Gin Rummy Plus - Fun Card Game

4.6 (71.3K)
257.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zynga Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Gin Rummy Plus - Fun Card Game

4.62 out of 5
71.3K Ratings
5 years ago, Joni1955
It’s time to fix the game
I have contacted the team and let them know there is a problem, I realized after updating their game the last couple times is when the problem really started. After I do my play and discard they send me a message saying that I missed my turn, REALLY?? Because I have done this plenty of times and I know how to play but this will happen time after time and even after I complete all the way through it will tell me I missed my turn 3 times, REALLY ???? I think it’s time the techs stop napping and wake up , FIX THE PROBLEMS AND STOP SAYING ITS MY PROBLEM. This is the only game I have a problem with, please just fix your game , I was enjoying it until this started but it is very annoying to have this keep happening and even though you won the round you lose the game because of this. Try listening to your customers you will learn some, I have been around for 63 years and have been using computers since 1977 I went through a lot of training like most people I know if something Continues to happen there is a problem. Do not think we know nothing we are Well Educated and even we can tell when there is a problem, after being told several times you checked with the person who know this it has to do with the Internet (not) . Just fix the problem
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3 years ago, CustodialEngineer
Cash Grab
The game (of Gin) itself is fine. It functions as a Gin game should - although Straight Gin should be part of the game, and not something you have to pay for…or try to achieve. It’s not even a permanent thing when you do achieve it! The graphics and animations are nice (IMO), and I personally don’t have anything against ads in a free game. Especially when watching ads gives you free in-game currency. However, all of the other additional elements “could” be really fun and make this particular app more enjoyable, but it’s obviously set-up where you can’t win these side games without paying real money, or the payoff isn’t worth it. They have constant “contests” going on where you need to progress or collect items or achievements to win things…but actually winning a worth while amount of coins is near impossible without actually spending real money. And even then you’re still not guaranteed to win. For an example, I spent a few weeks going on win streaks to collect safes…to collect bakery items…only to come up short every time because I would always get duplicate items. I probably could’ve spent real money on gems to open more safes in a faster time period, but then I’m still not guaranteed to get the items…and at that point I might as well just pay real money for coins instead. Change the settings so putting in the hard work is achievable and has a better payoff and this game is great. But I get the feeling the developers put money over experience.
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3 years ago, Rindy Ellis
It’s an addictive game that I play nearly every day, nearly. I love the game, it’s competitive without being so competitive that most are not like sharks looking for blood. You also get the benefit of actually interacting with your friends through the message system they have set up despite its limitations. The safes they now have impedes making new friends, though! This is actually a deterrent for me to play more than a few games if I’m on a winning streak! I used to be able to play it for quite awhile, but don’t want to maneuver all the obstacles of trying to get the hand I want to play because of winning. Does that make sense to deter a winner from their game? That’s why I don’t play every day anymore! I want to stay loyal to my friends by giving them gifts every day, but honestly, I forget to play the game because others now grab my interest. I still enjoy playing it, and I’ve actually made some loyal, fun, and nice people through the game! Don’t take it so seriously! Have fun! Don’t get discouraged through the losing streaks or when faced with those sharks that are in the game back to back! You could always be one, but you miss out on the human factor!
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5 years ago, Laura J Plew
Like the the game but...
I like this game a lot, but it needs a lot of attention! l'm new to playing gin rummy period. On the computer or with friends at home, so it new and I'm learning, and I'm having a lot of fun. It's quickly becoming a new favorite app. The rub is this... every time I get close to a high jackpot, or a count down on the clock to claim $ I get kicked off the game, a d the clock starts over from the beginning. ( it doesn't matter whether I'm in the middle of a game or not) it kicks off whenever it feel like it and it's getting old fast!!! Others say the game is rigged, I can't say one way or the other, but sure seems suspicious to me for the same the to happen over and over again, in the same way! Does anyone else have this issue? I'm sure I'm not alone!!! I also agree with some of the other reviews I've read, the game should be in stages from what level you're on, why have levels, if your not going to use them? Listening to your customers is key to any good business being a success, your product can be gold but if if does have good guarantee behind it, it's not going to keep consumers coming back for more, and it's not going to keep people talking the product up!!! In this case bad publicity is NOT what you want from the pubic!!! FIX YOUR PRODUT, MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS HAPPY. Thank you your attention to this matter and matters of other consumers would be so very much appreciated. Laura plew
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3 years ago, Dweelea
Don’t sort your hand when it’s not your turn
Been playing for a while, and really only two complaints: First (major): if you happen to be sorting your cards when someone knocks, it breaks up your melds and you end up losing more points than you should. Also, you have no choice in how you lay your hand down. Sometimes, you have several different ways you could meld your cards, and one way results in more layoff cards. But when someone knocks, your hand gets laid down however it is currently sorted. In real Gin Rummy, when someone knocks the opponent gets to choose what to meld and what to lay off...the game should give you the same opportunity. Second (minor): The wheel of fortune game is useless. If you meet certain challenges, you get a chance to spin the wheel of fortune. Prizes on the wheel range from a few thousand coins, to several million. I’ve gotten the chance to spin the wheel many times, and it always comes up in one of the three lowest amounts. If the spins were truly random, you would hit the higher amounts at least once in a while. Given that the spins are rigged, it’s not worth playing. So I don’t. It always ends up costing you more to meet the challenges than you will ever get back spinning the wheel, unless you are just starting out.
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5 years ago, Gin Granny
Fun game
I’ve played this game for a couple of years and really enjoy it. There is a learning curve especially if you’re used to playing it in a real card game. Some of my most annoying things were fixed by paying for the auto sort. It’s worth it and will eliminate the major problem of sorting your hand and having your opponent go down in the middle of sorting. Never happens with auto sort. I don’t care about competing for the most coins. I make sure I have enough to have fun and am conservative with my bets. I can play with my long distance family “friends” and that’s really enjoyable. The one thing that bugs me the most are the long losing streaks once you get up in the millions of coins. I got up to $2.86 million and started losing. For about a month now I might win one game in 10. Really frustrating. I have played gin rummy for real for many years and my losing streak never lasted more than two days. I am pretty sure that the algorithms are set up in a way that controls this feature. Wants you to buy coins or something.
