Girls Hair Salon

4.5 (113.6K)
180.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pazu Games Ltd
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Girls Hair Salon

4.48 out of 5
113.6K Ratings
2 years ago, pooopy pants!
It’s OK
So I love this game a lot I used to play this when I was younger and I loved it I still do but I have two things I would want the PAZU created to change 1 is that I can’t do boys hair and 2 I know there is a subscription but I would REALLY want the creators to add at least a few more people to do hair on cause it only lets you do one girl and the others make you buy a subscription for. So plz do this but it’s a fun game I would recommend this game it has lots of new stuff you can do it’s a cool game I like it but I would like it more if you could change those 2 things if you will than thank you but if you don’t then oh well it’s still a fun game 😜
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1 year ago, 🐆🦈Coolcake
Pazu Stop!!! 😡😡😡
So my kid says to me on day, “ Mommy the Girls Hair Salon App isn’t working.” So I say “It’s probably just a little glitch. Don’t worry, glitches happen all the time. But if it makes you feel better I will see the glitch and try to fix it.” So that’s what I did. I went over to her room and she gave me my phone. She was playing Girls Hair Salon on it. I looked and she wanted to style a girl’s hair unicorn style but she can’t click on it because it says “try Pazu free!” Or something similar to that. She said to me “ Mommy, it’s the same for every other style on the app.” But I didn’t want to pay something like 5.99 a month on just a little game. So now I deleted the game. So now I’m sending this to you Pazu. And my kid was really mad and sad so she went to her room. But I know why. This was her FAVORITE game. Now it’s gone because of a buying Pazu for 5.99 ad! So Pazu I know this is not a glitch so now I have to get my kid a new game. One that is NOT made by Pazu or has no ads. So Pazu stop doing this because I don’t want kids having this happen to them like it did with my kid. So Pazu please stop this now! And finally I got a please rate sign when I want ZERO STARS because this is such a bad game! So now I half to put ONE star because you just want stars so more people become unhappy with your game! Probably because you don’t want to make kids happy, ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS TO MAKE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😭😡😡 Sincerely, An Unhappy Parent
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4 years ago, horseygirlslime
Um I want do do boys hair
So I got this game and went to play it right away but I got on and I could only do girls hair! I’m a girl but I still want to do boys hair. Honestly I don’t even know why I got this game. I much prefer sports and horse riding and my pets. Also there is way to much that you have to pay for! You have to pay for the curlers,razers,hair dye, earring,jewelry,glasses and loads more! Also one more thing could there be levels and people come in and say something like “I’m here to get some hair that looks like I’m a rockstar” or say something like that? And you get to do there clothes and stuff and maybe even place a pet next to them or something? Oh I have a idea, you can upgrade your salon and maybe even do pets hair and maybe you could choose a background to take there picture in front of and maybe even earn coins and use those to buy supplies for the salon? I hope this is not to much to ask for (it probably is to much) but these are just ideas DON’T RESPOND but thanks for reading I sort of recommend this app but not really bye From horse rider champion
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2 years ago, DTAJ1
Must read
OK so I like this app but after a while you have to re-sign in and that can cause a lot of problems I still give it five stars because whenever you are in it you have a lot of fun plus there’s more availabilities now like they just added the boys and once you add the boys that gives us more options to add on the girls and we could make the boys look like girls and the girls like boys. this app would probably be good for the ages three and up because a three-year-old might know how to work a touchscreen and two year old probably wouldn’t. At the age of probably 10 this might not be the game for you anymore but right now it’s probably the best game that you can play whenever you’re bored or don’t have anything to do. Thanks for reading. ✌️
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12 months ago, dslawter
Good but needs work
This game is so much fun except for a few things all the things your kid would want to style hair like the characters that you style are not free. Only one girl is free and you don’t get to have a lot of fun with it if you want to do a lot of people you have to pay which is not fair now I am not saying for us to have all of them but just make some appealing but it just is not very fair if all the fun ones are locked also you have to do bangs if you want the hair down if you do the girl I do which is free. I want the hair to work differently so it can be like normal hair without having to do bangs. Now this game is really great but please fix these things and your game will be so much more fun. I like the no ads and other things like that’s but I need to have these things fixed. Just like 5 options for styling hair please. Thank you so much!!!!!!
