Gold Miner Classic Senspark

4.3 (410)
96 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Gold Miner Classic Senspark

4.34 out of 5
410 Ratings
3 years ago, This nick name will no
Too many ads
I want to buy no ads
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3 years ago, scarletdd70
An old friend
I just recently started playing this game again after so many years and I was absolutely thrilled at the fact that it’s still around I still think that when you’re playing the game with a few seconds left and you grab a diamond or gold that you should get credit for whatever is caught but other than that I have no complaints. It’s a fun game and a good way to waste time.
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1 year ago, treetree2p1
Too easy to play
This app is quietly designed just like the one I played online on the computer when I was little. Good thing is that it saves your game every time you play so you don’t have to play all over again. However, it is too easy to win the next rounds with all the rewards, plus free corns by watching all advertisement videos. It made me feel bored to think it would be same on the next round anyway. So it just deleted this app.
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5 years ago, glynda333
Great game.
I really like this game. It’s very addictive and I love the idea of buying things at shop by watching an ad. It helps advance your score. I used to play this years ago and just found it again . I like this version better. At this moment I can’t say anything negative about the game and I’ve been playing it for awhile.
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4 years ago, Kkgdsaqyibcrewqashlu
Seems fun, but keeps crashing
This game appears to be a fun one. You mine for gold, and have an x-amount of money goal to reach the next level. However, I cannot play as it keeps crashing. I made it to level 3 right away but because it keeps crashing, I ran out of time and had to start over. Please fix this if it is an issue with the game. Because I don’t intend to restart completely over each time the timer runs out. It’s aggravating. 😐
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2 years ago, ccgibu
Annoying Ads
The game itself is fine just like I remembered it. But the continuous ads after a level is completed and before a new level starts after you buy items in the store is just too many. And this happens all the time even trying to clear the ads are annoying enough 5 times in a row. I’m deleting this game and trying another one.
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11 months ago, Carolina55328
Too many ads
Way too many annoying ads. I understand that ads are how developers get paid for free games, but this one just has way too many. It’s between literally every level. Not worth playing if I’m spending at least half the time watch ads rather than actually playing the game.
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1 year ago, Nick Dia
Way too many ads
Fun game but there are more ads than there is game play. You have to watch an ad when you load the game. Watch an ad before the level, watch an ad after the level. Watch an ad to earn upgrades from the shop. Don’t waste your time unless you just want to watch ads all day.
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1 year ago,
Too many ads to be playable.
Good game, smooth play, but so many ads. Why no purchase option to remove ads? Seems excessive for an ad before a level and after a level and possibly between those ads also.
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6 years ago, rkilambi
Best game
I played this and the old Las Vegas game on my pc there were lots of other challenges in them But this one is also too good and great thank you for getting it on to the iPhone really love it
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4 months ago, bet555578865
Too many ads
Spend 30 seconds watching an ad to play the level for 30 seconds and get stuck again watching an ad for 45 seconds every time. Spend more time watching ads then actually being able to enjoy the game
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1 year ago, MoonyToonz9428
I downloaded this game, I enjoy games that take up just a few minutes of time, I have has to endure at a minimum 3 ads between each level. Screw that! I understand you need ads t keep developing but I have to watch 2-3 minutes worth of ads to play a 45 second round. No thank you.
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4 years ago, SammyPrincess
Great Game
I used to play this years ago with my son when he was little. Now getting to play it again on brings back great memories!
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2 years ago, Evilnut111
Constant ads
The game is just like I remember it! Only difference is there’s a lot more ads. Literally an ad before you start a level and as soon as you end a level. Money hungry much?
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4 years ago, grey wolf 3
This game is addictive!
Can’t go wrong with this game. This game will challenge you and will keep you coming back for more!
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3 years ago, 24babygirl
My go to game when I need to pass the time
Good game while in the waiting room or laying in the bed ☺️
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2 years ago, jackier29501
Way way to many ads, after each level there's an ad, the. After you buy something there's an ad. Ridiculous how many ad's there are. It's ok to have a few but not that many. Deleted it and won't play again
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8 months ago, @LaFlare_1017
Didn’t even last 2 games
Uninstalled because the ads you have to watch are way longer than the actual game itself. Game in my opinión isn’t good enough to pay for ad free version.
