Go Program Way2Go Card

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Conduent Inc.
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1 month ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Go Program Way2Go Card

4.24 out of 5
25.9K Ratings
3 years ago, BriMichelle13
Great Banking App but Hard to Transfer Funds Elsewhere
This app is very helpful and easy to use. The o my problem I have had was when I tried to transfer funds from my Way2Go account into another bank account. It took 6 days and I received no confirmation or message that said it would be successfully transferred or even how long it would take. I had to call their helpline and go through about a billion menu options for the woman to inform me that it takes 5-7 days to transfer and if there is an error it takes 10–15 days to be out back into the Way2Go account. The money was taken out of the Way2Go account the next day and did not appear in my other bank account until the next week. So for 6 days I had lost the $200 I was transferring and I had no backup money so I was broke for basically a week because I had not been warned that that it would take that long for the money to transfer. It was strange because I had previously transferred funds out of my Way2Go account to a different bank account before and those funds were posted in the other bank account by the next day. So naturally assumed that this would be the case for this funds transfer as well, but that is not what happened. Just a warning for anyone who would like to transfer funds in the future. Other than that mishap, there is nothing wrong with this app. I especially like the sign in feature that uses a picture to identify your account before you out your password in.
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3 years ago, markymarc92$
Only one problem
The only problem I have is a problem a lot of customers are having and that’s when I transferred funds to another account it’s only been a few days but on my waytogo app it shows that the money is gone and has been transferred but in my other account it doesn’t say anything about the transfer of funds so very confusing and very frustrating because if I had known this I wouldn’t have transferred the money because I need it now! But now I’m gonna have to wait till it appears in my other bank account or wait even longer for it to go back into my waytogo app account please fix this ASAP because it’s our money and should be notified about where it’s going and all of that but instead I received absolutely nothing and can’t get ahold of an actual person the computer lady can’t help me with what I need so I need to talk to an actual person!!!! Thanks and god bless I should’ve read the last review stating the same problems and I wouldn’t have made the mistake of transferring it!!!! Very frustrating because I still haven’t received anything!!!
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4 years ago, CuriousKitten96
Customer service
I have no problems with the card itself. However, the problem that I do have is with customer service. I have been using Way2Go for my unemployment since May of 2020. I have had to call customer service 3 times. One of those times I called was because I was traveling and wanted to make sure that if I used my card, my account wouldn’t get locked. I was on hold for over 2 hours and 45 minutes only to have a 30 second long conversation. One of the other times I called was because my card got locked due to “suspected fraud”. I was on the phone for 3 HOURS AND 53 MINUTES. Only 8 minutes was I actually talking to someone. This is by far the most awful customer service I have ever dealt with. Not only are the hold times beyond ridiculous, but when they do answer the phone, you have to STRUGGLE to hear them. They mumble and they always sound like they’re muffled and underwater. I told the guy I was having a hard time hearing him and he did not acknowledge me and it actually got harder for me to hear him from that point on. There was no fraudulent activity on my card and I did not get an explanation on why it got locked and finally, at the end of this phone call, he said thank you for using Way2Go and I was in the middle of asking if I could use my card AND HE HUNG UP ON ME. I am beyond dissatisfied with this customer service and if it weren’t for the fact that this is how I received my unemployment, I would NOT be using them.
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1 year ago, Mljohnson1123
Slow slow slow
Tried to set up my account and their system doesn’t like any password you put in despite following their requirements. They require that you read this PDF document and enter a “keyword” from that document and enter it into the space for the “keyword”. But it only downloads a partial document. What the heck am I looking for? Is it s trick question? Do I need to guess what this arbitrary keyword is? That’s so juvenile to put in some keyword in a document to make sure you read it. Doesn’t matter because I never saw the entire document. Wasn’t able to finish the set up. I called to request some help, well that will take two days for someone to call you. When’s a good time for someone to call you? Well I don’t have a job so anytime. So I wait around for two days for someone to call me from an unknown number to ask me personal sensitive questions that you are not suppose to provide to ANYONE!! What a slow dumb system. I doubt I’ll ever get my account set up if that is how they roll. Because I am not going to provide personal information to some random person from an unknown number. I guess they aren’t familiar with identity theft, or hackers and scammers. Because if they were they wouldn’t set up a system like this that makes a person feel vulnerable. Ugh….what a waste!
