Geometry Dash World

4.5 (54.1K)
206.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
RobTop Games AB
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Geometry Dash World

4.46 out of 5
54.1K Ratings
4 years ago, thriftyblob_
Losing stuff as I get it
I was casually playing gdw on one morning. And that’s when I got two keys, I go to the chest room and open two chest’s. I get this cool death effect/affect and a lava shard. That death effect/affect was my very first one, and a new robot from collecting 35 lava shards. As I collect them, I go immediately to my character and put them on. I go to do “The Challenge” just for memes but also to test out the affect/effect. I let my self die a couple times to admire the coolness. And as I’m admiring it, my game freezes, I press the pause button to see if it’ll help, just making it even WORSE! It kicks me out of the game and doesn’t let me entry it for a couple of seconds. Then finally, I was able to reenter the game, not only to see that my characters color was reset to how I had it before, but to see that it had removed my robot and my death affect/effect. So, RobTop, if you can please fix this bug, it would be amazing and thankful because I know I could just buy them, but the one I got was cool. Overall, this is a great game even though some people say that once you finish the main levels, there’s nothing else to do, but there is. So please RobTop, it would be amazing. And also, all your other games are awesome too. Oh and one other thing, I have lost other things, but was able to buy them back or just retrieve it.
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5 years ago, ScorchedLavender
Great Game, but...
I honestly love most things about Geometry Dash: World. As a beginner it’s a great introduction into the full version and each level is introductory to a new mechanic, plus the world aspect and avatars are fun. The game is super addicting, but I do have a few complaints. First off, the gameplay is too easy. After playing through each level a few times with around 4-15 attempts, I started to pass the full levels in up to 2 attempts. This is great for a person new to the game, but not after a while. Second, ADS. The full version and SubZero both either rarely or don’t have this problem, but World is PACKED with ads. I’m fine with the short, video-like ads, but there are ads in World that are huge and slapped on the top of the level. It’s distracting, unremovable, and covers the pause button, so you have to die repeatedly to get it to pause, which takes ultimately around 20-26 attempts to happen and has an ad in front of it. The only way to get rid of them is to die enough to pause the level, exit, and re-enter, and then a few attempts/levels later it’s back. It’s annoying, useless, and distracting. Please get rid of them in any future updates. Don’t get me wrong; I love the game as a whole with all its features and introductory purposes. But the problems I’ve mentioned are bothersome and need fixing. Please read this and fix these! Thank you!
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8 years ago, 533 7mith
Only unlockable in geometry dash
Why are there so many things that are only unlockable in the full version of geometry dash. If the items are only unlockable in geometry dash, why even display them? It doesn't make much sense to me. The ads have also gotten worse across games. I know I should have expected it, as it's free, but it really messes the flow of gameplay up. I and many others would appreciate if you would tone down the ads, so as to not show them during levels. On the other hand, it has very impressive levels. It was a very good idea to give player made levels a try, but one again, most of the useful options for player made levels are restricted to geometry dash. Once again, why are the buttons even there if they're not available? The only player made levels you can get are from the featured, so it gives very little exposure to the smaller creators. Other than these complaints, it is an overall good sequel to the original game. If not for these few issues, I would rate it 5 stars. If robtop is reading this, if you can, please fix these issues. It would make the game go a lot smoother for the players. Thank you for your time, -anonymous.
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11 months ago, keegan bomb
Love it so much.🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
I love this game so much. I really hope developers read this because it needs to be heard. I love everything about geometry dash!!!😍😍😍😍 I have The full version, The lite version, and geometry world. I really hate to complain but I need something fixed please please please please!!!!! I tap on geometry dash full version and the RobTop logo shows and then I exit back to Home Screen. IT JUST CRASHES! AHHHH!!!! 😱😱😱😱It Doesn’t sound like this is the first time either… All my friends have it and it does the same thing to them too! All they had to do was delete it and then re-download it for it to work. I don’t know if it’s that the game is not compatible to my device, but it says it is so I’m not sure. I left basically the same exact review about six months ago but I still haven’t gotten a response please just look at it and see if you can fix anything you’re really hoping for a response and see if there’s something wrong with me or if it’s wrong with the game but please help me. again I love this game so so so much thank you in advance for everything. I just read another report and they had the Sam problem. If you don’t believe me check the review. There name is fruition tutti. Please fix😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
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2 years ago, frutti tutti 🍓
i literally loved this game so much and i was so far in all the levels since i loved playing this so much. i’m not really much of a huge video gamer, but i’m telling you i loved this! i was going to play it one day and i had already had it for a few months and it just went to the opening “RobTop” screen and then kicked me off. i have tried getting on so many times i have considered deleting it and coming back, but that would erase all of my passed levels. i wouldn’t be so skeptical about deleting it, but you have to pass levels to advance to the next level or world vs. in the geometry dash lite, which is not as good as this one, you can skip all you want. the game is so fun but it obviously needs some serious bug fixes. i understand if it’s tons of ads, which stinks too, but when you can’t even get on the game after turning your device on and off all the way multiple times is something different. what a shame that i’ll probably be deleting this after all y’all’s great game development and figuring out what this game would be. thank y’all so much for reading, and i hope future players don’t have this same problem. once again, thanks for your time reading this, and please fix the bug problem!
