Golden 1 Mobile

4.7 (63.1K)
152.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Golden 1 Credit Union
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Golden 1 Mobile

4.73 out of 5
63.1K Ratings
3 years ago, harms4eva
The app is forcing me to update my iPhone
I am really disappointed that this app is now requiring iOS 13 or higher. I have an iPhone 7 Plus, and it works fine. But in order for me to use mobile banking, I have to now update the app that worked fine two weeks ago. I am going to have to update my phone to the latest version, which will cause it to slow down, and probably end up causing me to need to buy a new phone. I am very much against buying a new phone every 2 to 3 years, because of the problems it causes to our environment and to the child laborers who have to break down the old phones. There are toxic materials in iPhones so I try to use mine as long as possible. I really love Golden 1, but I have moved away from Sacramento. I guess I should find a different credit union with locations near me where I can make deposits, so I’m not reliant on my phone
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3 weeks ago, Jonah F.
New update keeps crashing
Update as of 6/8/24: The app for the most part no longer crashes upon login or when using the majority of functions within it for me now! Huge win! However, the Zelle function causes the app to immediately crash, and Zelle itself won’t let me use their app because I’m supposed to be able to use it through the G1 app. So y’know, tad bit frustrating when trying to pay for services that only will take Zelle or cash and cash isn’t an efficient option in that moment /: Nonetheless gonna bump it up to 3 stars instead of the previous lower rating I had given it, but only three due to the current, new issue. I adore G1 as a bank/credit union, and have no intention of ever changing since I myself or those close to me have horrors with just about every other bank in the region, but would love to have a fully functioning app again someday 😭😭 ——————- Original review: Haven’t had too many issues with the app, but w/ the new update, it logs me in and then immediately crashes, so it’s kinda useless at the moment. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail
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4 years ago, ldion2208
App needs to actually work
Poor performance. Many times I have used the app only to find that clicking on certain features like transfer money will lock the app completely. I have to get out without even signing off and then re-enter the app to finish my banking needs. However if I try to transfer funds again after leaving the app and signing back in, it will lock once again forcing me to get out and sign back in again. Today I see the app has transactions posted but some, not all, of the transactions do not have the business to which the payment was made. It simply says posted date and the amount. Some of the transactions with no pay to name previously had pay to names just a few days ago, so why it suddenly disappeared does not make any sense. It seems to always be one problem or another with this app making it seem like Golden One needs a lot of work in many areas to compete with other credit unions. Everyone uses apps, it’s now a way of regular life. If Golden one cannot get their app to work properly and consistently every single time with no issues like Bank of America, or Citibank, it makes me feel very insecure about doing business with Golden One and I may have to take my business elsewhere.
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3 years ago, Lilygoats
Update Destroyed This App
I don’t usually write reviews but this most recent update has been very disappointing. The app now constantly crashes, or gives error messages. It loads very slowly and face recognition never works even though I enable it EVERY time I log in. Even though I click the “Save ID” button, every time I open the app my ID and password are not saved and it makes me type it out all over again. The layout is completely different even though the previous layout was perfectly fine. The app worked very well before, I’m not entirely sure why this update was even incorporated. Before I could check my credit score easily as well but now I get an error message whenever I try to load it. Very disappointed.
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3 years ago, PLKlootin
App is great when it’s not broken (SWITCH TO DISCOVER)
I’ve been unable to use my online banking app and have been locked out of my account countless times due to this.(THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR OVER A MONTH) Which has forced me to sit on the phone on hold waiting to speak to an agent so they can fix my problem in 15 seconds only for my app to work one SINGLE time before it breaks again and locks me out forcing me to repeat the cycle. If this isn’t fixed soon i’m switching to Wells Fargo. Your move Golden 1. UPDATE: App is still completely broken and unable to work yet I see the devs responding to the endless complaints saying how everything is all fixed and how diligently they’re working to make sure it doesn’t happen again. YOUR APP IS BROKEN AND HAS BEEN FOR MONTHS. I’ve already made the switch to Discover which I have never had problems with and I would highly recommend everyone here do. We have been patient but you can only be so patient when your banking app doesn’t work at all and you have no access to your OWN MONEY. If I could give negative stars I would. (SWITCH TO DISCOVER) Discover has excellent customer service and their app actually works.
