Gesa Digital Banking

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Gesa Credit Union
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1 year ago
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User Reviews for Gesa Digital Banking

4.7 out of 5
22.5K Ratings
9 months ago, Lucky Penny 539
Best Financial Institution Ever!
In 74 years I’ve only had five different banking relationships. I had my previous relationship for over 30 years. Over time, that financial institution began to go in a direction that was different from what I wanted. I felt it was time for a change and I settled on Gesa as my choice for the future. It now has been over three years since I made the move. I have also moved my business banking account to Gesa as well. To say that I have never been happier is a gross understatement. The staff at Gesa bend over backwards to make sure that they satisfy all of your banking needs. In the three years since our relationship was established,I have referred over a dozen friends and relatives to Gesa. I have never heard anything but praise from them regarding the service that they have received. If it’s time for you to make a change in your banking relationship, I would urge you to put Gesa at the top of your list! Believe me, you won’t be sorry! I certainly wasn’t!!
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4 years ago, Long Time Inspirus User
Long Time Inspirus User
I have been a member of Inspirus Credit Union/Washington School Employee’s Credit Union since 1975. Consequently I have been through multiple acquisitions and management changes and I can say without a doubt that the Gesa takeover has been the absolute worst. I have had problems with the bill pay function that were never an issue with Inspirus,the mobile app can never remember my bio identification, when I sign in using my password, Gesa still goes through a five item verification sequence. I will be closing this account within the next six weeks. I’m very sad to have to do this because I’ve always enjoyed working with Inspirus and it’s predecessors but I can not deal with Gesa’s ineptitude. As I told one of the customer service representatives during one of my many calls ‘When you no longer have trust in the people who control your money, you must make changes.’ Miss you Inspirus.
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4 years ago, longtime teacher
Horrible service
I have been a long time member of school employees credit union. We have been through two mergers now and I have NEVER experienced such chaos and trouble with all of my accounts. The technology piece has been delayed and full of glitches, I actually went 4 days without being able to access my money and none of my cards would work. My business account has been affected and I am so tired of sitting on hold waiting for customer service. An entire weeks worth of debit transactions were actually delayed for over two weeks and then without warning showed up in our account with an explanation of “oops”. Bills have been unpaid, transfers have been undone, and new debit cards have been “lost” in the mail. My family and I will be changing credit unions this week. So very sad.
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4 years ago, Paula5683
Worst access ever
Im constantly asked to verify my account with extraordinary measures like naming all the streets I’ve lived on or bank loan balances from decades ago. The app doesn’t use my cell number snd the landline won’t work but i can’t remove it because it doesn’t save. Which means literally every time I want to double check my balance Im trying to recall what my landline was 17 years ago or who held the mortgage of my first house loan. Im overcharged for everything and it took the company 31 days to send me a new debit card when they merged with the bank I had. The phone line is never answered and customer service doesn’t exist. Never go here!!
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1 year ago, jzpvMina
Just Joined
Haven’t experienced much yet, but the app itself is very bland, stale, and not appealing. I just recommend if you Can bold the text out and add some vibrant colors or something of that nature. The text is so small, and also we have accounts for our children, and having the “total” on the bottom is unappealing and confusing as I don’t see a reason to combine totals. I want to keep their totals separate then ours. I thought Gesa had better organization and graphics. It looks boring and outdated. We’ll see how this goes, we have Bank of America on the plan to switch completely to Gesa, and this might sound weird, but I just might keep the BOA opened solely because the APP looks better lol Change the look and the organization of the app especially with the transfer and Zelle feature, because you have to literally go looking for it. Doing that it will change they way People look at Gesa in a whole. My opinion, hopefully it counts!
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4 years ago, Johns59
Half as good as Inspirus app!!!
The version of the Inspirus app two generations ago was better before it was “upgraded”, and this Gesa app is another huge step towards the worse. As an Inspirus member who was forced into this merger, I can only view activity/statements since the merger, and the same goes for the website and visa credit card. The Inspirus app allowed me to log in with my fingerprint unlike this stupid Gesa app. On this Gesa app I had to try five times to deposit my paycheck due to it claiming the perfectly clear images that were always readily accepted by the Inspirus app weren’t clear enough for this Gesa app...this was a particularly exiting deposit to make since it was my first paycheck after being unemployed for ten months due to covid and other factors, but the junkiness of this app lessened the joyous occasion (using the term junky to avoid cuss words which I wish I could use). These faults are only the ones that come to mind but there are others.
