Golden Casino - Slots Games

4.9 (166.3K)
343.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Slots Limited
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Golden Casino - Slots Games

4.93 out of 5
166.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Ninjapoodle
Well designed app
I have a lot to say but I’ll sum it up. Very well-designed app. The games are fun, some I don’t particularly care for but overall very good. I like that the app is constantly maintained and upgraded, the games are rotated and new ones are brought in. Some are upgraded. I like the tap-for-coins feature as the game is loading in case you don’t have enough coins you can try and give yourself more. A lot of people complain, I’ve read on other reviews, about not enough coins and running out. Even though it’s not real money, this is gambling and you have to pace yourself. One of the things I like about this app is that they offer you many opportunities to get free coins and that includes going to their fan page on FB and they’ll post opportunities. That being said, I think there are a couple things that could be fixed for instance, the number of friends versus how many coins you can receive, but other than that I don’t have any real complaints about the app. It’s fun, sometimes I’m a billionaire sometimes I’m a dollar-air. Oh also, the graphics are really good. They don’t look cheap or juvenile. The audio is really good as well. It’s a very well thought out app for the most part and I don’t mind buying in app purchases to support a well designed product. I am an artist I understand. Cheers!
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2 years ago, TNTz9
More about Golden Casino
I wanted to add a few things to my previous review. I’ve really been enjoying the “environment” of the casino. I like the little flags that pop up informing of coins you can collect for tasks you’ve completed, and other things. While “working” a machine, I occasionally click on one of the side icons to take a break. I often get free coins for some of the little games and other events. I find it relaxing doing this instead of getting too frantic playing. I recommend taking an occasional break. It appears that a lot of thought has gone into creating the environment. Give it a try!!
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4 years ago, Shocker628
Do not play this game
This game baits you into buying chips... it will let you win some chips at a low amount but then when you raise the stakes it rapes you for your entire bank roll.. it also steals your chips I you leave the game running.. fell asleep without closing the game out.. woke up to a dead battery and 15 million in chips missing...told customer service about it and got nowhere with them. They just said I used them.. it’s also cheap on the bonus game payouts as you will always get the lowest amount awarded for the spin...the most recent was I purchased $10 in wheel spins got about $34 million in chips went up to about $50 million in chips spinning at 100k.. then I upped the bet to 500k and won 30k-60k here and there but not one huge win or bonus game activated.. spun it about 150 times with no win and it sucked up my bankroll.. just avoid downloading this game as it is so rigged to make you lose unless you like playing with the 10k they give you for free everyday but that’s only 5 spins a day if you don’t win which you won’t....STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME.
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2 years ago, Mr.Spicyy
Good game but…
It’s a good slots game. Heck it’s a great slots game. You start off small and you work your way up. In which I love. The games design and simplicity is what I crave in a mobile game. The winnings are great and they feel rewarding when you get them. The only issue I have is, I believe there is nothing in the coding for the “grand” jackpots. I’m well over level 1100 and I have not hit a single grand jackpot. It’s pretty irritating. I get the purpose for the game, as well as all slots and virtual casino games. But the grand jackpot odds are the only thing keeping this rating from being 5 stars. Maybe I’m being selfish, but I do not see any possible way into getting a grand jackpot. I’ve played dozens of the in app slot games and it just doesn’t seem to happen. If it’s in the coding and I’ve been unlucky, then so be it I’m wrong. But I have my doubts.
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12 months ago, Renaissance07
Serious thieves - beyond unreasonable
I try, every once in awhile to see if this app changes. Today was a perfect example. I spent $200 on tokens (150 billion), and I played a lower amount than they “suggested.” (They auto fill your bet to take tokens ASAP). So there was not a single time when I got ahead. The entire 150 billion was sucked up by their app games, and it took about an hour. If that sounds unreasonable, you are correct! But it seems to be their way of doing business. One can only hope the old saying “what goes around comes back around” and this is one gaming app I’d love to see fail.
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2 years ago, PandemicPlayer
I love this app! The games are very realistic compared to casino games. If you make just a small purchase you can get rid of the ads and it’s totally worth it. If you are strategic and pay attention to their games and stamps features you can win huge amounts. It’s so much better than any other casino app I have tried, other than their other app Classic Slots which is just as good! I love them both. Also I’ve chatted with their customer service before and they were great. 10 out of 10!
