Geometry Dash Lite

4.3 (171.3K)
199.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
RobTop Games AB
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Geometry Dash Lite

4.29 out of 5
171.3K Ratings
2 years ago, DatRllyCoolGamer
Awesome Game, Just a Few Bugs
Awesome Development RobTop! Absolutely love all of the Geometry Dash games as I have been a fan for a few years. One thing did come up to me today when I was playing the lite version, as to test the new 2.21 update. During my gameplay, the app started lagging. Now, I know this is ordinary for such game that is as big as this, so I didn’t mind the little lag bits. What did bother me is that my game closed soon after a few pieces of lag. This isn’t ordinary as the game has always run perfectly on my phone; so I thought something went wrong and tried again. It went well for a few minutes till it closed again. Now I was getting frustrated so I tried one more time. Like I suspected, the game closed again and I gave up and tried to open another app of mine. It wouldn’t open, and it didn’t take that much space. I tried again and still wouldn’t open. Suddenly my phone went black, and it took me a minute to realize it had crashed. Everything came up after a second tho so I am confused as what the app might have caused. Other than that, the game works perfectly really, it might have been the Hexagon Force level I was playing. I am on the newest version of the iPhone, so who knows what could have happened. This is just a warning to others who might face the same thing and to also advice the creator such a problem. I absolutely do love the game, especially the full version. Thanks RobTop for all the hard work.
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3 years ago, axl q k
GREAT. game. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
i love EVERY aspect of this game. i found this game out of nowhere, came on my reddit page one day— you know how it is. but anyways. back to my story. every part of it is perfect. the music. UGH 🤌. the game is initially challenging, but evolves over time and coalesces beautifully. it is also infinitely imaginative, so many ways to die: killing yourself on the ceiling while flying, falling all the way down onto a spike, and even falling into the cavernous, gaping depths of one of the pits. you even begin to sympathize with the character: simply trying to make it to the end, a general premonition that we have all had, scraping and crawling through our hardships, in this case, the many ways to die, and the challenge of timing the sequenced taps in order to maneuver the map, in order to avoid the chances of death. we have all experienced the variations, one may even use the word classifications, of the trials that the cube endures. which leads me to my next point. after engaging in this complex activity, i have become emotionally connected to the shown character. this game has touched me in ways that i could never have imagined, changed my outlook on life, in simple ways such as even changing my everyday routines. that is the end of my monologue, story, explanation of my love that i attempt to express in these numerable of sentences. i thank you for this game. i thank you for the impact on my life you have created. thank you.
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8 months ago, youngnicolejanae
OK so this game is very very great. I love it and I would definitely recommend it to a bunch of different people around the world. I have two main problems with this game one of the problems. I should identify it to like a report of feedback thing but I haven’t so I was like just brainstorming what I can do but for right now all I want to say is that the lagging is a little bit off about this game because I’ve been playing this game since 2016 or 2017 it’s great it really is. I just really do have a problem with the lagging that’s really it and I haven’t been able to get into the app itself so I’m kind of confused on that. I don’t know if it’s my phone but I updated my phone, restarted my phone, deleted the app ,then re-downloaded the app and I’m still unsure why it’s not letting me into the app it’s like every time I try to click on the app it just send me back to home screen which is totally not like Geometry Dash like I’ve been playing this game for a long time and it’s always letting me in every single time there hasn’t been any problems or confusion with the app I love the Geometry Dash the one that you have to pay for for 199 I like that one because it kinda has less lagging there’s no ads and there’s more games. But enough about that I was just saying that this is a very cool game and that I would recommend it to a whole bunch of people to start playing this. I see kids at my school playing this game and that’s about it.
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2 weeks ago, Genrikovna
The Review
Geometry Lite is a good game. They have many levels that you can play. There is also different kinds of music on each level. But there are some downsides to this game. First of all, there are a lot of adds. After 4 try’s or so you get a kinda long ad that you can’t skip. It is really annoying. Second of all, the higher the levels the harder it gets. I mean i have had this game for probably a year or a bit less now, and I still can’t finish levels higher than 5. Also when you go higher the levels aren’t in order. Like after level 9 or 10 the levels don’t go in order which super annoys me because I have to scroll to find the level I want. One last thing I don’t like is that sometimes the square jumps by itself and I keep dying which means I have to exit out of the level or the game completely. And when I come back after exiting out of the game completely I see another ad. I mean you could make this game with less ads than more people will join. Like Roblox. Roblox has no ads and it is a free game. But I also like that this game is just like in the ads. Nowadays it is hard to find games just like in the ads. If you read all this thank you for your time. Directors and editors if you have read this please fix some of those glitches and can you please make less ads.
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2 months ago, lolol lol lololol poop ur mum
This game is freaking awesome
This is a great free game and a lot of people purchased the full version but this has a lot of the stuff that you get with the full version at least a lot of the important stuff and it is so good. I just sit on my bed play it for a couple hours and just grind I have just a couple problems though 1. Practice mode When you’re in practice mode, I wish you could choose if you wanted to keep the normal song like when I’m playing hexagon for practice mode and like I like the hexagon song can I please have it? 2.lag sometimes I’m doing better than ever in a level and then suddenly the game just lag, and I barely survive deadly lag. Now let’s talk about the good things about this game 1. The music Every part of the music is amazing the people who made the music could not have done a better job. It is so funny. It just seems like good vibes and I love how the timing is perfect on every single song. 2.vibes Whenever you play this game, you just normally feel happy like there’s not much the way to say like the background just gets you into the game like the vibes are so good. And that is it thank you creators of the game for making this game is amazing and I don’t think there’s any better game in the world Oh yeah and for the ads you can go into airplane mode and no WiFi then refresh the game then get back into it and then there is no ads
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5 months ago, Brutally honest 🛫✈️🛬🍔🌭
Really good game
This is a really good game. First of, it doesn’t require internet, so you can play it anywhere at any time. Secondly, it has a lot of levels. It has 14 levels, which is really good. Also, they have optional music which people can start to be controversial with picking their favorite song of the game. It is also not easy, because most of the adds I watched of games are a scam. This one though is really really fun. The only two downsides are adds, where a lot of these types of games have nowadays. Also, the adds really don’t play often, and you can also test the games that they advertise on the same app. The other downside is that when you change your skin (which I am surprised that it even is possible, really good job devs) half the features say that you have to have the full one. That is understandable because they are trying to advertise their product, but I prefer they just don’t have that because others may feel heartbroken finding out that they just can’t get the skin no matter what they do, unless they buy the full version which of coursely costs money (2$.) Otherwise, I really recommend installing it because you will find out it is a really good game, and ask your friends to install it too because you will not regret it! Thanks devs and inclined customers for reading this, and customers you should buy it.