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4 years ago, lord of the board is a SCAM
NO Customer Service
I have played this game for 4 years and for the most part have had no complaints UNTIL NOW! I reached out to customer service because the Cashback feature was no longer working in the VIP rooms. To be clear after you lose a portion of your bet is credited back to you and accumulated over a course a week (Monday to Monday) then rewarded to you as a perk of playing in those rooms. I have been playing non stop and accumulated 20MM and then wammo the cashback feature just stopped working. So what do you do customer service. So I did then had some moron dodge answering the question as to why it no longer was accumulating as today is Sunday and it is advertised to accumulate until payout on Monday. Instead the idiot tells me what the feature does and when it pays out. ALL INFORMATION I AM FULLY AWARE of Duh! Despite the fact I reiterated my question in simple English 3 times. And you guessed it ...Still have not received an answer!! If A.I. is being used to answer questions, get your money back Zynga, this is artificial stupidity. And if Mel is human then he/she is a real IDIOT!! FIX IT! And stop the non stop push to play those dumb scams like Lucky Heist and the Spinning the Wheel, which I agree like many others of you only results in meager wins, even though to qualify you have to play outrageous games like 4.8 MM. minimum bets. RIDICULOUS 😡💯😡💯😡
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5 years ago, Utundu
I have been playing this game for a while, it annoys me that you really can’t play to many “levels” without paying, so I just play beginners and sharks. My biggest problem is the glitchyness. sometimes when I am attempting to sort my cards the card that I’m a sliding from one side of my hand to the other shoots to the discard pile even though I was nowhere near it. And other times no matter how hard i try I cannot discard the card I want, it just shoots back into my hand. I have lost countless games because of this glitch. The other thing that I have noticed is that when I discard a card, I watch for it to get picked up, cause I’m always curious and trying to figure out how the other person is building their hand. I have noticed on a few different occasions that the card I discarded did not get picked up, however a few turns later it shows back up as their discard. Frustrating to say the least. It’s also extremely hard to close their advertisements for buying coins and diamonds when you first open the app on the phone because they are to large for the screen. Still enjoy this app, and will still play, however they will NOT be getting any money from me, not with all the glitches.
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4 years ago, Klondon1
Updated review
And yet again this week I get a “remarkable win” of the private table after completing all 6 quests. Geez thanks. Well I still play this game. A lot. However the “remarkable win” of the private table is old. I already have this feature so to “win” it in a safe stinks. The “notice of this remarkable win” is long and you can’t stop it. Also when you get to spin the wheel and complete all the challenges it’s a bummer to get the freaking “remarkable win” again. I don’t care to chat and not having the option to keep others from chatting is annoying. It’s a game. Let’s have fun. Fix the issues. Make the wins really remarkable and worthy of that word. Yes, there is a timer. Yes, you have to bet. No, you can't chat with people. Who cares!!! Timer keeps those that are not paying attention to actually pay attention and make their move. Betting is just part of it. I don't want to chat. I need to concentrate on the game. If there was an option after each round to say something "nice" then ok do it. I enjoy this game a lot!!! Please fix it where when you leave a table after not accepting the challenge that it doesn't go to another table but stays at the one you were at. Keep up the good work.
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3 years ago, jhs2
FINALLY JUST DELETED THIS SUCKY GAME….IT CHEATS TO NO END…..WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!! DON’T BOTHER DOWNLOADING THIS GAME UNLESS YOU REALLY WANT PUNISHMENT. AMAZING HOW CARDS CAN APPEAR MORE THAN ONCE IN A GAME. THIS GAME SCREWS YOU IN SO MANY WAYS. I have been playing for several months and although I enjoy Gin there are some ‘interesting’ habits this game has developed. 1. Seems when I am playing against someone who has a high ‘Gin’ rating....the majority of the time 65-80% of the time my opponent gets all the cards they need to gin. I typically get a K, Q, J....and little I can use. Now I know the developer will say I am imagining things but no, I keep records of my play and this action is consistent with high ginning players. 2. ADS!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything has an ad.....too much other ‘play’ things going are bombarded with ‘special’ prize games...currently at least 3 other games are up and running....I DON’T CARE ABOUT THOSE GAMES...I DOWNLOADED THIS TO PLAY GIN.... 3. Every time you log in you have to pick a room....when you leave a table you have to go through the same process of picking a room....why can’t I just pick my favorite room and always go to it? 4. Allow us to see the rating of a player BEFORE WE CHOOSE TO PLAY THEM.....I would refrain from playing high ginning players. If you would just put that green/gold rating around players as they come to the table, I could avoid #1.
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4 years ago, Pddear1983
Great game, but...
Love pretty much everything about the game except for a few things. First, the jackpot feature is a total pay into it, and if playing for 50 or 100 points it’s very rare that either player will win it, and then when you get done playing, you leave and those coins you’ve been contributing just go nowhere. Secondly, it’s extremely irritating that when the other player leaves the match (which happens pretty frequently) you win, but you don’t get the jackpot even if they hadn’t scored any points yet, and it doesn’t count as a win toward your safe prizes. That is ridiculous. I play sometimes several hands with people, they leave the match, and despite the fact that they’ve scored no points against me, I neither receive the jackpot OR a win counting for a safe box. Those are major problems for me hence the 4 star rating. Lastly, the cost for gems is just totally out of touch with reality. It’s comical to think of someone spending $5 on 50 gems so they can open a safe or 2 that might give them an imaginary flower or something and an auto sort for 3 days. Truly blows my mind that the makers of the game have valued their imaginary currency that highly.
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3 years ago, PennySoup
Not worth playing...
