GET Mobile

3.6 (6.4K)
30.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
The CBORD Group, Inc
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for GET Mobile

3.61 out of 5
6.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Captain Adam!
Can’t even open app
I am a student at the University of South Carolina. I’m not sure if it’s just an issue with my institution, but for the past two months I’ve been unable to launch the app. Upon opening I immediately get an error message. I am unable to connect to anything, and re-installing the app has somehow made the problem worse. I am now not even able to enter my institution information. I really rely on this app to help me manage my campus money, and I’ve had great experiences with it in the past, so this really saddens me. I hope a fix is found for this soon because I would really like to be able to use this very genuinely helpful app again.
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2 years ago, zurkburgerk
It’s so bad
This is by far the worst app I’ve ever had the misfortune of having to use. It routinely crashes, it’s ungodly slow, and every few days it just logs you out. EVERY time I go to order food I have to spend 5 minutes fighting with the app before I can even place my order. Half the time I go to order, the options just don’t show up. I thought that this app would get better but it’s honestly just gotten worse. They added a Face ID feature that they practically beg you to use, but after a couple days it just stops working entirely. And sometimes the app breaks so bad you have to just completely reinstall it. What a joke! Unfortunately I have no choice but to use this app as a number of my university’s dining options are online order only, but it’s such a hassle to use that sometimes I just skip eating because I don’t have the time or patience to fight with this sorry excuse for an app. If you’re a university, PLEASE don’t use this app, your students will thank you. UPDATE: Developer responded saying my issues have been fixed, no they haven’t. You guys haven’t fixed jack, and if anything it’s gotten worse because now the “find your institution” page won’t even load, and I have to delete the app every time it asks me to log in… WHICH IS EVERY TIME I OPEN THE APP AFTER A DAY.
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2 years ago, Fifenhorn
*UPDATE: I received a reply from the developers asking for more information. My children attend the University of South Carolina. My daughter is a senior and my son is a freshman. In order to manage both accounts, I have to have the app in two locations. The app does now allow to switch between students from the same school. I understand that I could go ahead and add funds through their website, but because of multi-layer authentication, my kids basically have to be here for me to add extra funds, which is why I downloaded the app to begin with - with the app, and my facial recognition, no additional authentication was required. Updating the app to allow switching between students as well as switching between schools would be fantastic. Many of my friends have children attending different schools, and it would behoove the developers at CBORD Group to work on making this app much more user friendly! I only use this to add funds to my kid’s college card. I have a second child starting college and no way to add that child to this app. This means I have to put it onto a separate device in order to manage that account. Allowing app to manage multiple accounts is must!!!
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2 years ago, imovelover69
I think we can officially crown this the worst app ever
Literally all the negative reviews are accurate. It won’t even let me create an account, which I need for school. I follow the create account process and it tells me that my account doesn’t exist. Yeah I’m trying to create it. Shame on you, and shame on any school that makes their students use this app. Don’t any schools look at the ratings in these worthless apps? Update: it managed to get worse. Now it deleted my account because who knows why. So I get to do the entire process over again. So much fun. Oh, and every time you leave the app for 3 seconds to look up your school ID number or something, it deletes everything you’ve already typed in, so the process takes more unnecessary time and effort. I always enjoy having my time wasted, I think we could all benefit from less time spent with our families, or doing anything actually productive, due to the total incompetency of the app developers. Thanks so much. Update 2: I started trying to create an account before lifting weights at the gym and I’m seeing immense progress in my physique. If they just changed the marketing, this could be a really useful app. I think it could really take off
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3 years ago, Ghgfsdghjkhfd
Bad things happening to it
My college has decided to use this app for three of their dining options. During the first week of school it seemed okay with allowing me to order and use the school bucks that we have to pay for it. Then after that I get a weird message about some data thing and it won’t let use the bucks without adding a credit card. That credit card part is very annoying and it is already a month into using the program. It has been happening in my dorm and walking outside to order. Clearly it needs a lot of updates and readjustments to ensure that it does not happen. This is not a great app for college students to use when it has the worst bugs ever and seems to not be working good for the students. I do not understand why we need this app for the school especially when they are down on workers but that gives no excuse for why the app is not fully functional for lots of students. I have already alerted our cafeteria head manager about the issue and they were working on fixing the problem. I am surely not the only one I would think who has this issue at the moment. Please fix it
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2 years ago, Annoyed at Canvas
What a disappointing excuse for an app. Jim Hoefflin should be embarrased.
