GoodPup: Dog Training at Home

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PetCareNow, Inc.
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6 months ago
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User Reviews for GoodPup: Dog Training at Home

4.84 out of 5
9.8K Ratings
1 year ago, Jolyne19
Wonderful resource!
I started working with the folks from Good Pup over a year and a half ago when we adopted our dog. I knew before adopting our girl we would want to start working with our new family member on the basics: sit, come, stay etc. I started working with our wonderful trainer Karen, who helped me work with our dog and gave me great guidance when interacting with her. However, within a few days of bringing our dog home we noticed very concerning behavioral issues. We became freighted to even take our dog out on walks. Our vet told us we had to be very vigilant at all times with her. This was so upsetting for us, but Karen and everyone at Good Pup continued to work with us. Helping me to train my girl and to help me brainstorm new and effective ways to work with her. A few months ago I took our dog to a behavioral vet-turns out her behavior was due to extreme anxiety-she was placed on anti-anxiety medication. Well, long story short between the patient guidance I received from Good Pup and the right medication I have a lovely, silly, well mannered dog. I no longer fear walks or visiting the vet! Do yourself a wonderful favor-if you are bringing home a new family member get in touch with and start working with the folks at Good Pup! It’s very easy and your dog is going to love learning new skills. I am forever greatful for all the help, guidance training and resources I have received!
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5 years ago, amanda123098
A must have for any dog owner!!!
My fiancé and I had looked for weeks for a trainer and couldn’t settle on the right one. Either their price was too high, or they didn’t feel right for our pup. We had a consultation scheduled with a trainer and the day before we saw the advertisement for this app. After our first session with Sarah on Goodpup, we canceled our other consultation IMMEDIATELY because we fell in LOVE with this app and everything it had to offer. It is perfect for any one with a busy schedule and anyone on a budget. I couldn’t believe the first session was only a dollar. Our 13 week old pup has been responding so well to everything Sarah taught us all in only the first session. She is so sweet and understanding and helped us feel confident that we are going to get our new pups puppy phase under control! I couldnt believe that for only $29 dollars a week we get one on one virtual training for our pup each week PLUS all day and almost all night access to a trainer to get answers to any questions we have. Sarah also wrote down every thing we talked about so that we didn’t have to while we were working with our pup, and then sent it to us so we’d have easy access to everything we learned that session! We can’t wait for our next session. If you are wondering whether or not this is a good investment, it is! And that’s an understatement!
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4 years ago, madelinehclark
My dog would probably still be peeing on the rug and eating my sock if it wasn’t for this app
When I downloaded this app I was a week into owning my very first dog ever. And oh boy, I was a mess. Like, not showering or eating or leaving the house, crying all day kind of a mess. The fact that I could chat with our trainer from home with an unvaccinated puppy was amAZING. I basically lived in the chat thing for the first 2 weeks just bombarding their team with questions, which they were so quick to reply to with extremely helpful and clear answers. Even at 10pm (Dear GoodPup team, I am so sorry I messaged you that late...on multiple occasions lol) When we started doing video lessons with Sandi, it was clear that she was fully invested in Olive (the fur-child), her safety, health and her training. She makes training fun for everybody and has an answer for every question I throw at her. In the beginning was letting my anxiety get in the way of creating a strong bond and healthy habits with my dog. Because of this app and the team on it, I feel as though I have a handle on things and can give my dog a safe environment to grow and learn lots! I would really recommend this app to any dog owner, especially new ones who really need specific, concise instruction on how to train your first pup.
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4 years ago, Megan Duckett
Terrific Training App
I had the best experience with this app! My trainer was such a kind person with all the patience that I lack. My dog now has such a large arsenal of tricks that he never had before. Also, I’ve been able to use the training methods I learned through my trainer to teach my pup some additional things on the side. Training a puppy is really hard and discouraging at times, and having a trainer there to talk through behaviors and issues is such a relief and lifesaver. I highly recommend this app, even if you feel like you can probably handle training yourself by watching online training videos or something. I thought I knew everything about training through those videos, and I now realize they barely scratched the surface. This app gives you someone to talk through the whole process with, not just a highlight reel. I also want to note that my trainer, Leticia, was wonderful. So encouraging and delightful to work with! She shared personal experiences with her dogs that helped me know my dogs problems weren’t unique. She also made me really feel like she loved my dog and was so proud of him for graduating after a few weeks of video calls! Very personable and engaging! Thanks GoodPup for guiding me through this process!!
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4 years ago, princesslauren24
Amazing dog training app!