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5 years ago, bitty~bear~bayli🧸
Well, let's be honest here...
this game is so fun but challenging to play. if you are looking for an easy game that is relaxing, then i would suggest that you find something else. this game can be frustrating and make you question your life decisions. i am stuck at 91 percent on the time machine level. one thing i would mention that i don't like or have noticed more often than not happens to be seen after the 4th level. you get an ad that you usually can't skip, and afterwards, the game becomes weird. even if you are not even touching the screen, the character will jump nonstop. you will die over and over again, continuously. if you press the pause button and then press play, somehow you can't jump at all, even if you hold your finger on the screen. you have to exit out of the level or close the app completely, which means that when you go back into the level, after 4 tries, you are going to get another ad..and the whole affair begins once more. i don't know if anyone else has had this problem or if it's just with my phone, but i encourage the app creators and editors to try and resolve this issue. overall, i give this app a 3 out of 5 stars because the problem can become very annoying as it happens over and over again. however, i do enjoy this app very much still, and i love the music that goes along with the levels!! if you read all of this, then thank you for your time!!!~~
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8 months ago, Cooper Hagner
Only rating this a three cuz of nostalgia
This has to be the worst game I have ever watched played, back when I was 5 or 6 I played this game every day and got so good I beat all the normal levels ( this was before they added the demon ones) and I wanted to buy this game again to replay it and I found that I was still pretty good at the game. But that’s not the problem, I paid 2.99 for the full game only to find out that you can’t even play it on phones with home buttons even the brand new iPhone SE gen 3 witch I’ve been able to play pretty big games, games that are definitely bigger and better than this like the gta games. And those run at a perfect 45 fps which is more than even the free version runs at, not to mention the very often lags spikes. And the ads are just such an annoying piece of this game, every single time I hit an object or failed it gave me a 30 second instagram ad which is insanely absurd considering how difficult some of the levels are. So in conclusion, what I’m trying to say is that maybe using common sense you could figure out how to take the game off the App Store for mobile devices that still have home buttons and taking out half or more of the ads in the game ( which would still be to many). And I’m sorry for maybe coming off as mean or annoying but I genuinely would like to thank you for playing a crucial part in my child hood.
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5 years ago, GryffindorHead
It’s a great game, but just a few bugs
This is a great game to pass the time, it’s really entertaining and fun, but it can get difficult. Of course I’m not complaining, personally I love games that challenge you, but there is a few bugs that should be fixed. First one is; when I try to change my character on the app, it never saves. For example, if I have a square but I want the rocket ship, I go to change it, but then when I come back, I still have the square. Obviously it isn’t a big problem, but I would just like to able to change my character. Second one is; when I want to listen to music that’s not on the app, but play the app at the same time, it closes out my music as soon as I open the app, even when I have everything on silent. For example, if I’m listening to Apple Music and then I try to go on the app, it closes out Apple Music even when I’ve put the app on silent. Once again, not a necessary thing to have on an app, but I would like to have the option to listen to my own music while playing on the app. Other than that, it’s a really great app, I love playing it when I have nothing else to do, and it rarely crashes or lags, which is great because that gets pretty annoying on other apps. Overall, I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who likes a challenge.
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1 year ago, fatty pancakr
i love this game so much, i played it all the time in my moms dental office while waiting for her to be finished. it really brings back memories to play again !! ive played it with my brother on my ipad and we’d try to beat each others high score. me and my brother arent as close as we were back then, but we still talk till today. i grew up with geometry dash, and i’d love to continue to play it until i literally cant play anymore. this game has brought me joy over the years of growing up, ive been playing since i was like 7, thats surprising to me since i would’ve probably grew out of it, but no ! this game is super fun and i love seeing other reviews :) knowing people love this game as much as i do brings happiness to me i cant explain that well !! even tho sometimes i do rage quit, i love the beat of the music and i always stay up trying to beat the levels. i recently downloaded it again after a while, and thats how i figured out i never actually grew out of it. my cousin would also tag along and play it with us (me and my brother) in our old house, but we’re all pretty much grown up and we dont have time to play games that often. but its okay !! i dont mind playing this game by myself :) its amazing <3
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2 years ago, guy392
No more ads in the middle of gameplay
Stop putting ads in the middle of practice mode, I have an alt account where I beat it all and I wanted to do it again but the ads in practice mode is bad. I’m playing a round then a ad forces me to watch it. Then it brings me to the App Store, then safari then I go back into the game. But it says I stopped in the middle and I have to do it ALL again. This gets annoying especially with levels like fingerdash. The ads are so intense that it’s pretty much the same because it just makes men watch an ad and then I have to start over. For example i recently almost beat x step but then an ad popped up and I had to watch it and I had to restart it all. Thank you for your time. If you get rid of some of the ads (not all of them because I know thats how you make money) I will rewrite this review, make everything good and make it 5 stars but that’s never gonna happen so don’t expect me to be changing this. Also 2.2 better be put by Christmas or New Years because I’ve been waiting. Update: 2.2 is nearly 3 years past the original date it was suppose to release, however I was recently told it will definitely be done before 2022 ends, if you’re wrong though… Also good job with new levels
