Gin Rummy Best Card Game

4.6 (209.1K)
120.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Gin Rummy Best Card Game

4.55 out of 5
209.1K Ratings
3 years ago, alexi_9999
Really Great Game
I’ve had this game for awhile. Played a lot of games. You have created a game that is easy, not a lot of junk just gin, and it is the best! It never freezes, doesn’t mess up just clean game play. Fun fun fun. I’ve learned how to play pretty good using this game. Best of all I wasn’t trying to be a great player but it’s the game it makes you good. 😎. So you can see I am an avid fan. (Read below to see why you are the only gin game for me) When you play lots of games you begin to notice things that I’m learning have to do with “AI.” Oh I got upset a few times. Earlier today I lost it & deleted the app. After going through the App Store for hours reading about all the gin rummy games I finally Downloaded a new gin game. It wasn’t great so I ended up deleting it. I did the download delete over & over for a few hours & decided I had messed up deleting this game. Somehow I didn’t see this game. I looked up recovering your game to my phone. Eh not easy but it is doable but a mess to do. I came back to App Store & started looking for this game again. Finally I saw the icon I had clicked on so many times — Yes! You are back on my phone. This is the best gin game ever. Thank you
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3 years ago, Dan10005
Not a balanced game
The good news is that I have gotten better at playing this game because of the app. The VERY bad news is how lopsided the deals are. I agree with other is astounding how often the system has gin or knocks within being dealt the first 2 or 3 cards. I have played enough games to know this isn’t is definitely tilted towards the house. The other thing that sticks out is how often the system gets dealt a ton of low cards and I get high cards (all random so no chance of melding). About every 4th day I seem to get dealt all the good cards and have the advantage. My stats are actually pretty good. Why? Because I stop playing when the system can’t lose....80% of the time. On the days/times I get good cards....I keep playing. Needs a LOT of work. Yes AI is better than me....but that isn’t the issue here....the system is tilted severely towards itself. Updating this review. I paid close attention over the last couple of days exactly how cards were dealt. The dealer won at least 10 hands within 3 cards while I did it once. It especially seems to happen after it loses a couple of hands and feels like it needs to catch up. I don’t believe anyone would design a game to do that but how do you explain it. It is the most frustrating app I have ever unbalanced it isn’t even funny.
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3 years ago, diver127
Game is no good now.
For what ever reason they have decided to put a continue and new game choice after 80% of the time which takes forever so you can play your next hand. Takes way to long. My advice go to a different game by a different maker. With all the bad reviews you would think the developer would try to correct these problems or at least address the very people that play his game and at least explain what he is trying to do to fix the game so it has a more level playing field. Just another cheap internet game.
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2 years ago, Shalliepat
Watch your advertisers and the ads.
I can handle the unbalanced dealing of cards, with the odds very much slanted in favor of the house, which really is an honest issue. I get very angry when they sponsor pop-ups that actually lie to us saying that our device will not work anymore unless we clean it because it is full. It seems to be from the game as there is no heading. I have complained about this before, but they have yet to even acknowledge my complaint, much less address it. Until about a year ago, I really enjoyed this game and I believed it was the best, but then the ads that lie and try to intimidate you into using something you know nothing about began. There is no way this can be true in my situation… It seems the ad is trying to gain access to your device under false pretenses. PLAYER BEWARE! Also, the ads often use more time than the play. Often I just move on to another game or version.
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6 years ago, Handigal
Pay to Remove Ads
Enjoy the game and can only give 1 instead of 5 stars. I paid $4.99 to remove the ads; while they are not on my iPad, they have not been removed on my iPhone. I have deleted and reinstalled the app. If you have to pay $4.99 per device (shame on me if I missed this stipulation), then I rate with 0 stars. Am I missing something? Would like to contact these folks, I cannot see where I can do so. They don’t seem to read these reviews and haven’t contacted me to explain. Also don’t understand why my review is posted by “HandiGal” as this is not my handle. This game is a complete scam. I emailed these folks asking to explain why you have to pay $4.99 for no ads PER DEVICE!!! Also, they reuse cards in every game. For example, you will see 7 kings played in one game. This has happened every single time; I have stopped keeping track of duplicate cards. DO NOT USE THIS APP, EVEN IF YOU USE THE FREE VERSION. I have never rated an app, but felt the need to do so with this app.
