Good Pizza, Great Pizza

4.7 (203.9K)
271.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Good Pizza, Great Pizza

4.72 out of 5
203.9K Ratings
6 years ago, FuryLordOfDerp
The perfect mobile game
I've been thinking about a game like this for years, and it has finally been realized, and perfectly. The writing is incredibly silly and fun, and relates to the mechanics in that customers lose happiness if you ask them to clarify their bad jokes. The art is absolutely precious and cohesive; the color scheme is remarkably charming and the customization options provided are lovely. The tactile experience paired with the sound effects of placing toppings is somehow incredibly satisfying. I feel the gameplay is balanced. There are a few bugs and inconsistencies; sometimes prompt standards will be inconsistent from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2, sometimes my game just goes black and restarts, and sometimes I'll come back to the app and the SFX will be gone, which is annoying, but it doesn't detract enough from the game for me to detract a star for it. This game is amazing and harkens back to the good old days of strategy games I played online as a kid. I cannot recommend it enough. You can see in every nook and cranny in this game how much love was put in. When playing in Japanese, the jokes are specialized to Japan and comprise entirely new requests tailored to the language rather than mere translations of the English prompts. I love this game so much I've already pumped like 6 hours into it and I know for a fact I'll be coming back until I've bought everything. Well done, Tapblaze. Thank you.
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3 months ago, Chiewig-ThatchaKhlaitae
Mastermind lil miss ovenist
Cool cool cool cool cooooolest indie mobile game I have ever owned! This game has been on my phone forever since I have found it. Even when life gets too busy I never dared to delete the game. I have always been a fan of indie games and I have play many different kind of games my entire life. My whole family enjoys all kinds of game so I grew up playing and watching many different concepts. This has been one of my favorite mobile games I have experienced in awhile. It has riddles, super simple but cute graphics, very VERY simple story (I mean who doesn’t love pizza? Come on!) I have owned this app since it didn’t have much going on. I just recently reinstalled the app back to play and very impressive by the new updates and features that are now in the game. I have enjoyed the game since the beginning and the fact that they made the game even more enjoyable now it blows my mind. Keep on good work I really admire your dedication and amazing work! If you love pizza, you can’t miss it. I cannot recommend enough with this game. I feel like this has been underrated for far too long. There are million ways to cook shrimps: broiled, baked, boiled, sautéed. fried.. hope you find your way to enjoy it You made me fall in love with the salty sailor 😉
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3 years ago, 👃:)
It’s a really good game but...
I randomly found this game while I was bored,(being the pandemic and all) but when I found it,I was immediately BLOWN away! The art is so unique to me...And the overall story and fun points in the game is what truly makes the overall experience fantastic!!! BUT- Even with the amazing Story and artwork throughout the game, there is still a GAME here, and in the general gameplay mechanics, It’s pretty meh. I mean, If you are Into the somewhat simple cooking esk games, that is totally fine! But in this case, there is obviously more of a story telling element then actual game play...Which is where I have my problem...I really wish that the main plot points weren’t so far apart and spread out! Mostly because In between that long period of time between story arch’s, your just making pizza! And that’s it...Even though the story seems a lot more important at least in this case! Not only that, but make the characters a lot more interactive! I love the customers because of there wacky requests, but If it is more story driven and seeming to be more like a sim... Make them be more Interactive and have more personalities that already fit their unique character design! and that’s just my opinion, but I still think the whole gameplay is still as much of a fascinating experience! Even though it can be somewhat slow and boring at please try out this game either way!:DDD
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2 months ago, your bobasuckinglover
Fun but LOTS of think you could work on.
Hey, this game is cool- you cook pizza, serve customers and all that. But there’s lots of problem for me. First of all, when I make the pizza sometimes the customer will say “the toppings are not spread out enough “ or “there’s not that many of _ “ These are personally stupid to me. The toppings are not spread out enough 💀. If you ask me, I would be glad. and I always add equal amount of toppings to my pizza. The things they say are hard to. One says “No pain no grain!” HUH?! 💀 You expect me to know would kind of pizza you want when you say that? Then I ask them “What?” And their patience goes down. I also don’t really know about what is vegan or vegetarian so they could like teach you a little bit. Last thing. One time I was playing the game and then played it normally the next day. I was down by 2 days then what I was before. Got a little mad because I had bought a ton of thing before but not too mad. Then another time I was like super high on chapter two and it made me restart the WHOLE GAME. I was sad. All that progress for nothing? Really?! Btw, the prices for real money are crazy. I saw that you can get a shark mascot outside you restaurant for 2.99$ 3 bucks for a stupid shark mascot? What a scam. Anyways this game is okay and fun. It’s on the better high quality side. Just lots of things to work on. Well this is the end, bye have a nice rest of your day.
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5 years ago, doralee27
Great Pizza indeed
I love this game! I’ve never written an app review but I’m writing one now in hopes that the developers would make more games like this. First off, the customers are a great variety from the tattoos or missing arm down to the request for complicated orders. Second, the additional details of the restaurant like the options they have to decorate your restaurant with brick walls, square or round tables, seasonal decorations, etc. And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to do so! You make enough to buy stuff after saving for a few days or extending the days and you don’t have to overload on annoying ads. There’s also this tablet that’s basically for their version of DoorDash/Yelp. Lastly, making pizza has never been so satisfying. There’s a wide variety of toppings, recipes, and HOLY GUACAMOLE I love the sound of putting the toppings on the pizza. There’s just something about it! Idk how to explain it. The only thing I wish is for more storylines. We’ve only had to deal with a few people like the boss in the beginning and those weird cult guys but I wouldn’t really call that a storyline. I did have fun with that pizza convention and Halloween special party - do more of those! The restaurant gets soooo busy that if you try to do that with the ZaZoom orders, you got a challenge. I’m really glad I found this game.
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4 years ago, arisanthony
An Excellent Game!!
