Glovo: Food Delivery and more

4.8 (179.5K)
199.1 MB
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Current version
Glovoapp 23 SL
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2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Glovo: Food Delivery and more

4.83 out of 5
179.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Toplinger
The app have many flaws
First of all, app shows estimated delivery time and if there's a delay the time only changes without notice of delay. Estimated time of delivery is frequently unrealistically short and not possible hence the delay is frequent. There's no option to see location of restaurants, and therefore there's no way of telling if the estimated delivery time is even possible or you will have to wait until your food finally arrive cold. There is no option of leaving reviews and comments for restaurants, only thumbs up (like) or dislikes, and therefore the restaurants also don't have any feedback about customers reviews. The only option is to file complaint to Glovo customers service, which we all know is not so good,and they will maybe relay to restaurants. Frequently happens that you can see restaurants, search and pick your food only to get message that order is not accepted from restaurant because they're closed. If they're closed remove them from selection in app please. To summarize, lots and lots of places to improve. Realistically i use it because there's no other choice since they bought and crushed local "Donesi" service that didn't hadhave any of the above mentioned issues, when they were late you even got an apology message, small thing but makes you feel they actually care for the customers, unlike Glovo.
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2 years ago, acidor58
I love Glovo
I highly recommend this app. With me living almost 6000 miles away from my parents and family, when I found this app I was able to take them places they couldn’t afford. Actually they don’t go places, places come to them fast and with great food. I will not lie, out of almost 50 orders if not more, maybe a bit less( do not keep track) I had a couple of orders where I wasn’t satisfied by the quality of the food, but Glovo handled everything the right way. For that reason I stick with the 5 stars. The drivers are polite, they deliver everything in a timely manner, they surprise my family. And you have to see the happiness of them on their faces, priceless. I make them happy and for all these I thank you Glovo . And it’s not only food they offer so much more
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8 months ago, Modern Mommy!
Fraud Alert! Buyer beware!
Charged and DID get any of the food. Then shut out of the account and my card is being used without my permission I'm in one country my husband is in another. I need to go grocery shopping for my husband & our household. I place my order as usual and it didn't go through. I thought it was because I use an American Express. I put another card in. It didn't go through. I thought it was because it was a Mastercard. I tried my final card which is a visa and it went through for one store (small items under $30). I proceeded to go grocery shopping at the next store and my card was blocked. My account was blocked and I was told that I need to send my identification as well as a copy of the card. I sent all of the information over and then got a letter indicating that I was no longer allowed to use the app. Not only did my husband not get the second batch of groceries. I am out of time and money it took for me to communicate with these folks. I believe there may be some type of fraud going on because why do you need anyone's personal information if you're not going to utilize it for your service??? I suggest reporting this app and anyone connected to it to the FBI crimes division because I'm sure they're using our information for something and it's not to buy groceries. Totally wrong for collect peoples personal information, if it's not going to be use for the service.
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5 years ago, angery guy
Bug in the app made me pay extra fees
1. A bug in the app didn't let me see the order I had just made, so I thought that order didn't go through. Because of that, I had to make the same order again. After some minutes, the first order I made finally showed in the app as "ongoing order", so now I had two ongoing orders with exactly the same product. Clearly that was Glovo's fault, so I thought they would apologize and just cancel the first order; no big deal. But then I contact them and they say they are going to charge me 0.90 USD as a cancellation fee, for something that was clearly their fault. I now think that the bug in the app was implemented on purpose, and Glovo is just trying new methods to overcharge their customers without their consent. 2. As others have mentioned, they ask for a picture of an official ID and one of your credit card. I hope they can reveal what technical measures they take to make sure they don't get hacked and those pictures don't get intercepted by third parties. I have used many American apps before and almost never have had to deal with that kind of requests. 3. On March 2019, they cancelled an order but still charged my credit card with the full amount. They haven't given me a full refund yet, one week after the incident.
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4 years ago, pinkshoes236
Bad Customer Service
Even though I appreciate Glovo’s requirement of riders to submit receipts and its automatic recalculation of final cost, I’m tired of their customer service. I had many occasions, but I was fed up when the milk box packages I ordered from a supermarket came with 30+ cockroaches inside them. The problem with Glovo is that when products are wrong or low quality and you report, you are required to spend 30 minutes on live chat, dealing with a rude customer service representative, where you’re asked to provide details and photos, which they use to verify with producers while you’re told to wait online (if you close the chat, your request will be deleted). Then they have no solution and tell you to wait an additional few days or more until they decide if the products were so horrible or so wrong that you should be reimbursed. This is disrespectful of the customer’s time, beyond anything. I had a family of cockroaches come inside a Glovo box to my apartment, of which I sent photos, and they’re still taking a few days to evaluate if my problem is big enough for a refund. Deleting the app.