I would be lost if I didn’t have this dog training app for my puppy! I got my puppy at 8 weeks old. I started this app the week after I got her. She is now 17 weeks old! She just graduated GoodPup 101. There are two different sections one is GoodPup 101 and 201. They have to graduate 101 before moving onto 201. I’m so lucky that my puppy is smart and a quick learner. She has come a long way after I got her! You also get chat access to your trainer if you need help or advice or other trainers on hand if your trainer isn’t available to respond. If you only want your trainer to respond just “only for (your trainers name).” It’s a great price that you pay weekly! After you get to GoodPup 201 you get to choose how often you want your sessions. Sessions are 30 minutes long every week in GoodPup 101. They are worth it! At the end of each session the trainer writes up your session notes and homework for the week to work on! I’m so happy that my puppy is well-trained and knows a lot of cues/commands! She will be more well-trained after completing GoodPup 201! Also; you get the same trainer every week! I had no problems keeping the same trainer! She is fabulous and excited to continue on with our trainer for GoodPup 201!
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2 years ago, JessicaN203
This app is horrible for the reason that I had downloaded and agreed to subscription and then next day cancelled subscription and deleted app, well since that day I have been getting charged for bags of treats (only two charges went through according to them) however I never agreed to having any treats send out to me and have never received a single bag of treats from them ever….what’s worse is they are now telling me that the treats are a separate subscription that would’ve needed to be cancelled which again I never would’ve agreed to that second subscription in the first place, second j have never once even received any treats from them and they’re now saying I can only get a refund for todays charge but not the other one bc they see that the treats show delivered which they absolutely NEVER were!!! I am blown away thay a company would take money from someone who went to them and told them that I had never agreed to treats and had cancelled my subscription months ago and that I wouldn’t have agreed to a second subscription for treats bc I can’t afford that when I get my dogs treats on my own in person so I know what I’m getting and bc I need that money for my human child so they are literally taking food out of his mouth and clothes off his back by refusing to refund money for a product I never wanted or got in the first place!!! I am beyond appalled and disgusted by these ppl!!!!
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If you’re thinking about signing up for GoodPup, DO IT!!!
As a first time puppy owner, I was beyond overwhelmed with training and getting to know my new best friend. Living in nyc, the cost of a “good” trainer was WAY out of my price range and I didn’t even know where to start with all of the videos, blogs and techniques available online. Finally I came across GoodPup, and all the good reviews encouraged me to take a shot. I started weekly meetings with Karen, who was such an angel, and not only gave me all the tools to teach my precocious dachshund pup, Reese, the basic commands + more; but also worked with me to address and resolve issues that came up in real time (e.g. trouble with socializing him, leash aggression, doing “business” outside etc). The app is also super easy to use and gives you simple step by step instructions on how to train your pup to do a certain command! Reese and I finished puppy 101 and advanced courses and took a break from GoodPup, but I still reference the app to this day! I can’t say enough nice things about my experience with GoodPup. I’m so thankful for Karen and the GoodPup team for giving me all the tools I needed to train my (now 1 year old) good pup! :)
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4 years ago, claudiacs
Efficient, personal results
I decided on GoodPup for our 3 month old rescue right as Covid19 shelter in place orders started. Thus, we couldn’t attend any in-person puppy classes, so I researched a bunch of online/video training apps. GoodPup was well priced and I loved their 24/7 chat feature. After the first 30-minute session, I was a little worried that lessons wouldn’t move fast enough to get any learning done for our high-energy fur-ball, but by the second session all these fears went away. Our trainer was AWESOME (and a certified vet tech!) and the video-chat sessions work surprising well. Having “homework” each week drilled home the lessons and made training into easily digestible nuggets of learning. Having advice from professionals at your fingertips in the form of the 24/7 chat feature also makes every penny of this app worthwhile. “Uh oh my puppy just ate X, do I need to be worried?” “Why does my puppy do Y and how can I teach her not to?” Or whatever you need to ask! No question is too big or small. Our pup is now on her way to being a very good dog, and I’m looking forward to keeping things going with the 201 series! You won’t regret using this app for your dog.
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2 years ago, Bbnjklomin
Amazing! Still in disbelief
I just have to say we recently got our puppy Chico and he is chewing on everything and going to the bathroom in the house not on his “pee pads” and has definitely been a challenge of a puppy. I decided that I wanted to do some training with him so I researched it on the Internet and GoodPup Was highly recommended. It is $29 a week and it is virtual sessions. The trainer today was amazing. It was our first day and our sweet baby has already learned a sit on command and went to the bathroom outside for the first time since we have had him. I know I sound like a stupid Facebook ad but legit this app with the training is fantastic and homework every day to practice. And I had so many questions after my session so I text them and they got right back to me. I can’t even believe it. I should’ve done this with all my pets. Check it out for sure! Literally just read what I wrote and I for real sound like a paid advertisement lol but this is so freaking amazing and affordable and it’s working. I highly recommend it just wanted to share that with everyone!
