4.5 (23.5K)
196.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
GeoGuessr AB
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for GeoGuessr

4.5 out of 5
23.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Bibliosworm
Lots of fun- lots of empty roads.
Seriously I never realized how much of the world is bare blank empty roads lined with various shades of green and brown. So yeah you can tap for a looong time before you find a clue. But once you get that little bit of information- a language, a highway number, a road sign- then it gets addicting. If you land in rural Russia and don’t read the language then yeah you’re done for. There a tendency to repeat certain places a lot... Russia, Canada, Brazil... it’s almost as if they’re enormous countries or something. But one time the game put me in a small Canadian town in front of a building with a Canadian flag and a map of the town! Ya just never know. One thing I would like is some indication of how far you’ve traveled from your previous location. After tapping my way through Alaskan wilderness for awhile Ive likely lost track of distance and have no idea where I am in relation to the original drop point.
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2 months ago, Jake3389
Fun game but flawed
I used to play this game many years ago when it was completely free, and have been hesitant to pay for it until now. I really want to give this app five stars, but as a paid app I see a flaw that makes it slightly frustrating for a product that is otherwise flawless. The big problem I see is that with ranked play (which I really enjoy by the way) has a tendency to pick locations that aren’t that random. For example, I have gotten Christmas Island more times that mainland United States. I also land in the US territories more often than the US and Canada combined. Central Asia can be quite rare to get, and being a populated country I’m a bit surprised Japan doesn’t show up more often… or South Korea. It has a huge tendency to pick European countries and especially Eastern European countries. I get the feeling that countries are weighted equally, which is cool because you get to see lots of small countries. However, I wish that certain regions of the US, Canada, Brazil and Japan were weighted equally against countries of a similar size. It would make the locations feel a bit more random, rather than constantly getting the numerous Baltic or Balkan countries where it has a strong tendency to choose from.
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3 years ago, Bje99
Huge bug
Unfinished games doesn’t work. Puts you back at location 1/5 even though it says 2/5 or 3/5 in the top corner. Then if you guess the location of 1/5 it will still think you are at the one you should be at. This happened twice in one game. 1st location i got right it was new zealand. 2nd and 3rd i got right as well. 4th I knew was somewhere in washington but then I had to go do something so i took a break. I come back, hit unfinished games and there I am in new zealand again - same location as map 1 - and I can move freely around, yet it says map 4/5. I guessed new zealand but then it says im actually in washington US like I initially thought, thousands of miles away. 0 points for that one. Next map is somewhere in Asia. I move around a bit then I have to go do something again. I come back, hit unfinished games and im in that same spot in new zealand yet again. So I guess south korea because I learned from my mistake (apparently didnt learn enough though because the same bug happened twice) and it says i was in tokyo, got like 2000 points because i had to rely on the small amount of info i gathered before i had to take a break.
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3 years ago, peachelyse
Not worth it
I would play this game all the time if the app version was like the browser version & let you choose maps other than the whole freaking world. Even so, I love the game so much I paid $3/month and stuck to the browser version, until it got so gd glitchy I couldn’t take it anymore. I’ll be walking along and then suddenly it freezes, I have to refresh & the map starts over or disappears. Sometimes you can double click far ahead on the map to move quickly forward, but other times you can only use the arrows to inch forward, which is not fun when the game drops you in the middle of nowhere. If you come to an intersection of more than 2 roads, the arrows overlap & it’s impossible to go in certain directions. The audacity to charge a subscription fee & provide paying customers with either an incredibly limited app or a clunky, glitchy browser game. I’m a huge map nerd & I adore the concept, but I just canceled my subscription because the execution is so bad. If they add all the features to the app, I’ll give them my $3.00 again.
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4 years ago, CharlieRuggles
Geoguessr - lots of fun
Elegant concept: you are placed somewhere in the world in Google Streetview, and need to figure out where you are. You set the rules and the time limit, or can play competitively. If you’re just competing against yourself, you can set the rules: for example, do you just go by the general look of your surroundings, or limit yourself to evident languages and street signs, or ask for help from old Professor Google? Your call. There are multiple games within the game, corresponding to countries or cities. However, you need to earn your way into these by racking up points. You start out with a general “The World” game, which is fairly hard. Lots of country roads in the middle of nowhere. It’s worth it to “unlock” additional games, using the points you’ve earned. Warning: it’s addictive!