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2 years ago, Gun seven
Worst credit Union ever.
If you’re considering golden one, I recommend going anywhere else. Their mobile system and app are perpetually broken, and it cannot interact with other financial apps in any way, and has not been able to for over a year. Any inquiries into when that will be fixed is returned with “we have no idea” and that has just been how it is for well over a year. It’s inability to work the app has caused me overdrafts I’ve had to pay for. The debit card doesn’t work with any ATM except for the ONE branch in my city, which is wildly inconvenient. In addition, the staff doesn’t seem to know anything and asking the same question of multiple workers gets you a different answer every single time. The level of frustration this bank has caused me in ridiculous and the process of leaving the bank is also extra stressful. Just the worst banking experience I’ve ever had, from a credit Union that does not seem to care about how terrible it is and is actively doing nothing to fix it. Even as I write this, the app is currently broken.
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2 years ago, DanHandsomeMansome
Average to below
Not sure why this app is rated so high? Don’t confuse the service you get from the branch from the functionality you get out of the app. I’ve used several different banking apps before from 3 of the big 4, banks based in other countries, a bevy of online banks, and local Credit Unions. Golden 1 started of average. It just about all the financial information to help you make wise financial decisions such as; displaying your Credit limit, your adjusted credit limit, etc. These tools helped you verify your account, monitor your cash flow, and check for fraudulent activity. These tools no longer exist in the new app and you have to take G1’s word that they did not mess up on your credit account (which they have for me several times now) and overcharge or even undercharge. No bank/CC does this that I know of and makes me very skeptical of this institution until this is fixed which it won’t be because this is G1.
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2 years ago, B_lebo
Incredibly frustrating app
It’s been a huge challenge once I refinanced my auto loan and golden 1 took over. They have outlandish outdated technology and are very slow in processing. In order for me to make a payment for my auto loan I have to schedule a transfer from my bank to the savings account that they issued me at least 2 weeks before payment is due so that I can then pay the auto bill from their account which I don’t use. They don’t allow auto payment from another institution without a paper wet signed form to fill out. It would be nice if I could just simply make an external bank ach payment to the auto loan account but this extra step has forced me to be late on several occasions. If you have an option to choose between golden 1 and another institution I would recommend opting to go with one that doesn’t have such old theory banking and terribly designed digital products (like this app) that make every action so painstakingly frustrating.
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3 years ago, Account since i was 16
After the new update, the app is considerably slower and now it won’t save when I want to be able to check the instant balance. Nor the Face ID. Everything also looks like it’s in night mode and makes looking at the balances during the day a little unpleasant and confusing. The fonts themselves are especially smaller now and it’s hard to tell the difference between your current balance and available balance because there isn’t any way to distinguish them visibly if you’re in a hurry. Overall, I’m not going to stop using the app because I don’t have time to go to the bank, but it’s slightly less easy and less appealing now with some of these changes or bugs.
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2 years ago, Sophie.Priest
So confused.
I’m very confused as to why this app is almost at a 5 star rating. This app has created great frustration for me for the past 6-7 months or longer. Hi, I’m a young teenager granted permission with a debit card since I tend to travel far throughout the summer or winter time around Christmas. I’ve had a debit card with Golden 1 for about 1 1/2- 2 years. When I first got my card and with the app, everything was extremely simple and I could see or find exactly what i’m looking for. I was unexpectedly logged out of my account and retried to log in multiple multiple times. I now have to call to see my account balance. I’ve tried recovering my user ID or password and neither works. I’ve tried creating a brand new account and it tells me error. I’ve tried getting ahold of Golden 1 but I am simply put on hold. This behavior from Golden 1 and their Mobile app is incredibly frustrating and unprofessional from their bank and to their customers.