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3 years ago, zozypozy
Like but here are a few update ideas
Don’t get me wrong I like the game but I could use some work so here are a few update ideas. First of all I don’t really like how when you die you have to restart The whole entire round so maybe they can make a pause screen that says continue with an ad because an a lot of games that I play it says continue with an ad icon by it Man it sure is useful so they should add that another idea that I have is maybe making new rounds because when I was six I have a game and 40 years later it’s the same rounds but it says that they’re coming out soon so I’m Kinda confused about this so maybe they can stick with their word and I don’t know make new rounds or games and that will be very useful because honestly It gets a little boring so if the creators of geometry light are reading this please make more rounds bc everybody’s getting bored out of their skull and I know I’m not the only one who gets bored and I would buy the actual game but it costs money and I don’t wanna waste my money so those were a few ideas that you guys can add to the game so please read this Geometry Light. -splatoonqueen123
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4 months ago, briellellellelle
A game to never get bored of
Ok so we all must have played some game that looks amazing but then ends up hideous. This game way look like it does too, but that’s not right. This game is so fun! But the non fun part is that the games are separate. 🙃For an example, let’s say I am watching maybe nexus and he is so good at geometry dash. I want to try too! But then I can’t I have geometry dash lite so like, I can kinda do it put it’s not as hard as it seems. I started already as a pro somehow SIKE I know how. It’s to easy but if you get to the ones with the pink emojis then you will have to practice probably a week or two . That’s what I recommend tho if u want to try to beat the extreme ones then go ahead. But yeah it’s so much fun 🤩 pls make then more challenging tho! Byee ✌️ 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💜💜💜💜💜💜🩵🩵💙🩵❤️💙🧡💛💛💜💙🩵💙🖤🩶🩶💛❤️❤️🩵🤍🤎🤎🩵💙💔❤️‍🔥❤️‍🩹💗💞💕💖💘💝❤️💜🤍🤍❤️‍🩹🩵🧡🧡❣️🩷🖤🤍❤️❤️💛🩶❤️🩶🩶🩵💛❤️🧡🩶❤️❣️❤️🩶🩶❤️🩶🩷🩷🩶🧡🤍🤍🩶🧡🩶🤍🧡🩶❣️🩵🧡🧡🤍❣️🧡🧡🩵❣️🤍🤍🧡🧡❣️🩵🩶🤍🤍❣️🩵🤍🤍🧡🤍🧡🤍🖤🧡🩵🩵❤️💛❤️🩶🤍💕💙🖤🖤💙🩵🩶🧡🧡🧡🧡💚💚💚💚💚💚💕🧡🤎🩶💙💚🧡💚💙🧡💚🤎💙🤎🩵🤍🧡💚💚🧡🩵💛💚🧡💚🤎🖤❤️🤍🤍🩷💚🤎💖❣️🩷🤍🩵💕💞💙🤎💓💛❤️‍🔥❤️💞💛💗❤️‍🩹💞🖤💝❤️💞❤️💟💜💘💕💞❤️💕💙💜💕🖤💔 Edit 1: if you think ur too slow then do it like Roblox but be careful! Edit 2: what is lite mean
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10 months ago, Emma@pandoraisthebest
Amazing Music Game!!! 🤩
This game is fun a challenging and I love that they have practice modes! I love being able to customize my character and use a bunch of different characters and colors! I love all the different music that they use on the levels, and I like how the levels increasingly get harder and harder as you go along. If you look at the levels, they have a little faces on them that show you, how hard they are and they also get a lot harder as you go on in different levels. I love how do you get to choose to show a status bar the percentage that you’re at or you can show none of that. I also like how you can do a practice mode. So like if you’re having a hard time with one of the levels, you press pause, and then click practice mode and, you can practice a lot of fun levels without having to restore every time you mess up. I definitely recommend getting this game. It’s great for a long car rides because you don’t need Wi-Fi to play. I have a long trip by gone every single year and I love doing this while I am in the car! I definitely recommend getting this game and I hope you guys like it as I do!
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2 years ago, Rising17
Nice Game Yo…one big suggestion
So this game is super fun. It requires skill and patience, but it’s expressive and gives you something to do to strengthen your mind. If scientists did a study, this game would probably actually improve your brain power. And there are some ads but really not very many, which is really nice. But yeah, it’s really frustrating when you’re about to beat a level and then…you die. So I have a suggestion. What if, at the halfway point of each level, there was a flag or something that saved your spot, so if you died before the end of the level, you could go back to that spot at least? That would make this game better👍🏻 But besides that, I really love geo dash. I play it for a long time whenever I turn it on, my parents are like “ok turn it off now” and I rage because I want to beat the level I’m on! But please please take my suggestion into account it would make this game way better!!! I almost gave it 4 stars but I decided to give it five because besides the frustration it’s way fun. But if you could have the flag savers or something I would love that!!!!🥺🥺🥺🥺 Great game though! I recommend it 😇😇😇😇👍🏻👍🏻❤️‍🔥
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4 years ago, For King&Country
One the best games ever...
This is one of my most played games. I love it, and am probably going to get the full version soon. I do think that it could have some improvements, though: for example, there is one square that you can get just by clicking the "locked" thingy over it, but I only know bc I went through the whole thing and clicked them all to see what I needed to do to get as many as I could. Another one is the practice mode is so much fun, while still hard, but the regular levels are unpredictable. It says that the later levels are harder than the first ones, but I find that not to be so, but it doesn't really matter bc they are all impossible. Now, I like a good challenge, but I have been trying the first level for so long, and it doesn't feel like any progress is being made. However, the game is very addictive, does not have too many ads, and is very customizable. There are many limitations that are only available in the full version, but I guess that that is how they make money. Anyway, thanks for reading this and I hope that it was helpful. Also thank you Robtop for creating an amazing game!