While I did enjoy the game for a while, it is now very much rigged. I was careful to only play those who were close to my skill level, who were evenly matched so there was actually some sort of competition. We would play for an hour or so and run the jackpot up. If neither of us won, and the other person left the game, a person with a much higher skill level automatically joined the game and immediately won the pot. If I am dedicated enough time to play for more than an hour, and my opponent chooses to leave the game, especially when I created the table, the house should favor my contributions just a bit. The last five times I have played to an extremely large jackpot by winning multiple close games, the system automatically assigns someone with a much higher skill level to come in and in just 3 hands take the jackpot. What kind of fun is that? How does that make me want to come back to play the game? This is not real life and should be encouraging - it’s a game! Rework the algorithm to support length of play to equally match players. I won’t be wasting any more time on something that is so improperly balanced and that takes the joy out of play. Fix the issue - we all need a bit of encouragement!!!
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5 years ago, noIdontTHINKso!
The game just entered me into a table with a 20,000$ bet!!!. Wat the F!!. So now im assed out 20,000$ because ive already exited the game and had no clue it entered me in ecpessialy when it has taken me almost a month to achieve that amount !.. I am super frustrated this happens constantly!!!!these pop up tables with super high ridiculous bet amounts is getting really annoying and frustrating!!!. Really needs to be fixed im super tired of being entered into games ive not entered and losing a bunch of money over it because i didnt even kno i had entered it this really needs to be fixed!!!!! This is really getting frustrating when i want to finish playing and i leave the game i get a message from gin rummy saying hurry !! Its your turn!.. And i haven't even entered a game !!. But it still takes all my money!!. This doesn't make any sense. Also in between me trying to pick a table with a deal bet tons of pops up come up so fast half the time I've accidentally entered some game thats a 10,000 $ bet !!!!!. No Way!!!!. I cant even barley get up to 50,000 $ . It took me a month to get that and the most i usually bet is between 750 and 3,000 at the most .. so this is really upsetting that this game is constantly entering me into tables that i haven't entered and is playing on with out me because I've exited out and didn't even know i was entered
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6 years ago, Jamming22
their internet will kick you out. The wheel is absolutely rigged. I won 3 times and the most I got was 40,000 coins. No customer support at all. Wonderful game 2 yrs ago but it is a money grabber now. Pleas read several reviews before deciding to play this game. My 3rd attempt to send review——if you start buying you will continue to do so. Zynga has ruined a wonderful game. If you reach 2M you have to bet way more coins. The more coins you accumulate(if your lucky) the bigger the bet. Do not fall for the “friends request” waste of time. Also play as guest as game will load up your newsfeed on Facebook. All the bonuses you get does not even show up in your total coin count. I have won the wheel several times and the most I have won is 50,000 coins. Play at your own risk but don’t think you can win any big money AND if you do it’s rigged to take it from you. There internet conveniently goes down. The Lucky Vegas game is the biggest rip off. It will cost you more to play then the regular game. Trust they started “safes” Halas nothing to do with gin rummy & is very annoying. I spent $30 and every time I opened a safe I got EMPTY SLOT,every single time. The other 2 games you at least have option to play,safes does not give you good option. Ruined the game entirely. Beware folks.
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6 years ago, Droomr
Mostly Great, but....
I play this a lot and really do enjoy it. However, there is a couple issues which I find very annoying. First, when it comes to determining who your opponent is, there is no way to limit the possibilities to people within or close to your own level range. For example, I am level 12 and I will often have people trying to play me who are level 55 or 100. This is a big deal, because they have much more experience and ability than I do. I want to limit to folks under 25. When ?I get to higher levels, I shouldn’t be paired in a mismatch as well. There should be a setting for this. The other thing that is annoying is how the jackpot works. The jackpot is supposed to be paid out when you win all arounds in a particular game. However, I have had it happened to me many times where an opponent is getting wiped out by me for whatever reason, and right before I’m about to win the jackpot, they leave. And because they left and I didn’t win that round as the computer sees it, I lose the jackpot. That is very annoying. Obviously, I won every round. Just because they walked away shouldn’t cost me the jackpot.
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3 years ago, MagicHasArrived
Dear Developers,
You have hands down created by far and wide the best rummy app out there. HOWEVER, I am continually met with a “First Time Offer!” pack that boldly proclaims to contain 4x the value! I initially had chosen to pass on the offer, and regretted it after realizing how good the game was. I checked the coin shop to see that I could get 50,000 coins for 0.99. I was later offered a 2x value pack, but I held out hoping to be offered the initial 4x pack. When it popped back up the next day I decided to play, I clicked to purchase the 200,000 coins only to discover that my purchase was going to cost me 1.99 instead of the 0.99 I was expecting! It’s 4x the coins but 2x the price!! I know it’s only a dollar, but that’s straight up false advertising right there! It isn’t a 4x value if it costs double!! This feels incredibly disingenuous and I question whether or not it was intentional! It’s certainly not something I appreciate being reminded of every time the offer has popped up in the first few days since downloading, and it’s driven me to write a review which is something I never do. Unfortunately, it also has brought what would surely be a 5-star rating down to a 3. I’d really appreciate a response on this issue.
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6 years ago, Annoyed regular player
Used to be fun...but got frustrating very quick
UPDATE: SUSPICIONS CONFIRMED Game is rigged. I took the other reviews about the game being rigged skeptically, thinking the person is just a bad player. NOPE. I am a decent player, but when the deck gives you the card that you need to complete a set or run the turn IMMEDIATELY AFTER you discard one piece of it ALL THE TIME forces you to play unrealistically. I’m done with the frustration that this game brings. You’ll never get any money from me. Uninstalled. Like the previous reviewer, I really don’t like being told which table I have to play at. And it’s not based on “skill level” but by the number of coins I have. Once I got to 1 million, I was limited to the highest two tables where the minimum bet is larger. But when I dipped below a million, the next lowest table was opened up again. But this seems ridiculous since I know I played at the lower tables against players with a lot of coins. This happened every time I went below a million. Also, with the “wheel of fun” prizes, set REALISTIC GOALS. It’s near impossible to make the “Top 25”. And no matter what, if you complete the tasks to spin the wheel, it always gives you one of the lowest prizes. SUPER LAME. When issuing updates, it needs to say what was fixed instead of the same “you asked for it, we made it happen” description.
