GLCU Mobile Banking

4.8 (7.6K)
105.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Great Lakes Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for GLCU Mobile Banking

4.76 out of 5
7.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Rafy Conga
Reliability and consistency
I have been a member of this organization for over 25 years. It is very reliable and consistent in the top performer in the financial field. Even though I do not live in the state of Illinois I am still remember perform all of my banking and financial needs with Great Lakes credit union. Thank you for over 25 years of faithful service.
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10 months ago, Senior chief USN Ret.
Doesn’t recognize digital responses to set up regular automatic payments and inputs.
It is impossible to set up automatic payments on this app because it will not recognize acceptance of their agreement in the application. This is not the only problem area of this type with this app. And this is not just on one or two Apple devices. This inability of the application to accept responses is a LONG REOCCURRING PROBLEM THAT IS CONTINUALLY IGNORED BY THEIR SUPPORT PEOPLE! I have been with this credit union for decades but unfortunately with the changing times they have allowed themselves to slide into a backwater institution in a world run by digital internet devices that they cannot seem to master. May be time to move to a more cutting edge credit union that employs more aggressively involved up to date software technicians that have more interest in their craft and knowledge than just being on the payroll. There are all kinds of customer service that gains trust and profit and in this area the board members have failed in their selection.
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3 years ago, Are double you
The app is mediocre
There are several basic things that are not available as are on other banking apps such as use Zelle or create scheduled transfers or have change rounded up and put into a savings or Roth. Also I have to set up the mortgage that I have at GLCU in the bill pay in order to pay it when it should show up automatically as one of my accounts and be able to transfer funds to it. I have needed to reset my password and the only way I was allowed to do so is go to a branch which of course has terrible hours if operation. The one very good feature that the app has is the quick balance.
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3 years ago, Marc 2Trill
Great App but won’t let me update.
The app runs nice, smooth, and is easy to get around. However, when I open the app, it tells me an update is needed to use it. Then shows a “open App Store” button to direct me to the update. I click it, it takes me to the app in the App Store but it says there is no update available. This happened to me before, and I have to delete the app, download it again, and resign into everything. Hope they fix this soon because this is more annoying than anything.
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4 years ago, Michelle Adianez
Face recognition not working
I use to have it where I can login with Face recognition and out of nowhere for the last 3 months I’ve have to login typing my password. Every time I try to turn face recognition back on it it’s automatically shuts back off immediately without me even leaving that settings spot. It would be super convenient if I could get it to start working again cause my password is too long to constantly keep typing it when I need to check my bank accounts. Can we please fix this?
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3 years ago, Miguel Goyathle
Enjoying the GLCU app
For many years of membership, from the days when there was only a counter window on the base, then the Green Bay Rd. Extension, the telephone teller(old Style), computer connect(old style), well you get my drift, right? Ya this is skips and jumps better, like living on the edge of high technology, Ya gotta love it.
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11 months ago, check hold?
Holds on Checks?
The bank will place a hold on checks and not tell their customers. It’s happened to me twice now. I go to deposit a check, the receipt shows the check cleared and the funds are available in my account. One day later the check is now “on hold” and the funds are not available. The checks were from 2 different employers and I had been working at both for some time. Why place them on hold after accepting them? Dumb.
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1 year ago, Zak, Chicago
A friendly and satisfying experience :
For as long as I can remember, since banking with Great Lakes Credit Union; I have been satisfied with the service. It’s doesn’t surprise that service is always quick and easy and to the point.
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4 years ago, Tmcclen
Customer Service
Customer service is fine once you get to the teller. Getting through the security guard is the problem. He traps you between the doors asking you to show IDs and putting your hands out so he can pump sanitizer in your hands. Remember he has you trapped between two door less than 6 feet apart and will not accept you putting sanitizer in your hands before you get out of your car. He will make you do it again in front of him. That’s how much power they have given him, yes, the security guard!
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6 years ago, KCoonce
Everything you need for banking!
This app is extremely easy to set up and use. I love the ability to transfer between shares/loans and even to other members accounts. It’s always live data so you can check your balances anytime or anywhere!!
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6 years ago, Islalei
Pretty Amazing!
This app is by far the best banking app I’ve ever used. The functionality and features make it incomparable. I have used many other financial institutions apps and they just don’t work as well as this one. It’s very user friendly and I love the Touch ID option!
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3 years ago, patsad
Online change is not user friendly
I am having a terrible time with this as it affects my whole family
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2 years ago, haarp-td
No This GLCU app doesn’t work
This app has a lot of glitches. In the mange the credit card section it is always asking do you want to add another person to my account. If did i would have done so by now. In the credit card payment section, after I have submitted the payment the app will not allow me to close. I have complained about this three times and still it is not fixed.
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3 years ago, enter74849303837
New update
After the update I can’t login it keep saying invalid login don’t understand why this is happening now I have to use the website this is so inconvenient
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4 years ago, MrsLinda 3/24/2013
The Great Lakes app is so convenient and easy to navigate through. It had been a lifesaver when want to deposit a check mobile or checking my account.
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8 years ago, Bl2e
Latest Upgrade!
There are no words in the English language that can express just how much I dislike the latest upgrade to this app. I have deleted it and will be accessing the site via Safari!
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3 years ago, mhinz4ever
Very easy banking app!!
Enjoying the easy access of my account, very easy to use and transfer monies to! Would recommend this app and this credit union.