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1 year ago, I will call the police
It’s not very good
So the app seems like you could play every game for hours right but no there’s a dang limit but you have to buy some thing to like go over the limit so I was just saying here playing the game I didn’t even play two games yet I only played one game I was in the middle of playing the other game I was I just joined it and then it was like did you reach the daily level and then I was like OK cool I press the home button and then it took me all the way back so then I try to get another one on another thing on there and then it was like I said the same thing so I think they should add at least two hours and that’s the limit because I got mad and it’s annoying and crap so fix that but other than that I would’ve given you a five out of five but two out of five…….. but anyways I wouldn’t download this game until the bugs are fixed😑😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠
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3 years ago, gdhdnfyddjdudbfjhfjffifhf
Good going review and a hint of madness
This game is one of the best games in my life and it’s just a hint of man is that I have to say about it why parents only be able to unlock the things I think we should be able to unlock it with levels and getting back to the good part this is actually one of the best game in the rain but it needs a little bit more make up stuff you know like instead of just doing the hair we could do make up back to that hint of Madness Part it’s actually could use so other people can unlock it unlock the new characters instead of having to let the parents only unlock it but I love this game please think about doing those updates and I will give you another review soon bye-bye
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4 years ago, Vingwe
I am very disappointed in all of the PAZU kids apps. The Caucasian characters are always free. If you wish to have a different nationality you must pay to have access to that character. Try explaining to a child why he/she has access to the Caucasian characters “ONLY” in EVERY game he/she has chosen. However, if you wish to have access to your race you must spend the dollars you’ve saved in your piggy bank or your parent has to pay the price. I do not teach my child to see one skin color is more important than the other and these games promote that. I can understand paying for hair products and accessories but to promote the Caucasian characters to allure customers is just another sign that racism continues to plagued our great nation. However, for the developer to use a child’s game is very disappointing and the intent appears to have particular races spend more money for this app then others. Make a difference and promote equality and not segregation.
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1 year ago, Lalipop13
Good game but the daily limit messes it up
I love the is game it’s fun to play when your bored or just want do play on your phone but there is one thing that makes me frustrated😡😡 when you are doing the persons hair and you do a lot of stuff to it and then your like “I don’t like this style anymore so im going to shave it off” so when you do that and then you try to grow the hair back or something like that and then it says “daily limit reached” 😡😡it makes me so mad and if the creators of this game see this pls change this I’m begging this would be the BEST GAME but it’s not bc I can’t do anything now bc it has a stupid daily limit so now I have to wait till tomorrow to grow my dudes hair back!
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5 years ago, Gigiwinter6
Good game
This game is fun but the hair gets super Duper Messy but this game is super Duper fun but I did not see The neck is freakishly long and it scares me and the rest of the people are knocked out coaster unlocked and I only have one character and it’s weird because I only have one character and they have a game pack only $50 please download this game I downloaded it it’s really good and tell your parents for this and here are some problems that need to be changed once there’s nothing on locked two I only have one character Free they left the necklace is on the bottom of the neck and I’m happy this is for girls because I’m a girl please download this Game because it’s a very good game and there’s not a bye-bye yet it’s almost bye-bye and I’m five but I love this game so bye-bye bye
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2 years ago, simsgirl🙃🙃🙃🌺❤️
So I got this game back for my little sister, I used to to have it years ago, but deleted it because of storage. Well everything seemed to look the same at first, I’m not sure how much has changed since I can’t even play it to see. I understand the daily limit, but we should be able to change it and as far as I can tell the only way to do that is to pay and I’m not doing that. This game used to be completely free now you have to pay? I used to play this game for hours with my sisters, we would take turns. This is very disappointing and I will be deleting the game an won’t be getting it back. There seems to be very few games now where the developers actually care about creating and keeping up a good game, and you don’t seem to one of them. I’ll just have to keep looking for a good game she can play.
