Golden Nugget NJ Online Casino

3.2 (522)
46.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Golden Nugget
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Golden Nugget NJ Online Casino

3.16 out of 5
522 Ratings
1 year ago, EddieSicoli
Love the site but several things need improvement
I agree with the last reviewer. You can’t win anymore it seems. The bonuses and deposit matches are way too small relative to your play. It’s like pulling teeth to get a bonus after I’ve lost thousands of dollars here and have played here exclusively for many years now. That might change if I don’t start winning and getting treated better and according to my play. Every year my tax returns have thousands in losses. When will they let you win. How odd that you NEVER win on your weekly or monthly bonus. I rarely win on any drawings & giveaways. I can’t count the few times I won in many years. I like my VIP hosts but they could treat me much better for all I’ve lost here. Lastly, several games , especially, “Devine Fortune” continually malfunction & drop you whilst in play the you have to sign in all over again which I know the drop outs DECREASES your odds of winning. I’ve complained continually about GeoLocation dropouts & errors with that particular game & a few others but mainly the progressive game Devine Fortune. No one listens or has corrected the problems with Geolocation issues. I also talked to my FIOS provider Verizon & they told me I’m not the only one experiencing these near constant drop outs due to geolocation issues and they told me the problem with the online casino NOT Verizon or my connection!!
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2 months ago, rmk0402
Trying to sign up wasn’t hard .. but when they had to verify me .. all good .. thought it would be quick like I have seen before. They said 24 to 48 hours.. and no where on there says that and that should be up saying that .. and I got a little snippy.. so they blocked me but I have all the transcripts and I did apologize too and it’s wasn’t that bad .. and I know you can see the conversations too.. since then ignore me and seeing if the new document is good or not and nothing for days
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3 years ago, Legacy360
Fake you will lose your money
This sports book is a complete joke they are actively getting over on there customer and cheating I have deposited numerous times never not once have I got a win not even a small one if you value your hard earned money trust and believe me don’t listen to the fake reviews I’m a actual customer and I’m a customer of numerous sports books this one is amongst the worst if you want a shot at winning DraftKings don’t trust golden nugget I’m looking at some of these reviews it’s hilarious like are you serious these 5 stars reviews are obviously fake lol I’m a actual person who is a member of numerous sports booksDraft kings fox bet 888 points bet fanDuel resort and casinos and numerous other just to name a few of the most popular ones and to say the least golden nugget is the worst out of all that I just mentioned so how do you have any positive reviews is completely beyond me as I have played in numerous casinos and numerous online sites and I know a rigged game when I play one trust and believe save your money or you will regret it don’t believe the reviews i’m 100% positive that if you’re seeing anything but a one or two stars it’s positively a fake review spend your money elsewhere customer service is also horrible and very disrespectful I don’t even know how these people in business
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8 months ago, KimmieJax
New layout stinks, withdrawing funds a pain!
PLEASE GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL GN APP - SO MUCH BETTER! Since (I believe) DraftKings took over GNs online gaming, the site layout isn’t what it used to be. Have to scroll thru a lot of games one by one instead of just looking thru the icons, many on same screen. Half the games are gone, some of my favorites. Stopped playing on this site for the most part. I play DraftKings as well but the original GN app always had a good/better layout, now… not so much … and the slots seem much tighter. Don’t win as much, or rarely win at all anymore. Maybe just luck of the draw or maybe it’s the new site. Please go back to the old layout. Was much more user friendly, IMO. Updating review to add- withdrawing funds from this site is a pain. As mentioned, I play on other sites and I can withdraw right to the card I used to deposit, and typically have my funds in less than 24 hours, not GN. Beware. You cannot withdraw quickly nor can you withdraw to your debit card like the other gaming sites. Super annoying. This site was way better when GN actually ran it. Disappointed.
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2 years ago, Jimmy Jihn
Constantly Freezes and Crashes
iPhone user of this app for two years. Loved the app but now just about every game glitches, freezes then have to log out back into. I contacted support they said do an iPhone update which I did. Delete/reinstall which I did and same issue. Frustrating because golden nugget won’t recognize a problem and or help to resolve my issue. Also had two checks cashed one received with no issue. The other the numbers were literally printed on the line that boarders the check preventing me from depositing it on my chime and or cash app. Contacted golden nugget and they refused to issue me a new check even though I told them the app won’t read this check because it’s on the line. They forced me to go to a Bank of America out of my way and acted like I was lying about it. Stating every check is the same which it absolutely is not. I love the app when it works and if customer support was more accommodating that would give it 5 stars.
