Genius: Song Lyrics Finder

4.7 (50.5K)
82.8 MB
Age rating
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Genius Media Group
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Genius: Song Lyrics Finder

4.72 out of 5
50.5K Ratings
7 years ago, ksi sob ios never
Pretty good overall but has some glitches
I love the app. I love the interface and the way you navigate throughout the app. But a few things that are really irritating and annoying are: 1. When you watch the videos in the app and you try to flip your device sideways the video will stay in the upright position (even with lock rotation on allowing you to freely move your portrait), which is annoying since the picture is already as small as it is. 2. There is a feature in the app where in a song you can take a picture given to you from the artist or your own picture and take lyrics from a particular song and put it over the picture. It makes for a cool background but every time i want to make one right before i save it to my camera roll the app decides to crash. It’s a bummer because i can’t find a way to get around it. 3. When you download the app you can sign into a profile like any other app now but in Genius your profile is almost meaningless. They make it out like you can personalize your profile based on your style of music, which seems cool, but is not really the case. If you sign into google it takes your google account picture and makes it your profile picture without giving you a way to change it later. Overall the profile tab seems worthless now, but could be better in the future. Great app overall tho, 4.5 / 5.
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6 months ago, Aleah Cassidy
I really love this app. It is really good for finding the lyrics to songs you like. and it’s really good to use when you want to know the lyrics to songs but however, I don’t really like how when I close the app I have to re-sign in again. and I have to re-type in my password and email. I wish it wouldn’t do that. They really need to fix this. I feel like if they would fix this the app would work better. and everyone would be much happier. I also don’t like how after 30 seconds of it being in the background of other apps, it just closes and I have to re-open it and re-do everything again when I am trying to search for a song. lyrics I alsothink those things should get fixed at some point and I think that if those things get fixed, it will save me more time and I will have more time to find my favorite lyrics so anyway, if those things would get fixed, I think we would all be much happier about that I don’t really like signing in so many times after I close it and how it just closes after 30 seconds when I open another app, it just closes itself. I don’t like how it closes itself because it kind of wastes my time while I’m trying to look for a song lyrics. and when it closes, I have to open it again and then I have to type my password and I have to do that all over again so if those things would get fixed, I think we would all be happier about it. it’s an amazing app but it’s just those two things that need to get fixed.
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6 years ago, ASV_817
Almost there!
The app is great, but even when putting certain song titles I get something else, and it gets annoying where I also have to put an artist name right after the title to find the right song, also there should be an option when going to search a song’s lyrics to be a quick select option instead of having to search for it, which could work out great if you have Apple Music connected to the app just like when you change songs within the app it lets your quickly select the songs lyrics I would like that but quick and easy when I open the app it shows the option to pull up the song lyrics easily, besides a few search problems which can be done better and quicker access to lyrics on a currently playing song the app is great but those two things hold it back from getting a 5 star rating from me
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7 years ago, Tim Twarkleless
Great when it works, which isn’t now (ok now it is)
After the latest update did nothing to fix Genius’s many issues, i deleted and reinstalled the app, and it’s been working quite well since, so I bumped the rating back up, but I’m going to leave my original review in case said problems come back. Plus it’s a handy guide to the types of issues that in my case at least could be addressed with reinstallation. I looooooove Genius, a treasure trove of hidden insights into songs you already love and thought you knew, as well as a portal for discovering new music you haven’t had a chance to love yet. Problem is, over the last 2 or 3 updates, it’s become a chore to interact with, frequently freezing on the very first screen. Today was the first day in ~two weeks that I’ve even been able to get to the search bar, and only then by popping in Siri and then exiting. The app hung with me as I perused four annotations on one song, but when I tried to follow a link to a different song in the fourth annotation, *CRASH*. Started the app back up, frozen at the home screen, and this time summoning SIRI was no help. For the past two weeks I’ve wanted to see if there are any good annotations for Deerhunter songs. The app in its current state deserves one star, but I gave it two just because Genius is so wonderful...when it actually works.