There are just too many issues to consolidate into a review. As a software engineer with extensive experience in a multitude of programming languages (including Swift, the language I believe was used to build this application). The amount of bugs and loose ends makes me feel like they paid a team to make half of the app and let a pack of wild wildebeests scrape together the rest. Stop with the segues, there are too many segues. This is such a basic app and I do not understand why it is so awful. Literally ask any highschool student who can do "Hello, World!" To finish the rest of your app and they would do a better job than whatever team you scraped together. My college uses a CBORD suite and it is a known joke among all students. So thanks I guess for making us laugh with your mediocre business. I mean its not that hard to do door keys, food ordering, and laundry. 3 things! 3! All of these things are done poorly. I could run my University better with an Arduino and a box of paper clips. Do better.
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5 years ago, e-m-w
Unable to connect
The app was working great awhile ago (before update in February?), but it stopped. I figured maybe it needed to be updated or an OS update did something, so I deleted it and re-downloaded. Because of that, it was necessary to re-enter my login information. Now, it only provides a list of schools when the phone has been rebooted, but that’s irrelevant because when I log in, I get the message, “Oops! login failed, please try again.” I can log in via the website with the same credentials, so it’s not an error with my name/password. I thought it might be because I’m overseas and some law changed that would prevent it, but using a VPN and connecting to the US didn’t work (despite working fine abroad since I first installed it in 2017). I was recently in the US, but even being there and without the VPN didn’t make a difference. UPDATE: Changed back to 5 stars - because it’s working again after contacting the university card services and discovering the password had been changed. Note: the app should have a less cryptic message when this happens! Also, why not put the contact that replied to this message in the AppStore developer contact? A lot of time was wasted getting it working again when it really should have taken a minute.
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2 years ago, GGatheringStorm
Bug report
I have recently noticed that when the app is loading upon opening, occasionally it will display the barcode page(Before logging in). I am able to actually make payment with this barcode displayed. This essentially bypasses the pin/faceID check at opening stage and is a security risk. I am confident that this is a bug since I have seen other apps displaying an “in-app” screen occasionally upon opening, which is usually where you turned the app off last time. It is in most cases not a big deal, but for this app in particular it is a problem, since it displays a usable barcode for payment.
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2 years ago, becenevimon
I’m astounded by this app. It’s horrible
I feel honored to have the experience of using this horrible app. Truly it is a testament to how far programmers have come. Now I can use other apps and be happy with their minor glitches, because they pale in comparison to this app. I tried to set up an account, and it seemed to not work (for no apparent reason). Then I got bombarded with three emails sending me different verification codes. I tried to set up my account, and had to do so three times, for reasons unknown. When I tried to set up my FaceID it asked for a pin 3 times, not working (again for no apparent reason) each time. The last time I was entering a pin, it suddenly worked, but I hadn’t even finished entering it. It’s slow, it’s glitchy, and it’s very annoying. Also seems like these are recurring issues that aren’t getting resolved.
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3 years ago, Seb B.
Time to "GET" something better
Unfortunately, my university chose this app for ordering on-campus food during the pandemic in order to reduce lines. This is the worst app I have ever used. It doesn't just need a lot of work -- it needs to be rewritten from the ground up by a different software company. Because of this app, I often stay hungry due to its stupidity and poor programming, as it fails to do anything useful. Random cryptic error messages, being kicked out of the app, and having to reinstall are common occurrences that you will have to "GET" used to if you actually want to use this app. Sometimes the menu for ordering food stops responding, making it impossible to scroll. It can happen if you leave the app and then go back into it, or if you go through many options in the menu it will just stop scrolling.
