Goldenwest Mobile Banking

4.8 (14.8K)
107.7 MB
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Current version
Goldenwest Credit Union
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Goldenwest Mobile Banking

4.79 out of 5
14.8K Ratings
2 years ago, bleuberrybird
Simple, Straightforward, Never Goes Down (10 Yr Member)
I’ve been banking with GWCU for over 10years, & have only found myself facing problems with their mobile app on a couple of occasions, if that. I even moved all the way to Minnesota & kept banking with Goldenwest because I didn’t lose any capabilities - everything you might need to do, you can either do on the app, or call in & a real human will personally help you solve your problem. Highly recomment GWCU & their app to any Utahns looking.
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2 years ago, Mickey The Very Angry
Old interface was better, this new update over complicated things
The app just got recently updated including a complete GUI overhaul and it’s horrible. The old interface was so much easier to manage and very straight forward. I can’t find where anything is on this new interface and what I have been able to find so far, is over complicated when you compare it to the old update. Example: credit card or loan payments. It used to let you right on login if there was a balance due and when it would be due. This new interface requires I click into the loan and find where and when it’ll be due. Why can’t they have the info up front like they used to? The other issue I’ve been running into is the constant crashes in this app, the old one used to never crash- this new interface updated app has crashed 3 times in less than 5 minutes. I’m on a newer iPhone and I always close out apps not in use, so it’s not a memory issue. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! GWCU, please go back to the old interface or work on improving this new interface. As it currently sits, this is unusable.
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2 years ago, nateprice1969
Good but wish it had some features
Works well for checking balances and finding expenditures. I wish it had an easy way to schedule car payments that are paid to GWCU. If it’s an outside vendor I just use their automatic payment section and set it up but I can’t do that directly on the GWCU app. Also I wish there was a way to check CC rewards balance and prizes directly on the app. I’ve had to separately login to the website but forgotten the password and been locked out of my account. Only way to unlock is go to a branch which I don’t get a chance very often. Would be nice if the rewards were right in the app. Otherwise easy app to use. Love that it has Face ID bc remembering a thousand passwords is no fun.
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1 year ago, JessDeWill
I would have given 5 star but you changed the way you do transfers and it is more complicated plus harder to see account names. Just really don’t like the new updated transfers. I like simple but you made way more complicated. I also preferred the way USUCU showed account activity. Yours doesn’t read as well. Otherwise the app is okay. I do love how is it easier to transfer and save other accounts that are friends to pay them easier. I also liked the old version of looking at accounts. You have made it harder to read I wish it read better. And the print is smaller. Please change the looking at accounts and accounts activity to what you have on your photos showing the app
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5 years ago, ThaneQ
Great improvements, please keep improving
I really like the Touch ID and improved interface. The app works well and now allows me to see all the information I wanted from the website. I LOVE being able to deposit checks remotely, however the process is painful. Why can't I use the flash to improve the picture? Why does it erase everything and make me start over if there is something wrong with the image? Why do I have to select my checking account if that is the only choice? Sometimes it takes me several tries to get a check deposit to work, but it is still easier than going to the credit union. Thanks for the progress and technology adoption.
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1 year ago, 1234mophead
You could make the app better by making it easier to transfer. It is hard to tell what and where I am transferring especially when I transfer to another person. At a previous credit union you just need their last name and account number then it asks checking or savings you don’t need the added number like 0090 or whatever it is. And why do I need a nick name they are all taken
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5 years ago, AO SLP
Great Mobile App, good mobile Deposit
The app works great on my iPad, even allows me to look up routing numbers etc. while away from Wi-Fi! I especially appreciate the Mobile Deposit option for checks, as I have moved out of state and want to keep my GWCU advantages, the only frustration is that one of my employers uses electronic check printing and the app doesn’t recognize the printed signature as valid, so I have to deposit that one in another bank. The use of a flashlight helps keep my picture quality high enough for all other checks.