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8 months ago, fbgfvfddcg
Good but u need 2 fix the bugs
Almost every time I play, as soon as I start the game starts to glitch. The screen freezes for milliseconds but that affects my gameplay. Also, there are way too many ads. The game is not supposed to be with internet but I think that the game freezes because I don’t have good internet connection . For example, when I am at my house and have internet, the screen doesn’t freeze. But when I’m on the road, it freezes every time because I don’t have good connection . SMH. Pls fix this because I love this game and don’t want to delete it because of this issue. Also, every time I watch an ad ( specifically the ad for monopoly) when I come back to the game, the character just jumps automatically and won’t stop even if you click on the screen, and what frustrates me is that for it to stop you have to get out of the level and then go back in, thus losing all your progress if you’re in practice mode. And this is just a suggestion. Maybe you should make a revive button and apart from the secret coins and gems some coins for every new record you make so you can buy more stuff in the game
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4 years ago, JasonCol24
Great game! But it has some problems.
Ok, over all this is the best game I have ever played! But it has its problems. First of all, the ads are really annoying. So, for example, I would be playing a level and an ad with pop up. It forces me to pause, which makes me die most of the time, and then I lose when I was about to make my high score. Second of all, is the “Design your Character” So, I don’t have a real big problem with this. I am not as happy as I could be with this. You don’t have much to work with. Most of the good colors and skins you have to earn I know, but it takes a long time to earn them. You usually have to finish a level before you get more colors, skins, etc, but me and some other people (Not meaning time sound rude) aren’t as good, and can’t finish the level, so it would be cool if you could open more colors and maybe skins for free. Third of all, is the levels. I would love to have more levels to work with! It would be awesome to have some Ok levels for skins and stuff like that. That’s all I really have to say. This game is so addictive and so much fun to play, I TOTALLY recommend you to download this game!
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3 years ago, dancer jewel
Please read
I loved this game the first 4 or 5 levels but then they are rigged. I tap it doesn’t work when I don’t it does and ether way I loose. Not to many adds just every like fifteen times you do a level and even then you can skip almost right away. For that I say best game but there are a lot of bad parts about it. Anyways, the levels get harder and harder like normal then some there are parts where if you tap you hit something if you don’t you hit something and if you press and hold you hit something so you basically can’t get past. It makes me so annoyed. When I started the game I would have said stress relieving and fun. It’s still addicting but once I stop I’m so mad that anyone near me gets mad to. I would play maybe the first few levels once you win just get a different type of geometry dash and it should be fine. This could just just be me but I dunno. If you have little kids though I would recommend, when I was little it was the best game ever but now I’m older and find it confusing and frustrating but for little kids it’s super fun and you won’t have to deal with them for at least an hour if you’ve read this far thanks! Stay awesome stay sweet and don’t forget to be nice to each other Hope this helped!
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11 months ago, Sonic 2 is great
This is a work of art.
This game is a classic. The fact that you can do so much with just the tap of your finger is very satisfying and amazing. Plus it’s not like other one tap games like Mario Run where you have to pay like 10$ for a freaking mobile game!!!! U can get the free version where u still have 18 levels you can play, or you can get the full game which cost only 2$! (Nobody is so cheap that they don’t have at LEAST 2$) And the full version gives you so much more along with the already great free version! I only have a few problems with this game though. When you pause the game, and unpause and then unpause it, it should give u a count down instead of immediately playing again. It catches people off guard, and can cause faults. Also people say it’s a really hard game, but after u get the gist of the level, then u can actually beat the level. I’ve beaten every level except for Clutterfunk and the three new levels. Other then that, beautiful game, go play it right now, HANDS DOWN. 4/5 stars. Keep making awesome games like this.
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1 year ago, ILoveYouAlotl
Ok, so, (I’m not great at writing-I’m 12) Anyways, I love this game so much! I have been playing for actually years. I remember beating the first part to this game. It’s actually a really challenging game to play. But, if you work hard enough and keep trying it gets easier. Oh! The music is also amazing. I have to say that sometimes I would vibe to it lol. A perk that I love is that you can see the percentage you’re at when playing! It helps me a lot. Another thing I love is that there’s a practice mode! It always helped me because then I knew what happened and you always leave off where you die which is a great way to help beginners and other users! Something else I really love is that there are other apps. For example, geometry world, geometry subzero, geometry meltdown, and the full version. One thing that might just be with me is that sometimes it lags, again might just be me(my device). Even though it lags it always goes back a bit so I have a chance to not die. That’s all!! Bye!! If you’re reading this to see if you should download it me personally, I would!!
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5 years ago, Anomanous Ooser
These are my two cents
First, let me just say that this game is AMAZING. I love the soundtrack and the way they did, well, everything! There's only two things that make it unenjoyable: 1 Glitch: the game is really cool and fun except for the one glitch I've seem to encountered. After I die, ( like 6 times, I'm really bad) it plays an ad. Which is totally ok with because it doesn't have a lot of ads. But after the ad, it stops playing the music. It doesn't really matter but it doesn't play at all. I have to completely exit the game and open it again. So RobTop community, please fix that glitch, it drives me insane because I love hearing the music. The Beat: As I've said many times, I love this game and the music. But on some levels the beat doesn't match the jumps. I know this because I play many instruments and need to pay attention to that stuff when I record and things like that. That's just what I wanted to say, people who haven't played this game, you really need to get it! It's awesome. RobTop community, thank you for making this game! Please come out with more levels!
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3 years ago, pweaver628
Awesome app !
