GetWardrobe Outfit Planner

4.2 (611)
205.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Outfit Makers LLC
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for GetWardrobe Outfit Planner

4.2 out of 5
611 Ratings
3 years ago, bluebeargrass
Great, but with potential to be better
I wanted to better understand my style and downsize the wardrobe, so I started looking for a good app to do it. I tried all the major apps out there and went with this one. The interface is modern, catalogue is clear, and removing background is so easy. It’s a great app, but can be better. The sorting by color function is very useful, but tagging clothes items with color is such a pain. The app does recognize the colors auto-generated from the image, and you have to manually assign color tags from a very limited selection for the color filter to work. Worst of all, even if you assign colors manually, the app will sometimes delete your color tags in some items out of blue. This makes a potentially powerful tool very hard to use. I really hope the developers do something about this. The second suggestion is to include a gender neutral option. I see others have also brought up this point. I echo the request. It’s not just a tag; it’s really about how the app/company presents itself and whether it really cares about its users. Thanks for the great app, and I look forward to its future improvements.
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2 years ago, 22kaitlynn
The Solution to your Clothing Problems
I had fallen in this trap were I was wearing the same couple shirts and pants over and over. This app was just what I needed to allow me to use more of my wardrobe because I could make different outfits and customize when I would wear them, what weather to wear them in, and so much more. Also, I always spent too long in the mornings trying to figure out what to wear, but now, I can plan ahead my outfits. The only thing I was worried about what the space limitation with the free version which gives you a combined 100 items of clothing and/or outfits. However, I have taken pictures of almost all my closet and made several outfits and I still haven’t used all the space! I have yet to find something I dislike about the app.
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5 years ago, shawood
Don’t understand the “Combinations” section
This is a great app. There are some things that could make it a 5 Stars. One issue that I have is that I don’t understand how the “Combinations” section works. I see how to add items to the combinations section for each item but I don’t seem to be able to put together an outfit directly from the combinations. If I choose one item from Combinations it shows up in the line with the original but that is as far at it will go. I can’t add another piece from the “Combinations” or create an outfit using the “Combinations” section. I am probably just missing something but I checked the directions and there aren’t instructions for this issue there.
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4 months ago, Ana295
The changes made this app worse
I loved the way this app was before it was changed. The social media features are totally unnecessary. I don’t want a timeline where I’m seeing other people’s stuff. There’s already enough of that on other apps. It’s exhausting. Also there’s too many buttons now, it was much easier to create outfits before. The AI features make this app confusing now. Everything doesn’t have to be so “updated” … apps like this one are better kept simple. It’s just frustrating to come back to this app and have everything look different and have the option of followers. I don’t want to think about other people when I’m picking my clothes. Sometimes you just need the option to be disconnected from comparing and trying to look like someone else.
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3 years ago, an aweslme person
Good, not perfect
I am actually impressed with this app! Not only does it let me keep an archive of all my clothes, but I can input my measurements, sizes for specific brands, tells me my body shape, can create packing lists, organize by season, track wardrobe value, i can put so much info about individual pieces of clothing, i love it!! It’s very thorough. However do not rely on the apps background removal as it is often inaccurate. You would want to remove it yourself and upload that. I’ve only used it for one day so far but i will keep this updated if I run into any issues.
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3 years ago, Heath76r
Very useful but glitches galore 😕
I love this app because it helps me create outfits and documenting what outfits I’d use on a day-to-day basis. However, this app contains lots of bugs and glitches which slows down the process and complicates things, it’s quite frustrating. I think by now, since this app is two years+ old, they should have less glitches but I guess it's still a work in progress. The two glitches that are the most annoying is the glitchs where you can’t scroll through the colors and the glitch where your typing stops in each letter. Very annoying! Anyways, I really hope that you can fix this and the app will become easier to use! <3
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2 years ago, lzapata178
Love it!!!!
Excellent!!! 🤗🤗🤗 My daughter recommended it to me a few days ago and I've rediscovered my wardrobe! It has helped me classify and reinvent my wardrobe. Very useful and easy to use. It takes a bit of work to take and upload the photos! But it's easy and fun. And in the end it's worth it. I made it a point to upload about 20 pieces every day! Well, have 4 closets full of clothes 🤦🏻‍♀️. My only recommendation to developers would be to add a suggestion area where I can shop for the brands and styles I like or an online shopping suggestion.
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4 years ago, JCTeez
Great app
I’m trying to minimize my wardrobe and shop more sustainably. This is great for being thoughtful about purchases and the clothes you already have. My only complaint right now is that when I make a tag and then delete it, I can’t make that same tag again. I hit enter and it doesn’t redo it :-(
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10 months ago, AmandaVN3
I have style again!!
I’ve been looking into trying to figure out my style, what pieces I have and how my wardrobe could be better. This app is amazing! It has everything I need and more! I took the time, took good pics of my entire wardrobe, took my day and added all the needed details and info and it has paid off! I didn’t even realize my closet was so cute!! Thank you for making my closet happy and for giving me style again!! Worth the subscription!!
