Go Car Insurance

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User Reviews for Go Car Insurance

4.48 out of 5
7.5K Ratings
2 years ago, iknow87
Finally Go Insurance is fixing their issues
I am editing my rating and review on Go insurance. After almost 6 months of battling with Go insurance to get my claims processed. I finally got tremendous help from a lady by the name Casey Boldt. She reached out to me and was very helpful right away and get my claim processed. I was at the point where I had filed a complaint with TDI and looking into filing a lawsuit but her help came at the right time for Go insurance. I hope y’all hired great people like her that take care of their customers and show empathy. I am very grateful for her service and can’t thank her enough. Thank you Casey and hopefully Go insurance is moving the right direction for their customers. I did a 4 star for Go insurance from a 1 star but personally I give Casey Boldt a 5 star!
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3 years ago, Moneymancarey
Process of getting your car fixed with go
I was told to pick a bodyshop of my choice which I did dropped my vehicle on a Monday morning, go insurance uses ICA as a third party for handling the adjustment for your car. I dropped my car off at the bodyshop on 8th of November it is currently the 29th and it was just a 900 dollar repair that took the 2 day to get done but the rest of the time the gentle at the bodyshop and my self have been emailing calling and we kept getting the run around finally after my car was there for a week and a half we got someone at ICA to help us, now my car has been ready for a week and a half and the bodyshop is needing proof of payment before releasing the car normally he said it wouldn’t be a problem releasing the car before the check got there but considering how long it has taken them to respond that’s what we will need and go has not emailed me or the bodyshop the information that we need so I can pay my deductible and get my car. I am extremely feed up I do not recommend that you go with this insurance company ya they might be cheap but you get what you pay for horrible response time get back with there paying customers.
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2 years ago, Cass10705
Unfortunately I had a total loss accident with my vehicle. With all the stress, anxiety and emotions from my first accident ever, my claims person that was assigned to my case was absolutely phenomenal! Casey Boldt went above and beyond. From the first encounter to the last she was amazing. She kept me updated with the entire process, gave me detailed information, explained to me what I need to do, answered all my questions, did not leave me out on anything. When I would contact her she would immediately respond. When she said she was going to send an email and will keep me posted she did that immediately and included me. Casey Boldt literally made this horrible situation the easiest situation I’ve ever had to experience. I can’t think her enough for the amazing job she has done. No words can describe the beyond exceptional work she does. Her customer service and hard work did not go unnoticed by me. I’m really thankful & grateful that Casey Boldt was assigned to my case. I couldn’t imagine going through this situation with anybody else but her. Thank you Casey Boldt YOU ARE AMAZING!
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4 years ago, BrittanyVance87
More Coverage Less money from my bank account
In August of 2020 I got a policy with Root auto insurance, and yes they are wonderful but I had the absolute minimal coverage I could and was paying almost $400 for a 6 month policy. When I saw the ad for GO I had to check it out. After clicking the options for the best possible coverages and cheapest deductibles and having the option for a rental car if needed ever during a claim, my rate quote cakes back just barely over $300 for 6 months!!!! I quickly opened the chat with customer service to verify I had in fact clicked the right options for the best coverage, they assured me that that was correct. I was so surprised. They did say it’s a deal during the pandemic but that even after it will be a gradual increase back to regular prices but still the options are excellent and too good to not try out. Needless to say I cancelled my insurance with root and am going to give it a GO!! Lol. I’ll update my review after having the policy for some time if anything changes to less than great! Thanks GO!
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6 months ago, Yahya ibn M
Fraudulent Company Cheap is Expensive
A fraud insurance company. They don’t pay. Do not know trust them it’s no way to communicate with them. Cheap is expensive. I filed a claim with them from an accident I had and after 2 months of them not settling my claim I cancelled my insurance. But my claim still should be valid but they refused to acknowledge my claim now that I cancelled with them. If I hadn’t went on a repaired my vehicle out of pocket my vehicle would still be at the dealership after 2 months waiting on them to approve repairs. I submitted to them all required documentation and a paid repair receipt that was the exact same amount the appraisal amount I submitted to them before I started the repairs. But that never paid out just left it saying pending. 2 months still pending approval. How long do they think I should go without having a vehicle? That’s means I would had the same problem getting reimbursed from them if had a rental vehicle that long. I rented a vehicle on the first day when I towed my car to the dealership for one day and they won’t reimburse me for the car rental. Again, this is a fraudulent company that you can’t even get a response from the adjuster when you need to communicate with them.
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2 years ago, Michael Worthington
Policy Non-renewed due to loss of co-Insurance.
