GoDaddy Studio (Over): Design

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4.8 (104.1K)
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GoDaddy Mobile LLC
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3 weeks ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for GoDaddy Studio (Over): Design

4.83 out of 5
104.1K Ratings
10 months ago, Sharona13
My Favorite App
This is hands down my favorite app to use! Instead of sending a plain text to family and friends to invite them to something or ask them to save the date, I quickly create a JPG file using Studio. This app is so easy to use. It takes me less than 5 minutes to create a JPG to send out (if I already have all the images on my phone). I often get responses back, “oh what a nice invite”, “you’re so talented”, “so cute”, “how did you do that”, “I could never do that”, etc. But with that being said, I have used PhotoShop and other graphics software in the past so I have some basic knowledge of the different components to edit graphics. I select their “free” templates and change the color palette to match my photo scheme/theme. Studio makes it so easy for you to create professional looking invitations! I have shown some friends/family how to use. I am so passionate about this app that I feel like I could get anyone of any level up to speed! (No, Studio did not pay me to say that.). If anyone knows of any other apps out there that are better than this one, I would love to hear about and try. But, don’t think there’s anything out there that can compete with the ease and cost of using Studio (I use the free version).
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5 years ago, simplyfatim
Love this App! Graphics organization?
When I first tried this app, I didn’t think it was that great. Fast forward to maybe a few months after, I thought the app was super cool! Fast forward to today, this is by far my number one design app. By far! I use this app for like all my design needs, I love making wallpapers in the app! There are so many things I can, so many graphics to choose from which brings me to my next point. Is there a way you guys could bring an update so we can organize our graphics? I downloaded so many, but I don’t think it’s too much of a hassle to scroll not to far down! If I were to scroll through all my downloads however, that would be quite a damper! I’ve got a feeling the graphics would look cleaner (not that it’s messy) if the user chose to organize the ones they have downloaded! Also! Maybe out the graphics in categories and treat how they are right now as subcategories? For example, liquid, put packages under that which have liquid—and make the liquid the first thing that pops up when clicking on said pack! Please come out with these features, preferably the first one!
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4 years ago, exilirs
Best design editing app, but not perfect
Words cannot explain how much i love using over, I’ve used it for so so long i dont know how many years it’s been. I do hate how you often change the layout of the app though, it’s often confusing and makes me don’t want to update at all because what i have currently is already great, doesn’t make me feel like i need an update. I really do love and want to support this app, however the prices of subscription are honestly so high. This isn’t even a very complicated app/program like, for example, clip studio paint which a way more reasonable subscription price considering how much the app can do rather than over. I understand it might be because of all the available clip art licensed on the app, but we don’t even really... use even half of it. Maybe change the system to pay the clipart’s artists based on how much their cliparts are used? And slash the subscription price. I would definitely subscribe if the yearly price were like, 25$? 30$? Or around that number. Just a more reasonable price than the current one because the current price would only be reasonable for a professional designer, which mostly doesn’t use apps like over professionally. Regardless, this app is still amazing and i will still be using it.
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5 years ago, Mom+4kids
This App has really hurt itself
*updated* If I could give less than one star I would. Still trying to use this App. I still loved all it offered in the beginning. I opened it today to use for Mother’s Day to find all of my purchased stuff is MIA and will not reload. This app has become infuriating to me and I have used it since the very beginning. I don’t want to pay monthly, I want to pay for what I use.d being back that option. I don’t need it all the time nor do I need another monthly fee. Also stop redesigning the app itself; again all my purchased stuff is Missing, all I have no is the recent freebie downloads of the last year. Truly disappointed. *updated* Only 3 sultans now. As I said previously I used this app for years. It has gone through a lot of changes recently and honestly I have tried to stay supportive but I am ready to delete it. It is wanting to charge you for everything. Some of my stuff I purchased pre-redesign is gone some is still there. The app is messy, not fast and friendly and longer and really is about wanting you to upgrade to a monthly or yearly deal. I miss the option of purchasing what I liked. I also miss al the freebies. Now each freebie is you need to update or write a review, tweet about, etc... there is a catch. Overall it's NOT WORTH the HASTLE. **5 stars! I have been using this app since it first came out. I love it. My kids love it. It's great to throw a photo with a caption for work too.
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6 years ago, PatriceMB
It's a real life saver for small business graphic adds
I use this all the time for personal use and business. Once you get to know your way around it's easy and it dose everything. I can design things on my iphone7plus easily just as I can with this app with my iPad Pro. I didn't even know what masking was in the beginning I just knew how to use it. For awhile I didn't realize Over could so it. Then one day I figured it out. As you use it you will realize it can do so much more through your own creative instincts. You get updates constantly new media back drops. Don't be afraid to make your own back drops. I'v used fabric and rocks, grass in my own back yard. I figured that's what some of them do when their updating so why not try it out. Tons of font. Be sure to explore every button and option to learn. Really over is all you need. I'v tried all the apps out there and this is the best deal out of all of them and the easiest to use. Customer service is good you can text them and they will respond with in 24 hours. But really you can figure this out on your own. Just by playing with it.