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3 years ago, Cranky Vader
Never again
I have deleted this app after may issues with Glovo. Every order was late, and food often was cold and soggy. The final straw was the food being over half hour late, I watched from balcony the driver ring on our building buzzer and let him in. I waited and the food never arrived. The delivery driver got lost somehow inside our building (we are literally directly down the hall from the elevator, and despite always late, never had an issue with delivery driver getting lost). So, the delivery man cancels our order. Now things get worse, I contact Glovo customer service and tell the. I can see the driver outside my building, all they need to do is contact him to re-deliver - no way, they refuse and say it is not possible. Wait, it get worse. Glovo insists on charging me for the undelivered food. This despite literally over one hundred orders previously. After over an hour of arguing with 3 different customer service reps, they finally agree to refund my money, but tell me I will have to wait 6-8 weeks!!!! Never again Glovo, I hope all these one star ratings result in your bankruptcy.
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4 years ago, EdginaCR
1 hour and 30 minutes waiting for cold food and dishonest customer service
Seems like there is a break down between when orders are made, sent to restaurants and assigned to couriers. My app was showing my order eternally 20 minutes away. After 45 minutes I reach out to customer service to be told it was in the way. Another 15 minutes go by an nothing - 20 minutes no courier assigned. They tell me the same thing so I ask who is coming and when, next answer is that they’ll call me, my app must not be up to date. I checked and it’s the latest version on the app store. So now they say that the restaurant was very busy and that was the reason for the delay. An hour and half later my food arrives. I asked the courier and he told me he was assigned the other 15 minutes prior and when he got the restaurant they told him the food had been sitting, ready and waiting for a while. So customer service is just lying to customers to cover up for a buggy app. I now had to reheat everything since it’s obviously cold. Until they fix this, use Uber Eats or Hugo or any other food delivery app available instead.
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4 years ago, RVS67
Missed opportunity
The app could have been very handy. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work: it gives wrong locations to the drivers. At every delivery they had to call me to ask for my address, and it turned out that Glovo had sent them 500 meters away. I tried to edit the saved addresses but the app doesn’t allow that. One can only add a new one, without the possibility to delete the previous ones so they just keep adding. Furthermore, when I order I get an alert that I am trying to order for an address that’s “very far” from mine, while it’s exactly my place. Customer support is nonexistent when the driver is lost and if he arrives 30 mins late with a cold pizza the app just offers a free delivery for the next order - no way to get a refund. If they don’t fix their app, Glovo just can’t compete with all the other similar ones available on the Appstore.
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5 years ago, Kristie Dinh
Charged for an Order I Never Made
I was charged on my account for an order I never made (I first noticed an order was charged when I checked my bank account), tried to contact them to get it refunded or taken off, but they kept saying it was cancelled by me and just not understanding that I never made the order at all. The reply for the order addressed me by the absolute wrong name (which I’m assuming is the person who actually ordered it so I’m also assuming my account was hacked). I keep getting the run around and being told to go to chat support (which doesn’t exist if you’re not ordering). In addition, the app glitches like crazy so I can’t review restaurants at the end either which I had also contacted them about (to which they also gave me 0 helpful responses to fix it). I’m over this app and their customer service. What use is answering quickly if you don’t resolve problems? They’re just out to take your money. Never using this app and service again unless they either become more helpful and fix their app and fix their security measures.
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5 years ago, LikunaGeo
Terrible service
Was ordering food from two different location, so opened app choose correct location first than choose food and ordered, checked details and sew the location wasn’t correct so I texted customer support straight away and they said that order has to be canceled cos location is incorrect but they will charge me fully cos restaurant already started to make order , which is lie cos I texted them in a sec after my order!!! So they canceled my order, didn’t give money back! And customer support useless, it would be easily solved by calling to currier. Then I called currier by myself and he said he will bring but then after 20 minutes he called back and told he cant cos order is canceled!!!!