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2 years ago, SamQTU
Undercuts and gin and win little
I enjoy the game but it seems that every time you hit knock no matter if you only played 2 or 3 card’s to get to knock or 10 or more cards 90% of the time you get undercut. I don’t know how many times in the short time I played I knocked with 1 point left and I still got under cut. It’s to the point you don’t want to knock because you will get undercut but if you don’t it will call gin on you which either way you lose that hand. As far as you calling gin when you get to they may have anywhere between 1 and 5 points in hand. I played around 20 games so far and won 4. I don’t mind not winning much I expect not to it’s just that way with these games are but getting undercut when you knock almost most of the time is a little ridiculous.
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4 years ago, dumbleoverdrive
Please stop the program from cheating!!
If you play this app a lot, you will notice a lot of cheating and glitches happen in the program, especially when playing against the iPhone player/program. The cards are not shuffled evenly, one player invariably gets mostly high cards and the other player mostly low cards which leads to an almost immediate knock, and then it switches players after a while of this. This happens so much more frequently than it does in real play with real cards. The iPhone player/program always knows your cards and what cards are coming so it can cheat. The iPhone player almost gets gin first, almost always right when you are about to get gin and your last needed card is up; this happens so often it must obviously be a glitch. These obvious cheats and glitches become predictable and the fun of the game is lost.
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3 years ago, ANek72
Don’t waste your time
If you prefer to play what I call knock rummy over gin rummy, by all means download. You will rarely get gin because the bot knocks almost every time. Miraculously the bot almost always has the random card you need. I have even had several games where the bot never even allows me to draw one card, as it knocks after the first draw. I had been playing gin rummy with live opponents, but grew tired of all the extra comments and interactions between players as well as sometimes they would be very slow players and it would take a long time to get through a game. However, I am going back to that game because at least I get to play. PS the ads after every hand gets old. I think the bot knocks early to force you to watch ads, since they are after every hand. When you play to 100 and they are knocking it typically takes several hands to get to 100.
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4 years ago, Tyo84
Great game but...
I was torn whether to give this 3 or 4 stars. I really like the game play, the interface is user friendly. I spent the $5 to remove ads and I’m not mad about it. What I don’t like is the fact that the game is not set up 50/50. I’m not sure what the point is but there are quite a few things I’ve noticed that I’m not going to list. The most notable, and irritating one, is that just today the computer has discarded the one card I needed for gin before calling gin or big gin against me in 15 of 30 games. Sure a couple of those were knocks, not gin, but that just shows that the a.i. “predicts” your card with that much accuracy. If the game was more fair this would be an easy 4-5 stars.
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4 years ago, C.hoffman1997
If I could rate this game at 0, I would. There are many duplicate cards, the A.I seems to get Gin after 1 round many times if you out smart it a few times in a row, this game is annoying as you can NEVER maintain good statistics because the A.I HAS to win. You can’t go on a winning streak without it doing this. The only way this game is enjoyable is by outsmarting the A.I, which is pretty hard to do because they will throw 7 Kings but still manage to have 4🤦🏼‍♀️ and screw the producers of this game for even making something like this. This game shouldn’t be available any longer. This needs to be taken off and either never put back on, or fix your MAJOR flaws. PS: i’ve created games like this before and you don’t “accidentally” create something like this. this was designed to win consistently due to the deck basically being loaded. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Glenn45040
Fun but tiresome
You are playing a computer who knows what you are holding. The computer also controls what you draw. If the computer needs a card it simply gives the card to you and you discard it. I don’t believe you draw random cards. The computer lets you win to keep it interesting,,,but knowing that takes the thrill out of winning. For awhile it would just give itself great hands and go down low every time after a draw or two. Now the games are longer but somehow the computer always goes out or down with the discard which would put you out. Too many time to be coincidental. Why these types of games can’t be genuinely random (cards or dice) I don’t understand. But they aren’t.
