5 (8)
78.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kevin Calderone
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Gomi

5 out of 5
8 Ratings
7 years ago, DestroyerArcher
Deceptively simple
On the surface, Gomi seems like an easy, braindead platformer that does not require any thought. Upon playing the game though, you learn that there is more thinking involved in eating waste than it initially seems. To achieve the achievements for each level, you have to plan how to continuously eat items to get the achievements. However, the boss fights make the game an interesting experience. Unlike many platformers, you mostly have to target weak spots in the boss to beat the boss. There are other boss level scenarios aside from tackling weak points, though, such as stopping a forest fire. The only annoying thing about the boss fights is that even for the multi-phase bosses in the regular mode, there are no check points for each phase of the boss you go through, making the boss fights sometimes be more tedious than fun. The soundtrack of the game is an electronic soundtrack that flows well with the game's simplistic graphics, allowing you to enjoy the experience more. However, Gomi also comes with 8 minigames that unlock as you beat bosses. Gomi's duality as a calming but difficult game surely makes an interesting game, being able to be a good game to play anywhere.
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15 years ago, Agent Geek
Many thanks!
Wow! I am really impressed with the originality of this game! It takes the simplicity of a 2d game and incorporates a 3d-like factor that makes it very enjoyable and replayable! You are continually unlocking new things, new Gomi's, and new minigames. The levels are well designed and fun to play. The normal levels are for just getting these achievments, which are very hard to get (too hard). And the bosses add a puzzle to the mix and are very challenging. The final boss takes it to an extreme, so I don't think very many peole will be able to beat it. Some of the bosses don't really give any indication of where you're supposed to attack them. A few of the minigames are more on the original side, but the rest are just boring. Oh, and the game is continually rotating, so some people may get sick from playing this game. I had to get used to the rotating feel of the game. Over all 9/10, and definately worth the price!
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15 years ago, Jonnoark
One of the best Apps I've played
Gomi is a seemingly simple game, but the more you play, the more complicated it gets. It is a fantastic game, all the way up to and including the final boss battle. It even comes with extra minigames along with the main game! Every world introduces new abilities to keep the game interesting, and unlocking new shapes and colors is an incentive to play all of the challenges instead of just speeding through each world. While the bosses can be difficult at times, the developers have posted a faq to help, but usually it isn't too hard to figure out how to win if you just play around a little. Overall this is a great app, I've probably spent the most time with it so far out of all the others, and I will play more just for the free play and the minigames, if not for the fun of repeating levels and boss battles. Great app.
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15 years ago, harlinshoe
Wow, one of the best!
I cannot rave enough about this game! It's casual enough to pick up and play whenever, but substantial enough gameplay to keep me satisfied and coming back. It has a very high replay value with each level having an original challenge followed by 2 more (which unlock free play mode for the level). I wish I could thank the developer personally, the game is really inspiring. Well worth the $2, I can't wait to see more. Light suggestions, a save system would be nice so exiting the game doesn't exit the level (only situationally annoying on boss fights and such). The mini-games are so creative and fun, but could could be tweaked to perfection with some small polishes, for example a sound effect that goes up a step in pitch for every combo in Gomi match. The game is wonderful, and deserves all of its five stars.
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14 years ago, Treefire
This game is very colorful and entertaining. It reminds me a lot of Rolando and Katamari. It would be cool if you added a small feature though. I have no way to tell what size thing I can eat except by trial and error. Maybe you could add a symbol in one of the corners that shows the size of object you can eat for example maybe a little balloon at first then a shopping cart the a car. It could change as you eat things. Other than that, I love the game. I'm excited to see what you guys come up with next.
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14 years ago, Emkashsnurplelover
Level 5 boss.
1st, use geyser to catch gomi on fire on the torches near the gate. Be careful not to use geyser when you are on fire or else the water will douse the flames out. Then, roll over to the TNT. It will blow up revealing a secret passage underground.  Roll all the way to the left and use geyser when the truck comes by. The truck will get stuck. Quickly roll back to the right and get out the hole you came in with geyser. Above ground, roll to the left where the truck is stuck and use geyser to activate the gate just like in the 1st world boss. The truck will get squished. Do the same thing from the  and down except on the other side.