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3 years ago, Amber/ wolflover/horselover
Have to pay to upload more
I spent all day taking pictures of all my cloths, uploading them (it takes a long time to do so) just to be told that I have to pay $5 a month or $25 a year, in order to keep submitting pictures. If this was a one time payment of $5, then sure no problem. But this is incredibly annoying when your a few hours into uploading your items, just to be told you now have to pay to continue. What a waist of time on my end. It would be helpful to know just how many items you can upload for the “free trial”. If your someone who really wants to organize their outfits daily, then yes this app would be worth it.
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6 years ago, Liv_y
Just what I was looking for!
I was looking for an app where I could just take pictures of my clothing and then make outfits with the individual pieces. So far this app seems great and I like it more than others. I noticed other apps make it complicated, or want you to pay more to do certain things. I found this app very simple and easy to create outfits. Although it does take a while to take a picture of each outfit I find it’s worth it.
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4 years ago, Novice a
Lower your blood pressure
Packing for travel is stressful. Especially when you are going to a different climate. This is the best app to visualize what you will need so that you don't forget the essentials. It also helps you leave the things you won't actually use. Schedule the time once to photograph your wardrobe and you'll never have to feel the stress or waste the time to hunt for or redesign your favorite your combinations ever again!
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4 years ago, squadleader166
I was kinda okay with the app until I realized how long it took to submit a piece of clothing. It took me a week working 3 hours a day to finish my closet, and that was just the pictures. But when I tried to submit them, I ran out of space. I really do like the layout of the app, but I spent all this time and now I will probably end up deleting the app because very few people only have 100 options in their entire closet. It’s too expensive to buy and it’s not even to buy for good. Thanks for the app, and I really would buy it if I could afford it. But most people aren’t loaded.
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1 year ago, Nick Name 6372
Cost money
I don’t have a lot of storage on my phone, so I had to go through and delete stuff in order to download this app. Once downloaded, it shows that I need to pay to actually be able to use the app. They have a free trial, but it’s only 7 days and then it automatically charges your card. I’m really annoyed because I went through and deleted stuff just to see it costs money and delete the app. If you want to pay for it, it’s probably a great app, but you can do nothing if you don’t want to pay.
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2 years ago, pendolino
Five stars for features
Super thoughtful feature deserve five stars. They just need a much better front end developer as the implementation is quite clunky compared to modern apps. I find it useful for people that have wardrobes in multiple places (digital nomads, etc) and for checking what you already own when shopping (including sizes and colours).
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4 years ago, Lau S.L
Cool but need a very important update
This app was almost perfect until I discovered that you cannot upload multiple clothes at the same time. With my huge closet is going to take me so much time to put item by item. It’ll be AMAZING if you guys can work on that option, so we don’t have to spend a lot of time putting all the stuff in this app. Thanks, any way is a good app to maintain your closet organized and get outfits ideas to look great everyday.
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4 years ago, ScillyG
Only get if you’re willing to pay for premium
Honestly would have been a great app if I had the money to drop on premium. You can only add up to 20 articles of clothing until you have to buy the premium subscription, which is $5 a month or $25 a year. Otherwise it has great functions for organizing your clothes like by color, season, weather, how often you wear it, and type of clothing (of which there are many different and specific descriptions).
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4 years ago, MinecfraftManiacSB
Impossible to Navigate
I made an account because I figured with the new school year and everything, I’d rather have a more organized closet, and have my outfits planned out to make my mornings a lot simpler. I had no clue this would a a social media app. I just wanted to have all my outfits planned out. That’s it- That’s why I tried to make a private account. But I couldn’t figure it out. Either that, or there is no way to make a private account which I don’t like at all. I don’t want random people seeing all my outfits
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3 years ago, SystemTwo
Not set up for nonbinary people
I just downloaded the app, and the functionality seems great. But onboarding forced me to choose between binary genders. I’m nonbinary, so that wasn’t a great experience. It left me feeling ostracized the instant I tried to use the app. That’s especially disappointing given how style can be so fraught for those of us who are nonbinary/genderqueer/trans, and this kind of app could offer us support. I’d love to see a third, nonbinary path added to the mix.
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11 months ago, Ethan Rauonni
Well job
I use this app every single day and it has become one of my favorites. I love its user interface, that it comes with a dark mode and how easy it is to find your clothes after you have added them.
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3 years ago, Hawklady1
Awful upgrade.
I don’t know what you all did but the new version is awful. I can’t see family members names or faces just 3 icons. I can’t filter on my stuff without creating myself as a new family member and moving everything. It’s not better AT ALL. It’s not as easy to upload new items. I hate to throw away $25 and have to start over with another app but that’s what I’m tempted to do. If I had downloaded this version initially, I definitely would not have subscribed.
