GIPHY: The GIF Search Engine

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4.8 (537.3K)
89.1 MB
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Current version
Giphy, Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for GIPHY: The GIF Search Engine

4.77 out of 5
537.3K Ratings
7 years ago, Hurnendager
* updated *Gifs cut short
**update to the update** no more issues as of late. Back to 5 stars! **update* freezing and crashing update is fixed but the GIFs I try to use in iMessage are all being cut very short so you don't actually see the whole thing. The preview shows the whole thing but cuts it off when it's selected. * Never had an issue with it working before but as of today the app crashes on start every time even after restarting my phone. The messaging part is frozen in iMessages as well. Completely unusable at this point.
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10 months ago, Deck985
Abysmal Changes
I’ve been (very happily) using the Giphy web service for the last few years to make gifs that I feel are high quality and are fun to post. I felt very positively about Giphy until one day I logged in to continue my pleasant gif-making hobby and - suddenly - the ‘create gif’ button (a + at the top of my page) no longer directs me to where I make my gifs, but instead to an uncloseable screen that tells me to download the app. At first I thought I could click through this - I don’t like downloading a ton of apps, I keep my phone neat and storage relatively low - but when I tried to skip past it and reopen the page I found that I couldn’t. Now this is very frustrating, as I’ve been (and might I add again, very happily) using the web page for awhile - and suddenly the only way to access my ability to make gifs is to download the app? An app I was to find out works completely differently, much worse, and is way too busy? An app that takes up too much space on my phone? An app that I, by all means, do not want to download? I deleted it immediately, I didn’t even make a single gif. One of the worst changes I have ever seen to anything, ever. I want a working and accessible web page - not some ugly redirect to an app that doesn’t work in the way I’ve been using Giphy this entire time. I literally wish I could rate this lower than a one, but I unfortunately can’t. Do not download, it’s not worth your time. There are better.
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4 years ago, vmc1024
Can’t upload stickers at all
I have tried everything to fix this problem for a month now including contacting the support email. After over a week of emails the problem still isn’t solved and it doesn’t seem like it will be. Every time I click “use” after I have selected a sticker it just goes know where land. I love the app I’m just feeling frustrated that no one seems to know what’s going on. I’m really sad since I was going to try to get verified as an artist. Update : customer service is crap. after emailing for 2 weeks they can’t tell me how to fix the problem and basically told me to use my computer instead. I’m sorry but that’s ridiculous when I create my gif stickers from my iPad. I have never left an angry review before but this is infuriating. My iPad is brand new and I have not changed anything. It is a problem with the app but no one knows how to fix it apparently.
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6 years ago, A_Nick_Name28753
No Longer Worth The Trouble
This app used to be great, but it’s no longer worth you trouble if you’re intending to use it to post gif reactions or images on message boards. The last update broke the “copy image link” feature. Now, when a link is copied, the entire link is no longer copied to your mobile device’s clipboard. You are now provided with a partial link that lacks the latter portion, including the actual image’s name and file extension. The only thing that you post on a message board when using this app is a big, red X indicating a broken image link. Furthermore, when you compare the partial link that is provided by the app to the link that is provided by the site when visiting it from a laptop or workstation, the links are noticeably different. Save yourself a lot of time, headache and heartache, and choose a different app for your gif needs.
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3 months ago, Kplan23
Was great. Still problematic
The 4.8.6 update on 3/5/24 fixed nothing. GYPHY was unique and used to work grea. Unfortunately updating the app and/or iOS has made stickers difficult or impossible to size and place where I want them. They attach themselves to the last text no matter where I tried to place the sticker. Please fix these problems. Until then 1 star while I’m forced to use other similar apps that really don’t compare. I would like to see folders added so I can group similar GIFs that are spread out through my one big collection that isn’t necessarily in an organized fashion. Or allow us to group similar GIFs. It’s perfect for making texting more fun and imaginative. Thanks to the developers who keep the app running smoothly and problem free.
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1 year ago, UnaChicaNica
Does Not Work Well on iPhone 13 Pro/No App Support
This used to be so easy to use, but, ever since I got the iPhone 13 Pro, the app is difficult to use. After I make a gif, I have to delete the app and re-install it to make another one. If I don’t, it just freezes and nothing works. Reinstalling doesn’t always work on the first try either. Sometimes I have to delete the app and reinstall it multiple times in order for it to work, and heaven forbid I decide to change my mind and change the photo/video I’m trying to make a gif with, cuz the app freezes and then I’m back to deleting and reinstalling! And occasionally it’ll be working just fine then inexplicably freeze, and it’s back to square one. Also, app support is non-existent with this app.