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5 years ago, Amanda6983
No customer service
Don’t bother with this. I’m from the US and visiting Ukraine. I’d probably use this service every day, except my account was flagged at creation and said “contact customer support.” Well, there’s no way to do that! No phone number, email, nothing. I tried reaching out on Facebook only to be ignored. It’s been several days, my account remains locked, and I have yet to use the service. UPDATE: emailing the given email address was ineffective. I was told they couldn’t verify my identity and credit card so I would need to send a picture of my credit card and passport 🤣 Are they serious?? I asked that my payment method just be switched to cash, so I could just pay in cash instead of using the credit card in question, but was told my account will still remain locked until I sent the requested documents. I went ahead and sent the passport with all numbers blocked out as well as the credit card, with all numbers blocked except the last 4. That’s all they should need to verify my identity. It’s been 3 response!
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6 months ago, Jay Oglegba
Poor service
The last few orders I’ve made on this app has been a joke. In my first order from the Place, the food came without cutlery or the chicken I ordered. As if that wasn’t enough, the food tasted raw especially the vegetables. I send a request and I was refunded, so it felt like I could let it go, and I did. So tell me why in my very next order, my food was delivered looking like it was half eaten, and I still had missing items. When I tried to talk to the courier on what to do, he was more interested in returning to the office. According to him, I should give him a few HOURS to get the rest of my order. When I made a complaint, GLOVO automatically decided to refund me with money I can only spend on glove; as if I as in any hurry to do that. Even the customer service wasn’t any help she just annoyed me more. All I can say is that you people should put in the effort to provide the service you claim you do. And I want a refund, thank you
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3 years ago, Adam00000
Just… so so bad.
Yes it’s true the delivery times are usually off by about 100%, but that you can get used to. But: about 9/10 deliveries I ever got were missing something, or a bunch of somethings — from things I just wanted, to things I basically needed. They don’t just resend someone with the missing items. The process of asking for a refund (and when it’s just a couple dollars, is it worth wasting the time just in principle?) is bizarre and sloooww. Orders are confirmed that are canceled an hour later — when you expected something to come, they tell you the store is closed, or doesn’t actually accept Glovo, or doesn’t have what it said they had. (Apparently it takes that long to find out a place effectively doesn’t exist.) If it’s closed, and it took you 15 minutes to add things to a cart in an app with pretty shaky UX, they don’t reorder when the place reopens. They can’t and won’t, dunno why. Once they told me an order was canceled because there were too many items in the cart. They didn’t split it into separate orders, they didn’t do a darn thing. Somehow their very fixed limit doesn’t let you know (even before the order is confirmed): hey, this won’t work. Use any other delivery app. Anything. Get a taxi and go shop even if you don’t know where — it’ll be less frustrating. It’s truly shocking how this service could still exist.
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5 years ago, bennettcr
Just Go for Uber don’t waste your time with this app.
Worst app ever, customer services is inexistent I used as option for Uber today I ordered from a restaurant and they send me a different order however after try several times to get help through the app there wasn’t any response for the so I reached out the restaurant and told me that the suggest the driver to confirm the order due the comments in the allergies section. So the dude just decided by himself that the order was right and “confirmed” that with the restaurant. To make it worst after no response from Glovo. So the lady in the restaurant also suggest me that I can order and select “anything” so they can take the order directly from the call and the driver just have to pick up... after 45m Glovo just cancelled the pick up... again I ask with the restaurant lady and told me that she don’t know why it was canceled. Until now there was no response from them. To be honest don’t waste your time with this app if you want to order food just use Uber.
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3 years ago, Luis LVG
Bad service from start to finish
It started by my rider canceling the order and the app took 45min without getting any new rider, I couldn’t cancel my order just like that because there was a rider fee, even thought I didn’t had one, through customer support I canceled and asked if I could go to the Glovo shops directly and they said yes, I went there had my order put again on the app by the guy in the shop, and another shop got the order… the new rider had his phone off so I couldn’t speak with him and tell him about everything and that the address was 2 blocks away so I waited he called me at arrival told him what was going on, said ok but he had to tell support I said that’s fine and then the order was cancelled for wrong address even though I talked with the rider and they charged me the 11€ without giving me anything, waisting almost three hours in total. All they said was they were sorry I had a bad experience.
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7 months ago, Tav18
A Sinking Ship
This is a company that saved my family and I during the lockdowns in Italy. It had a great reputation and now they have a different idea of what service is and it has become a sinking ship. Glovo goes out of its way to make you go to the delivery driver. TIPS get awarded to those that Insure Prompt Service and deliver to your door, not the lobby. The effort Glovo has put in to making you go down to the lobby to get your food is incredible. I do not know if this is a change in CEO mentality or a different owner but this application will be dead in no time with this mentality of service. They actually send you texts or call you automatically by bots to tell you to go get your order in the lobby. Keep it up and TIPS will never be givin thus eventually the delivery personnel will not work for Glovo anymore. Someone needs to purchase this company because it has potential, just the priorities need to be realigned with reality.