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4 years ago, Fxragz
Ripe with problems
Many problems render most of the features completely unusable. Hate to give it a two star but it’s borderline unusable and has been for a long, long time. The app is incredible on the rare occasion of working properly. It succeeds at its basic function of showing you lyrics of a song you want search, with an abundance of songs you may not have even known existed. Extremely large selection of songs with inputs and corrections from artists and users alike. But beyond this it’s provides almost nothing in regards to helping you understand the lyrics. Whenever you click on a lyric hoping to learn of its meaning, nothing happens. This was my most used feature of the app before it just stopped working many months ago. Often I can’t see the credited artists and other people who have worked on a song as that also does nothing when I click on the credits. Also unable to play any song even though I have Apple Music connected to the app, but this isn’t much of a problem as I never use this feature. Hope that these problems are resolved but they’ve been plaguing the app for many months and updates occasionally help but ultimately end up at the same point as always. I’ve tried updating the app and uninstalling multiple times but to no success. Absolutely love the app when it works but it almost never does.
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5 years ago, djlemonfresh
Genius is fantastic, but the app needs to stop asking for my iTunes password
i love genius. have loved it for years. i think the site/app is a must for anyone who cares about music & lyrics. however every time i open the app it asks me to sign into iTunes again, prompting me to re-enter my password. it’s been doing that for at least several months, on both my new XR and the 6s i had before that. they really need to fix this, as it is very frustrating. Face ID/Touch ID isn’t an option it seems; i have to type out my password manually every time i launch the app, or it becomes unusable. if i decline, then it hounds me incessantly with the password pop-up. (note to devs: FWIW, my iTunes account is different from my iCloud account. i have 2 accounts on my iPhone, one for iCloud and one older account for iTunes. iOS allows and understands this. it’s a normal - although perhaps not a super common - thing. perhaps that’s the issue... however the genius app is showing the correct account/email address - the one i use for iTunes - in the pop-up prompts, and it does accept my password each time. so maybe that’s not the issue. hard to say). anyway if they could fix this, i would be a much happier user. as it is, it can be a chore to use, if i just want to quickly peak at some lyrics on a whim.
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5 years ago, User_12738
Missing Great Feature and Minor Bug
The app is great overall but there’s a feature that used to exist but was removed for some reason. 1. While playing a song on Apple Music you used to be able to open the genius app and a pop up if the song playing would appear at the bottom of the screen but that’s gone now for some reason. It’s a bummer that you have to search the song now. (Maybe this happened after the addition of the “play on Apple Music” bar but it’s annoying when I’m already listening to the song I’m reading the lyrics too. We can still have both features simultaneously though.) 2. The bug is when I’m playing a song and reading the lyrics to it the Genius app stops playing the song once I reach an add. The only way to fix this is to click play on the “play on Apple Music” bar which is aggravating because I was already playing it. This is obviously not a feature but a bug. If I switch to reading a different song then yes I’ll click to play it on the genius app but I’d just prefer if the apps worked together better.
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5 years ago, Mikerichh
Love it but it closes itself in the background too quick
Love the app. Overall it is fantastic and super helpful. One major annoyance for me is the fact that the app closes fully when put on the background within maybe 30 seconds. This means I have to tap the search bar and find the song I had up each time I switch apps. Hardly any other apps close fully this quickly so I wish there was a setting for this as it's pretty annoying (as often I switch between apps while using) Also- the search feature should customize based on the genres you listen to most or based off songs you have looked up in your history. Often I type in a rock song and pop or rap songs come up in the first slots which means I have to type more info in. I understand some songs or more popular and should show up first but I think a "smart" search option that learns from its user would be a fantastic addition for those who don't like mainstream music
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7 years ago, jaskaranbains
This app is a utterly useless it runs incredibly slow takes a second for whatever is on the home/ recommended page to load then only responds to any other commands after that has finished loaded when I search a song and click on it the lyrics take forever to load basically I think it's a necessity of an app but it needs to be faster and I feel as if genius pays too much mind too the videos and all the supplements of the good stuff it has what most people really use it for are lyrics and their corresponding explanation I still have this app because I am hoping an update will fix it but whenever I need to find lyrics and meanings I Google it on the Google app and it loads instantly no lag no delay if the website loads faster and is more functioning than the company's app then there's a problem
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6 years ago, CamPoloMan
Searching lyrics
The app is great for when you can only remember a small portion of a song. Just type what you remember into the search bar and every song with those lyrics pops up with a preview of the line and the words you typed in bold. My only suggestion is that when you select a song from the list, the app should take you to that part of the song rather than starting you at the beginning. Scrolling through the entire song looking for one phrase can be annoying. Especially when you already don’t remember what was sad before it. Other than that, the app could improve from a few minor adjustments. But overall 4.5/5. I love how genius has grown over the years.