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5 years ago, Rer123456
First off, I have NEVER left a review for any app but THIS one is just so much dang fun. I discovered it by accident looking for something else and I am SOOOOO glad I did. I have been messing with this thing for over an hour sending all my friends (at least they used to be - HA! HA! HA!) multiple gifs and stickers and even a little bit of the moving texts. The app is UBER easy to use and the Search engine is spot on. I have read that other people have had issues, but so far NOT me. Do yourself a favor and download this app and give it a try. You won’t be sorry!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Clarissa3654
Personal Preference
I agree that GIPHY is a fun app to use. It has many fun gifs to choose from and when I don’t find one I like, I can make my own. The only thing that bothers me is that for some reason I can’t change my profile picture. I tried clicking on it, looking for it in the edit drop down, and even tried to look it up on the internet. I’ve been told that sometimes the kind of phone affects apps in some ways. I have an IPhone 5 if that is any help. I would appreciate an explanation for what I’m doing wrong, or if it’s a bug I would like it to be fixed. Thank you for working hard on this app!
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2 years ago, suchejckf
Wow, that’s a lot of 1 stars
The first few reviews that pop up smear this app, and after reading developer responses along with other reviews, I am not going to get this app, I do not want an app that a lot of people have plenty of major issues with, and just to list a few repeating ones: Login not working correctly, asking for access to the camera, political stuff, etc. These issues don’t seem to have been addressed properly as almost all of the developer responses say something along the lines of “Sorry for help email us at (support email)” and all of the responses give a robotic feel, and to me it feels like the developers are not listening to the feedback they receive, I’d also love to see a developer respond to this.
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5 years ago, PandaPopFun!
Lots of your Birthday Day to sisters 😲
I think you Birthday app when recognizing sisters have become disgusting! Do you have to show so many women in compromising positions and being so sexual just to send a message to a sister?? I had to get away from my young grandchildren that wanted to send a message to her with me in order to locate an appropriate Birthday wish to her. May you should invest in a phonography sight if you need to show so much of that garbage! I will seek other apps if you all don’t get any better than this. Sad example to children today. ☹️😢😞😕😒
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4 years ago, giphyhobby
Giphy is fun and easy to use
giphy has great features i like the sticker feature you can add it to your photos and to your videos. the gif maker lets you make little memory videos, less than 14 seconds, on you ipad photo app and then transfer them to giphy and create a gif and add stickers and then upload it to facebook or to your camera roll. if you press favorite on the new gif, you can then see the gif on your giphy app under favorites. making giphies is a good hobby for people who like to create moving scrapbooks and share them wih their friends and family. their giphy website is linked to the giphy app and stores your creations to the giphy app under your account name. all for free but if they ever wented to charge a subscriotion fee , i would be willing to pay $10 a month for my giphy scrapbook hobby. it would be easy and fun to keep enjoying all their giphy features.
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2 years ago, Casiaaa
Loading Issues
By far my favorite app for GIFS, but for some reason there’s LOTS of ISSUES when launching the app in general or in iMessage in order to use it. Had this app for 2 years. Not understanding how every time I update the app, this issue still isn’t resolved. Rather annoying honestly. It’s like you guys aren’t really fixing the issues or “bugs” this app has. As for customer complaints/reviews that I’ve read, I see there are many other people who’ve rated this app below 3 Stars. Well unfortunately, I’m rating you guys a “1 Star” review, and I’m most likely thinking about uninstalling… but it’s not like you guys care about your customers reviews/complaints anyway, so, why not uninstall right? Just ridiculous…
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3 years ago, rorydarling
i can’t even make my own gifs anymore..
i wanted to make a gif of my friend from this funny video of him but it NEVER shows up every time i try to go through with it no matter what i did (i even turned my phone off, closed out & reopened the app, updated the app, and even got it on my iPad to see if it would do it) but NOTHING! i really used to love this app but now i can’t even make my own gifs anymore. also not only can i NOT see the video i’m trying to turn into a gif, but WHY should i be forced to put a sticker on it before proceeding??! IT’S FUNNY ON ITS OWN! i literally NEVER leave reviews for apps so this is really telling something with how unhappy i am with this app that i USED TO love and be able to USE. PLEASE FIX THIS APP 🗣🗣🗣🗣
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3 months ago, CBN304
Update causing access issues
Normally a very nice app! Unfortunately the latest update is causing access issues. Do. It create updates that knock users out of auto sign up that’s already been out in place. For this alone and the inability to easily access tou get nailed. Should be one star but you are getting one extra as a gift. Still don’t have access and not sure it worth it now or not. Engagement a funny thing when you do dumb things like that!! Same thing as last time. On top of the same the password reset doesn’t recognize use the password. So either you guys propagate slow through your servers or have poor database mgt.