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11 months ago, Rausa Ray
Well app
The perfect wardrobe organizer, no doubt about it! You can add your clothes easily and find them quickly afterwards. I highly recommend it to anyone having problems dealing with too many clothes.
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9 months ago, Cyntoni2
Top app
This is an extremely helpful piece of software for those people like me who have too many clothes and sometimes you just forget about some of the items you have.
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9 months ago, Dan Ivanko 56
Good app
I've been using it for almost a year and this is the best way to create new outfits using the clothes you already own. Highly recommended if this is what you're after.
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5 months ago, ,Donald,Ros,
This can actually help you save money because you have full knowledge of what you already have and avoid stuff that is similar to something you already have.
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12 months ago, B>Ovodu
Good job
In my opinion, this is the best wardrobe app for the iPhone. Adding and organizing your items is a simple process and from there you can access them quickly thanks to its search engine.
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2 years ago, bear_the_nerd
Very Useful
I really like this app. I tend to wear the same things over and over and this app helps me see everything and plan outfits. The 100 item limit is also helping me get rid of items I don't wear.
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4 years ago, Itzcryptic
Some small things to fix
This app is very good but I wish I could pick a darker color on the color wheel (like a dark red or dark green) and I wish I could manually pick the season ex: I want to pick all seasons but summer for an item.
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3 years ago, christywfla
Great response to app problem
Initially I couldn’t use the app on my older iPhone with a small screen but the developer fixed the glitch quickly! Excited to try the app now for my capsule wardrobe
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9 months ago, angmitch01
I never thought I would end up relying on this app so much, but the truth is that it is so convenient because it is much better than having to pull your clothes out from the closet.
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6 months ago, Deamer13/13
Nice 😌
It makes it easier to not only see what I own, but it also lets me plan ahead my outfits for the week. The interface is easy to use and very straightforward.
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11 months ago, Lahee1
This is an extremely helpful app for those people like me who have too many clothes and sometimes forget about some items you own.
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1 year ago, Konar Abbidaush
Great app
I'm one of those people with way too many clothes and I keep forgetting what I already own, so sometimes I end up buying similar items again. So thanks a lot for this.
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3 years ago, donaldR20
This is an easy way to get creative with the clothes you already own and change your style. It can also help you to be more organized with the statistics feature. I totally recommended it
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2 years ago, Jon Favertt969
Great job
This app is mind blowing for all the features it offers and because of how easy it is to use and set everything up. Definitely recommended.
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1 year ago, Ferfasd
Excellent tool for managing your closet, especially if you own too many items and there are times where you don't even remember all you have.
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2 years ago, Asyt RawenTryg
Great app
Even if you're not really into fashion you can still use this app because it'll save you time by giving you easy access to all your clothes.
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4 months ago, carrry190
Definitely it is worth the time you spend at first adding all your clothes. After that I've become much more efficient at managing my clothes.
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10 months ago, Sebastiann Klarkuif
Good app
I use this app to create new outfits using the clothes I already own and also to prevent buying items I already have or that are similar to them.
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3 years ago, Gowar Sandersen
Great 👍
After I spent several hours adding all my clothes I can now tell you it was definitely worth it. It's a great help if putting outfits together doesn't come naturally to you.
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6 months ago, Vezopol
Over the past few months I've tried several closet organizing apps and this one is definitely the best of its kind. I'd recommend it to everyone!
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1 year ago, Sara Gorstagy
This is a fantastic organizer and a great time saver, because once you have added all your clothes you'll see how easy it is to plan an outfit for each day.
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1 year ago, Extrang
After trying several closet management apps, I'd say this is the best one there is. Great to have, especially if you can't keep track of all the clothes you own.
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4 months ago, Unetha01
😎 like
What I like the most about this closet organizer is that it is much faster than the others and it comes with many more features.
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8 months ago, Tailler Kwin
Well app
I discovered this app just a couple of weeks ago but I have already recommended it to several of my friends and they're loving it too! Great app!
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9 months ago, Q.uent1
This is a perfect wardrobe organizer. I love the level of detail the app offers and that it comes with a built-in search engine to find everything faster.
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9 months ago, Eferd05
Superb 🫶🏿
This is a very powerful app to organize every piece of clothing you own. The fact that it comes with a search engine is what makes it so superior to similar apps.
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12 months ago, kavelll barety
Great job
I never thought I would benefit so much from this app when I first installed it. I don't know a better way to be more organized with your clothes.
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4 years ago, Not Understanding.
Great app, but needs improvement
I got this app thinking that it would be fun to have an outfit planner and to be able to not waist time choosing what to wear. I got the app and read the directions, but then when it went away, all that it was showing me was where I could buy the clothing and not where to take pictures of my clothing. I ended up deleting the app because of this.
Show more
3 years ago, Jacob Larkinson
If you would like to have an easy way to create new outfits from your clothes, this is a very useful tool for that. At least it has been for me.
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