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5 years ago, hjehwjwnahaudjsnkqlslfllr
I like it but some annoying issues
If you scroll to fast it simply just returns you to the top of the page. Sometimes you click on a line of lyrics to see the annotation and it displays the annotation for a completely different line. In NWA’s “Gangsta Gangsta”, on the last group of lines at the end of the page, it either fails to completely load a line of lyrics or makes them appear out of nowhere when clicking on a completely different line. These issues have been around on the app for a short while and honestly I thought they would have fixed them by now. I hate to say it, but I think they’re just ignoring these problems and bugs because they seem like minor issues that could be fixed. But the problem is that these minor issues make the app frustrating to use sometimes because they happen so often. Other than those bugs, I think it’s a great app.
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5 years ago, Smithfam3
I use genius multiple times a day and I think it’s probably the best app for its purpose. There’s just a couple problems I have with it. First problem and the worst is the Apple ID sign in. Every time I get on the app it pulls up the little box to sign into my Apple ID. I’ll sign in and after about 10 minutes it pops up again and it’s not my phone it’s got to be the app. It’s the only one that makes me do it and I’ve tried different devices and deleting it but nothing has fixed the problem. My second problem isn’t as bad as the first. Now I know there are a lot of artists out there but there are a lot of song lyrics and artist that have around one hundred thousand listeners and are missing music on here. Along with the problem of when you search an artist and go to their page there will be duplicates of songs.
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7 years ago, uhzach
Was Excellent, Needs to Get Better
I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced the extremely slow lag whenever you open the app while listening to a song? It’s almost as if it doesn’t register tapping within the app, either it takes a couple minutes to register or crashes, and I’ve been waiting for an update to fix this for over a month. Other than this functionality issues, the app should really have lyric editing and metadata editing features that are included on the website. These key components would help add convenience to contributors on the go without needing access to a compute, which quite frankly should’ve been added quite a while ago. Other than the basic speed issue and the added features, still a great app with loads of excellent aspects that just need some rework :^)
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7 years ago, Jargonloster
Has a few annoyances...
Overall the app is great, but here are a few of the issues I have with it. • When viewing a song, there are a few videos the app recommends at the top and they don’t have anything to do with the song you’re actually viewing. I wish there was a setting that just disabled them because I’ll literally never watch one. • When searching for songs, I often search for the title of a song I already know, because I want to read the lyrics. The app seemingly prioritizes lyrics as keywords before song titles. I wish there was a setting to choose priority of search results because sometimes I’ll type the exact title of a song and it won’t find it unless I also add the artist name. So there’s my long-winded short list of issues I have with the app. Hopefully the developers see this. 😘
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4 years ago, GarrisonWhite#2
Completely incompatible with actually listening to music.
While I miss the way the app used to detect the song that was playing on the iOS music app, it’s absence doesn’t make that much of a difference outside of me just being a little lazy. I mean, scrolling through and finding the song myself isn’t that difficult. The absence of this feature becomes a lot more annoying when it seems like the app isn’t designed to work while music is playing AT ALL. I can’t read song bios or lyric annotations because they either have an autoplay ad that overrides the fact I’m listening to music or they’re a clickbait ad that crashes the app. It’s a free app, I fully expect to be inundated with ads while I’m using. There’s a lot that goes into keeping things running and staff deserves to be paid. But when you put out a subpar product that has glaringly obvious features missing (music detection and lyric/song submission functionality being the two biggest), those ads become a nuisance.