After two years of being with Go, paying my bill on time every month without fail, and having no accident or ticket history, I received a lovely letter in the mail from Go. They informed me that my policy was being non-renewed since they had lost their oi-insurance coverage through TOPA. Because of this, Go no longer insures individuals in my state. So now I’m stuck in a place where I need to hunt for brand new insurance a day before my birthday. Not really what I had planned on doing for my 30th birthday, but Go really doesn’t care either way. It’s all about taking your money and doing very little in return. On more than one occasion, Go insurance has been next to impossible to get a hold of. They do not have a customer service number, and emailing support can sometimes take days if not weeks to get a response. Now imagine trying to process a claim with a company that doesn’t even have phone support. Chances are, you’re going to get ignored, and your claim will not be handled in a timely fashion. Steer clear of this company. Sure the price is right, but you really do get what you pay for. 2 years later, I’m stuck learning that the hard way.
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2 years ago, dollabill35
You get what ya pay for
When I first discovered Go Insurance the pandemic had the entire world in a toilet paper shortage and the lockdowns were in full swing. Luckily, being a stubborn can’t tell me nothing kinda person, I redownloaded and became active on every essential worker platform i had before COVID and even started a few others. Even though i was busy i still wanted to save money so the 1/2 off for verified essential workers was a great strategy for them and i switched immediately. The cost didnt fluctuate as much as other insurance companies id had so that was great. So why 1 star? I’ve reached out 7 times. SEVEN TIMES. 3 months ago i backed into an ILLEGALLY parked truck which left a scratch on his chrome bumper but he demanded we go through insurance. whatever, right? So it’s been 3 months since the incident, I’ve called, emailed, and text and it’s radio silence from the entire Go Company. If they pay this claim without contacting me I’ll definitely be taking the entirety of the parent company as well as all subsidiaries to court. Or id probably get 10 calls if i let my bill roll to next cycle. hmmm….great idea. Anywho, as soon as this is settled i’m running far far far away from this crap company.
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2 years ago, Godly Jones
Andrea Sova
I just love love this young lady, when I tell you I didn’t have to worry about my claim at all. Andrea help me the way a customer supposed to be helped. I had a claim before and the lady that helped me I want say a name was trash. I thought it was going to be the same because it took forever to get my car and to even contact her was a mess I was a nervous wreck until Andrea Sova helped me out this time. This lady deserve a raise she is so awesome. She kept me updated and let me know step by step so I have no concerns are worry about the claim. It’s bad enough you don’t have your car but, when I tell you she had empathy for me and sincerity. This young lady is amazing she deserve everything good because the last person I had was trash, but she gave me my confidence back on yall because I said these insurance adjusters are trash, but Andrea did her thing and proved me wrong. Thank you so much for making my experience quick, fast and easy. Thank you Andrea Sova your the best!💜
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5 years ago, iTaha
Great Price, Easy Access and Awesome experience
First of all, I heard about it over the Radio and I was like: let me give it a shot, and Downloaded the App and I did put my info with my 2 cars and gave me crazy good price that was in a second unbelievable, I used to pay $331 per month for my 2 cars with two drivers and the price it gave was total of $105 per month with the same exact deal, I contacted the customer support SMS and they replied within an hour with confirmation that Yes, my info and my deal was right. And I switched right away. Sooooo 3 months later I was involved in a minor accident and that was my first accident “I promise” and the Police came and did everything and claim was created and Go claim service called me and told me don’t worry about it we got you with no increase in my policy! I love it, great, easy, convenient and all in the App. Thanks Go, this is the future of the Insurance companies and no need for these other companies who takes advantage of the customers.
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3 years ago, Genalo22
The worst customer service and an even worse claims department
I have been trying to renew my insurance for the last 2 weeks. I thought I did once because it gave me a confirmation and said I was good for the next 6 months. Apparently I have been driving uninsured for the last 2 weeks and had no clue until I went to pay it for the month. Now for the last 24 hours, I have been trying to renew my policy and I heavens heard back from someone in the past 16 hours. I have an open claim with them still at this point, that claim process was the hardest thing to do. I have talked to 6 different people and for some reason each time there is something that isn’t in the notes. It is hard to work your claim, hardly any guidance on what you need to do in the claim process. Also for a chat based company, I have a better response time with a Farmers agent giving me a quote from his work phone than I do with this “CHAT” based company. Until some serious changes are made this service is not worth a single dollar saved on your monthly insurance payment. I would personally rather pay $80 more somewhere else, who values their customers.
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3 years ago, FractalPhoenix
Charges Apple Pay without permission! BEWARE!