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4 years ago, SS-MUA001
Wack Customer Service, Dumb Couriers
This will be my first bad review ever but I’m so mad at what Glovo did today. Made an order for over an hour and noticed the courier didn’t move for more than 30mins after it was updated he’s on the way. Called his number many times but didn’t get any response. I opened the chat help to complain about this and was asked to hold on while they confirm what the problem was. 5mins later mg order was cancelled and I was shocked cause at that time the supermarket already closed. Tried to chat with the rude customer care personnel again and boom..they lied! The courier lied I didn’t pick up but he never got here or called me cause my phone was with me all time. They kept on acting rude and asked me to pay 1,190 for an order that never got to me which was clearly not my fault. So many times before I’ve placed orders and gotten the wrong items due to dumb couriers but never complained. Wish I could give zero rating. Deleting this app asap.
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3 years ago, Sidisnsgejxn
“Anything you want”
In comparison to Wolt, these company has awful service and the app is horrible. Most orders i place do not work and have to retry several times and the app always crashes. Living in Georgia, I am simply trying to add a ranch dressing sauce from a pizza store in Gldani called Ronni’s pizza. You can’t even create a menu item on the app with sauces or like soy sauce extras. Their motto is “order anything you want” but their app is horrible. If there is any issue with the address section, like special characters, it crashes the app e.g. “#7”. So many bugs on the app and they have never been fixed or addressed. If you compare many restaurant menus in the same city from Wolt vs. Glovo, you can clearly see how Glovo is a very bad platform. They often don’t have pictures, and the app never loads them half of the time or better yet, I can’t even switch the language from Georgian to English anymore. Glovo needs to setup automated integration testing and do more regression testing to fix a ton of software bugs. Secondly, they should compare their menu offering from restaurants because clearly, they offer a fraction of what other competitors offer. Check this: Ronnie’s Pizza (ranch item) The app is constrained by not allowing a customized order, so i basically never use this app and my app crashes after trying to check out from my home address constantly.
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6 years ago, JH in Cal.
The App is fine, the service needs work.
Glovo was recommended to us as a way to have birthday gifts delivered to our daughter for her 21st birthday while she is studying abroad in Barcelona. Two days before the big day we placed 5 separate orders for flowers, candy and - most importantly - champagne for a 21st birthday toast. We scheduled all for delivery on the night of her birthday. The other deliveries arrived on time. 5 minutes after all deliveries were to have been made, the champagne order was cancelled by Glovo. They sent an email telling me they needed to verify payment and to send them copies of my Passport and a partial copy of my credit card before they could process the order. At this point it was too late to get the delivery made or find another service. No champagne toast. Customer service has been useless- they are telling me all of the orders are cancelled (even the delivered ones?) and just keep asking for my passport and credit card. Frustrating and disappointing.
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2 days ago, NicknameABC8675309
Glovo driver is a thief and Glovo refuses to do anything about it
The app and company are absolutely horrific. I placed my first (and last) grocery delivery order with Glovo for 62€ and I only received around 30€ of the items. When I asked where the other items were, the driver claimed they didn’t have the two cartons of eggs, dishwasher detergent, tea, a couple bottles of wine etc. that I ordered and paid for. I then contacted Glovo and they refused to deliver the items, issue me a refund or even provide a future credit. They said it wasn’t their policy to do such a thing, but they seemingly condone their drivers stealing items from their paying customers. PLEASE avoid using Glovo unless you’re willing to risk the same thing happening to you without any repercussions to the thief driver and without any customer service or resolution. Note I asked to speak to management several times and Glovo customer support just ignored my requests.
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11 months ago, 'Dayo1988
I have had a very horrble experience with this app.. I can say that 50% of my order had my items missing l… The last one that broke the camel’s back: I ordered for a family meal from chicken republic one of its component was spaghetti. I also ordered extra sauce just incase. Guess what both sauces werent delivered.. How does one eat spag without the sauce? Whats worse is that the customer care is so incompetent at solving issues.. They said it would be resolved in 30mins and they were trying to place the order again and till tomorrow nothing was said. i had to throw the food away.. I categorically said i didnt want any bloody store credit. will store credit become sauce? Same app, I ordered for a meal,it wasnt available and they have refused to return my 1800. there should be a seemless refund system especially as you knew that what i ordered for wasnt availble;but these guys are requesting i send them my bank statement..(note this was another transaction) I have requested that my account be deleted.. I also want them to know that till my 500naira is returned I shall continue to tag them with my negative reviews on all their social media.. pls continue to ignore.. imagine ripping people off 500naira from millions of people. Your company and your workers are useless,incompetent and disgusting. you are thieves!
