Generations FCU Mobile Banking

2.3 (75)
26.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
generations community federal credit union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Generations FCU Mobile Banking

2.35 out of 5
75 Ratings
2 years ago, C.J. 22
No a very intuitive app
The app is lacking a lot of things other banking apps have and If they do have them the interface is very dated. The app sometimes crashes however it seems the smart deposit bug has been fixed. For some reason my Zelle doesn’t connect with my bank either. The app does enough but it could use an update to be more effective and efficient.
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6 years ago, jdsparrow
Horrible update. Can’t transfer from member to member.
Ever since they updated this app I have been unable to transfer from member to member which is so frustrating. Every time I try I get “an unknown error has occurred” which is beyond frustrating. I have to physically call the automated system and transfer that way which makes the whole point of making the app more efficient completely useless. I have contacted generations several times trying to get his resolved. No one can provide me with an update or help, they just tell me to keep calling member service. It’s so frustrating and if they do not fix this before he end of October I plan on switching over all my accounts. Fix your new app Generations. Im sure other members have done nothing but complain about this update. It’s not user friendly and it’s not efficient whatsoever.
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4 months ago, *Buffy8
Efficient & Useful App
I have been with GFCU since 1998 when it was SACEFCU & have not had any issues. I have not had any problems with this GFCU app, it does all my transactions smoothly & quickly. My needs are simple, I really need & appreciate GFCU’s attention so my money is cared for securely. Also I am very careful in using the app as I want my transactions to be handled properly. I cannot figure out what others are writing about where they are having problems. Beats me! I am pleased with the GFCU app, no problems here.
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6 years ago, Jayrowvill
Recent Update
I really dislike the new update. It’s difficult to navigate. I would say it’s because it’s new, but that’s not the reason. It reminds me of the Navient application, which just makes me angry to navigate through. I can’t even figure out how to set up my account to that every transaction sends me a text. I like to know if odd transactions are happening. I thought it was odd that I wasn’t receiving texts anymore... the update was why. I hate the options for alerts. I also dislike the whole drop box to the left to choose things. It’s just annoying. I don’t usually write negative reviews, but I need this app to be fixed immediately. Thanks!
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6 years ago, L Bond C
No Smart Deposit
In the app description it states that there is Smart Deposit, on their website there is a whole page about Smart Deposit, but in their app, there is no Smart Deposit. My account is in good (excellent!) standing, which is the only reason stated why the service won’t be available. I’ve never been negative; overdrawn. Why is Smart Deposit not available on the app? Also, this bank has no 24 hour support...I, along with many others, work all day long and into the night some days. My time for personal finances are after hours.
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6 years ago, JEB245
Smart Deposit not Working
The app works well enough overall. The problem I’m running into is that it crashes after I’ve taken a picture of the check’s back when attempting to complete a Smart Deposit. The app pauses on a blank, white screen for several seconds then closes. This is my main use for the app.
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3 years ago, Zoe from next door
Please don’t do it!
Worst banking app I’ve ever used. The transactions don’t have a consistent format. Maintenance is every week where u can’t do any transactions (and it still works poorly) limited purchase info as well as support. And no desktop version for phone browsers which limits the app even more. I would put 0 stars but at least I can use atms and get my money which isn’t even a feature of the app but the bank itself.
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1 year ago, CasRocks
Mobile Deposit Constantly Broken
I’m not sure why this issue has yet to be corrected, but the fact that I can no longer deposit checks in the app, and closer branches have closed, has me contemplating taking my business elsewhere. Driving all the way to the main branch just to deposit a check is not efficient and takes way too much time out of my day.
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6 years ago, Moizxvnitdvmoo
This “upgrade” is so bad! It looks just like the website! The app use to be so easy to read...this one isn’t at all. When I use to deposit checks it would post as soon as I’d hit it could take 15 minutes to 3 hours...or possibly next business day!! It was also not so easy to add other accounts as the old app and doesn’t really update the other accounts correctly. I don’t like this app at all!!