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6 years ago, Stockswon
I used to play this online on the computer as a kid. I love the game. But it’s kinda buggy. Needs an update badly to make it run more smoothly
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5 years ago, CeCeRae_22
Love this game! I’ve been playing this since 5th grade. I’m in college now. Never gets old.
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7 years ago, Sabrina Johnson
Add more levels
I love this game but you could add more levels.
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5 years ago, Lengthen2009
Cant get get 100 gold bars
I cant get 100 gold bars i click one if the try now apps takes me to AppStore so i download it and play it and then i go back to good miner app game nothing happens i don't get my gold bars Terrible not playing this game until i get my review heard and a solution solved
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2 years ago, patch89
Too many ads!
This game brings back so many fond memories and continues to be very enjoyable, but the frequency and length of ads makes it immensely frustrating and unplayable.
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5 years ago, Pete in Wilmington, Delaware
It’s A Classic
Same great game that I remember from working the overnight shift years ago BUT better! Great Game
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1 year ago, Wegwoman
Ads Ads Ads
Unless u like ads in between EVERY LEVEL don’t play this, and I’m talking long ads, its impossible to enjoy the game. I’m deleting Now
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3 years ago, Nopes2455
Too Many Ads
I wanted to play this classic to relax and I love the sound effects, so when ads pop up and are blaring crud every 5 seconds, it’s not very relaxing.
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5 years ago, chocolatelover4ever
Love this game.
I really enjoy the nostalgia I get from this game and also it’s a great game to distress.
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5 years ago, fzgmdgzjdgjzdxgjfhxrmxhfxhmf
Really good
I cannot stop playing this game it’s so good
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5 years ago, Lolcat1
I paid for no ads, and still getting ads
These cheap developers are money grubbers! Paid my 99 cents and they’re still showing me ads!
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2 years ago, Megamom43579
Ads Ads and more Ads
I understand that a developer needs to make money, but the sheer amount of lengthy ads in this game make it unplayable. Deleted.
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3 years ago, eBay user 12345
Could be great
I’d pay to removed ads on a game I once played for free but I’m not sighing up for a subscription
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4 years ago, Brilove1000
Too Many Ads
I love this game but get very frustrated with all the ads.
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5 years ago, 57 phoneman
57 phoneman
Very entertaining game, been playing it for years.
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5 years ago, changingwaters
Ad Central
This version of a classic game is the most irritating and infuriating ever. From the most ridiculous typo ever (“firt”) to the absolute inundation of ads, you’re better off without this one.
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6 months ago, bomhieu
I like this app👍 and good for relax, five stars
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4 years ago, trcygjhn
When I first started the game, I was like “ehhh” but now I’m on level nine and there is DIAMONDS 💎 NOW I WANNA PLAY THIS GAME EVERY DAY!!!
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5 years ago, Mowerhyrf
Fun and simple. But lots of ads
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3 years ago, 50fukingcabbages
Used to be good
Used to a good gane but with the new update you spend more watching adds then playing.
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2 years ago, aberuka
So many adds impossible to play!
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4 years ago, Tien Tay
I bought the "Beginner Offer" for $0.99. Then they charged me for $1.06. Immediately, the game is like kick me out. I try to log into the game, but it still kicking me out.
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2 years ago, jtash13
All ads
If you want a game with more ads than game, look no more.
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5 years ago, kittybaggz
Awesome Game
I really love this version of the game
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1 year ago, bonniekm
To many ads
I restarted the game, shame I liked the game… but the ads make it unbearable
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4 years ago, Talia Pham
Too many ads even I chose not to watch. Don’t play this game!
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5 years ago, Deniez745
Enjoy This Game
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4 years ago, Tinkalist
Good game
Fun to play
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5 years ago, HappyGrinding
too much ads
too much ads
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4 years ago, LonLon02
Love this game
Love this game
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3 years ago, Jillypilly75
Love it
Great game
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3 years ago, ~ zay billz
~ it’s valid
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