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4 years ago, Justwilly5
Worst service ever
After having to wait for glovo to deliver in my area i had a case where they took the full extend of the amount of the order just for cancelling the order after 2 seconds of placing it and stealing the whole amount of the order without stating that was the cancellation fee, it is imposible you charge me the full amount of preparation when the order was not prepare in 2 second with in the time i took me to cancel the order! Is impossible and is an abuse on there part to charge such of amount for canceling i Understand if I cancelled after 10 minutes in the order or if i have a couple $ of change fee but no way the whole amount of the order ! Is an abuse and is stealing with open hands is outrageous ! I do really dislike this app and services and more that don’t specify the amount of canceling fee and shield them selfs behind a foggy and no clear policy ! I hate this app and costumer service period!
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2 years ago, Reglr1
Needs improvement please
I placed an order for food, waited for more than 1 hour, then contacted Customer Support only to be told that the restaurant that I ordered from was closed. If a restaurant is closed, then the Glovo app should not allow clients to order from the restaurant and to wait so long. A €2 rebate is not sufficient compensation for a frustrated customer. The app should be improved so that customers are not allowed to order from a restaurant that is closed. Hopefully this feedback will be taken into consideration when the next version is issued. Respectfully, Tony
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5 years ago, cs202
Do yourself a favor and use uber eats instead
I’ve been developing mobile applications for 8 years and I can say without a doubt this app is extremely buggy and not user friendly. I’ve lost hours of time in frustration trying to get around the weird issues that occur. The final straw for me is that today I tried to make an order and after spending time filling out everything the app displayed an error saying ‘we found irregularities in your account, please contact us’. The method of contact is an email and they responded asking me for a photo id and credit card photo. I emailed them just a credit card photo explaining that for privacy reasons I won’t send a photo id but I received the same canned email in response asking for both. I’ve just emailed them a request to delete my account and all my information since the frustration isn’t worth it.
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2 years ago, Terri643365245
Theft of money and time
IF orders arrive, it’s with at least 20% wrong or missing products. Frequently high value items are mysteriously missing. Additionally, they will say they are packing your ordered and that it is being picked up, only to be told more than an hour later the store wasn’t open. Of course if they didn’t misrepresent store and product availability you could have gotten the items yourself in the time they wasted with their apathetic lies and incompetence. Don’t worry though, they will give you a $2 voucher for the time they wasted, which doesn’t even cover the increased product and delivery cost you’ll pay because they didn’t tell you until 11pm they lied about your order. And that’s not even the worst experience you’ll get with Glovo. Wait until they deliver rotting vegetables. It’s awesome!
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5 years ago, Cjreviewsit
DONT TRUST GLOVO WITH YOUR BANK CARD!!! Glovo made two charges for the same order. They said the first was just a preauthorization, but it never came off the card. I’ve also never seen a charge like the second one, so I think the courier debited it manually because he didn’t know how to do his job. Support was all low level and had to rly on screenshots of my bank account because they had no way to see what was actually charged. I repeatedly requested to speak to a manager and they ignored me and started sending form letters about how sometimes it looks like there are two charges, but they will come off eventually (they never did). Now I have to file paperwork with my bank to reverse the second charge. TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!! Edit: don’t be fooled by their response below. I’ve already been talking with their support for TWO WEEKS!!!!! Horrible support!
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3 years ago, Dr Rufus
App Customer Service Failure
Completely disappointed. I made two orders and my account was cancelled. I requested support and was told my account was cancelled because I violated their policies. I requested what policy I violated, and they were unwilling to provide this information stating that it was privileged information. I just wanted to know what I did wrong in making two food orders. I requested contact information so I could find out what happened. I was told that the information could not be provided because they have the right to choose their own customers. They requested a photo copy of my credit card and ID Card to verify me, which I provided. They still cancelled my account. I just need food. I feel betrayed, taken advantage of for my personal information, scammed by taking my credit card information and photo ID. I just want to know what policy I violated.