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3 years ago, Bhgdsynkohfxhj
Download it now!!! Best Training App
So this app popped up on social media and was offering the first class for free. I decided to try it because I just got a 9 week old lab. They have so many time slots available throughout the week. Our first meeting went fantastic! I learned tips for potty training and crate training since she was having many accidents. Many were my fault so it was nice to be given cues from the trainer on when to take her out. We also did a name game together and now she knows her name! Every week after the first is $29 for 30 minutes! Such a great deal and you don’t have to leave the house! We did two new commands today in our 30 minute session I got a ton of tips on biting and chewing! Way better than paying a ton of money for a trainer and it’s on your schedule! The app has a homework tracker for you as well to practice during the week and you complete new levels with add one to the things you worked on. Great purchase!! Very happy with the results so far!
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4 years ago, kherdt77
Loved this training!
After 8 weeks of training our Shih Tzu can sit, lay down, stay, come, go to your spot, heal, and leave it! The one that impressed me the most is where he goes to his spot, then stays, and waits there till I tell him to come! Our pup surprised me and the trainer with how quick he caught onto commands! Seriously this was the best training and the personal trainer helped so much to teach us positive methods of training and anytime we had issues with something she told us all kinds of good strategies to fix it. For the most part he is potty trained (unless he’s around other dogs or we wait too long to take him out) and he is great in his crate now! We are still working on preventing play biting and barking when he’s not getting payed attention too, but we now know how to start working on it. We just need to practice enforcing it. Good Pup not only taught us tricks but also trained us on correcting behavior issues. I can go on and on with how great Good Pup was! I definitely think people should download the app and try it out with your pups!!
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2 years ago, hungarianwithsziszi
I’m in love after the FIRST session
Our trainer, Christine is amazing, you can tell she has a lot of experience and even through video chats she makes you feel so calm. My two year old pit bull didn’t know anything besides ‘sit’ and by the end of the first session she lied down after 20 minutes trying, next day after 2 minutes and later on next day after 5 seconds. She answered all my questions, not being too strict about anything but still having boundaries which is exactly what I was looking for. I’m so excited about the whole course, now it looks like fun instead of stress. I got a lot of useful notes after the training that’s accessible within the app. There’s homework tracking option with a lot of easy steps to follow and you can ask anything and get an answer very fast on chat during the week if it’s something you can’t wait until the next video chat. I’m a 100% satisfied already and super excited about my dog’s progress. Thank you!
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4 years ago, DrJ-Mo
Effective, high value, efficient dog training!
I adopted a rescue dog during the pandemic and was delighted to find this app. The reviews seemed a bit too good to be true but I thought I would give it a try. What I found was a nice progressive curriculum with focused 1:1 interaction with the trainer. I got WAY more out of this than I have any puppy or dog training class. I’ve done several over the years. With dog class there is too much distraction and not a lot of focused time with the trainer - here you can focus on your dog and get through the class in 30 minutes and know exactly what homework to work on each week. It’s not only perfect right now with social distance needed, but anytime I think it would be a great deal and gets your dog off to a great start. The instructions are clear and the app helps provide you with accountability. My trainer was also able to customize a bit and trouble shoot issues that came up along the way. The price is completely reasonable as well. What a great deal, I highly recommend!
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1 month ago, KatieB2024
Puppy training w/Eileen
I just got my first puppy and after reading all the puppy books I was beyond stressed out about next steps and actually getting it done. I found this app recommended through Rover and after researching basically everything known to mankind I ended up with this. My trainer is Eileen and she is in credible, I am very high stress and she is calmed every worry and giving me great problems solving solutions to get my puppy where I want her to be. I’m just a couple weeks in and really glad I did this as it feels great solution for both Flora and I. When she’s not on duty, I can message and other trainers give me solutions that tie and plan we already have and help move forward during the week. It’s only $34/week and have unlimited access to trainers. A training session in my area could reach from $100-$200 and I can’t contact them between sessions so it’s been a great app for me but I’m so pleased with. 120 percent recommend and Eileen is great!!!?