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4 years ago, Replay Me
I love this app, sorta.
I’ve been using over as a creative outlet and to make quick graphics for a few months now, and I can definitely vouch for the quality of the pro features (although I do agree with many previous reviews that 100 a year is quite steep). HOWEVER, there is one giant problem that I find beyond vexing. There is ZERO way to contact someone when there’s a problem with your app. I found that my exports suddenly (within the last week or so) started to decrease in size whenever I would look at them outside of Over. Some pictures would be resized dramatically (from 10MB to 2MB, exported as a PNG 2048x2048, but somehow also resized down to 1280x1280). When I tried to find ANY troubleshooting for this problem, I was taken to a bit of a oversimplified FAQ. Despite combing through every section, hoping to find a “contact us if you need more help” of some sort, there was none. They have direct email links for influencers, collaborators, employee hopefuls, among other things, but NO help or direct contact for their customers (even with a pro subscription). I’m still sitting here unable to use the app properly now and I can’t contact anyone other than by writing this review and hoping a developer takes notice.
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6 years ago, FuriousinSeattle
Great app but would like more fonts
I use this as my go-to app whenever I’m creating mock up draft ideas for graphic projects. In fact, I recently created a business card using a beautiful photo that I took from my iPhone 7+. After getting the clients approval, I then uploaded the JPEG file to an online printing site. Sometimes I end up just using the app without having to go to my Mac and open Photoshop or Illustrator. Having an app to layer photos with text is pretty helpful. And some of the trendy fonts aren’t free if you search for them online such as LULU. So it’s convenient and easy. However, I wish there were more fonts added for free and others that weren’t as expensive. The hand writing script fonts are quite popular now such as Beautiful as well as fonts such as GOON. I wished there were more of these type of fonts. I did read from one reviewer that you can unzip a font file into the proper program/app and install into Over. So, how do I do that with Drop Box or Google Drive which are installed on my iPhone and iPad? Over is also installed both mobile devices. Or do I do install the fonts on my Mac as it has a desktop? Thanks for reading and your input!
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3 years ago, Mrsmccloud
10 apps in one!! 😍😍
Okay, so like many I admittedly have a very skewed negative to positive ratio when leaving reviews. However, as this pandemic has warped me into a creator, I have to give credit where credit is due. I literally used 2-3 of my 10 favorite graphic design apps to create one good looking graphic. Most of these I had to create in one shot because the apps lacked the ability to actually save more than one project at a time. Enter Over and my life has changed!!❤️❤️ At first, I thought that the app wasn’t very “user-friendly” because there was so much to it that I didn’t understand how to use or even know was there, but I have been using it for almost a year now, each month finding a new way to use the app that I didn’t know that I could do. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving!! I am in love with this app!! If I could suggest anything to the developers, it would be to add the ability to erase the background in a graphic. It is literally the only thing left that I leave this app to do! Thank you!!
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7 years ago, Papercutjake
Great design but steep cost
The app is for the most part well executed. Like many others my main issue comes with the cost associated with “pro”. While I think this app is very useful and would gladly pay for more access, the asking price is too high. The pre designed image files are super helpful, even the free ones, but they lack any sort of organization. The lack of the shape tool in the free version is annoying and perplexing. The idea of paying $10 a month for access to an unmanageable library of images, a shape tool, and more fonts seems crazy. For most people using this for their online business that probably costs more than they pay in hosting each month. Having access to this type of functionality on your mobile device is definitely worth some money, but at $10 a month I don’t think a lot of people can justify this. I would like to see a way to access more functionality without such a high subscription fee. The move from purchased content to subscription has obviously angered many here. I’m just not sure what the thinking behind it was. Most users are probably stuck somewhere in the middle of wanting to support this app but not being able to commit to that cost.
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5 years ago, Alyssa_15243
Love it, but needs a few updates!
This is by far the best app I’ve used in this category, it’s easy to use and has a huge content library that really puts it above the rest! That being said, it would be really nice to have better ways to organize saved graphics because it takes a while to scroll through and find the right saved image every time you want to add something! The search feature could also use some major help! It’s really difficult to find content using search. It seems like a lot of the images aren’t linked to related words, so you might not be able to find a cactus graphic that you saw earlier by typing in ‘cactus’. My only other complaint is that anytime you add an image to a project, it starts your search over when you go back to add more. It adds a lot of unnecessary and repetitive scrolling. I still give this app 5 stars because it’s honestly pretty great! I haven’t found anything that compares to Over so far!
