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Success Wizard, Inc.
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User Reviews for Goal Setting Tracker Planner

4.72 out of 5
3K Ratings
4 years ago, MGL_SLC
Have used for six months - has made a big difference
First bit of feedback = this is something like the 30th app I’ve tried over 8 or so years. Goal setting and daily plans are important to me. I’ve stuck with this one longer than any other bc it’s working for me. Working well for me. Second point = they improve it often. It seems like monthly at least. I appreciate that. There are still improvements I’d personally make — but the key thing is they seem to always be making some. Third point = it has a website that I use when I’m at work. This is super helpful. The website is also easier for setting up goals. The app for tracking progress and activities. So, I’ve used them all and this is the only one I’ve stuck with so far. It’s a very good app, easy to use, engaging and makes goal achievements plausible. It’s always improving. It has a companion website. The price for premium is affordable and well worth the improvements I make bc of the app. Really recommend this and wish the best to the team that built it — you all are helping people out here. Thank you.
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2 years ago, immanuelmellis
Good and room for improvement
I love being a premium member, I am getting a lot more work done then before, but there's a couple issues rn, like not being able to upload cvs data to goals you started before getting the app. Their customer service is amazing however, and said they will be working to fix that. Syncing between calendars could be a slight puzzle to understand at first due to the fact that if the app is syncing to and from the same location, events will double, so I needed to create an additional gmail account for that. Other than this, the app is very expensive (personally as a college graduate). If the price was cut in half, I think you'd have more consistent members. Additionally, I wish the cvs exports of the data were organized in a more standard data analytics way then a format that looks as if it was suppose to be a pdf. It's definitely intentional and I appreciate the hard work, I just don't believe it's very effective. I've had some issues of resubscribing for emails. I'm sure this will be fixed however, the customer service is excellent. If it were not for the customer service, I would have left a long time ago. -Bests
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4 years ago, cyber553
Best Goal Tracking App
Not cheap, but worth it! I have tried several goal tracking apps and this one takes the cake (as of Jul-2020, at least). The app has an easy to use interface that lets you do a fair amount of customization to create different types of activities, goals, and notes and categorize them the way you want. The feature set is also designed to encourage good productivity-oriented behaviors (like morning and evening routines) encouraged by gurus like Brian Tracey. The development team is also actively working to add new features and improve the app. The recently-added 2-way sync with Apple Calendar is an awesome feature to help quickly address scheduling conflicts and still having access to all your notes for a scheduled activity. Lastly, the developers are responsive to issues. In the few times I’ve had problems over the past year, the built-in customer Service chat feature has led to quick answers (within an hour or two) and bug fixes where a real problem existed.
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3 years ago, MidCenturyModernCountryDad
Life defined & unraveled
I have enjoyed Brian Tracy‘s work for quite some time, after starting with a new business venture, I realized, 50 years into life, that I was tragically deficient at goalsetting, or even understanding them. Even though I feel accomplished in some ways, I know that my potential has been greatly restricted without proper goals. Brian Tracy‘s program has changed the way I function. It has created an abundance and prosperity mindset that I have never enjoyed before. It’s given me opportunities that I never thought possible, and I feel liberated from myself and my procrastination‘s. Thank you Brian❤️
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6 years ago, blandc
I have tried so many goal oriented tracking reminder apps and this one is by far superior. The layout is seamless and clean but not so clean it lacks content. I love that it breaks down goals into both short term and long term activities and sub-goals which is very important to me. The latest upgrades made something great even better. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since I use the app I can open it and pick up right where i left it and can see exactly what steps are next. Thank you for creating this app. They are perfectly aligned with Brian’s books as well.
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4 years ago, Happy talking
One Thing
Update: The app is great and has many tools to organize my life. I like the morning and evening routines supplemented by the daily thoughts. These brief intermissions in the day help me refocus my time and mind. In addition, The ideas, questions, notes, and questions are awesome. Options to customize various features is extremely attractive. However, there is one thing: the productivity timer is ineffective. When I use it, I am unable to stop and start activities. It is also difficult to use because when the phone goes to sleep, the timer stops (sometimes). These quirks are challenging, although I am able to log times. Great developers, look at this glitch and this app will go back to a five for me. Forces You to Think No more slapping goals on a wall without thought and consideration. The app is time consuming, but if you don’t have time to sit and push through the planning process goals will be impossible. For this reason, I give this five stars. I’ve only had the app for a small time, so I will write an update as time goes on.
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6 years ago, George Vonan
Please fix the bugs .
This app was working great on my iPhone 6 Plus and my iPad. I even signed up for the advances version for a year. All the sudden the app quit opening on my iPhone and works only on my iPad . I wrote to the developer . They have not replied for a month. I deleted the app , reinstalled it . Did that many times . It still isn’t working on my iPhone , only on my iPad. Could someone help please . App opens sometimes in the background on the iPhone . And when I open tgat window , the app takes for ever to open , then the app quits and the home screen flicks on .