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3 years ago, Ginologist
A true test
Yes, this version is hard to beat, it’s AI after all. Unless you’re a memory expert, it definitely has the upper hand. I’ll admit that it sometimes seems to be cheating, or even taunting you with plays that look that way; I’m certainly not inside the head of the developers. If your looking to play a game to just relax and have fun it may not be for you. However, if you want to improve your gin game, I highly recommend it. If you play it for a while, just like a human opponent, you can get a feel for the strategy it uses and definitely compete.
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4 years ago, Ari5885
Absolutely cheating and one sided disappointed!
Well I actually got this app some time ago and have played it on occasion until recently, and have been playing this daily. I can’t believe how this app has such great reviews! It’s completely one sided and the house almost always wins! And on the rare occasion you do win the points you receive compared to the house is beyond ridiculous! Seriously it’s comical! If you win you’ll get 3-11 points when the house gets 65+ points! I can’t tell you how many hands I’ve played and after literally me picking up one card the house has Gin! ONE CARD?!?! I’ve been playing gin for a long time and consider myself a decent player. This app is seriously a joke. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time downloading it! Find an app that there’s a somewhat level playing field.
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5 years ago, Miss Rebekah's Gramma
I love playing cards
I love playing cards and rarely have someone around with which to play. I’ve always enjoyed Gin (especially when I win) this game allows me to sharpen my skills without losing match sticks. The only thing I might change is when I tap a card to discard I would like it if it would pop up so I could see it above the other cards a bit and give me a one chance to change my mind. However, this way you learn to be more careful. A fun way to pass the time. I highly recommend.
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3 years ago, Squirrels_Nest
Not 100% ad free!!
The description states this is 100% ad free, free play. This is false. After each hand you have to wait for an ad. You can opt to pay $4.99 for the the game to truly be ad free. Pay up front for the game, it’s worth it! It’s a great game, yet the ads are 100% annoying!! I am happy to pay for an app knowing the developers need to get paid for the work they do. Put the cost up front or do a 3 game limit before giving option to keep playing with ads or pay $4.99. That would be much better. I would pay up front.
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4 years ago, C2Ctraveler
Great game! Glad I found it!
Love this game. Some of the ads are a little annoying but I actually clicked on a couple of the ads and found some other games and exercise apps that I like. I just wish the app would allow players the option to let aces “wrap”. Example, with this app aces can only be used as ones. I’ve played gin rummy games online that let you use aces as ones and also in combination with queens and kings. Maybe the designer can add this option. If so, the app would be perfect.
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4 years ago, Jsteeler5287
Overall decent game
I never played Gin rummy before and the game had a quick learning curve. The gameplay is fast. I could be wrong but I think the computer catches on the better you get. I’ll win a few hands and then lose a few hands. I’ve gotten my share of big Gins, undercuts, and regular Gins and vice versa. The game force closes a lot but opens up quickly right back to the game at hand. Some of the adds can’t be exited out of so you have to close the app and restart it sometimes, but again it open back up to the game at hand pretty quickly. The better I get the tougher the game gets.
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2 years ago, Bender11715
Just Like Every Other Game…
…it cheats when it wants to to beat you. I’ve played this game with real cards and real people long enough to know when I’m being taken advantage of. Nobody I play in the real world can pull off what this game is doing to you when you play it. So if you don’t mind a game that cheats to beat you and you just need a time killer to keep your skills up, this is the game for you. Game play is really good, but you can tell who’s gonna win every game before it starts. I can only give this game a 4 because of that reason.