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2 years ago, borisbgdn
Not good
The two stars are for the fact that they have the widest selection of restaurants, and for the fact that you get the delivery person’s phone number as soon as they are assigned. Also the prime membership for free delivery is a great model for frequent users. Here’s what can be improved: - There is no favorites list, so in case you don’t know exactly what you want, you’re in for a lot of scrolling - The closing/order cut off time of the restaurants is not shown so often you get an annoying ‘schedule for tomorrow’ message only when you’ve completed your order - The restaurants are not obligated to upload pics of dishes (like in Wolt) and are allowed to post stock images, so often you’re ordering in the dark. - There is no way to properly save your addresses. The app remembers your recent ones for a little while, but quickly forgets them and you have to retype everything - The restaurants go offline during work hours very often, while they remain online on other apps (Wolt) - The minimum order limit seems to be always increasing, and rather than just charging you the difference, there is a big penalty or even two sometimes (small order + delivery)
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5 years ago, AymanMMMandour
Don’t order if you are in Egypt
I used glovo 4 times one time only was correct Second time paid by credit card and I got an order of someone else when I talked to customer service they did nothing and I lost the amount paid by cc Another time I ordered from mandarine quidar and I got a message that the order is delivered while I received nothing and nothing also from customer service they just said we only guarantee orders from McDonald’s , last time was tonight when I ordered from McDonald’s and I waited 1 hour and a half with no response I contacted customer service and they promised to have the order as soon as possible after another 15 minutes I got the contact of the glovo rep and I called him and here was the first chock that he said he is in McDonald’s and they don’t know anything about the order and he is trying to contact support and they don’t answer him as the order is not appearing in macdonalds while he can see it 5 minutes and I found the order canceled by glovo Shame on this service and this is my last time in my life to use glovo again
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5 years ago, 7162816151
Worst application and service so far, once i wanted to order the food but application didnt even work, i gave up trying. It came out that my order has been created and was delivering by the driver and i had no information about that. When driver arrived he told me that he could return the order and tell that you canceled it but then Glovo contacted and said that there was no way they were canceling it ( by that time i had ordered from the other application already) so i spend extra money for the food i didnt want. They couldnt even improve their own mistake and its embarassing. the second case was also application having problems with making orders so i contacted them through application but the employee was answering so slow that restaurant wasnt able to change the order anymore. I don't recommend Glovo to ANYONE
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5 years ago, NetoGuate
I am really disappointed because I have been using GLOVO and recommended it for more than two or three months now. Had some technical problems of location but always have been resolved and everything was ok but today I was amazed because I asked for two GLOVO and always courier because I send things to my clients (always paid the same fee Q12 for the courier service) so I can add to my product that Q12 fee and the third GLOVO charged me Q23? More than double how come? So now they say it is not going to be a fee but is going to change. Very disappointing for me!
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2 years ago, Nayls
Glovo is a fraudulent app!
Glovo is a completely fraudulent app. Do not use this app at all!! Over the course of the last several weeks, Glovo would deliver orders that were entirely missing items or send completely different items. I began noticing that my credit card was continuously being charged with products that I never received. While a mistake can happen once in a while, the fact is that this happens recurrently with Glovo. After launching a complaint with their “machine-scripted” customer service agents, they told me that they could not process a refund in the system because the account does not allow them. What e-commerce app for not refund it’s customers if they are charged for products that were never delivered?? They are scam artists. Avoid at all costs!
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5 months ago, kate1222024
No support, no customer service
I’m trying to solve the problem of missing positions in my order for a long time (more than 3 weeks) I sent them multiple messages but received no respond There is no customer service- only automated response system I was trying to google if other customers found the solution and I found lots of cases same as mine when goods were not delivered but the customer was charged the full amount of money and none of this issues were fixed The problem is not only money but the fact that I cannot order from them anymore because I do not trust them I am afraid that such mistakes with delivery can repeat and I won’t get any response and compensation again So, deleting the application
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6 years ago, edn2006
Not worth the trouble
In Ecuador. At times, the app works well. Most of the time however, you are left waiting for hours. My order is often assigned to someone who is on the complete opposite side of my city. When I ask for something to be picked up from the supermarket, half the time it will say ‘the restaurant is preparing your order’ for an hour, before it is finally assigned to a driver. When the driver arrives at the grocery store, they still have to walk through and find all of my items, despite the fact that the ‘restaurant’ spent over an hour preparing it.
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3 years ago, PPoussay
Never order when hungry
Worst food app experience I’ve seen so far. I ordered food 1 hour and 30 minutes ago and on the app they were saying that the courier was on the way. After an hour I placed a complaints, I even chatted with the customer service guy and that he told he was going send me another courier. 10 minutes later still nothing changed 🤦🏾‍♂️ HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Very disappointed, never using this wacky app in my life again and you best believe that I’ll tell this thing to anyone ready to listen.