There are not a lot of free games that are truly fun and worth your time. As we all know, most of them are plagued with ads or constantly badgering you for money. In most mobile games, you hit a pay wall after roughly 4-5 hours of intense gameplay, if that. From there you grind. This game is not like that at all. There are ads, but you can choose to watch them, and you receive in game money for it. There are upgrades you can use this money on to make the game easier, or you can buy in game money to do so. But it doesn’t feel like a grind, or like you hit a pay wall, if you don’t spend real money. Aesthetically this is a very pleasing game! The decorations you can get really make your little pizzeria your own! The story lines are funny and cute, and the NPCs follow suit! I have literally no gripes with this game. I will put a disclaimer though. The gameplay is fun for me, but obviously not every type of game is for everyone. Just because I enjoy this, doesn’t mean you will. However, I would say this game has a wide spread in terms of who would enjoy it. I’ve been playing for about a month now. There hasn’t been any major updates or additions, but we’ll see. I intend to keep playing until I have all the upgrades. To the developers; Good Game, Great Game!! Thank you!
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11 months ago, mellonburry
I’m not the person to write reviews but this game is absolutely perfect. All the stories and the unique orders of every character. I think the best part is how it’s really similar to an actual business. It’s realistic and fun, and all the freedom you get when making your pizzas. You obviously need to follow the order (unless you want to loose money) but you get to do whatever you want, unlike other game where they don’t let you get creative or have any accidents at all, which I’m not saying it’s good to mess up an order. But all other cooking games I’ve had you cannot do ANYTHING besides what the order is, which is kind of boring in my opinion. I also like that everyday is different, and there are story’s and characters with interesting backgrounds. I’ve recently been getting orders of pizzas with just anchovies because their trying to train a seal. Or the trick orders that are like “give me all the veggies that grow on the ground, and the ones that hang high above in the sky” which is tricky but fun. I definitely recommend this game to anyone, when your bored, or just feel like playing a simple and fun game. I find it perfect for long car rides but its good to play whenever. This game is definitely a 10/10
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2 years ago, i dislike this 👎👎
Listen I love this game but I hate how the customers say their orders in riddles and I’m supposed to just read their minds. I also don’t like how customers say that they want a (for example) bacon pizza but then complain about not having olives 😭. They always complain when they aren’t specific about their order and then they take out $20. I love everything else about the game but I wish that customers were more direct and specific about their orders. Especially when they say “pepper” or abbreviate other toppings. It’s annoying. This lady came up to me and said “Ding Dong!” like what??? I get trying to make the game more fun but this is kind of the opposite of that 😓. Another example is “No pain, No grain!” And then they expect me to know what that means. Another thing, it’s frustrating when customers get mad at you for taking a long time after ordering a huge order. Example: ordering three pizzas with more than 2 toppings, ordering every single topping, ordering more than 3 toppings on a pizza. It just doesn’t make sense how are you gonna get mad at me when you ordered a ton of stuff 💀. Also the money system is terrible to me. You could literally make $2 a day. It’s so easy to have absolutely no money and then you won’t be able to have any money. Those are my main issues with this game which is why I’m giving it two stars. This game is really cool and fun. But those cons outweigh the pros to me.
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7 months ago, fellygrl
The first time I got this game was in 2019, since then the game has grown in so many ways, it's a lot of fun to see the updates! There's the character customization, visiting other players shops, an "iPad" to keep up with story progress and to go orders and reviews, you can create your own house special, customize your garden, and a lot more! I have a lot of the pizza orders memorized at this point, and the addition of figs, artichoke, zucchini, and now pumpkin is a great change! I don't know what else they can add, but I am really happy with how far this game has come since then. I'm hoping for more chapter stories and toppings to be unlocked, and maybe a second set of four garden beds, as I like to have as many home grown toppings as possible to avoid spending my funds on ingredients. Another thing I'd like to enjoy is different meat/fruit/veggie toppings, for example during a Halloween special I purchased the "Witches Hat" shape of an onion, "Egg- phantom" shape of the eggplant and the "Skull-shroom" shape of the mushroom. I think it's a really cute addition to the game. I just finished the ZaRena story and Jack Pumpkin event, so I'm excited for more stories and events to come, and to collect every decoration that is now available with the autumn event update!
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2 years ago, Beecun
Good Pizza?
Great Pizza! I started playing this game in 2020 on my Tablet. I fell in love with it! But lost my charger for my tablet and never bothered to replace it until recently. Started the old thing up and didn’t miss a beat with this game. So my review from 2020, to 2022. You choose if you want to watch ads or not. They’re not forced on you like plenty of other apps. The art is so cute. The story interesting. The pizzas look amazing. The decorations for your restaurant are adorable. I don’t play many mobile games, but I’m a frequent player for this one. I like the changes they made since I first played in 2020. The garden, the new toppings, etc. HOWEVER I’m not a fan of the jewels. They replaced the gold tokens with jewels and they’re so slow to collect. The pizza topping helpers seem so hard to acquire now, which is hard considering how many topping there are. Makes me wish I kept playing when they were affordable. 40 for one helper? Crazy to me considering how long it takes to acquire those 40 jewels. That’s the only negative I have for the game. Looking forward to finishing chapter 4! Edit: I’ve just found out that ads are an issue now. I’ve made in game purchases before so I don’t get them. I wasn’t aware of them.
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2 weeks ago, aaaa autistic ♠️
Really good but a lot to work on
The game is really good, but whenever I was playing today, my mascot for the event came up to me and said can I try the new ingredients so I made the pizza I with the ingredient and then the mascot got mad because apparently it wasn’t what he wanted so it made me restart the entire day so I had to do it again and again and again, so I just put that one ingredient on it and some of the orders are really confusing. They would say BP for ME so I put what and it made the patient go down which that’s also another thing that I don’t like how whatever you ask what it makes your patience go down so the customers get mad easy. next is another customer asked for the new ingredient on the pizza and apparently I didn’t do it right but I put that ingredient and they said no this doesn’t look social media ready but it’s what she asked for and I placed it in all the right spots I cooked it right I sliced the right and everything and it still said not social media ready and whenever I have a customer I place everything right but still they get mad and I went into the negatives and then I had to watch a bunch of adds but the good thing about the game is that I can play it about anywhere it’s really fun, but it’s just those things that are bad. I enjoy playing because I love cooking games like this.
