Georgia's Own Credit Union

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Georgia's Own Credit Union
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10 months ago
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User Reviews for Georgia's Own Credit Union

4.83 out of 5
43.8K Ratings
7 years ago, Nana38546
I love Georgia's Own
We have been members of Georgia's Own for over 30 years. We have used them for all our financial needs and have always been pleased. They have always helped us and have been very informative. Their staff is always able to help me with whatever my need happens to be at the time. I even used them when our daughter was in college and they helped me whatever emergency would arise. I visit the Grayson Branch and love the friendly staff. I would certainly recommend Georgia's Own to everyone! I love the phone app and find it very user friendly even for an older person. Great Job, Georgia's Own!
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2 years ago, gillette411
Almost amazing
Update: The logout button is still buried - or buried again, I should say, with this new update - so that’s annoying. The “More…” button needs to be at the bottom of every screen, so when you’re viewing transactions in a particular account, you can just log out from there. Also you can’t see the 5 most recent transactions from the snapshot screen anymore. You have to log in to see anything beyond the current balance. And zelle would be super useful since there’s a weekly limit when using the zelle app. Love that this app allows me to set alerts, pay bills and transfer between accounts. I only wish that you didn’t have to go back to the main screen to log out. If there were a log out button at the top or bottom of every page rather than hiding in the menu, that would be better for me. Otherwise, keep doing what you’re doing, GOCU!!
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2 years ago, genius1040
Need easier access to help
I’ve been banking with DOCO/GOWNS for the better part of 10yrs and in my opinion they’re better than most. But when I have an issue it is really time consuming and annoying when trying to get through the automated service just to wait for a rep. Recently I needed to cancel my debit card and I called GOWNS. I never got through. I used the call back feature and when they called back my phone wrung once before they hung up. I did this 4 times before I gave up. Like most banks and all the banks in my area they open and close before and after most people go and get off of work. So having a reliable help center is important. I have other cards that have tools in APP. that I can lock and unlock my card anytime so it can’t be used and GOWNS should have that same feature.
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1 year ago, CasLAS1991
Love Georgias Own but not the new online banking
We have used Georgias Own since we moved here in 1995. Overall, we have had nothing but great things to say about the bank and its employees. Everyone is very nice and helpful. However, this past fall the bank changed their online banking system and I have hated it from day one. The old system worked great and I never had a problem with it. Since this new one has started I’ve had nothing but issues. Things like I try to change the amount of a payment only to realize after that it didn’t go out. The overall look of the system is messy and confusing. It’s to the point where I almost want to change banks.
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1 year ago, not impressed in ga
Poor Enhanced Update for App
The app updated in February and now in October the bugs still are not fixed. While entering payments or setting up new payees on the app, the app resets and you cannot complete entering either. I have been told to use the website and google chrome. Georgia’s Own needs to develop both their site and app to work with any browser or iOS system. Many folks do not use google products. As a 15 year member, if Georgia’s Own can’t correct, then we will be forced to change to another credit union.
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1 year ago, pwiggl
On line banking
The new on line banking app is terrible. Developers have taken something simple and made it difficult. Lots mire keystrokes to get a simple bill paid. No where that I can find to UNLOCK your account. Before you could wait 15 minutes and try again, OR, a place to update it yourself. Yes, I’m a frustrated customer this morning! 17 minutes on hold yesterday, 23 minutes on hold today, the account is still locked, emails to customer support say call in. Vicious circle.
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4 years ago, Entpac777
Love the app but still buggy
Have loved this app for a long time, but I am disappointed that despite NEVER clicking the “remember by user ID” box, when I log out, my ID info is still displayed and the “remember” box is still somehow checked. Same issue on both my phone and iPad. This wasn’t occurring in earlier versions and should be fixed. As a matter of security (even though my phone and iPad are locked with passcodes) I do not keep user ID’s populated on login or logout screens on ANY banking apps. Please fix this!
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4 months ago, Brewer55
Poor Service on Technical Issues
Since rolling out the “new and improved” bill pay module on their website in November of 2022, there has been multiple problems setting up connections for auto pay. I worked with the IT team lead and after an initial discussion describing the problem, he did not do me the courtesy of any further correspondence. The problem was not resolved. Recently, I tried setting up an external account to another bank. After repeated communication via phone and secure messaging over a 2 week period, I gave up. You can never get to a tier 2 support person, only front end and they don’t have a clue about how it should work. I plan on taking my banking to another credit union.