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4 years ago, Atombrew
Biometric Signon a Fail
Our CU merged with Gesa. As all mergers go, there were initial issues to work through, and things go better. For example auto deposits went to the wrong account (had to reconfirm my auto deposit which was a hassle). Notifications for use of debit card was slow, like hours to be sent, but things are more like 15 minutes now. However unacceptable is use of biometric sign-on. Finger and Face ID works the first time, but if I try to use it later, the biometrics don’t work. I have to remove the Gesa app in the background, then biometric sign-on works again. Prior Inspirus didn’t have this issue. Gesa should have the Inspirus IT folks work on the issue. Calls to Gesa results in “sorry we’ve heard about this issue”. The former Inspirus board members should have Gesa fix these issues. The Inspirus app was so much better. The Gesa app is in the dark ages.
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4 years ago, Inspirus Fan
Transition unimpressive
This transition from Inspirus to GESA has been very disappointing. I loved Inspirus CU, so am going to give this more time, but if the transition is indicative of the general business process, I will be closing accounts. It was impossible to see which transactions posted to my Inspirus account once the conversion took place, which left me not knowing what had posted to my account and what didn’t. Compounded by delays in posting to my new GESA account - since I couldn’t see my Inspirus transactions based on transaction dates, I assumed debits had posted when they hadn’t. Crossing my fingers this gets better ...
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7 months ago, maremare47
Best banking app
This app by far is one of the most user-friendly and secure apps have used for my mobile banking I only have one thing that I would change and that is the limit of six transactions or transfers from savings to checking I would raise that limit to 10 or 15 per month because sometimes you may need to transfer money in and out of savings if you hit your limit for the month and can’t move your money it opens the door for overdraft fees and all that bad that entales.
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2 years ago, FOOLS QUEST
I have had the Gesa app for sometime now and for the last few months it’s been crap. Go to log in and have to verification sometimes 3 or 4 times a week. Getting alitte tired of that. Then when I go to log off I have it on facial for log in. I have to hit the log off button and close the app at the same time or it starts log on again and messes up the facial log in. When go to log in the next time facial does not work and have to put all the log in stuff again top to bottom. Never have had an app that does this for log off. They need to do some work on that. There should be a time delay or something.
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11 months ago, Firesprink
I just got an auto loan through this terrible CU. I set up my payment to be delivered through my regular checking account. I get a notification that my payment was received. 8 days after posting to my account I received a notification that I was being charged a $15 late fee. Only to find that a week after posting, GESA rejected my payment and charged me a late fee. So now I am 9 days past my due date and trying to make another payment. The web app is garbage to make a payment through and opens up in another payment site. By the time this payment posts, it’s likely my next payment will be due and who knows if either payment will be accepted. As soon as I can refinance this loan I will and get away from this garbage credit union and this garbage app.
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4 years ago, gdsjitf
Decent app but has annoying bugs!
This is a really good go to App! I basically do most of my banking through this app. The thing I hate is it wants to send me a text message or call my phone just about every time I try to login. Or it wants me to fill out all these stupid security questions… I don’t have the time for that! Please? Can you get it so the app knows where it is and trusts the phone it’s coming from so I don’t have to get a text message all the time… Other than that… Excellent App.
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4 years ago, Harvey1123
Best customer service best bank ever
I have had Gesa for 5 years now, I am so happy I left Chase Bank. I have had absolutely no issues with my Gesa accounts which is the main reason for my switch 5 years ago. Their customer service is outstanding and access to the Mobile banking is so easy to use. I can transfer money between accounts in seconds. I cannot say it enough how thankful I am Gesa came to our small town 5 years ago. I will continue banking with them as long as they are here. Thank you!
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3 years ago, skylo21
Great bank weak app
I want to preface this by saying this is not in anyway indication of my satisfaction with the bank overall, but this app specifically is lacking many of the basic features you get with every other bank app. I have accounts with chase, US Bank, Bank of America and Washington federal and they all have the basic rudimentary ability to save my login information and use either fingerprint or face ID to login. Having to go back and search through my logins and passwords every time I want to check my account balance is a huge pain and it is very obvious that we have the technology to solve this and I hope that they do soon!