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4 years ago, MDT6
The only app you need to train your pup
What a tremendous resource — especially during the pandemic. I’ve always been a fan of obedience classes because of the bond it creates between you and your pup. I was concerned we wouldn’t have that same experience through virtual class, but GoodPup proved me wrong. My husband and I worked with trainer Naomi to train our pup starting at 4 months old and we couldn’t be happier with her progress. Naomi is a brilliant trainer — patient, kind, but firm with instruction during each session. We had clear goals each week to encourage positive doggie behaviors, and Naomi always gave us homework to reinforce the lessons. It’s so awesome to have the trainers available via chat to help with any questions or issues that arise — and they check-in often to see how you and your pup are doing. And you know what else? We have had so much FUN training our pup and watching her grow into a good doggie citizen. Thank you, GoodPup — we couldn’t have done it without Naomi!
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2 years ago, Meka0913S
Deceiving Practices
Their app and trainers assure you that you can « skip a week » and not be charged if you cancel 24hours prior to your next session. In my experience, they will still charge you and will refuse to respond to your skip session request. This is completely bad business and I have had to go through my credit card company to dispute the charge. Despite screenshots of both my cancellation request within their guidelines, they are claiming to never have received the request. It is absolutely a waste of time. Yes, it was only $24 but that is money they are not entitled to. I hope that this helps someone else. I did not find the training itself useful. The trainer was nice but it is difficult to train a puppy via an app. I found out quickly that in-person training would better suit me and my puppy. The trainer is the only redeeming thing about this company. Update: The company responds and advises that they would be more than happy to issue a refund, if I email them. I sent an email the same day inquiring about the refund and never got a response back. So again, everything is misleading about this company and their practices.
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3 years ago, SLM10
Better than I could have expected
Truthfully I wondered if I was making a mistake training a new 8 week puppy with someone virtually, but it has been absolutely awesome! Amanda is our trainer and she is so knowledgeable and reassuring. We have four children and live in Florida during the height of the Covid pandemic so I’m extremely grateful that this ended up being a great option for our family. So much easier than having to drive somewhere. It’s like Amanda knows what I need to know before I even ask it. I am very grateful for this and our little Boston terrier is thriving! She is almost 13 weeks old and is a pro at heel and sit and is working on laying down and rolling over and we’ve gotten so many great suggestions for potty training and behavioral issues that are typical with puppies. Very happy we tried this and now I understand all of the amazing reviews! I really don’t think you’ll regret it.
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9 months ago, Listentomeahhh
Great experience
We started with GoodPup the day we brought home our 4mnth old terrier Jelly. We were in love but at a loss with how to focus and shape our new bundle of energy into a well behaved member of our family. Our trainer Erin immediately got us on track with structured training and always gave us great advice and tips to deal with every concern that has come up while raising our pup. Erin gave us all the tools we need to teach Jelly to behave inside and outside of the home and plenty of tricks to engage with our pup and impress friends. Having an affordable weekly session helped us keep improving consistently over time and Erin was flexible when we needed to skip a week. We feel confident continuing Jelly’s training on our own after spending a year consulting with Erin and will likely be back to goodpup with any new challenges that emerge.
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2 years ago, Emma & Kyler
So Glad We Found This
We thought we had done a good amount of research and were well-prepared to be a first time puppy owners — we definitely still had a lot to learn! I am sooo glad I came across this app. We love our trainer, Emily. She is so thorough and patient and has really helped us set up our Scottish Terrier puppy for success! We appreciate that the app allows us to keep track of our homework for each week and to speak to experts throughout the day if we have any questions in the meantime. Plus the flexibility and affordability this app allows is perfect for us. I would highly recommend to any new dog owner. Update: our puppy just graduated and we still can’t say enough great things about this app!! Emily is the best and we are so grateful to have this super convenient resource to keep up with training. Download this app! You won’t regret it!!
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3 years ago, chessie@12
Everything about GoodPup is outstanding. The app is super easy to use: to meet with and communicate with trainer; to keep track of instructions and to track homework; and best of all to communicate any time with a trainer! Our trainer Janette is also outstanding! My puppy was about six months when we started and she is now a very well behaved one year old who has quite a portfolio of tricks and commands she knows. Janette is extremely knowledgeable and has been incredibly helpful in tailoring the standard dog training techniques to suit the personality of my dog; providing alternate strategies when something didnt work; teaching me how to interpret behaviors; giving great advice about dog care; and most important teaching me patience. We completed the virtual home manners title for pups and also the one for adult dogs—never would have happened without Janette!
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3 years ago, puptato
I kept looking for a place online that would be able to answer things like what I should train my puppy on, for how long, and how often. The puppy I recently brought home is NOTHING like my other dog was when she was a puppy. Initially I was like, “Yeah. I know how to raise a dog. I have done it before” but by the end of week one I wanted to rip my hair out and yell at my dog (which I didn’t do. But boy did I want to.) I also have had a tough time finding resources for how to handle bringing a young pup into the house with an older dog. I never considered that I would have to train my older dog on things like not stealing food and not playing at inappropriate times. Seriously, I’m not paid to say this, but I don’t want to rip my hair out as much thanks to this app. Things are becoming manageable. If I could rate this 1,000 stars I would.