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5 years ago, Pastor Bob PTWM
Great mobile banking app
Great app with a few more adjustments it would be awesome. The transfer function should show debit card full payoff amount with interest.. I have to guess and make 2 transfers, or logon to the full site. Secondly mobile bill pay should let you edit an existing action in que like the full site allows. The card control function it’s life saver. I can turn them off until I find my wallet 😬
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2 years ago, GraphNick
Pain to switch accounts
With the latest update it is a pain to switch accounts from my personal to my business account. It used to have the option to click onto another account to easily switch to so that face ID could then log into that account, but now that is no longer available and must manually type full username/password to switch accounts. Please make it easier to switch accounts like it used to be. Other than that, the app has worked great overall.
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2 years ago, JustanIrishlad
Gets stuck
The latest version of this app is horrible, buggy, slow, non-intuitive and crashes frequently, even before displaying the sign on fields in some cases, and this is on an iPhone 12. First of all, the password requirements changed and you can no longer use Touch/Face ID with it. It gets stuck when trying to login and will not allow you to confirm your personal info. A very generic message “an error occurred processing your request, please try again” which cannot be bypassed. Fix this mess and tell CUNA to do better software testing before forcing these updates onto their customers and ultimately CU members.
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4 years ago, TheMovieM8niac
Great for Saving—Difficult to Retrieve
There are interesting blocks, such as accessing your account, without “special permissions.” And to use the ATM, your card must be slipped in 2x. I’m unsure if that’s some bizarre security method or what, but it tends to catch me off-guard—especially when I’m in a hurry. The people are what make Goldenwest a success. I had a check no one would take, from an attorney no less, that wound up costing me numerous late fees. I ended up going to the bank it was written from, cashing it, and inserting the funds into my account. Because the fees accrued over the weekend, I lost a lot of money!
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4 years ago,
Golden west staff at corporate office are awesome
I’ve worked with the staff at the office of Goldenwest credit Union several times the office manager is incredible and the tellers do a great job at making sure everything is done correctly. Utah’s only nonprofit credit union deserves to have the most customers in the state. They are the only credit union that actually gives back to their customers.
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2 years ago, Maddie5623
Do not like the new update
I loved the GWCU app before this latest update. I don’t write reviews on apps, but this deserves it. The old version was so easy to use and navigate. It had fun colors, and overall was a good app. The redesign is awful! It’s boring and with this new update it required me to re-verify info. I find the new version to be a little more irritating to navigate, when everything you needed basically was on the Home Screen in the old. Change bugs that need to be fixed but go back to the old design!!
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2 years ago, Vidal.
Poor update
I have to say I used to love this app. The user interface was awesome, it was bold in its coloring with deposits and withdrawals. But the update is HORRENDOUS. More than half the time the login malfunctions and it says something went wrong. The interface has gone down the tubes. It’s hard to make sense of my statements now. I feel like they went with a cheaper design because the other one might have been too costly or something. It’s really disappointing.
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1 year ago, Dog_k9
Mobile deposit
I am giving this a one star. I have tried to deposit check or checks lots of time and it completely fails to deposit.. When a developer makes a app and publishes it you would expect it work right. I tried the update and it’s a no go.. I go through the automated process.. Put the account in which i want it to go into, then put in the amount and then it auto takes photos of the front and back. Then gives me a pop up of try again or start over. This is so frustrating..
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1 year ago, Rickytickyt
Needs improvements
The app shows the basics and gives the basic functions to manage your finances. It even tries to give you financial insight by showing how much you spend in a month. However, if you have multiple accounts the spending is graphs are unclear because it does not account for the moving of money from one account to another. Also, showing how much money is coming would be an amazing and important feature to include to show how much money you should be spending or how much you should reduce your savings.
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3 years ago, RMG6990
Decent app! Has room to grow!
Pretty awesome app. Just wish it had a newer update to give the software/look a facelift. And make log in credentials work on a consistent basis, rather than not accept my Face ID and have me put my password in to authorize myself in order to reactivate my Face ID yet again.
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5 years ago, Babaca de Macaco
Works, but when issues were found GWCU didn’t want to help.
The app seemed to work fine but for some reason stopped working for my mobile deposits. When I called customer service they seemed rather indifferent but the mobile deposit worked with MACU’s app. I tried again (about six months later) and it still won’t work. I deleted the app and reinstalled it and it doesn’t work. I was with Heath Care Credit Union for almost 30 years and ever since the merger I have been unimpressed. Needless to say I am switching credit unions.