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2 years ago, Nikkir609
Satisfied Customer
I received my Way2Go card /account through California child support services which is definitely a better way to receive payments v.s. Checks. The service has been great for the most part. I like the ability to look at statements and activity online and the ability to manage notifications and lock/unlock your card all from the app. I have had issues with using my card at certain retail stores as well as certain online orders. Guess it’s considered a load card and not an actual debit/credit card for some places and so they won’t allow it which has been really frustrating because sometimes it’s the only source I have to buy things and transferring money takes WAY too long with Way2Go and not worth the hassle. Other than that I really do love it. As I said before it’s definitely better than waiting for a paper check to be mailed to you and stress about someone stealing it or it getting lost somewhere down the line.
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3 years ago, Lynaboobena
Wish unemployment would of just stuck w/Bank of America …never had any issues with them .. you never were not able to speak to somebody if there was an issue though or this app is absolutely eight circus trying to get a hold of an actual person you sit there and get thrown around from site to site I never get anything solved… hi unfortunately did not read the comments before Hannah decided to go ahead and go with the transfer fun feature and that was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life because now my money is in some mysterious wormhole right now because it shows that it’s transferred and complete but then on my bank side it’s showing there’s no transfer at all so here I sit and wait for my own money I should’ve just kept it where it was but I was always an issue having to pay an ATM fee and everything else get your own money out this is just ridiculous and it’s become such a headache I would never EVER recommend this app to anyone.. Feel completely helpless now on how to find out where my $ is….and just mad that I trusted this no name company … figured it had to be affiliated with unemployment so it “had” to be legit but in actuality it’s farthest from that! BE SMART.. and if you can help it ..stay away from this shady app!
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3 years ago, Broke and Bousy
I have had nothing but problems trying to transfer my available balance into my bank account. It’s been almost 2 weeks and still no luck transferring my funds into my bank acct. Both mobile app & website says “There is an Exception “ and no customer service rep can tell me what it means and cannot help me resolve it. I’m still waiting for tech support to call me to help me. 1st tech ticket request, the guy did nothing to troubleshoot & fix my problem. After confirming I could log in ( never said I couldn’t log in ) , says my issue is another department and transferred me. Then I got hung up on, then a new lady said her records show my issue was resolved without letting me speak. If my issue was resolved, I would never want to call in again! I also asked how to set up Direct Deposit because there is a link on the log-in page. A customer service rep says they don’t offer that option & I must contact Unemployment to set that up! The Nevada Unemployment tells me I need to contact Way2Go! I’m so frustrated! I just want to set up Direct Deposit so I never have to call ANYONE! Bank of America ( previous carrier ) was more helpful! Very disappointed :(
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3 years ago, henderGren
No problems except…
I think the company needs to be more forthcoming when you’re transferring funds. I could’ve walked in my bank and pulled the money out immediately and yet when I went to transfer, quite a bit of money, from the card to my Bank, there was no notification or alert or WARNING that it would take 7 to 10 days. Which is ridiculous, because it came out of the account immediately. If I had known I would have never transferred that much money and been without it for a week. I will never use their transfer service again. Plus I did it on a Friday, and that Saturday and Sunday did not count towards the 7 to 10 days! Additionally, they do not let you know the transfer is in process, I was in panic mode thinking I entered the wrong account number for my bank. It would’ve been or it should be mandatory to send you a confirmation that your funds are being transferred.