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4 years ago, Greg Fang
Fabulous app
I won’t be able to write a long review because this app keeps me busy working towards my goal! If you have read anything on Deliberate Practice or OKRs or anything like that you should know a cornerstone of the framework is to have well-defined goals with an executable action plan so that you march to your goal one step at a time. This app helps me do exactly just that! I know it is a cliche but I have to say I don’t usually write a review for apps but this one really hits my expectations and it’s that good. You should give it a try too.
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6 years ago, Zac and Joy
Life changing goal app
I had tried this app several years ago and wasn’t impressed. They must have made some major improvements, because it’s perfect now! It incorporates all of the daily habits that all the self help books recommend. The creators of this app have thought of everything. I’ve tried so many other systems. Nothing out there compares with this. It’s easy to use, and it keeps me mentally and emotionally on track to reach my goals and fulfill my life’s potential.
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7 years ago, Dr. Nix
Very effective tool
This has been a wonderful system that I've adopted for my husband and I to better manage our time. It's amazing because it provides great questions and simple outlines to follow and as you answer those questions, those become your activity list for the next day. The best part is that automatically uploads into iCal! I've been really grateful for this app. It's probably the only download I've maintained consistency with and use daily. Plus it's free ;)
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6 years ago, David Stinner
Needs better subscription management
I use this app everyday to help me achieve my daily Rhythm of tasks. However buying in on my iPad then using it on my iPhone or on the web is limited. On the iPhone and Web it thinks I am not paying for the subscription. It is frustrating that the developer cannot make the product work as it should when I am paying for the subscription. In a cloud world, the program should behave the same on all platforms, and you should expect nothing less as a user.
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6 years ago, AlaaFaisal.AF
Perfect but to much money to have it !
I like the app I used it and pay for the last year, but I don’t understand why u make it so expensive, where is your social responsibility at this , for the apps if u want to continue u just need to let the end user pay once , or at lest less price than this ! Please don't let us down ! We love all the stuff behind this great work.. we respect all of u but we need your support for the price!
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3 years ago, Pandabear-saga
Organized and useful app!!
LOVE how this app is set up and the features it has. My only minor problem is that it is not that appealing to the eye. Aesthetics are crucial! The interior layout of the app is well organized and has options to change colors, but is very standard and simple. Maybe involve different icons and options for multiple colors. Overall, just the app I was looking for.
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3 years ago, Ksd_7
The Greatest App of Its Kind!
I would give 5 Stars. Since your upgrade to version 7.0, you fixed some bugs but you also created one. In the App Settings, the 4-digit PIN has been disabled somehow. I like to keep my information confidential. Please check your app to see what has happen and re-enable the PIN feature. You fix this, and I will give you a 5-star rating! Thank you!
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5 years ago, ASMR lover 😍
This is srsly the best!
This is just outstanding and amazing of how it is free and a absolute life changer, I can open this up and plan my life for DAYS. Just because it has premium or advanced tools doesn’t mean it is not good, it is already THE BEST. I could give this six stars if I could. Last night I downloaded this app and the first touch of the app, I was already in love with this app. Keep up the good work!
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6 years ago, Lodog2
Great unless you want to share a goal, then pay up!!
This app is great, free version works for 95% of the features but as soon as you want to share, it cost $60 for 6 months, or $120 for one year!!! That sounds pretty steep. Why not allow for a monthly plan like advanced? To pay $60 to share a goal seems way overpriced and I just want to test the feature before buying. It is also not clear if the recipient also has to pay $60 to share the goal as well. Way overpriced for what I am trying to do
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7 years ago, Coach Genry
This app has changed my productivity level
I bought this app as I decided to be self-employed in a non-profit. I appreciate the cost for my profession, the robust features for the cost and I've not had any issues with it during the six months I've used it. It has been a fantastic goal setting and productivity motivator/daily focus list/record keeper/journal ... all-in-one!
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6 years ago, Rjmcinty
Perfect so far!
I love the app as I have used it so far. The teir system is exactly what I was looking for, there are main goals, sub-goals, activities and reminders and so much more! I would have given the app 5 STARS except the notifications that pop up on my lock screen keep telling me to complete daily tasks that I have already checked off for the day! It’s actually really frustrating and keeps throwing me off.
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7 years ago, mzashes
This app is exactly what I was looking for. Its not your average goal setting app you have to really sit down and think about your goals and action plans. I recommend you write it down first before entering it. I love how this app lays out the different areas in your life. I always been a big believer in setting goals and have tried different apps and this one is the Best!!
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5 years ago, Crazycroney
Making my Goals happen!