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1 year ago, COOMBS B IS SILENT
The game is good but where is the customer is actually didn’t you have any money and it didn’t allow me to ask what it just said well you know like it only gave me an option of OK so there’s two options when they ask for some thing what and OK and there’s like these little circles and they’re so small and I don’t know how are use my apple pen I use my finger and I try to use my keyboard it’s just like no way to do it and I just think that they’re being a little hard on you and I don’t know why but I did the ladies exact order and well I didn’t get anything, so yeah she paid me 950 and then she took it back which I was kind a like ignored them out and they always make you check the iPads I’m not like little iPad Air to give you what I’m not like really happy about and just like talking I don’t know but you know the game is kind of hard and there’s no decorations in the game and just like the character in the game just give up really bad energy like the rival like you can’t even do this you Ricky and stuff I just don’t think it’s a good example for your children so I will be leaving this game but it was a least fun. I really is a four stars but just make sure your kids can handle this I just like that’s your rookie you can’t cook and stuff if you. MEAN.
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1 year ago, Hot new beats MONSTERCAT!
I don't understand this.
Really I don't! Now listen because I think you need to fix this. So there's customers right٫ well they like don't even tell you what they want on there pizza like I can't read there mind or something its not possible to do that. Now if you want more clues you have to take some happiness away and before you know it you are left with 79% happiness when you make their pizza it barely gives you any time. And soon your with an unhappy customer because they don't give you time to talk about their toppings so yea. Sometimes they tell you the whole thing they want on there pizza but mostly only just one. Now one more short thing about a pizza. So I hope people know what a vegetarian pizza is right? it has no fat or meat on it well vegan is a short way how to say it. Well vegan pizza can have sauce and cheese. Now when they say vegan pizza I think it need cheese on it. So I do it but they say instead they say the toppings need to spread out a little bit. Well how am I supposed to know? Can't you say anything? It's also because they don't give you much time so I hurry and also they oven is slow and I don't know how to fix it. I don't care about the ads but sorry if this doesn't help but you'll realize what I mean when you get the game.
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4 years ago, Ariaha25
Phenomenal Game!
I started playing this game about a year ago, as i saw a friend playing. And I can say I never once have gotten tired from this! I don’t know what it is but this game keeps you entertained! I also love the little mini quest as it does keep you further intrigued. I really have gotten to love all the characters and the toppings are so interesting I didn’t know some of those things could’ve even been on pizza! I really don’t mind the comments if you get the order incorrect. I like the concept that you have to race against the time to try and get their order out as fast as possible become it makes the game more realistic. I really haven’t seen a pizza game as well as this one or as nicely made. If I had to make one critique about the game it would be the pizza coins. I do think they’re a great addition to the game, but I seem to have just too many! I see they’re used to by decorations, but i’ve bought enough every decoration you can buy with them. I think it would be nice if you could trade them for cash, or just add more items you could use them for! This really is a great game and I hope to see more updates and chapters coming soon, it seems this game never gets old.
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1 month ago, CheesyPizzaz
I love this game… however
I have been playing this game nearly everyday for months now and I love everything about it. I’ve finished the main story line (which I hope there will be more of) and I participate in all the events. Being able to buy new decorations keeps this game interesting for me, however I’m starting to feel like it’s impossible to buy the whole set for an event without paying actual money for it. Since the Earth day event, I’ve noticed that the prices for items have gone up and the time limit for the event has gone down. We aren’t given enough time to collect the cash and diamonds to purchase all the decorations in time. For example: the crystal event that’s going on requires 200 diamonds to buy most of the items. How are we supposed to earn 200 diamonds in only 6 days when we earn a minimum of 12 diamonds each day through sponsored ads and quests? I’d have to play 24/7 just to watch ads before my in-game pizza day to try and unlock everything. My point is, I feel like this is turning into a “pay to play” game and nobody wants that. Please make the event items more attainable! People want to be able to unlock the whole collection for an event!
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2 years ago, bunny bear 16
Great game
Hi. I have just recently got this game and have been playing none stop. I had got it because I had saw someone at my school playing it and when it got it I was really stressed, and after playing I was completely unstressed. It is one of the best games that I have even played! The art is really cute and I love all of the different characters.(Especially the cute little homeless guy!) The way that you make the pizzas is also really fun! I also like how you can turn off the upgrades so you can give yourself a bit of a challenge. The story is also really really good and cute! I really like the little news before each day starts and that adds will never pop up unless you want to get some gems or money. This is a really perfect game for you if you just want to have a great time playing a great game. I also have a suggestion for a cool update. What I am thinking is making a sort of dessert pizza. Like there can be chocolate sauce instead of normal sauce, and having the toppings be different candies like marshmallows and other things like that. I know this will probably take superrrr long to make, but I think it would be very cool to have. Thank you developers for making such a great game.
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7 months ago, Food=good
This game is truly addicting, cute graphics, cute dialogue, and interesting stories. I just started playing it and I don’t regret it! I like the lack of adds and the money aspect. BUT, there are a few cons that you should know about before purchasing. Towards the 15th day things start escalating and getting harder. I appreciate how we can ask the question “What?” But I feel like the questions are downright confusing 😅 For example, a customer would say “Do you know that fish lay a bunch of eggs?” And that means eggplant and anchovies- like how was I supposed to know that 🤣 But something I really appreciated from Good Pizza Great Pizza is the diversity in characters. Like one day I ran into a character using sign language (yes, it was accurate!) and they ordered cheese or pepperoni. If you don’t understand sign language that’s completely fine lol, you just have to keep tapping “what?” And than hint. The character will give you a note with their order. DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK WHAT!!! If you do get confused about the order just keep saying “what?” Or hint. Who cares if you lose time, I’d personally make the correct pizza and have the customer mad about the time, rather then making a bad pizza.
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5 years ago, sadgirl2000
I do lose patience really fast
The art on this game is really appealing I like how they really attempted to make the characters look realistic and super cute. The toppings and decorations of the restaurant are also adorable depending on how you decorate it. The guy dancing outside is funny. I do wish though they would add more decorations maybe in a future update to make it more fun. I will say though that customers are very rude and quick to anger which is understandable since they are trying to make it feel like working in a real pizzeria. Also, when you purchase upgrades like longer days or tables to spawn more customers, the day will still go by REALLY fast and not a lot of people will come in, resulting in you not making enough money at the end of the day. It can begin to feel repetitive since all you are doing is making pizzas there is not much else to it. So maybe adding stuff like delivery can make it fun too. Also, in the new update, I don’t know why customers are asking me for a pescatarian pizza when I haven’t purchased any seafood yet like the anchovies? I will give it 4 stars since I like the artwork and it is less stressful than other restaurant cooking games but I took away one star because the customers are rude especially in this new update and the game can get repetitive.