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6 years ago, Gorilla manSARM2
New App update
Smart deposit needs to be fixed. I’m able to take pictures but then the app crashes. I would’ve like to have saved myself the trip to a sub-branch but unfortunately I’ll have to make time for that. Two stars for some of the new features but it needs a lot of work. It’s really rough right now
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5 years ago, JulesMart
I am completely frustrated with the app on my phone!!!! It keeps telling me there is an error and I’m starting to realize that the error is that I am doing business with the wrong financial institution!!! Get it together! Fix it! Ugh!!!
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6 years ago, J. Hickman
I hate this app
I hate everything about this app. It’s not user friendly, and I’m having a hard to time transferring money to pay my credit card bill, loans, and transfer money from one members account to another. This update is stupid. There was seriously nothing wrong with the last app, and I’m seriously considering moving banks because of this dumb app.
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6 years ago, tuffdrvr
Terrible update
Doesn’t let me transfer when I need it. Constantly has an issue and has to close. Doesn’t send text alerts like it is supposed to. This app has made me have to find time to transfer money from a desktop before going out. Will consider switching my accounts if this continues to be an issue.
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4 years ago, neu membr
Please fix your app as soon as possible!!
I just got through trying to use your app, it was indeed useless (to say the least) and I read the comments left by other members/users.... Don’t you feel is about time to fix it! Trust me; don’t let your app designer(s) feed you a lot of garbage! It can be fixed while teleworking and during this COVID chaos.
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6 years ago, Patslush
Don’t fix whats not broken.
The update was asinine and superfluous. It looks like a desktop version of a website, which completely defeats the purpose of a MOBILE app. The layout is unpractical, the buttons and options don’t flow well and are confusing and the entire update was unnecessary. Were there any actual users who contributed?!
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3 years ago, Dottie dots
Frustrating app
For the past month, my balance just froze, it won’t update, I’ve uninstalled the app, installed it back, I’ve called the bank many, many times for help with this situation, they have all tried to help, but this issue hasn’t been fixed yet.
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2 years ago, JennDLS1618
Works Great
This app works well. Zelle, mobile deposits, transactions, and transfers all at your fingertips!
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5 years ago, IC U P
This app makes it easy to check balances and transfer money member to member but the check deposit is garbage!!! I don’t live in TX and I am sick and tired of going to banks to deposit checks when every other apps like USAA app are easier to use and the check deposit actually works. I will prolly be switching banks soon
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6 years ago, loveemee5
5 star
I never had a problem with the app. It’s fast and easy, the transfers and the smart deposit as well 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
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2 years ago, Lizzetxoxo_
What’s it going to take for y’all to fix all these issues and complaints that are all 100% accurate? Time is ticking get on it and fix these issues already! That’s what y’all are getting paid to do y’all’s job.
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3 years ago, NightOwl91
No Lock or Unlock Option
Unlike most banks and credit unions, they don’t have an option to lock or unlock debit card, in case of potential fruad activity.
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11 months ago, C146285
Zelle doesn't work with app.
Generations STILL hasn't fixed their Zelle integration and the app is clunky and poorly suited to a mobile device. Totally unsurprising from a credit union which still lacks authenticator support for their login page.
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6 years ago, VvanV
I’m disappointed that the quick balance view without logging in has been removed. The colors and layout are not very aesthetically appealing.
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2 months ago, Sleieng
App is outdated
Why can’t I use smart deposit 😭😭
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3 years ago, 2337237237
Holds on $1 transactions and transactions don’t post so you better be writing this stuff down or else you’ll over-drafted and be charged $35 by them switching banks 👎🏼
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3 years ago, MTZ 61
Constant Crashing
The system is constantly crashing. I keep having to uninstall and the reinstall the app. Very very annoying
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4 years ago, grob89
Credit Card Payment
I hate that you all took away the credit card transfer option on the app. So inconvenient.
