Giana Sisters

4.5 (17)
326.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kaasa solution GmbH
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Giana Sisters

4.53 out of 5
17 Ratings
4 years ago, dom buford
Not a Glitch😂
For people saying that you can not beat the dragon because your fire balls don’t do any damage your wrong!😂 You can easily beat the dragon by stomping on it head not shooting it!. Also the game is a bit laggy at times so for the developers make the game free with in app currency and change it up not game wise but how it runs Thankyou!
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8 years ago, F.E.A.R.fan17
Amazing Update
The game is much more fluid with its animations and movements. The wall bug is gone now. The game looks like it got a much needed makeover, no problems to be found. Good job.
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4 years ago, 74247
I’m on the level with the dragon and I can’t get past it. It seems like there’s some sort of glitch because no matter how much I shoot it the level just runs out of time and doesn’t advance.
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8 years ago, mookpook
Now on Apple TV!!
My husband is thrilled this game is on Apple TV. It was one of his favorites on his old C64. However--it is not without glitches. Most annoying--during the level intro screens, the music abruptly cuts off. Hope this gets fixed soon.
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7 years ago, A3475
Somewhat boring...
Fun at first but gets kind of boring after awhile; a bit repetitive. Finding platformers on iOS that are worth your awhile are few and far between. Rely on a console to meet your needs rather than apps.
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4 years ago, ddominic122
Yo love this game y’all needa come back and update it for new gen iPhones like the x and 11 and pro max edition screens
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14 years ago, Coloursound
Awesome and makes me think...
Makes me think of the past. I am 33 years old and I was about 10 when I first played 'Super Mario Bros' and 'Alex Kidd in Miracle World'. Those were some of the greatest years of my life. My dreams were the size of the Universe, my stress level was non-existent, and I knew that every month a new issue of Electroic Gaming Monthly would show up in my mailbox. When it came to the magic of actually playing games, especially platformers, they really brought to life what video games were all about. If I had been able to pickup Gianna Sisters for Sega Master System, NES, or Atari Lynx - I most certainly would have! Think about the differences in video game history if this game was allowed the room to grow. Sure, there are similarities to the Plumber, but there are MANY games with similarities to the Plumber. Anyhow, Jumping ahead to now, this is a great game on a wonderful platform (The iPod has become my favorite gaming platform!) I would rate the graphics somewhere between 16 and 32 bit style games. They look great. The gameplay is awesome. The sound and music - Money! This game is 5 stars all the way and recommended to ALL gamers. To all of those 13-17 year old gamers out there - This game is the type of game that was at the top for us who lived through the 80's gaming. Appreciate where we were and gladly still going (as many things are timeless - As are the Gianna Sisters!)
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1 year ago, joergkurtwegner
Controller support
Please add controller support
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11 years ago, SgtCrispy
What happened to 2.0???
Yikes, what a disappointment. Don't upgrade to 2.0! I haven't run it yet on my 5th gen iPod touch, but on my 4th gen this version is filled with graphical glitching, horrendous slowdown, crashes, and quite frankly the new menu system is rather dull and boring. New high res graphics for retina displays? Well the game looks crappy on the 4th gens RETINA display. Also what is the$1.99 Level pack? Extra levels? A sneaky way to unlock original game levels? More info please!! The awesome intro story and opening level? Gone. Oh and your game progress? Say bye bye to that as well. It appears that the game is under new management. Which seems to the root of the problem. Thanks for breaking a already perfect game. :(
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14 years ago, macnlz
Best Mario-style game for the iPhone!
This game has proven to be great fun! I've played off and on for a few months now, and the levels are getting harder at a rate that works really well with the speed at which I am mastering the controls. There are secret places, cute animations, and fun extras. In some ways, this game has more character than Super Mario does. Addendum: I just finished level 6-9. It's not that hard if you find the secret bonus level a few levels before, and use it to stock up on lives. And you won't hit your head if you jump less high. :)
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11 years ago, Punkindrublik
Great game but still needs work
I love the game now that you've fixed the issue with it not saving game data when it's closed out. But you still need to work on some things... Personally I don't care about the few minor visual issues like the lines in the water etc. My issue is with having to pause the game to answer my phone or something & when I come back I have to reopen the game & start the level over, usually losing the "punk Giana" which on some levels is a real pain. Another big issue is with the maps freezing up & I constantly have to quit the game, close the app & then reopen. A few times I had to do a phone reboot for the game to work again. Also level 9-1 is all kinds of screwed up. It's very very slow & choppy. Bad enough it's unplayable. Fix these few things & add more levels... I'd give you 5 stars. Here's a hint for everyone... Since you can go to any level in the game whenever you want, if you need extra lives, go to level 1-3. It's an easy level & there are close to 200 crystals to get extra lives. I would play that level over & over to stockpile extra lives lol.