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4 months ago, Boykinspaniel lover❤️❤️❤️
Geometry Dash is Okay
Okay, so here is my honest review of geometry dash. The game is okay, and I love how there are really cool lights and everything, plus the monsters add a really cool touch. You can also change your color int he game, which is nice so it adds a nice personal theme. But there are a lot of hinges I wish they could change. First off: ads. This app gives you like two ads every THREE minutes, which is SO annoying and I don’t like at all, because you would only get to try like five times and then you have to wait for like two minutes. Second: there are only TWO developer made worlds. I feel like if you want to call this game geometry dash WORLD then you should at least have more levels. Thirdly: when you get to be able to play user made levels, just know what to expect: some of it is really good, but some of them are really crazy and hard and you don’t know where to look. (Not developers fault, I’m just saying that it’s not as straightforward as devolver made levels.) Anyway… I really love this game and I would recommend… but if you wanted more levels then I would get the other games plus this because this will not take you very long to beat. Hope this was a helpful review☺️
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7 years ago, LJerrx44
Not for the pros...
The game is fair, I prefer the first 2 the same reason of pretty much everyone else. This game is easy, mainly due to the short duration of the level. It isn't a bad thing to add easier levels for new people but people from the original players (people who haven't quit: meaning we are fair at the game) it's a boring cake walk, I question why you didn't add this to meltdown, as a secondary story mode? A game should have a mix of hard and easy levels, adding this to meltdown satisfies a need for slightly easier levels for those lower level players. Adding the chest and currency to meltdown could of been a easy process as well, it wouldn't do any harm as well? So I question why this game is even a another game and not a update? Maybe there is a good reason but as a game as a whole it's fine, I'm not a fan of most user created levels which I guess truly give a harder difficulty. Last but not least does anyone feel the difficulty rating on some of these user created levels feel a bit low? (It might be me I guess due to not playing this game since meltdown, but I swore it was much easier than this?) 9.2/10 stupid 5 star rating system ;D
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2 years ago, ShadowyGeodes
I think that this game has a lot of good stuff and it totally brings a new style to the game. but when you get into the editor of gdw then it gets a bit annoying, so when I try to put in a trigger but there is an ad on the top of my phone, I can’t really mess with the X bar and Y bar in the move trigger because the ad is blocking full view and when you close the ad by clicking why this ad and putting in a random aspect of the add it just says ad closed by google so then I have to close the game, also to go with it I do have the full version of Gd but it doesn’t do anything even when I load my progress in and so I can’t use the editor but I use a glitch to get into the editor and to top it the 2.2 EDITOR. But if I close the game then all my progress on the level gets deleted and I can’t upload it and this all leads back to my first complaint with the ads on the top of the screen that doesn’t even let you exit the editor and you have to crash your game to get out of the editor but again your progress gets deleted. I think this is a great game BUT DELETE THE ADS FOR GODS SAKE.
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3 years ago, Draila55
Cool game
This game is not bad at all! As seen in other reviews, however there are many ads that distract you when you are really concentrating on a level. There are many pros to the game though. The levels are easy and fun. As a 9 year old, for a while, this will be a very entertaining game to play in spare time. There are a few more cons I want to put out there. The levels are so quick to play, you fly through them. Then you just end up repeating the same levels over and over again. In my opinion, they should have added more by now. But don’t get me wrong, I love World, and I would definitely recommend it to those who have not downloaded it. Unlike Subzero or Meltdown, there are tons of levels to play. My fav out of all of the World levels is Years. It has a smooth beat that I loved and still play now. Anyway, in summary I love this game very much and I have described all my problems. If they can change those struggles in the game, I would really appreciate that. ✌️
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9 months ago, LegendaryRadiance
As a result of the sad iOS 17 glitch, I was forced to move to World, where I could only play levels I had saved over a year ago because of the GD account issues. I’ve beaten three demons since then (losing progress on two others) and I’m tired of all the extra ad revenue RobTop is making when I already paid for the removal via Full version. Whenever the game starts trying to load ads in the background, the game has issues with lagging. It’s different than the game partially freezing and getting the audio ahead; instead it shows the game stopping when it actually keeps going, easily making it to where mistiming is common. I have to turn off cellular data whenever I play the game. And lastly, it can cause weird issues on individual levels that I don’t even think can be fixed; for example, the easy demon Egg becomes unbeatable at 66%, because one speed changer that’s confirmed to be there in the regular level - a level I have beaten - is missing, does not change my speed, and results in my death. If RobTop actually cared about his game or community, he should have found help or hot fixed the game by now to save it from takedowns.