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2 years ago, Anise L
Nothing but trouble since new app
Ever since the new app launch it has been horrible. Constant glitches, unable to deposit checks, get log ins to work or even Face ID to stay on. Now, months later, error message to call bank only to be told to delete & reload app. Also, a new app was added to manage cards when before it could be done on the single app. And the update removed the nicknames from saved accounts to do internal transfers & now it only show last names. No help with my children all have the same last name. This new app is horrible. Whoever designed it did not think of the user.
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2 years ago, JT/SF
Still a Poorly Done Update
The previous iteration of the app was perfectly fine. Now we have the following issues (among others I’m sure): 1-had to delete and reinstall the app twice to get it to remember Touch ID 2- doesn’t interface with Plaid any longer 3- can’t seem to edit transfers more than 30 days in the future, can only delete the entire series 4-why the need to hide/require extra step to see all accounts on the landing page after logging in? 5-visually more difficult. Seems like it’s a lighter weight font…? Golden1 needs to fire whoever did beta testing on this. The issue with Plaid fixed itself without intervention. I was wrong above about not being able to edit transfers more than 30 days in the future - you CAN’T EDIT TRANSFERS AT ALL regardless of when they occur. You can only delete them. Ridiculous. Also, you used to be able to see interest on credit cards/loans accruing daily, no longer.
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3 years ago, Brenda Rightnour
This app is truly one of the worst banking apps I’ve ever used. I haven’t been able to use the external transfer feature on the app for literally MONTHS to pay my car payment. Every time I click “external transfer” I get an error message stating my request cannot be completed at this time and to try again later. I’ve been getting this error every time I try to make my car payment for the past 4-5 months. Previously, I was able to just go on the website to pay but now the external transfer feature doesn’t work on the website anymore either. Do I really have to call in and talk to someone to make a simple payment? I figured with the big app revamp they did it would fix this but it has made the problem worse. It’s 2021…this is basic technology and I don’t understand why this is such a hassle. Figure it out Golden 1…this is incredibly frustrating.
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3 years ago, A.C. Flores
New update broke mobile banking
I’ve used this app with little fuss for a few years now, but this new update has completely shattered the functionality of the app - it’s currently impossible to use solely from mobile I need to log into the desktop site simply to re-set up mobile banking, after quite some time of it working perfectly! It’s not just the app too - their update to their whole online system has completely broken online banking. My mother has been with G1 for decades and now can’t access her bank account because the update caused the system to forget her phone number. Now she can’t complete a 2factor login because the only numbers the system remembers are land lines from 2005! Completely flabbergasted by the utter incompetence of this update, to both the app and desktop versions, and I am seriously considering taking my money to another bank.
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3 years ago, MightySampson
The app is down (“temporarily unavailable, sorry for the inconvenience) a LOT. I have been with Golden 1 for about 12 years and I used to love them. It seems, though, as they’ve grown their quality of service has also declined. You have an option you select for if your checking account is ever going to have a charge that will bring it into the negative: you can (1) have your saving account transfer money to cover it (if available funds) or overdraft and the charge will be approved and covered by courtesy pay, or (2) the charge will be declined due to insufficient funds. I have opted into option 2 multiple times now and golden 1 keeps putting me back into option one. One time I found out they had done this because someone had gotten my credit card info and fraudulently spent $900. So I had golden 1 put me back into option 2–not enough money, decline the payment. And once again, they’ve started over drafting me. I’m a single mom and live paycheck to paycheck and only get paid once a month. I do the best I can but I simply don’t make enough so please don’t judge on that part. I’d rather have my transactions decline at the end of the month than be in a negative balance to start the next month.
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3 years ago, achellebelle
New update
The new update took DAYS, then you had to “update security” which was extremely glitchy. It took me hours to try to get through all of the new security questions to be able to access MY accounts. Once I was able to log back into my account I had to resign in, which is fine BUT now it won’t save my sign in ID I have to log in completely every time. I have turned on Face ID every time I log in and the option is then erased when I log out. All of my account nicknames were gone, I have several accounts that I transfer to and I had to log in individually and figure out which was which. They completely just started from scratch with this update and I can’t remember that they told us they were basically making it as if we were a brand new member! I can’t stand the app and it is making me reconsider my business with Golden 1
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1 year ago, Cleomenza87
Before the big change I would have rated this app 5 stars and titled this review one of the best banking apps. After they had done a big update on the app it works very badly. I have uninstalled it 5 times and every time it stays doing the same thing. First it takes long time to get to the login screen and when I touch to type it close out so I open it again do the same. I finally got the chance to put my information in and it loads my banking info then close out. It was a big issue with getting to the settings to set my Face ID so that I wouldn’t have to type in all the time. Now it lets me see my banking info then close out before I can click on anything. In order for me to do any online banking I have to sign in on the website. Which is not that convenient like using an app. This problem really needs to be fixed.