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15 years ago, Bantug Household
Become a Gomi-Gamer!!
I absolutely love this app! If you're debating on whether to buy this one, there's NO question about it. It is DEFINITELY the one to get! I bought it about 3 days ago, and I couldn't put it down! My friends Creed and Mira (bro & sis) both have profiles and they're allwwaayyss asking, "Can I please play your phone of i-ness so I can play Gomi?" It is a 10 out of 10 game, but I have one question, how do you beat the boss on world 8 after you dismantle the legs? Anyone have any advice?
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15 years ago, dudesan
Must buy
With easy to learn gameplay, fun graphics, and a mix of Katamari and Loco Roco, you get a great game called Gomi. I personally was not a huge fan of Trace, but this game is an instant iPhone classic. If you buy it, do not be turned off at first by the slow rolling, you will get used to it and see that it is like that for a reason. With fun minigames that can stand alone as their own games, you should get Gomi while it's cheap, but even if they raise the price, get it.
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15 years ago, DindaZ
This game is by far my favorite game. The graphics are simple but amazing at the same time it is seriously worth the money! I'm stuck on the second boss but I still don't care If I can't beat it becase it has awesome minigames! I want to just let the creater know that this is the best game in the app store by far I even play it more than pocket god or touch grind or any of my other games! Great game! Get it you won't be disapointed!
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15 years ago, teamnigel
AppStore's Best Quality
I have to say that this is BY FAR one of the most quality games on the AppStore. Although graphics are not professional, they are more of a cute, fun environment that can please anyone ages 5 to 50. The overall gameplay is very active (plus it has no bugs!) and has an excellent replay value with an outstanding amount of levels. Totally worth the price!
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15 years ago, Mr Regret
I can't beat the first Boss stage
Am I doing something wrong? The level is impossible to beat. I've tried a few dozen very frustrating times. More dump trucks come and bring trash faster than the Gomi can move to pick it up (c'mon, Gomi moves VERY slowly!). The strategy to beat is not evident. Help! I am happy to change my rating. I love the game otherwise, but cant move forward until I beat this one level. Until then, it is just another useless app.
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14 years ago, baron1984
Way better than Rolondo
I bought this game to support the programer because I really like Trace and I'm so glad I did. It's something like Rolondo but the control is better. The graphics are cute. They remind me of my childhood :). Tons of (quality) content for very little money is a winner every time. Buy this game! And to the programmer: kudos on a job well done. Keep up the excellent work. 
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15 years ago, Rrz14
How to beat the first boss
For the first boss u have to lower the gates by hitting the red button above the gate. It is out of your reach for a normal jump so u have to jump on a truck and than jump from the truck to the red button. Do this to both sides of the gate and dump truks will no longer come there for making it extremely easy. Hope this helps
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15 years ago, Shumd
Good, but repetitive
Fairly priced for what it is, but I found most of the gameplay to be more work than challenge. The boss fights are much more interesting than the rest of the levels. The boss fights aren't hard besides the last one, which is extremely difficult (and could really use another checkpoint). Given the price it's worth a buy, especially if you figure in the minigames.
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15 years ago, Roheryn34
Absolutely awesome!!!!!!
Worth buying!! Fun, intuitive and creative!!! Must have!!! I see a lot of people are having trouble with the first 2 boss's... And I admit I had trouble for awhile... I just kept at it and looked around and got it... It's just hard enough for me! I love this game!!! The creator states that help is on the Gomi website. If u are having problems, I'm sure they are happy to help!