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3 years ago, TamaraMonkey
Update: Customer service.
A rep responded to my earlier review criticizing the app’s changes. I appreciate that a real person responded. I have increased my review to a neutral 3 stars as a result. That being said, my suggestion is that the company directs the people they have giving these responses to forward the comments to the company directly rather than having customers go through the same process twice. I have another suggestion. I think the app should make it apparent what the app does on the front page of the app. Now it just says to log in or make an account, but there doesn’t seem to be any incentive to do that. No examples of designs, nothing noting what the app is offering. Unless you guys are junking it, you might want to have actual designers letting us know what it does. I’m just going to chalk what I was working on down as a loss. I don’t feel motivated to take additional steps. I don’t pay for subscription art/design software. Totally fine with one time fees when the software is worth it. Sorry. Thanks again for responding thoughtfully. Good luck with your transition. Have a nice day.
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2 years ago, Fyrfytrs wife
Firstly, I don’t write reviews, it’s just not my thing BUT it’d be really great if this app would work properly. I NEVER had a problem with it when it was “OVER!” I use this app daily for work and when it crashes every time I try to open it for days on end and I’m praying for THAT update that’s going to make it work again I get an update that’s “not newsworthy” “ya know just working behind the scenes!” Well I’m sorry to tell you, you need to get in front of the scenes and please fix this. I have unfinished projects and designs that I haven’t been able to access for 5 days. I have clients who depend on me to work for them like we (as serious designers) depend on you. I’m not just over here paying $17 a month so I can make pretty smiley faces. I’m trying to make a living and I can’t do that when the app doesn’t work. Would you PLEASE be so kind as to FIX IT?? I’m paying for an app that is useless. Please understand I’m not trying to be ugly or anything but I need serious help so I can work! PLEASE HELP ME 🆘 THANK YOU!!!!!!
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6 years ago, LeapingHare
Was one of the original users...hate the subscription.
I’ve used this app for many years and paid for all of the bells and whistles (fonts, etc.) on the original version. I don’t use any of the photos that come with the current version as I prefer to use my own. The only reason I used this app was for the fonts. In the past you could just buy the fonts that you liked or if I remember correctly I dropped a chunk to opt in for all of them? (It’s been so long I forgot). The bottom line is that I don’t want to have to pay 9.99 a month for font packs and photos that I don’t use. I think you should keep the subscription for those that want it but have an option to purchase fonts without a subscription. I know this is the new business model but everybody is doing it now...and all of these subscriptions add up! I would consider paying a premium for the app and it’s font but will not subscribe. I will still use it because it is nicely designed but feel like the time (and money) I invested in the past is somewhat wasted now. I want to get back to loving you guys again!
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4 years ago, Ahmar Ashraf
Great App!
Over is an amazing app. I run a sports page on Instagram (pesrealm), and Over never lets me down whenever I make graphics. They have a variety of fonts when you’re using the application for free, and there are even better ones to use when you pay for “Pro.” There are a few things that I would like to request from ‘my friends at Over’, and that is more features with text. For example, I would really love to be able to add stroke to my text. That would really put Over over the top (no pun intended). One other thing is Tb e ability to add gradients to text. Adding these two things would enable me, and many others, to be more flexible with my designing. I am not sure if these are Pro features, but if they aren’t, I would love to have these options even when I’m using the free version of Over. Overall, Over is the best app I’ve used, but there’s always room for improvement!
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6 years ago, GodsKid94
Disappointed by the changes in affordability and previous purchases being taken away.
This app used to be so accessible and affordable. It used to be that you could buy font packages separately and keep them forever, but I’m now noticing that there are fonts that I previously bought that were somehow moved over to the “pro” feature font category and that honestly is upsetting. The app used to be a la carte that way, and I honestly loved that set up. It made the program different from all the other overpriced nonsense that was out there. And granted, the UI is impeccable. I love it. I just hate that it turned into a thing where stuff I’ve already paid for under previous versions I have to now pay to use again. Also, there isn’t a grouping function. Grouping would be so helpful, but at the risk of the app becoming more expensive, I’m content to just move things around by hand.
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6 years ago, HorrorFanAddict
Worth $10 a month? Not even close.
I’ve been using Over since it was first available on the App Store however many years ago. It’s features are amazing, and I often found myself asking “how is this free?” I have no problem supporting this app monetarily because its functions are quite amazing. However, $10 A MONTH is out of the question. Especially since at one point, you had the option to purchase whatever features and packages you wanted for a one-time fee. I don’t care about extra fonts or preset graphics. All I want is to have access to the shapes, a feature that at one point, was free. It just seems ridiculous to ask for $10 a month when I can get a monthly subscription to Adobe Photoshop for just $10 more, and have access to about a thousand times more content. Either offer the option to purchase things at a one-time fee, or add more features that make $10 a month worth it. Better yet, scrap the subscription idea altogether and just add more features and charge $15 a piece for them. I’d rather do that than spend $120 a year just to be able to use the shapes tool.