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2 years ago, leeryzma2009
Card replacement
Hello, I am very happy with the app itself. I am having an issue getting ahold of costumer service. After unsuccessfully being able to change my password in app however. I keep trying different password. Yes I knew I would be have to call and verify and I appreciate that level of security. Yet when I finally found the proper costumer service phone number. I lost my card so through the automated prompts I asks for my pin. If someone did indeed use my card and knew me. They would be able to switch the password.I need to cancel the card and be reassured a new one. This is daunting. I have over $600 of deposits made via child support services and cannot access them. Because I cannot get a hold of customer service pass the prompts. Help! I have had nothing but good experiences with Way2Go and would suggest this company. Can anyone please let me know how I can resolve my issue? Thank you
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3 months ago, iambulldog
App needs to be more current
App in my opinion is out of date not fully taking advantage of faceID or other biometric sign in features and your password is lengthy not conforming to my typical style of passwords so almost every time I attempt to login I can never guess what it is because faceID is broken and eventually it locks me out and I need to go through the process of creating another password. Only then you see the requirements and I realize why my guessing were wrong and then it tell me I can’t use the password I want because I’ve already used it so frustrating. Modernize your app to current technology please. I use this app mainly to check a balance but yet to call in all you need is very limited information about the actual card but to use the app you have many hurdles to jump through which using a phone to dial in while standing in line at a store is kinda personal where as logging into an app with faceID to check a balance is quick and easy but not if your password keeps getting rejected
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3 years ago, MzMiller2u
Easy to use
I’ve been using this app for a few years now. I haven’t had any MAJOR issues. The only problem I had ONE time was when I attempted to transfer money from the card to another bank account and wasn’t aware of the turnaround time. I was sitting waiting and watching for my money to appear. It took a few days only for it to bounce back onto the card. Ever since then, any time I need to “transfer” money off the card, I simply go to the ATM and grab the cash. I would really suggest maybe updating the system for transferring funds. Everyone might not have the ability to run to the atm all the time. Just an FYI 😊. Other than that the app is straight 👍🏾
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1 year ago, ILoveILoveLucy
Worst bank
I had a company help themselves to my money of $100 a day for 3 days so I called to cancel the card and because only 1 of the 3 charges cleared at the time I cancelled the card it was recommended I wait to dispute when they cleared. As instructed I did just that only I can’t get a live rep on the phone since I am currently waiting on my card. Any option I pushed trying to reach a rep the automated machine just hangs up on me. So I figured I just won’t enter anything at all since all systems I’ve encountered up till now have always said sorry we seem to be having trouble let me get a representative. But no not this bank. Says sorry we’re having trouble good bye. So I then tried to transfer my money out of that account as I have in the past and I was blocked from doing that as it asked for my card number for verification before they’d transfer. with not even a chat feature in the app I am forced to wait. I will be calling FOC to make a complaint about the bank they are using to disburse my funds to. The lack of customer service is rediculous!!
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4 years ago, crazybrazytootoobird
constant fraudulent purchases & no help from the “help” desk!!!
This card was a godsend since I’ve been out of work due to the pandemic. Originally, I could transfer money from this card directly into my bank account, but after a few weeks, this feature went away. I was perplexed by this, but it wasn’t that bad since I could still use money directly from the card. Within the last few weeks, however, I started to notice large amounts being taken from the account that I had not authorized. Literally thousands of dollars are being taken out at a time and then smaller amounts as well. My brother has the same card, but he’s not having this issue. I have tried to call the help desk/customer service but I am left on hold for long amounts of time. I understand that lots of people have this card and they’re dealing with lots of customers with similar issues, but there needs to be a quicker, more efficient way to help people with this card. I hope and expect that all of the money that has been fraudulently stolen out of my account will be restored.
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4 months ago, allymc126
Great App, mostly user friendly!
I’ve had a great experience with this app and really like the security features put in place. It’s easy to read, easy to locate everything that I’ve needed so far, and the only problem I’ve encountered was having to wait 3 days when I had to transfer money. I definitely learned that any bills needing to be paid directly from this account, you will need to set the transfer up early so that you don’t encounter any late fees or worries that something’s happened to your money when you see it disappear from this account then not appear on the bill! Other than this, & as long as you don’t make calls to check your balance ( they charge a fee for every time you call) I am happy with everything else!
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3 years ago, kierkay88
Child support/iPhone 11pro user
Have no issues with the card or app after using almost two years. I use the app to check my balance anytime I want. I was also able to set preferences to alert me via call or text, when I get deposits. The previous blue Indiana card I was using had this feature also, but the preference settings never worked properly, and the card had no app, just a website for login...the Way to Go card and app was a much needed improvement. Haven’t had the need to call customer service so far. There has been so issues with my transactions so I’m happy about that. The old blue card previous to this one got hacked several times, not the case with this card. Any issues with my deposits though, I properly direct to the child support office/caseworker.
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2 years ago, uugghhhhh
The worst customer service ever!!!
They have the worst attitudes and do not take care of their customers AT ALL! They shut down my card and said it was an accident but refused to priority ship a new one so that I could pay for my daughter’s formula. They wanted to charge me $15 to ship it in 3 days or make me wait 2 weeks for one and this was also right before a payment was due to come out! They kept saying that I was going to speak to a manager and would hang me up or put me with a robot instead of letting me talk to a manager to fix what they did! My daughter has severe milk allergies and I have a brain tumor and we both had to go to the hospital for basically medication we couldn’t pay for bc they refused to fix their mess up. Please choose any company over this one. Most of the workers aren’t even in America and could care less about the issues of American explaining that I was too fussy as if my life or my daughter’s life is a non factor. I was super annoyed!