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2 years ago, Davidcsi
Don’t use this, they are not responsible
I ordered food at a restaurant and had a Glovo pick it up and bring it to my home. The delivery guy rings the bell and tells me he destroyed the order. Glovo returned the €9,99 delivery but didn’t do anything about the order they destroyed! The right thing to have done would have been for the delivery guy to go straight back to the restaurant and bring me my original order, or return the 24€ they lost me. DO NOT USE THIS APP, other apps will respond for their mistakes and make it up to you. Not Glovo. Ordené comida en un restaurante y contraté a Glovo para que traiga la comida. El repartidor toca el telefonillo y me dice que se le cayó la comida. No me da ninguna solución. Me contacta Glovo y me devuelve EL DELIVERY, pero no responde por mi comida. Lo normal es que vaya a hacer mi pedido de nuevo y pagarlo Glovo que es quien lo estropeó, o devolverme los 24€ que perdí al usar Glovo. NO USÉIS ESTA APP! Otras sí se hacen responsables.
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2 years ago, hshshahajanba
The worst app ever
This is literally the worst app i ever used in my life they steal your money just because they can and they blame it on "oh we didnt take it it's blocked check with your bank "+ they charge you extra money too . Their costumer service is also the worst they just send you scripts they already have , they never refund you for the canceled orders even the ones they canceled i'm deleting this stupid app and never using it again and i would rate it as a 0/5 and if i could rate them even lower i will .
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5 years ago, Dipti.C
So I usually don’t write reviews, but just wanted to write this coz I ordered something and paid online but the order got cancelled from That place but my money got deducted and for a student it’s a huge deal even if it’s few bucks I mailed them and within few minutes. I got my money in my account. And the delivery is good and I get my food in proper condition every time, only one time I got my food not in a bad condition but my coke spilled but after that complain every time I get my food in the best condition. In love with this app coz the delivery is really cheap too❤️
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3 years ago, iheartjoo
Works but is unreliable
When this app works, it’s pretty good. There are some frustrating decisions that make it really unreliable though. Say you decide during the day you want to order dinner that night from a local burger place - so you check they’re open, and you confirm they’re on Glovo. Sounds good right? Wrong. Restaurants will just vanish randomly from Glovo, without warning or explain action. One day they’re there, then hours later they’re not available. Then the next day, they’re back. It’s really frustrating and makes counting on this app impossible. Glovo has screwed up several of my dinner plans this way.
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5 years ago, apps user 1
So basically I thought I was going to give five stars but what happened though is that I used it to order food 2 times, both times the order was accepted and as the app notifies me my order is going to be picked up I get a call and the order is cancelled. First time was the courrier and the 2nd time was from the call center of the company itself. In both times the excuse was the system is down in the restaurant. So I didn't buy it the 2nd time and called the restaurant and ordered the same order and it arrived just fine. So if you're gonna cancel I'd appreciate a liytle hobesty here, you can't just lie to your customers. However the app is more than fine interface is attractive and simple to use, responsive it works but without the service it's nothing. So one star for now.
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2 years ago, idontwanttohaveurbabies
Women beware...
Glovo shares your name and number with couriers, and I unfortunately had an experience where someone who did a delivery to my apartment used the information provided through the app to call me and partner later to claim they were ‘in love with me’ and ‘wanted to have my babies’. When I mentioned I was married they replied ‘I thought you were a single woman living alone, which is why I called’. Wild stuff that would almost be funny if they didn’t maybe know where I lived. Glovo, you really need to protect users’ privacy in the app so that personal identifiable information (names and phone numbers) aren’t shared out between couriers and people making orders. Ladies, if you ever fantasized about a whirlwind romance with a courier, this could be the app for you lol.
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4 years ago, Kesarya
The worst customer service ever
I live in Georgia and due to lockdown use Glovo or Wolt on daily basis. Since you can pay with cash on Glovo I decided to make an order with it. I tried to pick from my favorite restaurants but there wasn’t any options. I tried to connect with customer service and sent them 2 emails. After 1 hour they shortly answered me back and said that it was because of the lack of couriers. I don’t really get it... Even their app description says that you can order anything you want and with Glovo and it will be delivered in minutes... What a lie. The only good thing shouts this app is that you can pay with cash if you don’t have money on your credit card. 2/5
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3 years ago, Cedriel
Horrible customer support
The way Glovo treats its customers is shameful. On other platforms, if they screw up your order, you can expect a full refund or for the original order to be fulfilled. Not so here. After indicating that the items were wrong/missing, in that what I received had nothing to do with what I ordered and I couldn’t even eat any of it, the only option offered to me was a paltry €2 refund. I clicked on it, since I didn’t know how else to push the problem forward. When I somehow got through to chat support later, they claimed that because I had accepted the refund, their policies prohibited any other form of rectifying the problem. Effectively, if you get suckered into clicking OK on the first problem resolution screen they show you, you’re screwed.