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5 years ago, Ruben skeleton
Girls hair salon
I love this game is the best game ever but I don’t know if you have to go in the stores or you have to pay for them if you have to pay for that I kind a wish that would end because it’s not very fair all I can do is the same person and the same hairstyles and I really want to do other people but I can’t I really don’t like the game that much but if you guys like it is you’re probably right A review because this game is not very perfect for me but it can be for you guys if you guys want to know I have traps up so if you like this game you should buy it and then see how you like it you can always delete it because it’s free!!!🦄🤷🏽‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️💖🙃😅💖🤥😬😑😬😬😧😑🥴😦😬😴
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5 years ago, poppy102nickname
The news
I think the game is really good. But the only thing I don’t like is how most the stuff you have to buy. And you’re wondering why do I give it a five star. I gave it a five star because it’s good for children to watch play but it’s not good if they get a hold of their pants credit card on their phone and accidentally buy the package at the package but like the all the rest of stuff that’s locked. So this is my view and I Collett the news because well this game is is is good but it’s not the best still you’re wondering why you were a five star and that’s because good for children . The only thing I I personally don’t like is the how much you have to spend.
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1 year ago, 4?:$&
Idk what happened
So I have had this app for a while I love love loved playing this game because I love styling hairs so today I tried to play somthin else I haven’t played in a while so I said I should play this game I don’t have the subscription so I naturally go to classy then I got all excited because all the avatars were available it caught me saying did they end the h have to buy the avatar thing so I went on glam hairstyles and I was doing a avatar then randomly it says I hit my daily limit I didn’t know what that meant so I exited out then got back in and pressed a classy and it said the same thing I deleted the game then downloaded it again and said the same thing I am deeply disappointed in this because I was excited but not anymore
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6 years ago, Helix Jump1234567890
Girls Hair Salon
I think that this game is very cool because it allow u to pick out new hairstyles and different looks for people. You can do many things to the girl’s hair that is available. The only thing that I don’t like about this game is that u only have ONE character available, the other ones cost money, u have to BUY the other ones. That’s not cool man. I think that everything should be unlocked on ur game. Why would u put things on ur game that don’t allow u to use it? I mean I’m not gonna give u MY money for ur stupid scams. But besides that I think the game is great!! Especially with the (unlocked) girl’s face expressions and the calming background music!! By:Julia Parkenson To: the creator of this game
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6 years ago, Trin🌺🍭
I am 13 & I love this game. It’s so fun and creative but..... 3 things could be improved. 1. It’s rlly hard to brush the hair, because you have to move one strand at a fine & it takes FOREVER! Plus, if your finger slips, you have to start over because your girls hair is ruined. 2. It would be MUCH BETTER if more stuff was unlocked. Like maybe: a few extra people to work w/, some more colors, and a little more accessories than provided. 3. The necks are freakishly long. & it would be cool to add different textures to the hair, and be able to do more than just curl or straighten. Maybe add a feature where you can add a pony tail or braids or a swirl or bun! And honestly, I love this game. But it would be my #1 choice if these (or some of these) changes were made. Keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, bonitabythesea
This is a cool game😎
This is a awesome game because you can actually cut hair and not chose a hairstyle and cut the dotted line... But I was thinking that it is super nice you are giving everyone a taste and then asking for you to pay if you want to actually use the whole game... But I was wondering why you can’t just pay for the one app that you want and not have to pay a ridiculous 10 dollars a month for 49 more apps that you are not interested in... You know? If you could just pay and download the game that you want and not get a really expensive bundle that would be super awesome 😎❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
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4 years ago, fhusmsbyx
Alright but annoying
I love the game but some things to updates you can make to the game is that you can dye the eyebrow color to match or not match the hair color. Another improvement is to make the starter woman, when the character loads in, have a little bit longer hair because if she "wanted" a trim, the hair would be very short and might have to be buzzed at the neck. One more idea I have is to be able to rotate the character so you can see the back of the hair and it will be easier to buzz hair on the back. I don't like in the game how most of the things are locked and you have to pay money cause that's no fun, and seriously, who's parent would let their kid spend money on a game that they would later delete when they get older?!
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12 months ago, 🐻 bears are the best
When I first got on it..
I got on it It says” try it for free” I don’t like it stop Pazu with the try it for free! YOU JUST WANT MONEY! I am gonna give you a one. Star this game is so cool but I HATE ! When it immediately says “ try it for free” so pazu you are exposed! YOU JUST WANT MONEY! SO NOBODY PLAY ON THIS GAME ! I feel so bad for the kids that think that it’s free it’s just free to download it so I feel bad pazu is bad if your reading my review please don’t download this if your a child don’t ask your mom if your an adult don’t download this so the person that made this just wants money I’ve said that three. Times so just tell the truth parents they. Just want your money don’t download I have tot get rid of it now because my mom doesn’t wanna pay so yea don’t download pick something else to download please pazu FIX THAT thanks for reading developer comment back.
