GoHenry by Acorns Kids Banking

4.4 (8.9K)
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Current version
gohenry Ltd
Last update
2 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for GoHenry by Acorns Kids Banking

4.45 out of 5
8.9K Ratings
6 years ago, Rainy1
Spending Management in Action
Today I saw the beauty of this app in action. I took my nearly 14-year-old to a store and told her she could use her new card, goHenry. She knew what the limit was that she could spend on a transaction, so she use the calculator on her phone to add up the items in her hand. She said to me you don’t know how hard it is to stick to that dollar amount. She was nervous using the card for the first time but smiled when all went well with the transaction. My second example is my 10-year-old failed to bring her card to the mall but she wanted to buy something from the Lego store. So I told her I would purchase it and then transfer the money from her card back to my parent account. She calculated what that would do to her balance and still thought it was a good deal. Normally, I might have offered tickets but it and then choose chores to earn the money. It’s harder to do it that way. While I think cash is the right way to teach kids about the value of money. I don’t feel comfortable with children having cash on hand versus a card when it comes to larger sums. They are still kids. This allows them to really think through their purchases.
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3 years ago, grandma2rockstars
Great for the grandkids
I ordered a card for each of my grandkids when Gohenry first came out. I definitely enjoyed the convenience of being able to load their cards for chores, good deeds, birthdays and holidays. Although, as with any new business, I did experience a few frustrations when grandkids would try to use their cards at some stores, and it would decline their purchase, when there was definitely money in their account to use. There were also a few times that I had loaded money on their cards in the middle of the night, just because I happened to be awake and just happen to think of it at that time. Yet, the next morning, my granddaughter tried to use it to get her birthday gift she had been so excited to get, and it again declined. When I called in, they told me it was because it was suspicious that it had been loaded at such an odd hour. As I do understand the importance of security measures to avoid fraud, i just felt like I was calling in with every other purchase they were trying to make. I am very happy to see the improvements with their site, and the changes for families to be able to use together with ease. Overall, I am very happy with Gohenry, and I will be ordering my newest grandson his card as soon as I can. Ultimately, the entire idea of having the kids earn, learn and save, is a very important life lesson at any age, but being able to start young, has the potential to boost the confidence and pride to a great start of a secure financial future. 👍🏽
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3 years ago, Tjulz
Really excited about this..
I just received my sons debit card and so far I really like how easy it was to set everything up. I also like that a real person answered the phone when I had a question. I do have a suggestion though. I think the spending limits is great but it could be better. My son has set a savings goal for a game he wants to buy when it comes out later this year. When he reaches his goal we will transfer the money to his available balance so he can buy the game. However, in order for him to buy the game I will need to edit his spending limit for that particular purchase. I think it would be better if kids could just REQUEST to spend a higher amount for those times they want to purchase something that may cost more than their limits but they have the available balance. And as parents we can deny or approve such request. Kinda like how my kids have to “ask” to download an app with the Apple family plan. Maybe it would be as simple as: if a parent approves the request the spending limit is turned off temporarily and if denied stays the same. Other than that so far I really like it and so does my son.
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1 month ago, Bekky90
I love the app, hate the wait
I got GoHenry through Acorns. I already had a different family debit card program similar to this, but since it was included in my Acorns, I wanted to compare and decide which to stick with. The good (what I like here vs our other card place): 1. The lessons to teach kids and teens about money. 2. The estimated interest payments make it easy to decide if I chose an appropriate amount. 3. Ease of having spending and savings and moving the money between the two (the other place had a weird system for creating savings and we had to order another card and store in a safe place). 4. Ease of set up 5. Gift links are a nice touch so family can send money 6. Co-parent allows me to add my spouse, relatives allowed me to also give my sons dad a way to send him money easily. 7. Works with Apple Pay (per Apple age requirements). 8. Easy to add money to parent account. 9. Transfer with friends QR codes are great for my teen. What I think could be improved: 1. tasks could have the option of being paid immediately when completed or weekly instead of just weekly. 2. I wish their debit cards would arrive. It’s been nearly 2 weeks. They were estimated to arrive today but I doubt it since it’s a holiday, but I’ve never had to wait this long to receive cards with anyone else. 3. I don’t feel like I understand the xp and awards for the lessons.
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5 years ago, Lindzo214
It’s perfect!!