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8 months ago, Used to love yonder
Amazing but lacking
This is app is amazing and works great on my iPhone 13 Pro Max with iOS 16. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because of one thing. I want to save gifs in different “folders” with unique names so I don’t have to scroll through 150 gifs looking for that specific one I saved a year ago. Basically I want to have multiple lists of “favourites” and “collections”. I would also like to import any photo or screenshot and make a gif out of it. The multiple “folders” is the most important so fix that and I’ll give this app 10 TEN STARS!!! 😊😃
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2 years ago, peoplesuck--234543747
Maybe it’s your phone!!
Myself not anyone in my family has had any issues with updates for the GIPHY application. I’m going with “user error” or maybe you need to update your IOS or update your old phone. All that time wasted deleting and reinstalling the app. Your “favorite GIPH app”. Then you drop it to a 2 star. Nope you are the 2 this application is a 10.... there is not enough stars. People need to get a check in with reality. THIS IS A FREE FREAKING COOL APP that can be used ANYTIME. Must be vet important like Ron Burgundy
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3 years ago, Naples jjjjj69
Great variety
I use the gifs more than anything seems that any thing I look for there’s something to use variety for each category granted because I family snd friends we have other unique ways of communicating would be nice to have an adult only option to have access to even for a charged version just a thought thank you for providing access to more detailed better quality of a gif, sticker, or clips
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3 years ago, "b^.^d"
2 things
1)Idk how often others use the favorite feature, but I use it weekly. I wish there was a way to organize my favorites or tag them, so I can access them quicker instead of scrolling for it until its to irrelevant to send anymore. 2) the search in messages wont allow me to use the magic keyboard, so I either have to smudge up my screen or open the app to use the keyboard Would love to see at least 1 of these addressed
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1 year ago, Adenwano
Best App Ever👌👌👌👌⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This app is so good and I am only 14 and this is the best app I can show my friends and they would be asking me where did I get this wallpaper I would say from the app on my phone and I would show them and they would say I need to download this so then I can be cool like you and I said yea right but let’s get to the point here this app is so good and that is the thing but it is really good so thank you for making this app!!!!!!!😊😊😊😊😊⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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5 months ago, Cheezehead615
App seems somewhat dysfunctional
I like that I can use GIPHY as a keyboard, but the account/profile settings can’t be updated on mobile. I’ve tried to set my display name, link socials etc, but the save button doesn’t work?? I tried many different ways but it seems to do nothing. I also tried searching on the built in instagram GIPHY keyboard for a GIF I uploaded, and despite typing exactly what I named it, no results? Very strange and hoping this app gets more attention because it could be great! And right now it’s just good.
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6 years ago, Mg va beach
Decent app
Overall you can find good .gifs. However they need a better search engine. I get all kinds of weird results when I search. Also it would be nice if they could require a rating for more rated R type .gifs. I would not want my child searching and seeing the results I see just by searching “birthday” etc. I find some offensive. I wish they had a filter to turn those off so you don’t see them. I do like you can find .gifs and it’s pretty easy to put on fb or text messages. Definitely not good for kids though.