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2 years ago, @Kayla_Pevey
This game is bad:(
It’s a OK game but it doesn’t give you enough time to customize the person that you want to when you start customizing it not even 10 minutes later it says your time is up and you can’t decorate your character anymore what if there are some poor people with kids and they want to play it but they only have a certain amount of time to customize their person it’s just not fair that you can only have a little bit of time it’s kind of mean that you can only have so little time to decorate your character I tried to but I wasn’t even done with the hair and I only cut it and then I was trying to grow it back that’s all it let me do so don’t download this game because it’s kind of mean that it doesn’t let you have more than 10 minutes to decorate your character
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1 year ago, KittyTune Magu j
Great game! (Not just for kids)
Even I play this awesome game! It is super fun to style the hair of girls and boys! They have also added some really cool updates including different styles (like Halloween style!) I recommend this game for all ages! I could never find an actually fun hair styling game until I found this one! This game also doesn’t have very many adds! (Thank goodness!) This app is truly wonderful! The only thing about it is that I only have a certain amount of time on it each day because I don’t want to pay for the pass thing. I just wish my time wasn’t limited! Other than that significant problem, I think it’s a pleasant app.
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5 years ago, MyideasMatter
Really good but.....
So when I first got this game I thought it was really good. Honestly at first I was a little overwhelmed at all the stuff you could do. Do the first time I wanted to style someone, I figured that once you played a lot you could unlock the other characters and all. But after a while I was like ‘when do I get other people and all that?’ So then I found out that you have to buy that stuff. Overall it’s a really good game. Plus there are no ads! I would totally give it five stars if you could unlock more stuff and people as you go along because I’m not spending any money on that stuff.
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2 years ago, wachtohg
I’m a little confused…
Okay, I don’t know if it is just me but the hair doesn’t move at a good speed. Ik that sounds weird but it moves so slow! I’m probably to old for this game and overthinking it, but it also lags a lot, and it sometimes glitches and makes her hair fall out. I’m sorry but I have found a lot better games like Toca boca for my little cousin. I look for things that are easy and make sense, and this doesn’t live up to either of those. It doesn’t really have good editing. Please fix the bugs and glitches. At this point I’m being generous and giving it a three for effort. But over all it isn’t too terrible. Good for kids who are probably to young to have an devise.
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2 years ago, avradgg
So good 😫
Jk this app is horrible so I like designing hair and I enter it and i loved it I had so many options for people and everything unlike other games but I played for maybe like 5 minutes and it said something like your time limit for today is up so I’m assuming that I had to buy something to play more than 5 minutes!!! Like I get it that you need to make money of your game but getting to play five minutes barely gives you enough time to even see if you want to spent money on buying the extra stuff!!!! And I’m honestly surprised of how good your reviews are after what I just played it’s horrible you barely get to even play the game yet finish the hair yes it left me wanting to play more because I like doing that kind of stuff but if I don’t get to finish what’s the point!!!