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5 months ago, ladyofthestar
Good App?
It was easy to set up and easy and smooth using the biometric system. Which I prefer, I have a hard time remembering passwords. I have been using this card since child support moved cards in nee york state. So a few years maybe. I recently purchased a new phone. I was going to use my iCloud to transfer over all of my info but I had trouble doing it that way. So I used the other option iPhone has. Ever since then I can not sign in, I keep have to put the number in and when I reset my password to log in my account its locked. So I can’t log in, its really annoying. I have to go back normal measures and call the card instead. I mean I guess that is better because I am not entering in my info every-time. But its just not convenient. So I am going to delete the app, because I can’t use it anymore.
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10 months ago, breesnn4
Cannot Change Info On App
I was sent the wrong card for payment, was sent for childcare back in 2014 now doing home healthcare and finally got a new card but can not register it on App or delete the old card have not an option to do so and when I call the number on the back of the card all I get is the automated system and cannot reach a live person to help with my problem what is the use of having a number and customer service if you can never speak to anyone. It’s crazy what goes on with these systems today nothing works properly anymore everything is automated and it is aggravating to work with non human when the do not have the right questions ir the right answer for your problem and you have to go through a million prompts and still not what you are calling for so you get no help at all. Please explain to me how to change my card information or speak to a live person.
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3 years ago, Danitellez1988
Money missing
I transferred money to main bank account as it’s the account where bills come out. I transferred money with the correct numbers, in the correct places and was given a confirmation number 2days later and said it would clear in 2-3 business days. I check my bank and nothing everyday. So I inquire to the bank with my screenshot of the cleared transfer and apparently it must have been sent elsewhere because my bank never got it. Now I’m out $1400, will be short on bills and won’t have extra money to get things for my kids like winter clothes that are much needed. Now I have to call the Way2Go customer service and pray they can find the money and give it back to me or something because I don’t know what else to do. I’ve transferred money many times between multiple banks and never had this happen. I am so unbelievably upset with this app or bank, whichever made the GIANT mistake. My kids will be so thankful.
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3 years ago, minorkela
Great banking app but terrible
The app is great but the service is horrible . My card is always getting hacked ! I can never talk to anyone on the phone. Then when you get a replacement card they make you pay for it ! This is the second time I’ve had to get a new card . I can never get my money back that was spent elsewhere and not by me . They need better security when it comes down to this card .Also I’ve set my alerts up to receive text messages for deposits and when my card has been used and I never get the messages !! If I didn’t know when my money hits my card all of my money would be spent by hackers !! I hate that I have to pull my money off of my card !! This is ridiculous!! I even went through an investigation and they claim they couldn’t find anything wrong , even after I told them it wasn’t me in those states !!! They did nothing to even try to give me my money back .
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4 years ago, buzzsherd
Most horrible company ever!!
Constant fees, you sit on hold for hours and will disconnect. If you do talk to someone they will tell you they can’t handle what your problem is but they’ll put a “ticket” in to get it fixed. 1 year later and they’ve yet to correct my address. I had to pay to have a new card mailed to my “old address” 3 times because I never received it. Kept calling wondering where my card is, being told it was delivered and would be told my “old address” AGAIN! I finally had to drive the 60 miles to my old address just to get my card. It was easier then waiting for them to send a 4th card possibly with correct address and be charged another $20 for. Still waiting for those “tickets” to get reviewed from whatever department that you can’t be transferred to. No one has answers. Don’t know how this has lasted so long. They have to be making a mint off of all us and this is why this carries on, but HOW IS MY QUESTION? It’s CHILD SUPPORT!
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3 years ago, SLCollins21
I’ve had issues with this new card service for over a year. Someone has gotten a hold of my number twice and continues to shop online with it and I can’t seem to get in contact with anyone to replace it. The first time it happened they froze my account without me knowing anything had happened for two weeks and there wasn’t a way to verify any information until I received a letter via snail mail saying that there was suspicious transactions and suspected fraud. Well when were you going to call me, I asked, the response was we didn’t know if they should call so they sent a letter. Are you freaking kidding me, my email and phone number is listed for that exact reason! It’s not like the child support I get is a substantial amount but for what it’s worth it is MY money and it seems that someone else is able to utilize the funds just fine shopping on a Military website, Target and other places. This is so SHAMEFUL!!