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3 years ago, Garyh35
Not what it used to be
Hate to write this review! I won and lost thousands of dollars on this app. Never had an issue. Was surprised to actually win BIG many, many times. Nothing bad to say about this app, until now. It seems over the past couple months, things have changed. I had found several slots that actually paid out more than others. Played them month after month, losses, big wins etc. I had a nice little thing going, yes, I had losses, but I won significant amounts over and over. Suddenly, they said manufacturers are pulling some machines with no explanation. Go figure, the EXACT machines I was winning on, ALL GONE! It’s too much of a coincidence, they shut me down. I played 6 slots all the time for months. Now, those exact 6 slots have all been taken down? All From different gaming companies? Lately, I play, and seem to maybe only win back the money I put in. No more big wins, no more going on a winning streak. Things are changing and I’m not so sure about the this app or any casino app.
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1 year ago, garettros
Held money / poor support
I tried this app and placed $1000 deposit. To find out that the app actually didn’t work because there were multiple errors. I attempted to call customer service and use the chat feature which resulted in a whole time of 30 minutes and then ended phone call on their end. It’s been six days since I put the money in and six days since I withdrew the money. I have yet to receive the money in the PayPal account. The only correspondence that I received was through email. It didn’t respond to my inkquiry into why I hadn’t received my withdrawal yet, only, why I had withdrew my money so soon and hadn’t bet. I have used several other online casino/sports books where the deposit/withdrawal process takes a maximum of 48 hours. I am starting to get a little bit concerned with this process and think that maybe they don’t know what they’re doing. I would highly recommend staying away from this app.
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3 years ago, Cindyrella-5
Don’t play here!!! Warning
Every 5 star review you see Was most likely left by company employees or paid reviewers. It won’t be fun when they steal every cent you have available for Play. I couldn’t believe that they’d do this and kept depositing , hoping for a win. How can they be this greedy???? On top of that they took it really fast because any wins on the games which are really rare are like 2 cents, 5 cents. If they even give you a anything at all it’s like $10 in the first couple seconds after you make your deposit then they take it right back. So far the worst casino. Suddenly during play if I did win a rare $3 or something like that the game would shut down and message would say my account has been banned!!!! I’d have to log into the casino to start over. What a hassle. This customer is going elsewhere to play. Good bye Golden Crap. Good luck seeing an honest review since they show ones from 2 years ago.
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2 years ago, Philip4994
Really poor payouts live dealer or slots
My original review was removed from here when. I wrote about your ridiculously bad odds on live dealer games and listed reasons why. That was removed so ill keep it simple. Im a 3 year VIP here but only play here if I have won on literally any other online casino i play at. I wont play more that 100 because you will not win. The payouts are small and very rare for slots and worse for live dealer. The last 30 days I have won on OTHER sites 6000, 2800, and 4400. Thats on a combination of slots or live dealers. Thats for a reference about how I usually like to bet. On here invest no more than 100 because you will never hit anything worth it. Hopefully they can do something to make this a more fun site to play on. Im no longer playing here for entertainment value either. Best of luck to everyone that decides to play here from the bottom of my heart.
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1 year ago, cwright1986
My apps on my phone were deleted Abd when I reinstalled Golden Nugget somehow the née Jersey app was installed instead of Michigan and the app only notified me that I couldn’t play after they received my deposit I’ve been waiting over 24 hours now for the withdraw to process so I can deposit it back into the right casino because for some reason they could not just transfer it to Michigan and of course they are taking their sweet time to do so… I probably won’t even Make the deposit by the time I get it back because clearly I wanted to play when I made it in the first place not days later and seriously what could possibly take it days to process in the first place?!
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5 years ago, nickname0009988
Rigged ???