I am currently listed as a driver on my moms full coverage policy but when the billing date comes they charge my Apple Pay the full amount without my permission! I have never given this app or it’s operators permission to charge my account . With my mom being the primary policy holder it would make sense that they would charge her Apple Pay. They have never charged her account. They always go straight to mine. This month they took another unauthorized payment for the full amount of the policy and left my bank account negative. When I reached out to them for explanation there is silence. The fact that such apathy exists from a company towards its customers in the middle of a pandemic is DISGUSTING. Money is already hard enough to come by and they snatch it right out of someone’s account without permission! They are thieves!!!! Also not to mention when you have a claim they do not respond to you! My car window was smashed and things were stolen from my vehicle. I went to make a claim and they have not responded yet! I reached out via email, chatted through the app and even found a phone number that I tried to call. No one has contacted me back
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3 years ago, ddavis@subaru
Unprofessional, understaffed, and not responsive
I was in an accident that left my car totaled. Its been 2 weeks and yet NO WORDS FROM ANYONE AT GO. Ive called, email, and texted multiple line to try and get a hold of a rep but NO ONE cares to answer even though we pay good money for these policies. It takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks for an ACTUAL LEGIT company to process, handle, and settle claims. However, these unprofessional people will have you waiting with NO CAR NO RENTAL NO REIMBURSEMENTS ANYTHING. Do mot waste your money on a company who does not value business and or customers. This entire company is a SCAM!! Save yourself the time, stress, and headache by going to a LEGITIMATE INSURANCE COMPANY!! I work in the auto industry selling cars and i assure you no company in the world is this disgusting and foul. Dont low ball yourself when it comes to quality of life and protection!! As a guy who NEVER writes reviews… i have to worn people about this fraudulent place so that no one ever has to deal with this (I ADVISE ANYONE IN THE CALIFORNIA AREA WHO IS EXPERIENCING THE SAME ISSUES TO CONTACT CBS13 SACRAMENTO AND UTILIZE THE “Call Kurtis” PROGRAM TO REPORT AND ADDRESS THESE ISSUES GO INSURANCE HAS BEEN CAUSING COUNTLESS PEOPLE)
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10 months ago, NurseB2323
Initially I wanted to write something extremely long to explain all that this company put me through but I’ll keep it short because I’m just over it!! Wrecked my car April 12, filed my claim 4/13. Nobody ever contacted me I had to make initial contact. Next my adjuster was terrible with communication, kept saying he’s working on it. Fast forward mid May I requested a new adjuster because he was just so terrible. Get a new adjuster and she’s just as bad-Kaitlin Janes. Very rude, not helpful lack of communication! It took me filing a complaint with Texas Dept of Insurance for them to move on my claim & even with the complaint they still took 2 months. Even TDI knew something was not right. If you know like I know you’ll run the other way! You will be placed in a financial strain, they will move very slow. Sure the rates are good but I’ll pay $60-$70 more for a piece of mind!!! It’s 4.5 months later and I am just finally being paid for my car! God is good and he will provide, I’m just thankful everything is finished. As of today I am no longer with these people and I am so happy!!!
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3 years ago, Dimtriu1998
Worthless insurance company
I would love to give this insurance company even 0 stars, but one star is the lowest rank. The reason why I’m giving them only one star is simple. When I delayed one payment for one day, 2 representatives called me the next day and asked me why the payment didn’t go through. Alright , I can understand that. But when my car got in accident and needs a good repair, they just disappeared. I’ll explain. My car got in accident more than one month ago. Next day after accident, I submitted a claim. They assigned me an adjuster, but I couldn’t reach him out. I tried to call him, tried to email him - everything was pointless. In a couple of weeks, I finally figure it out. It turned out that that adjuster is no longer works for GO insurance company. Next 7 days I was trying to call them to get a new adjuster. Finally, I got his name- Collin Weber. The most useless person in the world. He doesn’t pick up the phone, doesn’t provide you any answers on your questions even via email. Everything what I hear from him is “sorry, we are working on your claim. I just texted our team to close your claim asap.” I got the same answers two times in a row, and he didn’t even answer for my third time asking. So, if you want to be covered by this company, please run away from this company as far as possible. That’s going to be the worst insurance company for your car. Your car will never be covered, you just giving them money for nothing.
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3 years ago, L_Boogie415
Bad Business ZERO Stars
I switched to Go for a slightly cheaper rate. The experience in signing up was effortless. However, I’ve recently had to submit a claim for Grand Theft Auto and have NOT heard from a single person at Go. My car was recovered a week later and I have been waiting for “an adjuster” to reach out and again NO ONE from GO has done their job of providing me with any type of service other than taking my monthly payment on time every month. It’s now been 3 1/2 weeks since I’ve submitted my claim. I’ve been calling for rental car help/reimbursement but guess what no answer and NOTHING has happened. Mean while my car sits in a tow yard and daily fees racking up. My lien holder is also behind me trying to help contact Go and of course no answer/results. At this point I am reporting Go to the Arizona Dept of Insurance for their neglect in providing me with NOTHING at this point…. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Yes it’s monthly premium is appealing but the stress, anxiety, and financial burden placed on the insured when making a claim is not worth it!!..