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7 years ago, Missyc77
Loving these new features!!!
I love all the new features from the latest update! I purchased the app shortly after it's release and I must say, it's gotten better and better with each update. I'm thrilled the developers actually take suggestions and add them to the app. I find myself anxiously awaiting each new update! I have just two suggestion for the next update for this app to perfect! 1. While I LOVE the feature that allows us to import from Dropbox, it's VERY tedious and time consuming to have to repeatedly go into image>more>locations>Dropbox then to whatever folder I have my artwork in. If I'm doing a project with all artwork from my Dropbox folders, I need to do that AGAIN and AGAIN. Takes me several hours to complete a project. Please add someway to either set a default import location, or remember the last import location. This would save A LOT of time for some of us! 2. Have the ability to export layered file to Photoshop or other programs for editing that’s not available in Over. I.e. layered .psd or .ai. 3. Have the ability to hide layers! This is a HUGE issue when designing similar posters/fliers/etc. and you’re using similar backgrounds with just minor changes with one part. I have to delete the layer and create new one. Then the original is gone. It’s a huge inconvenience to create multiple projects and TRY to make them exact.
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5 years ago, moerocden
If I could be an affiliate for this app, I’d do so in a heart beat. Currently building a website and there’s nothing better than creating unique art and graphics to enhance what I’m doing. I can’t imagine using any other app. Caveat: I pay the monthly fee. But I didn’t always. I had this app for months with the free items and even then I still had fun with it. If you are investing in your business right and want to make your own personalized images, this is a small price to pay. Enormous amount of collections to page through. Tons of beautiful designs to start from/tweak & make your own by adding a picture, changing the phrase, etc. Only con (more of an adjustment) is the search isn’t like Google. Just because you search “flower” doesn’t mean every flower will show up. Not everything is labeled the way you think. Example: Search ‘botanical’ and you’ll find very different flowers.
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7 years ago, K.Yuel
Bought fonts now gone! Now disappointed! :(
After the recent update, my fonts which I have bought before the pro version of this app vanish and was now locked as a pro feature font! Over... are you really doing this? Despite your good improvements, which I enjoy and it makes editing easier... but please... you removing the things that we have spent our money for in the past. It is like you slowly abandoning us, your first customers, with your upgrades. I hope you can restore the lost fonts as well us give us more opportunities to avail pro locked features in a more convenient way. I for one, don't have a good source of income and paying for $10 just because I need to be a pro subscriber can be too expensive, as well as availing the $50 for one year, which I don't use the app daily - may as well be unwise or impractical. So please consider and make more options for everyone. Hopefully you can return the in-app purchases for bundle/packs of objects and fonts. Thanks. For now 3 stars.
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4 years ago, Olivia Koch
I have tried a lot of apps, and this one is by far the best. I really love the templates you can use when you need ideas or inspiration. And they update according to the upcoming holidays or events. There are also many unique fonts and graphics, I can always find so many different things to use in my designs. I gave it 4 stars because I wish there was a way to put different graphics and fonts into folders so they can be easily found and categorized. You can save them but it all goes into one collection. I do really love the way all the fonts are into groups but I really wish I could make my own. Same with the graphics. I also feel like there are so many cool graphics and the only way to find them is to type key words, but I wish there were different categories like how the fonts are. Along with being able to save them into my own folders. I use this app everyday and overall really enjoy it!
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5 years ago, CORELIZ13
I love this a lot. I hate having to open my laptop and go onto Photoshop for every single project. For smaller ads I can use Over and it’s incredibly helpful. I have had the app for awhile but didn’t start using it until a couple of months ago and I’m just so happy there is such an amazing and free program that is so much like photoshop. I don’t know whose idea this was, or who created the user friendly app, but thank you! My one request would be if they could make more free options, but I know it’s free so I can’t complain. Or if they could explore some sort of tiered membership, because I looked into their membership option and it was too much for my needs. But if they had something less, or had a few different tiers, then I could look for something that was more tailored to my needs and a little less expensive.
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6 years ago, Kait c k
Heart-Eyes all OVER the place!