So I was playing a little bit in the live roulette, the one that is the casino floor, was winning and loosing up and down and then I made a huge bet on the number 4 area , guess what number 4 came in, but instead of giving me the winnings it gave me back the bet I made, then I did a repeat bet and 33 came in wich had also a high stake, so yeah you guessed right same thing they jus gave me my bet back instead of winnings, I just made a rebet and 00 came in and now yeah they took my money, when I called support and sent them the recorded video that I had from the plays (always record when you play online casino) the representative just laughed and told me in a fun voice “ohhhh so sorryyy” we welcome you to deposit and keep on playing. Nice app lol... don’t bother you’ll not win here :).
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1 month ago, ellen00009
I won 4 weeks ago. Still haven’t been paid
This is ridiculous, it should not take this long for me to receive the money I won. when you deposit they take your money instantly with no problem, but when it’s time to pay you all of a sudden I need to send photos of my license and a utility bill. And wait for that to be verified, and then wait for them to process my withdrawal, and then wait for the withdrawal to hit my account. Which has yet to happen almost a month after I won. I’m starting to think I’m never going to see my winnings. Customer support agents all tell you the same thing and there is nothing they can do about it but escalate and wait.
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3 years ago, Nymustafa0105
Amazing casino very safe and secure. And fast when withdraw they have different options to pay you i use their vip preferred where you add ur bank routing and account number. The process is smooth the verification process is smooth . The bonus promotions are great. And the games are amazing they have live tables where the dealer is live in the property right now. So all is legit. Iv played supper high bets with golden nuggets did well many times. Lost sometimes but thats yes i highly recommend it. The games are fair and not programmed like borgata.
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1 year ago, ? :( ?
Garbage Since “NEW” Update
Ever since GN made u update the app to the new interface more than 1/2 the games fail to launch. They open then immediately close saying there is a problem. The new change to the layout is absolutely horrible. Once the go to app for online gaming is now a useless piece of garbage. Not sure why every time something is good they find a way to screw it up with a “new and improved” update. Go back to th old layout. Stuff is hard to find and not user friendly. Here’s a winning bet, I bet this platform loses 30-40% of its customers to another online platform NOT affiliated with Golden Nugget! Horrible, just horrible
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3 years ago, The real A$
Great customer service
I’m a blackjack player. First anyone that says it’s “rigged” or a “scam” is just a sore loser. The game is perfectly fair I definitely do my fair share of losing, but I catch my streaks too. It’s the same as in a casino. Main reason I’d recommend is customer service. I had two issues that were addressed immediately and they were very polite and friendly. Very comforting to know that they will answer immediately when you have questions about money.
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2 years ago, javi_insane
True warning Do not play here
I have been playing for months here started good lately it's been terrible. I just tried something to prove the fact that they will literally take your money. For the past week I have been testing the app playing in demo and then playing real different games. Seems in demo you win money you lose I am not being a sore loser, I understand how casinos work and that they are a business, but I just literally signed and played demo a game with an X amount that won wonderfully I immediately deposited $300 played the same game same bet lost the amount in less that 3 minutes. Be careful go elsewhere
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3 years ago, mab3204
Canceled hand when I had black jack
The dealer canceled my hand in the middle of the cards being delt for some unapparent reason when I had black jack. I was not paid for my black jack and my bet was refunded. I then contacted customer service via live chat to find out why this happened. The customer service agent was unable to tell me why the hand was canceled and said he would email the live dealer to find out. Never received an answer. I’ve played black jack for years at live casinos, and was under the impression once the cards were delt the hand was played, apparently golden nugget online casino reserves the right to cancel your hand with out providing a reason and not pay u.
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2 years ago, joshg732
I avoid this casino - here’s why
I usually play on palacasino, virgin, Tropicana, betfair, stardustcasino, harrah’s, Caesar’s, sugarhouse, etc. Only one with an overall loss way below odds for blackjack is this one. Literally, the dealer out of thousands of bets has five times more blackjacks than I do. Maybe I’m missing something but out of maybe 5000 blackjack bets my rtp is way below what it should be. That’s why I avoid this online casino. Would be good if these had reports of overall win/loss for individual games so I can analyze this more carefully, but that’s been my experience.
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12 months ago, Honest Gambler
From my view - This Site is Super Tight and Brutal!!!