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2 years ago, marthark
Good for on-the-go geogussr
It’s fun and very similar to the browser version. If you don’t have pro you can only play a game every 8 hours. But you can also play the “infinity” mode that gives you 5 rounds. Fun for practice when the browser version isn’t accessible. One qualm I have with the app is that sometimes when you play the country streak multiplayer mode, you will get a glitch; the glitch is when you correctly guess the country with enough spots and go to the next round but the screen says “waiting for the next round to start” when it has already begun. You are not able to put your guess anywhere but can move around and end up being out even if you knew the country. It’s very annoying and has cost me many points!
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3 years ago, Mustafa1127
Don’t waste your money
This game used to be a lot of fun that I would play for years where you could pass some time by being able to play unlimited games for free and unlocking specific geographical areas after collecting a certain amount of points. Unfortunately, I’m going to have downgrade my rating of the recent update of this app two stars. The main reason is because you only get three unpaid games per mode you want to play but if you want to unlock the full version of the new update, you have to pay a fixed monthly fee of three dollars per month. I would understand if the game implemented a one time fee, but I really don’t think it is worth paying a monthly fee for a simple geographical guessing game. If you religiously play this game every day, then maybe the $3.00 per month might be worth it, but for someone just looking to pass some time every now and then, I really don’t think the payment is worth it.
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3 years ago, Greenmovie13GD
Ruined it
This was an incredible game at first, although the options of gameplay were limited. Of course, even though it’s understandable that they’d need money to have this running without ads, it’s easy to just have microtransactions in the background for new powers or features that you can buy. Many games have been ruined when the developers decided that in order to keep it running, the players need a subscription. Subscriptions are the WORST form of purchases that can be available for a game that is free to play originally. A one-time pass is good to have in the background, but it shouldn’t be a subscription, because those are just terrible ways that developers show how greedy they are. You guys ruined this game and while I did originally have fun, it’s been ruined by your new decision. Even if you revert things it’s likely many people won’t come back, as they’re likely playing one of those free-to-play ripoffs of this that are almost identical to yours.
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2 years ago, Someguyfromouterspace
Subscription ruined the game
If I had a way to play the game without paying for a subscription, I’d probably go that route. You don’t have to force ads, just give me the option to watch for another free game so you get revenue. By game I mean 5 rounds, you guys seem to think game = round. I feel cheated for being promised 5 free games just for it to be 1 free game. Game is really really cool but idk how many times I’m gonna go back to play just two games before I delete the app altogether since you don’t really want me to spend much time on it. Edit: weak response, not all of us are in a position to pay for a subscription but some of us are willing to support through watching “incentivized” ads. I wanted to play this to pass time while I wait for my new job to start. If you would’ve acted like my suggestion was worth something, (or even told me why you guys don’t want to go that route) I’d keep the game and even consider getting the subscription once I’m in the position to.
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10 months ago, A peraon with ideas
Great game, a few suggestions
This is a very good game, I’ve never had problems with glitches, there are no ads and it’s easy to navigate. I have a few suggestions/complaints 1. When you run out of tickets or free play could you please include an option to watch an ad for more? I tend to play this game then run out of tickets and get off when I would have kept playing longer. 2. I play this to help me learn geography, when you fail a round it just sends you back to the trail without telling you where the place actually was. That makes it a lot harder for me to learn from my mistakes or improve. Anyways those are just my thoughts, I hope you take them into consideration. Thanks for reading this and it is a very good game!!
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3 years ago, Crestline Kathy
Love this game but.....
Great game but a few glitches take the fun out. First, many times it won’t let me move around at all so it’s very hard to figure out where I am. Don’t drop us at a place where the map won’t advance us please. Also, sometimes it accidentally marks a spot as my final answer and ruins the game for me like tonight you dropped me on a bridge and it wouldn’t let me move but I was planning to guess and I opened the map and it marked a spot for me then told me I was wrong and my guess was actually right so I got mad...grrrr, lol. My only other complaint is it tends to choose the same location a lot. I’ve been dropped off at the Louvre at least 7 times now. But I still love this game 😊
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3 years ago, Yes my toupee is Greek
Update is Bollocks
I used to love this app before the update and would have given it 5 stars. I unlocked 7 different maps and it was a ton of fun. Now with this update it has removed all of the maps I have unlocked and has given you only 2 options, battle royale (or battle bull**** as I call it) and the whole world. No more major cities, or regions I was interested in getting into. I spent many hours unlocking those maps. Beyond that, now you can only had 3 games a day without pouring out money in a subscription plan. Absolutely ridiculous. At least if you want to make money, just show an add every 3 rounds if you want. This is greed by the developers trying to railroad you into paying for their dumb subscription. If there was a way to revert to the old version I would. Until something changes I am going to tell everyone I know to stay away. Disappointing GeoGuessr, very disappointing.