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6 years ago, Johnny6942
Good Game, Great Game, PERFECT GAME!!!!!!
This game is amazing! I like how some customer orders are very clever, where you have to think outside the pizza box to satisfy your customers. (See what I did there?) Some customer orders are straightforward, and some are very confusing and frustrating, which makes me want to write the pizza orders on a sheet of paper, but it’s alright. A game about pizza was one of my dreams, and you made that dream true! (To be clear, pizza delivery games are boring. They’re just delivery games. If mail delivery games existed, then they would be the same thing, with the same concept as the pizza delivery games.) This game has a story, it makes the delicious pizza part of the game stand out much more than ANY, and I say ANY of the pizza delivery games. This game makes you place the sauce, cheese, and one or some or all the toppings on the pizza on your own. I LOVE how I have to place the toppings equally on each slice! (Shouldn’t real life pizza restaurants work this way?) “Good Pizza, Great Pizza”, is an astonishing game, maybe the best game yet! The reason why this game is not on the top 50 best free games is WAY beyond me. (App Store) If possible, I would rate this game 7 to 8 pizzas out of 5 pizzas! (Chapter 3, with more toppings, with different types of sauce and cheese, CONFIRMED?)
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4 months ago, Fall 22
Great, Good game.
Honestly, This game is the best. I love it! Most free mobile games always are asking you for money to everything, or giving you lots and lots of ads to watch, and barely play the game. This game doesn’t, (which is awesome) :) And you also have the choice to watch the ads, and more events depending on the season or month, and bug fixes, and more. I honestly think the only reason I have this game is that when it was quarantine, I was homeschooled, and was bored. So when I was done off my computer, I would go on my phone, and look for games. But then the weekend came, and I was even more bored. So I would scroll on the AppStore, to find games. Most of the games were boring,( or costed money) and I didn’t get them. Then, I stumbled upon this beautiful pizza game and looked at reviews, and pictures of what it looked like, then downloaded it. I was playing for a long time, until now! This game is fun and wholesome! I once was playing and got a customer that was deaf. And the homeless guy too! I appreciate that you included them, and others. I hope this game never gets forgotten, and continues to grow, and your business with this game. Love from Jamaica!
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3 years ago, thesims99
Good game, Great game!
I’ve been playing this game for a while now and it’s absolutely amazing! I love the music and the sounds that the toppings make when you place them on the pizza! I also really like the pizza man dancing outside and the customer designes. Some of the characters are rude when you don’t get their order exactly right, but I get it. They want it to feel like you are running a real pizzeria and people will be rude sometimes. Something I would love is if at the end of the day instead of going to the “next day” screen, you could leave the pizzeria and go shopping to restock your ingredients instead of when you put them on the pizza it just charges you immediately. I would also love if you could pick where you could put your decorations instead of the game doing it for you. Something that annoys me is that I let Alfonso or whatever his name is put his poster on my window and it’s kinda messing up the aesthetics of my shop so I was wondering if there is a way to take it down? My brother started playing the game after watching me play it for awhile and he loves it as well! Anyways, that’s all I have to say! “10/10!” as the customers would say.
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2 years ago, cherry blossen
Good game… Great Game!
Sooo… You might’ve saw my review before… Sorry devs about that because I was overreacting just a little bit… or a lot… But your response to my review made LITERALLY ZERO SENSE! Luckily before I even saw your response I figured out you replied to 🤍 Kitty Cat Girl🤍’s review with the answer to mine… lol. So it’s literally everything except the ingredients his “picky” dog cannot eat. I wanted to edit this because I feel really bad for my review I made yesterday. And I’m sorry for making such a critical review on your AMAZING game! It has really cute graphics and this may sound a little bit weird but (and even though I’m a vegetarian) the way the ham and anchovies look together looks really nice. But, as I said yesterday it does have a lot of repetitiveness. Every now and then you get new orders and new unique characters to go to your pizza shop. But most of the time you get the same orders. Sometimes it’s not exactly the same orders such as “Pep no chizzy, and can I have that with pesto please?” Or “can I have B.P for M.E. Put that in the oven twice” or even “Saus, and Pepperoni pizza but without the Saus. And can I get that well done?” But this is what makes the silly customers special! This game is really fun. So stop looking at the reviews and try it already!!!
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2 years ago, nettleheartglimer
Meets all of the criteria and more
I don’t normally give 5 stars but this game deserves it. I feel like I am constantly looking for a fun mobile game with nice graphics, no Wi-Fi needed, and just the right amount of light pressure, and this games has those checked off the list. I feel like this game checks boxes of things I did not even know I wanted from a mobile game. The story lines and people are adorable simple and funny, paired with the AMAZING animation it just makes me want to play for hours. This is a great game for road trips trust me. A few thing that will convince you to get this game There are forced addds but very rarely, one to two each pizza shop day. Each day at you pizza shop is about five minutes so there is no obligation to be stuck waiting to be able to save the game My only flaw The only problem I have with this game is that fact that the story line highlights and/or main characters come in to the shop really far apart. But that is tolerable because the rest of the game is really cute and overall really enjoyable. The one suggestion Again I love this game but possibly another food item like some drinks could be fun to change it up. Something simple but different to spice up simple orders.
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2 years ago, kitty9630
Love this game
I love this game really. The amount of time I’ve put in this game is a lot. There’s always something to do! There’s plenty of combinations and recipes to make varying from odd to normal. There’s quite a bit of customization via decor and design like they advertise. The types of customers you come across is interesting. The main game play is good but even more fun with the events. It’s always fun to see how well or how fast you can do the order without having the customer happy meter go down too much. They have lots of achievements which for me is always fun to see because they’re usually random funny ones. I would highly recommend this game. You can make in game purchases to help if you’re impatient like me but it’s one of those games you don’t have to in order to get the full experience, it just makes it easier but the game is easy if you put in a good level of concentration and reaction time. It’s a fun enjoyable game to either pass the time or just to play normally/daily. I can usually play it all day on my days off. It also has some small references to other iconic things. I would give this a 10/10 if that was an option.