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4 years ago, MountainMan51
One of the worst out there
Unless you are planning on spending a lot of your own real cash, don’t bother downloading this app, as many others have stated it’s your basic casino app that uses the bait and switch scam to lure you in. You will win a lot at first, then once you are hooked the payouts are few and far between and bonus rounds become nonexistent. It’s very common to go 20-25 spins without a win. Winning percentages are much lower than that of a regular casino. Don’t fall for the five star ratings on here, most of them are more than likely put up here by developers or people with vested interest in it. If you’re going to spend real money you’re better off using a real online casino where you can actually win real money for spending real money. There’s only one option here if you get this app, delete delete delete.
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1 year ago, Jennb247
Loyal player who deleted app
I’ve played this slot app for years. I’ve given 100’s of dollars over the couple years and I’ve officially deleted my app today. I’m done. Back in the early days if you made purchases you would win and could play for awhile before making another purchase. That is no longer the case! Developers have become stingy! Don’t use this app as it’s ALL about money and zero about user experience. I will say the games are fun, and they add new games all the time but you constantly need to pay to play. No longer will I give anymore of my money. You will work yourself out of this app. Especially in an over saturated market you have nothing more to give than any other app other than stealing money like a bunch of crooks. From…a player for years!!
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9 months ago, Monopoly solitaire
Monopoly solitaire
Every time I watch this video my phone freezes up and I have to delete the app and re download to be able to resume playing. And it’s starting to effect all of the solitaire videos. The is some type of virus in these and I will most likely quit playing because it severely contaminates my phone Golden Casio has the same issue but I don’t want to delete and re download because my come back bonus is very high and it goes back to zero if you re download. What can I do?
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5 years ago, Redd Bear
Well this is the first and only game that I played so far and it was going really well up to the point of being asked for a rating. I gave a 5 star and then I was asked to do it in the APP store. I chose to do it later and that’s when everything went downhill. All the monies I had went down the drain in just seconds. Wow, it started out so good too, I’m gonna move on to another game such as Creepy Slots™, now that’s a game that I just can’t get enough of. This review could’ve been a whole lot better, butt................sorry
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5 years ago, BabyBlueTarh33l
Just Like Everyone Else Said
The other reviews, while mostly having 5 stars, give 5 stars before they finally go & review the game, after the game asks for you to give them 5 stars instead of being honest, & just by reading the actual reviews you get a sense of just what you’re about to encounter & they were all spot on. Lost everything in no time, even while betting nothing, & anything you do win or get in the way of free coins from ads, the game immediately takes back. I’ve tried telling companies forever, just put out a game that players can win & enjoy themselves on & you won’t have to pop up ad players to death & will sell tons of coins but they’re all smarter than anyone else. Another deleted game that was out for money only!
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9 months ago, rsdph1958
Not so well designed
I’ll keep this as cordial as I can this app is a big disappointment opening the app within a few hours of playing I total up over 300 million in coins for the last 3 weeks I can’t maintain 10,000 in coins it’s almost impossible to hit a jackpot it’s a scam to try to get people to buy coins we enjoy playing some of these games and being on a fixed income can’t afford to be buying coins these are supposed to be free. Robert
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2 years ago, Undercover👽
I’ve been playing for several weeks and it seems to be a fair game and not make you lose more than win. So I don’t have to spend a lot of real money to keep playing. I think the games I’ve played so far have been really fun and they have challenges as well. Plus another good thing with this app is you can watch small clips to get free coins. Over right now I give the app a 5 star rating. You won’t regret downloading it. Have fun everyone!
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5 years ago, no damm nickname
Stealing my money, no bonus w/ 17mil
I like the games but when you charge $10 for 17 million points to continue to play but when you can’t even get a single bonus to recover the loses, it really shows how it’s not “free slots “ if you’re having to keep paying. It’s a shame because I like the games but not for almost $30. Went to an arcade for that and actually made a few bucks. Not happy with their games to get people to real money for fake $
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6 years ago, playful puddy-tat
Happy Halloween
This is my ultimate favorite. Have played a few of the other ones and there not as much fun. The coins you get initially are not enough...being on SS my resources are limited. Do have to agree with a review from a lady that the cost to buy coins is steep...when you buy what you can afford there really is not enough coins to play with. Since you don’t get that many coins you cannot play long before the coin-sucking games take you coins. Also, the other games do not give you many wins. Have to be totally honest with you...that’s the way I am. Thank you for giving me the chance to give you my opinion. Donna Black-Gleffe
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1 year ago, FOOLS QUEST
Fun at first then it shuts off to we’re you are not able to play anymore. That is the only way to lose a billion in less then 15 minutes. Tired several different slots and they all just spinning and spinning with nothing. No bonuses and any spin that even payed was way blow the bet. At first if you buy the price is worth it but after that for 5 minutes or less of playing will cost you hundreds of dollars. I just reached the point were I had enough of not having fun and the cost is just not worth it. I will be deleting and I was not able to delete my account because I downloaded and will be deleting all in the same day. Good bye and delete.