Anyone ever pay attention and notice that when you do not play on a online casino website often as in Golden Nuggets case here and you try a new casino slot game. You get a teaser win. You play it back. And then going forward if you try the same game again it tightens up incredibly and bonus payouts drop drastically also! All casino games in my “opinion” are 100% controlled and programmed based on how much players deposit and their financial status if the casino has knowledge of it. The random number generator is a bunch of crap in my view.
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2 years ago, LeetLeet
iOS error
So since Apple did the iOS 15 update, the majority of the time I try logging on I get an error message to contact support. I did over 2 weeks ago and finally could log in yesterday. Then conveniently when I got a bonus, I get kicked out of the app and couldn’t log in. It took multiple tries of going to the website and then being redirected to the app before I could log in again. Then it happened again! Please fix the app because I’m sure I’m not the only Apple user getting frustrated.
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5 months ago, S Dotter
Bad customer service
This isn’t my first rodeo with G.N but the operator told me to play through my money because I’m not going to be able to withdraw because I put PayPal’s account and routing numbers in my vip preferred and it locked you withdraws but not my deposits. Never received any messages back nor anything else so I played and lost over a thousand dollars. Uninstalling today after 3 years.
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3 years ago, lliiiisssaaaa
They take your money but don’t pay it back in withdrawals
They had no problem taking my money when I would deposit money but I went to do a withdrawal and they said I needed proof of my paypal account I spoke to paypal and they should be able to verify on their end without proof although I did send them multiple screenshots of my account anyway.... I have wrote to them about 5 times now and no one has got back to me I tried live chat and calling and NOTHING! ... this is clearly the absolute worst online gaming app I have had no issues with ANY OTHER casino app just this golden nugget. DO NOT USE UNLESS YOU WANA JUST WASTE YOUR MONEY AND NEVER SEE YOUR WINNINGS AND WITHDRAWLS
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3 years ago, 177285600438
Definitely the best online gambling experience
I love golden nugget online casino, absolutely worth the download. Many fun gambling and iGaming experiences, that seem to make it easier to make money! I think any 1 star review here has to just be frustrated gamblers.... I have made money from golden nugget, and will continue to play. No point in going elsewhere !!
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2 years ago, DeronJames
Avoid this rip off site
I have played many gambling apps for fun. You know how you gave money and feel like “well, with 96% payout, I have to get some money back”. Nothing, zero, zilch, nada! Never once did I win anything meaningful and trust me, I didn’t bet only a few times…. Hundreds and hundreds of spins. Comparatively, BetMGM, I have learned through experience that they are fair, allow you to win and yes, sometimes much more than you deposited. GOLDEN NUGGET is NOT in it for the long haul and will lose many patrons with their tight, rip off slots. Avoid even going here. Period!
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2 years ago, no longer customer
Disgusting is the only word I can think of for this site..
Loss after loss.. They will rob every penny you have. The Sportsbook glitches non stop and keeps refreshing for no reason and then cancels out all your bets. I’ve won big on this site in the past but lately they are just trying to recoup all the funds I’ve won with no chance of any hits. You can go thousands of dollars without a single bonus!!Go to SugarHouse as that site has the fairest play I’ve seen. This one has gone way down hill since I’ve started a few years back.
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4 years ago, shame1980
Fair online casino
I have tried multiple online casinos golden nugget by far is the best online casino I have lost a few but I have one more than I lost. they seem very fair. You just Gotta know when to stop when you’re up it’s gambling people when you win stop take a break that’s how you really win thanks for being fair golden nugget
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4 years ago, ManahawkinT
Great Games and Support
Love this app, games are great. The support team is great, especially Todd, Katie and Jan. They go out of their way to ensure any problem gets rectified. Wish there was a way to claim a bonus after making a PayNearMe cash deposit, it’s a lot to have to call support to have them add it for you but they do it happily. Divine Fortune and Astronomical Magic are great slots!!
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3 years ago, salas91heavy
Most games I’ve seen
Lots of games to choose from and safe and secure payment/withdrawal options. Two of the most important things I look for. As this company expands, I hope and expect them to work on improving their user interface to compete with the plethora of companies entering the market.
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5 years ago, Mcicchine
Don't believe the fake reviews
I downloaded this to test its validity and the algorithm. The algorithm is rigged. When playing table games like Blackjack, it gives you the illusion that you're winning your first few hands. But after you win a few times, the dealer will always have one card point higher than yours (blackjack). If you count the cards, you'll see that the card numbers don't match a full deck or standard eight decks. Honestly, do you think they would create a program and leave it up to chance and luck?