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3 years ago, Cookie2282
GoodPup and Janette Rock!!!!! 🤩
Getting a new puppy during the pandemic was an amazing idea but I quickly discovered that in-person training was limited and caused me so much anxiety with trying to keep my family healthy. I know how important it is to get a jumpstart on training and after doing some research, thought goodpup was an amazing option. I quickly was overjoyed with my decisión. Janette provided so much insight about other things like hygiene, health, she eased my anxiety when I felt like I was failing. The virtual sessions were awesome!!! Dior would show off every time we tuned into our chat session, it was like he was proud of what he accomplished. Janette made me feel more comfortable with being a dog mom (it’s been over 5 yrs since I had a dog in my home). Definitely looking forward to the next phase of training!
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4 years ago, Migo_Brandon and Karina
Read this if you have a new puppy
We haven’t had a puppy in years! Since we were both children. We had no idea where to start. I came across the app and I’m so glad we went through with it. It’s been nothing but good for us and our new puppy. Our trainer Valerie is amazing she is always checking in and is always ready to help us work through any puppy issues. I love that we have homework to do every day and have the freedom to do it on our schedule. The app itself is easy to understand. If we can’t FaceTime for whatever reason we can just reschedule for another time when we’re both available. We can message our trainer Valerie at any time and if she can’t respond at that moment someone else from the team responds to us in the meantime. It’s very personal without being in person and we love that.
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1 year ago, Candice_Flem
Love our Trainer Shelly!
We’ve been signed up with good pup for 3 months. Our first trainer wasn’t good at all. The first meeting wasn’t helpful and she wouldn’t answer any of our follow-up questions so we considered canceling. Then we met Shelly and she has been a godsend! She’s so patient (which I need as a first time dog owner) and walks us through every step of training. If there’s something we don’t understand she’ll go over it many times as we need. Todays training was particularly stressful for me because our dog is sometimes very reactive. Shelly could tell I had alot of anxiety and she virtually “held my hand” the entire session and our dog did great today! I honestly could have cried. If you’re considering signing up, I’d definitely recommend it and 1000% recommended Shelly. She’s amazing!
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4 years ago, Ebbubi
Sooo great!!! Sold for life
This is beyond what I expected. I was reluctant with doing training online because I thought in person would be better but with a new puppy and also being quarantined I needed help ASAP. So from the the start I met with kylie she is amazing and pleasant. I don’t ever feel rushed or anything. She gives me great tips to occupy quila when she is super hyper and can’t focus on being trained. You can tell she loves dogs and is great at the psychology of them. The way my puppy responds immediately to training tactics is incredible. She has been making great progress at 11 weeks now she knows her name, how to come when called, to sit and lay down, go to her crate and now mostly potty trained(breakthrough week) I am still at the beginning but if she is like this with just 3 sessions I can’t wait to see how she will be by the end.
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3 years ago, SeeHearFeel
Jennifer is a life-saver
Jenn, an expert GoodPup trainer, is absolutely amazing. I’d request her if I were you (my friend had referred me to her). I recently got an 8-week-old Golden Retriever, and as a first-time dog owner was super overwhelmed. I had done probably 100+ hours of prep and research before getting a dog, but that still wasn’t good enough to not feel like I was going CRAZY in the first few weeks of having our pup. Jenn has now swooped in like an angel and has made my life and my pup’s life SO much better — and in just a few sessions! Having personal, individualized support from an expert has helped me fill in the gaps in all the personal research I did. We are now on track for a wonderful partnership together, and I’m out of crisis mode. Thank goodness for the GoodPup app and especially for Jenn!
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4 years ago, Lcasto
The best way to train your dog!
I got a new puppy 2 months ago and started GoodPup shortly after. I could not be more grateful for it! Though I grew up with dogs, this is my first time being directly responsible for the training and development of a dog, and GoodPup has made that task not only easy, but enjoyable. Weekly video sessions with our trainer Casey are the highlight of the week, and I am blown away how well she has been able to train me to train my pup Archie! Archie graduated his first course and I was so happy with his progress that I’m signing up for the next course! This is a must have for dog and puppy owners. Not only a great option during quarantine, but I would do this again in the future because it’s affordable, it’s from the comfort of your own home (which is great for the dog) and, most importantly, IT WORKS!