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4 years ago, Optimal disguise
This whole company is absolutely useless.
Their website, app, and phone lines are ZERO help. I’ve been trying to transfer funds to my bank account for over a week. The website and app say there aren’t enough funds to transfer when there definitely are. Customer service is absolutely no help. They’ll tell you they’ll call you back (And charge your 5$ for the phone call) and they will never call you back. The website never loads properly and makes you re-log in several times and start completely over. Their automated service asked me to press 1 to confirm my address. Immediately after pressing it says, “Okay, now to not deactivate your card...etc etc press 2”. Went from trying to figure out how to transfer funds and CONFIRM AN ADDRESS to almost completely deactivating my card out of NOWHERE. I am so frustrated and annoyed. I’m not able to access the money I’ve received weeks after I’ve gotten it.
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2 months ago, e.magana
Not user friendly
No way to get in touch with customer service to make a dispute after the person I spoke to said to call the next day to file the dispute after 2 different transactions were made to “ROCK AUTO” for over $200 that I did not make & since the transaction was still pending I was not able to make the dispute & I ASKED the guy I spoke with if, I was going to have a hard time getting through to speak to someone & he said no which was a total lie! I’ve been trying for a week & called different numbers & nothing! I’ve had this card for not even 2 months but “some how” someone has my card information that I’ve NEVER used online & only used a handful of time. Obviously they have that person information that used my information to purchase their things since they got 2 different transactions shipped over to them!!
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2 years ago, Patricia Diggs
App keeps telling me to Update but there is no Update…
I’m super confused why the app won’t allow me to use it because it’s telling me that an app is required. I check the App Store and there is no update. I check my phone and my phones update is up to date. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled the app and it’s still saying the same thing. Another thing, My transfers keep getting declined. I’m not really sure how to spend my Money on here anymore and I hate having cash on me so I haven’t been to the ATM to even try taking funds off. I’m sure if I did it would just decline anyways. Out of all the money on this card I have only been able to get a Successful $60 transferred to My Bank account before it stopped me Completely from transferring anything more. I just said Forget about the money on here. It’s impossible to spend and it’s child support for my child smh
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4 years ago, angry02
Customer Service
I have had the best experience with my local employment service but when it comes to the customer service associated with the way to go card it is worse than any other I have ever had to deal with. I have called multiple times, waited on hold for over an hour just to be instantly hung up on every single time. They even charge you a fee when you call regardless of whether or not you speak to them. If you get cash at an atm, you are charged a fee, but with the way to go card your charged the atm fee plus an additional fee. I have worked in customer service my whole life. I take pride in how I handle people. I want them to feel so blessed when they walk away from me that they will come back again and again! I am not sure what country the way to go people are from but they obviously do not know the value in work ethic, customer service skills...etc!
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2 years ago, Devonniey
It’s just ok
It’s an ok app. Ok as in you can see your balance and some transactions. It’s very basic and low tech and transferring money takes a LONG time to process even if the same/only bank you have used in the past. The security measures to transfer are annoying, I didn’t have my card and wanted to transfer to my bank acct and couldn’t without the card information. Calling won’t help either, after verifying identity information I still needed some information from the card. This leads me to the conduent’s customer service…lack luster with a ridiculous wait time. My Way2Go card is my “SURPRISE!” Card (child support) so I don’t have it on me all the time, the process could be smoother and customer service can be better trained.
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4 years ago, Uwt30
Simple but
I was using it for a few months, transferring funds once or twice a month to my main bank account. One day I was unable to transfer (it returned it after a couple days even though I got an email that said my funds had been successfully transferred), then my pin stopped working. I got locked out and if it happens to you, you just need to call the customer support number on the card and reset it through the automated system. Unfortunately that didn’t fix the bank transfer issue I was having as I tried a few more times after. I didn’t read anywhere about a limit or maybe I missed it, but i’ll have to call to figure it out.
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1 month ago, sickmonkey
Don’t transfer your money!!!!
I have been waiting over 2 weeks to receive the transfer to my bank account. It was easy enough to set up the transfer in the app but now it’s been over 2 weeks and nothing yet. I contacted customer service to start the transaction dispute and was advised it would be 45-90 days to receive the missing funds?!! It’s perfectly okay though. I’m sure when I just explain this to the bill collectors they will understand completely and they won’t shut off my electricity or repo my car and they will just let me take the groceries out of the store without paying because my money is floating in limbo. Lesson learned, just go to an ATM and pay the fee and take your cash to the bank to deposit it. Better to be out a few dollars instead of trying to save them using the transfer option.