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2 years ago, Edconger
New layout is terrible
First off if I didn’t trust GWCU and need to use the app I would have deleted it. It felt wrong to input my social to log in, then to be forced to create a new password because they changed app version was ridiculous. Now the new layout is so plain, doesn’t make sense at a glance, and the font is small(and I’m not that old). My kids and mother all complained about it. Definitely a downgrade from previous version. Hopefully I will just get used to it or find something they added that makes it better.
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4 years ago, Chave3034
It’s an okay app
I thankfully always have some money in my savings but I feel like the math is always off. The available balance is always different from when charges do clear my account, it’s just frustrating for budget reasons. I have also talked to a few people and they express the same frustration with the app. I also sometimes have issues with the app actually working and my phone is up to date. Everything else on my phone works fine.
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2 years ago, DallynZ
New update is a big step backward
This is literally my first review. That shows how bad this new update is. Nothing was wrong with the new app and now it’s like they’ve stepped 10 years back. I can’t have an easy drop down to switch between my personal and business accounts anymore, it’s crashed multiple times, facial recognition hasn’t worked correctly, the interface is now clunky and not intuitive at all. Why break something when what they had worked just fine?
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2 years ago, qtsatie
Customer Care
Called in because I had made a double payment to my auto loan and the bank didn’t show it as a double payment. Received excellent service from Taylor and she got an override and got it fixed for me. Excellent service always equals happy customer..
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6 years ago, pgbean56
Change for the sake of change
I'm partly satisfied with the new version, but one significant question; what is the sense of providing a $$ limit exceeded alert if you don't show the transaction amount. What used to take but a moment to review and dismiss a known transaction now takes several minutes to login, search through all transactions, then decide that the transaction was OK. If the app is that starved for attention give it a roommate.
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1 year ago, WattMachine
Mobile check deposit
Great app for everything except the mobile deposit. Every app version I’ve had it never seems to let me actually deposit, you fix that this app would be perfect.
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1 year ago, john 909
This new app update is horrible
You know a banking app is bad when it’s the slowest app on your phone. Ever since they changed the outlay of the app it’s been slow and I have a hard time being able to transfer my money. It just says that the last request timed out. I hate having to stress every time I need to transfer money in the store and worry about my app not loading. Please fix these and make the app usable.
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6 years ago, Willy15wh
PayPal etc
Hi hate how I can never confirm my checking account with PayPal because they say they have deposited so much in my Gwcu account and it never shows up so I end up having to use my other bank even though most of my money's is in Gwcu - looks like I should allocate more of my money at the other bank.
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5 years ago, NotJessePinkman
Great app, even better service
Alright, so the largest reason I’m giving 5 stars is because the employees at the branch that helped me open an account where absolutely amazing. The app is super easy and nice to use. It has graphs for you. Super nice and convenient, I’m sure I’ll bank with these guys for a long amount of time (:
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2 years ago, Mom Green
Logs you out every time
Goldenwest had the best finance app until they updated it. Now it logs me out after every time I use it. I used to be able to use biometric authentication to get it but now I have to enter my password every time. It’s super annoying. Other than that the app is fine. You can do travel notifications and mobile deposits which is nice because a lot of credit unions don’t have that.
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4 years ago, MJP_300
Easy app, but could use some added features.
I really appreciate the quick and easy access to my accounts. The main feature I would like to see added is the ability to make notation on transactions. I am able to do this online, but it would be good to be able on the mobile app.
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6 years ago, Clemdarling
The app on Iphone
The app on iPhone seems to not like to share transactions, my phone is up to date, uninstall and reinstall the app but it still will not show me transactions. That needs to be fixed, aside from that GWCU is my long time bank and have been good to me so no complaints here
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6 years ago, Aspen83
I love this app. It is so convenient. On your full web site you have the option of adding a comment when transferring money from your accounts. Is there any possible way you can update the mobile app so that it has that option as well?
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2 years ago, allie jane thomas
Can we get the old app back??