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2 years ago, hfhhxdbbdgjn
Difficult to make CC Payments
It’s very difficult to make a direct payment from an outside Gesa bank account. The only option is to submit a credit card payment that takes days, like 7-10 days, to actually post to the credit card. The best option is to cash deposit at the atm into Gesa savings account then make the payment to Gesa credit card from Gesa savings…. Lol even trying to submit this review is difficult because it keeps saying I need a nickname but all the names I enter are taken. What in the world….
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4 years ago, fruitfly001
I must say I very much appreciate the easy transition to Gesa. I was worried about direct deposits and having to go through the process of changing account and routing numbers. I had written twice about it and you responded fairly quickly explaining the process. Also all of your literature about the changeover was appreciated. I only had one glitch where my debit card did not work at Costco. The Gesa Lynnwood manager worked through the issue with me and all is well. Good job!
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4 years ago, 1 2 change banks
Bank elsewhere
My bank merged with Gesa. I have had only problems since. I refinanced my mortgage and Gesa held my payoff and tried to charge me a late payment, almost had a late payment reported to the credit bureau and was not helpful in trying to resolve the issue. Prior to the merger, we were told that our old account numbers would be allowed until we got our new account numbers. I got the new account number and it was the same, yet all of my bills that are on auto payment were declined. My daughter never got her new account number. The customer (I can’t say service) call center experience is also terrible. I would rather bank with a company that charges me random fees, hidden in the fine print than to bank with this company.
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2 years ago, Rgreg2
INSPIRUS to GESA App switch
I’ve having more problems with the status of my Debit and Credit cards that ever before. More “denial of service” type issues which they admit were “their mistake”. Also phone service seems to be going in a bad direction. A projected “4 minute wait” too often turns into 30 or 40 minutes. A “return call” sometimes never happens. Also “service representatives” have at time been unable to help me, and and don’t even seem to understand the problem. They seem stressed. I’d switch to another Credit Union if it wasn’t such a hassle. It’s definitely not the level of service we got with INSPIRUS….or the old WSECU.
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4 years ago, dawgman91
The merger has been a fiasco
This has been the worst banking experience of my life. For all of my banking life, I have been with Washington school employees credit union, later Inspirus. Since the merger with Gesa it has been a disaster. It is no longer a local credit union. The customer service has been pathetic. They make you feel like you are lucky to be with them. The amount of time I’ve spent on hold has given me a ton of time to look for a credit union that aligns with my values. I value a loyal credit union that supports its members. We are not customers like Gesa treats us. My family has been with WSECU for over 50 years. We will not be here much longer. Forbes couldn’t be more wrong. This is the worst credit union in Washington
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3 years ago, jestertom
$$ control
I would like to express how grateful I am for the fact that I can use my debit card and go home and successfully decipher what I have done and if anything needs to be adjusted.I have a horrible memory… But I’m also terrible at keeping track of things. Gesa does this form me!Having an acct. that is available for scrutiny 24/7 Gives this old man peace of mind. I haven’t found it as well in any other institution
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2 years ago, Karmann Eclectric
Reliable for basic banking
The app is pretty good and has continued to improve over the years, but the integration with the credit card is still lacking and Integration with with in-branch services isn’t there. The remote check deposit imaging still seems more finicky than with other banks. I’d like to be able to order certified checks for quick branch pick up or delivery by mail, as well as a well-known app for person-to-person money transfers.
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4 years ago, harveytdog
Glitches and slow
On line is fine but Phone app glitchy, slow and a pain to use. Never thought I’d miss a bank but the merger left members with an amateur outfit. Never been able to get help with an HOUR. How is that trust building? See if I can figure out how to put expenses in categories has not been easy using the app.
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3 years ago, HSawle
Wish the app didn’t change from Inspirus version
I’ve had more problems with this merger then I would have expected. As a banker myself, who has worked on several mergers, this has to have been the most dysfunctional one I’ve seen. I realize that changes have to occur, but maybe the leaders should have picked Inspirus’s system over the one that Gesa uses. The app is clunky and not generally user friendly. Remote deposit capture times out or provides a black screen to take a picture of the check. If I wasn’t in support of people who work for the credit union my account would already be closed with the issues I’ve had using this online app.