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1 year ago, Upset Mommy
Mostly okay
I didn’t mind paying to play because I am interested in the game and enjoy looking for clues. My only suggestions would be to: 1) Not ghost the clues, especially on those games where you drop pin on a random dirt road in any country. I could literally move forward or backward for 30+ minutes without any clues at all because the creator of that particular game ghosted ALL license plates and signs. 2) If you are going to drop pin in the water, make sure that the game can still move somewhere. If all we can do is rotate in place and can only see what, a few low mountains, and some ice, how are we to get clues to figure out that this was Denmark and not somewhere Canada? 3) Some of your games are not coded for the arrows to point in the right direction, which slows movement down. Several time there was NO arrow indicating that I could move in a certain direction but still could move. These do get frustrating when it happens over and over, country after country, game after game, especially with a cost attached. Like I said, I don’t mind paying. Just wish the quality was better so I wouldn’t feel slightly ripped off.
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4 years ago, ChickenMaster42069
Great game
GeoGuessr is a fun and addicting game that makes you want to learn. I have learned more than any other game with GeoGuessr. It’s simplistic design makes it easy to navigate. It’s easy to learn but hard to master, making it a game that’s you’ll never get tired of. You can unlock more maps over time and having higher skill gives you higher reward to get the new maps. The only problem is that some of the maps are very low quality. That happens a very low portion of the time because the maps are constantly being updated with Google Streetview. I recommend this to anyone and everyone because its a fun and engaging game.
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7 years ago, Seagrovian
Pretty good, but. . . .
More variety in locations is needed. When playing the "World" map, you end up in a Scandinavian country (often Sweden), Brazil, or Russia with disproportionate frequency. I have lost count of the number of times I have been in Brazil. The same is true for the "Major Cities" map, just add Tokyo and some city in Mexico to the mix. I have not played the other maps, so I do not know how they compare. Location issues aside, I really enjoy the game. It is fun to see different places around the world and decipher where you are from clues such as road signs, website addresses, languages on signs. Overall I recommend getting this game. It is even worth spending a few dollars to play additional maps.
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3 years ago, Varar09
horrible update bring back pass and play
hi uh i loved this game so much i played it with family everyday but then after the update you only got 2 free games to play and that is horrible and i’m not going to pay money because i loved it and wanted to play it for fun and FREE. To play the pass and play where you can play with people you know on the same platform where you each get random places and you get to choose where to play with friends and family and it was fun but now you guys removed it and made it that you had to PAY to play and i’m not going to do that all i want is for it to be free and so you don’t have to pay to play unlimited which is what you could of done before for FREE and you used to have the pass and play mode. So this update lost the love for the game.
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2 years ago, Craban
Fantastic game, that freezes too often
When I first discovered this game I was intrigued. Once I played it I was hooked! It is so fun to see the various parts of the world and it’s crazy how you notice things that you never would if you were just casually walking around in the given place - that’s the truly amazing thing about this game. However, despite how fantastic and amazing this game is, I frequently run into a problem (almost every time I play now) where the Street View just freezes on me and I have to abandon all the progress I’d made during that round. If it only happened occasionally, I probably wouldn’t be even writing this review and I’d be playing GeoGuessr instead. Sadly it happens far too often.
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3 years ago, HoopaJr
BR on mobile is kinda fun, thats about it
I assume a lot more will be added in the future so I’m going to ignore the lack of features and maps in the game. But as for the BR mode, the gameplay and UI could use some changes. First of all, I like how easy the controls are, and the extended timer is nice. However, we should be able to move around while waiting for the next round. Also we should be able to see a list of players and their guesses maybe in a side bar that maybe you can toggle open and closed, especially after you’ve already made it to the next round or been knocked out. Finally I think we need a stats page. Overall it’s a good start for the BR mode, I look forward to future updates.
