Good Habits

4.4 (103)
68.7 MB
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Good To Hear
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Good Habits

4.43 out of 5
103 Ratings
6 years ago, Julezski711
Good so far for this ADDer
I downloaded this app (having used several) to try to keep track of the habits I am trying to maintain and give myself a virtual cookie, so to speak, for consistency. So far it's been simple and easy to use. I did pay for the tracking so I can see what my patterns are for not completing tasks - as some have mentioned it seems a little silly of a feature to be a paid upgrade but the rest of the app is free and without ads and the developers have to pay the bills somehow, so I'm happy to pay for it. My only qualm is that when I put in the reason for missing, it's not really clear that it's been "submitted" - and have accidentally submitted an excuse multiple times and had ALL of those entries show up separately in my stats. Kind of confusing - and I couldn't find a way to delete the duplicate entries. I had just started the habit so I just deleted it and started over, but if I had a longer streak I probably would have been frustrated by the false data in my stats.
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8 years ago, NonnaBAC
Good App that I Use daily
I like the features this App has: color coding, being able to pause and/or delete a habit, being able to go back if one failed to record and being able to note why one skipped. Would love to be able to make notes on habits. ie my habit is to walk 10,000 steps a day. Sometimes I go over that amount. It would be great to be able to note the exact number of steps I walked per day. And it would be great to be able to note a time stamp.
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7 years ago, Khaose
Super easy Layout, easily customizable. Really excited about it 👽 negative your wish improvements do wish I had ability to track over achievements but not make them a negative when not achieved, that's something I would pay for. As a side note I did laugh when the app offered the extended Versions bonus of being able to give yourself and excuse. Not really important to me. 😊 but all said i like this app lot.
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7 years ago, one000mph
Functional but not exciting
I value function over form so then bare bones feel of the app doesn't bother me. It definitely gets the job done but there's some things that could be improved in the UI.
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4 years ago, nrnmkg
Excellent and simple app to track your habits!
I use this app daily and it’s nice to be able to set different categories for habits you want to track. One feature I’d love to see is a dark-mode UI! Also, the ability to track frequency versus just a streak (for example 5/7 weekly goal regardless of what day it’s completed on)
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6 years ago, Nicknameunique
I love Good Habits!
I love this app. I used it a lot on my iPhone. I added a bunch of daily repeating To Do items. And after using the app for a while, I felt much more motivated and productive. My habits really have improved. Great job, Good Habits. I’ve seen “games” that try to make your life into an RPG computer game. Those don’t really appeal to me much. Whereas I appreciate the simplicity of Good Habits.
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2 years ago, GDee19&5
Great app for reasonable price!
This app is great! I love all of the features and the statistics it shows you if you buy it for the one time reasonable price of $3.99. If you don’t want the extra bells and whistles you easily can use it to stay on track of multiple goals. Thank you. :)
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7 years ago, bri4n.1
great if it was updated
I really liked this app for the watch complication. It hasn't been updated for couple years. The watch app works fine but opening the actual app takes me about 3 tries of crashing. There's a weird thing when logging streaks, I haven't figured out how to get them to all connect- touching a day does different things with no consistency. Wish it was updated.
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2 years ago, lilgr3ta
Have been using this app for years
and now it is suddenly incredibly slow. Trying to check a box will sometimes take me to the habit page, rather than just checking the box, but it takes forever to refresh and the new view to load. Is frustrating.
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8 years ago, Nomercita
Great App! Just what I needed.
This is a great app. I know a ton of people using it, and everyone loves it. The color-coding is one of the best parts. The only thing I wish is that there was something that made checking things off more exciting. I mean, I was about to make a sticker chart before I found this.
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8 years ago, cs379
Best habits app
I love this app for helping me remember the daily and weekly things. Sometimes a checkmark fails to stick, but not often, and I much prefer this app over the kind that are more about coaching you rather than just allowing you to simply record. It's an aide memoire, which is what I need.
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6 years ago, sfcristina
I love it even though it could use one big change
The numbering system isn’t motivating. Instead of showing negative numbers, it should just reset to 0. The motivation is to get the number as high as possible.
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6 years ago, DoIHaveToPickOne
Stopped working after two years
I love(d) this app but am no longer able to open it. Two years’ worth of my habit tracking is now gone. While the app is easy to use, the lack of a log in to an online portal means you can lose your data and never retrieve it. Something to keep in mind before downloading.
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8 years ago, BolognaPoop
So helpful!
This app had helped me SO much! I haven't missed a single day so far for any of my habits simply because I can't stand the idea of breaking the chain! I HAVE to check the little box or it will drive me crazy and that's EXACTLY what my forgetful self needs!
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4 years ago, Serenity_Now2
Great app for inspiring change
I love this app because it is easy to use, flexible to configure, and keeps the motivation to stick with your good habits for years (going on 5 years using this app!). I recommend to all my friends.