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5 years ago, iamJohnBamber
Fun if you don’t care about actual rules
If you really enjoy the game of Gin Rummy, and you don’t care about the actual gameplay and actual rules, this is the app for you. I have seen other posters mention that the game cheats. That is quite the understatement. I have never had a big gin, I have only gone gin maybe three times since I’ve been playing this game for the past few months. I am constantly undercut, and I have never undercut the other player. This is not an equally balanced game. However, the design and execution of the game are well done, which is why I said if you don’t care about the scoring or whether or not you win, and just want to practice the mechanics, this is not a bad one to play.
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4 years ago, Cliftonev
“Self adjusting” feature is disapponting
Great game but disappointed to read that the level of play of the computer automatically adjusts to my level of play. That means I can never know whether I’m getting better or worse, and I won’t know when and how much the computer is intentionally overlooking opportunities and letting me win. I would love it if the developers would allow me to opt out of the self adjusting feature and instead select computer opponents with standard levels of play so that I can measure my progress. Notwithstanding the self adjusting features I have enjoyed the game for many hours. Very well done otherwise.
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5 years ago, IndyHorseLover
Cheating Ads!
I would have given this app more stars but 5/6 of the ads cheat you and do not stop at their expired times! They keep running, and running, and running, and running! Nothing gets me as angry as waiting through the visual countdown for the end of the ad and for the ”X” to finally appear then when it inevitably does and you click on it then NOTHING HAPPENS! The dumb ad keeps on going a full minute or two more! If it happened once I get there can be glitches, but when the majority of the ads all do the same thing then it is NOT accidental, it is deliberate. Makes me feel like who ever is in charge of this app thinks I’m an idiot and I won’t realize that they’re doing it! Sorry, I’m not that stupid and you can keep this app for someone else who IS!
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5 years ago, Qbastian
Decent but way one-sided
This is a decent app with good interface and gameplay, if you don’t mind the game favoring the house 90% of the time. More often than not, the house knocks after drawing two or three cards, but your hand is never strong enough to knock so soon. Also, cards from the deck seem consistently high at the start of each hand (lots of face cards) and are often grouped (e.g. three or four Jacks show up in a row), and you rarely draw cards lower than a five from the deck. It definitely doesn’t feel random; after you play for a while, you can start predicting the cards you’re going to be dealt.
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3 years ago, Mmgfyc
If you enjoy playing with a mirror behind you, this is the game for you
It is very clear that the computer can see every card in your hand and will hold out needed cards even if none of the cards in the run have ever been flashed or shown. The only time it appears to be blind is when it knocks so you can win successfully if you can get undercuts without giving it a gin. I have tried to understand statistically why the computer is making certain decisions and nothing makes sense other than it knows all of the cards that you are holding. Certainly ups the difficulty but in a really annoying and unrealistic way. I liked the old version better.
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1 year ago, vortex44
very lopsided in dealers favor
I am no beginner. I have been playing gin all my life for the better part of 45 years and I have played several computer based gin games. that's sad while the user interface is very good it is extremely biased toward the app. Never have I seen anyone in real life get that many genes are not that quickly with a one there's just no way if the cards were truly randomly shuffled and dealt that the app would win that often. it seems like this is also verified by the number of people that have complained about the same thing. Why do you have to ruin what could be and great game I biasing it towards the app? Makes your ratings and reviews questionable.
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5 years ago, @kcl
High caliber AI engine
I have read that this game cheats. I believe it does not. Instead, I think it takes advantage of missed opportunities by the human players and, when confronted by players who learn from their mistakes, loses as well. I have gotten to 50-50 with several big gins in my first several days of playing. I shifted to this game from one I beat regularly that appeared to break up its own melds sometimes for no good reason. It has made me a more conservative, and, in the process, a better player.
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3 years ago, Racket Player
Formerly One of My Favorites
I have played this game for a ling time, free version with ads. The authors are welcome to whatever revenue they generate from ads so I can play free. However, recently the ads have become obtrusive, to the point that I must shut the game down and reopen it in order to close down the ads. The “x” to close the ad is so small, it will not close and goes to the app page. It’s a game, I don’t have to play, so I won’t. No more ad revenue from me.