I honestly that the subscription fee was pretty steep and was a free user for quite some time. I eventually did the free trial so I could access extra stuff for what I intended to be a one time project. Well after using the app in so much detail for my “one time” project, I couldn’t stop. Let me repeat. I. Could. Not. Stop. I started going crazy with exploring all of the other things I could create with this app. It’s endless. As an inexperienced, amateur artist, the accessibility and simplicity this app offers, is an incredible gateway into a more creative and fun life! But it’s flexible and detailed as well for the more experienced artists out there! I really think this app has so much to offer. Also, the support team is the BOMBDOTCOM. They actually care and are so super cool with all of their feedback and resolutions, that I literally want to be their BFF’s. 💛🤟🏽😻
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4 years ago, Cortex11
Great app but predictive text annoyance
I use this app a lot and i retype the same words a lot and recently I’ve noticed that the app will try to predict and auto add in what it thinks I’m going to say without my confirmation so when I’m in the middle of typing it will automatically try to finish what I’m saying and when i back space to fix it, it just does it again and when you keep typing after it auto inputs the predictive text and you want to highlight the part that was incorrectly inserted, it will select the whole sentence in red highlight not allowing you to only select the section you want to delete. I don’t know if you can turn off the predictive feature or not but I love this app, Ive been using it since 2013 and this so far is the only annoying issue I’ve experienced for my workflow.
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4 years ago, laynerlou
High quality!! (Also a question)
I had been using this app for a couple of years, hadn’t paid for the pro version, I just used whatever they gave me and was able to make some really cool stuff that I’ve used! Mostly just for graphic designs, meaningful pictures, prayers, t-shirt designs, photo designs requested from other people, graduation cards, celebration invitations, and more! It is definitely one of the more high quality editing apps! I was able to do a lot with just the limited edition! I did have a question though. After the update, I was not able to gain access anymore without paying. I was hoping to see if there was a way to continue just using the limited version? But I would expect the answer to be no, and if so that is alright! But I figured it’s worth asking!
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6 years ago, WishingForTheBest
Great again!
I left this app for some while, probably a year. Because it was constantly changing everything up and at the time became almost useless to non subscribers. A few days ago I decided to download over again to see how it was like now. Turned out great! So far it’s back to the app that I loved. I started to use the app when it was a simple app that was focus on basically just fonts. Back then I bought fonts I liked to do my thing. Then it grew and became more useful. I was a non subscriber who only bought what I liked. I get the whole subscription idea but I’ll see, because generally I’m not a fan of monthly or yearly subscription for apps like this. So far it’s been good using the app to do my thing without buying anything. Will see if need to become a subscriber. Nice to be back because it was my go-to app for many years and I really liked it. Hopefully I can stay this time.
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3 years ago, Mel Logan
Felt like reviewing, might delete later 😜
I’m not actually gonna delete this lol Over, you guys have made this no skills little lady very happy over the last year and I might just have to put a ring on it. I started a business, SubtlRoyalty (shameless plug 🤷🏽‍♀️), and I was looking for a way to make fun branded posts and videos without having to sell my soul and left arm to someone and you guys made it happen! I love how easy it is to organize folders and make multiple designs under one project. And you can use it for so many things outside of instagram and other social media related posts. Which is probably my only critique. I wish there was an actual scale to see exactly how large something is when I print it. Like a ruler rather than just a size ratio. Other than that, keep doing what y’all are doing because I’m a fan!
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4 years ago, a.bassett
No Past Projects Load on iPad - YES using Latest App Version
I have visited your “help” page - and literally nothing is working. I pay monthly for this app and you offer NO support - there is no one to contact to trouble shoot. I have made thousands of project in my Over account. Not a SINGLE one of them will open for me on an iPad. This issue started before your last updated and after your latest update it has gotten significantly worse. Where things used to crash.. now they don’t even load. You literally can’t open them on an iPad. I can see them on my iPhone - but none of them will load on my iPad and the thumbnails on my iPhone are not up to date (The thumbnail doesn’t show the latest save). It is so incredibly frustrating. I have tried multiple different internet connections. I have made sure my app is up to date. My iOS is up to date also. I am paying for Over Pro. You need to offer actual support if you are taking subscription money from people 😬 HELP.
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5 years ago, past user/sad reviewer
Pointless Unless You Pay - Good Features Are Pro Features
Why did you decide to make all the features for “pro” only? I love this app and have made countless photo projects. Sadly when I went to create a new one I was shocked to find that all the graphics (apart from a handful) are for pro users only, selected fonts are for pro users only, and many of the other features I loved are now pro only. I’m not going to pay $15 a month for an app I use maybe once a week and I’m not going to pay the $80 or so year subscription up front either. I’m not going to use your app anymore. If it was a more affordable price I would consider it because I do love what you have created, however I’m disappointed in your decision to increase revenue by cutting out the portion of users who simply can’t afford such a steep price for an app but who are also a portion of the market who you captured early on with your free subscription.