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3 years ago, QueenB192
Story Time!...
So, there once was a time that I’ve played this game to 100 (possibly even plus) days. And then I lost all my progress. I was crushed by this but said, “You know what? I’ve played this long enough to just leave this here.” So even though I didn’t have my progress this app remained on my phone. I’d tune in every once in a while. To play something wholesome. Ad less. Also, to check in if there was any progress. And now fast forward to today, I see it on the front page of Apple. Now Apple made all this new changes. Apps that randomly delete themselves when not used and such. So of course this gem was one to get scraped. So I download once again, for old times sake. But, woah, what is that?! An update?! I have got to check it out. And what did I come back to see? Ads. An added currency, able to be purchased with real money, I might add. And now you got to pay to use the little fast button?? Come on! Last but not least, the attitudes of the customers. Omg. They will literally ask you for an all meat pizza without the meat. And when you make it a cheese— they yell at you! Asking where’s the pepperoni!! I don’t understand... this used to be such a wholesome game. But you’ve corrupted it. But I’ll keep playing. Cause if there was one thing I wanted to see again, it was that wholesome smile of that hobo guy when he asked you for a free pizza. Anything you can give. And I’d always gave him a pizza with everything on it ♥️
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6 years ago, Hfehbtehhfhy
Good app, great app!
I was actually my sister who suggested this app. She told me it was really good. Because she said that it was really good and I saw it was free I figured it’s really not as good as she described it or there’s a bunch of in app purchases. Once the app downloaded and I played it for a little I realized I was wrong. There are no adds that you have to watch all of the time. You can watch videos of some of there sponsors for extra money, but you aren’t pressured into doing it. You can enjoy the full experience of the game without having to pay. The only thing that you have to pay for is extra money, but you don’t have to do that to enjoy the game. I love the way that different people have different personalities and different ways of saying things. This app also celebrates all of the diverse and different people of the world. By adding the homeless man, the children, and even the man with one arm really gets you into the game by allowing you to understand the possibilities of all the different people coming into a real pizza place. I like the storyline of this game. The rivalry with the pizzeria across the street is a nice touch I highly recommend this app for everybody. Good app, great app!
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5 years ago, CWiles72
My Favorite Game
I love this game. I first played it probably 7-8 months ago and loved it then, but eventually deleted it because I had essentially “completed” chapter two and no new material was coming out. I downloaded it again now and I still love it. I love the art, the characters, the gameplay, the upgrades you can buy... I love the fact that there are very few ads and that the games not constantly asking for my money. That being said, it’s been 7-8 months and there is still no chapter three. That’s frustrating. I’d rather have a game that perhaps adds content too quickly than one that takes forever to do so. And while I love the quirkiness that the customers’ orders add, I want one thing to become consistent, and that’s the definitions of meat, vegetable, fruit, fungi, herb, etc.. It’s frustrating when someone asks for a pizza without meat or vegetables and I get in trouble for adding mushrooms and basil, and then have someone ask for a vegetable pizza and get in trouble again for adding mushrooms and basil. Criticism aside, I still thoroughly enjoy this game. I’ll probably keep it a while longer, but if no chapter three is released, I won’t continue playing it. And if content continues to be released this slowly, I may completely give up on it.
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5 years ago, The Great Ambini
Good pizza, great pizza
(Please expand) I love this game so far. I’m on day 28? I hope there’s a way to customize the register and counter. Looks like it can Cuz it’s under item? I don’t understand the people who complain about not being able to earn money. I usually make $120+ each day. I assume they’re using too much cheese, sauce, or getting orders wrong. I also really enjoy the story progression and the challenge of complicated orders Edit: I’m taking this from a five star to four star rating. I loved the idea of the buddies. I bought the sauce buddy and the cheese buddy first thinking it will automatically add the least amount of sauce or cheese required to still get the optimal acceptance of a customer. I was surprised to see that it loads on the sauce and cheese which I have to pay for. I thought, well maybe it will only be a few dollars difference or maybe the time means I can help an extra customer. Nope. After comparing days, the buddy uses OVER TWICE as much cheese AND sauce that’s required to get the highest customer satisfaction. Doing the sauce and cheese manually ALWAYS gives me a higher profit every time. So I spent $1,000 to LOSE money?! I could’ve gotten the sausage and olive buddy and have been actually making money instead of losing it. It was a huge waste of time and $1,000.
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3 months ago, bittersw33t.
adorable, addicting mobile game
I have always found most mobile games had no boring/little to no storylines in them, repetitive actions and chapters, and overall lacking character. But, when I found this game I decided to give it a chance and I do not regret it, at all! It’s easily the best mobile game I have played in a while; the immersive storyline, universe building, new toppings and things to do, and the silly requests of customers creates a fun, yet comforting game that doesn’t seem to get old and you always come back for more. Sometimes, the game feels a bit repetitive after playing a few days back to back, but I know I can put my phone down and always return to continue the story or play more days with more silly customers. You can tell that the game developers put LOTS of love and effort into this game and it’s not a cash grab. Also, there aren’t much ads in the game except for one or two after you complete a day in-game. And, if you want more gems or want a special boost (like growing garden vegetables faster), then you can watch ads if you choose to. Overall, I love the game and can’t wait to see a chapter 6!
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3 years ago, Ember the Leopard Gecko
Best mobile game ever!