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5 years ago, Sundance7369
Countless sales calls now.
About a month after signing up for the app I am receiving about 30 to 40 sales calls a day about how to better my insurance about health insurance about my cars auto warranty. In the seven years of having this phone number I’ve never received calls like this until signing up for the app which had to do with my car. And now the sales people are calling about my car warranty knowing what year it is what kind of car it is. So yeah if you want to have your phone blown up every day from Recorded messages from sales people go ahead and download this app. My response to Damia. There is no way anybody else could’ve gotten a hold of my information as far as what I drive where I live or what my intentions were. This didn’t happen but a few days after I signed up and put my information into the application. This is just my warning to other people interested in this app. Just before warned if you want your phone blown up daily even on Sundays go ahead and put your information in this app.
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3 years ago, Yurangelbaby
Cut Your Current Insurance Bill in Half!
I have had this Insurance for almost a year now and I was shocked when I saw the outcome of the quote I got from Go because it was just as they said! My quote was half of the current company I was using and that was a low income program! No one believes me when I tell them how much I’m paying! My full coverage payment is lower than I paid before for state minimum and all those other ads that pop up on the internet saying if your not paying $19 or $29 per month you are probably paying too much and every time they quoted me it was always higher than I pay right now! The quotes don’t even compare! I am so thankful for the day I found Go Insurance! I will remain a loyal customer for life! Thank you Go!
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2 years ago, Get-Nooned
Worst insurance EVER
Stay very far away from this insurance. You can’t get ahold of a representative, you can only text a “chat line” where no one is of help or assistance. Takes on average 3 hours for a response. I’ve been waiting over 48hours for a Tow truck. Mind you, I do PAY EXTRA for roadside assistance but they want to force me to pay for a tow truck just to be “reimbursed” without any information as too how this would happen. All due to technical difficulties that they can’t seem to resolve. I pay extra to NOT HAVE TO PAY OUT OF POCKET. Thankfully I haven’t been in a car accident and on the side of the road. Also half of the time their end on credit card monthly payments do not go through so then you end up with no insurance for multiple days and have to jump through 20 hoops to get it reinstated due to their own technical difficulties. AND EVEN THEN YOU STILL CANT GET AHOLD OF THEM. RUN. RUN FAR AWAY from this company. It’s more of a scam than anything and I will be reporting them to the BBB.
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2 years ago, Lady Tee 2420
Great Until I Needed to File a Claim
I felt like it was a super easy and convenient way to purchase and manage my insurance account. I appreciated the grace period and the essential workers discount they provided. During the uncertain times especially the during the worst of the pandemic. I had them for over a year. Then one day I accidentallty bumped someone's car at the traffic light. When the other driver tried to file a claim with Go Insurance- they told him my insurance was not active on the day of the occurance. It was paid & I had the receipt to prove it, but after going back & forth the man gave up I guess & when I tried contacting them it seemed like it was always outside of business hours. I work nights so that's possible.. however- it shouldn't have been so hard. My insurance was paid &active so that should have been that.
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2 years ago, Micah.E.Davis
So worthless!!!
Do not use this company if you want any kind of service. First of all you can’t call and talk to anyone, you can only communicate via text, which is not 24 hours. Even if you do manage to text them during their limited business hours they’re always experiencing a “high volume at this time” and don’t reply to you until they last hour of business. So when you respond back to them it’s outside their operating hours and they don’t have to deal with you until the next day. I guess their hope is that you figure out how to solve the problem on your own. For example: I just got an email from them a week ago, saying my card was declined, and if I didn’t fix the problem by midnight, I would loose coverage. Well I didn’t see the email until their limited hours of business were closed, and I couldn’t talk to anyone for help. Not to mention, it was some discover card on file, and I don’t even have discover card. A little shady. So I’m trying to figure out how to change my card number without any assistance, which I do; but then I need them to change it. Needless to say I could not, and lost my coverage, all because I didn’t see the email in the four hour window they gave me to respond and fix the issue. I have had other issues as well, this is just one example.
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5 years ago, Cheffjeff84
Bad business
I give you guys one star for the idea and -4 for execution. First page on App Store is advertising that you have insurance for us Californians but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Not sure how a company based here doesn’t do business in there own state. A good way to get around this is change that picture out, or even better where’s your list of state u do business in and states you do not do business in? False advertisement anyone. . . It seems y’all have the customer service part down I see reply’s to many of the negative reviews here not sure if they are taking to consideration or not but nice to see someone is at least looking at that. Also, how can you run a business without having your product on lock first. I think you guys could mitigate a lot of this negative attention with being a little more transparent with your business products what you offer and where is that and who is it for? Just my thoughts on go insurance.