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6 years ago, Samar Stan
I understand this app has only been around since 2009; but it really needs to find a better way to pin point lyrics when the user tries to search them. There’s been countless times I’ve typed in a full sentence to a song, and absolutely none of the right references pop up, then I’ll head to Google and the first one is the one I’m referring to. They really need to get this under control because it can be really frustrating trying to find a single song or like just knowing a certain line or too and really trying to figure out which song it is. I understand you can record it to figure out, similar to Shazam, but I’m not always actually listening to it. I’ll just recall a line or two that stood out and I want to know what song it is. Otherwise it is a good app and the lyrics are most often than not accurate.
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3 years ago, Ashby_kb
Search is crap
I like to learn the lyrics to the songs I like, just like most people out there. That’s the single reason I have this app but I might try and find something new, reason being I’ll look up specific song names with the artist name too and I’ll get random lyrics that somewhat match bits and pieces of what I put in but it’s always some random f ing song that is completely irrelevant. The search just all around seems nonsensical and it can be pretty frustrating. The strangest part is that I’ll often end up resorting to searching the song on Google and it comes up with a link to Genius for that song that didn’t come up in their own search! Like what? How does this happen? How can it be so terribly broken? The developers need to just get their ish together and fix the search.
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4 years ago, dannyamusic
what did you guys do to this app?
you guys really seemed to ruin this app. i can’t log in to my Genius account w my email & password. it just doesn’t work. tried deleting & reinstalling the app , nothing. it’s been like this for quite a while now. i’m a verified user & can’t even log in. it has trouble reading my music library & that feature doesn’t work for me either. on top of all of this, i can’t even link my Apple Music account. i tried to play a song, then hit get apple music, then it just says i already have it, but won’t link it & allow me to play full songs. lastly, for the love of music, please allow us to turn off the “Shake for Genius App Feedback” feature that brings up an email every time you accidentally move your phone at all, every other app allows you to turn that off. please bring this app back to the state of greatness it once possessed.
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4 years ago, jhayden94
The Music Wiki
I’ve really enjoyed using Genius and have learned a great deal about artists, albums and songs. Listening to an album and simultaneously following along with each song’s bio/lyrics has been quite rewarding. The wiki, open-source style ensures the best interpretation is submitted. Genius makes those ‘aha’ moments possible, even when delving into music you’ve listened to for years through reading insightful comments and thoughts. Everything Genius has to offer is rewarding and has increased my already great appreciation for music that much more. Cheers guys, keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, 6od
CONSTANTLY asks to login to my itunes account
...rendering the app unusable. why do i need to log in to my itunes/app store account?? there’s no special feature. i never purchased anything. yet it asks EVERY SINGLE TIME i open the app. when i open the app, i HAVE TO enter my password for itunes or else i can’t even do a basic lyric search, which is slow and glitchy at best. i’m using an iphone 7 so this really should not be a problem. then if i switch to another app, while leaving genius open in the background, when i switch back to genius (which if aren’t logged into with my password), it will ask AGAIN for my itunes password. even though i had JUST put it in. if my screen locks, i have to enter my password. ITS RIDICULOUS. and if you wanted to remain on the same lyrics page? FORGET IT. you have to start your glitchridden slow search allllll over again. i’m deleting it and using the web version. it’s not worth it anymore.