I literally never write reviews, but this game was so amazing that I had to write one. I just started chapter 3, but I initially downloaded it because the art style looked so cute and visually pleasing (great job on that!). Good pizza great pizza has so much else to offer though! There is so much to do and the gameplay is unique and can actually be challenging at times, which differentiates it from other games. The customers have funny orders and responses. I also loves the sound effects in this game, they’re pretty satisfying. I’ve never played a mobile game as interesting as this one! I play it everyday and never get bored because you’re always making different pizzas, earning money to purchase upgrades and decor, getting achievements, and unlocking new chapters. And don’t worry about the upgrades being too expensive because I think they are relatively easy to earn up to (in my opinion). Lastly, there are barely any random annoying ads that come up and ruin your gameplay experience, so I thank the game creators for that. Overall, you should definitely get this game because it’s just incredible (and free)!!!! 🍕
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9 months ago, RoseNthornZ
Really good but needs fixes
I’ve been playing this game since it first came out. I love it. But everything is just starting to be true same. You can’t decorate twice as much as I thought. It would be super cool if you could add a feature where we can decorate any piece of furniture if our choosing. There are tables and seats but I never see one customer sitting there. Make it a little more realistic. Please. Add more toppings and try doing a double oven like real life pizza places have. Try to add more online deliveries but have it to where you can start cooking whenever. Not only being able to cook when a customer orders. Sometimes they are slow in business. And please more stories. Try different ones. More character creation ideas would be super cool and delivery driver upgrades to where a different car is a different time limit that you have to wait for. I just would like it to be a little more realistic and more hands on with the shop , in store and out. I haven’t been able to change my shop layout front design since I’ve had this game. I want new ones lol. I wanna name it and color the outside with my own logo. But still , love the game and please consider these fixes
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5 years ago, Beanie22222222
Awesome game!! 😁
This game was an amazing game!! I loved playing it! The simulation is really realistic and it’s a lot of fun! I would recommend this game to anyone because I really thought it was a super great game!! There are a few ideas I have though that I would love to see developed in the game! First off, I think it would be really cool to see there be soda and breadsticks or cinnamon buns that you could sell there too because that would make the simulation even closer to real life and would just be super fun for there to be more than just pizza! I also think it’d be awesome if you added voices to the customers because it would be nice if the customers said their orders since I get a little tired of reading them over and over. Something else I think would be cool to add is more competition in the game. I just think competition in games is fun, so if there’s any way you could incorporate more competition, it would be fantastic to see! Anyway, those are just some ideas I have, but so far, this game is doing amazing!! It’s probably one of my favorite games I’ve had so far and I really like it a lot!! Keep up the good work!! Good job and thanks for making Good Pizza, Great Pizza!! 👍😄
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11 months ago, Cat hates talking tom
Amazing game
Not only is this game completely FREE, fun and diverse, it’s addicting, and anyone of all ages can play. There’s representation of all kinds of people including disabled people, hard of hearing / deaf people, people with tattoos, girls with short hair, men with long hair, old people, kids, young people, Natives, people of color and even homeless people that you can help out in game. The game barely has any ads and when there is ads it’s very rare and normally gives some kind of benefits (money or diamonds). The pizzas are sometimes confusing to make which makes the game challenging sometimes but it’s more fun to also learn new recipes and unlock new characters, toppings, upgrades and decorations. The summer challenge they have going on right now is super fun and shows all different types of recipes and ingredients that you can use/make and also unlocks more characters. The character dialogue is funny and entertaining especially for younger kids when the characters say something funny or their mannerisms are silly. The gardening aspect I think could be improved but other than that there are no complaints!
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4 years ago, Eweih
This is literally the best game ever. When I opened the app I was not expecting this to be he best game ever... But I was SO WRONG!! This game is so fun and I can’t stop playing it! It was my brother who downloaded it and he was on day 11 but it’s been 4 real life days and in the game I’m on day 42! The illustrations are so cute, and I don’t think the people are too harsh-but I can see how some people may think that. One thing I love about this game is that when you are just making pizza for people and it gets kind of “same old same old” something exciting happens-like you get a fun quest to do! Or someone asks you to make a new recipe! I do think that some of the things should be less expensive, but that makes the game last longer so you don’t get all the things at once!! Also, I love how there is HARDLY ANY ADDS!!! In the 4 days I’ve been playing this game I’ve seen like 2 adds only! Like compared to most games that is just WOW! For people who read this you should download this game!!! There is ZERO flaws with this game. Like I said multiple times earlier-IT’S THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!🐶🍕🍕❤️❤️🤩🤩🤩
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3 years ago, Kagami :)
Had high hopes, but it became just like the rest of them :(
I LOVED this game when I first discovered it god knows how long ago. It was always the game I could turn to when I was sick of all the pay-to-win stuff flooding the App Store. You earned all of what you needed entirely through the game and it was such an amazing feeling. I logged in today after having been off for a while and the first thing that popped up was a micro transaction window to get the money you need for in-game repairs and whatnot. Really? I guess I should have known they were going to do this at one point but I’m disappointed to say the least. Everyone always says “well, you don’t HAVE TO pay.” No, you don’t, but every single game always makes it so you have a harder time if you don’t. They make it so you feel that you have to in order to actually enjoy the game and not waste time doing the same levels over and over in order to make money when instead you can pay for it. It’s so scummy and I hate that that’s how every single app ends up like. Makes me miss the early 2000s when you paid once and that was it. Whatever. I’m not going to get rid of the game just yet since it really had a soft place in my heart, but I’ll no longer log in. Disappointed doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel.
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4 years ago, Liliwhekdh
it’s great but...