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4 years ago, flutterybutterflies
Apple Watch
I love everything about Golden 1! In 2014 my husband and I moved to Arizona and we lived there for 4 years! I was able to keep Golden 1 as my bank and use a sister branch out there for deposits and withdrawals and atm needs! We moved back to California in 2018 and I’m still a member and will continue to be a member!! I have since got my husband to open an account with you guys!! The app is easy to use have absolutely no issues with using it or navigating through it!! My only complaint is that it’s not Apple Watch friendly!! It would be so convenient if the Golden 1 app appeared on my watch!! I hope sometime in the near future you guys can make your app Wathch OS friendly!
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2 years ago, Subt3rfug3
FaceTime no longer works, can’t login 50% of the time
After the most recent update, no matter how many times I turn FaceTime on, it does not allow me to use it to authenticate to my account. Another issue I have been having is the login button is greyed out after I enter my account ID and password. I do not see any messages telling me that golden 1 is having technical difficulties or anything. I just removed the golden1 app and was in the process of reinstalling it when I decided it would be a good idea to let you guys know I am having issues with the new IOS app. Please fix!
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3 years ago, Brando2569
App Update Ruined a Good Thing
This app was good until the end of October when they did a major overhaul and updated it. Half of the time when trying to login it wont even show your accounts, it will just freeze for a few seconds then exit you out and close the app. When trying to login you can select “face login” and hope to only have to use face id next time you login but it always always resets to default. That means you are stuck typing in your login credentials every single time you try to log on. Why have the option when its clearly not available? Can any of these banks make a decent app that works? This is how I manage my money, i’ll ALWAYS take an ugly app that just WORKS over an app that looks pretty but glitches out constantly, has un-clickable buttons and resets your preferences to default once you close it.
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3 years ago, Every teenager i.
Golden 1 is great, the software is garbage
Literally every time I need to use the app or website in a time of need the app is down, not functioning, or the website asks a personal question to prove my identity which then crashes after I answer. Is it really a stretch to view my account balances or make a transfer? Hire people that can make a functioning app, we’re not far from the bay with thousands of computer science majors is it that difficult? UPDATE: I’ve now gone 72 hours without being able to use the app, I spoke to a representative to configure some new information so I could use my banking however I still am unable to sign in due to an error that came up over system maintenance. This being after the app updated from it previous system maintenance. Thinking of switching banks being that we live in a world of convenience
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2 years ago, sambobam22
New app/platform is sloppy and crashes constantly
I’ve never had a problem with Golden One’s app until they switched platforms recently. Now, every time I log into the app, I get kicked out after a few minutes, specifically while in the middle of making transfers. Which is incredibly frustrating. In addition, my budgeting app that I’ve been successfully using for five years disconnects from Golden One pretty much every other day, which is a huge headache. I also can no longer see my available credit balance - it only shows the bill due date and existing charges. Please bring back more credit card details. There’s lots of kinks that need to be worked out. I’m writing this review in hopes to make them aware of the few that I’ve noticed…
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1 year ago, ry3$
The worst app on my phone
I’m switching banks just because of this stupid, deadbeat app. This app makes everything difficult in the name of “security”. And transferring money to a different account? You can forget about it. I had a 3 way call with my other bank and this bank, had my money transferred approved. A week later, it came back. This banking system is terrible and this app is perfect for it. This is the worst app I’ve ever used. The way it treats FaceID is ridiculous. The UX is hideous. The design is from 2001 dial up Internet. Just the fact that they wrote “Sign ON” on the buttons instead of “Sign IN” tells you all you need to know about the person in charge of Golden1 App. I never felt the need to personally tell the person in charge of this app that their work is horrible and they should probably consider quitting.
