GEO Staff App by BuildingLink

3.3 (16)
59.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for GEO Staff App by BuildingLink

3.25 out of 5
16 Ratings
2 years ago, Cibiranka
No “event type” after updating on my iphone
For some reason my iphone stop to show an “ event type” (UPS USPS FedEx etc. ) I had delete it and reinstall it. It does not fix it. So now I have to go back to paper. Any advice? Please.
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2 years ago, mustradamus
Makes scanning packages easy
When the app is working it really does make your life easier especially if you work for a building. Makes scanning packages so easy, also makes reading tenants notes and request easy also. No complaints just keep improving the app and thanks for the hard work.
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2 years ago, Coronel1982
As a doorman I was told I can use this app! But every single time I use it I end up using the original scanner I was provide in my front desk! Is frustrating using this at this moment! Sometime I have to scan twice cause either is giving the wrong apartment or don’t scan at all! Other wise I like this app cause is more convenient specially when I get a lot of packages! Please improve this app! Thank you!
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2 years ago, Paul S..
The app is very strange to say the least. It works when it works about 35% of the time & its extremely frustrating to use. At the moment I can’t access my account on the app, yet the same account could be accessed via the website?!
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12 years ago, jpwils
Needs Improvement!
It's definitely better than the previous version. However this new app needs some work: It's behind 2 days the actual events, it crashes very often, some features (like pictures) are not available yet. So far I am ok with it. I can quickly look up some info and do some editing, things that were not available on the other one. Hopefully, all of the issues above mentioned will be fixed soon with a simple update.
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2 years ago, FBGashi
Not working properly
The app keeps kicking me out
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6 years ago, Who cares jiuggvbjhftr
Great app
I been using building link as far as 8 years now and they come up with tons of useful features. App helps you to do things on the go. Ether you logging in or log packages out or opening or closing requests you name it. And if there any issues with app usually I submit a ticket and get resolved issues in couple of hours. If someone not happy about app and building link in general then go back to pen and paper.
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12 years ago, Phambulous
It's finally here!
My building in Midtown has been using BuildingLink for 2 years now. And we love how they're always coming up with new useful stuff to make my job easier and easier. Their new iPad app enables me to be more mobile at the office, where I can handle unexpected matters on the spot and get more done in less time. I can't say enough good things about it and am excited to see what they'll come up with next!
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11 years ago, JC18
No update...
It keeps asking me to update then it doesn't and it takes a while to download in the beginning...
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4 years ago, Lambfly
Forward thinking app
Great app to use for your day to day management operations and also staying up to date on what’s occurring in the property without a PC. I like the fact that I can review and manage resident reservations, event logs, work orders, and sent emergency notifications straight from my mobile phone which helps me when actively moving around the property.
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7 years ago, McGuire1978
New Update Review
For the most part the "building link for managers and staff" for the iPhone/iPad app works well, but the app still needs some improvements like being able to create/add in a Front Desk Instruction and to be able to view/add in Calendar events/reservations. Hopefully those upgrades will be in the next update to make this app a little more convenient to complete our tasks. Thanks :-)
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9 years ago, NYChealer
Everything is right at my fingertips
I can keep track of the pulse of the building at any moment and from anywhere. Connectivity, clear communication, and accountability are keys to success in our business. Building link Geo provides an interface that is intuitive, uncluttered, simple, yet chock-full of information.
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9 years ago, ThePickledPiper
Great app but please update!!!
This application is great... Keeps everything nice and synched between PC and iDevices. But please update the app to allow scanning of packages using the camera of our devices. I understand if this may cut into your bottom line, but Christmas will be here fast and the wire on the scanner isn't nearly long enough and my building will not buy the wireless scanner.
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6 years ago, SmashtonButcher
Great idea, poor execution
BuildingLink in general is awesome. And there are so many things to love about being able to access it from your mobile device. However, there are some important features on BuildingLink that are not accessible from the app such as the calendar, adding front desk instructions, parking management, etc. I would love to be able to have full access to the BuildingLink website via this mobile app.
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12 years ago, Yass173
It's a great app to start off and needs lil improvement. One major thing that would make this app even better would be a bar scanner. I use it at my job for every package. So that would be great if you guys applied it to the app. :)
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10 years ago, EviLIntentionZ
Good Job!
Working great! No complaints I enter an item and it shows up immediately. I also enjoy some of the other features like the scanner for packages and signature pad.
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12 years ago, SohoAl
The Best App
I use this app all the time we loose our CPU Internet connection. Works well with scanning all parcels into the system. Great work. Don't know why others have issues.
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10 years ago, JRod307
Great Job - but a 4 star
The app is amazing it allows me to manage my building entries and close maintenance request in a flash. I would have added the calendar option to it. That would have been the ice cream on the cake for a Five star
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3 years ago, Heydayh
Please update
I use this app on my iPhone for work purposes. It has not been fully functional or high speed and has been deemed unsuitable for some aspects of work. I really hope a tweaking of the concept could give a better version with aspects to the ImageR event log, possible dark modes, etc.