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5 years ago, olivine7
I have had this app for a long time. I used it often. It sometimes wouldn’t load, or it would load the wrong thing, but that was easy to overlook because of the other benefits it provided to me. Recently, for some reason, it has been constantly “downloading”, so I finally just deleted it and tried to redownload it. However, I couldn’t find it anywhere on the App Store. I had to look it up on Google to find it, and I still can’t download it. The little blue arrow and cloud have turned grey and I can’t click them to begin the download. I am very sad that I can’t download this app again. I’m disappointed, it was kinda janky but it did a lot of good for me. It was an easy way to look at lyrics and I love that you can see interpretations of the lyrics. Given the chance, I’d download again. 3/5
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3 years ago, hotdogyo
pretty good
still better than using the site through safari but theres one thing that bothers me every time I use it: the search feature is WACK. every time i search the name of a song its never even one of the first things that comes up, its always random songs pr artists that dont even have words in common with what i’m searching. other than that its pretty good for its main function (looking at lyrics and annotations) but it does have some other features that seem really unnecessary to me, like the homepage being the news page - that always just feels like a barrier when all i’m trying to do is look up a song and it seems like that shoild be the priority of the app. otherwise love yall! xoxo
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5 years ago, bs.trap
More inclusion
I love the app, really it’s something new and unique and in my opinion an essential since today music+phone are in the same place so more than likely you’ll run into a song you like and will want to know what the lyrics meant or why they were written, in comes Genius, its quick and very simple to use. However, the news section is always filled up with rap news, not sure if because thats what most people listen to now but I personally and im sure i can speak for many of my friends; would prefer to be able to select what genres we want to see, i like rock, and Genius doesn’t really help me discover new rock music or see news rock related. These are just my 2¢.
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7 years ago, buildingskyscrapers
Ads galore
Keeps opening the App Store randomly, especially when trying to use the search feature, taking me to some random games or apps that are apparently embedded somewhere in the background of this app. It is unusable when this happens, especially when I switch back to the app and it happens 3 more times instantaneously. I would also appreciate if the lyrics were able to sync to what I’m listening to, like Musixmatch does. Last complaint: the “now playing” or “currently playing” pop up lasts about 2 seconds and after that you are forced to search for the song rather than the app being more intuitive and leaving that information somewhere that could easily be referenced. A minor annoyance, but again when I click on search, I’m redirected to the App Store multiple times as part of an ad.
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5 years ago, Krisp16
Great Idea, Poor Execution
This app is a great idea, I like using Genius to find lyrics to a song and get some information on those lyrics, that is about the only good thing about the app. The functionality of the app is bad, when you search for a song or album you don’t get all of the possible searches you can get, you only get the popular choices. Another thing I wish was different about this app is when you try editing an album or song to adjust it to its correct lyrics it is basically impossible, you are able to modify the lyrics if there is a wrong word in there but can not modify a whole album to add a few songs that were left out of the album. There is no place to edit something that is incorrect or even a place to report a problem to Genius which is frustrating.
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6 years ago, Grieco_ninefour
Only one issue.
Been using this app for years, huge user. But just recently, today, I was scrolling, while playing music from my phone, and the advertisement was a video that just started playing. Causing the music to stop of course. I understand having to advertise and make money, but if it stops my music, it’s literally contradicting to the whole reason that I’m using the app on the first place. Keep up the awesome work, just fix this one thing. I’ve never posted a review on here before, but this was worth it in my opinion.
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6 years ago, Freshprinceofbethel
This app is freezing on opening and will pause the music that is playing. This is extremely irritating I wish I could give this a worse review. BROKEN APP. Amazing app for finding out song meanings. It's downfall comes with it's extremely slow load times, frequently freezes and crashes, frequently stops the music you are currently listening to so you have to switch back into the music app to play it again. App takes longer to search for music than the songs are in length. This app is actually almost unusable. I don't understand why it crashes every single time you search for a song. The music stops playing every like five annotations you open up and opens up to ads. This app is useless if they don't fix these problems.
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4 years ago, The Present 11
Awesome app, just one bug
To start, I love Genius. I really like the annotations on the lyrics. When you tap a highlighted lyric, it shows what others think that lyric could mean, which is really cool. Sometimes, when it’s green, the artist themself defines the lyric. But the app has only one issue. Sometimes when you tap a lyric, an ad comes up below the annotation, and suddenly, the annotation disappears. This has gotten pretty frustrating, and I’d appreciate if you looked into it more. Thanks for reading!