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4 years ago, kaonue09
Awesome App!
There is truly no easier way to bank! Members can transfer with each other. Mobile deposits are quick and easy to use. You can organize your accounts the way you want. You can have multiple accounts and link accounts with no issues. Best of all, there are no fees, if any. I’ve had Golden 1 app for 5 years now and loves it! Convinced my family to bank with Golden 1 as well! We can all transfer money over to each other with ease and no issues at all! Suggestions: 1. More than 6 transfer per month with other members would be awesome! I know the fee is very little if you go over, but with how we manage finances today, more than 6 would do great things! 2. Allow for a short note/memo, like with checks, for transfers to help members keep track of their money. I transfer money often with my siblings often and it would be nice if I’m able to notate where the money is coming or going! There are always room for improvements, but I am a very satisfied member of Golden 1 and it’s App. 5 Stars!
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3 years ago, Invis648
Pretty epic fail, devs…
As the title says, the new version is a pretty epic fail. Massive bugs both in the web app and the mobile app. It’s literally all horrible now, no Face ID, no remembering credentials, phantom duplicate deposits and withdraws…. Did your QA team quit? Was it the PMs that pushed this too fast? Just wanted to fast track this release out there and not worry about writing tests or if the regressions passed, eh? This level of poor quality and ineptitude is something I may expect from a small startup but not a well established financial institution. Makes me wonder how many new attack vectors were opened now with this new release.
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2 years ago, Mom2mjbkk
Another Blunder
It’s always something with this new ‘improved’ app. They give us the gift of nicknames back for accounts, and it’s already having issues. Today I go in to transfer funds to one of my children, guess what, nicknames for other accounts have disappeared. My accounts have nicknames, but the ones I really need to easily identify are gone. There is nothing user friendly about this app. This developer obviously knows nothing about system testing to get rid of bugs before production release. Golden 1, you got taken by this developer.
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2 years ago, gr8ful4Jesus
It’s happening again…
Golden 1 is great. However, the latest update to their app caused issues with my linked accounts. They fixed it some weeks later but now it’s back to where it started. I deleted the app and downloaded it again but it didn’t fix the problem. Hopefully, they’ll be able to fix this issue soon. Response - the names to identify each account has been removed to only show the linked account numbers. This is the 3rd time this has happened since the update. The first two times I had to go into the online banking website to add the names/account numbers. Both times I was told by customer service reps that you were aware that it was happening and would fix it.
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3 years ago, Mel....
Never had a problem until the last update. TouchID doesn’t work for login anymore, no matter how many times I turn it on. All the accounts that I transfer and receive money to/from erased the names, and now I just have account numbers. I have to contact those people, get their account numbers again, log in to a PC, and re-enter all of the information I already set up over a year ago. Until then, we can’t transfer $ on the app as usual so we’ve been using cash. Sad to say this was a downgrade, not an update. ☹️
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1 year ago, Numbercch
Facial ID
I’m supposed to email you guys about this problem. This has been with three different phones and I keep up on my iOS updates. It has nothing to do with my phone it has to do with your programming and you know it looking at my phone and my settings will not do anything it’s in your settings at least be honest about it people are far more intelligent than you give them credit for. None of my settings on my phone should be able to go into my bank account and turned something off. I like the facial ID in your app. I think it was about three years back that I went through all this with you guys checking all my settings doing all this fun stuff it wasn’t the phone it’s the app itself.
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3 years ago, Eugoogilizer
Delete and Re-install the App to fix bugs!!!!
First off, if you are having issues with the app saving your login info and/or face ID info, delete and re-install the app and it should work just fine! Now onto the app itself. There are some improvements over the old app such as a new look, extra features, and color coded deposits. However, the new app lacks features the old app had such as more details on transactions, details about credit cards (still shows that you owe $ even though you’ve paid the monthly minimum), and just certain details about your checking account and other details about your credit card accounts.