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1 year ago, evan.golden
Cant add to Apple Wallet
My school uses this app for mobile IDs to access buildings and dining. When I first got the app I added my ID card to my Apple Wallet so I just have to tap my phone to use it and I haven't had any problems with the app until I got a new phone. I signed back into my account and where it used to give me the option to add the card to my wallet, it now says “Added to iPhone” even though its not in my wallet and it will not allow me to add it back. If anybody has any idea how to fix this please let me know
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1 year ago, Skulblaka111
I go to University at Buffalo, and I have repeatedly spent the time picking out everything I want on an order, just to go and place it in my cart and be told that the “merchant is at capacity” and then have the app erase what I have selected and then have to do it all over again. Orders are usually open again a couple minutes after and I find myself just having to try over and over again, going through all my selections until it goes through. This often makes me forget a couple ingredients, leaving me with an unsatisfactory meal. Just let me put the items in my cart before telling me they’re at capacity, or, better yet, ADD A LONGER QUEUE!
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3 years ago, fliporflop
literally doesn’t work.
i have never written a review for any app, but the amount of issues i’ve had with this one made me want to. once i downloaded it first it worked fine, but when i went into the app again it’s just a blue loading screen- and doesn’t let me log in at all or access anything. if i want to access the app i have to delete and re download it EVERY SINGLE TIME. this is very inconvenient.. and i’ve never had any other app have these issues. im really hoping there will be an update to fix this issue or hoping my university will choose another app to work with our dining program. my friends have had similar problems too, and my phone isn’t old so I know it’s not my phone.
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5 years ago, Shaw2425
Greatly designed app, but a lot of connection issues
The app worked great for months and then about a few weeks ago the app would randomly log me out and say it was having connection issues, preventing me from viewing my balances or my account information. The list of universities wouldn’t even pop up for me to select and log back in. I would have to delete the app and redownload it for it to work for a few days before the issue would restart again. Not sure if the issue is due to a new update or with my school’s network, but I would like to have it resolved as this app use to be the most efficient way for me to check my balances.
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3 years ago, JustSomeone531
Didn’t even get into the app before local transportation could get me
This app was good enough… until the app wouldn’t open up after putting my pin or FaceID and show my school card. Typically, that’s okay for food and everything but I show my digital card to local transportation to get onto my bus in the morning. The bus driver, though, was nice enough to let me on. This was nerve wracking to say the least. GET Mobile, you need to update the ability to get into the app and make sure people can get in. No student should have to miss classes or work because this app doesn’t work. This should never happen to people.
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3 years ago, Liz @ Mizzou
Good Concept, Terrible Execution
In theory, this app is really useful for ordering food on my college campus. However, the app is terribly glitchy. I will try to order food to be ready ASAP, and the app tells me that my order can’t be processed in due time. Fair enough, so I select a later time. But the app won’t actually change the selected time. It takes me forever to select the time I want, because the app will keep trying to set it back to ASAP. Also, the scroll bar for selecting the time is very hard to use. It always scrolls way too far, and always seems to skip the time I actually want to pick. Also on iOS, it gives the option to use Face ID to log in, but if I choose that option, it gets stuck in a blue loading screen and never lets me into the app. Overall, it’s an awful experience. The only reason I haven’t deleted it is because the dining hall that’s most convenient for me only takes orders through GET right now because of the pandemic.
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3 years ago, dont bother with this app2746
Can never get into the app anymore
Hi! so, when this app works it’s really convenient and a good way to see how many punches/dollars I have left on my college meal plan. That is, when I can actually get into the app. One day, it started showing me this blue screen with the logo in the middle after I logged in with my Face ID, and now when I have that problem I have to delete the app off my phone and re-log-in every single time. And I only get about one good use out of it before I get the blue screen again. I’d love for you guys to fix this bug so that I don’t have to keep deleting and redownloading the app every single time I want to use it!
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2 years ago, kat thomp
I have never been so mad at an app that I felt the need to write a review but here we are. Today the app had trouble depositing from my card, which was a little annoying but oh well. I kept trying to deposit every few minutes and then the app stated that I’ve exceeded my transactions for the day. What transactions??? Using a different card doesn’t work. Now I have a huge pile of wet laundry and I’ve had to spend an extra hour of my time figuring out a way around this with my school’s card office. Super inconvenient and annoying and took so much time out of my day. I wish my school would stop using this system.
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7 years ago, KJRaps!