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2 years ago, Evs.C.Han
Good Game 👍👍
Honestly, it is very fun. There are many levels with the fun electronic music! Thing is, I still beat the game pretty quickly, because the levels are very short. You can unlock online e levels in the end, so the fun can continue, but first you have to beat every level, which for some could be hard. And to play the online levels with the new music, you have to download the music. Not that it takes any effort, but it does take up space. Thing is, if we didn’t have to download them they would already be downloaded, therefore taking even more space, so the fact that it lets you choose to is actually a plus. So, the game is really fun! A few parts I think make it a little less fun, small flaws I pointed out, (honestly I made them look big, they really aren’t though) but the game itself is fun, and if you can beat some of the first levels, can have a long fun experience. If you play, I hope you enjoy the game as much as I do! (Or more!) Enjoy ❤️
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7 years ago, ,P13RR3,
Great Job RubRub, but…
First off, I love the gameplay. The quests, the chests, everything. I do have several problems though. One problem is that the levels are WAY too easy. The hardest level took me 2 attempts no practice. Maybe you should add some harder levels in the next world. Second, I got it last night, so when I woke up and went to open my chests, both stalled for a long time and then said, "something went wrong." I pressed the X that appeared in the top corner, and I now have to wait another 4 and 24 hours to reopen them, even thought I didn't get anything from them. Also, so many things say "only in the full version of Geometry Dash" when it's not in the full version. Finally, I like this new game and all, but I think you should work on 2.1 on the original Geometry Dash instead of new Geometry Dashes. If you read this, thanks for your time. If RubRub is reading (which is highly doubtful), then please fix these problems. Thanks for reading. May the Force be with you ;)
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3 years ago, Nicky Jenn
Literally the best game ever! The music is so cool and the game is so addictive. If you are reading this, download the game no cap it’s the best ever. I’m pretty sure ads are a problems are most good apps. The ads aren’t that big of a problem on this game though. The game is the best and all those bad comments are wrong. The ads are no big deal. The levels are short though. But I think that’s because if they were longer some people would be stuck forever cause they can’t complete it. Plus, they are really helpful as a beginner. (Not a beginner btw) I think the shorter levels are helpful. But if you want longer levels, go check out their other games; Geometry Dash Lite, Geometry Dash Meltdown, and Geometry Dash Subzero. And if you want a level editor where you can make your own levels (warning it costs money but ONLY two dollars so no biggy) go buy their Full Version of Geometry Dash. So over all I think this is the best game I have. I’ve downloaded all their other versions I listed above. Except full version—I’m really debating whether it’ll be worth it. It probably will be. I’ll buy it after I finish righting this review. 🙂 Those versions are really good too. In the game you can earn or buy (not with real money) new characters and colors for your characters. I love the music it’s so cool and this game is the best—download it!!!!!!!! Thx for reading! (Awesome job developers!!!!!) 😁
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4 months ago, Jackside101
Not the Game For Everyone
Hey Robtob! I really hope your reading this. I just want you to know this is an amazing game, but there’s always room for improvement. First off, if you are looking for some good challenging levels, turn back now. This game is a great game for the starters to learn how to operate the different game modes, which will help them with the more advanced level in the full version. But if your a pro, this is not want you want to spend your day downloading. It’s also awfully laggy, on and off internet. Lite, which has way for much detail piled on the levels glitches less. It really annoys me. There also hasn’t been an updated in 8 years straight, so disclaimer: the picture that says new level everyday is not true. This review mostly focuses on the bad side of this game, but there is many good sides of the game as well. Keep on crushing it, Robtob!
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7 years ago, MarioMan1a
Disappointed Me
I saw that this existed in an ad in a different game. As a big Geometry Dash fan, I was super happy that this came out and I got it immediately. I played through the main levels, and they took 5-10 minutes. Very easy, which is good for new players, but I don't need or really like. Next, the levels themselves. They looked good, but the music (which I have LOVED in previous games, especially songs like Cycles) was terrible. I played muted for a while. The music ranged from average to make-it-go-away. There were some neat secrets as always, but I won't spoil them. The online levels were limited and could be played in the full version. There were bugs, as chests don't work at all, and neither do quests. They give me the spinning circle of death and then make me wait for another 4 or 24 hours for nothing. Verdict: If you want an indicator of Geometry Dash for free, get Geometry Dash Meltdown, as it's better. Get the actual game if you like, I highly recommend it. Only get this for a not-really-that-good preview of what we'll see in 2.1. Thanks for reading!