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5 years ago, expiallidotuos
Mobile deposit
EVERY TIME I make a deposit it wants me to flip the check even though I have it the correct way. No matter which way I have it it’ll tell me to flip the check. So then I have to go through the waiting process of it getting to the point where it allows me to do a manual photo and then I can take it and it’ll go through. The other major issue is a lot of times with the handwritten checks I get from customers, the mobile deposit will tell me that the amount on the check doesn’t match the amount I’m putting in even though it does
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5 years ago, Ms. N. Mathis
Awesome Banking
From Georgia Telco to Georgia’s Own they are like family to my son and I. I’ve built a great relationship with the staff over the years and miss the familiar faces I use to know. From my auto finances to purchasing my home, I wouldn’t recommend any other financial institution due to their rates are the BEST!!! In my opinion banks are not the route to go for LOW RATES and to be able to see your balance drop every time you make a payment is even better. Thanks Georgia’s Own The Mathis Family
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1 year ago, Golfnut8174
Missing online bill pay
The new version is missing the bill payment option. When selecting the Transfer/Payment option, online Transfer is showing up. I hope this is a bug that will be fixed soon. If not, the new version is not as good as the older version since I use the Bill Payment option every day.
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4 years ago, pam gravett
This bank
If I could rate a zero I would, I was not opposed to this merger, but now I wish I would have voted no. I have tried 3 different times today to reach a representative, finally got one 8 hrs later! And still do not have access to your complicated website that asks for security questions but gives no space to answer the question therefore you cannot go forward in the app! I am so aggravated, if the bank was open I would remove our money and go somewhere else. That is how aggravated I am!
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4 years ago, 93Dawg
App was great but recently became buggy
I’ve used this app for years with no problems. First problem- finger print stopped working. Every login says I haven’t logged in for a while, even though I log in every day. Now it is asking security questions and keeps telling me the answers are wrong. Hoping someone fixes this. Used to be so easy to check balance. My other banking apps are MUCH easier.
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6 years ago, Nrm8269
Wesley Brasher-Loan Specialist
Wes was a tremendous help with my opening of a new account. He was very honest, and committed to seeing my hopes of becoming debt free fall nothing short of reality. One on one attention, weighed the Pros/Cons, and ultimately helped me to secure a loan so that I was able to consolidate my debt. While having terrible credit is already bad in itself, securing a loan with a low interest rate was out of the question until I walked into Georgia’s Own! Couldn’t be anymore pleased!
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3 years ago, Mia from lilburn
Georgia’s own continues to make changes but the one REALLY HELPFUL change they need to make would add a button that lets you see the password you typed in. A lot of companies allow you to see what you typed in then hide the password again. This would be helpful to keep people from getting locked out all the time. Please consider adding this feature on the login screen.
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7 years ago, Pms 1103
Great place to bank
I have been using Georgia's own over 30 years. They have made the app more user friendly and more innovative. I can do everything on line now, well pretty much. They have come a long way in my years of banking with them and they are still going. I miss going to the branch office and speaking to their friendly staff. I guess you could say "I'm a die heard". Simply love you.
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2 years ago, JLee's Review
Wonderfully easy and great customer support
I’ve always enjoyed the app, but over time it has gotten even more user friendly. The accounts are easy to access and search for expenses and deposits. I love how simple it is to pay my car loan through direct transfers in the app too. Overall a wonderful way to bank!
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3 years ago,
Great service - Amazing Credit Union
I have been a Georgia’s Own Credit Union member since the early 90’s (GA Telco). Most supportive and service friendly bank I’ve had to deal with. Thank you for always having more than one teller, unlike all the other banks I have to deal with when at work. Please keep up the great work. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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6 years ago, M&M331
Great Enhancements
This app has had some great improvements since it was originally implemented. I love being able to search transactions using the amount. The ease of touch id to access the app is a plus. The ability to launch bill pay in browser is an enhancement that is beneficial from the initial phase of the app which isa step in the right direction. Keep the enhancements coming! It makes banking so much easier. I do enjoy using the app.