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6 years ago, Alive_Forever
Fortunately, when the app reopens, the game picks up right where it left off. But it crashes about every other game, usually, right in the middle of play. Nice interface—could be a great game. Instead, it's just ridiculously annoying. And the ads are the same, over and over. Guess what: I'm not gonna buy it, no matter how much you shove it down my throat. Pro tips: do a better job at randomizing the shuffle; it's far too predictable, unrealistic, and stacked. And give more control to players, to make their own lay offs, order their own hands, and just play the game like we would in real life. This is far too robotic. Overall experience: negative and unpleasant.
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4 years ago, tennesseestrait
Don’t even bother with this game
If I had not already paid to stop the ads, I would have already deleted. This is designed to let you win 1 or 2 games a day, the rest of the games are won by IPad or whatever devices. Usually by the 2nd deal, the computer wins. Sometimes, it wins on the first play. I have never given a bad rating on an app, but this one is too terrible not to warn other people. My advice to others, don’t download this game.
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4 years ago, Speed Lover 27495739
Do NOT download or buy!!
At first I thought the game just happened to be slightly tweaked. After playing countless hands, this game is definitely set to read your cards prior and always has gin/big gin right before you. EVERY time. And I have never been undercut when I will literally only have an Ace and they always happen to have one as well. I started going back into the hand at the end of the game and the hand displayed by the house doesn’t even have the cards there that it never discarded. They just poof into thin air. This game cheats so blatantly and it just isn’t fun. I’m deleting and downloading a better one that has a 50/50 odds and not the 90/10 towards the house that this one is set up for. Terrible game.
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5 years ago, Fed Up with Pop Ups
Ads that can’t be exited
So you’ll be playing and get to the end of rounds and the Bingo Blitz ad will appear. Ok it’s an ad so it’s annoying, but no big deal right? WRONG! I’m not paying $4.99 to get rid of ads. From what I read it wouldn’t help much with that. But seriously, you allow an ad on your game that can’t be closed down without completely exiting your game? Yeah there’s no “x” on it. No timer. No amount of time that it can be left open and it goes away if you can close it, it takes your game so over! To get rid of it your ap must be exited and restarted. Then if that isn’t bad enough, it shows up several rounds in a row! Do you guts have some sort of ad removal kick back scheme going with that apps developer?
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4 years ago, coschkev
This game is not consistent
I play this game a lot and never won, at first I thought that I was bad at this game, which I have been playing since I was 8 and I am 35! Well when I would consistently win hands and only get 8 9 10 points and somehow would always loose to huge hands. Well there undercut bonus is never given to me. The only time I have gotten a bonus is when I got a gin or big gin. The computer gets it every time he wins a hand I took a photo of a hand I knocked with 7 points computer had 16 nope no bonus very next hand, computer knocks with 10 points I had 13 gets the bonus and ends the series!!! If you truly know how to play this game don’t download it.... not worth it even free
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3 years ago, MusicDenied
Too perfect
This game makes you play against the best statistical calculations of a computer. Which means, besides the part of Rummy that depends on luck or chance, the computer will always play a perfect game that statistically will give the computer a higher chance of winning. The human player invariably will make mistakes, and is usually not able to compute what move is statistically better. Consequently, playing this game is terribly frustrating. It’s not like playing another human player. This thing will statistically win against even the best player. It needs to be humanized to be pleasant to play against.
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2 years ago, Gambler33!
Fun game but dubious dealing
I enjoy the game but too often the computer goes out within 1-3 cards drawn. You would think I would have similar “luck” but no. It also apparently knows what not to discard even though it should have no idea what cards I have (drew them from deck or was dealt them. Of course 9 times out of 10 it discards what you need just as it goes out.