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4 years ago, planet1113
Please read
This game is a lot of fun but there is ads, like always but instead of short ads there is ads so long they feel like a hour and after those long you usually get a prize in most games but this one you get nothing so when a ad pops up I just restart the game because even that seems like a shorter time, the only good thing is it doesn’t happen all the time it just happens randomly. Also when I jump I accidentally tap twice and it just usually kills me and it is so frustrating when that happen and also most of the time when I try to jump nothing happens and It is so annoying when that happens and now that problem keeps getting worse because I actually do jump but it says I didn’t jump. The super long ads make me even more angry so whenever one pops I start teasing that ad and also I can’t do practice because a super long ad is gonna rudely interrupts me when I am to do practice mode, overall good but still has problems and please make the ads shorter or remove them
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Epic game buuuuut...
The game itself is great! It has a lot of features, and I have GD Full Version as well! Which brings me to why I only rated 3 stars. A while back, when I was getting really good at the game, I linked my full version account (which had 473 demons beat, including some extreme demons) to my GD worlds. It worked really well, and I was really happy! Until... later that week a bunch of people in daily chat were saying things like “hacked by” and changing their characters to the basic character. It was a funny joke, until RobTop showed up and changed EVERYONES password (at least, those of us in daily chat). No big deal, right? Just put in your email and change the password back. Here’s the catch: I made the account on a FRIENDS email account. I don’t remember the email, and I’m not in touch with her anymore. And because I was not able to put anything in chat due to basic rules, I couldn’t do anything. I lost that account. That was 2 years of progress gone. Thanks, robtop.
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11 months ago, henbboibii
1. This game is very well made, and gives people the opportunity to play geometry dash for free. The gameplay and levels are better than the original, but the levels are very short. I’d like to see these levels have more length and I feel like these levels have the potential. 2. After awhile you start to realize the absurd amount of ads that pop up on your screen, WHICH can be fixed by disconnecting from your wi-fi. But that would also mean you can’t play online levels! Seriously just get rid of the ads! This could teach people that the original could be an ad overload as well (which it isn’t!). 3. As I said before, this game is very well made! The levels, the music, the designs, and more! But the game does need some fixes and updates please, get rid of ads, make longer levels, and more opportunity’s. Good game!
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7 years ago, Kristy543
It's a good gameplay
I love geometry dash. But why so many ads? I was playing when all of a sudden an ad pops up. That has happened to me only in geometry dash world. It stops people from being able to play through the whole thing. Also, why do you have to have the full version for so many things? The only user created levels that you can play are featured ones. That is not showing a lot of credit to the smaller creators. And if you are going to let us play them at all, you could at least let us search levels. Also, when I purchased something in the store, it would not let me use it. What's the point of the store when you can't use anything from it? Other than that, the game is amazing. You have great levels and very good music. Please take it into consideration to get rid of the ads and have less restricted things only for the full version, thank you.
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7 years ago, Awesome dude13263
I'm Hopeful
I'm a huge fan of geometry dash. I love the game along with meltdown and this one. The one problem with this game and meltdown is lack of content. The levels in this game are short and very easy, it took me about 7 mins to beat this game. Ya that's how little content there is. The main reason I'm giving this game ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ is because I love the game geometry dash and want to support the game. Now I may be wrong when I say they will probably abandon this game like they did geometry dash meltdown, which I really hope doesn't happen, it would be a shame to see a game with potential go to waste but, it's happened before it could easily happen again. If the game isn't updated within the next few months adding new content the game will be dead. When/if that happens I will write another review but I won't give the developers as much credit just because I like their other games.
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3 years ago, JAZZY!😈😝😈😝
It’s alright
So here’s the thing, I’m a girl and I found a secret message in this game thing or whatever and it said boys are more experienced than girls so they suggest that only boys and men play this and not women and girls. Like come on people! That ain’t wrong about other genders playing a supposedly “boy” game! I’m in 4rth grade and I know what’s to wrong and what’s right. So here’s the good thing... I think the game is fine. There’s no glitches or anything like that but it’s the ads. The ads always go on after I complete or lose in a level. I also think that anyone can create a level but it’s disables only for the “ full version of geometry dash “ like seriously what kind of a game is this!?!?! Well it’s fun but I think the creators of this game have to read this because I think everyone should have some more respect in their gaming times. Quarantine is very hard and people need to have fun so I suggest that the creators of this game change it because then they’ll see how many more five star reviews they can get. This is just nonsense 🙄🙄🙄
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8 years ago, UNGUDINONO
Worth the wait! 8)
Welcome to Geometry Dash World! If this is your first step into Geometry Dash, let me assure you that this game is wonderful in practically every manner. It's basically a platforming game in which you're a square that has to jump, fly, spin, and do all sorts of things until you reach the end of the level. Once you do reach the end, you are awarded with various currency and stuff. I would like to point out that this game (and the other GD games) are not for those looking for a simple game that they can play in ten minutes and be done with. It literally contains hours of gameplay worth of levels done by the creator and the community. It is a fantastic experience that all fans of this genre will love. I highly recommend it, especially if you enjoy some awesome music while you play! This game in particular includes: - Incredible music (done by incredible artists) - Unique and diverse levels done by Robtop himself and in this case, the community too - Tons of icons that you can buy to play as - Surprising, very cool art While there's much more to explain, I'm not going to directly say everything because I don't really want to spoil too much. Just get the game. And if you had a blast with this, you might as well get the full version if you haven't already ;3
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2 weeks ago, Queen Professional
This game is amazing!