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3 years ago, Sleepyhead79
Use their website, not this app
Skip this app. Just go to their website (which honestly isn’t much more responsive) The app is incredibly slow (initial login can take 10+ seconds), crashes often (1 out of 6 uses), locks up entirely (1 out of 20 uses) and constantly forces me to login manually and reinitiate Face ID. (2-3 times out of 10 uses) I’m using: Apple iPhone 11 Software v 14.4 Verizon Yes the app has been closed. Yes the phone has been restarted. Yes the phone has the same issues on 3 separate wifi connections as well as mobile data. The app has been deleted and reinstalled. App version 20.5.0 Three family members/friends that are Golden1 members and were using their app have deleted it as I have and stay with the site. I prefer not to put anyone on blast in public but the app support link in the app store isn’t functional (404) no one I’ve spoken to knows how to contact those personnel that handle their consumer facing IT support.
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3 years ago, ohh.mar
Worst Mobile App
I love golden one has a whole, amazing customer service in person at a branch or over the phone with support. The app on the other hand could use some work. It doesn’t remember who I am on my own phone. I save the setting for Face ID and it always turns it back off. I have instant balance turned on and it always turns it off. And it’s always saying service unavailable. Update: Thank you Golden 1 for reaching out to me with some troubleshooting tips. Like I said amazing customer service, phone support and now tech support!
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2 years ago, Shalom@5780
Not happy with new look
I understand about needing an update or upgrade, but the look and the change look more like dos a very old program. No style and more difficult to read or research. Before the update I could calculate by bills and take a picture. The style was clear and easy to use. Not happy with the update. Miss the other style before the current change. Question is this the complete change. If so will not be using it all like before. Very unhappy.
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3 years ago, BrianaLoves55
So many bugs
Generally speaking, i like golden 1 and the app. However, since this new update was released nothing is working as it should. Face ID isn’t being saved as an option (I’ve tried to turn it on so many times, only to be told it is set up and then when i try logging in again it hasn’t been saved) Instant balances don’t work either, bc the app doesn’t remember me for some reason. Additionally, the notification feature for the old app that would tell you when a transaction was posted that exceeded whatever limit you set used to also tell you the transfer amount in that notification. It no longer does which defeats the purpose of this notification in my opinion. My partner said that account names got changed for transfers so that’s a whole OTHER thing. I’m pretty frustrated with the bugs that have shown up with this latest update. It makes it really difficult to be able to check my balances quickly while I’m on the go. As someone who is on the poor side of things these issues / bugs are extremely frustrating.
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3 years ago, tbaisley
Another update that downgraded
I feel like this huge update just made things look pretty and downgraded its ability to be user friendly. It won’t allow me to use my Face ID, causing me to manually log in every time go to log in. It gives me the option to turn my Face ID on, but as soon as I close the app and go to log back in, it’s not an option. I used to get text messages to my phone in one message, (not 2 or 3), for every transaction that was made on mine and my husbands cards and now I don’t even have the option. It’s nice to have in my messages in case one of us looses a receipt and we need to look up a purchase. Little things that are helpful, that aren’t working properly. Please fix.
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3 years ago, MrsJama
Update was a downgrade
Ever since the most recent update I have had nothing but issues with the app. I cannot consistently log in. Yes a blue sky and white clouds are nice to look at, but when you need to make a mobile deposit, transfer funds or see if “that” payment cleared.. the last thing you want in the clouds is your bank account. When I am able to get to the log in screen it often freezes up, allowing me to enter my information but nothing more. Anymore if I want to access my account information I have to go to the website. Huge fail on this new app update. I was much happier with the older version, whose consistency was MUCH better, and am upset at this forced update. For a banking chain that is “golden” it is too bad that it’s app is so tarnished.
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3 years ago, Soggyinmilk
Good financial institution. Poor online banking.