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1 year ago, J_acob
Horribly optimized
I have an iPhone SE2, which isn't the most powerful phone, but 99% of apps function fine on here. This app is not one of them. My phone has frozen up from me trying to CLOSE the app - let alone USE it. You can't use the app for 5 minutes without everything slowing down and lagging. The search is fine (though I don't know why lyric search is prioritized over song title search). You guys seriously need to fix the app, though. I don't know what it's constantly trying to load that makes it run as slow as it does. It's good for nothing more than a quick lyric search. Wish I could use the other features, but the app is just too slow.
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10 months ago, kfthom1
Same bugs for years
This app is so bad. I never leave reviews but I have to for this one. I’ve been using the app for years, but I can tell that the developers at Genius don’t because it’s had the same problems the entire time. The search function requires you to type in almost the entire name of the song before giving you the result you’re looking for and it will usually give you some sort of underground song or remix that contains the phrase that you typed in before the correct result. Additionally, navigating through an artist’s page is extremely glitchy and it’s hard to pick back up where you left off if you’re doing some sort of research. This is a bad app. Flat out terrible.
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4 years ago, Tatonka stout
One of the glitchiest apps I’ve ever dealt with. Constantly freezes and crashes. And on top of that when it isn’t doing the MOST I’ll be reading along to some lyrics and click on the explanation for a lyric to be given a glimpse of the explanation and in one second it’ll turn completely white. And I wish you could save albums and eps to go back to. I love genius so it hurts to see this app be completely garbage. And why does it close out of you leave the app for more than 30 seconds, there having to look up the song over and over. When I’m looking up lyrics I always just see myself googling the song and when I click on genius it takes me to the app, so that made me delete the app entirely. AZ lyrics been faithful so I’m be there instead Periodt.
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4 years ago, TheRealReviewer0000
Too Buggy to Use
I never leave reviews on apps because I could care less about giving my opinions to the app developers but as someone who really loves Genius it infuriates me on how buggy this app is. Literally any time I go to read lyric descriptions of a song it’ll freeze up or mess up my screen in some way. It doesn’t matter if I have the fastest WiFi or if I’m on LTE it’ll always screw up. Also there’s a 50/50 chance whenever you press on a lyric the description will just not show up? I’m certain it can’t just be me and my phone who get these issues with this app. I use the XR so it’s not like I have old Apple software. You guys seriously need to fix all the bugs of this app because it’s literally unusable.
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2 years ago, JetPack2000
Worst search function ever
Seriously, no matter how exactly I type in the name of a song, almost without fail one or more of the top hits is an Eminem song, and that song rarely includes whatever I just searched for — but whatever does show up almost always includes some very NSFW stuff that I’d rather not have to see when I’m looking for songs with my kids - or just myself for that matter. The other top hits hardly ever include a song with the title I just typed in, much less the actual song I wanted - just some random songs that might match a word or two. And I’m not looking for some obscure song no one’s ever heard of. Sheesh - web searches 20 years ago did better than this. Uninstalled.
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1 month ago, minTeaiced
Trash Search Function
The search function for the app is garbage, if you type out a set of lyrics the top search results will be songs that have the individual words you've typed and rarely match the lyrics as a full set of words together. Also if I type the name of a song it does the same thing, god forbid you don't know the name of the artist or good luck finding it. It is the least helpful search feature and somehow google is a better resource than an app whose function is to alledgedly be a full library of music/lyrics/information. Update: I used the search function and it started showing me "matches" for my keywords which were actually just different words??
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1 year ago, Doe Free
Barely functional
This app runs very poorly for me and often freezes, crashes, or just straight up refuses to load pages. It’s helpful once in a while if you want to look up lyrics quickly, assuming it loads - but it’s just not a feasible option if you’re browsing the site or trying to add annotations or contribute in any other way. it also feels like the app has some sort of memory leak problem or something too. my iphone 11 gets extremely slow and choppy if i use the app for more than a few minutes, forcing me to restart the app. This issue has been present across multiple app updates.