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1 week ago, Gahayfarm
Mobile access
When pipe broke and flooded house, had to empty everything for repairs. That included the Internet, so now have to use my cellphone to access my accounts. Although different, so far everything can be completed via the mobile access from wherever I’m located.
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2 years ago, S. Martin
Does what it needs to do
This app helps me do everything I need to do. Check balances, transfer, and messages with the bank. All of these tasks are easy. The big banks should be embarrassed. I have an account with a much larger bank and their app isn’t anywhere near as easy to use.
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6 years ago, Dev-Tae
Decent almost there!
Great app. Only issue is that the iOS widget says setup required and I believe the instructions are a little vague. Still have yet to get it to work correctly. Also one suggestion would be push notifications for withdrawals and deposits and little more of a description on how remote check deposit works. Keep up the great work, trust me, I know what you guys go through!
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4 years ago, kevinfix1
Sense I started using online service with Georgia’s Own. It quick and I can use it from home doing . It has all my banking need. And special thanks to Mike and all associates in Fayetteville Georgia . All have good work ethics . Always make me feel special at that location. I left me license there , and Mike call me to pick up. 4 thumbs up 😀
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1 year ago, rodriguezrach
Very impressed!!
So much easier to deposit checks and transfer money to different account holders! So much faster and less frustrating. I can see how far ahead I am on my loans and view my joint accounts on the same screen as my separate accounts! Absolutely love it!
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5 years ago, Joseluisrod
Impossible to deposit checks
This app is useless for check deposits. It times out constantly while being used. If it doesn’t timeout, it displays authentication errors after the picture of the checks are taken. Takes an average of 10 tries to be successful. It is so aggravating.
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6 years ago, nianaim
Longer hours for customer service
I wish your customer service hours were longer. Customer shuts down when the bank closes. Some of us work late hours and can’t contact anyone until after 5:00.
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8 months ago, XFeelz
Overall a good app, but one suggestion.
The app works fine, and has a good UI. However, I do feel with the credit card part of the app that you should be able to view your transactions on the app instead of going on your actual computer/desktop in order to view it.
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3 years ago, @notimehere
Ease of Access, Great Service
I’ve been with GA’s Own several years now and even with this app I feel quality and reassurance with the organization. I find it fairly easy to navigate within the app and the design is easy to understand.
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6 years ago, mcalistercan
Great app!
Very good layout, very well organized, needs the analytics feature!!! Georgia’s own website allows you to categorize the transactions, and it will analyze spending for you. If this app could do that it would be the ultimate banking app of all time! Also need look into fixing the mobile deposit feature, mine never seems to work as good as I would like it too.
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2 years ago, niki3172
Problems with credit union.
Someone has been tampering with my account for the last five months. I’ve talked to several customer service reps went into the bank talk to someone nothing has been done and I continue to enter my accounts and make changes. I change my telephone number and try to change my email. I have never had this experience in this bank before. The fraud department did not return my call and I am a very disappointing customer.
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2 years ago, Tsaf4
Almost a 5
The app is easy to use; however, I wish I could transfer money from my bank account to my GA’s Own account. I have to take a picture and upload a check to remotely deposit funds.
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6 years ago, jammyk777
Love on-line banking!
I resisted the app for a while because I’m kind of old school. When I found out I could make mobile deposits on-line instead of having to drive to the bank, I had to give it a try! is simpler now that I have this app. So glad I decided to try something new!
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3 years ago, Max.Thrust
Issues after every update
I have had the credit union for 30 years and this is the worst app on my phone. It’s a shame you can’t give it a zero. Issues after every update. Unable to transfer funds within accounts. Been waiting for an update but nothing yet. It still has links to dead locations or the documents have moved. Nothing about this app is intuitive. Don’t waste your memory down loading just use the website. Surely there’s a better vendor out there.
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5 years ago, wh9876432
I am well pleased with this app. The only thing on my “wish list” is being able to print a copy of my cancelled check to submit to my Insurance company for reimbursement. I live quite a distance from the nearest office and do all my banking electronically. Thanks for making my life easier.