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4 years ago, erin51m
Great Customer Service and Improving App
Great experience with customer service from Go. Anytime I have a question, Andrew is very responsive and takes care of my concerns. From the beginning I have really liked the Go app. It was so nice to be able to plug in different options and see how it would affect my rate. Made it easy to find the plan that was the right fit for me. I have had some snags with a few things in the app, but they continue to fix and update. And Andrew has been able to help me out from his end when I couldn’t get what I needed from the app. The only negative I find in the app now is the map. I have plenty of map apps. When I open my insurance app, I want insurance information. But definitely recommend GO!
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2 years ago, Siria91
Easy process from start to finish thanks to Krandalynn!
I have had no issues with This app, the ease of filing a claim and the follow thru was the best. I had a total loss accident with my vehicle. Despite the stress that comes with losing a vehicle , my claims person that was assigned to my case was absolutely phenomenal! Krandalynn Booker went above and beyond. From the initial claim to the end. She kept me updated with the entire process, gave me detailed information, explained to me what I need to do, answered all my questions, and helped make sense of all the fancy insurance lingo. When I would contact her she would immediately respond. When she said she was going to send an email and will keep me posted she did that immediately and included me. Krandalynn literally made this horrible situation the easiest situation I've ever had to experience. I can't thank her enough for the amazing job she did. No words can describe the beyond exceptional work she does. Her customer service and hard work did not go unnoticed at all! Thank you Krandalynn YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!
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4 years ago, Mookytcat
Wouldn’t let me do anything
First of all, the app wouldn’t let me scan in my license. So I went to enter the information in manually. It would not let me select a birthdate. It kept going back to July 4, 2005. So I stopped right there and I thought something was fishy. Then I read all the reviews about bad customer service. I am not going to use this app because the most important thing about car insurance is customer service. From all the reviews I read if you can’t get a hold of somebody when you have an accident or you have questions to ask and you can’t get anything accomplished, you’re wasting your time. That is time away from work time away from your family. It’s worth the extra hundreds of dollars I’ll be spending a year to be able to get a hold of a live person and get my problem taken care of right away. To others, that may not seem necessary. To me and many others that is the most important thing.
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2 years ago, M and S Cleaning
Unable to renew due to late payment?!!!
My father passed a away a couple months ago and have been dealing with a lot I had forgot to pay my insurance when I reached out to them they stated they couldn’t accept my payment only through Apple Pay so I said well I don’t have access to that on this phone so basically I found a way to pay them by that time the policy was over a month passed due so they would not let me reinstate and said I wasn’t any longer eligible for a policy with them. This is ridiculous I communicated with them explained Emmy situation but that didn’t seem to matter. Go insurance was great I love it and want it back. I feel like I was treated unfairly this program was created for people financial issues due to Covid. I could never afford u Insurance before this and was always having to miss a payment on so either bill to keep up with car insurance please help
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1 year ago, dexipoo
Very bad communication and poor treatment of paying customers
My car was stolen on December 12th of 2022. My car needed repairs as the ignition was torn out and motor damage and body work damage was done to it. It is now going on April of 2023 and the claims department will not respond to anything until they get ready and the shop of my choice has had the same treatment with moving forward to getting my car repaired and after without a car for so long and while still paying a car note and insurance, they still don’t want to fix all the repairs from it being stolen. This company has been all about taking your money but when it’s time to help you, you get the run around. All the time having to pay for transportation to and from work has taken a huge toll on finances and a huge deal of stress. I have never had a insurance company treat me in such a way .
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2 years ago, yesyesenia
Go insurance Casey Boldt
After waiting what seemed like a long time to get my claim and everything settled . Casey Boldt with go insurance finally reached out to help us get everything settled . Very nice lady even the collision center spoke well about her and her knowledge and how fast she reached out to them to get things put together. She was very professional when we spoke . Very quick to answer calls or text from us . What first started like a nightmare finally ended with Casey Boldt picking up the mess the other third party could obviously not do! Thank you go for having a very nice and professional person working for you!
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4 years ago, Anya Sch
Worst insurance ever
They have no number for you to talk to a real person. You can't only have there insurance if you have an iPhone. They never pay out for your claims. I been waiting since May 27 to get a pay out for my hail demage. The adjuster are rude and incompetent. No one ever has the answer it's always another department. Save yourself the hastle and pay full price since these guys are not real insurance they don't take hold up there end of the contract. My fiancé and I cancelled our policies 3 month into it. It honestly has been the worst insurance I ever had. Nothing but issues and now I have demage on my car I can't fix since "supposedly" they sent my check twice and I verified the address with them multiple times. Also they love to delete negative comments about there horrible insurance if you post it on there Facebook and clearly can't take criticism. Please beware, this company doesn't deserve your business.