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1 year ago, dragon crush OK
You get this game
If you don’t like this game you might want to second but just so you know you pick one section to plan for the rest of the day and then next the next day you play a different one if you like plus you get to do whatever hairstyle you want, and you get to flip surround and change some of their clothes, but not on the neon one so far. 🐯🦁🐭🐱🐶🦊🐰🐹🐻‍❄️🐼🐻🐨🐽🐷🐮🙈🐵🐸🐒🙊🙉🐦🐧🐔🐥🐣🐤🦉🦅🦆🐗🐺🦇🐝🦄🐴🦋🐛🪱🐞🐌🪳🪲🪰🕷️🦗🦟🐢🦂🦖🦎🐍🦑🐙🦕🦀🦞🦐🐟🐠🐡🐋🐳🐊🦭🦈🦓🐆🐅🦣🦧🦍🦏🦛🐘🦒🐫🐪🐃🦬🦘🐎🐏🐄🐂🐑🐖🦌🐐🦙🦮🐩🐕🐈‍⬛🐈🐕‍🦺🦃🐓🪶🦜🦚🦤🕊️🦩🦢🦨🦝🐇🦫🦦🦡🐀🐁🦥🐾🐿️🦔🌵 which ones are your favorite only pick three
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1 year ago, hh2223
I will sue you
Play it comes up with this like limit thing you things like they should be like when I’m in the middle of the game take me out until we Just want me to pay cash like I just want to tell them to shut up and they just want cash. Don’t even care about these people out here like are you speak to your manager you guys should be like five hours seven it makes me sick of it already have a limit on my phone and that just gets even worse I do anything it takes I do not like it it could be better. I will call the police I will sue I will call the police and do it. I’ll do anything it takes. I hate this game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤🫤🫤🫤🫤🫤🫤🫤🫤😐😐😐😐 I am killing this app like shut your stupid mouth idiot
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5 years ago, mogan flogan
Omg i love tis game like edniiuggyodi
I just wanna got the app pats for ya the first thing time to and call try and call send me the your a name of the app call you me it is the a not good call one ☝️ is was a good very well done and you have are you gonna was is the day we you can cannot are we gonna going on a in bed with me you my dad just got a call little man and so yeah hey yeah call me call later back and to get my the phone back 📱 and the day you is off to the school day and you can get call send me a the your number or something omg omg was is a like a year ago and it was a good night to get it back
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4 years ago, bubble tea 💛
Fun game but......
It’s a really fun game although there are a little bit on cons. Firstly, you have to pay for the other characters and necklaces and glasses, etc. It’s literally 10 dollars! Like I know this is how you make your money but just make it lower, like 5 dollars or something. Next, it’s really hard to comb their hair. Whenever I try to comb their hair, it ends up all over the place. So I have to use the blowdryer to put her hair where I want it. Also there was a suggestion that there should be levels and I agree. If you were at a certain level the customers could request hairstyles. Besides the cons, this game is pretty fun and I would recommend it. P.S. Please respond to this! From Janelle
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2 years ago, Dani56786
If you don’t like boring games DO NOT get this app
The reason I gave this game a 2 star review is because, to be honest this is not fun. Okay so this is what I think about this app, 1. It’s boring in my opinion, 2. Most of the stuff you have to pay for, 3. It only gives you one option for every individual item/slot, and if I’m being honest I would actually give this a one star, but I didn’t and it’s bad but not all that bad, you can do stuff, but to me it’s not fun and I wouldn’t recommend in my opinion. And to those who like this game no offense!! So that is what I think about this game I hope you can fix/improve the things I pointed out! And I hope to play this game maybe another time.
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4 years ago, cute kola
This app starts out fun but once you learn you can’t unlock the rest of the characters it gets boring. Also if for example you want the bow you would have to get the hat then get the bow. If I can describe this app I would say it is okay if you have other apps on your iPhone or iPad or mobile I would not play it all the time. It is a nice start to a beauty career. Now let’s get to the fixes if you can add levels and fix the red to an actual red not a pink. Also can you make it like a role play. Can we also decide what our salons called and can we have home and have a choice to costomize our character. Can we decide what our salon looks like. Please respond and thanks
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3 years ago, hsgndh tedfhy
DONT, LET, YOUR,KIDS,PLAY,THIS,GAME!!! Here’s why: It only lets you do girls hair… SO, I know it says girls salon but why can’t it just be a salon kind of teaching your kids the only girls can go to salons. Oh and I’m JUST GETTING STARTED! You also can’t do any hair colors or accessories without having the premium which I think really bothers me because my kids can’t play this. Also it says that you can’t do any other girls hair without getting premium and I think they just want money they don’t really want to help your kid learn. I DO think that when they say this game is the most loved it is totally false my kids can’t play this, just NO! And if I could have zero stars on this I would so I don’t recommend this game do not download it it is just trying to get money off of your parents or you and they’re not actually helping you learn it’s BAD!🙄 Also, they don’t care if your children or child like it they just want money do not download it they just want money they’re not trying to help your kids do not let your kids play this it will be a big mistake!!! - RYAN LYKKE (An adult ) Born:2000
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11 months ago, *games*
Love it! But can there be more free characters?