I’ve never played a game like this before! I downloaded it and have been addicted to it since my favorite thing is how you get to prepare the food yourself instead of tapping something and having it be ready to serve just like that I also love the many different orders it helps with it not feeling that repetitive and I know it’s a pizza based game (duh) but imagine if you could prepare some other foods or just fries it would add to the difficulty and make it even more fun! :D anyways the graphics are soooo cute and I love love love how the costumers come from different cultures/religions etc as if the game couldn’t get any better 🥺 I could go on and on about the many details I love about this game but I’d also like to add that the reason I didn’t give it five stars is because of the supplies-money problem.. I don’t know if I just didn’t notice it early on or if it just kickstarts at chapter 2 but it seems to deduct more money than usual for the supplies? Hell, one piece of sausage is worth a few cents which I think is kind of ridiculous and really frustrating and not in the fun difficult game type of way I don’t know it just kind of ruins it for me? But all in all great game, would recommend ❤️
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1 year ago, Idkjustneededone
Developer please read this🙏🏼
This is the best game ever It’s so cute, the design and characters and the way they talk it’s just all so cute I love it. I think it would be so nice and fun if you would add like making dough for the next day maybe add a fridge to keep ingredients in and like take them out when you run out of ingredients, food prep with the veggies? I don’t know I just think it would be even greater than the game already is🤭 it would be very fun and I hope this does happen in a future update and also maybe if a dog could come sometimes and you could feed it a sausage or pepperoni I think that would be just adorable🥹 these are just some ideas I had in mind and I’m sure whatever the developer has in mind for this game in the future is even better. This game is already amazing my favorite ever! I love how there’s not an ad every other minute like with most other games these days (there’s ads if you want like extra cash which I adore) and I’m so happy this game doesn’t require internet for road trips and all🫶🏼 Thank you for creating this game <3
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5 years ago, Moonblaze55
Calming, engaging, so much fun
What I was expecting was a stressful, fast-paced Diner Dash style game as most food sims are usually. I strongly dislike the pressure and anxiety of those style games. What I got was inviting gameplay at a smooth, reasonable pace. This game helps me calm down from the many stresses of my life. I can imagine I’m a cute little owner of a new pizza shop who just moved into town. The orders you receive are a mix of normal and extremely quirky, as I expect they are in real life. There is no “game over”, there is no extreme pressure to do everything perfectly, and making the pizzas is a lot of fun. I actually did not opt for any of the upgrades that automatically adds toppings etc. because I enjoy making pizzas by hand so much and there is no pressure to be ultra speedy. Messing up on a pizza usually just results in an angry customer and no tips. The art of the game is very unique & simple and the characters are so diverse! I also enjoyed being able to feed those in need. It made me feel very good. I would definitely enjoy playing another food sim similar to this one, but with something like ice cream or sandwiches.
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1 year ago, sei34
Booyah, a great game!.. kinda.
Yo, this was one of the best games probably on this platform, the style is excellent, the characters are differentiated, (AKA not all the same,) and its a very simple cooking esk-type game, very addictive. Now, no game is perfect, so, lets talk about P and C’s. P’s: This game distributes a ton of toppings and the pizza requests are actually really creative. Its never hard but never easy, also, there are characters of different shapes and sizes and everyone is different. In my case, that’s some good, no great pizza. Now, the C’s.:This game is great… but what the heck are up with these costumers personalities?! Now, don’t get me wrong but, wow. Costumers can’t get a simple “yes, I’d like a cheese pizza please!” out. Usually thats not good bc its almost to easy, BUT YALL SOMETIMES TOO HARD LIKE- this grandma/costumer said, “Ding Dong!” expecting me to know that she wanted a BELL pepper pizza like, MISS GIRL?? I don’t do those puns alr? anyway, they also make horrible/unrealistic income. the average is 2$ like, at this point I don’t know how im not outta business with that cash bro. This was a joy creating and letting people know abt this game. overall, 3/5!! I <3 the devs so much for making this masterpiece of a pizza! (pls respond, that’d give me school cred lol)
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4 years ago, Spar hawk444
My comments on this good game
First of all there’s a great storyline second the customers don’t judge me that bad when I make a mess of toppings third not a lot of ads I like it fourth this game can be used without WiFi due to no multiplayer. Fifth of all please add a delivery system and a drive thru to increase cash. Although I don’t like how they pay you to cook but the pay price is very realistic. The news are funny at points but however there’s a tiny problem... there’s this type of lag when I push down toppings it literally spams them instead or maybe because I was shaking in a car so anyway this game is good keep up the work. Even if I’m on chapter 2 on the game I still love it so much plus I almost every time get an accurate score when I 1st played chapter 1 I got 5/5 news critic review the game is awesome and I really love it big thanks to all you hardworking developers and admins for making this game for all of us ovenists proud. Also this game is very inspiring for us to open up a pizzeria but it is much harder than the game that’s all I gotta say and keep up the good work we cannot wait for more!
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3 months ago, honesty policy police
great game but one thing
I absolutely love this game, it’s so aesthetic to look at and has a really creative way of adding surprise to the mix. I enjoy the game thoroughly especially hopping on after a while and making some pies with such a calming environment. however as much as i enjoy it there’s some factors that made me wanna give it one less star. When making pizzas for customers they’ll usually say some sort of riddle or ask in a way you make have to say “what?” no matter what. another thing is after making someone’s order no matter how perfectly i place the toppings they complain about it. always “toppings look like they’ve been thrown on” “could use a bit of work” “toppings aren’t spread out evenly”. To counter this I even spent money too buy the topping guide, even with it and placing the toppings directly on the guide spots, the still complain and take money. i can’t even get my money to grow because of how many refunds i’ve been having to give. I genuinely feel like it’s a bug like what’s going on? other than that i love the game and wish it was a bit easier to grow the money up.
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3 years ago, hdjdvsinscsib
Like I said in the title this game is the most amazing game on my phone! The characters are so cute and the news articles are very funny. Making the pizza is even better too! You can put toppings, get upgrades, and even hire workers to help you! There aren’t ads interrupting everything which is awesome because most free games do. The ads that do come up are kid friendly and don’t have any bad content that isn’t for little kids. I do have a few suggestions too though. First, you should make an entire menu so people can choose from there and have like drinks and things like that. My second suggestion is for you to be able to create your own cute little character. The last thing is that things should have prices so you can put your earnings in a register and give change to add to the game. Again these are just suggestions and this game is awesome just like you guys! I hope you take my suggestions into consideration and I’m sorry for the long review but this is how much I love you guys and this game!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜⭐️🍕👍🏽
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1 year ago, Gelassassonestille
Best Impulse-Download Yet!
I found this game in a collection of weird/silly apps and was pleasantly surprised to have discovered an adorable and fun yet challenging game. Individual gameplay components are simple enough (figuring out orders, making accurate pizzas, keeping an eye on the clock and customers’ patience meters, etc.), but everything combined makes it particularly engaging. I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t feel accomplished tackling in-store and ZaZoom orders at the same time during the PizzaCon rush! I’ve been playing quite a bit lately but have had to slow down ever since I unlocked garlic (the garden is a cool mechanic, I just don’t like serving garlic-less garlic pizzas and grumpy za connoisseurs, lol.) My only real complaint is that sometimes the ads I watch to get more gems open up the App Store on their own without me clicking on anything (not even the close button), but I’m not sure if that’s an issue with the app itself or the advertisements. Overall, this is a great app for those who like timed tasks, simple plot lines, and cheesy jokes. Oh, and pizza.