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1 month ago, Happyllama55
Great App, Horrible Performance
I love using this app for lyrics and annotations, and for that it works really well, but a complete downfall of this app comes with its performance. Whenever I run Genius on my phone my battery is drained like no other app can do, and my phone heats up to where I can’t even charge it without getting a temperature warning. I have a new iPhone so I know the phone isn’t the issue. The app will run smoothly but slows down worse and worse as the phone gets hotter and hotter, until my whole phone is slow. I have to close out the app and restart it every 10-15 minutes to get the app to load lyrics. I don’t know what’s wrong but Genius has to fix the optimization here.
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2 years ago, cfsporn
Quite possibly the worst major app on the App Store!
The Genius app has consistently and constantly been one of the worst apps to continually be in the top twenty. After tapping on four or five annotations, the app slows to a crawl until it puts itself out of its misery by crashing. The search function is completely broken. Instead of waiting for me to finish typing the song I’m searing for, it starts guessing and then frequently crashes. All of this (to say nothing about the obtrusive ads and an inability to read my music library) have just been part of the unique joy of using the Genius app for the past seven years (across multiple iPhones, all restored before using) but the final straw is the error reporting. Jostle your iPhone with the genius app running and it’ll spawn a prompt asking to open your email app. Keep jostling your iPhone and it’ll keep spawning those prompts in the background. It’s impossible to exit the app while the prompt is up unless you engage the switcher immediately after closing the prompt. Completely unusable app.
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7 years ago, Ferniejoke
Must Have
Genius has proven to me that it has the most accurate lyrics along with a lot of insight into the tracks. It gives an insight into the tracks as a whole and the meaning of its verses. It has a huge library of lyrics, even some songs that seemed to be not as famous or popular. Genius also is great for songs of other countries and languages such as Mexico and latin america with the spanish lyrics. A must have simple to use amd search app. Theres no singing and guessing in my car or wherever i go anymore!
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10 months ago, Jimbob McRiggemsonford
Please fix overheating issue (iPhone 14)
Love the app, but it makes my phone hotter than the sun. I get that it’s a free service and needs to have ads constantly loading in, but if it’s using more memory than a hundred Chrome tabs then something needs to be scaled back or optimized. UI and navigation is otherwise extremely smooth; I would take choppier transitions between links or a full page ad that needs to be closed (and banner ads made static) if it meant I could follow along with an album all the way through without my battery fully melting.
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3 years ago, sonosmanster
Thankful for lyrics, dissapointed with annotations
This is a great app to look up the lyrics of your favorite songs, & initially rap genius did a really good job at providing annotations that helps the listeners further dissect their favorite songs. Unfortunately as of recently they only seem to annotate trendy pop songs & rap song that really don’t require much dissecting. As for the more encrypted & poetic lyrics, they are left untouched. What started off as a spot to discuss rap lyrics has become a lame & trendy blog to promote industry plants. Idk who runs Genius now, but uts a shame that they’ll jump on a miley cyrus song before an Isaiah rashad or earl sweatshirt song. A typical case of forgetting where your roots are from.
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4 years ago, nieniethyla
Please just fix the bugs...
Love the app about half the time, because I think the “behind the lyrics” annotations are great, love going from one song in an album to the next one smoothly, but my god, it’s so broken. VERY frequently crashes, sometimes causing my entire phone to shut off (I also don’t have an older phone or anything, it’s an iPhone 8+ that I got a year ago, and no other apps give me trouble) and often when I tap an annotation, the page will either not load at all, or half of my screen will have the page on it while the other half is black. I truly do like this app, but it has so many bugs that some days it’s completely unusable.
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6 years ago, Pinkfrosting358
Song not there
Recently I downloaded this app because it popped up when I was searching for something else I pressed on the add and it took me too the website I searched up the song the skyluar sisters from Hamilton on the website and it popped up first thing so I downloaded the app for better content keep in mind that same exact song that I searched up was at the top the very first song any ways when I searched it in the app search bar I couldn't find it is it just that you don't update the same songs or that I didn't look hard enough and the app also took 20 minutes too load
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6 years ago, JCK Account
So bad...