I absolutely love this app!! I looked into a couple others before I found gohenry and I’m so glad I found it. It works perfectly for me as a busy working mom. No having to remember to get cash to pay allowances. I use it as a motivation tool for many things from getting chores done to savings goals. Kids love it and it’s easy for them to use on their own phone. I really can’t think of a single bad thing to say about it. Its also a great introduction for kids on how to keep track of their money as it comes and goes and as a parent it is important to have control over their card and where they spend their money. I noticed they’ve been spending too much on video game stuff on Xbox online so I was able to restrict them from online spending for a while to encourage them to save their money or spend it more wisely. I was able to send extra money instantly to my son during his field trip after I forgot to give him money that morning. The features are great and customer service is good too.
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5 years ago, ms_bugg
Awesome idea! But...
This app definitely deserves 5 stars. It is an amazing idea and I’m glad to have this for my 12 yr old daughter who begged for a “credit card” in her words. This truly will help her become more responsible and teach accountability, plus makes it easy for me to stick to an allowance amount as well. I like how I can see what she sees from her point of view and control the account and her spending and limits. It allows them to have freedom, but freedom that is definitely appropriate for a child. I also love how easy they make it to add money and add a debit card to fund the account. The reason for the “But” is that I wish they allowed you to add both parents or link another parent profile seeing that my child has both a mom and a dad who would like to monitor. Also it would be nice if other people such as relatives, could have the option to send her money as well for things like birthdays or Christmas. Other than that, no complaints from what I’ve seen so far, but we shall see how this goes.
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3 years ago, eva.p.1026
This app is decent. Basically it’s a withdraw app for money to a debit card. Except that debit card is definitely not accepted everywhere (seems like 50/50) The program with chores is great. It can be educational for kids for sure. My main problem, is that if you want to transfer money from your parent account back to your personal bank account there is really no option. After reading the FAQs go Henry advises the best way to do this is go to an ATM. If that doesn’t work you need to contact customer service. I think it’s ridiculous that this program has the capability of withdrawing money from your bank with is zero option to return it or retrieve it to your bank account. FAQs say when contacting customer service provide banking details. Don’t you have them? I don’t really want to put those in an email either. Understandable, right? This should be user friendly and convenient for not just kids parents too. We’ll see how it’s resolved, I could easily get a venmo debit card and have less inconvenience.
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3 years ago, Smb0513
GoHenry is RELIABLE and Great!!
Much, MUCH better than greenlight. GoHenry is legitimately reliable with your money and I am very happy with the app and service so far. Greenlight demands money down first and for 6 months I tried 3 times to get the card in the mail for my teen and it never showed up. After contacting by phone and several emails to support, still no card. But they asked for more money! I canceled and went with GoHenry, they sent the card right away, notified me of updates on the cards delivery, and didn’t ask for any money to be loaded until I had the card and activated it. Also , they allow me to decide how much I want to load. Greenlight demanded a minimum of $20 before they even will send a card. If you want a reliable source to help you send money to your youth and help you get the tools to teach them about spending and saving, then this is a great app to start with!
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OK here’s the reason why I give it a one star
A few weeks ago it started to malfunction and I was supposed to be being paid $15 just keep in mind my mother is in control of giving me money. OK let’s get back to the part that I was supposed to be getting paid 15 then the app malfunctions and once we got the app working again, they got rid of all my $15 and I’m like OK I’m gonna have to start all over and get 15 again. Then I spent some money I can’t remember how much I had but I remembered after I spent my money I had 4 dollars left yesterday I looked at it while I was shopping because I was getting some groceries a little bit and it says I have $25 in my account. I’m like I had 4 dollars a few days ago. And somehow it pays me again when I haven’t checked anything and I meant to say this is just a bad app I don’t recommend it at all. Literally is giving me and my family a hard time giving my little brother that mention to about this app he said it was a good app now he’s paid because of how bad the app is not working right for us and it’s just annoying. I’m just getting my own credit card.
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4 years ago, Kids First 1968
Would be perfect IF...
I got this app and signed up for the service for the purpose of trying to get my 14 year old boy to do the daily tasks that we nag him about everyday. To include home work and studying. This is typically a tough age and I wanted to use positive reinforcement to motivate him instead of nagging, punishment or yelling. I thought This app and credit card would be the perfect way to do that! Unfortunately, at this point, there is no way to assign daily tasks unless you manually enter a one-off task everyday. This is not reasonable and would be very time consuming and tedious. So unfortunately I am forced to cancel. I will say that the online chat with Elliott was quick and helpful. Even on a Sunday morning in eastern standard time. GoHenry says they are working on adding daily tasks sometime this year. When that happens this will truly be the perfect app. Until then i give it 3 stars, 4 because of the customer service. Thank you GoHenry!