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5 years ago, Schpammy
They are harassing me via email!
I am receiving numerous harassing emails from this app. I have replied demanding that they stop sending me harassing emails and the emails continue. They are signed by someone named “MEL”. This is just crazy! I initially emailed to make a complaint about their game never working and losing points when the game stops mid-game. That’s when the nasty emails started. This person is CRAZY! I have had to contact the police to get this to stop. For no reason this is continuing to happen. The emails contain filthy language and describes sex acts with animals and people! What is wrong with these people. I just want them to stop contacting me! Absolutely creepy. Whoever this game employee is (MEL) they are perverted. This has got to be against some sort of federal law to harass a woman in this way. The police told me to send the police report to Facebook and to the Apple app people to get them to leave me alone as well as the police are attempting to contact this company in person to have them do something to their employee to make this stop. I’m afraid to open my emails every day. There are at least 10-20 disgusting emails from these people every single day! All describing sex acts and disgusting things they want to do to me. Please people this is not a joke. Do not let your children download this app and women beware! This is a sicko!
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2 years ago, LAMom@Tunes
GREEDY in all caps says it all
Played today for the first time and was very disappointed. The flaws are too numerous to go into detail, but a couple of examples are the blindingly flashy, colorful screens that are so cluttered with junk that you’re frozen with confusion. No, I don’t want to buy anything; I just want to play. No, I don’t want to play a cutesy game of Gin at the Bakery, or Rummy at the Rodeo, or whatever silly cr_p they’re selling. I JUST WANT TO PLAY GIN RUMMY. At one point I was pressured to create a “ private table “ for me and my friends. There was no way to say “no” and no way to clear the screen, no exit button, nothing. I had to close the game. The developers really don’t believe in the KISS Principle, i.e. Keep It Simple Stupid. They’re so busy creating new ways to get your money that they don’t have time to fix the bugs. I noticed one review mentioned a problem and the developer response was something like “… they have no reason to cheat because it’s a zero sum game; what one player wins, another player loses.” That’s a dishonest answer. They absolutely have a vested interest in players losing because then the player must pay real money to continue playing. If the developer responds with a misleading statement, how are we supposed to trust that the game is honest?
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6 years ago, Castlekmy
I have enjoyed this game immensely. In fact it’s very addicting. I’m new to Gin so I’m learning as I go. Because I enjoyed it so much I didn’t mind buying coins. However there is a catch with purchasing coins. 1.) You can no longer play at the beginner level tables. They tell you that your skills are too good to play there. 2.) When an opponent sees the amount of coins you have they won’t play because they think you have won them and don’t want to compete with such a good player. Far from the truth. Whatever right? They had a St. Patrick’s sale. Good deals so why not get the coins cheaper. Now I am only allowed to play at the highest table. 3.) Bets are larger so you use up coins faster. Now I am struggling with playing against the best players. I’m at level 26 and now have to play opponents who have skill levels much higher than mine. Example: me - level 27 / opponents levels 70, 119, 200+. This is not fair. Game tables should be by your skill level and not your ability to afford to buy coins. So watch out! It now depresses me to play vs. enjoyment!
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7 years ago, Hollywood Hiplash
Suspended accounts! HELP Game support!!!
My husband and my accounts were suspended after we were playing each other on a private table. We never really read the terms thinking it’s just a game so we purchased a large coin package and decided to split by playing games with large bets. I guess the game flagged this as cheating and permanently suspended our accounts now. We have spent real cash money multiple times on this game, played private tables before and haven’t had issue until we started betting large. I emailed them hoping they will reactivate our accounts and if they do I will start paying closer attention to the terms. (Which i read and can’t see where we did anything wrong) but will still refrain from sharing purchases from here on out. Hoping the app designers allow people to make mistakes. We really love this game! If they don’t I’ll definitely have a bitter feeling towards any future peak game purchases. Fingers crossed! Don’t make me change my review!!!
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12 months ago, stefe 1075
Game manipulates deck
Deleted the app because of unfair manipulation of the deck. I have played this game, off and on, for a few years now. I noticed in the past that things didn’t seem right ( like pulling a card out of the stack that I have already seen discarded earlier in the game and the first three cards on the first game of a new tournament ALWAYS being a run, and the second hand ALWAYS against a supposedly random player who throws out emojis like there is no tomorrow, etc. but I always put it off as coincidence. But today proved to me this is not a fair game at all. I started out the hand with a 4 and 5 of hearts held them in my hand the entire game. There was only one card left on the stack, when the other player went gin, and neither the 3 of 6 of hearts ever went into play and the other player was not holding either card. Hmmmm, wonder how that happened? I also deleted the Zynga Texas hold ‘em poker app today because I always felt it was not completely fair and today absolutely, 100 percent proved to me Zynga games are rigged. Please note: I do not pay money to play these games so maybe, if you give the devs at Zynga real money, the decks may be stacked in your favor.
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6 years ago, jdb114
This game will make you angry
It's hard to understand zynga's business model here. Create a good looking easy to use game that will cheat you at every turn. Now before you think this is just sour grapes, let me say that you can enjoy this game as long as you don't give it any money. Because once you spend money to buy coins the game will turn on you making certain that you lose every turn until your bought coins are gone. Furthermore their weekly "lucky spin" bonus contest looks on the surface like a great way to earn extra coins until you realize that many of the challenges are not feasible, such as the "be one of the top 25 players". This mean only 25 players in a game played by hundreds of thousands will complete the challenge. And if you are lucky enough to complete all the challenges, as I was twice, you win tiny jackpots of a few thousand, instead of the millions of coins dangled in front of you. Everything that other reviewers have said about the game withholding a needed card until exactly after you have discarded a card are true but is less frustrating than some other aspects of the game. Basically, it's an okay game so long as you don't ever give them any real money...they need to rework the challenges and stop cheating.