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1 year ago, TangentMind
Updated app just now - crashes on login
Just a heads up - tried to send some Valentine’s Day gifs to some folks but decided to finally update the app… updated… it crashed after download so I killed it, redownloaded and it worked “be animated” (with scrolling gifs). Then tried to login and it crashed - twice. Killed and downloaded again. Went to login and it crashed. I’m on an iPhone 12, running 16.0 (I will update to version 16.3.1, which may be the issue, but just a heads up). When the app works and I can use it, I really like it - but this seems kind of critical. 🙌
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7 years ago, Ozzy205
Always crashes
** update - still crashing/freezing. It’s getting super frustrating when I’m in the actual app bc I have to continually restart it. ** LOVE this app. But with the last few updates he app loads then freezes so I have to restart the entire app. I tried pausing the gifs hoping that would solve the problem and it doesn’t. The person that mentioned how all of the favorites are linked into one list is on point. It’s hard to go find the gifs I’ve favorited bc I have to scroll through hundreds of them AND wait for them to load to see where I am in the list. A way to sort them would be awesome. But the biggest gripe is the fact that it always freezes unless you’re in the iMessage app. 6s+ iOS 11.0.3
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5 years ago, ImADisneyMom2
Experience issues
I’m reluctant to update after reading so many seemingly valid issues regarding the most recent update as I already had issues (from time to time) with “prior” version.(many times copy-paste leaves gif “flat”/& non animated etc.) So I’ll wait for improved comments on latest update b4 I attempt to update bcuz too often lately updates in general (from all apps) have completely ruined how the app worked & its user-experience awa its tendencies to create glitches to my iOS phone as well the app itself for unknown reasons🤷🏼‍♀️. Therefore I think I’ll wait to “update” until reviews on current update improves resolving all concerns. Sorry—but tyvm.
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2 years ago, DDustiNN
What happened to GIPHY keyboard??
I use GIPHY keyboard almost daily, and it has really gone downhill. Ever since iOS 15, it is a struggle just to get it to load in Messages. Try over and over and over and over and hope it eventually loads. But now something has happened this week where the gifs it sends are much smaller than usual. What is going on here? I double checked and I do not have low-quality images enabled in Messages. Yet using the #images keyboard app, they send just fine. They even say “GIPHY via #images” and the same exact gif is much bigger than when actually using the real GIPHY keyboard extension.
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8 months ago, Robinhoodlum59
Doesn’t work. Tried 10 times to make a gif
Your Gif creation is so horrendously awful. I tried like 10 times unsuccessfully to create 1 gif. Couldn’t do it, the app can’t even handle text right. It crashes practically every time I add something new or it just won’t let me cook. I can’t copy and paste, I can’t move text around, your text size and shape is stupid and bad. All around it seems that your gif creator is nothing but a joke used to annoy potential customers and drive them away from your service. It was an awful frustrating experience and you would need to fix it and pay me to change my opinion and my recommendations to Friends.
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2 years ago, sasa_the_2000
So addictive!
So this app is really fun and useful. First off, I thought it was really hard to make gifs on here but it’s actually super easy to make this. This app also lets you post your gifs privately if you don’t want to have a public account. Another perk to this is you can make your saved gifs on your phone convert to Live Photo’s to become awesome wallpapers. I recommend buying this app and I think you will be very pleased with it.
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4 years ago, Kid Cutie
This app has been just a delight to find and share GIFs with my friends. I love the features I didn’t know I needed (I’m looking at you GIF to Live Photo). I’m saving GIFs that inspire me and bring me joy. There are just a few features I wish it had that the desktop version has. For example, view count on GIFs. I like tracking my views and seeing what resonates with audiences. Also, a follow feature so I could keep track of my favorite users and be updated when they post new GIFs. Other than that, I love GIPHY, I love the keyboard, and I live for this app.
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4 years ago, super unicorn! 🦄🦄🤪
So good! But...
Ok so for starters this is one of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded. I love the feature that you can make your own!! This app has close to a gif in any category. My only complaint is that I really wish you could save the gifs you make! If this feature was added, it would be the BEST app ever. I give this five stars and recommend you download this app. Thanks for reading. I hope you have a good day. We will all be ok after this whole Coronavirus thing. ❤️❤️❤️ love you!! Bye!!!! ❤️❤️
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6 years ago, brienichelle
I really love this app...usually
I recommend this app to everyone but for some reason it won’t upload any giphy I try to make. it starts off regularly but processing just takes forever, IF it actually does process. not to mention, app support send you straight to the giphy website & I couldn’t even find support. your FAQ didn’t have any answer for my problem, I don’t remember seeing one, but I could be wrong. either way, please fix the problem.
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4 years ago, Slugthing
Poor Service
Today was the first time I ever decided to use this service. I was referencing my favorite film of 2019, The Lighthouse, when I decided to search up an appropriate gif that would compliment the conversation on an Instagram group chat. Like I said, it was my first time using the service, so I had no expectations going in. What I discovered was a horribly unpolished gif of Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson dancing together running at something like 5 frames per second. This was truly atrocious, especially because I’ve seen gifs of this same film on Twitter running at an adequate enough frame rate to get the job done. But Giphy here, they don’t care about their customers satisfaction in the slightest. Very disappointed. Ignore if you can.