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6 years ago, Jmodio
Something Broke This Version
I was able to choose an individual to email for a delivery two versions ago, but now it only lets me email everyone in the residence.
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4 years ago, mhasan0121
Open package reminder
Would like to have the option to send individual email reminders to a specific unit for open packages
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4 years ago, Now add..,
Not working on 5G network!
Geo app doesn’t work on 5G cellular network and does work fine on WIFI network both at home and work. Please help as I rely on Geo building link to do my work. You must update your app to accept 5G networks or you will recur lot more complaints regarding this kind of issue. Thank you and hope that you can resolve this issue in a timely fashion.
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12 years ago, DJ FEFFEN
This is Great
This app has enabled my workers to respond to issues much faster, they dont have to be tied to the desk anymore!!
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3 years ago, Antolicious
An imperative Tool
Great app, used it for years. Would be awesome to see residents registered vehicles with each user profile.
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7 years ago, Shiran w.
Bring old version back.
This app is garbage now. It takes 5 times longer to sync upon startup and my staff has noticed that packages scanned in via the app mysteriously disappear sometimes. Bring back the old version. It may not look as clean as this, but at least it worked.
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9 years ago, Acertain
We need access to the calendar
I love this app. It gives me the ability to contact tenants when I'm not in the office. But we use the calendar for everything. It would be GREAT if I had mobile access to our building link calendar.
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6 years ago, NYCGM
Add the calander!
The app is great but it would be amazing to have the calendar function and the ability to manage reservations!! Please update!
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12 years ago, Edulacer
No email
Nice app but you can't send out email directly to residents nor for multiple addresses :-(
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10 years ago, Shoryukengat
Building Link Geo
Great app, however needs more features like the online version.
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11 years ago, MStory918
Works fine for me
I don't have any issues yet
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6 years ago, Warm Cuppa Shuddafukup
Awful interface!
Inability to review on hold work orders. Doesn’t update. Clunky interface, tedious and difficult to use. I would give this negative ratings if I could. I can tell whoever created this app couldn’t change a lightbulb to save their life.
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3 years ago, Dani Diva
What happened?
I’ve been using this consistently for months and then one day it won’t sync at all. I uninstalled & reinstalled & now I can’t see any information for my property. Please fix.
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5 years ago, ObZ86
Bad update
This app was amazing for scanning, since the update nothing saves anymore just keeps scanning for information and keeps closing app. Tried it on multiple devices and does the same.
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10 years ago, Dcags17
Needs improving
This app needs improving. The shift notes take too long to refresh. Also, the inability to add pictures directly to a resident's unit is frustrating.
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11 years ago, Itsbigmike
Building link
This app is very good. Makes my job easier.
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4 years ago, SmoochiesBoss
Crash on open
I haven’t been able to use this iPad app in several versions. I get the splash screen then the app crashes and quits.
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11 years ago, Ujar2013
Still need more improvements. Showing duplicate entries of maintenance requests?
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12 years ago, Beanycakes
This app requires a log on. The website does not show anything that pertains to this app or the resident app. Only shows info about services to create apps. List of clientele does not show any companies pertaining to real estate.
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4 years ago, EqxFanNT
Crashes every time I try to open
This is a non functioning app for me on my iPhone XR on iOS 13. Crashes instantly on open every time. How is this not fixed by the developers???
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9 years ago, Jfloes90
Good job sirs
Guess this update wasn't tested before release... Can't close any events or packages anymore,on portrait mode (ipad) half the screen is blacked out. Please fix
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11 years ago, Solomon Bekele
Full of bags
This buildinglink app is full of bags. It takes too long to sync. 75% of the time it crashes. It's frustrating when the app is not responding. It does not live up to what it says.
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6 years ago, Chrismiran
Needs a revamp.
First off it crashes a lot and i lose a lot of un synced stuff due to that. I have a iPhone 8 which is powerful so it’s not that my phone is weak. Secondly please allow us to see dates on events.
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7 years ago, j827474749291018374
Can’t view on hold and closed maintenance requests
This app NEEDS to have the ability to view on hold and closed maintenance requests.
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5 years ago, JCbad new updates
Keeps Closing
After downloading the latest update, every time I try to open the app it automatically closes
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10 years ago, Taintlova
Great system!
Super efficient for a tech savy maintenance crew!
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7 years ago, Steph102794
The old version was better
Scanned in 50 plus packages. Thought they all synced properly. Nope! Only one scanned. Now I might get fired because of this stupid app.
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3 years ago, BerrysGirl
Is this the Crash Version?
I can’t open on my iPhone. The splash screen appears, blinks once, and disappears. Why?
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3 years ago, Adamwepa
Please update app my app crashed and won’t load at all I’ve installed and installed 2 times
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9 years ago, Josh_Morales01
Consistently crashes after I updated my iOS.
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3 years ago, CTTOCALI
App crashes on launch
This app crashed everytime I launch it. Useless.
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