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1 year ago, T…. Q…..
Anyone else have a dispute go undisputed?
I made a purchase for my teen daughter on one of her clothing apps (this is for cs) ; well the order never came, I filed a dispute and got some paperwork but there was nothing more to disclose. It’s been past 45 days. I made the order on Feb never received told the agent this. Where is the result of the investigation? There is no 800 # for this company.. my other cards would have resolved this by now. Please someone, help! It’s for a $270 order & was for jr. prom which is now past. Very frustrating. I figured it’s a govt issued card would be way more secure. Feels way more removed if anything. Idk..
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4 years ago, arkhinine
Worst Customer Service I’ve Ever Encountered
I have been trying to figure out where my card was for 2 weeks. I spoke to someone on Thursday who informed me that it would be another 21 days or I could pay $15 for 2 day shipping and I would have it on Monday. Well Saturday I got the card in the mail that was 21 days away and couldn’t activate it because it was already deactivated. Here we are on Monday and I called to get the tracking number for my card and it’s saying it won’t be here until tomorrow, and to top it off when I questioned the person about why I had to pay for expedited shipping when I already got the first card and the new card is having a delay, he hung up on me. I’m $98 negative and that will go up another $35 due to late fees tomorrow. Sure I should have managed money a little better but due to the pandemic I have been out of work this entire month.
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4 years ago, Cokehead_1
If I could give zero I would
This doesn’t even deserve a star but fair warning you should just take the money right off the card and put it in your bank account because it doesn’t allow money transfers nor direct deposits even though this wasn’t the case like a month ago. Also I have to keep changing my password literally every time I try to log in, to the point where it locks my account just for it to tell me that I can’t use the same password! They literally have zero customer service so if you have a problem you will get a robot that has limited capabilities and if you’re on unemployment they will tell you to call the number on the card cause they don’t deal with the card service. Your money is not safe here so just take it out at the atm and put it somewhere else. They need to work on the development of this app cause Chile.
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2 years ago, Tookief
Not working!
This app was so convenient to view transactions and keep track of purchases. I am not sure what’s been going one, but for about the last 6pm the at least the app will not log me in. The app takes me to the website then would allow me to access my account. Well, now that is not working either so this company needs to get their stuff together. I’m sure I am not the only one having difficulties with logging in. The only other option I have left is to call the 800 number to check my account. Please make some updates and fix this problem asap. It’s Christmas time and I would appreciate easier access to view my transactions and account.
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4 years ago, Keteti#1
As long as our country are successfully maintaining the internet service, ensuring ideal ways to manage on-line banking, it is indeed such helpful services for the people to manage money efficiently. I know in our current lives there is always ways to maintain a pro survival way of managing money, but let’s not forget to be humble & kind to each other to ensure our environment and the people with their jobs on hold or set back due to the COVID-19 ease our concerns. Thank you to all our leaders, our workers in public services of various positions for maintaining a reach out to the people. God bless you all. May you all be safe. Respectfully, Quinn.
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2 weeks ago, nicetryfed
The state made me get this to receive child support
*there is an option to link your bank account afterward, but there were many inconveniences and issues before following through. 1. It says it only takes a few days to deposit funds. My experience was seven days. 2. The banking functions are minimal: 2A. Maximum withdrawal of $500 a day. 2B. There are very few locations that are free to withdraw from. 2C. Maximum $200 withdrawal every 30 minutes (or nonsense like that). —so, I had to go to one place with a free ATM to withdraw $200 and then wait or drive to another place to withdraw $200, and then wait or drive to another place to withdraw $100 before I could deposit the cash into my bank because I couldn’t link my bank account to the card. 3. One day, the card decided it wouldn’t let a recurring withdrawal work anymore. So, I paid the merchant $381 from the card directly. The merchant never received the funds, which were redeposited into the account. So, I withdrew $500 and paid the merchant (who had now increased what I owed to $496) cash. Two weeks later, Way2Go discharged the $381 from the account and refused to return it despite my disputing it for almost two months. Stay away.