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4 years ago, Instagirl199987
It’s ok
We were excited to start the app but were disappointed. Within 4 weeks (the program is 8 weeks long) we had 3 trainer switches. We felt it made the app lose credibility. While we understand every trainer has their own methods, each trainer wanted to reteach us what we already knew but using their own method. It would waste most of our session time having to go over what we knew already on top of reintroducing ourselves to the trainer and going over what we wanted to work on. We also had an issue with billing. We would be billed every week before our session even happened. We assumed we’d be at least billed the same day as our session. After completing the program, we were still being billed. Apparently you have to cancel your subscription so you can stop being billed despite completing the program. It helped during the pandemic but I would recommend in person training.
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2 weeks ago, FreeFlowMusic
Incredible resource! Amanda’s an excellent trainer!
We’re first-time dog owners. Our puppy had a number of issues around nipping and showing aggression when he wasn’t actually trying to be aggressive. It was very confusing. GoodPup (and Amanda, specifically) helped us work through many of those issues. Our dog has made significant improvements. And it’s not just from the one-on-one live-video-call lessons but the messages we send in between too. They’ve given us confidence when we felt clueless. I fully recommend the app to anyone with a dog, whether they have significant issues they want to work through or just want to give it a bit more enrichment through learning tricks and teaching manners.
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2 years ago, ChristineAndLuna
Great support for our adopted pup
We’ve had about 5 sessions with Paula at GoodPup, and she’s been wonderful! We adopted a rescue puppy who is a bundle of energy (in the teething phase!) and struggles a bit of separation anxiety. Paula has been so helpful at answering any questions we have and customizing each session to where our little pup is at in her progress. She has come a long way! I also love the chat feature, which we use to ask questions in between sessions if needed. Someone always answers within a couple of hours. The “homework” and informational material provided in between classes helps reinforce our learning, as well as our puppy’s! It’s so helpful to have a virtual training option that is flexible with our schedules.
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5 years ago, ecg2822
Great training methods, reliable and fast advice!
We adopted a 6 week pitbull puppy. Anyone who has a puppy knows how hard it is to potty train and how to teach puppies right from wrong. This app has been AMAZING! Made potty training a breeze! And what I especially love is being able to chat with the trainers about any questions or health concerns that you have no matter how big or small. The trainers are truly caring of you and your pet! I absolutely love this app and recommend it to anyone with pups! My pup is now 3 months old and knows how to sit, stay, go to her bed, come on command, heel, drop it on command, leave it, spin, and lay down. She doesn’t beg for food, jump on people, nor bark when it’s not necessary. She knows self control and is such an obedient and happy pup! I am so very satisfied!!! THANK YOU GOODPUP!
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4 years ago, JJM Seattle
Great app, terrible service
Hi there I want to provide you all feedback as a now former client. I signed up my pup as a new client and schedule an appointment with a trainer for our first session. I waited on the call for 25 minutes and the trainer did not show up. No messages, no request to reschedule, zero. I find this extremely rude and a complete waste of my time. I had carved out my appointment time just to ensure I was not late and excited about the potential first training session. Needless to say, it was a HUGE disappointment and I have since cancelled my new membership. I will not be returning and I will also plan to write a terrible review and let all my family and friends know so they can avoid this crappy service! A common courtesy of your trainers is that if they simply cannot make the scheduled time, they actually take a moment and notify a client in advance of a need to postpone or reschedule. Again, complete waste of time and you all should recruit better trainers who care about client needs!
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4 years ago, djendnwks
Such a lifesaver!
We adopted a sassy, nervous spitz mix (chow chow, Pomeranian, and Schipperke) from a shelter with unknown history other than that he’d been bounced around. Our first two weeks were tough, as he struggled with trust, crate training, and other issues. He would growl when uncertain and got very quickly attached in an anxious way. Enter Goodpup. We got paired with an experienced trainer who helped us work through separation anxiety, crate training, and any other issues we now refer to as Remi-isms! We went from an anxious, uncertain, nervous, and growling dog the first few 5 weeks later a happy, obedient and much more calm and trusting boy! It’s been wonderful and has helped me feel better as well. Very affordable too! I recommend to all my friends with dogs!
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2 years ago, Branden Madary
Day 1 and my puppy is already making progress
Today, my puppy Leon has started his training. The first session covered biting behaviors, potty training, and crate training. He has passed level 1 out of 5 in one day of his crate training and I am currently working on level 2 which is leaving him in his crate for 30 seconds under supervision while leaving a distraction in his crate. He has went to the bathroom more on his pads today than I have ever seen him go on them. His biting behavior is about the same but he is a puppy so that will take time. I am very confident he will pass his training perfectly. He is already learning alot and I cannot thank Goodpup enough for the help they have given me so far!