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15 years ago, Some stranger you aren't gonna meet
This is a fantastical app brilliantly put together that will take you over a weak to deafeat. There are many minigames and challenging boss levels. You can't go wrong with this. Everyone who doesn't like this game are the people that the gomies eat. The graphics are excellent and very fun. This app is delightful and will keep you occupied for a really long time
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15 years ago, dgmayard
Bang for your buck
I absolutely love Trace so I had to check this out. If you were a fan of the amount of content you got in Trace then you will agree that this is a lot of game for the money. The more I play the more I find. Online highscores whoop! Nice job Kevin **UPDATE** These minigames are legit! This game is kind of addicting once you get into it. You get superspeed after world 3 
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15 years ago, Adam Falgout
Big time
Awesome game, my friends who play trace got this game and said it was legit so going off what they said, I bought Gomi and it's well worth the money. More content than you'd expect and lots of depth and detail. The only thing maybe, it needs a sort of meter to know when you can eat-up the next big thing etc... Great job Kevin.
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15 years ago, Jenny8588
What a great game!!
I am really impressed with this game. It provides hours of play time and it is so fun. This is my favorite game on my iPhone now. I also enjoy how challenging it is. I think the price of this game is so great too. Thank you for such a great and entertaining game that will continue to keep me playing for more.
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15 years ago, lei'ella
i love gomi! And for those of you who can't complete the first boss just hit the red buttons next to the gates. And boss number 2 you just put out each fire by eating each tree surrounding the burning world,there is a twist there is two stages 1st stage there is one grill starting fires and the 2nd there is two l. Still my favorite app!!!!!!
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15 years ago, GarrettGuidry
Kevin for president
Kevin you've done it again... Bravo! You have incredibly unique ideas that are unbelievable fun once you introduce them to the iPhone... I'm kinda shocked you aren't workin for Activision by now... Anywho, great game... At 2.99 this game is a steal... It's huge!!!! Not just hours or days of fun, but months. -Garrett G. Guidry
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15 years ago, DieseliPhone
Creative design. Colorful - full of character and style. Gomi plays like a mash-up of Mario Galaxy, Locoroco, and Katamari Damaci (quite a high profile group of games!!)The controls are responsive and work well. Worth the wait & packed full of enough content to justify an instant purchase!!!
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14 years ago, medic8er
Amazing Game!!!
I would have to say that this is one of the best indie games in the app store and is an amazing value for the curret $1.99 price! Graphics are incredibly original and they really add to the fun gameplay that reminds me somewhat of Katamari. If you in anyway wish to support the indie game community pick this one up, it won't disappoint.
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15 years ago, Vahnilah
not bad
This game is pretty good for what it is. Mini games are great, and the levels get much better after the first world. It's a soild game in it's own and for $3 you certianly get more than you would expect at this price point. The only thing that bugs me are the graphics as it looks like it's made in MS Paint.
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15 years ago, KI4zzp
Awesome game!!! If you like silly games, graphics, characters, and levels (or spongebob ;oD) this is the greatest game for the iPod touch (or you) so far!!! Go Kevin!!! Definatly worth the price!!! Boss levels after world 2 could be a bit less hard though.
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15 years ago, B0ne5tee1
Too "Green"
I think this is a really fun, relaxing game. The controls are pretty good, not too complicated. The graphics fit the fun nature of this game. The only problem I have is the "Save the planet" message. It doesn't really have a story tying all the levels together. It could have been a 5 if it had a good story tying the whole thing together and not such a Tree Hugger, game.
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15 years ago, elle_marie
This game is quickly becoming my favorites on the iPhone. I had a problem with the game and the creator emailed me back really quickly, which was incredibly nice of him. This app is definitely worth the money!
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15 years ago, Rad99004
Creative Excellence !
If your looking for something different you found your game. It will draw you in and keep you playing !
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14 years ago, Brunosmusic!
One of the best games of the year
This is a well made , thoroughly thought, game. I really trully recommend on buying it even if it were at $5 . It is just really amazing . Period.
Show more
15 years ago, Ryan.Brust
Don't waste your money..
Looking at the reviews and the cost I thought this would be a pretty good game..no one would charge 3 bucks for a crappy game..soo wrong..to put it nicely..watching paint dry would provide more entertainment then this game does. Don't waste your time and money..all you do is tilt your device and watch him role up stuff..there goes $3 and 5 minutes I'll never get back..