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12 months ago, Alex Rivkin
Good and useful app
GoHenry is a really useful app, but I have noticed a couple flaws with it: 1. Sometimes I get overcharged for things. I don’t know if this is on the app’s side or the business’s side but sometimes I would try to buy a pizza for example, and the total comes out to 20 dollars. If I had 25 dollars in my account, there’s a chance that I would get a notification saying that my purchase for $29 was declined. Again, not sure who’s fault this is but it can be really annoying and should be fixed or businesses should be confronted. 2. This is a minor one, but I used to be able to see the card details in the app, which made it easier to use them to buy something from online stores, but now it’s not there? If there is a reason for this please tell me. Other than these two points it is a great app and I would recommend it.
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4 months ago, JillianM33
Love it and frustrating
I love most things about the app. However, I click the verify my email and it tries to open App Store and the app and then it doesn't actually verify it so it stays with an exclamation point. Also, I contacted customer service who deleted my husband's email and account so he could be added as a co-parent and it still will not allow him to create an account. They told me he needs to call in. You know where might freeze over over before he calls and spends the time to do that. It should allow you to add other adults that aren't parents and choose what functionality to give them. What if you have grandparents who wants to manage the account for them and not the parents? Or if you have two parents and two step-parents, nevertheless, you should be able to add the emails of any adult and choose what functionality to give them or not beyond just giftlinks. I also haven't figured out how to skip an allowance week. I know if you don't check off tasks they don't get paid for them but if whatever reason you didn't want your child to receive an allowance for one week you shouldn't have to adjust the allowance amount all the way down before pay day and then update it again. Similarly to a subscription, you could just opt to skip weeks when applicable. I love the concept, the money missions, and much of the functionality, but it needs some tweaking.
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9 months ago, Nope1515
If I could give this app zero stars, I would.
We have used this card service for our kids for over a year, possibly over two. If you are considering this card for your children, don’t. You will paying for a service that is horribly inconsistent. Want your kids to have a card they can use locally with their friends? Don’t use this one. Send cash instead. Want to give your kids cards to take on vacation? Don’t use this one. Would be better off in the garbage. At least that will save them from the embarrassment of their card never working. We have our kids limits set astronomically high- higher than I spend in a week. Doesn’t matter. Unless you are using this as a toy and want them to learn finances, run from this card. Ironically, my daughter just got done doing one of their missions where they say that banks are the safest place for your money. Well, it’s certainly not with this company because the money goes in, who knows when it comes out!!! Ever since this company got acquired, it has gotten remarkably worse. If that is possible.
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2 years ago, phx0000
Awesome app!!
My son loves learning with the Money Missions. And, he enjoys saving his money. It’s inspired him to work to earn money….save and purchase gifts. GoHenry makes him feel in control. And, the parental controls are easy to understand. Only 4 stars because of one little thing that the customer service can help you with very easily. Sometimes, it is not immediately apparent when my son will get paid even when it says “tonight.” Customer service did let me know why that is the case. Apparently, time zone difference and the fact that changes to the pay date apply to the following week. Either way, I’d give this 4.75 out of 5 stars if I could for this tiny caveat. Overall, more than worth it for kids! And, the parent dashboard and controls really are flexible and help you keep track of your kids’ money management.
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5 years ago, Mom who like order
App has the right ideas but malfunctions too often
I choose this app over Greenlight because it gave the option to pay the children for chores with a weekly allowance. However if chores don’t get completed, the allowance will still pay out. Also the kids cannot send money to each other , it has to be sent to the parent account and the sent from there. The app has stopped working especially in times I need it the most. I try to log in and make payments, check spending, etc and the function does not work for days as I know the passcode is correct because it is stored to my phone. The kids also have had their cards decline at several merchants even when there have been ample funds at their disposal. The cards also do not work at the atm. Imagine sending your children to the mall with cards that will not allow them to make purchases they have been approved for with a $300 a day limit and be denied in a line full of people. Once all monies have been spent off of the cards, we will no longer have any use for them. I really wanted this to work!