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12 years ago, Bryanambition
This game rocks!!
Admittedly, I got this game because it was recommended by a few tech blogs as a viable substitute to Mario, but 3 stages into playing it, I love it on its own! The gameplay is interesting, just the right amount of challenging to keep you engaged, and it's looooong! The graphics are awesome and the enemies are fun! The L-R controls are the best I've ever had in this type of game, as well as the control you have over positioning the player. I wish I could give it 10 stars!
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10 years ago, Duke313
Still fun to play but...
I prefer the older version as far as the loading screen, the graphics, and the size of the characters...the game characters seems smaller since the update...also the loading screens are plain and boring now with no animations why fix something that's not broken...plz change it back to how it was... if this is how it have to be because its optimized for the iPhone 5 screen I would rather it not be optimized for my iPhone 5...also the game has tares in the background and the attack detection for the fireballs are way off the fire doesn't even touch the enemy and the enemy dies before the fireball even touch them...please fix and I will rate the game higher...why fix something that is not broken at all...smh
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10 years ago, missus d
Tons of fun but glitches ruin it.
I love to give this app five stars but there are a couple of things that keep me from doing that. One the transition from level to level requires that you go to a map and select the level you want. Which sort of brings me to my primary complaint which is if you play a level and you decide to go back to replay the map gets frozen and you wind up getting stuck. The only way to fix this is if you beat the level that you were currently on. The only way I can do that is by playing it over and over but with the map frozen I can't do that. I can only play the level one time and then after I die I can't select anything. Really frustrating please fix this
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14 years ago, RebeccaRGB
From your newest Giana fan :)
I want to thank you for recruiting me into the Cult of Giana. :) I've only gotten to the 8th level of the iPhone version and the 3rd level of the original C64 version but I'm already in love with this. :) Now I just need to get a Nintendo DS and to import the DS version into the US at three times the regular cost and my newest obsession will be complete. :) Everyone who likes platformers should get this; you won't regret it!
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14 years ago, elleit
LOVE the game, new version 1.0.2 crashes though!
OK, so i absolutely LOVE this game..... it reminds me of playing Mario back in the day.... the only problem is since I downloaded the update, it crashes - a lot. I had no problems before the update. I am halfway through the game, and would like to finish out all the levels. Please fix! I've turned my phone off and back on again and it didn't solve the problem - after a fix it's definitely a 5 star app!
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10 years ago, AZ Yote
Ohhh no.... what did you do..??? (Updated again)
Update 5: Version 2.2.1, performance is still garbage compared to 1.x. Been recycling the same accurate review for 14 months now, shocked you guys even bother to update. Same ol' review with present day revisions: Version 2.2.1, same. Absolutely terrible support, performs nothing at all like the 1.x.x versions. Or the 2009 Nintendo DS game for that matter. Frame rate issues, animations and loading screens/transitions are rough, and upon closer inspection graphical artifacts exist such as lines/gaps between sprites (see 1st retro level for example.) Versions 1.x played flawlessly on my iPhone 5; 2.x has just been unplayable for me (under iOS 6, 7, and now 8.) Really don't see the point of these updates if all they do is break what used to work. Clearly this wasn't ready to be updated and yet you release it anyway, unoptimized and untested; this is greatly concerning to me. I had hopes it would improve, but 14 months later I'm convinced you really just don't care. Not a good game plan for success.
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14 years ago, mighty adam
For all Mario fans. Giana was made not to compete with Mario, but make it an alternative for non nintendo devices. Let's face it. Mario will never show up in the app store. Don't complain. My first Giana experience was on C64. I loved it. Thumbs up to the dev here. New levels are great and the experience is good (the game could be more difficult like Mario) but overall it's nice. Classic levels is neat addon for those who finish the game :-)
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14 years ago, rasmusj78
A renewed Classic!!