If any of you are looking at this review I’m not lying the game is really good there is barely any glitches but one of the glitches is that when I play a level the music doesn’t sound but when I crash on a spike you can hear that noise it makes when it crashes but it’s not that I turned off the music. I am in the toxic factory ! This game is challenging and it has more than just levels it has challenges like daily or weekly ones and it has the vault of secrets which I already have the answers to riddles and figured it out now I need 200 💎 diamonds. It’s soooooo fun and addicting I love it this is my favorite game!! Please make more fun levels because I am on Round 1 level! Thank you Robtop for creating this fun game.(plus there barely are ads which is great)
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3 years ago, ARFStudios on youtube
Could use more level’s
I’m very obsessed with geometry dash, and got this. I’ve had Geometry Dash Lite, Geometry Dash SubZero, and this app, and I can tell by now that I’m very skilled at it. I love all the levels but I wish there was more! I’ve only had the app for two days and I’m done with all the levels. Most of them were challenging, but still they are amazing! Enough to have my older sister (who also plays geo dash and is intermediate at it) gaze at me with confusion in her face just awing at the fact that i make it look so easy! Also, make them not too hard but harder? I hope you get what I’m saying. Anyway, all I’m asking is that you make more levels and make them harder but not too hard. I hope that’s not to hard to ask. BTW, I love this game make more free apps that way I can play more!
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6 years ago, quinniecute1
It's OK-ish
This game is very annoying because every time it gets to the number five it always freezes up and takes forever and then my sound doesn't work for the music but it's actually really good it's OK and it's not OK I think you shouldn't download it or you could download it if you'd want to take the risk this game is very OK… Sometimes this game gets me so frustrated because it freezes up and I can't even type anything I have to go all the way to my home button and pull up my slide because the game froze what sometimes I have to turn off my whole entire phone for my for me to tap on it I'll tap on anything actually I don't think you should really download it but if you want to you can i'm starting to dislike the game… The game is OK!! But sometimes it makes me so mad!! Sometimes I just have to turn off my whole phone and get a break of this game!!
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3 months ago, DU BIST SEHR KLEID
FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
This is probably the BEST game I have ever played. The main levels in this version of GD aren't that good, but once you complete them (and they're really easy so you'll beat them in no time), you get access to online levels. These are levels made by the community, and there are some REALLY good levels on there. The access is limited. You can only browse the featured levels, you can't search for a particular level, many other features are locked, and you don't have access to the level editor. But even with that, it's still an amazing game. BUT there is one major problem. Lately, I've been facing an issue where progress made on an online level doesn't save when you exit out of the app. PLEASE fix this RobTop. It's weirdly consistent too...
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3 years ago, Silenz357
Great game! Just some suggestions for what to add next.
Hello, and I pretty much have not encountered any problems in this app, so I decided to give you some suggestions. So I was thinking that you could of course make a new island for the game because toxic factory is literally like the last stage and then the key master says, “you need to complete toxic factory to unlock player made levels, and I accept that, of course, but then it kinda ruins it because toxic factory is the last island. So can you guys make a new island? Also, I do enjoy the challenging levels. (But sometimes they frustrate me) So far, no bugs.... and great work on this game! Ok now... WHAT’S WITH THE SECRET CHAMBER?! Island Name Ideas: Polluted Forest (It would have levels similar to Dashlands but with some added elements of the Toxic Factory levels) ☠️🏕
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6 months ago, Jameswillet836
Honestly if you haven’t played geometry dash yet, what you doing. But I do recommend it for the folk who haven’t played it’s amazing catchy toons and beats are so good to jam to while playing geometry dash’s wonderful variety of levels, geometry dash world is difficult but fun for beginners pros or people who are bored. It’s so easy to get lost while playing and you end up playing for like an hour or two but who cares it’s the best thing I have on my phone, if you haven’t played it yet download it NOW. I guarantee you’ll like it. Good luck!! I just wrote a review for Geometry Dash. Do you wanna hear what I wrote so I wrote honestly if you haven’t played Geometry Dash yet what you doing doing but I do recommend it for the folk who haven’t played. It’s amazing catch who haven
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3 years ago, treeboy11-92938328
Good game :D
I love this game. It is very fun to play and is super addicting. it introduces the full version of geometry dash. I like the game and I recommend this game to anyone but a few things. One thing is the ads. Even though the ads are fine there always a pop up on the top of the screen and also there are some ads that are long and can’t FREAKING SKIP THEM it’s kinda annoying and almost makes the game unplayable. The second thing is the difficulty if you are looking for a good challenge game then this game is not for you if you love hard things. Sure it’s good for new people but afterwords it’s just boring because of how easy the levels are if you want more challenging levels then you should go to the daily levels on the game.