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4 years ago, BlairCB
Works well for a 6/7 year old
We got our 6 year old son a GoHenry card because we rarely use cash so it didn’t make sense to give him an allowance in cash. It has worked so well to help him understand that he has to save up to get bigger items and to help him understand the value of each dollar. If he wants something, he asks me to check his account. If he goes to a store, he loves having his own card, but usually I just order him things online and then transfer the money back and forth between us. The only complaint that I have is that somehow the card number was stolen and one cent was deposited or spent (I can’t remember) from a website. To GoHenry’s credit, the phone call to cancel the card was easy and I quickly received another. We look forward to our son using this for years to come.
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3 years ago, JKM2401
Allowance and Money Management App for Kids
I researched several allowance/money management apps to use to (hopefully) motivate my kids age 12 and 17. I decided to try GoHenry because it seemed easy to use for kids and parents. I’ve always given my kids money for completing chores but I think actually *seeing* their money and having some financial independence with the debit card is a better motivator than simply handing them cash. In addition to the app making it easy to add tasks and change monetary amounts, I love the parental controls, kids get their own debit card and mine personalized theirs for the extra $4.95 fee. Kids and parents can set up savings goals and even decide to donate to charity. Some things I’d like to see though are the ability to set tasks for “daily” instead of always weekly or one time. For example, I want my kids to brush their teeth and get themselves ready for school everyday, not once a week! I also think it would be great if some additional charities could be added so kids could choose to give to their favorite one. The SPCA or the Humane Society would be a good start for additional nonprofit organizations. Overall my kids and I are enjoying the app. I rated it 4 stars because I think it’s great but could use some tweaking.
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3 months ago, jmarman
New member horrible customer service
Shipped the wrong designed cards that they charge you 4.99 each and then they wanted me to pay an additional 10$ to get the new ones sent out simple mistake on their I called and was in the chat with an agent customer service takes forever even though they quoted me I was next in line (what a joke) instead of making things right they closed my account with refund that will arrive idk when, the app itself was great you can add tasks, kids learn about money management but withdrawals and spending is limited and once you reach the maximum you have to wait a week or so But when any issue arises they are tough to get ahold of I would have stayed a customer if they would’ve done the right thing but they didn’t he closed my account without my authorization as I was chatting with him on the app and it kicked me from the platform and chat very unprofessional will never come back to this platform piggy bank it is or another financial institution
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12 months ago, JJWBP
Go, Henry is not only an amazing app. It is also fun, you’re parent orders the card off of the GoHenry app once you’re all signed in and then you download the app after downloading the app you sign in and after that, you are all good to go you get to pick your profile and everything! So fun right, your child or you can watch these ads which the ads are basically tests, and your parent can set the amount of cash you get after you watch a video! If you don’t pass the test, your parent won’t put the money onto your card! You can also earn money by doing tasks! So this app is not only recommended, but is so amazing and all the other reviews say that too! So this is an amazing time to get GoHenry to teach you or your child about budgeting and money! ❤️❤️❤️
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4 years ago, almost 12 artist🤤
It was an okay experience
I really like this app, but it does have its flaws. Though I wouldn’t take them too seriously because this rating is coming from a 11 and a 1/2 year old. Anyways, the app it’s self is a genius approach, but it does sometimes get kinda wonky. For example; when me and my dad were waiting for the app to pay me my money I earned that week, it said and I quote ‘ given by tonight’ but at midnight, it still didn’t give me the money! Although it was clearly 12:06 AM! But by 1:00 on Sunday morning it finally payed me. But other than that I haven’t have anything bad happen and I honestly wouldn’t be able to comprehend such a nice idea. So I rate it with my fat fingers a four star rating. Not a bad app to use for your kids! But why would anyone listen to an idiotic demonic child such as myself.
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1 year ago, Po1234
Feel cheated
We have used Go Henry for two years now. We loved it until today. I went to send my son money for lunch at school and saw his card was overdrafted $97. I called support to find out that GoHenry’s “sister company” decided to randomly refund spending from the past few weeks (McDonald’s, vending machines, 5 below) to which my 14 year old did not notice or thought that I sent him extra money (which I often do). My son continued to spend thinking he could not spend what he did not have. Well all of these retailers wanted their money back so, Go Henry took back all of those random refunds. Now I am out $97 according to gohenry. Looking at the statements on the card, they are quite simply a mess showing I was overdrafted since 2021. If I can’t make sense of this how can a 14 yr old? Now I don’t feel confident continuing to use Gohenry or feel that my money will stay secure. This feels scammy. I feel cheated and will likely be going to my bank to open a prepaid card for my child moving forward.