I’m sad because I loved the old app. It was so user friendly, quick, and simple. This new update is slow, confusing, and buggy. It doesn’t ever save my Face ID not my password. Transferring money from accounts is tricky especially considering how simple it was on the old app. I convinced my husband to stay with GW because I loved the app so much. I’m not a text savvy person so I really might have to switch banks because of how tough the app has been for me. :(
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4 years ago, TravelingTimbo
Hard to manage child accounts
It works well for your basic needs, I would like to see however an option to easily transfer money to child accounts (and check balances for them) without having to look up their account and share number to do so.
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6 years ago, WP Child
Visibility of Multiple Accounts
It would be nice if the mobile app would allow for multiple accounts to be seen on one screen at one time rather than having to look at one and then exit and signin to another. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Bass#40
This app has been such a great tool for me. It has really helped me to be able to manage my account, transfer my child support and deposit checks without much effort. Really who likes to go to the bank not me. Thanks GWCU for making my banking experience much easier.
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7 years ago, D #1 Josh
Missing some features like being able to switch between business and personal accounts, no access to business bill pay
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2 years ago, Mrsuperman171
Horrible after update
The big update they made has made the app buggy, and losing some really useful features like rapid account switching and multi-account snapshots as well as more intuitive analytics tools. I wish people didn’t “fix” things that aren’t broken. This app is a pain to use now.
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1 year ago, jimsudz
Good changes made to app
Changes made to online banking makes it easier for me to use. Nice format, more intuitive, easy to see balance in multiple accounts.
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4 years ago, vamprissj
My transfers
I really love the app but I wish there was a way they could help me link my two accounts. so I could transfer money into the other with ease. so I don’t have to call all the time. that is one thing I really hate!
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2 years ago, hubblebubb0
Terrible update
The app was recently updated to a cleaner version but I hate because it take forever to open up it doesn’t tell me the total I have left after I spent money on something and overall the whole app is just a mess and I really want it changed I don’t want to have to wait 10 minutes just to see what’s in my account
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5 years ago, Shadowowner
Like the updates however mobile deposit...
This is a nice app however I’m not liking the mobile deposit not working on certain types of checks.
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5 years ago, Dub D 801
Having issues w/mobile deposit
Mobile deposit was working great, until recently. Now i cant deposit my check. It says (check amount can not be read front and back image can not be processed). Ive been trying for 2 days and i keep getting the same issue. Ive never had an issue before with depositing my payroll Check until now, please fix.
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2 years ago, Michael W. McCormick
Modern era
Happy to be able to transfer funds from external accounts, something that was missing before this version.
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2 years ago, 6hansens
This app is pretty much useless. The only good thing about it is the ability to check balances. The way it's set up, I am unable to make transfers from one account to the other. I have to go to my computer to make transfers. They need to update their technology.
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2 years ago, Master Dodger
Hate the new interface
Why did you change it? The old interface was way better!!
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1 year ago, JASS801
Happy with GWCU
I’ve been a member since January 2022. I’ve been treated wonderfully. It’s very different from other credit unions because it’s smaller, less waiting and very friendly employees.
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2 years ago, aspenshannon
New update
Fonts are way to small. The deposits are no longer a green you can actually see. And where did p2p go? It was a great future that my family used all the time and we can’t find it anymore. All in all not as user friendly as before.
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8 months ago, Sleeps-Well-:)
This app makes me want to change banks
I banks with USUCU. The bank itself is great. However, I HATE this app. It makes me want to change banks. There is always “scheduled maintenance.” It’s 8:30 in the morning. I’d love to take care of some bills this morning, but my app isn’t working yet again. If I had known that this app and online banking would be unavailable so frequently, I would have gone to bank elsewhere.
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3 years ago, Author of "In Good taste"
Inline banking assistance for your Herriman Branch
I was assisted by your representative, Raegan, who showed me nothing but professionalism, knowledge, and extreme patience. She is a delightful person to work with under strenuous circumstances. She is an asset to Golden West Credit Union. Please thank her for me. Nancy Miles
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5 years ago, thelid2106
Touch ID always works and is extremely convenient. It’s nice to be able to check my balance m, transfer between accounts, and make online deposits!
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