Amazing app, to start off. Overall just spot on a beautiful, amazing game to challenge you. A great recommendation for people who get bored a lot and have trouble focusing. This will help practice your skill, hand eye coordination, and focusing. The only problem is that there is a lot of flashing which strains my eyes from time to time, of course I shouldn’t complain about things that make the game more interesting and keep a beat for excitement, but I just wanted to state that. There is a few bugs, like when I for sure tap on the screen I won’t jump, yet it’s still a wonderful game. I can’t find anything wrong other than what is stated above. My cousins, brothers, and father love this game. It’s a great app with catchy music. The music most definitely helps because you can easily memorize when to jump. The game is easy to follow without hour long introductions, and it’s very easy and simple, yet still fun. Words were repeated, for I had trouble finding different turn of phrases. Thank you for reading!
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4 years ago, give me your forhaead
Amazing 10/10
This is a great game for kids,teens and adults alike! The parents with problems about this mostly aren't even monitoring their child well enough.. 1) Levels with names such as "bloodbath" are levels which can only be accessed by looking at the online levels, and is difficult to find without searching for it. 2) Parents concerned about comments with swearing didn't look at the settings to find a parental controls panel in which you can disable comments, disable the user from being able to comment and only show featured levels to avoid any levels with profanities being shown. 3) The "demon" icon for difficult levels.. I mean come on it is brightly colored and not scary at all my nephew (4 years!) thinks its cool and is definitely not scared. 4) concerning the difficulty of levels, you as a parent can go online and find some easier ones (even automatic ones where you don't have to press anything) and by doing that the child will eventually get better allowing him to progress to more difficult stages.
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2 months ago, Meowscle_34433
Horrible two because one is uneven
Geometry dash is known as an action puzzle video game which involves controlling a character that bounces through different objects and landscapes. The game is considered challenging given the fact that the player has multiple challenges that they must overcome to progress through. However, the controls of geometry dash have been criticized due to its lack of responsiveness, where the character often does not respond appropriately with the input provided by the player. On top of that, geometry dash's limited graphics is a factor that contributes to its being a terrible game. The graphics of geometry dash are quite poor compared to other games available, as it lacks detail and the design appears rather simplistic. Additionally, the game has limited replay value as there is no plot to follow and the mechanics are very repetitive. This lack of engagement can be an issue for players, as it can result in boredom with the game quickly. Moreover, geometry dash contains a wide variety of bugs and glitches, which can make playing the game even more frustrating. This, combined with the poor controls, make geometry dash a rather bad choice when it comes to gaming.
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5 years ago, katite s
It’s fun but hard....
I am obsessed with this game.I play all the things me! But there is a few things you could fix. For example I like to go in order and right now I’m on back on track and ever time I played the practice mode before it would work. Now it’s not working I have to mark the place I want it to go back to and that gets really distracting while the game. But that’s not a big problem. Another problem is sometimes it won’t play the music. I personally like the music (on some of the levels) but it could just be a problem with my phone but it doesn’t play sometimes. Don’t worry about that. Another thing you could fix is when go to change character I will change it then I go back to the game and my character didn’t change * don’t worry not a huge problem *. If I have to be honest my favorite one so far are polargeist and back in track. But some of the other levels can be super hard! Overall I’m not trying to complain but there is a few things you could fix. I love the game! -Sarah
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2 years ago, Radical Ro-Ro
Amazing Game! 😀 Some Problems, Though...
Geometry Dash Lite is a great game overall, but since it is free, it does lack some features that the full version does have. Now, I want the full version, so why can't I buy it? Well, I have, but every time I open the game, it shows the words “RoboTop,” then quickly closes shortly after. I want an official response from the game's creators to help all of us with this issue. And the crashing doesn’t stop there; it crashes when I try to play Geometry Dash World and Subzero. So please, assist us with this significant problem. I would give this game five stars, but since it isn’t the full version, it gets four stars. Plus, I think they should add more stuff into Geometry Dash Lite. For instance, more main levels. People get bored of playing the same levels over and over again. And I also want them to add the ability to create your levels in Geometry Dash Lite, they don't have to be sharable, but they can be just for fun. Imagination can't stop just because you’re playing a poorer variation of a game.
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2 years ago, dogwood valley
It won’t let me in!
So I pressed “open” and I got on to my Home Screen idk if it’s because I’m apple or smth But PLEASE fix it so I can play :( and if you also have trouble with this too then I don’t know what to do about it except them fix it and read this please like I said idk if it’s because anyone that’s playing is apple or smth I have no idea I loved the game when I was on Verizon phone but pls fix this bugs and god bless whoever found this <3! Thank you so very much for this game though and it’s so entertaining when I was on the other phone I’d play it for HOURS and HOURS on this game and same with the other kind the blue geometry dash doesn’t work so fix that too pls and I thought that was weird cause the red colored one worked! But I have no idea why! I think it’s because I have no storage left? I’m 10 years old I don’t normally write these reviews at all! Only once I have this is my 2nd time but like I said this game won’t let me in it’s even in the title lol and 1 more thing meltdown geometry dash and blue geometry dash only has 3 levels for YEARS that 4th level has said “coming soon” and I’m so mad! >:( so pls make another level I’m dying for one and that’s it Byeeeee <3
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3 years ago, pickle rick 1122
It’s just a hit hard..
Hello so me and my cousin were playing this game and it has so much adds and i just don’t like that! But i do like this game it’s very fun and cool! i love the music that goes with it, it has very nice music! i started playing it a lot and now i play so much! i had no problems at all, but if you can, can you please add more easy levels, some people have people have trouble with the first round and it gets annoying but it dose give me a challenge so i like that it’s not to hard, i only gave it 4 / 5 because the add and on the practice level it rests back and i would love if you put and the practice a start button if you wanted to start but it goes so fast so can you put like were you put ur own speed? I am getting way bet though and i love that, but it’s terrible for my eyes because i don’t blink at all 😃 but it a great app overall! i will always will enjoy the app because it’s a really good app, but the i don’t like how you put the other one as a buy but i have you can get to this message!
