Glens Falls National Bank

4.7 (3.4K)
39.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Glens Falls National Bank and Trust Company
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Glens Falls National Bank

4.73 out of 5
3.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Nana Kimberly Ryan
I really like the app but not when it’s not correct
But unfortunately I was misinformed by what amount I had in my account and unfortunately ( not sure how it’s possible ) but the amount that the app stated I had in my account was wrong I do not write checks or have anything taken out of my account ( I also believed that if you don’t have enough in your account when using an atm it would decline the withdrawal. Unfortunately I was waiting for a deposit from a friend and thought it had been deposited because of the amount that showed on the app. Now my account is overdrawn causing me so much distress. How could this happen. Has it ever happened before 😢👎 Nana Kimberly Ryan
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1 year ago, miiiiisty
Easy to manage my money
This app makes it possible to see and manage my money and spending all the time. I have been able to save more then ever and see my automatic payments being taken out immediately. This app has changes how I bank and inspired me to create my first savings account which has grown exponentially. I highly recommend this app for anyone, especially someone like me who was not good with managing a debit card.
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1 year ago, Bug u pest control
Outstanding customer service.
Erin, and her team at the Kingsbury branch are outstanding. I’ve done my business banking with them for years. They are always willing to help and they go above and beyond to make sure my banking needs are being met. Thank you so much for all you and your team does for my local business. Brent Brewer owner of Bug-U Pest Control LLC
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2 months ago, Ms M05701
Good, but not excellent
The Glens Falls National Bank app is a very good app, but comparing it to my other bank apps, it is a little less user-friendly, and does not reflect real time activity. They definitely have improved the app, and perhaps it is not the shortfall of the app, but the actual bank and the speed of which deposits and debits are reflected on your account, but either way, it’s a decent app, but compared to other banking apps it does fall a little short in my opinion
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2 years ago, Bsacky010
Best Banking App
Honestly it’s so nice to be able to do almost everything from your phone. The service is fast, and very accurate. The theft protection is absolute fantastic and have saved me many many times (my fault for buying from not authentic sites, I was naive)
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2 years ago, Modelmaker10
Would be great if it worked
Both my wife and I have tried to use the app on an iPhone pro max with no success. Every time we tried to logon (with multiple attempts) we are told by the app that we have entered invalid credentials. We used the same credentials using the online version with repeated success. I was then able to pay my bill. The app prevented me from paying my bill so truly it gets a negative star but that is not an option here. I could see how a person could become panicked that they could not pay for their car.
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4 years ago, ladybugkjs
All-in-One App
I especially appreciate that I can transfer funds between personal accounts and the business accounts. Being able to deposit on the app is also a huge convenience since I’m a Mom of 4 and it’s not always easy to run out.
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7 years ago, crownpointer34
Always reliable.
I've been using the app for ages now and have never had any major problems. If I do it's always taken care of promptly.
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4 years ago, Robberbank
Transfer payments don’t post on time!
Every single month... I transfer funds from checking DIRECTLY to our mortgage account. It somehow takes TWO DAYS, minimum, to post. Why? Where’s MY $$$, GFNB? Are you using it for two days to earn interest somewhere else? Yiubstink!
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6 months ago, Mellvinnyy
Big letdown
The app really tends to fail you when you really need it and work flawlessly when you don’t. If you use this app, you’re well aware of the constant “application errors” where you can’t view your balance or load anything to make changes. Also as other have stated another common issue is incorrect balances. Any purchase notifications are days late. I could go on
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7 years ago, J0hnni3
Useful, but needs improvement
Useful app, but needs improvement... particularly with bill pay. The dates for example are an odd scrolling combo style.... making it impossible to tell if you're selecting a weekend day. I also have to log into the website to make changes to bill pay accounts.
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5 years ago, Gymfreak76
Good app could use some improvement
Love the app but a suggestion if I may, I do a lot of transfers online , one thing that could help is allowing a “memo” option to help remind the banker of the reason for the transfer . Other than that the app is pretty reliable and easy to use!
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6 years ago, Nate5378
No Apple Pay? Why not?
This app is great however, why is there no Apple Pay? There have been so many times that I could have used the Apple Pay feature, like sending my friend some money in time to pay a bill, but no, not available. Or, when I needed to make a purchase, but again, not available. It’s time to anti up Glens Falls National.
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5 years ago, TB Jon
It works. Features are improving. However I very much dislike the fact that it shows as having notifications when it's just an ad and I have to sign in to acknowledge it. Annoying enough that I've deleted the app off my main phone already. This phone will be deleted Soon. Not worth dealing with that every day.
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2 years ago, MajorBankingIssues
I’ve had enough with the games.
They always have a reason to hold onto your money, they don’t have any care for priority or timely manner. Usually for a week or more wait for funds at a time. I’ve been using them for 2 months and nothing but issues. Would recommend any other bank to avoid all the annoying obstacles.