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4 years ago, thickymickey
Worst definitely wish I could take it back
The card itself is okay but customer service is terrible. One time I called to ask about my account and a man was on the phone. I didn’t know what he said so I asked if he could repeat it and he hung up in my face. Then I filed a dispute bc a company basically scammed me for $42 and they gave it back but the reversed it and now I’m in the negatives and on top of that I asked if I could pay off that amount from a different card but they told me only the funds that enter it could. That’s the problem because my funds have stopped for unemployment and I don’t want this to possibly mess up my credit. Definitely should of listened to my mom when she said to just take all the money out the account and not pay for anything on that card🤦🏾‍♀️!
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1 week ago, APhillips03
Would be better if you could lock your card
I really wish there was a way to lock your card. I was a victim of fraud and it was a pain to get my money back. They said they were going to send me forms to fill out and they needed to hav them filled out and signed and they needed to receive them back by a certain date. I got the papers the day before the date they said they needed them back by. It as a good thing I called earlier and asked if there was another way because I haven’t even received the papers yet and they gave me an email to send them too. If there was a way to lock the card it would probably cut down on a lot of fraud. I pull just keep it locked until I needed to take money out.
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2 years ago, Shannystar227
Way 2 go card is thumb down for me
I receive my unemployment funds and still cannot get access to it or even transfer it to my account it keeps saying authorization is lock how do I unlock this card so that I can receive my funds to pay my bills why is it so difficult I tried calling your customer service number he don’t even have a button for you to speak to anyone why do we always have to speak to a robot why can’t we speak to an actual person to get these problems solved those 1844 numbers are not working and you guys need to come up with a new solution you can’t get a hold of anyone you called the unemployment office they want you to call that one 844 number and it doesn’t work I need a number that I can speak to an actual person.
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2 years ago, Subset12344!:!
Doesn’t work
It worked for about 2 weeks! Now I have to go to forget password and go through that crap even though I know my password was correct.. NOW whenever you open the app it says you need to update before using this application. You click on it and takes you to the store and it just gives you the option to open the app. It says it’s currently up to date on the version as well. Seems like I need to open a account of some sort and sell it to the government, but make sure it’s just trash so I get paid and I don’t really have to have a functioning app. I would SUPER MAD if a company gave me this for the last 6 years. Just call your card and if I get charged $.25 to check it I’m going to start a class action lawsuit with top action! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!!
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4 years ago, lee3460
Could be better
The app is convenient to use when you need to check your available balance. The app lacks the ability to actually see where a transaction was made. There were times I would see a transaction going out and not know where there money was actually going. I stopped using the card to pay for things because I knew that some outgoing charges were not from me. Also there is no way to dispute a transaction. This is a huge inconvenience for me because I feel like I have no control over my own money. The app needs a lot of changes done to it because no one has time to sit on the phone to wait hours for a rep to answer a two second problem.
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5 months ago, gamerbutt2000
Beware of the transfer to bank feature
The app is great as long as you just want to be notified when you get a deposit or see how much you have on your card because if you try to transfer the money from the card to your bank it flags it and you have to make an appeal to get your money back. I wish I had know this feature didn’t work. This is the only reason they don’t get 5 starts from me. It may seem petty but when you need your money it’s hard to wait on the appeal process. It took me 30 days to get my money back.
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2 years ago, Michigan Mom2
Bank transfers
This is the absolute worst for bank transfers and customer service support. It’s Impossible to speak to a live agent. I have been calling every day for 1Week straight and still have not spoke with a live person. The options available through the support line are useless and basically only offer you to “deactivate “ your card IMMEDIATELY without even speaking to anyone. I received a Payment on Dec2 and it immediately disappeared to a “bank transfer “ with no information as to what bank? Where? When? Or ability to even verify if they have the correct information. Now I am sitting here waiting checking my accounts feverishly day and night for my money. Nobody to help or offer direction or support what’s so ever. Very, very frustrating.
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4 years ago, TinaTR77
This people lives
I received an alert to my phone when a transaction was taken out of my account. I immediately call but I couldn’t get threw until a couple of days later. I remind you that I stayed holding on for hoursssss. The scammers cleared my card with 3 transactions from Dollar General in Detroit. I couldn’t even go online an dispute the transaction and I still can’t. I finally was able to talk to someone and they canceled my card and supposedly send me some fraud papers to fill out. I still to this day have not received any papers and my money is gone because they let it cleared, instead of canceling it before it went threw. I am so disappointed with this process and how they handle business. Child support needs to change companies. I’m going to write the news about this as well with this company.