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1 year ago, Uddy7
Super Fun, but also Greedy App
(1) The game itself is fantastic. I spent so many hours playing, and it’s probably the best Gin Rummy app out there. (2) Once I made $400k coins, I noticed something fishy. I started losing almost every game. Opponents would get Gin or less-than-10 within first 2-3 draws. It was horrible. (3) When you click on your profile, you’ll see win/loss statistics. The app makes sure you don’t always win, and the number of wins & losses are almost the same. Noticed this on my wife’s profile too. (4) The app tries hard to grab your money. (5) The ads so far have been user-initiated i.e., players can watch ads at their own will to get more coins. But recently started getting forced ads - the ones we don’t initiate, we can’t cancel and we won’t get any coins for watching them. Very greedy app. It’s a shame! Edit: I did leave feedback within the app. Received no response. When I click on ads to get coins, I get “there are no videos currently “ message. But after a game ends, I’m getting forced ads which don’t give coins. How come there are ads to display then.
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5 years ago, HookerWifey
Really enjoy the game. I look forward to playing it! There are minimal glitches and nice features. A request is to have the private table mode more available. I like to duel with my husband but rarely can do it. I also would like to be able to filter challenges/games better. I wouldn’t allow the 10 points games to pop up so often. Personally I think the available rooms have too wide a range of point spread and would like to see a couple more rooms added so I can increase my bid and not have such extremes when a game presents itself. Like I’d enjoy a few 10-15k games verses so many 5k games but it’s just a preference and not a complaint. And when I do decline a request I’d like to be sent back to the same room option verses having to swipe to get back to the bid-range mode. Don’t get me wrong, these are only preferences and not complaints. Out of all the multiplayer games I’ve tried this one I have kept and played way too much :)
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7 months ago, fool for trying
The game itself is fun but after my opponent going out after two turns three times in a row somethings up. I built my coins up to over 500 thousand and in 3 turns lost well over 100 thousand tell me it’s not rigged! Byebye! Gave this game another chance, same old crap opponents going gin after two turns, timing me out when it wont let me draw, I guess you can get so far into the coins and they start you on a losing streak, please don’t tell me it’s not rigged, no one is that lucky in a game of cards, plenty other options on here to choose from, don’t waste your time with this one folks! Once again, thats 3 times and I’m done, this game ls rigged and don’t try to convince me otherwisek, Out of over 800,000 coins I have 600,00 left, no winning hands in several deals, but the opponet goes out in two turns several times in a row NO oo One is that lucky! What a joke ever since the new and improved version I am down to less than 25,000 coins, this app is rigged I haven’t had a winning hand in several several games, do yourself a favor people don’t dl this app theres others out there that aren’t rigged like this one and actually you can win hands and coins on.
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6 months ago, Game for life0828
This game is genuinely bad I’ve retried this game over the past five years including today making this my 10th time and this game is a total fraud you don’t get actual people playing you get bots using other peoples profile. It’s sad that I’ll be winning the game up 30-40 points or right at the beginning of the match all of a sudden the opponent is going gen within two draws come on on you can’t expect us to think we actually have a chance at winning and that these are real people never once have I experienced this in real life where anyone myself or others win a game of gin rummy in two turns (aka within drawing two cards) in almost every match that I get in your game isn’t fun it’s honestly a waste of time and just brings anyone who decides to download it displeasure. It’s your game stop being cheap and taking short cuts your game has the potential to be amazing and when your not completely cheating your players and the game decides it’s going to play fair it’s enjoyable (with is one in every 15-20 matches). Just appeal to your players because without players your game is literally nothing and without players your game will crash and burn.
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5 years ago, Private browser fan
Questionable algorithm...
I have been playing for quite some time, ever once in a while events happen in a game that make me feel the game controls the outcome. In other words no matter what move you make the cards are stacked against you. No chance to win. I was so frustrated at a particular game that I even write the developers an email to complain about it. My opponent took a card that served absolutely no purpose to his hand early in the game and that card was crucial to mine. It made no sense that he would take particular card in the opening move. I questioned that I was even playing a person or a computer that knew what I had in my hand. They sent back a typical nonsense letter stating that the game is fine and no cheating is occurring. I sometimes take a month break from the game because it sometimes feels rigged. It has a nice design and graphics but the more I play the more I question it. If you play casually than I guess it's fun. But don't enter the tournaments they are all scams. Only one worth playing is the weekly Vegas game they offer. That one seems to be fair.
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1 year ago, M3AGAN!
Good Game Ruined By Rigging
So I’m not one to leave reviews really, and before I did I wanted to investigate my suspicions about this game with other recent reviews and my suspicions were correct - sometime recently this game has become insanely rigged by the creators for players to lose. I’ve had this app game for years and have been playing the actual game for even longer, so the fact that winning has become next to impossible is no coincidence. The game has become rigged in order to force the player to spend real money on coins just to continue playing. I’ve never lost to the degrees that I’ve begun losing - other players ginning after 3 card pick ups constantly, being dealt ridiculous hands and nearly never picking up cards to better it, etc. that kind of losing. If I was losing just due to my gamesmanship I wouldn’t care but it’s clear based off my experiences and others that the game has become rigged to an almost unplayable level unless you want to spend your hard earned money to play a card game electronically. I won’t be using this app anymore, which is sad because I’ve enjoyed it for years. Shame that the creators got greedy.