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1 year ago, noliesfromme
Worst slot machine game
This is the worst slot machine game, app keeps changing everything for the worst! Stamps expire, the more coins you have the higher you have to bet for a bonus, we should be able to bet what we want! Shark eats your money and stamps! They don’t give new stamps hardly ever, same old ones over and over! All the bonus games if you have to bet really high to qualify for it! To many slots games out there that are much better! Don’t waste your time on this ridiculous app! Awful! Also if you have a problem it takes customer service days to answer but if you have a issue buying coins they are there immediately! Worst customer service ever!!!
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5 years ago, DesGracieBray
STINGY STINGY STINGY STINGY STINGY Mr developer do you get it your slots are STINGY not worth it!!!! You know how other slots has it were you win big at first an then you slowly start to lose everything???? This slot you NEVER WIN ANYTHING I was betting $2, or $4, G the lowest I could and IF I won anything 😂🤣😂 it was pennies not even worth the time STINGY! On one slot I did win a free spin ikr 😂 BUT I didn’t even make what I was betting guess what pops up as soon as I run out of coins??? Ads to buy coins from them now could someone plz explain to the developer that IF they want to make TONS of $$$$$$ they should lighten up on the winnings... soooooo STINGY!!!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄 The high rating is a JOKE I’m sure it’s the developers family an friends that has NEVER played this horrible waste of time stingy slot or maybe the developer does it who knows and who cares not me! And y’all do NOT need to reply bc I will NOT be returning to read the same thing you put on everyone else’s that complains about your stinginess, save it an work on making your slots worth playing! DELETING!!!
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2 years ago, Stenester17
A lot of fun, but costly…
Like ALL casino games out there, the higher the level you are, the less frequently you get a bonus and if you do, it’s certainly not going to be a good one because they want you to buy their coin packages. I love this game, but I refuse to buy any more packages. If you bet small and try to stretch your free coins out as long as possible, it is a fun game.
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4 months ago, TConner0324143
VIP level 8 - Progressives don’t pop. Do not play this game!
Don’t spend a dime on this game. Not a single penny. The progressives on some of these games are based off what you’ve spent. I have spun thousands of times trying to pop a jackpot that is based off what I’ve put into this game. Nothing. Dead spins galore, jackpots won’t pop. You will love playing these games, but the developer has the win percentages set so low that you will just be frustrated. Getting to VIP levels doesn’t mean anything but crappy chests that aren’t even close to what you’ve put into the game. I can’t imagine how many players, let alone VIP players that this developer has lost.
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1 year ago, Me_again70
Way too many ads now!
I’ve been playing this app for awhile now and have noticed the uptick in the ads. While I don’t mind since it’s a free app, my frustrations come with how long they been recently. In particular when you jump from one slot to another there’s an ad..5 seconds to upwards of 45 seconds and don’t get me started with x2 coins in the daily tasks or mini chests bonus 30 to 45 seconds guaranteed! It’ll be great to balance the ads to less time and app will shoot up to a 5 rating.
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12 months ago, Evan Weider
Hey, what do you know! Another casino game designed by the same people that created a casino app, with the same expected end results. Will this company ever learn to give their customers a win every once in a while? I literally had 200 million a few days ago, and with conservative betting, I’m literally down to 20 million. I wish we could see our win/loss ratio, I guarantee you it’s less than 30%. You’re better off going to an actual casino and winning, opposed to this disappointing game. 10/10 do not recommend this to anyone. Stay clear!! Extremely frustrating to say the least.
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5 years ago, Bease 6
This is a fun app to play, you get a lot of chances to get free coins and you can play for quite awhile before running out. I have had to not play other than just to get the free tokens in order to have enough to play long enough to try and hit a few winning spins then your off and playing again, it’s awesome to be able to get the free tokens so you can play again.