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2 years ago, DKLAGA
I Used To Love This App
I Used To Love This App, but now all it does it freeze up & repeatedly shut down, losing the intricate details of my hard work. This just started happening a week+ ago, so I contacted GoDaddy. They suggested that I uninstall & reinstall the app. I said, “Wouldn’t that cause me to lose all of my (in-progress) designs?” They affirmed my concern & said I shouldn’t uninstall the app. Finally they said nothing was wrong on their end & that it must be the Wi-Fi or something on my end… though absolutely nothing had changed on my end to cause it. Afterwards, it seemed like there was a light at the end of an utterly frustrating tunnel when I realized there was a new IOS update available for my iPad… but even after installing that, the same nightmare consists. NoDaddy!
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3 years ago, Reynastillo
long-time user disappointed in new direction
I’m a long time user of this app (back when it was “Over”.) I got it as an “app of the week” purchase, and I instantly fell in love with it. The more popular the app got, however, the more features began to be taken away (turned to premium): for example, creating shapes. I understand that—the app has to make money somehow, and I was still happy with the free features. However, today was the last straw for me when I found the Google search feature had been removed. This is the only reason I have the app at this point; and having it taken away minimizes my need for an app such as this. All I wanted a quick, easy way to create funny memes every once in a while. Without the Google feature (providing lovely png images, as well) there is no need for me to have this app anymore. Sadly I can’t seem to find anything other app with that feature, either.
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10 months ago, scottbrownmusic
LOVE Studio but just 1 problem !!
SO I have used GoDaddy Studios ever since it started as Over and I think it is absolutely incredible. Very easy to use and great to get projects here and there done efficiently. I think it is definitely worth the price and I will continue to use this for many projects to come. The 1 issue that I have is that several of the fonts aren’t completely centered when you are trying to make a logo in the dead center of the screen. It is either slightly to the right or left. This is not a dealbreaker but it would be great if the fonts could be centered so I don’t have to measure it out myself. I know it may seem like a very minor detail that a lot of people may not notice but if this could be fixed that would be wonderful. Thank you so much GoDaddy Studio! Very grateful for you!
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6 years ago, swayya
hate this.
This has always been my all time favorite, my go to, the app I would recommend to everyone. I loved that it had everything I needed to produce something that I’m proud of, all in one app. Loved the fact that I had a huge amount of fonts to choose from, and that the options of fonts,had options within themselves! But now, you only have one option for each font which I think is not cool at all. Honestly, you don’t look like you care about putting an app out that has it all, you just start to give out the bare minimum and expect your loyal app users to stay and buy all the extra packages and still be left feeling like it’s not the app we fell in love w to begin with. I don’t feel I can use this app like I used to, and it’s a huge disappointment.
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5 years ago, Iris970
Love it but the BUGS are terrible
This is one of my most FAVORITE apps to use. I use it heavily and rely on it daily. When it’s working properly, it is an amazing deal..loads of designs, finished products looking amazing...but the bugs on this app will drive you nuts. The app quits on me constantly right when I’m in the middle of a project, sometimes not saving everything I had just done. Often when I’m scrolling through my projects to find one the app will just quit. Often when I am using the sizing tool to adjust a graphic or wording, the app will quit. It’s really upsetting to be paying over $10 a month for it, and I can’t really rely on it!! I tried to pull a design I did for my boss the other day and every time I went to click on the app quit!!! It’s really unprofessional. I love this program but I’m about to unsubscribe because these issues have been happening for some time. Fix your bugs over!!!
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6 years ago, Hardcore Trek Tek
GREAT APP, but...
Your app is great, but not impressively great enough to justify a $10/per month, or $60-$100/year pay forever, subscription/“conscription” pricing model. Especially after having many features free or low cost for many years. I finally and reluctantly just had to dumped Over and found cheaper, one-time pay alternatives that are just as flexible and comprehensive enough to include many feature I need and the developers are still continuing to update. You guys and gals at Over need to reconsider your monetising strategy/subscription costs or you will continue to lose customers. The Pic-See app is very similar to Over in its approach and subscription model, yet their monthly and yearly subscription costs are waaaay less expensive, even though I didn’t choose this app in the end, I gave it quite a bit of consideration as an Over replacement before choosing a one-time, single pay app.
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4 years ago, IOS-TH
Love it!! Use it Constantly as Pro Subscriber BUT
Absolutely LOVE this App!! So Easy to use and create beautiful graphics. I’ve used it for years. As a pro subscriber , I have the app across multiple devices and use it on every one. But I can’t sync to all devices, or set up a “Over login” to create and save folder. Even under setting when I am logged in, I see there is a way to sync, BUT everything leads back to “set up a new account “. My account is through my IOS using Apple ID and Apple password so I login with Apple ID and not Over directly. So it seems my hands are always tied without an OVER account that was never directly set up. I don’t want to set up a new account when I’m already paying IOS for the existing account.