I’ve been using this app for three weeks now and already has helped tremendously to start accomplishing life long goals. Breaking them into smaller pieces and checking off activities everyday has been amazing. I do believe that there a few features that need to be added but they are minor. It’s a great app.
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6 years ago, Nlsheijenrbenenenen
So happy with this app!
This app was exactly what I was looking for to stay on track. Super easy to use and I love that you can add goals, sub goals, and daily/weekly/monthly activities. This has helped me so much in staying on track!!!! The interface is easy to use and attractive and it gives you nice little bits of encouragement when you check off goals :)
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6 years ago, Joe Cardinelli
Achieving my goals
I'm setting better goals, and achieving them too. Highly recommend. UPDATE: I’ve been using this app for over a year now, and I’ve been able to achieve or make progress on all of my most important goals. I’ve formed lasting habits that I’m actually proud of, and I have a new sense of purpose! Also, the new redesign is great. Keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, leocleoninja
Living a more focused life!
There are so many necessary features available in the free version of this app. Once you get a feel for the app you can work around the paid things to write down long-term goals with milestones and short-term goals! Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, Fl Bob
Got cheated
This review is from my use 6 months ago, somehow my old review disappeared. I am a huge Brian Tracy fan. App looked GREAT and probably is. There is a teaser use, then use is for a fee - fine. I paid the fee in the app to take a quiz, insert goals, and use the app for 6 months for about $30. I paid it and the app would not recognize the purchase. App developer essentially claimed it was a typo, the quiz alone was $30 - the service is worth way more, and tough luck. He may still be running the app like this or not, but buyer beware.
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3 years ago, MUST TEAM
Very nice app
I am really enjoying this free version of this app. I am considering the Premium for sure as soon as I can find out if all the wizard apps are the Premium version of this app or if the others are better. Happiness Wizard, Habit Wizard, Fitness Wizard—ahhhh too many choices of essentially the same. 😊Which one should I get?
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7 years ago, Karenditt
Exactly what I was looking for!
Most of the goal-setting apps are habit trackers, which is helpful, but I wanted more. This app helps me walk through setting goals, evaluate what I need to do to reach them, discover what is holding me back AND set habits that will help me reach my goals. All this for free?! I’m blown away by the functionality of the free version of the app. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Typodontist
Significantly improved!
I tried this app a year ago and it wasn’t quite as user friendly and useful, but gave it a try again and it has been significantly improved! It has some really great features and has helped me keep my goals foremost and planned out. Really well done, they’ve done a great job.
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6 years ago, ~amity~
Perfect Goal Setting App
I am also using the Habits Wizard app but the Brian Tracy videos in this app are excellent. I have already upgraded to Advanced to take advantage of the additional content the app offers. The process it takes the user through is very thorough and after the initial set up it is all about the daily execution of my plan.
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5 years ago, ChristopherMusic
The simple fact that this app still doesn’t use two factor auth (2FA) for sign-ins, nor app-specific-passwords and NONE of your data is kept encrypted, makes this a DO NOT USE warning!! Do you really want your most personal goals, plans and data easily available to anyone? Yes NONE of your data is stored in a secure fashion! Whether business plans or personal this is simply unacceptable and has been repeatedly requested of the development team since its initial release. I think if Brian Tracy really knew about this, it would be fixed already!
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5 years ago, michellelnne1985
I really like this app
It’s the one app that met every need that I wanted in planning my life and goals.. my one issue with it is that if there’s an alarm that can go off when a task is to happen- I can’t figure it out or it doesn’t actually exist. Sometimes my tasks come and go because of this and it defeats the purpose Of the app. Please fix this or tell me how to get the notifications.
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6 years ago, Hhenders
Love this App
Even with the limited option on the free app, this app is awesome. It makes me think not only about my goals but milestones and activities to get me there. In addition to big goals I can set daily goals and at the end of every day it helps to to think about and reflect on you day and prepare and focus on the next day.
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3 years ago, JCE0715
Unable to delete activities from the phone app.
I’m struggling trying to find how I can delete an activity from my phone app. Other than that the app is excellent. Sync tends to be inaccurate or delayed at times from laptop to phone.
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7 years ago, LindaBell009
An article about September 6th 2016 improvements brought me back.