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1 year ago, ScrappyCocoaIsZohan
Doesn’t pay. Total scam. Tons of ads
All you do is watch ads. The game is specifically designed to make money for the app. It’s a scam. You never get paid. It’s on a stupid queuing timer where you are thousands of spots away from cashing out (from each thing) and every single time you do anything on the app, you’re hit with another ad. Let’s get into how often the game glitches out and crashes cuz that’s a joke. Oh yeah and you can’t complain, contact the app developer or do anything in the way of discussing a bug because the game is designed to screw you over lol
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3 years ago, Eric_S_HK
Real review
Yes like others have said you seem to win a lot at first then it disappears. But the key is DONT up your bet. If you stick with 20-50k you’ll be ok. There are lots of free coins if you log in daily. Also some games definitely pay off better than others. Try all the games and find those. Then stick with those. Of course they want you to buy coins. They need to pay the bills. But I find it’s more or less reasonable.
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6 years ago, gloria638
It’s okay
I enjoy the games. The cost of buying additional coins is too high. Also, don’t win as often which purposefully deletes the coins quickly. Will look for a better game! Down to 2 stars. The above still true. Experienced a problem downloading coins after I bought them. No response from support. Still looking for similar slots!!.
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5 years ago, Bata43
Does Apple really knows their casino partners?
Excellent games, played to max level, but after trading in iPhone,suddenly access to more than half of the games was not allowed anymore destroying all the time and money invested!? Their answer just says "keep it up" and asked me for the meaning of the English words I wrote?! Like: replace. I feel robbed. Same thing on their other game. Last answer: "we changed the rules"!? Company doesn't have an address, phone number or any means which can help,
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4 years ago, Crystle2222
This has been a blast! It has allowed me to actually win several times and finally get out of a hole I was in with this website. I had tried several different games on the website but continued losing to the point I was going to just delete the app. Thank you for bringing some fun into my life with this super fun Christmas game.
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2 years ago, MandiiB1990!
I used to love playing this game when I needed to pass some time, but recently it has only been letting me play when I'm hooked up to wifi. It's frustrating because at my job sometimes I have bad service and there's no wifi but I was able to play my game so I was fine. But now it only lets me play when I'm hooked to wifi. I don't get the video add anymore to give me free coins. So I've been have to use my own money to purchase fake coins that don't do anything. It's annoying! But I'm a sucker and still play the game .
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5 years ago, Pittpen87
Enjoyed this game to begin with. Most of the slots are challenging and I had no problem spending money for extra coins, until I hit ‘special’ levels and the game began to freeze. There’s no way to back out of the game and no way to get your bonus spins. It happened three times in one day, and I reported it each time. The first two times the support team was helpful, but as soon as I reported the third, which of course was my largest bet level, they denied it. I have retained the screen shots of my frozen screen, and will not be spending my money in this app ever again.
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5 months ago, Nik’s_Reviews
Fun & Big Wins
There are multiple slot machines to choose from. You are able to advance up to the next level very quickly. While the game does not layout real cash, the graphics are excellent…you can achieve big wins in very little time. As with any slot machine, it is very addictive.
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6 years ago, adwaup
One of the better ones
While it did last the longest so far of all the casino games as always there comes a point when the winning becomes always less than the losing . Out of about 200 spins I won more than my bet 5 times in that time so I just decided to let it spin my coins to death and it didn’t take long . The only reason it gets 2 stars is because it lasted for 5 days before it decided it was time to clean me out , ohh well time to delete it and never look back .
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7 months ago, Will not accept any nicknames
Bonuses stop for weeks at a time
Will go through hundreds of millions without winning more than you bet, not much fun that way. Your response on all complaints says game is random, definitely not random, obviously programmed to lose and always pays minimum.
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1 year ago, LoliCanolli
Best slots app
Out of all the slots apps online this one is the most consistent, always has opportunities to win extras, and the games are just more fun. No waiting for crazy graphics and story lines, just good slot play. Customer service, the rare times it’s needed is great too.
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5 years ago, Bradyjaina
Latest update has game messed up!
I updated the app and now the game is not working right! All of the small slots are purple and say loading but when I click on them I can play them. It is also missing the the puzzle event and the even that you earn swords. Everything was fine until I downloaded the update! Please fix this ASAP!!