If you love 2D Jum'N'Run games like me, then this game will fit your gaming collection very nicely. I remember when I played the original over 20 years ago on my Commodore 64, it was a great inspired Mario gaming with a "twist", instead of two brothers, you here play the two sisters. With excellent graphics and simple and brilliant very customized controlling, this games is well worth $4.99. So go and grab it, because you will not regret it. And if you like me also own an iPad, it will just be even better, because soon there will be a HD version ready for you to down. - RasmusJ, 2010.
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8 years ago, coachmac15
Someone please help!!!!
This game has 2 major glitches... Every time I get in the bubble gum ball, as soon as it gets to the top of my screen, the game crashes. The second glitch, on two of the boards, if I lost a life, it would take me to the beginning of the screen but lost 2 lives instead of 1!!! I'd give it 5 stars otherwise! But at the moment I'm stuck at a level and can't use the bubble because the game crashes. I'm stuck at world 4, level 3! Please help!
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14 years ago, AddictArts
Poor controls and level design hold this one back
I thiught an update would help, but the small controls ruin the experience. Did they actually play the game. I miss a ground pound and wall jump. I also don't like level difficulty controlled by making jumping nearly impossible. By this I mean a low ceiling and your player hits the head and falls to your death. A game mechanic should make it harder not poor level design. I wanted to like this game and played it for hours, but you should skip it.
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14 years ago, motomark610
To the makers of this are truly brilliant! This game is better than ANY of the super mario brothers combined. I've beat the game & can't wait to see what's next!! Everyone I've showed this game too has purchased it & is addicted!!! Thank you guys sooo much for all the're the best!!!
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14 years ago, NikolasMason
Fun and simple
I bought this blindly having never heard of it before, and I must say it was well worth the price. It's similar to Mario but unique enough to feel like a fresh experience. It does get laggy from time to time, but other than that it works good enough. I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys side scrolling platformers.
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14 years ago, brian.mcgroarty
Constant death from problematic controls
Like others have said - this is an extremely promising game. But the jump button is really, really, really unreliable. Even standing in place and repeatedly tapping jump, it will frequently miss on both my iPad and iPhone 4. For a platformer, this is a deal breaker. I've finished every Mario and Sonic platformer, and even Giana on the Amiga (I recognize the tunes!). But I can barely get through the easiest level without the controls killing me.
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12 years ago, NW0725
First time I've ever played this game, nothing overt about it but the aesthetic feels '80s to me anyway. Like watching "gremlins": the pacing is slow, and the characters fantastical.... Early levels are easy (so far), not a lot of extra bells and whistles. Not the most addictive game in the app store but that's part of the charm.
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14 years ago, printgeek75
not the best iPhone platform game
Controls need some help, and some of the sound effects need cleaning up, but my biggest complaint is load times! If i'm going to wait several seconds it should be for the game to start, not ANOTHER splash screen. There needs to be a way to turn off the info splash screen between levels.
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14 years ago, RossSpencer
Perfect port from DS!
I imported this game on DS from Germany for $90 but still got this because I love Giana sisters! PERFECT PORT! Although, if you could could please move the fire button from jump button because I keep pressing fire instead of jump and I keep dying!
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14 years ago, CreachaFeacha
Good, not great
Are there supposed to be sound effects as well as music? I can't hear any, and can't find a toggle switch to turn 'em on. The lack of SFX really takes away from the immersion in the game. The music, but the way, is kinda awful, but you can use your own playlists instead. Also, the frame rate is sucking huge on my 3G.
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14 years ago, unbrokenchain33
Needs work
Controls should be tweaked for efficiency. If you get a text or call mid game it has to load all over again. If you die then you just start where you leave off. This makes game too easy. Takes too much battery life due to loading after messages. Please make fixes and game will be great Wayyyy too easy to hit your head on the ceiling and kill yourself!
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12 years ago, Tobor2000
Blast from the past
Used to play the original as a little kid on the family C64. This is a great port of a great classic. For anyone who played and love the original, this is a MUST BUY! For anyone new, this is a awesome platformer with solid controls.