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3 years ago, wenton234
Good, but...
This is a really good game, but it has some problems. When I first go the game, it looked REALLY fun. I really wanted the game because then I would have like 3 out of 5 if the games RobTop made. So I got it. But as soon as I got it, an ad popped up and I couldn’t skip the ad! Really? /:( I wish that you could like save your progress if you sign into like your account or something from like your email. In this game I had to end up deleting the game because you couldn’t search for any levels, you couldn’t save your progress, and it took up SO MUCH IPHONE STORAGE! I had to also delete it because I’m only allowed 1-2 games on my phone. But other than that the game itself is pretty fun. Oh! That reminds me, the original levels, like the DashLands or the Toxic place or whatever it is called, YOU NEED TO PUT MORE LEVLES ON THERE OR ELSE IT GETS BORING. AND PLEASE PUT SOME COINS ON THE FREAKIN’ LEVELS. PLEASE!
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8 years ago, Idk (real gd name)
Great but buggy (also first XP)
Ok. So this game is a great sneek peek at what's gonna be in store for us in GD 2.1, such as new customizable chracters, the shop and currency system, and even the diamonds system! The only problem is that this came with a few bugs, as expected. First, anytime you go to the menu during reward distributing when you beat a level, it automatically crashes the game. Another bug is with custom levels. Some levels, as we know, have been set to start it's song at a certain point. In this app, it starts the song at the very beginning regardless. A similar bug is that when you pause your game and resume, the song starts over. I personally have an OCD problem with music sync, so this drives me nuts :/ Welp, that's all I can say about this app. Happy dashing!
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2 years ago, cx stitch
reLy addicTing
So this game is the best and it actually rages when you lose I would prefer this game 1000% and it's probably like the best music game ever but there's a little ads and it's great for if you don't have Wi-Fi and there's so many levels to do that you can actually get raged probably one of the best games ever so that's all because it is very addicting and I just give it a five star review cause it's like one of my favorite games to play now there was more other games of Geometry Dash and it was so fun too playBut I don't recommend for people who rage a lot on games cause whenever you play it you lose and actually makes you like me really angry but I like this game and you should try it to so good luck on winning all the levels
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7 years ago, NovaFromYouTube
Pretty much a game for beginners.
I was excited when I saw that a new Geometry Dash game had been released. I am a huge fan of the first game, but I was disappointed with "Geometry Dash: Meltdown". I was equally disappointed with this game. I am giving it 3 stars for its graphics and music, as well as being a great game for passing time, compared to other mobile games. Unfortunately, the game feels just a tad "too easy". The 10 included levels took me approximately 20 minutes to complete, if not less. Including an ability to play online levels is NOT an excuse for making short, easy to complete levels. The advertisements within the game also feel too intrusive for my liking, and they occasionally interrupt the flow of gameplay. I hope at some point the developer goes back to creating levels for more experienced players, and when that day comes, I'll be here.
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3 years ago, mez not telin u me nam
For the beginners
This game is good and all but there’s not too many levels and they are really short if u have been playing geometry dash for a LONG time and u think ur really good at it then this game is not for u anyone who just started playing geometry dash should start with this game besides that it’s a really fun game and i think u can make a account on the regular version of geometry dash then do some sort of linking of accounts the u get the icons from subzero meltdown and world all on the main version but idk how to do that Bc it’s really confusing and I’ve tried before it would be easier if u could sort of merge all the games into one and have all the levels in one version overall this game is not for the pros just for beginners 5 out of 5 stars
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2 years ago, AymorBlox💛💙
The game is Awsome but..