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5 years ago, AnnaBel Dowling
It really took me a while to figure Ur App out,,, But it’s been so much fun, exciting n Just Simply Marvelous Darlin ❣️🍀💡 Question,,, Do U have a separate file for Ur own GIFS,,, That way it would make it easier for U n that way U could watch n use all the New Stuff,,, I would like to TUVM for,,, My friend n I were talking n trying to find the right words,,, With 3 words combined words,,, We did come up with Con~Fuzzz~Led,,, Which doesn’t make any sense at all,,, So 2days later I GIF search n it looked so Adorable, Brilliant Magnificent,,, U have out done Ur self n please don’t stop,,, AnnaBel Dowling
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4 months ago, Princejron
After update, app glitches
Are we no longer able to select a sticker by holding it and dragging it into a message? After update it doesn’t work for me anymore. When holding to drag a sticker to message or adjusting the size, the sticker just disappears and get deselected. Previously I was able to select a sticker by holding it down, and dropping it on to the message. I also could pinch out to enlarge and drop it into message. Now anytime I hold a sticker to drop on a message it disappears. Are we no longer able to change sticker sizes and drag & drop them into messages?
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2 years ago, mamalalabee
3 Cheers for Giphy !
My favorite artist is Anna Havrochec. I may have misspelled her last name. But she animates knitted things and they are so amazing and creative. They make me laugh so much. It cheers me up and all my friends that I share them with. I couldn’t share such wonderful things if it were not for Giphy. I forget how to download them and share sometimes; but, the app just keeps getting better and better along with becoming easier to use!
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6 years ago, RandajRand
I think it’s fantastic that you offer such a tremendous array of stickers. I am looking forward to seeing your new ones this year. You are doing a great job, keep it up!! Will your new ones allow me to text and add to my new keyboards? I have got 4 additional keyboards. One of which is the Big Emo, the others are very similar to the original one that came with my device ( iPhone 8 Plus) I am really looking forward to your new stickers! Thank y’all so much.
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4 years ago, Mr.MannTastic
An Amazing Resource!
There’s no doubt that memes and GIFs have overrun the internet...and for good reason, they’re hilarious and fun! I love that GIPHY allows users to create artist & brand accounts. However it takes a LONG time to hear back from them after you apply. There’s a high volume or applications or at least that’s what their website says. In any case the app is fun and easy to use. I only wish the gifs could be a little more higher in quality.
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4 months ago, BrandonJ82
What happened?
I have used Giphy for some time now with no complaints - it has been great. Over the last 2 months I have noticed it hasn’t been working as well and/or was slow and glitchy at times. I am on iOS 17 and exclusively use giphy through iMessage when texting. When I tap the + icon in a text conversation then tap the giphy icon, the giphy plugin/app opens inside of iMessage as it would normally, but I can’t search, I don’t see a field that I would enter text to search, even tapping the magnifying glass doesn’t open search and/or bring up the keyboard. This basically renders the app useless and kills my giphy game :( Please help!
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2 years ago, ZachyBe
Fantastic app overall, one main issue
This is without question the best app to fulfill all of your gif-ing desires. You can even add a button to your iPhone keyboard to copy gifs without even opening the app. The only main problem is that is has a hard time rendering and loading more than a certain amount of gifs on the same page, which is tough when you want to access something a little further down in your favorites.
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4 years ago, jessicakyleetoulhac
I love the app but I wish we could follow A creator on GIPHY and have a comment section and they were full videos instead of just the GIFs that would just make the app a lot better but then again I could always just delete the app do you know make you lose a lot of money tell my friends to delete the app because they all have it but then again you could answer my requests please and thank you goodbye
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3 years ago, sass_quatch
Folders Would Make It Perfect
Love Giphy! It’s my favorite way of communicating my emotions.😁 I have so many saved in my favorites and have always thought the only thing that would take this app from “Great” to “Perfection” would be the ability to organize all my favorites into folders so that I could go right to the ones I wanted rather than having to scroll through them all. Thanks for keeping this app going - my world would be a lot sadder without it!😅
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5 months ago, Tchaye
Simple search doesn’t work
First: can you disable autocorrect on the search field? It’s always wrong and really not helping. Search fields should not have autocorrect. Second: when a search term is autocorrected incorrectly, then it’s impossible to change it back. Editing the search to something else just keeps showing the same results. At some point it reverts the text in the field to the very first search term. It makes search completely unusable. It’s been like this for months, so finally decided to give the feedback here. Please fix this, it’s unusable unless your first search is correct
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4 years ago, joelsephed
Broken iMessage app
This is for The iMessage app not the actual app. So what did y'all do? This used to be amazing now I'm removing it from my apps. For the better part of a month, the icon has not had the giphy logo but rather that white schematic/blueprint like background that's more than likely a missing image. But it gets worse. I deleted the whole app entirely, redownloaded and went to add it back to iMessage and there's now an inexplicable "message extension plugin" that toggles in with the iMessage app. Even reset my phone but nothing would change it. Clutter and ugly. Please fix, this is the greatest app for gifs. Will update review when fixed.