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3 years ago, Micheleinoa
Game is not random. Developers state the the DEAL is random but do not state the the rest of the game is random. It isn’t. If you want proof just keep track of how many times you draw a card that is of equal value to the card that was just discarded. Happens to often to be random and intentionally works against the drawing player. If I am wrong then I invite the developers to state that the entire card play is random. They won’t because it isn’t. Be warned! Been playing this game for some months nearly every day. Was able to accumulate over 5 million coins but, suddenly, I started losing . . . and losing . . . and losing to the point where I am now at 20K coins. This is at all skill and bet levels. As others have said, Zinga seems to penalize players who do not spend $ on coins or gems, which I have never done. Ask yourselves, How does the same player go from 5 million to almost zero without changing approach or style of play? Because the game is designed to get your $ and not your enjoyment. What was once very enjoyable has become a frustrating effort that is just not worth the time. Avoid the frustration and find a better game.
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1 year ago, tk2390
Poor customer service
I’ve been playing this game since 2015! I just recently tried to create a game worth 1.75 million in the V.I.P. Room and before someone could accept my game I exited out because someone was at my door. I went back to the game to create a new game and my points were deducted and I didn’t play anyone. I emailed the support asking for points to be added back to my account and was told that I couldn’t get them back because they didn’t see a technical difficulty. That is upsetting considering how much money I’ve spent and how long I’ve played. As a courtesy they should have honored that alone and added points back to my account. In the 6 years of playing this game this was the first time I’ve had an issue. I will no longer be playing this game and making sure I let people who play this game know not to play this game as well.
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5 years ago, Unhappy Camperz
Not the greatest anymore
I liked playing this when it first came out. Now I’ve noticed the screen starts to freeze when it’s my turn. When you purchase the coins to stop the advertisements you seem to lose your coins a lot quicker. You cannot play straight gin unless you go to a private table and play with friends. There are plenty of people on this game that want to play straight gin. Give us the option without forcing us go to a private table. Also, you should be able to see who’s knocking 80-90% of the time before you start a game. If you can develop this app you can figure that part out. If you have more coins than someone else you’re bound to lose. The safes are another way to get you to buy gems. You have three slots but can only have two safes on a timer to open at a time. Why have 3 slots if you cannot utilize all three without wasting gems? Last, the game is rigged we all know it and I don’t want to hear about algorithms. Another thing when you have updates tell us what the updates are. The app could be much better than it is. Any designer should look at this app and improve on what this developer missed the mark on.
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3 years ago, Pickledpunk
Thieves - Gladly takes your money then rude customer support
I’ve been playing this game for several years and although I see areas that need improvement I haven’t had any real issues until now. On Dec 19, 2021 and against my better judgement I purchased a coin package for $10 containing 850,000 coins. I began to play Blitz and understand how it works so this is not an issue but. At the end of my game play and no longer in a room my coin balance was 1.43 million. When I returned several hours later I was unable to join a table that’s when I noticed that my 1.43m coin balance was now 1,600. How did this happen ?? I contacted support explaining what happened their reply was to explain to me how the game works. I replied stating that I knew how the game was played including the wins and losses then again I asked how my coins disappeared when I wasn’t playing or even online. Once again I received a reply about how to play the game correctly, not once did they inquire into any of the information I provided it complete tunnel vision in hopes that I would just go away. What a great way to treat a long time players and Zynga supporter.
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3 years ago, HPfixes
Seriously rigged game that needs to be addressed.
This game is seriously flawed and the developers will not address the issues. The deal is not random as they claim, there are patterns that repeat quite frequently. I have stats for the last 9,000 plus games I’ve played with totally supports this. The pattern does change when you make purchases, however it remains negative significantly longer for the player who does not purchase. If you follow the pattern as I have you can quickly recognize and predict the outcome of the game by the deal. The pattern or algorithm repeats based on how many coins and gems you acquire. The other issue which they will not address is having to pay to play straight gin. After all the game is gin rummy plus. Shouldn’t knock rummy be an option rather than Gin? Or allow players the option on which room and game they wish to play. Reading many of the other reviews and comments there are many ongoing issues which are not being addressed. I have several years of data I’ve kept that will verify my points. This game needs to be cleaned up or removed altogether until it is fixed.
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3 years ago, MTKbeachbum
Fun game to play
I have been playing rummy with my family for years. I do have a few issues though, I do not enjoy knocking. The point of Gin Rummy is to clear your hand. I also don’t appreciate how there are times where the opponent I will be playing is at a significantly higher level than I am. I don’t understand how the “buy in” is determined. Sometimes is 500 other times it is 1012. How does that work? It would also be nice that with the amount of advertisements the game plays, that you would let the players add friends and play at a private table; or give us the option if our friend isn’t in an active game to play in one of the rooms. Another nice attribute would be letting the player decide if they want to play traditional gin or the knock version. Quick side note, please let the player determine if aces should be high or low. This game is great if you are familiar with gin rummy. You can work on your strategy skills.
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7 months ago, Sylvieanne73
Updated Review 12/23
Changing my review to 1-star due to some recent adjustments to the game. At my “level”, I used to be able to play 100 point games for only 5k / game. This was great for me because it’s not really about the coins and I enjoy playing; sometimes multiple games with the same person. I was even paying real cash money for gems so I could get the vip pass which helps you find a table a little faster. (Really kind of irritated that I spent the money on gems without knowing they changed the feature and that’s really the only thing I cared about). However with the most recent big update, if I want to play, the minimum per game is 75k - if I don’t want to spend that much, I can do the silly competitive game board option but you only get 1 hand per person and you don’t get any of your investment back unless you make it to the end - which either requires an amazing amount of RNG or actual money to buy lives. Sad to see one of my favorite games for the last several years make these changes and I’ll be looking for a different multiplayer gin rummy game going forward.