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4 years ago, TOXICxPRI CE
Update suggestion
I love this game, however after playing for just a few short hours I ran out of things to buy. With the large amount of popularity this game has I assume updates will be put out that include more items and upgrades. I do have a suggestion that would add many more hours of fun to this game. Suggestion: add multiple restaurants you can buy, make them quite expensive though so it takes a while to save up and when you buy the next restaurant you restart with that restaurant and have to buy all the upgrades all over again and each restaurant gets progressively more expensive but also has its perks, like the more expensive the restaurant the more value the pizza has. And you should have the option to hire staff to keep your previous restaurants going. And perhaps once you get the last restaurant and everything you could possibly buy in the game there should be a prestige system. I hope the developers see this, cause I love this game and would love to continue playing it.
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5 years ago, Holyvision
Great potential
This game has an opportunity to be an actual keeper on your phone. It’s a good way to spend some time playing a game that isn’t too stressful but is still very entertaining. Really right now the only thing that annoys me that keeps me back from one extra star is the ordering. I understand, sometimes people give you orders that you have to pay attention to but still makes sense if you think about it; however as it is, you will get customers they give you orders which she will have absolutely no chance of getting right unless you ask them to clarify. When you ask them to clarify, you lose a base amount of possible happiness on the order just for asking them to actually place the order in the first place. I mean if someone comes into my restaurant and orders something saying only “ding dong“ shouldn’t lose happiness points because I ask them what the heck they actually mean. Otherwise, some additional expansions akin to other games like drink machines and what not, maybe cheese sticks and breadsticks and other things that you find at pizzerias. Keep up the work the game could really go places.
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1 year ago, grefsgeckogirl
Good game great game bad mood
This is one of the most fun and addicting games ever! It’s very entertaining and I think it’s hilarious and adorable that they added celebrities such as Elon Musk, Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, and more! Though I do find it kind of stressful when they added deliveries and you have to make the deliveries during someone else that ordered in persons order, which wastes their patience’s. I love everything about the new updates and was able to get all the way to chapter four, until I hit a huge bug right at the garden area. You see, I was playing on my phone at chapter 4 day 89 and one of the characters had tried showing me a garden I could use to grow my garden, which my costumers were really hoping I’d add to my ingredients. So when she told me to click on a button with a bush, which brings me to a garden, I tapped on it. But when she told me to tap on the garlic bed my screen completely froze. It was so stressful. I tried everything I could to get the garlic but it didn’t work. Please fix this, I’m sure I am not the only one with this problem. Thank you for reading my review!
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6 years ago, Mr dr prof patrick
Very entertaining game!
Honestly, I love playing this game! I really enjoy the mechanics as well as the rate at which the pizzas are made. The graphics and music are nice as well. A couple things that may need improvements though. 1) occasionally ill get a customer who complains their pizza lacked something they didn’t ask for; for example I had a customer ask for a mushroom pizza then complained about it not having pepperoni. What? 2) I don't understand whats up with the food critic that goes on the news the round proceeding the one in which you serve him. No matter how perfectly you follow his request he ALWAYS trashes your restaurant the next day. Maybe this has something to do with the story line but if not then there is simply no way to deal with him. 3) It would be nice if you added a way to turn down normal customers and/or the news guy. Like if you got someone with a really complicated order or the news guy whose just gunna complain any way be able to send them away with maybe a penalty of a 10 sec wait time to the next customer or something. Anyway thanks for your hard work on this game I really do enjoy playing it!
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5 years ago, veemo!!
Thank you for making this!
This is one of my favorite games. Everything about it is very thought-out and well-made. I love the feeling of progression throughout, the feeling of getting better present in every good game. But unlike the vast majority of good games, and every one i’ve played in this genre, you get better at mechanics that usually are designed automatically. I am specifically talking about placing toppings, where you eventually find a system of placing them down. Where this game could improve is very minor. One thing is the placement of eggplant is strange, i think it would work better if you placed it in a drawer you could pull out (would be closed if eggplant runs out) leftwards to the working bench (if you move the trash can up a bit.) Another thing would be a small box next to the pizza cutter that has the cute, white and mini pizza tables that you can put on. Each could cost about 10 cents or so. You could also opt to make them completely optional and aesthetic. Either way, I love this game, and thank you for making this game.
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3 years ago, El-Shaday
Ok so I never really leave reviews but I just had to write one for this beautiful game! It's absolutely entertaining and I feel like it's the first game that finally got the percentage right of challenge yet still fun. No one can complain about the ads because the game doesn't even make you watch them!! if you want extra money THEN you can CHOOSE to watch an ad (which I highly reccomand😉). Entertainment of the game aside let me just spasem for a bit about the freaking aesthetics of this game. First game that has the most beautiful, diverse collection of customers which are always fun to discover. I'm not just talking about the same white characters featured in every game, but white, black, all shades in between, all shapes and sizes. Just amazing on representing everyone they can! Not only are the characters beautiful but everything else from the pizza to the decor, to the view. Literally chefs kiss 😘! I hope developers see this so you can know how amazing this game is. I would give it a hundred stars if I could! Thank you so much for making this wholesome game!!!
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1 week ago, SleepyZaps
Best cooking game
I love cooking games, most of the time I end up quitting them though after I get to around 60% completion. It gets too boring or too hard and I’m playing the game to relax, you know? This game I have been playing quite a lot consistently since I downloaded. I love the way they do ads, they’re not mandatory but do offer around 30 gems a day. It takes about 40 gems to automate a topping, and automating them definitely makes it feel less overwhelming with all the new toppings. The designs are cute, I love… most of the customers lol. Sometimes the orders are really confusing even after asking what the max amount of times. This game stays interesting the whole storyline. I love it so much. 10/10 recommend downloading this. I would really really really love to see this company make a barista game. Making coffees for the people coming in. I think that this team would be perfect to make that kind of game, with the cutesy art style and nice storylines. I would be so ecstatic to see it developed!!
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