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3 years ago, tyedye51
Horrible update
Me and my mom love playing this game together on our phones. We’re not very geographically savvy so this game is really just a way for us to pass the time and learn a thing or two. However, this update completely ruined that for us. The single player mode was completely replaced with battle royale mode which is something me and my mother are not interested in at all, we just want to explore and have fun, not compete against others. Additionally you have to now pay to play on a phone, which is fine with us, but not if it’s just a mode we don’t want to play. I’m not sure why they completely replaced the app version instead of putting both modes up and letting the user lock what they want to do. We will both be deleting this app and finding a new one that is as similar to geoguessers single player mode.
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7 years ago, ChrisWBrashear
A few glitches in iOS 11, but still fun and educational
This game feels like a game I will be playing the rest of my life. It’s super addictive, but only because you start to get good at recognizing different places. It has even caused me to start analyzing roadsides in movies and TV shows! My only reason for 4 stars is that sometimes there is a block of blurred images or blackness which persists in the same part of the field of view and never resolves, even when I move to different places on the map or . I’m not talking about the google maps blurring, which stay with the objects. You can’t force quit the app and then resume a game, so I don’t know how to get rid of it.
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5 months ago, iceproncess0966
App is broken now
I have a pro subscription, and I play on desktop every single day (Daily Challenge = 165 day streak). But sometimes I liked to sit in front of the fireplace and play a couple Infinity rounds or whatever. Infinity mode doesn’t work at all now. As soon as I hit the Start button, the app crashes. Also tried to go back to a couple “ongoing games” classic maps and the app crashes as soon as i try to zoom in on the map. The game is unplayable at this point. It makes me sad. I’m not sure if competitive modes still work, as I’m not willing to let my rating take a hit to check it out. Please fix!! I’m addicted to this game and don’t want to only play it at my desk in an uncomfy chair! (2 stars because it used to be amazing but now nothing works)
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2 years ago, amanda121
Fun but it stops in the middle
This is a really fun game and helps pass the time, but if you have to step away at all, even if you pause, it’ll delete your progress a lot of times, which is really frustrating. Like if you’re at 3/5, you can stop for ten minutes and then it’ll put you at the beginning and say you’re out of free games eve though you never finished the other game. Other times, you can pause for hours and it’ll still be waiting for you. So the fact that it’s not consistent is even more frustrating. But losing my game and having to wait for the next day when I just went to take a shower or something is super frustrating. But the actual game is so fun!
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3 years ago, SuperMetalGerbil
The biggest collapse in game app history.
Ok….so, I hadn’t played this game in two months due to distraction with other apps that I had uploaded….but I always kept it in my IPad for a rainy day. So, I decided to turn on my Geoguessr app to get reacquainted and have some fun. It was a game that always tapped into my OCD, investigative nature. I turn on my app….and am greeted by some gate-keeping horsesh#t that wouldn’t allow my to play unless I gave a password, e-mail and my first born. Which leads me to believe that the devs have altered the game towards a commitment-cash grab. Guys….what was the point? So that you could sap more money from people who adored your game even though I paid money for add removal months ago? Which means that you guys actually stole money, right? It would be serviceable for ALL developers to announce to their fans prior to a corrupt decision to simply say “Attention players! We’ve decided to bend you over and bleed your wallet at the same time!” Just some advice, guys.
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2 months ago, HankJ7
Frustrating money grab
This game progresses too fast. It starts out with locations like the Eiffel Tower and allows you to be thousands of miles away to progress, and you move up a level with each “correct” guess. So by level 10 you pretty much have to be on the spot. I was within 95 miles and it failed me. The free version gives you 5 location guesses every 10 hours or so. There needs to be a slower progression. At this point it will very quickly frustrate you to the point of deleting it or paying for extra guesses to try to get better at it. I’m going for the deletion because I can only imagine after I pay for more guesses they’ll have another way to frustrate me to pay more again. So I’ll just delete it.
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6 years ago, zorkguy
Good idea, needs work
An interesting idea, this is a moderately addictive game. It’s only marred by user interface problems, and the fact that it will occasionally crash when running in the background and cause me to lose hours of work. It desperately needs either a rework of the user interface, or pop-up confirmation dialogs for the return to initial location button and the green button in the lower right. Also, It would be nice to have it save games so that you could at least to recover a little of what you’ve done after it crashes. It would also be nice if you could control movement with a single tap instead of a double tap. Edit: deleted game after the third time I got to picking the location on the last round and it exited the game and I lost all my progress. It seriously needs an “Are you sure?” function.