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11 months ago, Waynefar
Georgia’s Own is fine but the bill pay is horrible
The credit union is fine and I’ve always liked them. I’ve been with them for 35 years in fact. But the bill pay is nothing short of horrible. I have had a check that was sent to the wrong place entirely and the checks are not sent out and deposited to the payees timely. The original bill pay was instant with most payees and the funds cleared on the correct date.
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7 years ago, Rhonda Nicole
I love my bank
I've worked at two banks and I've been a customer with at least 4 banks; and Georgia's Own Credit Union is by far the greatest financial institution I've been apart of. I'm no longer a customer but a member. I love this app. It's the best. Since downloading; I haven't had to visit a branch in months.
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5 years ago, LjQuest87
Access to everything!
I can literally do everything I need to do through the app. Transfer money between accounts, see pending transactions, scroll and view transactions as old as 2 and 3 months. No problem.
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5 years ago, matt 481970
You need to provide Medallion signature guarantee
I like the bank but may have to establish a relationship with another institution because you cannot provide a medallion signature Garantee. This is a service that should be provided by Georgia’s own it really makes you look like a tinker toy institution that you cannot provide this.
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6 years ago, WestCoastIsBestCoast
Easy and convenient...
Had the app since it first came out; lightning quick to load with Touch ID and access to just about everything you need short of negotiating a mortgage. Transfers are quick, remote deposit is great, and the app works with Venmo, PayPal, etc.
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2 years ago, tchristian34
App for iPad is virtually useless
If you’re going to make an iPad app, use the extra screen space to make it more efficient. We buy iPads because of the larger screen space. All you’ve done is forced orientation to landscape, and used the exact same app that’s on the iPhone. This is not useful to me. In fact I’ve saved the actual website as my go-to way of accessing my account on my iPad. I’ve deleted this app on my iPad. In fairness, I like the app on the iPhone.
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1 year ago, PatyGeorgia
I love the app you have, it is easy, functional and clear even for old people, j have almost 66 years old and I didn’t grow up with technology, but your app is wonderful and easy to understand for me. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Gwinguy
Great Convenience
Love the app. Great to have all of this info at your fingertips. Mobile check deposit is a great feature. My only criticism would be that when you swipe to close the app, it should also log you out at the same time.
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7 years ago, Hipmamanb
Takes Care of My Most Pressing Needs!
I love the ease of the app. I really like the new feature, "Balance Peek." I also love depositing a check without having to wait in long lines at the drive thru! Love being able to deposit online, as well as take a balance peek.
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3 weeks ago, easygoibg
Excellent interest rates
I have been a member of Georgia’s Own since 1979 and have always received excellent service. I also encourage my family members to use the credit union because their rates are better than the banks.
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7 years ago, Ttyl88
Lifetime Customer
I love banking with Georgia's Own. I've been a customer for over 20 years and I will NEVER leave them. Always gracious and concerned about their customers needs. They follow up and follow through with your requests. Awesome service!!! You do not have to reside in Georgia to utilize their services.
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4 years ago, P. Carr
Mobile deposit
I love that I’m able to take a picture at any given time of a check and deposit it. Because of my schedule I don’t have time to always go to the bank and at times it is closed.
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3 years ago, Ms. CWC
Great Credit Union
I love my credit union and the great services it provides, along with the friendly people. I’ve been with this institution for 50 plus years and don’t want to go anywhere else.
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6 years ago, Mustillman
Brian Johnson
Once you understand it, it’s a good app, I had to unlearn my previous app which are used almost every day and had to familiarize myself with this app and it caused me to have to jump through a number of hoops that I wasn’t used too. Otherwise very intuitive app once I understood that it’s key strokes are different.
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3 years ago, Jake_Dubay
Great app
We are loyal Georgia's Own member that have kept our accounts while moving to Arizona and Florida. I can do most of anything with the app. Deposits by camera is awesome. While I travel for work, I can use the app for my business and personal financial services.
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5 years ago, TC Mayes
Bank days not open
Saturday are the best days for banking for a lot of customers, why is the credit union not open? and when my SSI ckeck come in on a Friday I can’t have access until Monday? I do live banking at a credit union but I need check deposit the night it comes not three days later.
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