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14 years ago, sulloc1
Great Classic
Enjoyed the remake on the DS, glad to see it handles so well on the iPhone. Simple gameplay, but never gets boring. Including the original game is a great touch too! All in all, definitely worth the purchase.
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14 years ago, BradyOwen's Mom
Crash crash crash
First of all, I somehow accidentally bought the the iPod version instead of the iPad, so I'm having to play to play scaled up for five bucks. Secondly this game crashes every single rime I try to use the fire button. Every. Single. Time. So now my five dollar scaled up game is unplayable. Great. Looks like a fun game, though.
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14 years ago, JJstar
Not Bad
Why such a big deal with level 6-9? I didn't have any trouble. Don't press the jump button so hard. The touch pad responds to how hard you press jump. I mean, the controls are a bit tough to manage. That's why 4 out of 5 stars.
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14 years ago, AviSquires86
Great Old School Fun
This game is really fun. I usually get bored with this genre of games but this one has held my interest. Perhaps that's because it's the most Mario-esq platformer available on the iPhone. I'd def recommend this game to others!
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14 years ago, Review629
I bought this on the recommendation here & I don't regret it. There are some small bugs, it does freeze in certain areas but it does a good job of saving too. Worth the 2.99 for it 
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14 years ago, Metalwario
Simply Awesome
I've only played now for a half hour, and I love it! The game reminds me so much of playing one of those Mario games. It kinda has that New Super Mario Bros feel to it. If you like Mario, I highly suggest this game. Well worth the price!
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14 years ago, LaRicanaqt
Love it
It's so much fun! Not too hard so u don't get frustrated, it is a bit laggy from time to time but maybe it's just mine. I'm just hoping it's not short, I having got far yet.
Show more
14 years ago, Ladidee65
Love this game!!!
I've been waiting for a game like this. I'm old school and one of my favorite games is Mario bros and this game resembles it so much I no longer miss not being able to play it on my iphone. Yahoo!!!!! Thanks!!!
Show more
13 years ago, meburton
A Classic!
If you want Mario, this is better than what you are looking for. Great graphics and good controls. My best purchase since Angry Birds. Definitely recommended!
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14 years ago, Sweaver383
Freezes a lot
It freezes a lot and the controls do not always register when you touch them. Other than that, great game.
Show more
14 years ago, bdjace
Nice Job
This game is very fun to play. It is simple but still offers quite a bit of content. If you like platformers this is one of the best.
Show more
14 years ago, Evadeel
Outstanding Game
I'm loving this game. It has classic 2d gameplay with smooth animation and beautiful graphics. The controls are initially odd, but you do get used to it. I wish the iPhone had more games like these.
Show more
14 years ago, Turboboy 68
Really Nice Game
This game is great. I'm not a big platformer fan but I really like this game. Mario or platform gamers should without a second guess buy this game.
Show more
14 years ago, Gebodragon
Great game
Great game but need option to have sound effects only with no music. Also would be good if playlists could be saved.
Show more
11 years ago, Wolfkin88
Pretty cool
Needs a little work and had I known before I wouldn't have paid $5 for it. However that said its a fun game with multiple levels to challenge you.
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14 years ago, Leighster
I liked this game up until level 6-9. I cannot pass it because she hits her head every time I try to jump down. I have no idea how to pass it.
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14 years ago, noBody Quinn
Great Game but...
I love this game. I wish it was known more and a part 2 was being made. However the button needs to be better. A lot of times when you die it'll be because of the buttons. The jump button is too small. And it need a directional pad.
Show more
11 years ago, Jbason84
Jessica Bason
I would love to play the game, I bought it and it was going to install but now the app just continually says waiting. It won't download. If there is anything you can tell me to help it would be appreciated and I will give you a good rating. Ridiculous you pay $5 for something that won't work and free apps work all the time.
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12 years ago, Surgeworks
Crashes on iPad
I'd love the game, but it has been a long time and no update to fix a crash on iPad 2 running iOS 5.0.1 -- the game force closes when tapping on the fireball button.
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11 years ago, justgivein
It took them close to a year before they updated to the 4-inch display. Now the controls are useless. The buttons take 5-6 taps to register. I paid $5 when this first came out and now it's garbage. I wish I could get a refund for the developers ruining a good game.
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