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2 months ago, SomeNerd300
Fun game, but no access to anything without paying
It’s a fun and addictive game that is more interesting than you think! However, you have access to absolutely nothing without paying first. There are also different subscriptions for the mobile app and for the web-based version for some reason(!), even when you log in to the same account on both. Be aware of that before you pay for anything, which you have to do to have access to any part of the game. Fun game but everything is locked behind a paywall.
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3 years ago, UnhappyPerson420
Really? You went from free to pay to play?
I have been playing this game for YEARS I loved it! But now you can only play 3 games!!!!??? The. You have to pay to play the game? That’s just plain wrong at least let the game be playable without a premium membership! Not just 3 games and leave! That is just ridiculous! 30$ a year and 3$ a month? Really? Maybe if it was lower I would not complain but that is just unnecessary for a game that’s been free for years i would not mind paying for the better version but monthly or yearly fees is just dumbfounding me I will pay a one time payment like maybe $20 for full game forever but 30$ a year is just astonishing for a game that’s been free for years now you have to pay just to play?
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3 years ago, Jack Frida
A Sad Ending to this App
I am a high school student who made it a tradition to play with one of my better friends after school, right before practice. It was a way for us to laugh and enjoy being together while having fun. Unfortunately, yesterday I went to play with him and had to update the app. Now that the game is pay to play we can’t play anymore and it is just depressing. There’s a reason the phone app had a better review than the game on the computer. I know you guys will probably make more money now but the image of your company has been stained. I hope that this was a necessary addition for the company because if it was optional, you guys missed completely. (btw these guys don’t respond to criticism comments about the subscription because they don’t care. It’s saddening)
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3 years ago, Jabobbi
Be honest up front
What seems to be an interesting app with one BIG caveat: unless you only want to play once a day, ONCE, this is an app that you have to pay $2.99 per month to play. A bit less if you pay for a year. C’mon developers just be honest UP FRONT. Why make us download THEN hit us with the pay-to-play crud? You can play 1 game (5 parts in each) per day! Had no idea after reading the app description. Also please note: YOU NEED TO BE VERY VERSED IN FOREIGN LANGUAGES TO DO WELL WHEN PLAYING. If not many of the games will be very difficult and take much too long to get even a remote clue as to where you’re at. Interesting app but not well advertised or described in the App Store.
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3 years ago, racklefratz68
What the heck!
I loved this game but don’t play often. I haven’t played in a while so was very disappointed when I opened it to kill some time and maybe open a new map and encountered the update. I really liked being able to sit with a friend of mine for hours and wander through the maps. I liked being able to pick smaller regions than the whole freaking world. If they wanted to switch to a paid version they should have made a new one with some extra fun features that you couldn’t get in the original version and let the original alone for those of us who are more casual users. I wouldn’t even mind paying a 1 time fee of a few bucks but this whole subscription crap for everything is getting out of hand.
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1 week ago, CareBearCarolina
Good concept, BUT…
In one of the game, I’m supposed to guess the correct country in 2 mins. Let’s say the country is Canada. When I do guess the country correctly, it tells me I failed because I’m off by over 1,000 miles (still in the same country though), or it will say “failed, the correct country is Canada”. In another one of the games, I got 2 free games and I used them up. Its been like 2 days and theres still no more free games. So it’s that all I get, and then have to buy more??? And sometimes I click on a game and it doesn’t work, and this will happen all day where I can’t get into a game when I click on it. The game is a great concept. But too many glitches. Its a real bummer.
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3 years ago, iamtheonewhowrites
Clearly all about the money
So I’ve been playing GeoGuessr since about 2016 when it was a random website online. It was just the original mode of the game and it was great. The app came out and had all these additional modes - which were all paid and all garbage. Now with the last update they have made you pay monthly even for the original game mode. Monthly?!? Such greed. Who cares about challenge mode and country steak mode. Those are just fancy facade for making you pay. The original game is a lot fun but not worth $3 per month or $24 per year. I would have bought it for a modest one time fee… such greed. 😤
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6 years ago, Kpandorastar
Just a few issues
I love the hell out of this app! I just have a few suggestions. First, can we have the option of "anywhere but Russia?" It's just such a huge area, and unless you're really comfortable with the Cyrillic alphabet, you have to just guess. Second, because you have to constantly tap the screen to move, can you hide the little flag that sends you back to where you started? I've been very frustrated after 10 minutes following a road and accidentally bumping the flag while shifting my hands. Besides that (and the occasional crash), I love the game and I play it every day!