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6 years ago, BadBiatch2015
Definitely NOT 4.5 stars
I initially liked this app, but it has become frustrating to play. The ads are shown after every hand, which might not be so bad if the AI didn't knock during every hand and sometimes after only 1-2 cards have been played. Also, the reward screen that pops up after each game telling me I have gotten a "challenge" gift is pointless and annoying since I have no idea what it does. There is no option for levels of play and no statistics are kept on wins and losses. Additionally, you do not have the option of choosing your own combinations which has ruined my strategy on many occasions. I'm deleting this app and finding a better game.
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2 years ago, jakthenyf
Absolutely one of the worst
Terrible play. Unable to compete with the iPhone player. Draws nearly every card you discard and knocks after less than 5 draws. The cards you get are not suited for your hand cards and seldom do you have even a chance to win. Waste of fricken time. If you enjoy losing nearly every hand then this is the game for you. Maybe you fricken numbskulls that wrote this game could make some changes to give players more than 1 in 25 chance to win!!! 9 straight games the iPhone had first draw and 7 of those 9 the game was over in 5 or less draws. Nearly impossible to win. Maybe 1 in 10 would be nice!!!
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7 years ago, jakevogel
Want the developer to know three things: a) there is a small chance that I will click on a silent ad that pops up between hands, b) there is a smaller chance, hardly any, that I will click on an ad that pops up in the middle of a hand, and c) there is absolutely zero chance, none, ever, that I will click on a noisy, obnoxious ad that pops up and can't be stopped for 15 long obnoxious seconds. Realize that I am usually playing the game while I am, um, "sitting down", sometimes at work. Do I want anything noisy popping up that can't be stopped? Would you?
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2 years ago, krf1987
Great Potential
The game has the potential to be a great time killing game, but like SO MANY other have stated it’s rigged so heavily against you it’s just frustrating. The statistic impossibilities are endless and never in your favor. The scoring really makes me mad too. No matter how well you do you’ll never be able to score as many points as the “bot” does when you win. The bonuses the bot achieves when it wins are unattainable by the player when you win. You’ll be forever chasing the one card that the bot tosses away just as it calls gin. Don’t waste your time on this one, it’ll just leave you angry and cursing the developers.
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5 years ago, Sara Raynor
Pretty good
So I am confused because what doe knock, big gin, and gin I mean and what's the difference but over all it’s pretty good you also should be able to put your three cards down not just hold them in the game you should also you shouldn’t just be able to take the top card in the stack be able to take any cards I also think there should be a undo and redo button but over all it is awesome also IDK what all the scores are because IDK what all those numbers are at the end of the game.
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4 years ago, VaFJax
Would have rated higher BUT . . .
I have played this game for some time and have enjoyed it. Unfortunately, recently the ads have no volume control at all. This disturbs people around me when I’m trying to play the game. Most ads have the ability to turn off the sound without having to turn off the sound for the game entirely. Very disappointed with this. Ads are necessary, but they don’t have to be disturbing!
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6 years ago, Sophisticated Critic
Not all these reviews are fair
Some of the other reviews are wrong, at least with regard to version 1.0.15. Yes, there are a lot of ads. Usually one per hand. Most are short and can be deleted in a few seconds. But some are longer and excessively noisy. The app is stable. It has never crashed on me. I have played 400 games and I only recently took up the game. So I am no expert. But I have won 54% of my games and 61% of my hands. The game is not stacked against the house. Sometimes the house gets a gin in 2 or 3 draws, but so have I. I tend to knock as soon as I can, which may not be the best strategy. But I have also won a game when the house got to 100 first, because I won so many hands. I have never seen 7 Kings in one game or naked ads. Can’t swear it hasn’t happened. But for the excessive ads, it’s a good app.
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3 years ago, pokjdjd
Too Many long ads
This was a good game but now there are way too many advertisements. The advertisements seem to be over one minute long and even at times they’re longer than that and you have to clear the game on your screen and start over. I am now looking for a different game possibly one that I can purchase
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4 years ago, BJP44
This was one of the best Gin Rummy games on line - until the updates. The game was unaffected but the ads are now 30 seconds long and coming more often. 30 seconds doesnt seen like a long time unless your sitting watching the time tick down every few minutes. I’m still playing but am looking for another Gin Rummy app and then I will delete this one.