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4 weeks ago, Ellie j Belly❤️
I’m obsessed wit this game!
I started playing this game by playing this game at school on scratch and it was so fun and my uncle/brother has it so I thought why not spend three dollars on it so I have geometry Dash regular and Geometry Dash lite so I thought why not just rate both of them on Geometry Dash lite so I love both of these games but there is a few things about this game and the other game so what’s about this game is it doesn’t have all of the levels and it will say you got well I have 78% on this game and I’ve done the same amount on Geometry Dash regular and so it says I have about 60% and I don’t know why it says that my uncle/brother did not tell me that he just told me that it wouldn’t have all the levels so my mom told me that she would buy me a apple gift card so I could get it and until then I downloaded Geometry Lite but that is the only thing that’s been bugging me and the rest of the game is great. I love it so that’s why so that’s why this is titled. I’m obsessed with this game anyways bye.
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1 year ago, PasserHeader
Perfect Game RobTop! First of all I just want to complain is that the Full Version is $1.99. I don’t wanna pay $2. Second I looove the game because Lite has so much levels and SubZero has only 3 levels🤣🤣🤣. If this game is bad, I don’t know what is. Personally I like good challenges, this game is good because it’s hard and I like that. Sometimes I think the game is a little “too” hard, not in a complaint or anything but just sayin’. Back to the subject when I said “a little too hard”. When I say that i’m not saying I am whining but just I hate the fact that I am still on Stereo Madness. And I try other parts but what I really think is funny is that when I do other levels, this happens. So my percentage on Stereo Madness is 59% and when I do Back On Track, (2nd level) I make it to 70%. Overall this game is pretty nice and I still do an average time a day of 1 hour so thank’s RobTop and have a nice day everyone who’s reading this, playing Geometry Dash Lite, and everyone else in the world. Goodbye!
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11 months ago, Bean 126
Great Game but…
Honestly it’s a great game but there are so many ads. I love the game but it’s just the ads kinda take away from the fun. The game is great but the ads are very annoying. Especially after u die. I mean it feels like there’s not that much game as there is ads. Most of the time I feel like I’m getting more of other games or campaigns then the one I wanted to use. Also I would strongly advise that people with anger issues to not play this game. I know it can be frustrating on many of the levels. I’m a pretty calm person and I still get a little angry when I die after so much hard work or a bad move I didn’t really mean to make. So if you want to play this game go ahead. Just be mindful that you will get really frustrated with this game sometimes. And if you personally think that you couldn’t take it really well. I would STRONGLY advise you to maybe find a game that better suits you. But of course you do what you want to do. Just make sure to maybe think of the outcome of getting this game before you fully commit. 🙂
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6 months ago, hhhhjh737jjewjjs
best game ever
tbh this game is fun and its very artistic and awesome and theres alot of platforms and also 2.3 just recently came out. i mean 2.2 came out and the level dash is very amazing with the new camera controls, particles, lists and more. this 2.2 update that everyone was waiting for is the best and most amazing one yet out of the whole entire 11 years of this game existence. just a tiny bit bugs, and lots of creative and amazing looking levels. the difficulty makes it better though, it tells how hard the level is. Overall, i think this game is very awesome, creative, and addicting. (but sometimes frustrating) but i just love it so much. even the sorting it out. it went from the developer thinking of a small thing and testing it out to a big all-over-the-world game that releases updates more frequently. (except the 2.2 update that everyone was waiting for) and its just very unique in a way that i like it. Geometry dash is my favorite games out there e
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7 months ago, hello im nora by the way
Brings back child hood memories LOL
I LOVE this game! I used to play it all the freaking time. When i was on the App Store bc I wanted to find a scary game.. I came across this again. I haven’t played this game in so long, i was excited to try it out again, it was completely free. {which I love} I was scared that it would’ve been a ripoff, but it wasn’t! Same old good game. I came back to this game after literally like- 3 years??? It took me a while to get back on track, but now. I’m good at it lol, great game! 100% amazing! I definitely recommend, it has good lil songs in the background that I like also. I like that you guys put a practice mode on there so we could get better at it!!! 💟 and, I also found some other versions of it. They are all good! Non-ripoffs! The other versions can get a bit tricky, but now. I’m getting pretty good! Keep up the amazing work, I almost completely forgot about this game, feels good to be back!!!!!! {Best relaxing game ever. Helps me chill when I’m stressed, lol.}
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1 year ago, Lag Information
The reason why I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is because the lag bits on the game. Sometimes I would just be playing normally as always, but it’s that one lag that gets me frustrated about the game. The lag makes me die while i’m in a good run. I’m not offending this, but if you can RopTop try to fix that lag. If you couldn’t, its okay since I know that it is a big game and a lot of people play it. Though, I would love to play this game without lagging and making me die in such a good run. This good run was on the new level and I was in 78%. But then, my phone lagged and got me out of the game. I realized that the game crashed on me since my phone turned all black. I got really mad about that and i’m just informing you about this problem. A lot of people may leave the game by this reason, but trust me people it’s not worth it to leave such a good game for lag. This is such a fabulous game, but devs if you guys can fix this problem then this game would probably the best one i’ve played. Love the game guys and keep working hard!