Would Be Great If It Would Work
I love the concept of the app, but there are so many glitches. Personally, I've only experienced one, but friends of mine have experienced others. The only problem I've had with the app thus far is that whenever I try to save an address, I get a message saying an error occurred, therefore, the address could not be saved. I've had the app for about a year, and to this day, I've never been able to save an on-campus address.
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2 years ago, H Hinson
App no longer works on my phone and just spins
Please fix this app. It was working for me on my phone but now no longer works. I have deleted it and added it back. I’ve used WiFi and no WiFi. It was working great up until a couple of weeks ago when it signed me out. Now when I download it and I click University of South Carolina it just spins and never loads. That’s if I can get to the screen to choose the university. I have not been able to add funds to my daughters account. There is no update and no fix. Please make it work. I have an iPhone 12. Never had issues until recently. Now it won’t do anything.
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1 year ago, LarryKing123
Stole my money
Posting a review seems to be the only way I can reach these people as my email has clearly been ignored. I tried to deposit funds into my university account through this app and it pulled up as an error twice. However it still took my money out of my bank account but when I check the university account there is no money to be seen. My money is literally missing, just completely vanished. The only contact option I have is by email which has done me no good. Genuinely awful experience I would not recommend ever using this app as it has literally messed up handling my own money
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2 years ago, hattiecb
Poorly coded app, bad UI
Feels like an 8th grader in a beginner coding elective put together this app. It’s very cumbersome, and just does not work 75% of the time. Huge issues with order not being notified of exceeding capacity until right before the order is placed. If you can’t mobile order, the app should not allow you to nearly complete the process and THEN tell you it’s over capacity. It’s incredibly lazy and a waste of time. Multitudes of buttons and sections of the app are straight up broken. I have a sneaking suspicion the program doesn’t even notify the vendors of pickup times… Just wait in line. It won’t take nearly as long.
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3 years ago, Judgmentally Honest
After the last update, the app won’t open properly and you have to end up re-downloading it each time you want to login. As such, it’s easier to just log directly in to your school’s service using a web browser than attempting to use this app. It’s been two weeks since the update and the developers still haven’t fixed it. In their defense though, even before this, the app has had several issues and problems. So why should they waste their time fixing an app that’s just plain crap? *That was me being sarcastic* Anyway, I would recommend not using this app.
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2 years ago, mal2000id
Not reliable, often has issues
I have to write this review because too many times have there been technical errors with your software and logging in where I have ended up stranded at restaurants with my peers trying to pay with my flex dollars but the app is has various random errors. It is unreliable and frankly makes other students and I nervous for the luck of the draw "if the app will work this time" after we've had a meal. I hope they can fix regular issues and make the app more reliable!
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2 years ago, Donuts4TW
No more Touch ID option to Log In
The app works fine but it seems that sometime in the past couple months CBORD got rid of the Touch ID option to log in which is really frustrating. The feature worked fine but now it’s nowhere to be seen. There are still new iPhones models with Touch ID and I know Face ID is still an option for phones with that option, so it’s really annoying that they completely got rid of the Touch ID option to log in. I hope they’ll bring it back, but I doubt they will.
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2 years ago, kimrapp_70
This app is terrible
Update: I heard from someone at CBORD and I thought, “finally! Now we’re getting somewhere”. Nope. No help at all. They just rerouted me back to our campus administrator who is also unsure of how to solve my problem. I just need someone to delete my profile completely and let me try again. Sounds so simple to me! Also, CBORD— come on. You need to create an app that works. I can’t log in, and no one can help me: not the company (CBORD) or the administrator from my institution. Which is sad, because as a busy employee on a busy campus, I’d love the convenience of ordering ahead.
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3 years ago, Noah Ault
Worked for a little bit but now have to delete and redownload
I use this app to see my meal plan balance and order ahead at my school. It worked fine for about a week or two but now once I put my fingerprint in to get in, it just gets stuck on a blue screen with the get mobile logo in the middle. If I want to use the app now, I have to delete it and redownload it and even then I can only get in one time before having to delete and redownload again.
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1 year ago, Rosemary Schmalhofer
App Doesn’t Work at All! Use Website Instead!
I downloaded this app back in 2022 to keep track of my meal funds at the University of Dayton. The app itself has not worked since Christmas 2022 and I entered my pin right. No repairs have been done and I some reason cannot report it. Use the website instead.