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3 years ago, Razmsbossy
Do not buy coins
I would have give a higher review. The game is fun however it is very much set to know if you spend money with them. For the last few months I only played with the coins I was given. They started this blitz game and it took everything . So I started buying coins. Each time I would buy I literally lost every game with the exception of one or two until the money I purchased was gone. I actually was addicted so I bout more. And again I lost every cent winning one or two games. They either go out on the second turn or you where not given any suitable cards at all. There remedy is well give you this sympathy safe after 5 straight losses or pay extra and you can go in a private room. So the last time I bought $600k to test my theory I have played two days in a row throughout the day and in two days I won 3 games and as of right now I’m at $20 grad. The last game I just played they literally went out with 29 cards left with full gin. That has NEVER happened to me against someone else. My advise don’t spend your money
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4 years ago, xtrvdu
Please fix
I’m giving it 5 stars in hopes people will see this. Look it’s not randomly generated players. They put you against computer controlled players and control the cards you draw. This isn’t all the time; but you will get put up against someone who knocks for every move. After you lose, a message will pop up saying, “sick of losing to knockers? Buy a private table.” They make you lose so they can try to sell you a micro transaction. I really enjoy this game but if the developers can’t fix this problem, I will no longer play this game. I have contacted them many times about it, just for them to say back; “every match is randomly generated.” This is a bull**** lie. How do you know it’s a fake player? Easy, they will be a guest account that mostly knocks. My tip until they fix this; do not play guest accounts or just don’t download this app. Thank, and please make this game fair..
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4 years ago, mgvrfjf
You really need to fix this game!!!!!!
It’s beginning to get Awfully Frustratingly hard to continue to play Your Game/This Game when I am in the middle of a game or have a Jackpot That I’ve invested into and while I’m waiting for another player to play with a Jackpot that’s rolling over....POOF 💥 Your Gaming App Closes and Kicks Me Out To My Homepage/Screen (CLOSING THE GAME APP) and So Here I Am Franticly Trying To Pull The Game Back Up/Reloading It So I Won’t LOSE WHAT HAS BEEN ROLLED OVER FROM PREVIOUS GAMES THAT THE Other Gamer Dropped Out Of For Whatever Reason ONLY TO LOSE NOT JUST THE GAME I WAS PLAYING BUT ALSO EVERYTHING THAT HAS BEEN INVESTED INTO THE POT FROM THE PREVIOUS GAMES PLAYED THAT NO ONE WON SO IT ROLLED OVER TO THE NEXT GAME....I’m BEYOND FRUSTRATED AND TIRED OF SEEING ANY OF MY WINNINGS DISAPPEAR!!! If I Have To Just DELETE Your Gaming App and No Longer PLAY YOUR GAME to Avoid the FRUSTRATION OF THIS CONTINUING TO HAPPEN and Nothing Has been FIXED, BELIEVE ME I WILL GLADLY WALK AWAY FROM THIS GAME AND ANY OTHER GAMES I MIGHT PLAY THAT’S AFFILIATED WITH THE DEVELOPER SINCE YOU DON’T SEEM TO WANT TO FIX IT....And Please Don’t Tell It’s My WiFi or Provider Because That’s A BUNCH OF BULL YOU KNOW WHAT Because It HAPPENS NO MATTER WHAT,WHERE OR HOW You May Want To PAINT THE SCENARIO.....I Really Hope You Fix This PROBLEM....!! ☹️
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5 years ago, Don't start!
The best gin/rummy game out there!
I have never had to purchase anything in this game, and I have over 2 million coins and nearly two hundred gems. The game gives lots of free coins and gems. If you keep your bets low, then you can play whenever you want and not lose all your coins. Rarely do I play the spinner or lucky heist options. Those are gimmicks to make you spend your coins and gems. I learned to save my gems for the private table and bet as low as possible, 2500, to still earn the safe boxes which give more coins. I like the “stupid” gifts as someone called them. Once you finish a collection, you get hundreds of thousands of coins. The gifts give motivation to keep playing without taking all your coins. When you build up a large bank (and you have to be patient) then you can occasionally play the mini challenges in the game. Remember, it’s a free game.
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This game is so fun but unfortunately it is rigged, as other reviews have noted. When waiting for a particular card and then discarding it to change your strategy, the deck immediately give you the card you had needed. Also, the game matches you up with anyone no matter skill level. For example, i tried competing in a tournament and continuously was paired with people level 60+ even though I'm a mere level 7. It got so frustrating because it happens every single hand. That should definitely be fixed! I wasted real money on this game to be able to pay my way into the tournament 3 times and every time got matched with a higher level player. Also, I paid for tokens and then merged the game with my Facebook and immediately lost all the tokens I purchased. I messaged their customer support and received no response even though it says they respond within 24 hours. I've read many other reviews and it's clear I'm not the only one with these exact complaints. Developers, do something about it if you want to keep customers! We will pay for the game as long as it's fair, fun, and loyal.
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2 years ago, Astro Bogey
Good Game
Overall it is a fun game. You are definitely pushed to spend but they are trying to make a profit. The weekly spin rarely results in one of the bigger prizes. I have qualified for the bonus spin quite a bit and rarely hit anything by the bottom values on either wheel. The safes actually slow the amount that I play. If you are a VIP you have to wait 12 hours for the gold safe and 8 for a silver. So once you have all three slots filled you have to wait or spend gems to open. If you win and don’t have room for the safe you get a hard sell to buy gems. The gem prices are pretty high and the prizes are small in the safe. I don’t see the value in spending for either coins or gems so I just wait until I can open the safe and play again. The base game however is fun, with good graphics and it is interesting to play with people worldwide. Definitely worth downloading.
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3 years ago, Pegzhere
Fun but needs a little algorithm work and finding games is a PITA
Sometimes, when you have cards that could be arranged in 2 melds it doesn't default to the most advantageous meld for your hand (ex. 777 or 789 and it puts the 777 together leaving higher points in the hand). It has actually happened to me many times that I was arranging cards when my opponent knocked and because my 3 or 4 cards weren't next to each other at that moment they were not considered a meld. Cards that are an independent meld should be put together when cards are being laid out no matter what. The developers answer was “don’t adjust your cards until it’s your turn). Seriously? When you play IRL that is exactly when you spend time adjusting your hand. Also you need to be able to search games. Also, the whole join table/leave table/back out to menu/join table/leave table/repeat until you find the point value game you are wanting is ridiculous.