I don’t understand how they could mess this one up. With as popular as Genius is, how do they manage to put out an app that can’t even stay loaded in the background? Be prepared to go back-and-forth between your favorite song and the lyrics, only for Genius to re-load to the home screen every. single. time. Then there’s the search bar... God Almighty Even if you search the exact name of a song, their algorithm always prioritizes the most popular song at the moment that MENTIONS those words. Or not even that! If someone MADE A COMMENT that contains the words of the song your searching, but the comment is on a track that’s real popular right now, the top search result is that random “popular” song that wasn’t even on your radar. Overall, the search feature is unusable. And these two “features” just make this app unusable overall, which is just a shame because Genius is by far the best lyric website right now. And maybe because they know that, they feel no need to actually improve this app. Oh well, guess I’ll just keep googling lyrics...
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4 years ago, apologos
Genius is Essential
In terms of understanding the world around us, nothing speaks to the human soul the way the music does. Steve understood this. His fingerprints are everywhere in the ways that our generations piece together the messages of artists past present and future. No music app has been more valuable to me personally, to understanding the culture, la cultura. No other music app followed me onto every other device and platform. Genius is an institution, a host unto itself. I just wish it were more bilingual, como la cultura. Por tambien con eso, 5 Stars. Keep pushing, fam. Pa’lante!
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3 years ago, yaGirlMD
One thing bothering me
For a while, I’ve used this app just to look at lyrics of songs and what the background is of them. That’s where the problem is. When I go to click on lyric, it only works one time. The first time it works, I exist out of it, then the next time I want to know the background of a lyric, it doesn’t show anything. I have to close out of the app then reopen it just for one lyric which is annoying but it works. Other than that, everything seems to be working.
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1 year ago, GR92
Great but have to restart constantly
The app is great and I love it. The only problem I have with it is, when I first start the app it’s fluent no problems. But once time passes and I’m constantly on it looking at different lyrics the app starts to slow down. Like I’m scrolling down or up and it’s lagging and just slow. I have to close out the app completely, and start it up again for it to go back to normal. But after awhile again it starts to happen. It has been doing this for a long time even with constant updates to the app.
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2 years ago, JimmyisAwkward
No editing
You can edit or comment on the app, and when you try to do it on the clunky website, it always forces the app on you. Also, the suggestions are based on lyrics, which gets annoying when I’m looking for certain songs or bands that are common words (i.e. treat her better by mac de Marco, the fall by lovejoy, hey you by Pink Floyd, etc.) for some reason when I type “the fall”, it doesn’t give me the song with that title, but a song by the weekend with that in its lyrics. It’s a small annoyance because I can just type in the artist name, but still. -_-. Also, the search function completely ignores indie stuff.
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3 years ago, crubinson2012
Amazing concept, ruined by autoplaying ads
I love this app. I use it daily! Learning new things about the music I enjoy is fascinating. The only complaint I have is the ads that auto play audio or otherwise override the media I playing in the background while I browse the app. I have to open control center, tap play, then hope that the next page I load doesn’t have an embedded ad with audio or video. I fully understand and support the use of ads to pay the bills. But don’t let the ads spoil the experience.
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3 years ago, TheOtherNamesWereTaken0123
Great app with the whole point ruined by ads
Title sounds dramatic, I know. But the recent change to add full screen unskippable video ads defeats the purpose of this app. When people are reading lyrics, they probably have the song playing too. When you click a lyric to expand it, there’s a good chance your music will stop and a loud advertisement will take its place. You can’t skip it, so you sit for 30 seconds until it stops and you can play your music again. Click on another lyric and your music stops again to play another ad. You’d probably listen to more ads than the runtime of the song itself if you expanded every lyric
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3 years ago, Vital Vitrol
Needs Work
For what it is, it’s not bad, but it’s nothing to write home about either. Great for quickly looking up the names of songs you can’t remember or using it to identify a song that’s playing. My biggest issue comes with the fact that using it for extended periods of time just isn’t an option. If you want to take the time to read the annotated lyrics to get a better understanding of the song, be ready for frustration. The app becomes unbearably slow and even begins to overheat my phone. How does a lyrics app manage to do that?? You’re better off just using the site in a browser.
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