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5 years ago, SparkleVomit
I love the gifs, but it it so hard to find a specific one when looking through my favorites! I end up scrolling forever, it uses a ton of memory, and then most of the time, the gifs don’t load so I can’t even find what I was looking for in the first place. It takes way too long to remove a gif from my favorites, too. Unheart one, and it takes you back to the beginning of your favorites. I’d love to unheart half of my favorites, but that would take forever!! Please make it easier to organize and edit your favorites!!!
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6 years ago, stop guessing what i want
please make ’faves’ the imessage default page
this app is amazing, the stickers are so fun. but it is insane that the opening page every time i want to use the app is just ... random popular gifs?? i have literally never selected one of these (i go to giphy bc i know what I’m looking for??) and it just makes the search take forever to load, or the keyboard to crash. why make it harder for people to et to what they love about the app?? i have faves saved for a reason, it’s because i use them all the time haha
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6 years ago, The Dog royboy
This is awesome
I use this all the time. Tried other but not even close I come right. This is the place to go if you want to make people or that special one happy, and smile. This is Roy Mandeville I’ve been using GIPHY Or probably about two years now or maybe three it’s always had what I wanted to send something very beautiful or something very funny a sad ones for the sad times or just to make someone there awesome really
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5 years ago, mtg0711
Can't send feedback, can't modify past searches
I was going to submit this as feedback via the GIPHY iOS app > gear menu, but received error "mail services not available" (I am presuming this may be because I was logged in via Facebook app. If so, I was unable to use the app to modify my GIPHY profile to add an email address. Another annoyance). The only feedback I was wanting to submit was that after enabling the GIPHY keyboard in iOS, although the keyboard will display recent search history, you cannot add/change words in the query or else it clears the text and starts a new search. Very frustrating for fixing typos, changing keywords, doing a narrowed down search, etc.
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5 years ago, Hellsbellsboysletsgetit
Hostage taker app
This is a great app with one exception, that makes it unbearable. If you don’t let the app have full access to your keyboard it takes the keyboard hostage. It pops up a message over the keyboard that says allow full access with a button for MORE INFO. If you click the button and don’t allow full access it keeps the message over the keyboard. If you force close the app you are trying to use the keyboard in and reopen it still has the keyboard hostage! This is a ridiculous feature. If there is some way the developer can change this I would re download it.
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3 years ago, papoose Fields.
New Gif’s
I like that theirs so many to choose from keep them flowing satisfied user!😍 I wanted this GIPHY on my text part of my iPhone why won’t it show there what can I do to make it happen please help with this matter. I figured it out now I believe share is on there but I don’t want to share my texts with anyone other than the one I texted very important for privacy Edwina fields. Thanks
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11 months ago, TheCostumersManifesto
Useful place to find eye candy for Canvas class pages.
It helps with keeping the online (or in class) students amused as they get their practical info. Just find a gif that illustrates the concept, or simply gives a visual reward for reading a practical guide page. I stick hundreds of these into class pages so they don’t mind looking at weekly info.
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7 years ago, T0MK4T
Used to love this app
Seriously becoming impossible to use. Can no longer copy paste via 3D Touch. If you select copy, it doesn’t seem to actually save it to the clipboard. And I now can no longer copy via share button. This does save to the clipboard, but now it only saves it as a picture not a gif. I now have to SAVE TO CAMERA ROLL. This takes so much longer and now fills up my memory with gifs I only wanted to send once.. The iMessage app portion does have a nice UI, but it also inserts gifs a quarter of the size if I used the main app. This makes gifs with words unreadable! Please fix at least one of these! I’m using an IPhone 8 Plus currently on 11.0.3.
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