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10 months ago, kishame17
Refusing to fix vehicle with coverage
I got into a auto accident on 08/01 and it’s been over 2 weeks and my vehicle has not yet had repairs to begin because go insurance has not approved my claim. I have had continuous coverage with them since I purchased my vehicle almost 4 years ago in March 2020. They are now advising me that I have to obtain letters of experience from previous insurance companies within the last 5 years for any other car I have may had or they will deny my coverage even though that has nothing to do with this current claim. And I couldn’t even get a rental vehicle even though I pay extra for the coverage because they only offer to provide reimbursement after for the rental after the claim is paid which they stated could take weeks to months. I have been faithfully paying my policy each month and now they are refusing to let me use it.
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3 years ago, Johnnyx234
The worst Insurance company. Run away
It a nightmare dealing with Go. I reported a claim and and it took the adjuster almost 5 days before hearing from them. My rental coverage is $40/daily up to 30 days i.e $1,200 but I can’t get the $40 applicable rates given to insurance carriers because Go or Redpoint isn’t listed as a carrier with any rental company, now I have paid almost $1,100 on rentals for two weeks and my car is still in the shop which implies I have exhausted my rental limit while my car has not been repaired and still in the shop because of the delay in processing by the adjuster who has been very rude and unprofessional. Now am getting feedback from the body shop that the estimate they gave was for cheap and old body parts and cheap labor. I don’t know how I got myself with this insurance company and many thanks to my agent for recommending this unprofessional company to me.
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3 months ago, Rose&nic
Will not do business with them again
They canceled my insurance in January of 2024 after I made my monthly payment. They did not notify me about any cancellation nor did they notify my insurance agent/broker. I drove around for 30+ days with no insurance and I was unaware. They took my money and just canceled my policy with no notice. We only became aware when my agent called for my renewal which they then sent out a email saying the policy was canceled and they then refunded my payment and only did so after my agent argued with them. The other issue I had with them was when I first opened the policy & sent pictures of my vehicle there were other vehicles in the background, they were rude about it and demanded to know who the background vehicles belonged to and they wanted names. I told them I wasn’t giving that info out as it had nothing to do with me insuring my vehicle
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2 years ago, 1kirkbw
Terrible company
Absolutely the worst customer service. It’s all via chat which means a 7 minute task via phone takes 45 minutes or more via chat because the person texting you is doing multiple chats at once which leaves you waiting 10 or more minutes between conversations blurbs. Just terribly rude to make you wait for 40 minutes to get an answer as to why without notice your insurance lapsed because they made payment term changes and didn’t let you know and thus what you set up for auto pay is no longer in effect and you find out 60 days later you have been driving with no insurance. Now all new companies see you as not being insured and the rates are twice as high as they would be if you switched over while being insured. This company is as worthless as the afterbirth of a bastard rat in a New York sewer.
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2 years ago, itsjustnikia
Where are the Punked cameras?
On 11/1, I was involved in an accident and immediately notified Go insurance company. I tried several times to reach them by phone, email, and online chat. I didn't get any more information until 11/11, when I was assigned an adjuster to start the claims process. In the midst of this, I was given a new adjuster with no warning or explanation. I was unable to contact anyone in the claims or total loss departments until December 8th, and as of December 27th, my lienholder had not received final payment to allow for gap insurance to be filed. I am unable to purchase a vehicle without trade-in or proof of payment, which has yet to occur. Here’s to finally purchasing a new car… sometime in 2022. There are far better options. I can assure you. Please move on. If you’re wondering a complaint was filed with my state’s department of insurance - so there’s that.
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3 years ago, Stefani McDonald
Do not use this “insurance”!
Please do not use this insurance! Spend a little more money with a real insurance company. My fiancé got in an accident and they confirmed our car as a total loss, but then still charged my debit card for the next months policy. I’ve tried calling every single phone number and cannot get through to anyone. Their “chat help” is absolutely useless. They told me that I would have to submit a letter for the proof of loss in order to get a refund. How am I supposed to send proof when I haven’t received anything? And, aren’t you the insurance company? Shouldn’t you have that on file? Very unhelpful and extremely unprofessional. Please do not waste your time and money with this so called insurance company. I am still waiting for a response to get my money back and to get this insurance cancelled since they already confirmed that the car is a total loss.
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3 years ago, Fang2297
Affordable car insurance
I have a 2018 Chevy Trax. So my car is fairly new. Most insurances like AAA won’t insure me because I haven’t had my license a year just yet. However, with go insurance not only did they give me a 50% discount for 6 months but even without that discount it’s still fairly affordable insurance. Especially because I’m a single mom working a very part time job. My 6 months is almost up - and my insurance payment is staying the same! They’re completely app based which is cool - no long wait times. They chat with you. I say if you want affordable insurance- try go insurance. Thank you!