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5 months ago, CJB84-NY
Do not use this app
I cannot emphasize enough that you should not use this app or the GoHenry service in general. The cards get denied constantly for no apparent reason, to the point that my kids were afraid to try and use them due to the embarrassment of having your card denied. The customer service is non-responsive. Good luck trying to find a phone number to call and emails go unanswered for days. When I finally got fed up and canceled the service, they wouldn’t give me the money back that’s left on the cards. They will say they’re going to, but then don’t. I think they assume that you’ll eventually get exhausted and just give up. Maybe some do. I’m still trying though. Maybe they are just truly incompetent and don’t know what they’re doing. Or maybe it’s a scam. Either way, stay away. Check with your back. A lot of them have cards for teens that are more reliable and easier to transfer money in and out from. You don’t need this.
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2 years ago, meattheopendetrdckdl
Will take your money
On several occasions GoHenry transferred money out of my bank account, when I did so through the app, and then didn’t receive funds at all or had to contact customer service to get my money back. Lately every time I deposit money they take it immediately for “monthly membership fee” but since I have had the card for my son it has always been taken out of my bank account on a certain day of the month. I have never seen this charge before on my sons card and they refuse to refund it. This was my last and final problem with GoHenry. I canceled the card and account and went with Greenlight. I have heard good things about this app from other people so I signed up with them instead. So far it has been way better, it’s free unless you want other benefits like being able to invest and things like that. I highly suggest not using GoHenry and using Greenlight.
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3 years ago, Jmaries
I chose this app for its simplicity but now I’m wishing it had slightly more functionality
I would like to be able to set daily tasks under earning without having to add a separate task for each day or editing the amount as he completes additional tasks. As it stands right now our earning list is ridiculously long because it’s reading challenge month and he’s saving for a new Lego set so he has three daily optional earning tasks. We currently have 21 separate entries to scroll through (Sun-Sat entries for reading challenge, emptying the dishwasher, and helping with the laundry.) It would be great to just have them listed once and be able to check them off multiple times throughout the week and have the amount accumulate instead of having to designate them as separate daily tasks. The percent bar in the saving section is nice, but there are better visuals that could be used to make it easier for younger kids to understand how close they are to their goals. Reminders to complete chores or tasks, while not necessary right now because he’s too young for his own phone, will be important for us once we get to that point. Ultimately, I’m not sure we’ll stay with gohenry. The idea is cute and I like that he has his own card, but I would really like more functionality in the app.
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2 years ago, Mummaziz
I use this with my 15 y.o. He likes that he has a debit card, and I like that it shows his spending in such great detail. It has definitely raised his awareness about his spending and how he can contribute to the household. It would be very convenient if there were categories to help keep tasks organized, such as household chores, school responsibilities, and health. I also would love to see tasks that could be checked off each day. As it is now, if things need to be done 4 times in a week, I have enter into the app 4 times. For consistency and routine, I think my son would benefit from daily and weekly format. As it is now, it’s difficult to visually organize it. Despite that, I would definitely recommend this app to other parents.
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2 years ago, verydissapointedinApp
Awful in every way
App doesn’t work consistently. Card doesn’t work consistently. Dropped my daughter up somewhere last night. She placed an order food and couldn’t pay bc the card doesn’t work. She had money but I figured I should add more just in case. It wouldn’t allow me to add money. So now my kid is stuck away from home with the only money she had was her debit card and has now placed an order she can’t pay for. Virtually no customer service. Must have one person answering the phone. I started at #12 and now after 25 minutes I am the 7th call in line. And every 10 seconds it has an announcement to try to get you to email them or use chat or their FAQ page and tell you where you are in the queue so you can’t even do anything else bc you have to listen to this the whole time. If you don’t really care if the card or app work, this is the card for you. If looking for something reliable.
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4 years ago, CRenee0911
Good app
I have this for my 3 oldest children (14,13 & 12) & it makes it very easy to give them their weekly allowance & extra chore money. They love being able to look on their app & see how much money they have. They also loved personalizing their card. It’s great how quickly the money transfers from parent to child account & I love how it tells me when they use their card. My only complaint is the monthly fee x3. I have 3 other children that I would like to get this for, but I’m really not wanting to pay that monthly fee times 6! Otherwise, it’s a very good way to let kids keep track of their money and feel like a big kid. My oldest daughters friend thought she was so fancy when she whipped out her card to pay for their lunch, lol!