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13 years ago, MockingBird83
I can't tell how much I am in love with this game. I love gomi and trace so very much I can't even explain how awesome they both are! Those two games are easily my favorite games I have ever played for iPhone.
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14 years ago, SilverGekko
Gomies, gomies, everywhere.
It's a great game, but the bosses could be a tad more easy. The graphic are fun, the MS Paint style was utilized very well. The gameplay is simple, the tilt-to-roll is easy to use. The sheer variaty of stages/achievements make good replay value. And the minigames (Like it says in the description.) each match the average $0.99 app. I'de recomend it for anyone looking for a good platformer, with a twist, a gravity twist, You'll love this game. Does anyone know what the boss theme is called?
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15 years ago, thisisbritt
Because I loved playing trace, I just had to try this game out, and I'm completely addicted, it's so much fun!! Definitely worth the price! I totally recommend it!
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15 years ago, Paraless
I Don't Get It
I bought this app because I liked Trace and it had good reviews. Now I know why Trace was free, so Kevin Calderone could rip us off 3 bucks for this "game". You tilt your iPod and roll around..that's it. It takes the mind capacity of a rock to play this game. Seriously, I could leave my iPod laying on a rock outside and it could play the game for me. Don't waste your time and money on this game, just get Trace.
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14 years ago, Danceirishniamh
This app is great and I suggest you buy the Full version. It's fun, addicting, colorful, and gets the message out that we need to clean up our earth!
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14 years ago, JoeyBoiCA
Truly dynamic, fun, creative
The first game that is so cool I felt compelled review. Short segments to play anytime with an overall game that keeps things fun & interesting. Great use of iPhone touch & gyro sensitivity.
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14 years ago, Vanalicöus
Even if the people who made this don't have many games they r all awsome I have all of them
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14 years ago, Loulouboo
I love this app but i need help with the level 1 boss I know it's kinda lame but i just can't seem to beat this level
Show more
15 years ago, clusterfluxx
Casual Gaming Classic
Katamari meets Galaxy. Could be a bit faster. Wish all the levels were like the boss levels. Awesome music as expected. Still hoping for Trace 2. So how do you beat the sixth boss??
Show more
15 years ago, Mrwathisface
Great game!
I beaten world 7 and Im working on 8. I love the cute graphics and for some reason I like when Gomi eats the large objects it just looks funny.
Show more
15 years ago, SMG99
Really excellent game
Deserves every sale it gets. It's a complete and full game which is something we need more of on the idevices.
Show more
14 years ago, Kinseymarie
boss 2??
Hey I love this app. it is my favorite but i have been stuck on the 2nd boss! can someone please help me figure out how to beat it?
Show more
15 years ago, academyspatula
Very addicting
I spend way too much time playing this game. My grades suffer because of it.
Show more
15 years ago, ebrooke40
Gomi is amazing
I love this game! I bought it because of trace and saw all the good reviews so I bought it and it is definitely worth it. Hooray for gomi!!!!
Show more
13 years ago, MazzyStarWars
Everything rocks but boss 8
Can you make an update where boss 8 isn't impossible? I've tried a million times and I can't beat it!
Show more
15 years ago, reviewerguy778
Pretty Boring...Really Slow
This game has limited entertainment value. You basically just roll around, very slowly i might add, and pick up stuff. Not much point. There are many other games out there that are alot more fun.
Show more
15 years ago, iqrahira
So wonderful!!!
The game is so fun and addictive because I can't stop I wasted my batterey and it was full before!!! :-)
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15 years ago, Pie201
Great app
It's a great app. I don't see anything wrong with it and it's a great game to play when your board! It's just a great app!
Show more
12 years ago, GhostAOTldr.89
This game is great! It's awesome, just like Trace. These are games that you can enjoy no matter how old you are!
Show more
14 years ago, Austinjrdn
Get this app!!!!!!!!!!!
this is from someone who has both loco roco games and both Rolando games. the are all awesome!
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