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3 years ago, Luckyrice21
A great way to have some casino fun and bet!!
Been playing for quite awhile now. I had gotten lucky!!! Basically been playing free roll for awhile now. It kills time and when I see a game to bet on it is very quick and I have won a lot. Very good interface and I can’t complain much.
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2 years ago, Terrible absolute terrible
Tried to download and get the promotion for 100% match and 200 free spins. Signed up, gave all info and then proceeded to upload DL and proof of residence. Now hear me out. They then after I sent that decided they also wanted a copy of my social security card. All before I even deposited money. I could understand asking for my social if I hit a handpay before I could withdraw. But not ask for a copy of the card ever. Especially not before depositing money. You don’t go into a casino and them demand your SSC when you walk in the door. I’ll stick with more reputable online casinos like Draft Kings and Borgata. Terrible experience. This should not be something that is asked for until a large payout is needed. They simply don’t want to do the deposit match or give free games.
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4 years ago, jpa2141
Beware of bonuses before you play
This app does not allow you to take out your bonus until you wager 10x what you put in and they only count 25 cents on the dollar if playing table games toward that wager amount. So if you put in 200 dollars you would have to wager 8,000 dollars. Furthermore, if you go below your cash deposited and start using the bonus your winnings do not go to cash they go to the bonus, which you can not take out until you wager the above mentioned 10x the bonus. Really felt very scammy. Beware.
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6 months ago, Kaquariuskris
This is the worst, the customer service is horrible I guess they pick and choose who they want on the gambling app because I sent all my information to them and they haven’t replied back in days I was sending them messages and they just don’t respond I use other online gaming apps and they are awesome with customer service and everything but this Golden Nugget is horrible maybe the need to be firing people that don’t like to do their jobs
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4 years ago, Khenny4004
Worst casino app
This is one of the worst casino app I have seen first time bonus they didn’t give me I contacted support they told me to submit my proof of identity then I uploaded my license then they are asking proof of address either bank statements, or insurance or utility bill come on why should I give them my personal documents to get my first time promotion amount deposited into my account if I am withdrawing money from account then it’s fine but to get my promotion amount which they posted in the app they are not giving BIG SCAM CASINO I WILL NEVER EVER COMEBACK
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5 years ago, Frankie no nugget
0 stars
This app is the worst. I was playing live roulette on few different occasions. I would place my bet and when number would hit would say no bet placed and give me back the money I bet with no winnings. Reasoning that I wasn’t in NJ which I was m. So I was just playing for 30 min np then I just happened to step out of NJ when I hit a number that pays big? Never happened when I missed a number only when it was in their favor. Using Borgata app now and haven’t had any of the problems I had with this app.
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3 years ago, ryanweiwu
BEST & LEGIT Online Gambling
This is the most legit gambling app I’ve used so far. I’ve tried others like rush street, etc. and all of them just scammed my money. Golden Nugget is the only name I trust now! People from other companies wrote fake reviews, but trust me this is the best app out there.
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5 months ago, jrsygrl4476
Golden nugget used to be fair, they are at first but after playing a little while, just like the rest, you stop winning, kind of strange how you would win here and there then all the sudden nothing at all, only won maybe 3 times, haven’t won anything I’m quite a long time. They are all rigged, only maybe 2 casinos that have been fair the whole time. Lost a customer and I play daily. Not donating my money to golden nugget anymore.
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1 year ago, The lone bamf
Bad odds
They give you a deposit match bonus all with fine print. First you play your money then the bonus. But no matter what you can’t withdrawal until you wager 10 times the amount you deposit and it’s worth even less in table games. A $100 deposit and you have to wager 40 TIMES YOUR MONEY to get a withdrawal or forfeit it. I won over $500 playing and bet even more and still couldn’t withdrawal with a $100 deposit. PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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4 years ago, Army Vet Robert
You have to be in New Jersey to use this. The demo games worked great. Logged in and put $25 down. In fine print it says you MUST be in NJ to use this app for real money. Screenshotted their “online chat” backpeddling and making excuses. Is there a gambling commission or biard in New Jersey? They need to know these crooks are defrauding out of state people. Also, have reported to the bank as fraud; which it is because I was not EXPLICITLY AWARE of their one requirement, and gave an out of state address, but was allowed to deposit anyways. WOW!