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7 months ago, JADDOTT
This app has refused to work for me….im a student at MTSU & I’m constantly going hungry because of the reoccurring error messages that pop up anytime I try to order food…..I’ve followed all fix steps thinking it was my internet….or even perhaps my data or device….but after trying on multiple devices it’s clear that it’s a software issue…..Please address this soon because I can clearly see a lot of people are disappointed in the performance of this app….& too many people depend on it for this to big that big of an issue
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9 months ago, King 🦈
App is Non-functional
The app hadn’t worked for me for the past year. It would say please try again later no matter how many times I uninstalled and reinstalled. FINALLY this year I redownload it and it magically starts working only for the order function to be completely useless (of course) 🙂. No restaurants show up and I the search function doesn’t work. Neither does the explore function all I can do is see my dining dollar amount, can’t even use the barcode anymore. There’s no reason whatsoever to download this app.
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2 years ago, Tedmatt
So incredibly awful.
This app is by far the worst app I have ever used. It’s so slow that it takes more time to order through the app than it would to just walk the 5-15 minutes to wherever I want to order. That app logs you out every couple of days and your password just stops working so you have to reset it every single week. On top of all this over half of the time it just straight up doesn’t work as it will repeatedly time out for hours on end even after reinstalling the app multiple times.
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3 years ago, reviewer9471549
Please Fix
It worked for a couple of weeks, but now every time that I open it up, I get a blue screen after entering my pin and nothing else loads. I have to delete it and reinstall it. I have to have the app for literally everything at my college and it is so frustrating when I need to order food ahead or add money to my card for laundry, I am forced to delete, redownload, and then go through the process of logging in again. This needs to get fixed ASAP. It is happening to many of us so it’s not just my phone.
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9 months ago, honeyxrivas
Faulty, but helpful
It’s not the best app and it does seem pretty buggy. Everytime i click on an option to check my balance or my previous transactions, I can never go back. I have to exit the app, clear it from my tabs, and get back in. Otherwise, it’s pretty helpful when checking my balance for my meal plan and when i’ve eaten at the dining commons.
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3 years ago, elh99
Worst app ever
The amount of time I spend dealing with this horrible app everyday is time I could spend doing literally anything else. It routinely crashes, offers incorrect time options, and makes you get all the way through an order before suddenly crashing and telling you there are no slots. I am forced to use this app every day, and it has only gotten worse over the past year. I would’ve thought the developers would try to fix some of these bugs, but apparently not
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3 years ago, Gary19855001
I really do like the concept, being able to use your school ID through the app, however there’s a bug and I’ve seen other reviews with this problem. After I open the app and use Face ID, nothing shows up other than the GET logo. I always have to delete the app, redownload, and sign in through my school again if I want to see it on there. I’ll probably just keep using my physical ID until this bug gets fixed.
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9 months ago, JackBno
App is horrible.
I hate that this is the app my school uses. I can’t even place an order past a certain hour because it either tells me I’ve exceeded the order limit for the (which isn’t true because I haven’t got anything for the day) or it tells me that there is an error. I change the pick up time, it confirms FINALLY, then proceeds to fail after 15 minutes and says there was something wrong with the processing. This app is horrible. So inefficient and ineffective.
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11 months ago, colonelyama
Works but quite buggy.
It works okay, but it is quite buggy. Sometimes, it somehow gets stuck and you have to close the app and open it again. Also, when I first installed the app, I could access my profile using FaceID. Now, I have to use the PIN instead even though FaceID is turned on for this app (I checked Settings).
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3 years ago, SoliD-K
Wish it would work
I use the GET app to monitor my university campus account and upon first install it was working just fine. However it just refuses to load after the few first times I open it and the only way to get it working again is to delete the app from my phone and redownload it. Although, like I said at the start, it just goes back eventually to refusing to load. Legit just doesn’t function.
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2 years ago, Shane0032
Waste of time
It’s soooo much easier and faster to wait in line and order in person than using this system. Wastes at least 15 min of my 30 min lunch break if I use this app and system for placing order. The cafeteria opens at 11:00; if you place an order and get an email confirming your order at 11:00, your order will be ready by 11:30. (It doesn’t even start printing orders to the cafeteria until 11:15). Or I can get in line and have my food in hand in about 5 minutes.