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3 years ago, primavera cute
I Love this bit there is a glitch
I love this app it's perfect but there's a lot of stuff you can only buy and it's very expensive. I downloaded this app when I was 9 and I loved it I used it every day it was awesome (except for the fact that you had to pay a lot for only a couple new stickers and fonts) then I stoped using it for a couple months because of school when I went back on to edit something for a zoom party, it deleted itself I went back to download it and as soon as I went to do a project I double taped to wright a sentence I finished it and as soon as I pressed the checkmark my sentence turned into question marks I tried again same thing happend, third time same thing happened. But each time I click on the text again it shows what I wrote and it was correct but each time I press the check mark it just turns into question marks. Please fix this because I love this app.
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2 years ago, texpirate
Literally10 stars the best app ever if you want to create any sort of content
I’ve been using this app for about 5 years since it was originally called ‘Over’ and it’s mostly for sports content as I run a sports page for fun and I have to say it’s really easy to use and that’s what makes it so awesome, most of these types of apps can be difficult for people who want to create but this one has made the process simple and there’s so much you can do with it even just the free version is awesome and doesn’t limit you like other apps, I have thoroughly enjoyed using it and I thank the creators for keeping it fresh and easy to use over the years as it’s been a great tool for my creative outlet, 10/10 my favorite app ever.
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5 years ago, m89aria
More $ or less content
I understand the need to offer subscription payment for upgraded options, Particularly for commercial or business usage. For new users, the free version usually allows the consumer to try out the app and see if it works for them and if the upgraded paid version is justified based on need/pricing/additional capabilities&applicability etc. For me, I found the free version too limited and it would be extremely difficult to justify purchasing a subscription (options available are not enticing nor flexible/varied/customized/targeted enough based on what I experienced), so I was disappointed after Apple highlighted this app (Story). Another waste of my time, but maybe they already have their target audience on board. So its back to the old reliable ones while I continue the search for better free or low cost additions to my creative app portfolio. And those that justify a subscription for me (business or personal) are transparent, proven, value-conscious, and consumer sensitive.
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6 years ago, Over-appreciate
Great, but how about including gifs?
I love Over! It’s really my go to app. It’s simple to use, it’s free, it can make things you create look genuinely sophisticated and professional, and it’s great for everything from designing moodboards to making memes for fun. Even little things like the fun messages in the updates can make my day. The new update with the “adding text to video” thing is also a great feature, and I’ve used it plenty. As a small suggestion, since the app can now make video with text edits, could there in the future be an update where you can add text to animated pictures/gifs? I can think of a few things I’d love to be able to make if that were the case. Other than that, the app is perfect, and I love to use it. Thank you 🙂
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4 years ago, rosemoonchild
Amazing App BUT
Over is an amazing app. It has made such a difference in not only my business, but my Facebook groups, Art, marketing etc. Everything is top notch. If it wasn’t for your app, I wouldn’t have the business I have. So thank you. BUT, Overs marketing isn’t what I’d like to see. There are so many business owners that have no idea what it is or still using Canva (hate that app). I’ve told all of my business friends about it, and none of them have ever heard of it. I’ve never seen it on Facebook, instagram, nothing. I heard about it in a comment in an Procreate Facebook group for fonts. At the end of the day, I’d love to see more advertising from y’all. It’s an amazing company and has helped me in every aspect. I’d just love to see a ton more people benefit.
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4 months ago, Tuesdaymundy
Bad Updates, GoDaddy impossible to contact
The app was perfect when it was Over. And their contact reps were easy and quick to chat with. Made a recent update where they take you to the beginning of your font choices when you change any font setting, even without saving. This creates sooooo much more time finding the place you left off in your font guide and style each font to fit your graphic. I download extra fonts and import ones included on their backend so I have loads of fonts to choose from. Changing how you can browse through and change fonts and making designers go back to the beginning of the catalog every time they change anything in a font (rather than where they left off like it’s been for the last 6 years), it’s a huge issue. As someone who has used this app religiously for design projects for 7 years, GoDaddy taking it over and changing it is truly ruining the app.
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6 years ago, Pepriv
Love the App
I have been an Over fan since the beginning, paid the 4.99 to clear the logo. I use it mostly to make messages and announcements for my Church and to make Birthday cards for my friends and I love the fact that although it has evolved, its still user friendly. I wish I could afford the subscription but until know I have been able to use the free version to make all my projects. I would give it a 5 star but with the last update Over took away the access to the logo tab (saved some that I used often and now can not access) uninstalled thinking It was a phone glitch and lost all my projects and logos in the process. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Still I enjoy using the app and would recommend to others. ❤️
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6 years ago, Laker285
Quality Consistent App that continually simplifies your experience.
Love this app. I use it almost every day. There are so many great features. I especially love the community aspect. The fact that you can use other peoples creativity for those days where you need something quick is a huge plus. They are always updating and making things simpler while maintaining great quality. Every update I have seen shows these developers care for their app and their customer base because the updates make things easier and relevant for us as creators. Whether you own a business or just use for personal things this app has EVERYTHING! You will not be disappointed with this app. Worth every penny and then some. Great job guys!