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8 years ago, Khence29
Great design
I absolutely love tracking habits in this app, and have been using it for quite some time. The newest upgrade does resolve any crashing issues experienced previously (thanks!). Design is clean and lovely.
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7 years ago, Grunambulax
Begins to crash and won't reopen
Immediately after paying for the full version the program began crashing/closing. You can't reopen the app either by closing and reopening it or restarting your phone. The last time I deleted and reinstalled the app and that worked though I lost my progress. When this happened again today I realized this wasn't a random problem.
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8 years ago, Jtorres2255
Solid app!
Use daily to keep track of important and basic stuff that I want to do but tend to forget. The reminders and the ease of use of the app are very good.
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8 years ago, Bellstephen24
Amazing app!
I love this app, and I use it a TON. Unfortunately, I just paid for the full version, and every time I try to type in why I missed a day, it freezes up and shuts down. Other than that, it's great!
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4 years ago, jamesaryder
Great app
Would love it even more if there were more color options! But everything is awesome with this app, no crashes or bugs 👍🏻
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7 years ago, HockeyinKC
Add notes
I'd like to be able to add notes along the way. As it is now, I can only add notes about days I miss. I'd like to be able to add notes after any day, even the ones I complete.
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5 years ago, LDoo314
So pragmatic and motivating
I use this app any time I’m trying to build a new habit. It has helped me drink enough water, start meditating, and pay closer attention to what I’m eating.
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3 years ago, eyeruh
Great app!
Really well designed app - simple, visually attractive and easy to use. I love that it allows me to schedule a “rest day” without breaking the chain. Nice work!
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6 years ago, Video lite
Love the app but...
Data did not transfer to new iPhoneX (from 6s plus). Followed directions to export data but link never worked. Had to start over after 580 days.
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8 years ago, Zombehwarfare
Could use improvements but functions well
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7 years ago, Kshepelev
Simple app, does exactly what I wanted
I was looking for a simple app that will let me track any activity for a number of days. This one does exactly what I was looking for.
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8 years ago, StellaP77
The best out there
And i tried many, free and paid! So simple to use and intuitive and helpful and pretty looking.
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7 years ago, clittle73
Minimizes Immediately
After applying the in app purchase for tracking on IPhone 6 Plus, the application won't stay open on the screen, minimizing immediately after opening. It is completely useless unless you delete the app and reinstall without the purchased functionality.
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7 years ago, tianma81
Oh... my...gosh
LOVE it. One of the few habit apps with Apple Watch complication, and the ONLY one with a number. Others have circles or dots...I donno... I just like a numeric representation of my tasks.
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8 years ago, Name of the Wind
Just ok
The standard version is pretty good but when I purchased the expansion it stopped working and just crashes automatically every time I try to open the app after that.
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8 years ago, phantummm
Great app
Really handy little momentum-builder. I definitely appreciate the addition of the number of today's unfulfilled habits displayed as a badge on the app's icon. Gamifies constancy, in a way.
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5 years ago, Lewii17
Love this
Great app. Ive tried many other apps and they’re all flashy. This is simple and to the point which i love. Looking forward to more updates
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7 years ago, Marillenbaum
Excellent--so helpful!
Really found this app helpful for getting myself organized. A lifesaver if you struggle with executive function!
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5 years ago, Chguire
This is the greatest app for tracking my goof and bad habits that way I can be on track to a better life
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6 years ago, Wymania
Solid performance
Just a week in. Liking it.
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7 years ago, Tabz917
Love it!!
Great app, works for what I need which is staying on track each and every day.
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7 years ago, Melody pond 09
Hope it helps
I need something like this.
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8 years ago, Cat whisperer
On task
Keeping myself aware of everything I need to do.
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4 years ago, Truflmonster
Habit changing
An easy, once a day reminder to gently build healthy habits
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6 years ago, Mekayla32
Use it!
Love how simple this app is! It’s addicting to win and not break the chain!!
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5 years ago, DdMmWw19
High hopes
Getting to know the app but I hear amazing things about it.
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6 years ago, Dannyboy664$$
Love the app. Very basic, very simple. Don’t need to make daily activities complex.
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8 years ago, N3VADAN
Awesome way to create habits!
Thank you so much for this, this will possibly save my life! God bless!!!
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5 years ago, aymar55
Simple and easy to use
It's simple and easy to use. Works better than most apps in this space. But miss having a way to backfill information.
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8 years ago, Miadances
Awesome app
Great app! I love how it helps me over power my habits to make and learn great habits for myself
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5 years ago, 5chops
Love this app
Great way to track daily habits of success
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5 years ago, NaquaishaR
Simplest and Easiest way to track goals
I love this app!
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7 years ago, Anthonywbr
App Crash
I downloaded and purchased labeling access. I started to add in titles and add info and it crashed. I reloaded, re downloaded and it continues to crash immediately. It won't even open. Please fix! iOS iPhone 5s
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6 years ago, CGallagher4
Great app!
Keeps me on track every day
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4 years ago, tom-10-10
Great at what it is made to do!
Simple. Effective.
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