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4 years ago, filthycasua1
Credit Card Management
Removing the ability to manage the very credit card accounts they issue seems ill-conceived at BEST, but feels like it’s bordering on down right predatory behavior.
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6 years ago, maaaferrrr
New update
New update is horrible!!!!! Try to smart deposit and I have to retake the photos more than three times just to submit because it logs me out!!! Too slow!!! Please fix!
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4 years ago, GilVill1
About done
Tired of dealing with GFCU and now they change to some stupid credit card system that doesn’t work. No wonder systems like cash app will knock these banks out
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7 years ago, tsb855
What happened??
What happened to the mobile deposit for checks? It's not in the menu anymore.
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8 years ago, Yggg1
Love the new update. Very very flawless
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4 years ago, Epic_Sam31
Doesn’t work
Smart deposit doesn’t work and the employees aren’t helpful at all
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10 years ago, Martin19866
Recent update
The newest update with check deposit is cool however, now when I make my partial payments to my loan it doesn't show me the remaining of the payment balance I still owe like it use to show before... It will be nice if this can be fixed.
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7 months ago, Frostymoon
WHY must you have session cookies on your website? They do NOT add any extra security and just AGGRAVATE your customers!!
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9 years ago, Thebibleistruth!
Love it
I love this app! Banking done so easily and safely ... Don't have to leave home if I need to deposit a paper check I can deposit it through there Smart Deposit.. Among other useful features that I highly recommend to our members! Excellent and it keeps improving! Thanks Generations!
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12 years ago, lakalalalalaksz
good app
I really like this app, it's very easy to use, but there is not a lot of options to do, like making my credit card payment, there is not an option for that. I have to go to the full website to have that option. I would really love to have that on this app.
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12 years ago, أبوذر
Problem with New update!
If you update you iPhone software it won't show the login message, that's after the update, please solve.
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12 years ago, RealistRickyyy
This app is great. It's could use a few additional features. an update is overdue, considering the new iOS update has been released.
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12 years ago, Abusage
Does everything I need
This app is perfect for what I need -- bill payer, transfers and balances. I have not tried text messaging yet.
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12 years ago, Mikie210
Really glad they finally came out with an app!!!!! So far it's been the best banking app I've used!!!! Clean, crisp, and extremely reliable!!!!!! Definitely 5 stars!!!!!!!!!
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10 years ago, Mightymom6
Can't deposit checks
Not really happy that the app requires 5.1.1 iOS. I'm not buying a new phone just to use this app. The other credit union I bank with I can use my iPhone 4s to deposit. Pretty sad generations didn't think of those of us with later versions phones instead of those with current up to date phones.
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10 years ago, Nursingdiva
Just not quite ready
My app freezes so I have had to re-download the app. Quite annoying when you need info and can't access it.
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12 years ago, GeeeBob
Finally GFCU is a real player in the field of finance
Long overdue app is finally here. Complements the best online banking website of local credit unions. Bravo!!
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12 years ago, Rekklis
Glad to finally get this before the world ends in December!
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12 years ago, Textree
No Other
After thirty-two years it is confirmed: There is no other bank like SACEFCU, aka mygenfcu m.
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8 years ago, Pmac2879
Needs a bug update
Every time I try to log on it gives me an error code. Please fix this issue. It's really annoying. Plus it's been a while since there was an actual update for this app.
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12 years ago, Adriantexas
I've been longing for an app from my FCU!!!!!!!!! Thanks
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4 years ago, NotHappyD
Credit card Removal
So what is the point of viewing my accounts if I have to go to another website to view my credit cards? Another site that REFUSES to take my username and password and wants me to manually put in all my card info every single time. It seems shady.
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10 years ago, Unleashedn84
What have you done???
My username is no longer saved. So anytime I open another app or a message or anything I have to go through the hassle of re-entering all my log on info. Also. Can't say payment amounts for any of my accounts. I have to log on to the PC now to see my amount due like for my car loan or credit card. CHANGE IT BACK!!!!
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