This game is great and me and my sister love it! I was going to rate it 3 stars but the free options are indeed lengthening from when we were kids. There were two characters and limited options if you were playing for free, but now there’s one character and unlimited options! My only complaint is I wish there was a free men representation. Guys are allowed to like styling too; and they should be able to see a version of themselves in this game. Thanks so much for elevating my childhood. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🩷
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4 years ago, Laurakate1988
I love the game I just have one question can you please add it so we’re the customers have a purturler hair style to do an one more question can you add it to wear you can change the close because I just did a Christmas hair an I want to change the close so it will match to hair but I could not so please add that to I just wanted to let you know that I hope you have a good day or night if you are reading this at night have a good night I am making this at night an if you are reading it at day time have a good an nice day BYE BYE!!
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5 years ago, ms.crazy pants
Plz read
So this game is great! But I have a few wish’s number 1: more colors, so I thought we should have more colors maybe colors people don’t really hear but more colors plz. 2:not having to pay for ANYTHING, there is so much things to pay for and some people don’t have money on their electronics, I think that is unfair to the people who can’t afford that or wants is but can’t get it number 3:more to do, I think you should add more things so we have more to do it will be extra fun and lots will want to play. We will be waiting for the update! Thanks for reading! Bye!
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2 years ago, I'm did dfhgfdcgb
The best game ever
Is the best game in the world I will give you five stars it’s the literal best and educate you if you want to be a hairstylist when you grow up it teaches you how to do that you can make funny hairstyles you can wash the hair you can drive ahead all the school stuff if you just buy this game it’s really cool I would definitely get it please it’s the best game🧇🥨🌏🌍🌓🌒🌓Encourages you to live your dreams and just keep going if you have a dream of being a hairstylist just follow that dream please just do it
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2 years ago, jacked up sauce
Why when we’re in the middle of it they always cancel it and you have to start it all over again and I just keeps happening but you have to do it fast and rush the process but it also gives you good stuff to use so I would say I’ll give this a four star review because yeah no like I said in the beginning they always cut us off we don’t even get time to finish it I got done about to finish it I’m about at the click button it’s gonna say free trial access and then off it cuts us off
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6 years ago, Minnie jay
I love this game.
Naima Stewart Dear internet, I really really like this game. Why. Well I like it because it inspires me. It inspires me because I want to be a hair stylist when I grow up and playing this game a lot of times will make me amazing at doing hair. I’m so excited that I got to write a book report and maybe I will write another one. And even when I grow up the company that runs this game can come and I will do you guys hair. Once again thank you for reading my response and I hope to play more of your games. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
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3 years ago, Astrali.i
Great but...
This is a great app but I’m sad about how you can only use one character without paying.I have some suggestions too-I would like if you do things like play levels and the character you style will want a certain style and show you a picture,or maybe sometimes if you were playing those levels and doing successful you could win some kind of prize I also wish there was more jewelry like rings and more different earrings. Otherwise pretty good game! From,player
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4 years ago, crazycat3001
Fun but annoying
When I first bought the game for my daughter, it seemed to entertain her. But she soon got frustrated when she learned that she could only do the hairstyles on one avatar, and was not allowed to some of the accessories and hair colors. You had to buy them. Another thing that seemed to bug her was that when you brush the hair, it goes all over the place and blow drying makes the hair defy gravity. Once you stop blow drying the hair, it stays in the spot in which you stopped and does not flip back down. However, the game does seem like fun, and besides all of the issues, they still stayed true to the no ad promise. Three stars.
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5 months ago, Fire heart ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
It’s pretty good
So listen I like this game a lot but there are only to people you can do without paying and I want to have more and on the the other ones it says try for free so i tried I needed my parents birth and Guess what it tries to make me pay and let’s just say other wise it’s a good game I bet once you join you might want to be a hair dresser. So might I say thank you if you read this and cheaters please give us one more person or when it says try for FREE please let it be free Thanks guys
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3 years ago, aexthetia
Horrible knockoff
This is just a horribly knockoff version of Toca Boca hair salon. I'll start with the reasons. First off, the hair is super hard to model with the brush and comb. It's almost as if it's glitching and it takes a few minutes just to model it. Secondly, there are no boy characters. I know it's called a girl's hair salon, but can't girls do boy hair too? Also, not only girls are able to play this game. Thirdly, there are tons of gender stereotypes. Most of the girls wear dresses, "girly" designed shirts, leggings, and "girly" colors. For my fourth reason, all of the characters look skinny and young. Once again, a bad stereotype and a bad look for girls. For my fifth reason, you aren't able to do much. Most salon games will let you do makeup, facials, and massage, etc.