And the improvements are great and very much welcomed. I suggest that you keep improving it by: 1. Making the feedback button do something useful. 2. Adding a shortcut called intermediate goals to take you to that part of a program so you can enter and a milestone quickly. 3. Have a shortcut to get to each of your major goals quickly. 4. Have the app open up quicker. 5. Have the app open in the position that the user wishes. 6. Have the tags be able to be sorted by name so all of one type of Tag can be seen in its entirety. 7. Have an election so the completed portions show in the journal entries of that day
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5 years ago, PartyTimeEvents
This APP is the Road to WEALTH
This Goals Wizard APP is by far the Best I have looked at due to its in depth and customizable features. What makes it so powerful is it’s structured question section for each Goal which ask you to “Dig Deeper” which both test and validated the Validity of Your Goal! Set start date, end date and Milestones along the way. This APP, when used consistently (as it is meant to) will help you get on and stay on the Road To WEALTH! Improve your Health, Finances, Education and Personal Development, improve your Family and Social Life, Improve your Spirituality... I’m using the Goals Wizard APP to improve all of the above! LOVE THIS APP! 👌🏻
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4 years ago, M_luckyelephant
Easy and effective
I tried out several other similar apps but this one had the most features I felt I could use most effectively. My productivity has already increased significantly and my stress is reduced overall. Highly recommend 👍🏼
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1 year ago, SarahNicole024
10/10 would recommend
I do not write reviews - but i have adhd and this app is a game changer. I have unlocked the next level of productivity for my life, and this app has opened my eyes to so much more. I love the videos as well. thank you
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6 years ago, CJHTSHFGHCJH
This app used to be awesome. The updates have ruined it. I used it to enter everything I had to get done in a day and then highlight the things that were related to my goals so that I would make sure they had top priority. There was also a walk through to set your goals and that is gone. Very disappointed with this being stripped down to bare bones. I am looking for a new app but sure I won’t find anything as good as the older version of this app.
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4 years ago, agray427
First 10 Seconds
Within the first 10 seconds of opening the app, you are met with an introductory video where an older male is speaking about goal setting. It gets to a part where he says living happy isn’t a goal, it’s a fantasy or dream. That’s not the part that led to such a poor review. He then states they are shared by common people. “Crazy people” and “homeless people” have the same goals. Then he snorts of derision. This is extremely offensive and I not only didn’t finish watching the video, but deleted the app. I won’t support it.
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3 years ago, Indigobetamom
Very Comprehensive
I like that you can incorporate your tasks into the google calendar It’s user friendly and helps to focus your day. I like the activities pie chart that shows you the percentage completed like 80 or 100% of tasks which is rewarding
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5 years ago, Frustrated addict 998987
Something different, just what I need.
My brain is so full especially in the morning and at bedtime. I think of the most productive things to do when I don’t have a notebook in my hands. What a great way to unload while drifting off and be ready, encouraged and positive for each new day!
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5 years ago, kyleapsey
Most impactful app on my phone
The app has become a staple in my morning and evening routine. I've been using the app for over two years and find myself appreciating it more each day. Highly recommend to anyone interested in living life with more joy, productivity, and impact.
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6 years ago, Nickname 17,245
Dream come true.
If you have ever suffered the consequences of failing to identify, prioritize, and plan your goals, this application will be extremely helpful. it may be the very best program ever created in this area. Although it is expensive, it is truly valuable. I would purchase it again.
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4 years ago, jenrebdec
I like how comprehensive the goal setting is, but I find it a little hard to navigate the app. Sometimes I can’t even find my goal! And I also don’t know if I can edit my goal and activities once they’re set. Even so, this is a much more meaningful goal tracking app than most and I like that about it.
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5 years ago, CodyAGI
A three goal limit for the free version...or $2.99 a month?
With a three goal limit on the free version, it's basically useless to anyone with a lot going on. It is a nice UI and seems like it could be a good app. I actually wouldn't mind paying for it if it was a one time purchase, but asking for a monthly fee of $2.99 is a bit ridiculous for what the app does...not to mention that there are free alternatives that can get you very similar results.
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3 years ago, quesoya
Highly recommend
This app was recommended to me by someone of high esteem and I bought the premium after using the app and it having run out of space. I’m only regret is that there are so many options. SOS
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6 years ago, crapsoftware now
Finally we can create our own truth
This application is revolutionary and it simplicity and utility. If you use it, to create and manage your goals, you will most likely be successful from the standpoint morning you can no longer hide from yourself.
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2 years ago, manalii
I really love this app
This app keeps you organized and accountable above all else. It sends reminders if you miss activities and video lectures of Brian Tracy to keep you inspired. It also sends you tons of solicitations for other products.
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5 years ago, Kjmeer247
Self-help Meets Accountability
As a pseudo-responsible adult, I’ve been baffled by my difficulty with sticking to goals, esp related to money. This app has provided me with guided questions and practical solutions to this dilemma. Highly recommend the subscription, which has saved me $100s with my financial goals already!
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4 years ago, mg083109
To complicated
I had this app for a very short time and during that time I discovered how nonunderstandable this app is. I know there was a video but I was in a place where I couldn't play it nor did I want to. This app is great if you have the drive to figure it out but if you don't then I don't recommend it.
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7 months ago, ratpee
Too much
This app needs a video tutorial. Yes it walks you through some things in the beginning but it doesn’t fully explain the complete functionality of the app. There is a lot going on and in order for it to work for me, it would be a major project to program. My not-medicated-ADHD-brain just can’t!
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