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3 years ago, DammedBeThisWind
Good but not great competitive mode
I like the time pressure of the Battle Royale mode, I can spend 5-10 minutes trying to make the perfect guess when solo. I don’t like that you can’t look around after guessing correctly though, especially when you get it 20 seconds before others do. Boring. It’d also be cool if the BR mode showed the actual map location after each round, not just the country name. Even though I’m having fun and learning a lot, I don’t think I’ll continue with a subscription (I’m in the trial period). I’d pay $5-$10 up front, but not $3/mo. Doesn’t seem like a “live service” app to me.
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3 years ago, Leaveme_outofthis
Great family time
We love the game. It’s the only app that I’ve ever paid monthly for and it’s well worth it. We play as a family and it’s great critical thinking practice for our 10 year old- using context clues to solve problems. The only complaint I have is that every third location we end up somewhere in Georgia (USA). We’ve got a giant country with plenty to explore and, quite frankly, I’m sick of Georgia. And if it’s not Georgia, we end up in Florida. If we don’t start getting more variety, I may go back to the free rounds.
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3 years ago, The World will end
Fun and challenging
Changing my rating and review because the most recent update corrected the issues I was having. I’m now able to play without having to close and restart the app after each game. I like the challenge and competition of battle royale. It’s quick which makes it great for when you need to waste some time. The addition of single player is nice cause it’s a bit more relaxing while still giving a puzzle-like experience. I don’t really like the subscription based model so that’s why I only gave 4 stars.
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2 years ago, sandy81676
A FREE game no more
Epic Failure. This was free FOR YEARS with the exception of paid upgrades like cities. Bet the people who paid for those upgrades are downright furious that you deleted the content they PAID for in hopes that new users won’t realize this was a FREE game before they found it. You literally added features NO ONE wanted or asked for and added a pay to play model that the WORLD HATES but gives us no choice around…oh wait, there is! Identical copy cat games that are STILL free to play and good old fashioned capitalists that offer premium apps for a SINGLE PURCHASE PRICE WITH FREE UPDATES…you know the way the world USED TO WORK just fine before reset elitists decided to nickel and dime everyone into poverty?! These devs have sold out and should be ashamed of themselves DELETED
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3 years ago, Im awesome 10000
This is an awesome game, i’ve been playing for about 1 year now, and i’ve got really good, and it’s taught me lots! I just wish the mobile version included the same amount as the browser version, you can’t explore or create new maps. You can’t do distance battle royale, state streak, etc. I also realized that with the battle royale update... You discontinued Pass & Play, and I really enjoyed playing that w/ friends and family As a geography nerd, and geoguessr fanatic, I would truly appreciate if you added this/ added this back. To a better future, For the Love of Geoguessr. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Strong Wild Garbage
My Favorite Game!! But Needs Alternate Sign-In
I’ve been a long time player of this game and it is my absolute favorite game. However when I created my account on the web browser version, I signed in using Google or Facebook (I can’t remember which lol). But recently I paid for a pro account after the free version change. It is totally worth the money but I can’t sync my maps to my phone because I can’t sign in using the alternate options. Is there a way around this? The mobile version is still amazing otherwise!
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2 years ago, Cmeskell
The update ruined the game
If I could downgrade to a previous version I would. Sure, it was missing some modes and features, but the game was straight forward, very fun to play, and free. Now they limit you to 3 free games and if you want to play more than that, they charge you a monthly $3 subscription to play unlimited. I could understand paying a fixed fee in order to download the game as a whole but $3 a month in order to play? You think this little game is so good that people will pay ~$30 a year for a simple game like this when other free copycat versions already exist in the marketplace? I don’t know if they’re greedy or just clueless.
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10 months ago, One_Boi
Game is great but there’s many glitches
The first glitch is levels not even loading. The second glitch is the street view camera glitching, stretching and bugging. And the final error is when playing on an iPhone that doesn’t have a home button, swiping up to exit the app while in a game will cause you to waste a guess on some occasions due to the markers being at the very bottom of the screen. It’s super annoying and will even happen when I scroll up in street view.