Dont get me wrong,I love the game and even the music but there’s just too many ads,I get this ad about fishdom and it’s about a fish eating other fishes to be the biggest fish ever,and it’s getting annoying for how many times I’m just trying to play the game,this game has been super nostalgic for years and sincerely I played it agian,but the ads…maybe just don’t make too many ads,because everytime I fail,put another level or even play any song,it just appears agian and agian and agian,and I do use the free stuff ad to gain free stuff but it can even play 2 ads and even take minutes for the free stuff,maybe just remove a couple of the ads? If RobTop sees this then,please consider :(
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4 years ago, brayckes
Too easy
First of all, let me say that I went through the whole thing in about 30 minutes because it’s just too easy. My brother downloaded it and he has never played and even beat it in 45 minutes. The main thing is just too easy. Another problem is ads, every other version of GD has no ads whatsoever, and you choose world to just splat them all on? A final thing is that you can only play the daily and featured levels online, and there are limited avatars. I get that you want people to get a first glance at the game before buying it, but ads everywhere, limited, easy levels, and just no effort to complete it isn’t the best way to get people to buy the game. I like GD because it’s one of the first puzzle games without ads, and when you look in this you see ads literally everywhere you go. Thanks, just please make an update soon, I want more levels to complete in world. Thanks!
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7 months ago, chris reporter
Awesome Game
Overall I have to say chat this is a w game although it got updated to 2.2 years before geometry dash full version got updated but still I liked that I found a glitch which enabled me to experiment with the building mechanics in the game but later on the game got another update and patched that glitch ig but still I do hope when they update the full version they update this and add more worlds and levels I was gonna right a funny wierd review like the kind you see on them videos but nah I decided not too chat anyways thanks for this lovely game I played throughout the childhood too bad the full version wasn’t added back when I would play the geometry dash game daily
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7 years ago, Aquaknight619
A good start
I loved the original geometry dash, and meltdown's few levels were pretty great. So obviously a game that combines those should be an incredible five star game right? Well, sort of. There's one major complaint I have, and that's that these levels are too short. I would stub my toe on the first spike of the level and see "3% complete!" flash on screen. Over and over I would reach the end of the level and hear the bass drop or some interesting part of the song play. It's even worse when it's a song that I know and like but the level cuts off far too soon. Also this game is trying to tie itself to the original geometry dash. Half the content is locked unless you have the original geometry dash and sync your two games (and the game sync is buggy at best). If you want to tie this game to the original then just make it DLC.
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4 years ago, Avon N
Great for Beginners
This is a great game. Overall, it’s great. The music is fantastic and syncs with the levels amazingly. This time you’ve got a more Mario style version, only being able to play one level at a time. It’s creative and the orbs thing is cool. Everyone is disliking the easiness. As a GD fan who has already played the other games, I can’t argue. They should have started with levels this easy, but I really don’t mind. The levels are usually so hard in other versions my nerves can’t take it, so having these levels help with that! The music is AWESOME in this one, some even better than the other versions’. I think any beginners wanting to warm up to it should go for it! I love all the games and I think this one is cool too. Dive right in and fall in love with this game like so many have! Enjoy!
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2 years ago, HermioneGymnast123
Really fun but also kinda easy
I think Geometry Dash World is fun but I have noticed how easy the levels are. I also tried out the original Geometry Dash and the Subzero version and those two had way harder levels. I don’t mind easier stuff, I just think it’s more fun if the levels are a little harder and provide more of a challenge. Honestly, I think the game is fun and entertaining my only suggestion is to make more hard levels. Now, I have only been playing for a short while so maybe there are harder levels and I’m just missing them but the levels that I have played I can pass them in 1-2 attempts, no problem. That is my only recommendation but other than that I think that the game is pretty cool. 😁😁
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6 months ago, frankghost39
This version of geometry dash is unique and supplies many amazing challenges, but also some really cool levels, and also some easy levels for beginners. This is definitely the game I recommend if you’re a beginner and want to get better. Now while it has some easy stuff, it also has some harder levels and even some insanely complex and difficult levels to challenge any pros who think they can do it. This game is overseen by most geometry dash fans, but deserves a lot more credit than it receives. This game is a great way to expand the geometry dash game and a great selection of over 500 levels to find From, me P.S I love the featured levels section in the game
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7 years ago, Hi my name Es Juan
Remove adds plz
Hey rub rub and the community gd has bean such a good game we all love it exempt the ones who rage but now we have gd world and there are these adds or I should say stupid little turds that keep piping up when I'm in practice mode or even in the middle of a level. Adds are things people hat unless we get goods out of it and in the first shop... you get to have a chance to get a video for 100 orbs but Ike that's the only time I actually hang adds . I'm giving this rescues an4 star is because adds need to get removed plz but the game it's self is awesome their is so meny different options like daily levels and the quests, but with 2.1 is it going to be soon becasue I just can't wait and I hope to see you make it awesome because I love you rub rub and don't let me down. :P
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6 months ago, spirit 👻
Good but the ads and 2 more.