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2 years ago, ElyWon13588
More dissatisfied orders than satisfied
For every one order that is delivered satisfactory (on time, with correct items), I have 4 bad orders (missing items, wrong order altogether, or extremely late orders). Glovo app should improve its estimated delivery times. I would not order, if the delivery time correctly showed as 1 hour and 20 minutes (that’s how long it took to get my order when the estimated time was 30-40 mins). My order was picked up 40 minutes ago, my food will be delivered cold. Glovo gives a credit of 5 euros, but this has happened too many times and soon I’ll stop ordering from them.
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2 years ago, AlaskaCW
App needs improvement
Cons: - need ability to rate the food and leave the restaurant a verbal review so they get the feedback - ability to compare menus between multiple restaurants - ability to save an order without placing it (like a shopping cart, so that when you leave it you don’t lose what you put into the shopping cart). Sometimes I like to pick foods I’d like to try in the future but not at that moment - ability to have favorites - ability to see which restaurants are closest to me in a map view so I can pick food that is most likely to arrive still hot…. Sometimes I order not knowing the food came a distance away, and it doesn’t arrive well Pros: - I needed help with a late order, and I was able to quickly reach a Glovo agent who helped - I like how it has my delivery details already saved
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3 months ago, honestchanges
I was in Italy for a couple months where I used Glovo to order most of my food. I decided it made sense for me to get Glovo prime at the time, but boy was I wrong. After leaving Italy, and having no more need for Glovo, I requested my account be deleted and Glovo support confirmed that they would delete my account. Then I noticed my credit card get charged again the next month, so I had to reach out again, and they said that this time they’d really make sure it was deleted. I just finished requesting my account be deleted for the third time. I have been charged for Glovo prime 4 times after requesting my account be deleted. You would think people could just easily delete the account for a prime subscription: WRONG.
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9 months ago, Lora Rottweiler
No possibility of tracking through the town, they have some restaurants that have they own delivery, so if you receive a wrong product, as it happened to me, one can’t receive full refund but only the cost of the product. The customer supplied that works for Serbian market is not located in Serbia, but most likely in Croatia, so agent tries to write eastern variety of the language but as doesn’t know really masses all up and looks ridiculous. It would be better if they don’t pretend and make things so fake. And the worst thing you can’t delete your account and your details when you want to so so. All in all: unprofessional, slow, and you can’t remove tour data! Disaster!!!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, MiladGh
Good and can be better
I started using this app as a coupon was offered. Used it. Delivery was fast. I’ve had 2 deliveries so far. The fact that you see the location of the courier on the map is very helpful. The timeliness was great and according to what the app says. The app can be better if Glovo helps all businesses on adding pictures to their food. I personally only select the shops that offer pictures for their food and services. Overall, thank you for making life easier and help businesses grow and people get jobs. ❤️
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4 years ago, StormW16
They don’t care about you as customer.
Do not, DO NOT! Download this app, it’s inviting cause it’s cheaper than other options but at the end you end paying the price. I had an issue with the app, it didn’t save my location properly tried to change it but couldn’t. When the guy arrived y told him it was one block away, as I was speaking with him, my order got cancelled and customer service denied me a refund or credit. Even if they didn’t believe that I had an issue with the app I find absolutely unprofessional that they cancelled my order while I was speaking to the delivery guy on how to reach me and he was acknowledging. They told me those are the terms and conditions. So you don’t mind. Only there terms and “delivery can’t move one block” conditions.
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4 years ago, KrazieJay
Terrible customer service
I had an order canceled because the restaurant was closed. I was charged the full amount and still have not gotten my money back. At one point a rep told me to “take it up with my bank” a very cheap attempt to pass the problem off to me. I do not recommend using this app. There are plenty of other apps out there with much better customer service. I would rate them negative if I could. This is an update.....I deleted the app but very stupidly I reinstalled it. I was immediately charged for an order from a month ago that they made no attempt to deliver but of course it’s my fault. At first I thought it was a charge for the order I most recently placed. DONT USE THIS APP. If you have any problem it will never be solved. Use ANYTHING else!
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