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1 year ago, jane?!
Whoever is reading this, read my review.
GoHenry isn’t the best for me it’s very slow and I get random charges that I’m not making, I’ve tried to fix the problem by logging out of my account and then back in. But nothing seems to be working. It may work for some people a lot better; it’s just not the app for me. Reasons why: 1. Very slow when it comes to making charges, when you make charges it takes to long to finally see how much you have left in your account. For me it took almost 3-4 weeks for me just to see the final amount I had left. 2. I was getting random charges I wasn’t making, it kept becoming a on-going problem. I was getting notifications that there where charges being made. Overall I will not be using this app again, just not it. I’m 14 and I have no intention of using this app again. To whoever is reading this I hope you make a good decision on this app.
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5 years ago, Inglorious Bastard 87
Excited to try it out!
So I just got the app and ordered the cards for the kids. We are very excited to use this great tool to help teach financial responsibility to our kids. I think this is an excellent option. I am still new to this service, but I do feel like a few tweaks to the app are desperately needed. Such as the daily chore functions that others have mentioned, but also, multi-parent support without sharing logins. It would also be SUPER convenient to be able to allow relatives to create an account to link to the child so the grandparents can transfer birthday/Christmas money and things like that. I think that would also drive customer acquisition, so it would be a win-win function! But overall I think this concept rocks!
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4 years ago, Peanut427
App is ok...ish
This app worked great for us for a while. Until we moved next door to a shake shop. My daughters card has been declined multiple times and she has gotten extremely embarrassed. When I asked the response I got was This is due to a hold put on purchases for tip-orientated retailers. This is a pending transaction amount that is 20% percent higher than the total you spent. When the retailer settles your final bill and if they do not charge a service charge, this extra money will be returned to your account. This usually happens by midnight on the day of purchase. This is in place to prevent the child account from falling into a negative balance This is not ok with me. My daughter has the money in her account and should not have to have an extra 20% in her account at all times. That is a lot for a little girl to figure out.. definitely switching to another company after this experience.
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2 years ago, hdgagajwnensgsjene
Scam!! Stay away.
The custom service is terrible, there is no one there to answer you calls and it hangs up on you. They do not reply to your emails if you need help and the online chat service can’t really help you with anything. The card came in the mail, child was super excited and the card would not activate. This goes one for 2 days and customer support doesn’t know what to do so they tell me someone else will get a hold of me as soon as possible. Well who is that? Cause I can’t reach anyone by phone or email and online chat can’t help and no one can tell me when I’m getting contacted. This card is a scam, they got my money, the said they would refund that and that they send me an ema. No email received and I probably won’t see any money either. Plus I bet they will still charge me the monthly fee as well. Stay away from this card, disappointing for everyone involved.
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2 years ago, KalynSD
We got this for our 5 year old, set tasks he can complete each week which give him a little extra allowance… From the allowance we have a savings goal set, and this is a wonderful way to automatically save for as he grows. It is very user friendly.. there is a child access so they can see what is available and then parent access in the app so we can transfer balances and make changes to the savings or allowances at any time. Our son is 8 now, and we allow him to keep the card himself to teach him responsibility. We are also notified any time there is a purchase made so we can track what he spends money on.
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3 years ago, Cardaziah H.
Every thing is good except
Every thing on this app is good except I can’t add it to my Apple Pay or when I got to a restaurant like Buffalo Wild Wings it will not let me use my card because Buffalo Wild Wings sells alcohol but it will let me use it at restaurants like Apple bees and chili’s which also sell alcoholic drinks and when I’m in a different state like last week I went to Atlanta the app kept taking foreverrr to load and I would have to unlock my card wayyy before I get what I want out of the store or restaurant but I just cut up my card today so I won’t be using go henry anymore but good luck to anyone new using the card🤍😁
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6 years ago, Obama Critic
Amazing Tool to Teach Responsibility
This is the app that my wife and I have been waiting for. Our kids are learning so much about financial responsibility and the value of saving money for something they want. They are both so excited about having their own debit card and being able to save up money for something that they want to purchase with it. My 10 year old has logged on every day and moving his money around to different savings piles for things he wants to “invest” in. When he sees how this affects something else he had earmarked some money for, he learns the value of prioritizing where he should put his savings. This is by far the best teaching app I have ever used.