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6 months ago, Naledi👐🏾
ITS FINE BUT…………. a few problems
It’s fun you know what I mean. Well all game creators think their game is fun. It’s true all games are fun to me!😃 I love the hardness in the game it clams me idk why. I like the time when you change modes like the rocket one. I know you work hard and I appreciate it so much ! THANKS ROBTOP😎 :END OF GOOD NEWS: :START OF BAD NEWS: Ok so let’s start slow rn. So I don’t mind the short adds but it’s the long ones……….. I don’t rly like it when it like happens😩😶‍🌫️ . So can you pls delete them ? I saw some of the comments of the game before I downloaded it and saw ppl did not like the adds too. I thought that the adds were short like most games. Yah so I DONT😞 wanna make you feel bad so I’ll give you a 4 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😎 :STORY BEFORE I POSTED THIS: So my friend and me were playing geometry dash and she said “AGH I HATE THIS GAME😡😡😡😡😡😡” and then when before I posted this she said “DoNt PuT oNe StAr” I was like👹😶. THANKS ROBTOP🤪🤪🤪🤪 :WORDS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: 1: pll = people 2: idk = I don’t know 3: rn= right now 4: rly = really 5: pls = please
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4 months ago, eiceidkcwoxwiceifi
I love geometry dash
This game is absolutely amazing! I’ve loved this game for almost a decade now! The levels are fun and seeing yourself improve is extremely satisfying. Unlocking all the different skins is fun as well. The full version is even better, which gives you access to the level editor, more skins, and playing custom levels. There’s so much you can do with the editor, so that means a lot of creative custom levels and more challenges to conquer. I would highly recommend playing this game, and if you like the demo, the full version is a great investment! I’ve spent way too many hours on this game, I swear to god. My only complaint is that the mobile version can be a bit laggy at times, so if you have a decent computer, getting the pc version might be a better option for you. Personally, I’m used to the mobile version because that’s the version I’ve always played and I’d rather have a touchscreen than a keyboard though 😅😅😅
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4 years ago, J8D111
Really cool game!
I love this game! It is super fun and has really cool levels. This game has a lot of adds. It feels like there was just ads and now there is another add. But I think that is the only thing I do not like about this really cool game. I really like how they have practice mode which has check points. This game is really indicting. I play everyday because it is so fun! I love the sound track. This is the game I play most on my phone. It is like the best game on the internet. You also get to customize the little thing that you make jump! There are lots of different levels that show faces on the front before you click on the level and that show you how gets harder by showing different faces. It starts off with a really happy ball and then goes to a really angry ball. It is so cool! I hope this makes more levels and makes Geometry lite even more awesome! This is the best game ever!!!!!!! Super happy, JD
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5 years ago, grandmaster of gaming
Love Geometry Dash!!
This game is amazing, and so are all the other games of this line. My only problem is that I want to get the original, but I don’t want to spend money. Robtop, is clearly making more money than originally, because a couple years ago I played GD Meltdown and there were no ads. At all. Now, I’ve downloaded it again, and there are ads. Not a lot, in fact, hardly any, but Robtop is still getting paid to play those ads, so why can’t they just make the original game free? Now that they’re getting paid for ads, do they really still need to ask for money for the original? Besides, they can make it so you pay the same amount you currently have to pay for the game the amount you have to pay to get rid of ads permanently. I know this hasn’t really been helpful, and the developers don’t seem to really look at the reviews, but it feels good to get this off my chest. Sincerely, Someone who cares.
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5 years ago, Bean-Tacos
Great!!! Some suggestions 🌮🌮
I have always liked this game since I was 8 or so. But I only could beat the first level. It got boring but then I played it again a week ago and I practice a lot and I use the practice mode and practiced hard parts of each level and I actually got some where and beat all the levels🤓 yes I know I’m a nerd for playing that much and I’m definitely going to get the full game but I have one suggestion: So since the game is the “lite” it’s not the full version but it’s still fun🙂 so you don’t get everything but what if enstead of making harder levels all the time how about moderate or easy levels even though it doesn’t matter to me it might be a nice change in the game for newer players. So they might like this and instead of blowing out there brains 🧠 then they’ll like it and get better or get the full version. I know this was a long review but I hope you take this into consideration thank you 🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯 just so people know I’m not sufistcaded 🤓
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7 months ago, BiggestAnimeNerd
Amazing Game!! Just one thing..
Overall, this game is a masterpiece. Definitely one of the better games I downloaded. Though, maybe less adds when you die, but otherwise it’s pretty good! My little siblings, (6 and 10) really like this game and is really addictive to it. I’m pretty much the same. Though, I have one complaint. It isn’t really major that’s why I gave the game 5 stars, but I kind of want it fixed. Okay so, when I enter the game, occasionally it will not load properly and kick me out. This happens often so I wasn’t really bothered about it. The thing that DID bother me is that it wouldn't let me in for another hour or so after it kicked me out. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know if it’s the game or my device, but can you please (if it’s the app) try to fix it? It’s not a really big deal but it annoys me big time because it happens frequently (for me at least) Hope you guys have a great December!! And thanks for the game!!
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1 year ago, fdvxhshzgztcgchfg
Nice game! Just a few bugs...
I think this game is a really good challenge and very entertaining! I like how there is an emoji for each stage that shows the frustration level or how hard it is. And the music too, sometimes I play just to listen to the different songs. I think Rob Top did an excellent job creating Geometry Dash. There are a few bugs though. Sometimes when I tap the screen to jump, it just stays how it is and, I end up dying. And with practice mode, sometimes when I die, it creates a checkpoint that puts me right where I died and I end up losing again. And I do know that you can go back to the checkpoint before that one, but it gets pretty annoying sometimes. Overall though, this game is fun, has good music and has challenges! I would recommend this app to people who have not played before and would appreciate if the developers fix the bugs mentioned. Thank you Rob Top, for the awesome game!
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2 years ago, stella luna 1 2 3 go
I recommend just getting the full one
I was happy that there was a free geometry dash and it’s still a good game but the full version is way better. First you can’t even unlock 90 percent of the stuff and colors. Some things you can get but not many of them. Second this game is a bit glitchy more so than the other one. Like for example on this version (the free one) sometimes when I tap the screen it doesn’t jump even though I did tap it or the jump is delayed and comes at the wrong time, but on the full version it has none of these so in my opinion it’s better. Also this game is quite hard on some of the levels. So if your looking for something that’s easier to play and calming maybe a different app is what your looking for. But all in all it’s an okay game. It doesn’t make my favorite apps but that’s just my opinion but like I said there are some glitches and if you are going to get it I fully recommend just buying the full version instead of the free one it comes with better gameplay than this one.