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5 years ago, Kisukat
The Ads Ruin It
I understand that the ads are how a developer makes money for a free game, but they are between every single hand (not game, but hand) in an already short game, so you have ads roughly every 30-45 seconds and the ads last too long before you can click out. I'd actually rather have a perma ad at the bottom or the top opposed to what they offer. Alternately, if they want to run the video ads and keep them so long, it would be good if they were between each game, not between each hand. I would have purchased the app if it weren't for the fact that the ads are this obnoxious. I'll try another one.
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1 year ago, polevaultlegend
Easy But Rigged
Game is simple in design without extra junk in the way. Super rigged though! If you are beating he computer 75 to 0 you stand no chance. It will go Gin in 1 turn and get 115 points in one round and win. Every last card you need to go Gin the computer has it and will wait until the very end to lay it. If you give up waiting on an “8” and decide to lay down an 8, the computer only them will lay what you need down. Stupid rigged! The computer knows it all and you pretty much win by undercutting the computer. Don’t keep high cards because computer will knock in 2 turns.
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5 years ago, NC RTP
Too many adds
First let me say, the game itself is great. Fast to play and have had no glitches. A typical game lasts 30 seconds. The problem is the advertising. When I download a “free” app, I know there will be advertisements and I have no problem with this. However, I expect the “play” time to be longer, if not significantly longer than the ads. An average hand lasts 30 seconds and then they expect you to watch a 30 second add. When you finish a game they have another ad and then another 30 second ad. You are watching ads more than you are playing the game. Ads are expected, but this is overkill.
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4 years ago, esmethegrey
Problems with scoring
I loved this app. All of a sudden I noticed that I was not getting correct score. The computer was getting credit for my scores and I didn’t know how to fix the glitch in the program and that was irritating. Another problem was my arrangement of the cards was not my choice either ; I could only let the program fix my hand.
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5 years ago, Alex425815
Game altered a lot
I played this game for weeks and all of a sudden the opponent, 'iphone' started to knock after like three rounds. I get that it's a computer or whatever but it isn't playing a full game anymore like it's giving up and then you lose super quick. This is my favorite game to play on my phone to pass time and I get so mad when this happens that I don't want to open the app at all. It's as if the opponent is just clicking buttons and not actually playing the game. Can someone please fix this app 😭
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6 years ago, XxinsanebroXx
Another game that ups your RNG if you pay money
Did a test with a friend where he paid to get rid of ads and I didn’t, the second he did it was drastic how much better luck he had. The computer would immediately call it when they had the highest amount possible to which allowed him to undercut extremely often, and out of 50 games he only had a handful where he didn’t start out with at least three cards that were matching. Meanwhile with me the CPU wouldn’t knock at 1 just to undercut me, and on top of that it on average took the bot half as much time to knock/get gin for me as it did my friend. This game is ridiculous.
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3 months ago, tired of loading issues
Should change the name of the app to “First to get Under 10”
I would love this app and would have given it 5 stars but the chances of either side to get to gin is slim before the app goes under 10 and knocks. I want to be able to play more than 10 seconds and possibly get to gin on either side. I try to play then get annoyed and stop after a couple of hands. I don’t even enjoy it when it’s an undercut to my advantage. I don’t understand how this type of play would make a game more enjoyable.
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4 years ago, Ski-U-Rah
The game is fixed!
I have played this game for years now and just recently I noticed a blatant bias on the cards that are dealt. The computer hand seems to get to 10 or under like 90% of the time before I do. The only way I seem to beat the computer is that ONCE in a while my hand wlll be low enough to undercut the computer hand. Also, during the time when trying to develop a low hand I will receive face cards on almost all the draws and the computer takes only 3 or 4 draws, on average, to “knock” indicating it has a 10 or under score. I will give a higher rating once this bias is removed.
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