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1 year ago, Cam Man 808
Horrible Card and Experiance
We opened a card for my teenage son who was traveling Japan soon and Korea in the summer. However, their system and customer services is horrible. Apparently a co-parent cannot add money to the account and when trying to use the gift link option, my bank did a normal fraud alert, which was cleared instantly. You would think a card company for kids would have an understanding for fraud alerts, but not GoHenry, they closed my sons card right before his trip and refuse to reopen it!! Also, one of their “security features” is only sending the cards to your address on your ID. In these times mail theft is a huge problem, they will not send your card to a mailing, probably a more secure address. While experience was a three month waste of time upon horrible customer service. Look elsewhere if you want a card for you child.
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5 years ago, Rajkpersaud
Perfect Combination for Financial Responsibility
This app has all the right tools for disciplining yourself or your children when it comes to your finances. Personally, I’ve tried using it as a way to reward myself for actions or tasks I’ve completed because money is a huge motivator. Being able to tie my to-do and task-list to a sense of earned accomplishment —creating an ongoing financial leash if you will— has boosted my productivity immensely. My only wish is for the app to perhaps add easier tools to remind users of their tasks so that they can more actively engage with them. Due date reminders for each as well as better filters for organizing and tagging them would do wonders. Highly recommended.
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6 years ago, coach_koessel
Been a life saver.
I have been using this for a few months now with my 2 children so they can learn about finances as well as knowing how to learn to use a card ( now days that’s all people use). Love how they have a feature where you can set different chores and what not to check off to deposit monies at the end of the week. Also being able to transfer monies at any time has helped my teen daughter out tremendously. Especially this past couple of weeks. I had to rush out of town while she was left behind and she needed some money so I was able to transfer money to her right Away !! So it has been truly amazing!! Check it out! Seriously it is the best.
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6 months ago, quiet_calm
Another Disappointing Banking App
Already does not allow either of my banks and the app gives a vague error message that says nothing about denying that service. Won’t even use Acorns own bank service. It uses Plaid to interact with banks and my bank said it worked but the App would not add it. Had to use a debit card. Contacted customer support which said “It appears the payment methods you were attempting to add is not something that we can accept. I can see that you have used your card ending in xxxx which we have accepted so I would recommend using this one.” When an app can’t do simple tasks that it should be designed for and gives bad error messages right out the gate, it’s not worth the hassle. Get better devs and project managers, Acorns. Seems like this bunch is about to fly your new service into the ground.
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3 weeks ago, A mom that loves momming
I still have t received my card! The online chat kept giving me issues I was unable to put my birthdate in to go further no matter how many times I logged out and in. There was an issue with my email but they never sent a confirm email before opening the account with my info so if I had accidentally sent it to someone else they would’ve had access to my info! The cards have not arrived but said they did. There’s no where for me to confirm my address in the account info to check if there is a mistake so I have to call in. Spoke with CS who says just wait for it to come the deliver date is a estimate. Which is fine. But I’d like the whole ordeal to have been a little smoother
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5 years ago, TCKC Dk Racing
When it works it is great.
A couple of months have passed since I ordered three cards for my kids. It definitely has some great features but it only works maybe 50% of the time. I can use it at Starbucks, and other major retailers but other times it won’t work. my daughter earning money to go get her hair done but then the card wouldn’t work with her hair stylists square app. Since then I’ve took the card back and have tried using it randomly. It’s been declined more often then it has been accepted. I will be canceling the cards unfortunately. Great concept and the app works flawlessly. If they can figure out the compatibility issues i would be keeping them. Until then i’m searching for different options.
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6 years ago, acappella30
Great way to teach
I’ve only had the app a short time, but so far it has been great. My kids love being able to see when I’ve put their allowance on there and it’s convenient for me as well. Being able to get updates when and where they spend money is a great feature. My only complaint (if I would even call it one) is that you have to pay $3.99 a month per child when another card service has it at like $4.99 for the whole family. I have three kids using the service so it can get pricey quick. Other than that I have nothing but positive ratings for the service.
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11 months ago, hangeswifes
I love this app
Ordered a card in 2021, been working perfectly for my daughter. I can limit and help her save and add money when she need it. Its easy to use and great for teens starting out with a bank account. The addition of Apple Pay to this in the US has made this app almost perfect because now she doesn’t need to worry about holding onto a card anymore. The only thing I wish is that it would be functional with cashapp or sending money. She says she prefers to send friends money for their birthdays but it does not allow her. Otherwise, it’s perfect.