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3 years ago, aussie girl 01
Ok, I’ve had this game for a while I just recently redownloaded it after a years or so, and I have to new iOS update. So, I try to open the app, but with my new iOS update, the game just crashes, kicking me back to my Home Screen. I tried turning my device off the on again, I even tried deleting and redownloding the app a few times, but that did nothing, and the game still crashed. So then I checked the version, and saw that the last time this was updated was THREE YEARS AGO. Also that was when Electroman Adventures was added, and I can’t remember playing when that level didn’t exist. And, it’s been saying that a new level will be added soon, but it has said that for 2 years now. So, basically, I’m requiring you update your game, finish your level and stop procrastinating, and make sure that the game works for all iOS versions. Other than that, I would give this game a five star because the concept and the actual game itself is amazing, but because you haven’t payed attention to your game for years on end, I don’t think it deserves a five star yet. Fix this and I will love this game forever. PLEASE ROBTOP.
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6 years ago, Celicegal
Great app! Very Addictive
I literally can’t explain the obsession I have with this game. If you like a good challenge and are willing to win with trial and error it would be a great game for you. The music is great and after a while the levels just get easier and easier. I really love how they rate the the difficulty of levels from smiling faces to frowning faces. They also have these great practice levels you can use to help you. It’s basically the same thing but when you mess up you don’t have to completely restart the level; you start from that same part and try again. I will say that I have seen some people get pretty stressed what they don’t beat a level but if you’re not a very competitive person, you probably won’t have to deal with that. Also if your really bored (or want an excuse to not do your homework) this game is really good for when your bored and have nothing to do. All in all this game is really awesome and addictive and I love it!! 😁✅⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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6 months ago, A gdp
Lag and ads
As a long time childhood fan of geometry dash I really didn’t expect it to change as much especially since it’s a mobile game that is best as what it does. I don’t like the fact that there are ads now, literally after every 2-4 attempts or if you haven’t gotten on in a while the maximum 7 attempts it always shows a ad that takes up to much time and is always a struggle getting back to the game possibly losing again and losing your chances to get another unbothered attempt. And the biggest issue today is lag, NEVER ONCE HAVE I LAGGED on this longtime running game, the only lag that should be here is if it’s online, but there is no online version just a app that “has” to be connected to the internet to play a “offline” game which it still brings up ads and lag after you turn off your WiFi, it doesn’t make sense now, I wish it was the same as before sooner or later people are not going to buy into geometry dash because of these little things especially players who wants that nostalgic feeling
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2 years ago, klaus.go
I wasted money
Yes, I wasted money by downloading this app How? Well, the app is for free, however the internet I used to download it is not. Once I downloaded it, I realized that this app won’t run on my iPhone 7 Plus because it has a “home button”. Or that’s what they told me. When I try to open the game, it closes by itself automatically and after doing a research about it, I found out that my device is not compatible due to this “home button” This is very frustrating, because I charged my phone in order to download some games and I literally wasted part of my money in something that wouldn’t work without even knowing. You guys, at least, should take this game out of the list on the devices that wouldn’t work because now, nobody is gonna give me back the Internet used. Very sad about these gaps that companies know about and about the fact that they take advantage of this. By downloading this app, even if it doesn’t work, they still collect your data. Data that costs millions of dollars, so it’s a win win for them always but for a random guy like me. I feel abused. Ps: funny fact that here says my device is 100% compatible lol…..
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2 years ago, catwoman213498
Awesome game, Just a few opinions
Awesome game I love it just a few ideas I’d like to point out like I’ll start with a good one the characters although I love the one you start with it’s just the color that bugs me I have a few friends that say that they made the game for boys and they use the colors and characters for an example and I still play I ignore their opinion because I love the game it’s just that I’d like that they could add some characters for girls to use li heart or diamond or maybe some sparkles now the colors I don’t like that all colors are looked because when you tap on a color it asks you to finish a level and if you can’t even beat the first one how can you beat the one you want to win the color now the diamond feature it’s awesome it’s just if you die and you leave a diamond it can keep repeating yourself dying which bugs me anyways that’s all I hope you can listen to my opinions and have a great day.
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2 years ago, Squishymaster.
Super Cool And Five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Amazing app and just like the real one and I love this amazing app and I think I can use it for a while and I don’t know how to do it but I can do it for a while like 60 minutes and then I can do it for a while and I don’t have it for my period and it is so amazing I have no problem at all this time I don’t want to be able I do that and it is my first time and I have too so much and I have a lot to have done and I’m really tired of it so it’s so hard I I don’t have a baby and I have a headache and I have no clue what I need and then my heart hurts so much and I’m not feeling well and I’m not feeling much like I do I’m just not really feeling like I don’t know what to do with my life and I don’t know what to do with my life but I don’t know what to do but I’m really feeling it really good I just want you and my family and my mom to do your life like I said yea to my heart so you can just keep my eyes and heart I I
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2 years ago, Im a privite person🙈
Not bad but not good😐😃
This game can be extremely frustrating and difficult. If your looking for a relaxing game then keep searching. This game is very very addicting but very very frustrating. This one time I was doing so good on a level and I hit a spike at 97% so I threw my phone across the room. 😅 Before I threw my phone I noticed that the game had a couple of glitches.(FYI it wasn’t because I threw my phone). You will be playing a level and when you pause and then continue it doesn’t let you jump. I don’t know if it is a problem for other people but it is for me. I named this review not bad but not good because the game isn’t at all terrible but it isn’t the best game due to all the frustration it comes with. But overall this game is addictive and I recommend this game for people who want a challenge. I also love the music in the background as soon as you open the app and to when your playing a level. That’s why I’m giving this game 3/5 stars Thank you, if you are, for reading my review. I hope you enjoy this game!!!!!
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