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3 years ago, Dspage
Whoever made this most recent update might want a career change. Why would my debts be green now when they were red before and that actually makes sense. Having to change my password was a nuisance as well. The entire layout change was unnecessary and should revert back to what it was. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!
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4 years ago, Mr Vulkin
Great banking institution
I’ve been banking with GLCU since I started saving as an adult, and will do so moving forward. GLCU has a very convenient mobile app which makes every day banking a breeze.
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3 years ago, Capeepoo
New site is difficult to navigate
REally struggling to see detailed info since the platform changed.
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10 months ago, Dasleeper
Logging in is a B_t_h
I don’t know Y but I always have a problem logging into this website and only this website. I can finally log into this website but nothing changes and the next time I try to log in, no dice. When I attempt to login with my account # & SS#, even that didn’t work.
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2 years ago, Will.I.I.AM
Review from Will
Great company to do business with, a place where individuals are more than just employees there for a check
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5 years ago, zeranna8808
Keep getting kicked out
I was happy when the Face ID became available. However, since the update I have not been able to schedule an online bill payment. I get kicked out of the app every time I choose the calendar to change the payment date.
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4 years ago, sandi zarod
best credit union
i’ve been with GlCU for over 10 years.. was with a bank before.. i’ve never had a problem.. they’re the BEST!
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2 years ago, mee yi u us them
I find the website confusing time and time again. Finding my debit transactions in my checking account was very simple and now I can’t find it. I checked several times for my debit transaction totals in a snapshot I gave up!
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1 year ago, Old Man 22
On-line Banking
Just purchased a 3-mon CD over the phone. The transaction was fast and simple. The Associate was very efficient and knowledgeable. Overall good experience.
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6 years ago, AnagabrielZ
Awesome App
This app is so easy to use! I love the quick balance feature and being able to transfer to another members account!
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6 years ago, hateonitbruhh
This app is probably the most easiest, convenient app I’ve use by far. I have use the consumers app and it’s nothing compared to this one, I don’t know my way around in that app compare to this GLCU one! Awesome app!
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3 years ago, Crazylolololololol
Is anyone working customer service anymore
I’ve been waiting for an hour now to gain access to my account. I need to call for my account information and I can’t get ahold of anyone. I cant wait till the day are union drops you. This has been the worst experience from a bank that says 24/7 access. Go €££> your self
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4 weeks ago, Barbim42
I have been was Great Lakes credit union for almost 45 years. Does that tell you anything?
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4 years ago, LITE Electric, LLC
Nice APP
I use it to keep track of my car loan & a small savings account. It does everything i need it to do.
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6 years ago, tiffany bobadilla
Great app!
Mobile app is so convenient for checking my balances, doing transfers & making bill payments using ezee pay/ bill pay!
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6 years ago, GriseldaT89
Love it !!
I love the GLCU app! It has so many convenient features, like bill pay and card controls. It’s user friendly and very up to date.
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4 months ago, BierCat
What happened?
The mortgage site won’t let me in - there is a puppy wagging its tail? Is this even GLCU? Then it won’t let me log OUT of the mortgage portion and get back into my accounts. I used to love this app and now it’s very frustrating.
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6 years ago, aill94
Love it!
This is my favorite banking app. I love the Touch ID option and being able to transfer funds to another members account!
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2 years ago, kingTreyGod
Could be faster
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3 years ago, donni72
New on line banking
The new system is terrible like the old one better
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3 years ago, WLUP 97.9
Credit Union needs to have ATMs to receive money when the bank is close. This is 2021..
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3 years ago, gregsingson11
Cant sign in after new update
What were you thinking with this new update rollout? I enrolled and set up my new password and everything but logging in prompts an error “this app version requires MFM middleware. Please configure URL to proceed with login” Don’t make me go to the bank to deposit a check like it’s 1983 please
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6 years ago, you_already_know_who_it_is
Great App!
Wow! This app is such a helpful tool. I use the app just about everyday lol I feel so luckily to be apart of a credit union that provides this great service to their members
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6 years ago, Happy GLCU member
Best app I’ve ever downloaded! Super easy and manageable! I love this app because I’m always on the go and never have time to do my banking at an actual branch!
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5 years ago, Midwest weather mama
App not working
The latest app revision is not working. The app abruptly closes when trying to enter a date when scheduling a payment for Bill Pay. Several attempts and restarted. Too much time spent on this when it was a function that worked fine prior to the logo change.
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4 years ago, katana boy
New app abilities.
The capability to deposit checks online through the app was quickly enabled after I requested for it. Thanks, GLCU.
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3 years ago, AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken55
Can’t deposit checks to business accounts
You can deposit checks through the app for personal account, but not business. Annoying.
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1 year ago, Prince sager
Sales executive
I have always got the best treatment and pleasant dealings Steve is the best Very helpful person and please t to deal with Great job guys
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2 years ago, paeismsijsj
Happy with GLCU
No complaints at all. Anytime I need assistances Customer Service at any GLCU or by phone always professional.
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6 years ago, WPKH
I love this app. It is sooo easy to use. I use it all the time to transfer funds, set travel alerts, or just to see my balances.
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6 years ago, Victorih
Great app!
This app gives me access to everything I need to do my banking! I don’t know what I’d do without it!
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6 years ago, mariah4@
Love this app very easy to use love the features specially the Touch ID, mobile deposit is very convenient just love it!
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6 years ago, Jonas Wepeel
Great App
Quick access to most every banking function I need.
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