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6 years ago, Budwillw
Checking account data at night
The online data that is displayed via internet reverts to the previous 24 hour data and are unable to transfer or access you available funds. This has been a real problem for me at times Thanks, Bud Willsey
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5 years ago, Pauken Player
Too often it’s out of service; very slow to load; items show up one day and are gone the next. Lag time between deposits showing up (pending) and fully credited (you have the $ or you don’t!) is totally unacceptable. Deposited a check by phone and it didn’t show up for >36 hours. At least verify you got it. Balance and funds available values are absurd. Just show me what’s real.
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9 months ago, Hi, it's me
On line website
I love the app, I look every day sometimes two, three times a day to watch activities. I love the new changes so you can see who the withdrawals are from.
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6 years ago, Brunette Babe12901
I like being able to swipe and see my balances, but it seems like the app is almost always glitching. Either by showing the wrong amount in the accounts, or reverting to what it was a day or two prior. I feel like I can’t trust it half the time.
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6 years ago, williamhs15
Work in Progress
This app is a great feature for customers, however it can often show the available balance for the previous business day, which could be very problematic and result in overdrafts if you weren’t aware it’s the incorrect balance. It would also be nice to do money transfers on the app to other people.
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6 years ago, k.condon
Inaccuracy of app
The app doesn’t seem very accurate. It constantly tells me I have a different balance every time I check the app. It doesn’t update when money is withdrawn until days later leaving me to believe the balance is still accurate until it all gets removed at once.
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4 years ago, lauriefron
Check deposits
I have only used check deposit feature and I love it!
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3 months ago, Arca Dad
Check capture
The check capture/check deposit feature of this app is very unpredictable. I use an IPhone 12 Pro Max and it has a very nice camera, but I end up having to take 10 pictures before the app decides it has an acceptable photo. Very frustrating to say the least….
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1 year ago, Me12120008877
Very organized
Clean, easy to use. Thank you
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2 years ago, Goremtn
Not happy that you cannot transfer money to another bank...I have to withdraw cash and drive
Not good banking for transferring cash from this bank to my other bank....
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2 months ago, Rickster47
Ery easy to use and all my banking needs are there and simple to find.
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6 years ago, doorwhisperer
Needed items
This app and or gf national needs to get up to date and allow apple pay / pay from phone
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4 years ago, 1950Roadrunner
Opening an account here was one of my best decisions years ago.
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4 years ago, TAV422
Too many notifications
I like the app but can’t stand the notifications for tips every time I open the app. Tips should be just that not require me to read to get rid of the irritating notification.
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5 years ago, hotroder 72
I enjoy mobile banking it makes things very easy for me thank you Moses Pliscofsky
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6 years ago, Jef713
Apple Pay
I would love Apple Pay support sometime in the near future. Love Glens Falls National, but I’m thinking about switching banks.
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4 years ago, PeteMast
Love the GFNB ap
As a retiree and long time customer I find it the ap easy to use and informative.
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4 years ago, Januarie12345
So convenient
Love this app , honestly don’t know how I did banking without it!!
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5 years ago, Babster269
It takes to long for my account to be updated
It takes a long time for my account to update and I have over drafted before because it can take several days for my account to update
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7 years ago, Jgibbs608
New update
I love this app because it makes it so much easier to keep track of my account but with the new update, it keeps crashing on me every time I go to view my messages.
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5 years ago, 2007MINIac
App is lagging behind others.
App is ok when it decides to work. Constantly get locked out. Using apps from other banks are up to date. Thinking of moving our business accounts to another bank with a more reliable app.
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2 years ago, Nico.O.K
not helpful
Does not show correct amount in account very frustrating
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4 years ago, NLJ4340
Quick Balance
With the newest update the quick balance that I use ALL the time changed. Background is how white which Makes it stick out like a sore thumb. Also, doesn’t give me accounts just balances. Sooo annoying
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10 months ago, DDDD1991
Bank is a joke!
Glens falls national should be ashamed of themselves. Every single branch manager from Saratoga to Washington county is incompetent. Stay away, they are not responsible with your money. Choose another bank like Chase or Bank of America someone you can trust!
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4 years ago, Done w sh••
I very much like this app. Easily accessible and fast.
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2 years ago, nillaexpress
We are a very new of 2 months customers. You’re site and CS is the worst. Everything is call call call people want convenience not to wait on a phone
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2 years ago, Chris Tro
Glens Falls App
Very convenient and easy to use.
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7 years ago, SniperX4
Apple Pay
It's 2017 and your bank is not on board?!? App is good but Apple Pay would be much better.
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5 years ago, jhf91
Deposited checks
I’d be perfect if I could view checks that were deposited.
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3 years ago, jury mc
Review from Matthew Record
Greatest app of any I have
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4 years ago, patongmonk
This app is very excellent, easy to navigate
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1 year ago, kb19999!
Not a good bank
Worst bank around the area. Always have an issue with SOMETHING !
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5 years ago, Drewfish77
Great visual, simple use and dependable
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4 years ago, eatmyassbad
It’s slow and it doesn’t update. And right now when I’m typing it isn’t even showing what’s there. It’s super annoying. Sorry for the typos. I CANT SEE.
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3 years ago, HonJab
Can’t deposit more than $4000 in a given week. This is a great inconvenience.
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