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2 years ago, TashaReneePowers
Great Customer Service!
I’ve chatted with Hector a few times regarding different questions or services I needed and he’s ALWAYS super helpful and kind even through a chat box! Normally I’m not a fan of customer service chat but Hector is so quick to reply and gets right on top of whatever I need assistance with. Now, claims adjusters for this app…different story. Rude and Not quick to lend a helping hand but quick to belittle and berate you for THEIR mistakes. But every customer service rep I’ve spoken to is AMAZING. Especially my boy Hector and also, YOU CAN’T BEAT THE PRICE ANYWHERE! love my GO insurance app!
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2 years ago, A1ex_E
Getting my vehicle fixed through Go Insurance
When I first got Go Insurance I was very happy with they’re customer service and how they handled everything. I recently got into a hit and run accident and have been going through Go Insurance to fix my vehicle. I got into the accident on December 1st. It is now February 14th and my vehicle is still not fixed or anything at all. Nobody has been contacting me about what the current status of my vehicle is right now and I’m still making payments on a vehicle I’m not even driving. Even getting the vehicle into a shop to get looked at took about a month as well! JUST TO GET IT INTO A SHOP! I don’t know what happened from the time I bought my insurance to now but as of right now they haven’t contacted me at all about my vehicle and it’s been almost 3 months now!
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3 years ago, sleepysleepz
I have been trying to get a hold of them I have screenshots of everything I’ve been messaging them all day today and yesterday no one has responded to me they say that they have a live agent which they clearly don’t it shows that they are online and I followed the hours this is honestly the most terrible app that I’ve ever had as far as insurance will you guys want a better insurance I will completely recommend you to another insurance do not download Go insurance because first of all they don’t know how to answer a call which is on their Instagram which I also have proof as well they are very very terrible I’ve messaged them everything emailed I have not got a response please do not download this I’m a real customer this is like absolutely the worst service I’ve ever had from go insurance 🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
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5 years ago, lilbitkb
After a severe storm I found my car floors soaked and was then having electrical issues. Despite verifying the dates I provided corresponded with weather reports, being told by a mechanic he instantly suspected flooding/water damage, providing photo and video evidence, their “professional” diagnosis was that my engine had NO oil (which if that were the case the engine would have seized) so that wasn’t their issue. Had NOTHING to do with the water damage claim, but Bc they took over a month to look at it said it was dry and no evidence (aside from the obvious photos/videos/and mechanics statement) even including the clearly now crunchy carpet and even mold starting to grow. every person I spoke with was extremely rude, on the rare occurrence of actually getting ahold of them (they never called me back on their own). These people should be shut down.
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2 years ago, zuzuRN
Great customer service from Alyssa
Good afternoon. I’m writing to express appreciation for the work of your employee Alyssa Cordero. A tree landed on our car during a storm. Having never placed a claim with GO before, I reached out to report it, and was almost immediately contacted by Alyssa to follow up and guide us through the process. She has handled every detail with great skill and professionalism! Her assistance has been timely, helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous. She even answered her phone when she was not in the office, and did not hesitate to consistently get right back to me. Our interactions w/ Alyssa have exceeded our expectations. I expected to dread the process, but the opposite happened: I was so grateful for every contact made. She is a great employee, and has done a wonderful job of representing GO. If I ever have another claim (hope not), I hope she is assigned to our case. Thank you for your help, Alyssa! Brenda Myers
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4 years ago, hashalikoz
Amazing Prices! Great Customer Service!
This is best insurance I’ve come across. The process is almost effortless, it’ll take you about 2 mins max to get a quote, and not to mention they don’t ask stupid questions like other insurance companies, very straight forward. Being a young driver (a curse) I couldn’t get anything lower than $300-$400/month. Go Safe offered me $200/month with full coverage. You can’t beat that anywhere. Their reps are very helpful too and quick to response. Charlie helped me go through the whole process and answered all the questions in a very efficient manner.
