your bills, go shopping etc all with no cash.
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4 years ago, Dedei25
I would give it a 5 star if weren’t for the long delay of notification in buying load whether it has been received or being refunded or there’s a problem in the system and for the latest transaction history which you will have to wait for 24HRS but for the rest of GCash services its very convenient :)
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9 months ago, Al-0997
Feature Request
If you are a GCash retailer/vendor offering a service, it would be convenient to have a button on the transaction receipt that allows you to mark the transaction as 'claimed’ and has an optional field for remarks.
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3 years ago, SHmanila
Impossible to get account verified
Unfortunately, it has proven to be very difficult to use the app due to it being impossible to verify my account. The announcement says 8am to 6 pm open for verification. However, even during those hours nothing can be done. I have tried for several days and sent a message to support…so far no response. It is unfortunate especially during ECQ and MGCQ when the main purpose for downloading the app is to transfer money.
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3 years ago, Cenarth
Bombards you with spam.
Simply registering subjects you to a constant stream of junk SMS. There is an unsubscribe link but it asks for a 31-day grace period before it claims to work, and in the meantime it will drown you in spam texts, and god help you if you work graveyard shift. I've found ZERO use for their app or payment system, it apeared popular so I gave it a try, but there are less intrusive payment options in the market. I've never even used it and it's already a complete nuisance. Worthless.
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2 years ago, kevin h willmington
No Real time, no 24 hour service center, and problems logging in
No real time transactions in history. Takes forever to get a respond when emailing. Ive use the app for such a long time and I’m having troubles signing in with a registered fully verified account. Even when I check my gcash balance via SIM card *143# on my registered fully verified phone since I can’t sign into the app. They said they will send me an sms but with no avail. Who can I talk to about this immediately ? No one, wait 5-7 business days and get your response. Gcash if u hold peoples funds of up to 500k a month you better have a quick response with even a better solution for real time problems.
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3 years ago, Ericmgat
Unreliable at best
There always seems to be an issue with payments. Even when you paying a globe account it takes a few days to post. They offer credit based on your usage but god forbid you actually need to use it. They have many programs to separate you from your money. They try to make it like they’re doing good for you but they’re not. They aligned themselves with cmib bank which is racist against Americans. They do not want Americans using their savings program
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3 years ago, Nonickname62213
Easy to use.
G-Cash is so easy to use. Can transfer funds in within seconds and transfer funds out within seconds too. Make sure to are sending to correct number though.
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6 years ago, mtco96
Easy and convenient!
I never knew how easy payments could be until I got GCash! I buy my load, pay some of my bills, and pay back my friends with “Send Money” - all on the app :) I’m also not aware of all the promos, but it’s cool that I get some of my money back cause of the rebates.
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3 years ago, Takaira18
Is not safe and your own risk!.
Attention all user. Me, family and friends. We got bad experienced! we have been using it for a long time GCASH it is not safe. and the money will not be refunded even if you call customer service. because there is no tracking or transaction to be seen. So gcash is definitely not safe. my only advice is don't leave your big money here. save in your piggy bank if you still want to see your money !..
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5 months ago, zzyaboi
New update - Cards Glitch
Although I have a card linked to my GCash app already, I have to open and re-open on the “cards” icon for it to actually show up because 4/5 times it does not appear. It was running smoothly before the recent update, please fix this.
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4 years ago, alltojah7
#Doesn’t work for me
#WhatCantYouDo Nothing! GCash can do nothing for me. Poorly designed, lacks customer service, and the people they do have in CS lacks knowledge, know-how, & commitment to resolution. It works for a few select people. It’s a waste of time. I have never used it because the system will not accept credit cards from financial institutions outside of the Philippines. So the GCash motto: #What can’t you do? I can’t load from my credit cards because your system will not allow it.
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9 months ago, DaveGarcia
Honest review from an avid user.
An improvement for OFW, globe roaming plus sendwave= smooth transaction ever. Seconds you will receive your bank transfer to gcash and gcash to all the bills and gcash to gcash transactions. Its a convenient way to send money to Philippines.
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3 years ago, Cornillio
Hassle free and save more time
I’ve been using gcash for quiet a year now and my experience was realy good, very convenient just at home sending, transfering and receiving money. It save more time….. thank you gcash for for considering this apps realy helpfull.
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3 years ago, Fideziwezi
I got the Gcash app when I went home I really enjoy it only thing I can complain about it is so hard to load a pre paid phone via gcash and also I wish I can add my credit card to put a load on it Rather than going through hoops
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7 months ago, L****e2
Issues! Issues! Issues!
I wonder why it is labeled as 'the Philippines' no.1 finance app' . Number one for having issues? That I can tell. 🙄. Not reliable app to use. Always having issues like asking for 90day authentication, I just did it not too long ago! , app is always crashing. Just so annoying. We can't do business smoothly with this finance app! I don't know if you can ever improve your issues here.
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3 years ago, blyro-graham
App does not work on non-working days
Talk about money transfer or making payments to their merchants. It’s funny how they programmed the app not to work in non-working days like weekends and holidays when that’s the time most people get a chance to make some online transactions. Lucky enough I have paymaya that makes transaction easier and available during weekends/holidays.
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6 years ago, tressy.trasoy
Convenient app
This app makes bills payment, watching movies, and sending prepaid credit/money more convenient. There is an issue verifying accounts if made through the app or online but otherwise fast and easy to do if you go to any of their partner stores for verification.
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2 months ago, gigax1
random force update while trying to pay
It's most commonly accepted mode of difital payment in the Phil. The most irritating thing that often prevent me from using it is the random force update while one is trying to use it to pay in front of a cashier.
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4 years ago, agurashark
Worst customer service
They reply 3 am philippine time. They will ignore your mail and will only reply if they feel like doing reply task. They will lock your account for no reason. If you submit their requirement they will ask for more, basically locking your credit indefinitely. I don’t know when i’ll get my credit back but i think it will take weeks if not months more. Not recommended . Don’t use if you don’t want problem in your life.
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2 years ago, Mafeyyyy
The load button is not working. It does not let you scroll down to proceed. IOs user
Nit working load option
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2 years ago, racsoesoll
Gcash “next” button
I am using iphone celfone and for about a month now i can not buy A load because the “next” button disappear everytine i tried. So i suffered a lot of inconveniences despite the fact i am being charge a service fee. Update came and now i can but the “next” button is located way too low on my celfone. It could be due to error in programming. Please fix this issue. Thank you.
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5 years ago, 00 of ur biz
Notification links need improvement
Get a notification from GCash. Click on it. GCash app launches. Nothing else happens. Go back to notifications. Nothing there. Thanks for wasting my time. Keeps asking me to update my email address. How many times are you going to ask me to update? Once should be enough don't you think.
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9 months ago, not2userfriendly
New Update complete failure.
I am the highest level you can possibly have with gcash for years utilizing the app on several devices. NOW only 1 device and it has to have the sim card of registered account. Very stupid because I do not trust my financial apps in a phone that has a sim card to eliminate phishing scams, especially in this country concerning text message scams that are always coming in.
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3 years ago, wpaks
G Cash app
I always use this app for purchases, loading pre paid phones and a lot more. I don’t have any issues. In fact it’s more convenient than carrying cash.
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4 years ago, ntanudtanud
Terrible CSR and Support
They just do what ever they like with your account while your helpless since you cant do anything about it its either you have to wait for your money to be refund or you get nothing back they just stole from you or cut your transactions if they fell like it and give you 101 reasons for it! Government should question them and let them pay for taking away somebody elses money and letting the one who owns the money suffer for the loss!
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