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3 years ago, cscarlson
Decent, but not good enough
So far I am able to access it with Face ID with ease, and it is nice to see how much dining dollars I still have in my account, however I try to order in the order tab, and it doesn’t really do anything. They send you through three different options, only to send right back to the order tab. Either the order online segment has been fully developed yet or it’s just broken.
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3 years ago, Emma O'Connell
The app is awful
As soon as you download it you can use it a few times before it sits on the blue GET screen forever. My university knows about the issue but it’s the only way to order food because everything is electronic since COVID. Therefore, it’s very disappointing when it doesn’t work all the time. The only way to fix it is to delete the entire app, re-download it, and re-login. Then you have to do it all over again. No school should work with this app.
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6 years ago, acford
Text Too Small
Why is the text so small? The whole point of using an app is to take full advantage of the screen real estate. When I need to add funds to my account, I sometimes do this when I’m sitting at a traffic light on my way to work. I can barely see it! About 50% of the screen isn’t even being utilized. Why? I just think the UI is backwards. It is functional but can be made SO much more user friendly and easier on the eyes. Thanks.
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1 year ago, nloper57
If your school uses this app, start a petition immediately.
This might be the worst app I have ever used. It never lets me log in when I need it. Half the time I just end up looking at a blank screen. It DOES NOT WORK. This app just slows down your phone, delete it immediately. If your school uses this app for any dining purposes, you need to immediately start a petition to get them to switch to a different app. The sheer hatred I feel for this app is insane. The developers should be embarrassed.
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2 years ago, Drhcghcdfh
This is the worst app I have ever used. I can’t imagine what circumstances led a California state college to trust this sorry joke for an app but here we are. This app logs you out every day and if that weren’t annoying it has no technology to remember your password either. Then when you go to order your food the app takes its time loading anything and half the time doesn’t even show the food offered. Terrible app I would give it 0 stars if I could.
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3 years ago, Popem111
Freezes at the loading screen. Only fix is to reinstall the app
After a few hours of having the app installed, it refuses to launch. It asks for my fingerprint, goes to the blue loading screen, but that’s it. I’ve tried restarting app, and I’ve tried waiting on the loading screen for 10 minutes, but still nothing. The only fix is reinstalling the app, but it always ends up happening again. Please fix this critical bug.
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4 years ago, DesireeS00
This app saved my life during my first year of college. It helped me keep track of my meals and everything, and even allowed me to order things ahead of time for pickup. Now I can’t even see my meals or anything. I try to get things to load but I can’t see a single thing on my account. It’s really disappointing and frustrating. With all of the other people having the same problem, I really wish the company would look into it and fix it instead of ignoring it.
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7 months ago, Enh_22
Was good until it wasn't
Last year my college started using this app so that you could view how many meal swipes you had left for the week and how much money you had for extra dining. It worked great until i was logged out this year, when I try to sign back in it tells me that "The specified user is already registered" when i'm trying to log in not make a new account. Now i'm locked out of my account and can't see my meal swipes.
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2 years ago, Melodicmom4
Very dissatisfied
This seemed like a great app to have to manage my college daughters meal accounts. However, this app is continually crashing and or kicking me out of it where I have to re-enter information on a daily basis. If that wasn’t as bad as it is now this app has crashed on me and I cannot access the account at allAnd it tells me to try again but after several attempts still doesn’t work. Too bad because it was good and it worked.
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3 years ago, AnGrYmAn67864346
Awful App
This app constantly logs you out for no reason other than to inconvenience you as much as possible. Every other time I open up the app I’m greeted with “Oh! You’re new! Let’s connect you to your institution.” And then I set up a new pin. Every. Single. Time. Don’t use this garbage app. Let it be known to all competent app devs out there, that there is a demand for an actual functional app similar to this developed by a team of people who actually know what they’re doing.
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1 year ago, AU Works
This app is unusable for me. My version for some unknown reason doesn’t have an option to add my ID to wallet even though my wife’s does. It also kicks me out every time I use it so I have to go through and do a dual authentication anytime I start the app up. It remembers what school I’m at but, makes me create a pin every time I start it up. Never remembers anything except which school is involved. Would love to get it working correctly though.
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