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2 years ago, yourkiddn
Not sure if this is coincidence, but it seems like if I play slots and I win a round or 2 and go to another game I lose immediately, also playing live blackjack isn’t all that either I still think they have a way of having the cards come out in their favor especially when the dealer has a 10 card showing most of the time. Don’t waste your time or $$ on this site.
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1 month ago, dgyrddrthnkyddrgh
Withdrawal issues
Up to 48 hour threshold is a lie. This only applies to nominal amounts. Anything of value you better hope they aren’t on vacation. Currently made a withdrawal on Sunday night with all information green check marked and now is Wednesday evening with the withdrawals still pending. Connectivity has improved since previous years. Support still lacks a bit as well as the big holding money hostage.
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2 years ago, 83188318
Not happy
Fix the issues with iPhone. This has been going on since December. I keep repeating your trouble shooting fixes for like 20 minutes of play. Also fix your withdrawal issues that the withdrawal will sit pending for like a week until you contact cs or vip. I been a loyal customer since the launch of this online casino. It is terrible I have to give this review but enough is enough.
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1 year ago, luueee2
Glitch not allowing slot play
After this new update I can’t even play any slots at ALL. Customer service says to re download the app. Then clear cache and day. Turn off phone reconnect to wifi still same issue. This happened after new update which is terrible this has to get fixed asap!!!!! I know I’m not the only one with same problem !!!!! Get it together golden nugget!!!!!
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3 years ago, crap casino
On boarding bonus is scam
Let’s talk the first deposit match - let’s say you deposit 1k and they match you 1k. When you lose they take from your actual cash balance. When you win they put it towards your “rewards bonus”. In order to cash out your rewards bonus you need to play 10x your deposit and match so 20k. If your playing table games you need to wager 4 times that, so 80k. Complete scam.
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3 years ago, eurotrashgirl
App runs perfectly and game are great, love the live events, truly through future of online gaming. Learn to stay within your limits and you’ll experience great entertainment.
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3 years ago, AndyIfd
Don’t like the fact that it takes 48hrs to get a payout!! Unless of course you are supposed in line to get a bonus based on how much you gamble.. I was getting ready for a $200 payout which I thought was gonna take 48hrs like it always took but this time it took 12 hours!! Just in time to cancel out my bonus.. Soooooo Dirty!! Plus the app constantly and I mean constantly restarts and restarts!! So annoying .. I’ve also experienced payouts that took 72hrs!!
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6 months ago, TheDukeofAwesome117
Locked out of account/no access to money
I was locked out of my account after opening it and placing one bet. I have contacted support multiple times and they said I have to provide 3 documents to prove my identity. I did that and still was not given access. It has been nearly a month. They have basically stolen $500 from me. I would not use this app.
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1 year ago, crhenson83
Worst payouts
If you’re looking to just lose money this is the casino for you. The golden nugget isn’t the online casino to be able to play for entertainment. I’ve played most of the online casinos and I would rate the golden nugget the worst. I spend a good amount of money on these casinos just to rate them. Most of the other online casinos payout to keep you playing but the golden nugget just takes.
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4 years ago, Littletmv
unfair and rude! read below
i was playing a slot for $10 a spin. after dumping tons of money, I finally hit the bonus round. It malfunctioned. i called them to see what they could do, they were nasty and said, we will refund your $10 wager. I spent about $500 to hit this bonus round, and $10 wager refunded?! Something similar happened on Sugarhouse casino, they fought with slot vendor, and got no where. But they gave me $150 in bonus money. STAY AWAY FROM GOLDEN NUGGET,UNLESS YOU DONT MIND GIVING YOUR MONEY AWAY.
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1 year ago, Ween12345678
iPhone users
If you are an iPhone user in NJ and are using the latest update IOS 15.5 then DO NOT use this App unless you plan on using it on another device. They are not compatible. Golden Nugget has been aware of this since October but has not been able to fix the problem. Of course they don’t tell you that before you sign up. Player Beware.
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