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5 months ago, David.Moser
Disappearing Money in the App
We’ve had an ongoing issue where money seems to just “disappear” from the app. I put the word disappear in quotes because when I open a support ticket, the representative can see the proper balance, but my child and I only see a negative balance. They called this a “cosmetic” issue since they say the money is there but unfortunately the app limits my child’s ability to save their allowance due to the “cosmetic” issue. Therefore, we will be canceling our account and moving to another, more reliable provider. My suggestion to GoHenry: fix the basics before trying to add new features. I mean, a banking app should never show the wrong balance. It is also wrong that the support team considers this a cosmetic or non-serious issue. I don’t recommend this app at all.
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2 years ago, Maximus76566666
Compromised card
I received a text from go Henry stating that my sons card had been compromised and you were locking it. According to the app, we were told to expect a replacement 1.5 weeks later (Oct 15). Now, oct 20, still no card. Contact go Henry to inquire, you say the card is most likely lost and will send another one. However, go Henry will not expedite shipping like a normal cc company. My son works to earn money that goes directly to this card. The card is his only way to pay for things. He can’t pay subscriptions or do Christmas shopping. Now he has to wait another 1.5 weeks and hope we get a new card?? If this were a cc company, we’d have a new card tomorrow. I will not recommend go Henry for this reason and I am currently shopping for a different company for my children's accounts.
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2 years ago, momof5crazykids
Love the concept but has a few bugs
Greta that you updated the daily tasks but when I check off one to do Monday it checks off Tuesday when you go back to the chore list. The app itself is a little hard to navigate and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I think it would be wise to make it easier to navigate. Also we should be able to change the pins for the debit card right from the app. You also should be able to set chores for below 50 cents. My kids have a lot of chores and it’s a little expensive. Other than that it this app makes it easy for my kids to keep track of chores and what ones they still have to do.
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3 years ago, dundalk girl
Debit card as good as a credit card
I love the card bc if I am not home & my son needs money I can just transfer money to him from wherever I am. Or if I am home & he isn’t, works just as great. I like being able to set up auto transfers. And being able to list chores and how much they pay have helped motivate my son… he’ll do something & say, “mom, I did … can I get the money for it”… and I go right on the app… transfer the money & bam he’s got it… and there’s no need to say,” as soon as I can get to it “ and end up forgetting bc I can do it right away on my phone.
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3 years ago, Cyclegoddess
Great way to teach kids to manage money
This is a great tool to help our kids learn to manage money. Having spending limits has been great for helping them save while also having enough money to spend on what they want. I haven’t had any issues with it, I just wish they’d stop trying to get me to purchase new card designs because my kids could not care less. I haven’t used the feature that allows them to be paid for completed chores much because we’re still working on following through with tasks.
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2 years ago, ddddddddddddany
Many issues
So I went onto my app and one of my monthly subscriptions hasn’t gone through and it said that it was temporarily declined, so I went onto my app that has the subscription and it said that there was an issue with my payment method. I went back onto my GoHenry app and clicked on the declined charge and there was a button saying “call us” so I tapped it and a robot answered say they were closed and to email them and they’ll reply the next day. I emailed them a whole paragraph and a robot replied saying that they’d get back to me the next day about the email, it is now the next day. I haven’t gotten any new reply so I called, the office was busy. I wrote them a whole new email replying to their recent one wondering why they haven’t replied, they are now closed and no reply.
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4 years ago, qdoggy13
I’m Obsessed!!!
I definitely recommend the app unless you have a kid that’s irresponsible with their money, which the app thankfully has limits to the stores they spend their money on. I love this app overall being the kid using it, and yes I’m the kid rating the app. And it’s pretty good except for the goals. If you set a goal you want to get for I think is less than a week, it won’t do it because it’s too close to the date you try to set it. Which is disappointing, but I can see why because it’s too close to the date you set it but I prefer having it whenever. Other than that it’s pretty good. Definitely Recommend it!!!
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3 years ago, Hmak7
I love this app!
I am a 13 and this is so much fun for kids to have ,and you can learn about money. You can learn savings ,and there are so many features on this app. The parents are in control so you can’t just spend 200$ a day. If you want too they can set spending settings. it helps me get my chores done ,because it’s thrived me to want to click the check mark to get paid on Friday. You can change yours kids pay day in the app too. The reason I chose the app is because my name is Henry ,and I am glad I did this over Greenlight card.
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