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5 years ago, FlowerBomb187
Doesn’t work on IPhone and charges you
So I keep getting a “issue” when I try to set up an account. I ended up calling in to get help from customer service, they said they would call me back in a few days and I would be charged for he call. I NEVER got a call back (this was a couple months ago) and they made sure they took $5 out of my balance, totally disgusting. So I’m here a few months later STILL unable to set up an account because the app says there’s a “server issue” (I am on my own WiFi and my phone has full service) and the fact they scammed me to pay for a call I never got and I never got my account set up. All I can say is this is disgusting how they steal the money from me but do not preform the service. The app obviously doesn’t work on iPhones or I would not have this issue.
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3 years ago, YnotUAlso
Suddenly missing functionally. A step backwards!!
I have been unemployed for some time now and was able to use my Way2Go card to transfer money into my checking account to use for bills. Now the app is missing the Transfer and I need to move money into my checking account. I tried calling customer service but all I get are recorded options none of which will get me to a real person. I even tried the goprogram website, no way to transfer and only the same number for customer service. My transactions show I have successfully transferred money to my checking account previously. Lacking the transfer section makes this app useless to me if I have to drive to my bank to do a transaction that I was doing online. Let’s take a step back to the ‘90’s
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4 years ago, truthtold101
Terrible company-Don’t try transferring!!
My money was put on this card when I wanted it directly deposited in my bank account. So after receiving the card, I was charged $1.50 to transfer the money to my checking account. For three days I had NO money waiting for this to show in my bank account only to receive an email on the fourth day saying the transfer was rejected saying Unknown Bank, so my money was back on the card four days later MINUS the $1.50 transfer fee they DIDN’T even transfer! Even though the transfer confirmation I made conveniently had the bank name, routing number, and account on the transfer confirmation. Don’t trust this company! No one will answer the phone when you call, they’ll just keep you on the phone. My advice is Stay Away use any alternative but this!
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4 years ago, Mccarthy6
What a con!!
Received this cars with my covid unemployment funds. I would have wanted direct deposit but apparently I have no choice. I go on the way2go website which tells me for no fee ATM to go to COMERICA bank. I didn’t even know where that bank was!!! So I take an Uber to the next town over and go to their ATM and they still charged me $3 PLUS $1.90 for a total of almost $5... on top of that, it only let me withdraw $300 maximum daily. I need to pay my mortgage so I need to get $1500 out which will cost me $25 and 5 separate days and transactions cause of the daily limit! NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO NICKEL AND DIME AMERICANS!!! So I tried calling customer service and you can’t speak to an agent no matter what you press. If you press “zero” for an operator, it will tell you that’s invalid a few times and then it just says “goodbye” and hangs up on you
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6 years ago, Lyndapeace
Very helpful but not secure in public
I appreciate the app. Having the exact balance at the moment when I am about to pay a bill or make a purchase is great. Through no fault of the app developer people are shifty and not always honest. I don’t always feel comfortable checking my balance in the app while in public because the app doesn’t support Touch ID. I also didn’t see a way to set up text alerts. Unless I overlooked it. That would be a great addition also. Text when funded. Text when low fund amount I set is reached. That kinda thing.
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6 months ago, Diana00f
I wish this card would have a real 24/7 customer service like it says . I made a transfer to my bank account and the app showed me that it would be transfer in 2 business days , it had been 3 days and I do not see a deposit in my bank account . I now have an overdrawn charge in my bank account and I pay about $2.50 for the transfer . Now I’ll have to transfer all my money to my bank account and pay again and on top of that wait more then I do not know how many days to have my ml ey available on my bank . I will close this account as soon as I can and never get this debit card again . It might be good for someone who can’t have or open a bank account but not for me .
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4 years ago, brebrebratt
The Georgia Department of labor sent me this card and I have been waiting on my eligibility to be determined for over three months now I got a letter in the mail stating how much I would receive and it even says that online and it tells me how many weeks I have left and how much money I have but it won’t send any money to the card or into my direct deposit and it still saying that my eligibility Hasn’t been determined and I will be contacted by a Georgia Department of labor representative if further questions or needed but I haven’t been in contact with no one with hasn’t been determined and I will be contacted by a Georgia department of labor representative if further questions or needed but I haven’t been in contact with no one and I have tried contacting I am on multiple different numbers over 20 times!
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