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4 years ago, owlchick0506
This merger with Gesa was a disaster. So many problems we needed to call to resolve, and between my mom and I we probably spent around 4 hours on hold over a period of 2 days. Thank god Courtney from the call center was courteous and helpful - she is singlehandedly saving this company. Other than that, the merger was a huge mistake and I’m unimpressed with Gesa so far. Not to mention this app is clunky, juvenile, slow and all over the place. The old Inspirus app was streamlined and clean, and this one is a mess. I have to type my login info every single time? Maybe it’s first world problems but no one has the patience for that. Get it together.
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3 years ago, Jbell2344
Requires 2 step verification every time
Currently the Gesa app has a 4.6 star rating which it does not deserve. This app is the dated and the bill pay feature is clunky and so hard to use. Every single time I log in, which is usually when I need to quickly transfer some money while standing in the checkout line, the app requires me to go through 2 step verification. As a security precaution, we need to verify your identity before you can proceed. This quick process helps us keep your account safe. Sad and frustrating! We are currently looking for a new bank that has a modern app
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4 years ago, Maggieamb
Frustratingly Worse than Inspirus
I was a member of Inspirus CU before the merger and they had a wonderfully functional app!! It was perfect, never gave me an ounce of frustration. Now, after the merger though, I am constantly annoyed with the lack of functionality of the Gesa app. It refuses to let you pay a line of overdraft credit to 0$, it is constantly buffering and dropping actions, and the only way I’ve found to contact Help is through calling, which is profoundly unhelpful and inaccessible to people hard of hearing or otherwise uncomfortable on the phone. Also Gesa’s customizable credit and debit card options are so ugly I cannot stand to look at them.
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4 years ago, sun1/&@
Asking for feedback
I have just started using this app. After one transaction I get messages to rate the app. I say not now and I continue to get the rate the app message after each check deposit. This turned what was a just fine experience into an annoying experience which is why they got a 1 star.
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2 years ago, Stupid iPhone 6
Good bank, bad credit feature flawed…
Gesa has my address right. But the TransUnion credit check offered as an additional feature has my address wrong…? And to make a dispute they want to charge me to correct their old, incorrect information…? It’s weird how Experian has the correct address… but not TransUnion…?
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4 years ago, Frankiezzzy
Online convenience
I do like that I am able to check my account and transfer funds from one account to another when I need to. The only thing I would like is more transfers being available to perform. I believe 10 transfers a month would work better for every customer.
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2 years ago, Frogman 00
An easy way to manage your account.
I’ve been using the app for a while now, and it makes finding and accessing everything I need on the go quite easy. I can pull up the information I need quickly and everything is in a easy and understandable format.
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4 years ago, kulahula
I want to express my thanks to Colton, who patiently worked with me for an hour today setting up my new Gesa login/password and making sure both online and mobile accounts worked properly. What started out completely frustrating to me, ended up a great satisfying experience, thanks to Colton. Great job!!! Judith Seferovich
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2 years ago, Lylelovin
Original member WSECU ➡️Inspirus ➡️Gesa
I want to preface this with The fact that I was originally a member of Washington SCHOOL Employees Credit Union. I stuck with them through the merger to Inspirus CU and stuck with that into now Gesa CU. This app is really buggy. It takes me to my savings when I login vs the whole accounts overview. It takes ages for some pages to load, and face ID only works 30% of the time meaning I login with my info more than I care to for such an “updated app”.
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3 years ago, hdkdosdb
Straightforward and easy to use
I’ve been using GESA Mobile for some time now and have enjoyed how easy it is to bank online using the app. I especially like depositing my checks through the app, it is a real convenience. When I have needed help support is always just a call away.
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3 years ago, HD_CLARKE
Good Service, app redesign not what I thought it was
Service is good. This review is mostly because I heard there was a redesign for the app coming which made me excited because I hate looking at and using the current one, not very pleasing. Then they release the redesign, only It’s the wrong one. It’s only the card controls app? Why not redesign the actual user app to be more in line with new brand standards and be more pleasing. Pleeease redesign the user app.
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11 months ago, Rojo2875
Direct deposit.
Having direct deposit is a plus. Not only do I get my money early, I can pay my bills on time. I don’t have ti wait till the end of the week and been overdrawn with out any funds and pay the overdraft fees. This way my bills get paid on time and I get no stress over them.