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6 years ago, Gismagik
Keeps getting better
I rarely write reviews. It has to either be a big win or a epic not. Over has been an epic WIN! I started out with needing an app easy to use that would allow me to help my husband’s new business with social media and outreach. What I got was a go to app for my his business, for use in my own professional job, and a fun app to use on some hobby/passion projects. What I love most is the investment in the app by the developers. It is constantly improving and therefore worth every single penny for Pro. It’s fun, easy, and most importantly gives our family business the polish we need to stand out! I’m impressed! You will be too! To the Over Team - great job. Thank you for making a great product better and better!
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7 years ago, MSqueen81
{UPDATE: I’ve been using Over for years now to make beautiful, custom content. Each update over the last year has stripped away more and more (once free) features that I’ve gotten used to and depended on. Like today, I log in to knock out a quick project and find that all my imported fonts are GONE and now I have to pay to import them. I understand charging for these features, but I think it is completely crappy to go back and strip away features from long-time loyal users and expect us to pay for the numerous features we’ve been using for years.} I'd be LOST without this app! Now that it has Unsplash built right into the iOS interface, I really can't see how it could be any better!! I use Over almost exclusively for my everyday business photos/memes/posters. The only thing I'd change is to be able to hide all the "upgraded" content for purchase. I've paid for what I wanted and I'd like to clean up the app and see only what I use/want.
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3 years ago, anon09473
Can’t do much with video anymore
Update below: I love this app for images. Then I started doing video with it. It was amazing. I made 7 3-minute videos. When I went to make my eighth, suddenly, it could only do one minute clips. What happened?! I am in the middle of a project. Spend an entire day on those 7 minute clips. And now I have to start over. Update: Over reached out to me to let me know that they are making improvements and that there are a few bugs still being worked out. They also said it should now be able to do 5 minute videos. I tried editing a two minute video and it worked. Great customer response and thank you for making this usable for me again.
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4 years ago, Ashley 1akm
Update not working
This is by far one of my favorite apps to use, but I just downloaded the update and it’s not allowing me to do basic functions like change the size of the graphic. This is the only reason why I’m not giving it 3 stars. I had to to the upgrade on my iPad because it had already upgraded on my iPhone and the iPad app prompted me to do the update. Also, it would be nice if we were able to duplicate a graphic we created while in “Folders” instead of only being able to duplicate in “Projects”. Since I’m working between two devices and what is in “Projects” doesn’t transfer from device to device, but only “Folders” it would be nice to have this feature available in folders as well. If these two things were fixed I would easily give it 5 stars!
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3 years ago, Sad sad sad sad sad!
I loved this app for years, but lately, every time I try to edit text it glitches. The screen slides up and down. I can’t tap on one word directly, it selects a random word above or below where I tapped. This happens CONSTANTLY, it makes editing 10x longer and it’s really frustrating, especially when you have your creativity flowing. The worst part I think, though, is that you can only contact Over if you have a subscription? I tried to find a way to contact them via the internet and the only thing I found was a Help Section on their site that said something like, If you’re subscribed you can contact the Over Team. Even if I don’t pay (I have paid for fonts), I should be able to inform the team that there’s a MAJOR problem.
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3 years ago, Zahara Israel
Merger Glitch
The only time I typically write reviews is when I’m going out of my way to show support and pay my compliments. This is not that. I very nearly hate the app now. EVERYTHING is so glitchy. Ever since the switch to GDS from Over, this has not been an app worth keeping for my graphic design needs. I used to swear by it and recommend it to anyone I knew who even remotely wanted to create. I’ve been a Pro user for yearssss now and I’m truly disappointed. My projects constantly go missing, sometimes when I enter the app, I’m not even entering as a pro user and almost everything is limited for me. When I first discovered that there would be a switch, I was optimistic because when the over team would work on things, I never experienced so much as a blip of inconvenience. This is a new level. I can go on and on.
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3 years ago, thechriscarlson
Can’t save transparent backgrounds.
I have contacted support, only to get the runaround. First they sent me a list of things to make sure I’m NOT doing, after I had already explained that I was not doing them. Then they asked me to screen record the issue. After that, they wanted me to send them the image that wasn’t being processed without a background. Which one? None of them are doing it. This app has been a tool I’ve used in my business constantly, and now it doesn’t work, and I can’t get anyone to help. I find it hard to believe that I’m the only user who is running into this issue after the update. They need to go in and find the bug i stead of assuming that I’m doing something wrong on my side. I’ve had my use of this app down to nearly a science for quite some time….now all the sudden, I must be doing something wrong? What a shame. This was an excellent app.
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