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3 years ago, emilyr1216
Best app for new dog parents!
I got my puppy before the pandemic hit and we had some in person training but I felt that she and I needed more training. I found GoodPup and It was the best decision I have made with my puppy! Julie was an amazing trainer and always had answers to my questions!! She worked with penny and I not only on basic cues but advanced behavior training and also anything I was struggling with. GoodPup chat feature was also such a great feature and someone always got back to me right away with an answer! It was the perfect way for my puppy to learn and be held accountable in becoming a GoodPup! Highly recommend it to all new dog parents that especially aren’t able to go to in person classes! Thank Julie! Penny and I will miss you!
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1 month ago, Cute_cupcake16
Karen is the best!
When we first adopted our girl she was extremely anxious, had separation anxiety and was nervous around other dogs. So regular in person training was not an option for us. Karen was super informative and helpful. She always answered our silly questions and demonstrated in ways we could understand. We originally only wanted to do one course but we loved her so much we did all the courses. Now we have a well behaved dog and doesn’t have severe separation anxiety anymore. We are so sad to not have calls with her every week but extremely thankful for all she has done. If there is an option to request a trainer definitely recommend her! Goodpup owners give her a raise!
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7 months ago, hannahbonanie
Great Service!
We have been using GoodPup for about 9 weeks with our puppy. It has been so great for us. Not only has our trainer, Brenda, been super kind and helpful, but so have all of the trainers that we reach out to. Brenda has taught us many techniques that have worked for our dog, and the ability to reach out to her and the other trainers whenever we are struggling with our puppy, has been invaluable. They go above and beyond, sending articles, product links, suggestions for when to feed/when to walk/socialization. It’s honestly such a good deal for all that you get. I would and have recommended this service to anyone with a dog or puppy they want to train.
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4 years ago, Taylor Comeau
GoodPup Helped us Help Rosie
Our trainer, Dexter, was amazing! We thought we would have to surrender our new puppy because as first time dog parents we had no clue what we had gotten ourselves into. But after a few video sessions with Dexter- Rosie is living her best pup life and we can parent her the way she needs us to. Being able to track her accidents using the homework section was a game changer since it helped us understand where to focus our efforts. Perfect for our busy lives since it is virtual, but still personalized enough to get the job done right. We can text our trainer 24/7 and get an immediate response which is amazing for little emergencies or behaviors that pop up throughout the week. Soooo worth it!!
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3 years ago, 3.1415926535897932
Awesome zoom training and awesome trainer Val
I was skeptical about how video chat training would work for my 10 week old puppy, but pandemic forced me into zoom type learning. Wow - what a pleasant surprise! It became clear from the first lesson that this was a highly effective way to get one on one attention from a highly experienced expert. My trainer Val is AWESOME and helped me potty train Romeo as well as teach him all his commands to ace his final exam. She observed, then provided feedback. She had a good solution to every problem we encountered. She was also available in the chat in between lessons for any issues. Who would have thought my puppy would get zoom schooling....highly recommend.
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4 years ago, MeggyReeder
The best app for dog training!
With all the crazy in the world right now, we decided to add a puppy to our family. With that being said, I wanted to do it right with training him well. Due to quarantine and everything closing, I had to find something to do it from home. I came across GoodPup and instantly knew it was the best fit for us. Mirna is the best and so understanding! She’s helped us all adjust and it’s so nice being able to chat with your trainer when ever you please. There is a lot of things I have been able to not only teach our new pup but also our older dog! I would recommend this for anyone who wants to keep there pup in a comfortable environment, but still get the obedience they need.
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2 months ago, Review good pup
Excellent experience
I had Karen as a trainer. She was wonderful and very helpful. I rescued my Golden Retriever mix when she was 12 weeks old. It had been 12 years since I had a puppy so wanted to start training right away. Karen helped us with everything from potty training to well behaved manners. Juni was an eager learner and did well. We did face challenges and Karen provided excellent feedback. I really enjoyed working with Karen. I enjoyed being able to do training at home. We learned how to do certain things each session, the practiced them all week. It has been a great bonding experience with my puppy. I highly recommend good pup.