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3 years ago, In Mx
Navigating transactions
I find it tedious and confusing to navigate transactions. I needed to make a transfer and you’d think, using the bars in the upper right hand corner would easily take me there. I had to go out and start over again. Please make navigating around the sit user friendly.
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3 years ago, rcmmom
Deposit check feature
I enjoy this app completely except for the deposit check feature. It used to work really well but I have a lot more issues with it over the last couple years. Taking the pictures I often have to close out the app because it won’t do it. Otherwise it’s all great. Love the ease of transferring and sending people money the most.
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3 years ago, shinez04
It takes 24-36 hours longer than other credit unions and banks I have dealt with for pending transactions to go through the account. It would be nice if pending transactions were through in a maximum of 12 hours. Other than that this app is excellent to use (had to call once for help but I hadn't updated app).
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1 year ago, Leanine
Banking with Gesa
These people at Gesa are always incredibly friendly, positive, and ready to go the extra-green mile with you every day. Also, the technology avenues allow for many different, easy, pathways to succeeding financially. The employees are always readily available to help you with these avenues with gracious and patient skill.
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3 years ago, Batdevl
Everyone should be signed up with their local credit union for the benefits and security credit unions provide. And one of the best credit unions in the state is GESA. Thank you for the service which is friendly, efficient and wide ranging in financial tools available at little to no cost to it’s members.
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9 months ago, Lonnie J. Good
Simple Simon
I have used a lot of different banks. I no longer use “For Profit” banks. Gesa, like many other credit unions, is a pleasure to work with. If I had my way I would do away with all the large for profit companies. They are Not friendly, nor are they there to serve but to be served. GESA is one of the best of the best.
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3 years ago, deleuze1
great CU and app
I see many unsatisfied reviews from prior Inspirus users, but I am a longtime GESA customer and have always been impressed with their service. The app works great for me, and I rarely need to visit a branch. Bank mergers are complex and it takes time to work out the rough spots technically. I’m sorry that some inspirus users are having difficulties, but GESA always been good for me.
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3 years ago, Shea212
Slow and freezes often
Gesa merged with my old credit union and changed our online banking app. The app was great before, but now is prone to extreme lags when navigating the interface (especially transferring money) and freezes often.
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2 years ago, Bryan also
I got a car loan through this janky credit union and when I pay over it goes towards future payments and there’s no way to pay towards principle unless you open one of their checking accounts. Spoke to a customer service rep about it and he gave me a link that he said would allow me to do it and it doesn’t.obviously even their reps know nothing. Trying to get a new loan through another bank but rates are through the roof so now I’m stuck with them. Frustrating.
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10 months ago, shannyolaugh
Mobile Deposit Glitch
When I am capturing the check image, it takes me back to the log in screen and I have to log in all over again. It did this 4 times, I finally decided to input the image first before selecting an account or entering the deposit amount and it then accepted the images without logging me out so I could complete the deposit.
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3 years ago, hotcocoamber
Great Credit Union
As a long time member of Gesa, I have never had an issue with any of their online platforms. This app is extremely user friendly and easy to read across platforms. I can do everything I need in this app without ever visiting a branch. Love this company, what they stand for, and how they treat their members.
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10 months ago, Mgano1784
Very reliable you don’t have to call to check your balance every time I’m able to check my balance 20 times a day and have full access to all my card features 10/10 great app
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4 years ago, SKF412
Inspirus was so user friendly and extremely easy to deposit checks online. GESA is so much more difficult to navigate and make a deposit. I live too far from a branch to easily conduct my business in person. Hopefully GESA will make an effort to make changes to their website.
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4 years ago, Natarajan67
Electronic check deposit
So far this is the worst mobile check deposit I have run across. Almost impossible to get it to take a picture of a check. I am doubtful it is even taking an acceptable picture. I am already considering pulling my accounts and moving on.
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2 years ago, Jack Graddon
Just their mobile website in an app
Their mobile app is basically just their online banking website stuck in an app. Clunky UI, poor login screen, menu isn’t great, etc. Might I suggest to the Developers to take a look at the WECU app. In my opinion it’s the best CU app I’ve ever used. Maybe take inspiration from them, you are in the same co-op after all.
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