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3 years ago, tripple double13
Very poor service
I bought this insurance about 9 months ago My first claim took about 5 months to receive my check cause they been sending my check multiple times to my old address even though I updated my address. And the weird part the adjuster never answer my calls nor get back to me I’m lucky if I get an email back. They never apologized I have saved all emails neither one has an apology. I still tried to give them a chance to renew my policy for another 6 months . Another domage happened so I gave them the other person insurance informations they never got back to me since June and the last email I got back was :it’s says this department don’t handle my case anymore. I really don’t understand who I should talk to. The worst insurance ever
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4 weeks ago, Dallas Texas customer
Worst insurance ever 0 stars given
Worst insurance ever they will give u the run around for months for me it was 9 months in total in the end they did not want to pay after them saying they where only waiting on another document but ended up saying no to paying out my claim because of my past criminal record that has nothing to do with driving history you they encouraged me to retain legal representation to fight them on the matter I was lucky that Toyota retained legal representation for me and they ended up paying my advice when using this insurance is avoid it as much as possible unless you drive something you don’t care about and won’t mind losing call the state and report them they are scammers they don’t have a number all answering machines
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2 years ago, SoniaEPuente
Go Insurance is great
I’ve had Go insurance for a couple of years now. I’ve never had any issues with my car but this past month I did have to file a claim. Krandalynn Booker was the member of the Claims team that helped me and she has truly been amazing from start to finish. All issues have been resolved and though it took the dealership too much time to get my car back, the insurance process went smoothly, and this made the experience so much better. Thanks Go team for all the help with my car.
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2 years ago, Don't buy!!!
Hector A.
I cannot tell you how great it was to work with Hector A. at GO. I had my loan company add $9,000 to my loan because my insurance hadn’t been verified. I’ve been trying to get this done for a year through a website that kept telling me they needed more information. I was BEYOND frustrated. Then I came across Hector, the only one that actually took the time to call my loan company and do a verbal with them. GO, you have a great employee in Hector! He goes above and beyond and provided Phenomenal customer service! HECTOR, I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!
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1 year ago, WardenofPain
Dropped me because of an underwriter issue, but I know two other people who had and still have them and they were not dropped. I was told it was random and that they were working on bringing in a new underwriter and we’re close to finishing the process and I would be able to request another quote. It’s been since September 2022 still cannot obtain a quote. The quote option briefly appeared on the app but when I had the funds to sign up (a couple weeks) the quote options were no longer available. When I contacted customer service about the issue I was given the run around again saying that online quotes were not available at the moment but as soon as they were I would be emailed.
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6 months ago, Fatt Jeanpierre
Cancelled my policy. Will not respond in help chat
They cancelled my policy with them after almost 5 years for no reason making me have to scramble to get a new car insurance. The new company wanted a letter of experience to show proof I had previous insurance. They have not responded to me and now my new policy will expire and I will have to pay another deposit to get another policy. Please if you guys want a reliable company for car insurance DO NOT go with Go Car. Very poor communication and will leave you high and dry when you need them and that is a fact. My name is Dennis Christophe if any of you want to reach out to ask questions about this company. I will also post this on Google and the their other social media pages.
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2 years ago, Scam, Fraud
Do not purchase this insurance it is a scam. Claims are not handle in a timely manner or at all. The adjusters do not respond to emails or voicemails. They have a online chat service that is not able to assist you with any of your questions. The numbers that are listed basically do not even work since they never answer and when they do answer they put you on hold for more then an hour just to tell you that they are not able to assist you. I have been without a vehicle for a month now. I have not spoke to anyone regarding my claim . it’s rediculious ! I looked up all the reviews and basically eveyone has the same problem with them. I filled a complaint with the bbb hopefully that works. Do not purchase at all !!
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3 years ago, Dont go here.
Sleazy Scammers
I’ve never seen an insurance company charge you $100 in fees and not even be able to tell you what it’s for. My policy renewed 2 days ago and I just saw that it’s increased. I went to look at the differences in documentation and they're suddenly charging me $100 in fees they won’t explain or give documentation for! That’s 1/5 of my insurance policy, that’s outrageous. I’ve been speaking to Andrew for nearly 2 hours and he’s going back on everything he’s saying and can’t even properly tell me what’s going on. They sent me a fake email address claiming they had sent an automatic email to notify me of these changes (they didn’t) and it didn’t even match the email address he said it’d be coming from, so they made a fake one just to try to prove to me they notified me. Instead of trying to resolve this problem, they’d rather be greedy and sleazy. I was told if I didn’t like this, then to cancel my insurance... How about just explain to me why it’s increased? I don’t understand lol. DO NOT GET INSURANCE WITH GO INSURANCE. Pros: Cheap insurance Cons: No customer service help No updates on policy renewals Sleazy employees
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3 years ago, Andrew Hollern
The 5-star reviews are FAKE
I'm an agent that sells, or used to sell, Go Insurance. They do deserve one star because the low rates are real, but keep in mind that it's only a 25% or 50% discount for essential workers for as long as your state has approved a lower cost of auto insurance due to COVID-related shutdowns. However, making changes to your policy is not only difficult and clunky, but it's downright impossible through the app. Making a claim is clunky and difficult through the app as well, and I've had numerous customer complaints as well as my own personal experience of difficulty with doing simple things like adding a driver and adding a vehicle. Their "Engineers" need to stop whacking off and fix their app so that it's functional.
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