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5 years ago, Mrs.rudinger
Absolutely unreal
Cannot begin to express how happy I am. We recently rescued a 10 month old abused dog with a lot of trust issues. They have gone above and beyond answering questions and are always so fast! They have helped me build my puppies confidence and help him be a puppy again. They don’t stick so tight to the “agenda” that they don’t give you options to explore things as they are problems. My puppy was a nightmare waking me up in the middle of the night chewing on my face and even though I didn’t go the route of crate training they troubleshot it with me I have slept in until 6:30 now 2 days in a row. Rachel is amazing along with all the other trainers that help out when she’s off :)
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4 years ago, aries dog mom
Dexter is amazing
Dexter the trainer is amazing!!! Dexter takes time to make sense of everything and gives steps to improvement that work. I had 2 training classes when I first started GoodPup, one from the SPCA and one from good pup. I stopped the training at the SPCA because GoodPup was so much better! So helpful! So specific! Dexter helped me with very specific challenges I had like introducing a cat to a dog and working with jumping and whining and honestly.. my dog is a Shepard mix, so smart but she could have been a really bad dog IF it wasn’t for GoodPup. Because of the help I received from GoodPup, I am so pleased and happy with my special furry friend. She is so well behaved now. Thank you GoodPup! And a HUGE thanks to Dexter!!
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4 years ago, Bee V. S.
They saved my puppy!
Honestly the app is more for you than the dog. I have been at my wits end, and having access to someone that I can message any time I’m unsure about what to do has been so comforting. I honestly thought my partner was going to make me return our new puppy but with the advice from the trainers on this app we’ve come so far. Our new pup is on her way to becoming a well mannered member of our pack and I couldn’t have done it without them. With anything, I think it’s important to do some research on your own. They are not with your dog all day, you are. But anytime I’ve asked question or simply been in meltdown mode, they’ve been there for me.
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3 years ago, MegGinFL
Sage advice for novice dog trainers
We recently got a puppy (along with many of our friends.) I’ve decided it’s some kind of covid quarantine side effect. But I have suffered from the terrible behavior of my friends’ dogs for years and am determined that I will have a well-behaved dog. No matter what. GoodPup connected me with a wonderful and wise dog trainer who consults with me about my puppy’s progress weekly. I have read 3 books so far about training dogs, but my personal dog trainer through GoodPup has years of experience and is better than any book. She deals with my puppy’s challenges, and I am completely satisfied with the results so far. It’s money well spent!
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2 months ago, AllTimeAvon
Great Program, App could use a smidge of work
My partner and I started out with a highly untrained, easily distractible, hyper-aroused rescue dog. Karen has been an amazing support system for us as we navigated things like extra mouthiness, leash tugging, and reactivity. She was also fantastic at answering all of our questions (even our silly and difficult ones). Our dog feels so much more better behaved around people and seems more willing to listen. I love having the opportunity to check in whenever via chat and receive extra support outside of video sessions. My one gripe is with the actual app itself- sometimes the bottom controls get cut off.
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4 years ago, EstherrOhh
Great way to learn and help your pup!
I just finished training 101 with an amazing trainer~ Even in the midst of Covid I had an amazing time, with no difficulty, training my new puppy the basics she needs to learn~ we learned simple daily tricks and routines that helped our home life so much~ It not only helped our family be more accountable but it helped stimulate and encourage our pup to be good~ one of my personal favorite things about this app is there chatting system; they do a very good job of replying to questions and responses! Overall loved the experience and would recommend to any dog owner that wants to train a happy puppy!
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4 years ago, Minney886
Just. Do. It.
The first two weeks I had my first puppy I was a mess. I didn’t sleep, I didn’t eat, I only worried about what I should be doing for this puppy. This app actually changed my life. It’s easily worth every cent and more to have in-depth answers to every one of my menial questions all day every day. Our trainer Katie was amazing and so helpful and had so much patience when I’d squeeze in a million questions into our training sessions. She took the time to understand my puppy and had really helpful input specific to his persona and energy levels. I will definitely be coming back for the next level of training!
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3 years ago, jlam1317
Highly recommend
Good Pup was the perfect solution to puppy training in a pandemic. Both trainers that have worked with my GSD puppy were able to convey training techniques but also offered real solutions to any challenges we’ve encountered. They truly work to meet you where you’re at and make your time together incredibly valuable, in addition to being available any time via chat. I recently received a wonderful compliment from vet staff after our 9 month visit about my pup’s behavior and all of the progress she’s made. It wouldn’t have been possible without Good Pup!
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3 years ago, KristenC129
Total lifesaver!
We adopted our pup at 8 weeks old and, between COVID and his young age, we struggled to find an in-person training class we could sign him up for early on. Decided to give Good Pup a shot and could not be happier with the experience! Our trainer Jess was amazing during the puppy 101 course. She would changed up lesson plans on the fly to work with some of the struggles we were having and check in/offer tips via chat in between lessons. Rocket just graduated his first course with a solid base of commands and just as importantly we finished the course with a lot of good dog owner tips!
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