Let me get this straight. The game is awesome. I got it this year, and it is GREAT. But the ads drive me insane! I mean like from playload to machina, there is an ad. It’s like a pattern of ads. Also, why can’t we build our own course? I really want to, but I have to use my friends IPad. And if your thinking well “ why not just get the full version?” Well guess what? I can’t! It keeps kicking me out before I can get passed the “ROBTOP” screen. So please make this official so I can do all the fun stuff! Also, add new stuff. The dashlands and the toxic waste factory are cool, but not enough. Please, PLEASE add new stuff. I am also saying this for geometry dash lite. Make these changes, and I will give you 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟next time. Thanks!
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12 months ago, GeckoGirl11122
I love most of what I see from this game
I’ve played geometry dash with my brother for years and I’ve always loved it. I downloaded geomagnetic dash world today and while I like it I have a few complaints. I already beat the level within an hour of downloading. I think this is great for beginners but way to easy for me. They need to add more worlds if they want this to be good for beginners, (assuming that’s their intention for making this game) but adding some other worlds with harder levels for the rest of us would be nice. I also feel like the levels are way too short which isn’t as satisfying as completing a long level. Love this game but I would like to see a little better from this version.
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1 year ago, JaviKichHollen
This is why advertisements wish we never existed
All right here’s my review, it’s five stars but there is a big big problem that you need to lower down. Well you surely already know you’ve been scrolling through the reviews and seeing the people hate advertisements throughout this game well I’m dealing with it to. It has too many ads (doesn’t mean I deleted it) I kept the game I kept on restarting it but gladly while you’re on a road trip or anything it doesn’t bug you on ads but when you come back it bugs you with a lot of ads after two rounds of playing. I recommend the game and all but I do not recommend watching ads and sitting there forever. Please respond developer and I hope you can fix it so I can go back playing
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4 years ago, wowowodjdjaksjc
Needs a few improvements
I’m giving this a five star because it was challenging (like geometry dash) and the islands were not time consuming for me at least. The improvements I think would make the game better 1. Please add the search tool to online levels 2. Add the hall of fame 3. Remove the top of the screen ads 4. Add more levels And if you add those I will be fully satisfied with the game and I didn’t really like the music so I had to mute it most of the time I completed both islands in an hour so please if robtop reads this (most likely not) but if robtop does please add these things to the game these problems are minor and neutral either way 5 stars from me
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4 days ago, SNIPE ‘EM
This game is awesome!!! But one thing…. 🔥🐠🔥 🔫 <-(I have no idea what this is)
Everything is awesome about this game, and I can like, never find something only unlockable in geometry dash full version, except the glow, but one thing… mostly I just wait until I can get diamonds, and then just when I get the amount I need, I just go to the chest room and go into one of the shops to unlock them. And then that’s where the game gets more fun. And please make it so that once you at least touch a coin, you get it, and it’s the reason why I only have 1 coin… but I mean the game is awesome and the challenge you unlock from the gatekeeper is now easy, but keep it up! ;D
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5 years ago, ndhdjdjsjd
I love it but...
Don’t get me wrong. I love Geometry Dash. There is just one reason I rated it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and not ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. It’s not a bug or glitch or anything like that, it’s just that the Practice Mode music is lame. It needs some spark to it. And also, it would be cool if you changed Practice Mode music AND made the music different for each different level. I KNOW that if I don’t like the music, I can mute it, but I wouldn’t do that because Geometry Dash without the music is just not the same. And this review isn’t just for Geometry Dash World, it is for all of the Geometry Dash versions. So if you could do what I asked in all versions of Geometry Dash, that would be great! My rating would instantly be bumped up to a good ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!! I still love this game, but it would be nice if you could do what I asked. ♥️♥️
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7 years ago, GearieWax
It's much easier than the original and takes at most a few minutes. The music is worse than the original, and it doesn't have any levels that use spider form, which is a problem if you can get spider form costumes. It has nothing for you besides the levels, and things like gauntlets are said by the game to be in the full version, but aren't. It also might replace 2.1, which scares me. And the whole game is just a big ad for the full version, and is it me or do the chests not work? The only reason this isn't 1 star is because it will obviously be updated to include things like the spider form. Sorry, Robtop, I really wanted to give this a higher rating. EDIT: Now that 2.1 is out, gets 4 stars. Didn't realize!
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8 years ago, Aaron_1_3_7
Good but why does it exist?
Alright, I'll admit I enjoyed the two island worlds. It's well made, fun, and has the good level design I'd expect from robtop. I just don't see the point of this game, except as a teaser for 2.1 features in geometry dash. I enjoyed it (Edit) Alright, after two days of playing, I'm realizing that this can really be the start of something great! The demon keys, orbs, and diamonds are a really good mechanic, and help to give a greater sense of overall progress in the game! Even if I can't beat a level, I can still get credit based on my percentage, which is really cool. This could encourage many players to start attempting demons if all of the same features are brought in 2.1! I'm enjoying this game so much
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