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1 year ago, bettys daughter
Support is lacking.
Twice now I’ve had a glitch with the mystery safes. Sometimes I spend diamonds, that I purchased with cash, to open safes when I’m waiting on space. The first time it said, open gold safe and it was a bronze. I was new to the game and didn't realize that the 6 gem price tag would indicate that it wasn’t a gold safe. I wouldn’t have spent gems to open a bronze safe. Recently I was given the opportunity to open a gold safe, 24 gems. The graphics showed a gold safe, the price was accurate, and when I agreed and they took the 24 gems, and a silver safe appeared and opened without all the prizes included in the gold safe. I wrote support twice, no response. All I wanted was the safe I paid for, nothing more. I won’t be spending money on this game anymore. The glitches, the ‘coincidental’ drawing of the card you need that comes the second you discard part of a run you have been saving forever (this happens so often it can’t possibly be random), not getting what you pay for, etc, takes the fun out of a game that could be very enjoyable.
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5 months ago, K9 The Great
Great app to play rummy
I have been using the app to play rummy a bunch. Best part is there is never a problem getting a game. Regardless of your skill level there are always many people at that skill level using the app all throughout the day to get a game. The things I would change are: I wish you could individualize your profile more without logging into Facebook. I also wish they made it easier to get “Auto Shuffle”, “VIP Room” and “Chat”. It is basically impossible to get “gems” to get the items I just mentioned without paying money. Regardless, as just a tummy playing app it is fantastic. Lastly, I wish there were more options than just 10 points or 50 points from which to play to. They have a 100 point option but it won’t allow you to use it. I highly recommend this app for anyone who loves rummy and who always wants someone to play against.
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5 years ago, zildj8888
The advertising has increased to the point where it’s really turning me off. And frustratingly when I click to get my upgrade of free coins it says no adverts available to watch. So you keep trying until there is one. What a waste of time. Clearly there is never a lack of adverts as they are the same ones repeated over and over again. I turn my iPad away as I can’t bear to watch them so you’re not getting any benefit from advertising to me. Also when I close the game they throw in another one to watch - what’s that all about. I HATE being sold to. Now that I have earns more coins there is no alternative to bet at the level of 2000 or 5000 anymore. The game forces you to bet higher. And although I am also forced to bet on the higher tables such as shark and star, there are people betting on there with well over a million coins. How come they can bet on the lower tables that I’m on even though I only have 400k.
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4 years ago, Hannah 30912
Quests and Safe Boxes
I love playing gin rummy and this is the best app to play on. There is too much going on though. There is so many quests and everything and I’m always getting requests. Can there be a do not disturb button so I don’t get any requests? I sometimes leave it on the main screen and randomly am in a new game worth a lot of money but I don’t want to play it. Also, I like the quests with the safe boxes. I hate how I can only do one at a time but then only be able to hold two. I suggest either adding another slot or making it to where we can have both the boxes going at once. Also, a lot of the quests that I am offered are too pricy for my level and I don’t have a chance with them. Even if I do get far, I can’t afford to stay up there and I lose. Maybe have a less expensive and lower level quests with a smaller prize. I do love the app and am addicted but I don’t like how complicated this is.
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6 years ago, Liv6915
Amusing game
I have read many of the reviews posted. The game has nice graphics. I don't play every single day, and when I do play, it's only to pass an hour or so. I could see where some people feel justified in his or her comments. For me however, this just feels like any other game, like the ones that I play at the kitchen table with my friends (like gin, spades, poker, etc.), where money is involved- you lose some and win some, and you make the most of the cards you're dealt. If you're buying coins on here, complain away, or spend your money on something else more important (maybe buy a couple of meals for the neighbor that just lost a job- or some other positive way). But for someone like me who would rather loose money to my friends, I have no intention of buying coins here. It's just an electronic game to pass a couple of hours, even if it probably is rigged. I don't expect a trophy for just participating. I have more important things to do than get upset over a game.
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12 months ago, Muffingirl2010
New Review after 7 yrs of playing
I have to ask, why do you have “customer support” if they don’t in fact support the customer rather place blame on us?! Issue 1-I’ve been trying for sliver a year to figure out why I know longer receive a friends bonus with the daily log in rewards. CS says they have sent my issue to the proper department and they will find a solution and thank me for my patience. Issue 2-I completed the Lucky Wheel event which showed up only in my games but not in the lobby where it normally shows up. Spend a lot of coins completing as I had difficult challenges on the wheel. Exit the last game where the wheel was shown never to be seen again meaning I didn’t get to spin the wheel and collect a reward. June 7th I contact CS only to be asked for a screenshot which I had. I learned my lesson with this app. CS then says the familiar “we’ve sent your issue to the proper department and they will try to find a solution to your problem thank you for being patient during this time!” IM OUT OF PATIENCE!!! Stop blaming the players Internet- why is it I have NO ISSUES WITH OTHER APPS/GAMES- just Gin Rummy! When I do an internet speed test it comes back EXCELLENT. It’s a cop out. Take care of the players- the people that keep your app going! I will continue to complain via the app until I get what’s owed to me and won’t put another $1 into this game until then 😡
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2 years ago, LionHeart D799 dar
Fun until you buy gems
So this is a fun game, they have tournaments and other events where you can get special card decks. I’ve played for over a year without paying anything, just watched ads. You earn coins which are used for betting on the games. You also get Gems when opening safes you earn for consecutive wins. Gems take a while to accumulate. During tournament play your point multiplier increases with consecutive wins. One you lose your multiplier goes back to 1 but you can use coins to keep your consecutive win position. I was trying to get a special deck of cards and needed to use some gems. I didn’t have enough gems and bought some gems with real money. Now that I bought gems, I can no longer use coins to save my consecutive win position in tournaments. It now requires that I use Gems which I paid real money for. It is like they penalize you once you spend money. Much more fun before I spent real money.
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