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3 years ago, SileTon
What is wrong with this game
I mean it is really good in general why can’t you have more choices for everything especially the hair dye and the jewelry and stuff and why do all the people except the first girl cost money it would be nice if you could well maybe unlock a few other people without buying them they’re just there so you could try a new hairstyle on them and please add some thing where you can keep the photos so we can actually see them again
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6 years ago, 😋😋😋😋😛
Cute cute picture and a pretty girl
Once there was a good picture of a pretty girl a mom wanted to buy the picture of the pretty girl.....So the mom who wanted to buy that picture went up to the manager of the store and she asked if she can get that picture of the pretty girl that is put in the edge of the corner she said to the manager.......The manager said hey you can have it but you have to give me 50$ ok said the manager of the store...Okay said the mom so the mom gave the manager 50$ and the mom got to take the picture home..... THE END.....
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6 years ago, Never get this app ever
The best game ever!!!!!!
I have had this game for a long time and I lovvvvvveeeee it! It lets you curl and color and style their hair! You can pick out earrings and hats and all different details! It comes with 2 girls to style their hair, hairspray (colored), earrings, hats, scarfs, details, curling iron, waving iron, straight iron, soap, water, towel, comb, hair dryer, and lots more! You can even pay only five dollars to buy 40 accessories! Like four more customers and lots of more colors and details! The only complaint is that you can’t make a pony tail. But that’s ok because it is the the best game EVA!
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2 years ago, kobe21brown
This game is so amazing. I love it. you need to download it now . I did a five star review because it’s so good get this game now. This is the best time ever. I unlocked all the people it’s the best game ever download it now please and please give it a five star rating it is the best. I love this game and it’s a kid friendly game. I love it it’s the best and it’s so satisfying and fun, you can also curl people hair dread, it straight it accessorize it by putting on hats, chains, necklaces, scarves, glasses, and more this is the best game ever.😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
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4 years ago, Haylie DeGraw
Girls hair salon!
I think this is a great game for kids. It is annoying that when you comb the hair, it comes all over the place but I don’t usually like making perfect styles so I don’t mind! I love all of the characters and all of the jewelry. But if you do want to have a perfect hair style, I would not suggest this game. Make sure that your child does not make the $10 purchase if you don’t want him/her to. It is very easy to access the purchase! It’s a math problem that you learn in second grade. This is a great ga
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4 years ago, Ruth-36
Not that good
This game is kinda ehh it is fun for about a day but you have to buy the things that make it fun and you can’t really do much to the hair if you brush it it just stays the same or goes everywhere. If you trim it you can’t really do much, and if you try the blow dryer it blows in her face. There are some beard trimming tools which is weird since there are no boys in the game and if you try to shave her head so there is hair still on it won’t work. This game has no real parental controls because the passwords are easy multiplication problems that kindergarteners can solve. I mean geez this LOOKED fun but is really stupid. Nobody over the age of five would enjoy this game, sorry PAZU But try harder next time and you might get better reviews.
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6 years ago, khenaira ,jojo siwa
The fact is he still is my favorite
Please make these games better for me and please make it free so you could use a new one and a year later I love it and it makes you look so much more fun and a great way to share with friends and family with all my favorite people who are very good and fun and easy for fun to play with friends or family and and I have fun with your games but when your is a little kid you are a great person who will always be your favorite person on your game
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2 years ago, star lemon05😇🥰🍓🍌
Stop paying for VIP I repeat stop paying for VIP
The game is good and all but when you just join the game you only get two characters and I repeat you only get two characters plus you have to get VIP to get anything you want like a little while ago there was a time limit and I would have to rush to finish but there wasn’t enough time and always on my screen it popped up sorry not enough time and also the characters cost too much money and basically all of the characters are locked please if the creator sees this please switch the game a little and at least put five more characters.
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2 years ago, hyshshdugehs
This game is great but this review is not for u
This review isn't for this game but this game is really fun so I'll give it five stars ⭐️ but that's not what this review is about this review is for the people who own the App Store I've had a phone for 3 years now and I've never had a problem with the App Store but for a few days now I haven't been able to download any apps and it's driving me insane pls fix my problem or write me back soon 🙏🙏
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