I like Golden1. They are a local favorite and well supported. Their products and services are good. Their people are great. But my rating is for the app. (It should be.) They just overhauled their online portal system, which was awful, recently and I had hoped this new one would be a lot better. It seems their desktop web app is better and less crashes and friction in all the workflows. It’s easier to navigate. Unfortunately it seems the mobile app didn’t get the same treatment. Examples. Face recognition still doesn’t work. Can’t paste in password from a security app (hate retyping it as often as I have to.) I generally have to navigate the app from the giant menu nav bar which doesn’t support a few basic features and I have to go to the desktop for. Session and app transition back and forth is clunky. Errors don’t have plain feedback on what’s wrong. Two-factor auth is very delayed sometimes. Syncing with Intuit apps fails half the time. Stuff like that.
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2 years ago, simbacoolbeans
New update
The previous version of this app was way better I had everything I needed on the app. Now I’m missing options, I can no longer take a photo to deposit my check, I can’t update my number on the app, there’s just multiple things missing and the website says they should be there. I’ve deleted and redownloaded, I’ve tried going through the web sight on safari, everything and I can’t access more than half the options I used to be able to access its a 3 because I mean I can still pay my line of credit in the app and I can still use it for the basics but over all im pretty dissatisfied
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3 years ago, ash06b
Love the Credit Union, Don’t love the App
The new app is loaded with glitches. Firstly, it won’t remember my settings, specifically Face ID, but also my login info and other minor things. I have to reselect my preferences each time, and it still doesn’t save. It wasn’t accepting my passwords either, at first, and I had to change it several times due to being locked out and it saying my password was incorrect, when I knew that wasn’t the case and could still login on my MacBook. Anyways, all in all, there are a lot of bugs to be ironed out with this new app. I feel like Golden One went a little too fancy… don’t fix what isn’t broken! The old app was fine and better than the new one :/ oh well.
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2 years ago, bencingirl
I can’t sign on at all
I have not been able to sign on to this app for since December 2021! At all! It just says an error has occurred and prompts me to call Golden1’s 877 number. Well I called. Several times. I was told to change my password. I was told to delete and then reinstall the app. I did all that. TWICE with the password and now MULTIPLE times with deleting and reinstalling the app. Horrible! I don’t have a desktop computer so I can’t do anything related to that. I can get on the full website with my iPad, but I can’t do anything but look. No transfers. No check deposits. Nothing! OMG what a pain in the hind end! You guys need to get it together!!!!! I NEED HELP WOTH THIS OR I MAY NEED TO CANCEL THIS BANK ACCOUNT ALTOGETHER! I can’t get to my bank. It is too far away and I can’t drive!!
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3 years ago, DR II
Another day, more feedback: Getting notifications on credit score but no longer pulls up. Instructions on what to write on mobile deposit no longer available. Another day and another issue with the new App. Can’t login with Face ID even though I took the time to re-set it up yesterday. Bring back the old App, please. Yesterday’s feedback: Only financial company I use that doesn’t note what the actual $ amount is and who the transaction was made to. Always have to pull up the app when I get an alert to see what the transaction was. Not a useful use of time. The integration with credit card payment is difficult as well since balance is not showing when you go to transfer money for payment.
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3 years ago, Arthr 2.0
G1 and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Update
Don’t get enough text? Love to enter in 4 digit codes constantly? Hate the convenience of Face ID and would love for it to randomly turn itself off? What about all your former internal G1 transfer contacts? How would you like for all the friendly names to get TOTALLY BLOWN OUT AND BE ALMOST COMPLETELY UNRECOGNIZABLE?? And you won’t even be able to EDIT THEMMMM! You’ll have to DELETE AND RE-ENTER EACH ONE WITH NEW REQUIREMENTS YOU DEFINITELY WON’T HAVE ON HAND! YAYYYY!!! Do you have a joint G1 account that you’d love to “see” alongside your personal account, but not get ANY useful information on? Boy do we have the app for you!!! Seriously though, G1 the bank is awesome, but the developers of the app clearly fell asleep at the wheel. It broke way more than it fixed. It’s almost unusable now. Bummer.