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2 years ago, jdudnfnch
Great game but u can make it a lot better
It’s one of my favorite video games but I hate that you can do a few games a day or pay. I think a great solution to this is you make a type of in-game money that you can get it by buying it or doing challenges and with the in-game money you can buy more categories. I think a lot more people will play the game because some players are free to play. In conclusion you’ll (company that the game) get money because more people download the app and non free to play players buying the in-game money. I’m pretty sure some people agree with me so if you can do it plz do it
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2 years ago, BballFan3928
Great Game Annoying Problems
This is a great game, but you can only play once every 24 hours unless you pay for unlimited. I feel like they could put ads in and we could play multiple times while they still make money but whatever. There is a problem that I have run into now a few times. Whenever I have internet issues or the game won’t connect, the game just kicks me out and I have to wait another 24 hours. Understandably this is frustrating but there is an easy fix. just put in ads. Other than that it’s a fantastic game.
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2 years ago, Chfitsi
So, usually never go out of my way to write reviews, and debated this for a long time, but people need to know this. I played Geoguessr for about 3 months, and I absolutely loved it. Until, that is, it became pay to play. One day I logged in to play and it said I needed to pay for a premium account. This upset me a lot especially since, me being underage, I would have to ask my parents for a premium account. I’m aware they offer the 2d, one map world, but that takes the fun out of all of it. I know companies need to make money somehow, but I feel this wasn’t the right way to go about it.
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3 years ago, Monkeymom185
This used to be great
I really liked using this app, the places where I landed were so fascinating to explore, plus I really enjoyed using deductive reasoning to guess close to the actual location. Unfortunately now there the only option is to compete against other players which is not an option I will ever pay for but I would have paid for the app in the original single player version. Please bring back the original, thank you.
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3 years ago, AshiKou
Wait, what?
I absolutely used to love this game and I’d play it for hours just exploring different places and working hard to unlock new maps. I take a break and come back to a subscription service??? What happened, devs? I wouldn’t have minded if you made it ad-supported or needed to outright buy the game, but I’m not going to pay for it every single month. From the look of the reviews I’m certainly not alone in this either. Maybe you should listen to those people who supported you from the start, devs, instead of turning this into a greedy cash grab like virtually every other game on the market. Otherwise I think you’ll find you’re losing more money than when this game was free…
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4 years ago, Hxgxhxgxh
Fun but has problems
When you click the flag to return to the start point it doesn’t save where you were looking on the map, it resets everything. So you have to go back to the map and try to find where you were just looking. I have to remember where I’m at before I click back to the start point and then try and find it all over again on the map. Also the compass does not make any sense at all. If I’m looking straight north with the red pointer straight up and I turn to the right, which should be east it moves in the opposite direction. The compass needs to rotate in accordance with which way you are turning
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3 years ago, Lisute
Fun way to travel during COVID
This game has done wonders for my wanderlust during lockdown. Getting to see parts of the world we’d never see otherwise... we play by one of us casting the game from an iPhone to the TV while the other has the laptop who can research clues. We’ve managed to earn enough points to unlock many of the maps avaialable. It’s a shame though that some countries are not part of the world map. Would love to see more of Japan, Central America, NZ, and the Middle East/Turkey. Overall one of my favorite games though!
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2 years ago, Stop Stealing my Data
Great, but horrendously monetized
DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS. Maybe it seems reasonable that this basically needs to be paid to be playable (there’s pretty much no content whatsoever if you don’t pay due to the insanely low per-day round availability), but it used to be that geoguessr was free to play. Then, they got greedy and monetized it so hard that it only resembles a shell of its former self. A great concept, but the sheer greed of the developers makes me hate this. Honestly it’s just not worth it to pay. Please, just don’t be greedy. You’re ruining a good game for everyone else. I wouldn’t even mind, personally, if you put occasional ads to monetize. Just get rid of the pay-to-play.
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3 years ago, Caden...
Scammed out of my money
I really love playing geoguesser. However they made it so you have to pay to play the game. I just bought a $25 giftcard on my phone so I bought the yearly one for $24 I bought it and it said you’re all set. I played one game and it said come back in 23 hours... I checked my account and I had $1 left on it. It didn’t give me the yearly premium version and I lost $24. Could’ve used that money for food or water but I guess this app can just steal it from me🤦‍♂️ I really don’t get it. I just want to play the game without having to pay. This is as a waste of money and definitely would not recommend anyone to play unless you tryna lose a good amount of money.
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