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2 weeks ago, ManifestingBeing
Don’t waste your money
If you like plying games that you have to pay for coins but can never withdraw any real money this is the game for you !I have played so many slot games but at least if I purchase coins or whatever I have a chance to win real money which in have but this one ,you pay just to see it go round and round no fun in that waste of any type of money unless you like giving your money away just to never ever withdraw a dime I’m good I’m deleting after this comment
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3 years ago, FAlways253
Having LOT of FUN ! ! !
Yes, I am listen to Joel Osteen and finally decided I o play this game and is just having fun plus I like the colors and the items / graphics instead just numbers. I don’t know if the money is real but this casino game is great to play. Thank you for sharing this game!
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2 years ago, nomoresmiles
Unresponsive customer service
Be wary of spending your money on this app! It has a habit of blacking out as soon as you hit a really big win and you never see the winnings . I also completed an album and never received the bonus even after contacting them twice ! I have contacted them about the blacking out on big wins and they can’t seem to fix it because it happens constantly....and only when winning , doesn’t happen any other time.
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2 years ago, GeorgeGiaimo
He’s kind of fun, although it has a lot of annoying ads. I understand they have to support the site, but sometimes it has to be too much. Still I enjoy this. Would love to see some more classic games on this site.
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6 years ago, dedmike
Slow start
I did not win much or get ahead enough to rollover my winnings much and i did hit a few good sized wins. My persistence paid off i had a few lucky streaks that no other slot app has came close to matching. Also the slots just seem shinier in this casino.
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4 years ago, NaNaChelle
Just like all the others.
Starts out great, then the losses quickly out number the wins. I don’t mind watching a few videos, but I’m not willing to spend real cash just to lose all my coins anyway. I’ll keep playing til my bank is empty then move on as I have with all the others.
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5 years ago, Nlmbledon
Slots are fun
The slots in this app are some of the most fun out of any of the casino games I’ve tried. However, they can eat credits super quickly. When they decide to stop hitting they really stop hitting. I had a nice amount going but a string of bad luck and dead machines ate everything I had. Now I have nothing to gamble with except for some meager offerings of free credits, or to spend real money and buy more.
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4 years ago, bobdfhfgnggnfbnbg
Just another trash casino game, I started with 3,000,000 chips today and a max bet of 20k and lost it all. I bet 20k and get a line win of 2k, it’s such bs. You think by taking all my winnings and not giving decent bonuses that I am going to buy more chips? NO!!!! I’m just going to delete and play a different casino game, if you had better payouts I would be more inclined to pay for chips, but I’m not buying into this scam. How do you have a 4.9 out of 5, gotta be a lot of fake reviews on this one. What a joke.
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4 weeks ago, mommma doe
Cherry picking slots
I wish you could win the cash prizes for this game because it is so much fun and no video to watch every five seconds plus you get nothing for playing the games thank you for this amazing fun game
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2 months ago, #justhelpingout
Trash trash trash
Just like the other ones. You can spend 100 bucks get coins and lose them in less then 5 mins. I’ve been playing this one a while and have never and I mean never hit anything big. By a while I mean over a year of playing this so if they say any different there lying. It’s trash the company that owns this app and the others are all frauds and are like the scammers who try to take money from old people.
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12 months ago, Ugh we
Technical problems
Anyone else having technical issues with when you ask out something so that you can get to play a game it’s taking me straight out of the app?
Show more
5 years ago, pan8cho
A big time player
I have never had so much fun with a game like this one and the best thing about it is that it lets you play and gives you an opportunity to make progress and earn money to move forward it’s awesome try it you will love it
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6 years ago, Katzmeow9
Unique gameplay
I find this establishment website and a few others that really are creative and had to think about a lot of things. I’ve only played two of the machines or three but they’re fun.
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5 years ago, 92ArmyVet
Issue a LOT MORE credits
I have NOT played this app in nearly 2 months, and still NOT awarded a lot of credits. You people need to award credits in the low millions from 2 - 10, then a player might have something to play with until maybe a bonus game. I started around 500,000+, was only betting 20,000 and still could NOT get any bonus games before my credits ran out again. What a ripoff and insult. I am FINALLY done with this app for good.
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1 year ago, American Wild Feathers
I had 50 million on my phone while playing the casino games. I decided to play on my iPad. When I logged in on my iPad I noticed I had 16,000 which is what I began with on my iPhone. When I went back to my iPhone I had only 16,000 again. I had lost all my coin that I had won. I messaged customer support, they’ve been ignoring me for over two weeks and I have not gotten my list coin replaced either. Don’t waste you money here.
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