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3 years ago, OG magnum
Work on it
If I’m being honest. This app has never been great, but just decent enough for me to forgive its problems. Golden 1’s servers have been down more times than I could count. The app is aesthetically ugly, and never has looked good. The app feels like a web app made in the late 2000’s. Other banking apps have way better looking apps with better features within it. Not only do they look and behave like modern smartphone apps, but they don’t have to worry about updates possible ruining the app that was already not that good to begin with. It was super fun being locked out of my finances today, while trying to get an oil change. Me being unable to view my account happens way to often, especially if you’re doing day long maintenance on a regular.
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3 years ago, A Sad Squirrel
New update needs work
Lot of hype behind this new update, but I’ve had considerably more issues since. Face ID enabled status won’t stay on, loading is slower, and fonts are smaller. There’s also an added line in checking for pending transactions that adds all pending together, so it looks like there’s an extra charge summing up all pending charges.(2 $5 charges pending + $10 charge that’s actually just your 2 other transactions) With larger transactions this is concerning. Spent 30 mins trying to figure out if someone was using my account. Overall, this needs work. Was better before the update.
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2 years ago, Countrygirl Roni
Improved since near fatal update.
Still very displeased at major disruption the major update caused; requiring me to drive 2 hours round trip to branch, spend 40 minutes there. Afterwards, many important functions (passwords, remember user id, touch id) that make using app convenient still did not work. I was instructed over a week later to uninstall and reinstall app. I am disabled and shouldn’t have to add more to my impossibly long to-do list just to access my account. I am already overwhelmed. Next tome, please test updates with a broader range of device platforms and fix major bugs BEFORE rolling them out. SO MANY OF US WERE ADVERSELY AFFECTED!!
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2 years ago, Deejay Benji
Yal broke the app…. Again
You guys want to increase security, I get it. Do that. But for the love of god STOP TRYING TO “FIX” THE INTERFACE! I just want to use the app to do my banking. I don’t want to spend 20 minutes playing with new features. I just want to do the stuff I have to do and go. Now I’m locked out of the app saying that I am not setup for online banking. Something that I have been doing on this very same app for 10+ years. Get it together developers! I’m not calling your number to tell you guys it’s broken again. I’m sure you got “teams of people” working on it but it shouldn’t be broken as often as it is. You’re dealing with peoples’ money. Fix it and stop breaking it.
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3 years ago, ew 1000000001
Complete garbage golden1
Downloaded the app update and now we are completely locked out of online banking. The reset email and phone numbers don’t even match our account. I have tried through the website and app but something is majorly screwed up. Been sitting on the phone for 30minutes waiting for a live person to figure out what is going on. I hope the branch can fix this because we use online bill pay but cannot access it.
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3 years ago, johnjacobjameson
Banking just got worst.
The only reason I even bank with this bank is that I have been using this bank for so long now. But seems like I will be making a change of banking. If this bank isn’t bad enough with the slow outdated bank atm machine, limited banking locations, long bank lines, unhappy bank tellers and old school way of banking it just got worst. They are now charging for overdraft protection. One of the only reason Ive stayed this long with this bank is because of their 6 free overdraft protection every month. For sure its time to look for a new bank. There are many banks around me just like BOA thats like mcdonald (one on every street corner). They are a way more modernize way of bank compared to Golden1. Im taking my money elsewhere.
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2 years ago, Halfrican_Sunrise
Cali Golden1
I’ve been a G1 member since 2015 and remember using the desktop version for quite some time until app came along. And like with any new app there were some speed bumps but overall I’ve been very satisfied with the app. If you take the time to setup all of security features for your account then it is pretty seamless going from the desktop version to the app on your phone. Always gives me piece of mind when those features are available.
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7 months ago, Doña Elle
Why, Golden1?
But more importantly, WHEN will customers’ myriad complaints about the update be addressed and the issues resolved? The issues are not customer-specific, they’re all a result of an app that is now chronically problematic, dating back to rollout of the update, with no indication whatsoever that any of the bugs and issues are being addressed. One would think that at sometime during the dozens of times the “System is Unavailable”, G1’s tech folk would seize the opportunity to repair and resolve the issues that have been clearly and repeatedly identified by their aggrieved customers, but no. Once one is able to successfully log back on, it is only to be disappointed anew that nothing has changed, the defects remain.
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