Goofball Goals

3 (265)
18.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Peter Soltesz
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Goofball Goals

2.97 out of 5
265 Ratings
8 years ago, Truthtime40
Are you guys that money hungry? Making these mini games 10 seconds long has to be the most stupid thing I've ever heard..what is wrong with you creators? That's not even enough time to barely shoot 1 ball! Make the mini games unlimited, while the actual soccer is 5 minutes, this is a fun game..until the time runs out, for anyone who is looking to not pay for this game to become unlimited, don't get it..your wasting your time....10 seconds, so dumb
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9 years ago, Valdito17
Great but...
I want a refund. It is the only thing I want. Has good potential, but I can't believe you just made me waste my money. This is just stupid. Selling a car for gas money stupid. This game is extremely laggy. Without further ado please give me a refund I beg you. 😭
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8 years ago, VikingRealm
Read this people!
This is a good game! For those complaining about the controls, it's supposed to be like that. If you want to move them correctly just imagine your the player in a first person view, then move accordingly. And then for those complaining about the time for the minigames. ITS a demo and a MINIgame, not a lot to do in a MINIgame.
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3 years ago, aligator 🐊
More colors
I know that it’s been 5 years since there’s been an update but I think that it would be really cool if you could change the colors of your team and the other team if the developer is reading this please add this feature
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4 years ago, Nate jr .F.
This game is suprisingly good and one of my favorite games, I bought the two dollar full version and its super fun and i dont know if there is any hidden parts like sumotori dreams , the game is still super fun and i dont know why there are so many hate comments!!! Its rediculus and super funny.
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6 years ago, man o truth
If there was a -20 Stars i would use it
This game is freaking crap honestly making us pay to have matches long enough to score a single goal this $&!?ing $)&@ of a game should be $?&@ing condemned for illegal use of unnecessary and $&(@y use of prices stinks in fact the only way I’ll ever play this game is if it were totally free and also ————————BEEP———————— so now you know how I feel so what have we learned this game’s way overpriced. The producers are money hungry. —————BEEP———— That is the truth. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
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9 years ago, The Ultimate 3.1415928535
People who hate the controls are missing the point.
The entire point of the game is that it's stupid and difficult to control.
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3 years ago, sneckles man
This app is beautiful
I was having a hard time because of my recent divorce, but I stumbled upon this app and it saved me. I don’t eat, I don’t sleep, I only Goofball Goals
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7 years ago, Liquidedna
Why even try!
I like the game, except for fact one: The controls are like a puppet with tangled strings. Fact two: There are ten seconds to play. Smart. Oh so smart. Fact 3: This game is meant for adults because it swears, and I think adults with some form of a mind can see that this game is held together by the money you have to spend to play it in any way.
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7 years ago, Slimkirby101
Ok stop complaining. If you're 4 then delete the app. If it's the controls it's a ragdoll type game or like controlling a puppet. Any other complaints can shut their traps and shove a brick down their throat
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4 years ago, big daddy 💪🏻😂👌🏻
This game is astonishing
The graphics are just beautiful, gameplay is priceless, I would spend the rest of my life on this game. 🥵🥵🥵🥵🍌🍆💦💦
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5 years ago, guardiankillzonesux
Haters aren’t true
This game is good and it’s only like 2 bucks for the mini games. If you like Sumotori then you like this
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8 years ago, angeIonia
To Review #3
Just let him play. They aren't going to change the menu of THEIR game for one person. Get over it. Great game btw love it. (:
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2 years ago, zayminer
We can only play for ten seconds
Number 1 we can only play for ten seconds
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8 years ago, Fourthwolf
If you hate soccer...
If you always wished that you could spend your time playing video games by just trying to keep your character standing, and you always wanted controls similar to a puppet with tangled strings; then this game is for you!
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3 years ago, XxSwagJack
Not very cool
I wish the time was more than 1 minute and bad graphics i is not very that fun.
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8 years ago, Bearskinner
4+ it says a bad word I don't think a 4 year old should be playing this
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7 years ago, Emy5bacon
One little problem.....
I like this game. I really do. It's just that ITS RATED FOUR AND AND UP AND THEREZ A BAD WORD RIGHT ON THE SCREEN. Many people have complained about this, and I really Really REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY think u should change that.
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7 years ago, Can't find a from
Mini games
10 seconds is long enough to shoot at least 50 balls but make them longer
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8 years ago, THE U PRO
Fix in app purchase
I payed for the full version, but it wont activate 👎👎👎👎👎
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8 years ago, Brad1295
Don't pay for this game!
This game is terrible, please do not pay for it. Maybe if they fixed the controls it would be worth it but save your money.
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6 months ago, Acortana2019
This game is so funny!
This game makes me laugh!
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9 years ago, Big Bunny
Please change menu
Please change the wording of the menu. My son who is starting to read would like to play this game, but we do not want him using that word.
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3 years ago, mannyjo1
Hey truthlime40 your stupid
This game is the best game i have ever played in my life
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2 years ago, TcrossReviews!
Last minute goal💀
Yo I was holding the defensive line well until they scored a last minute goal on me💀💀unlucky m8. Time limit not long enough for me to come back m8.
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8 years ago, Randomoreston8
I really love this game. But I love sumo tori dreams more. Good job whoever made this game. It's fun. It's funny. It's fantastic!
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8 years ago, Ivvbbibkbi
It's great!
The controls are meant to be bad.
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8 years ago, Kevin blacker Dan u
Not fun
To hard and I'm not paying for a poorly optimized games with curse words on the menu. Looks like a 15 year old made it in unity for a high school computer project.
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4 years ago, Dacian Moore
Just make it free
Yeah this game would be amazing if it was free like why do we have to pay for it anyway just make it free or add a mode only for a demo
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8 years ago, Darkokids
Bad design/bad game
I get it, it's suppose to be hard to control and funny but it's actually just annoying. Definitely don't buy
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7 years ago, Uhjsoeksmsm
Bad controls and bad words
When you start the game you can't move you always fall and a minigame says a bad word
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5 years ago, gegevdhjdbwhqu
This game is trash
First you can’t move Second you can’t look around Third you can’t kick Fourth I’m a eight year old this game is stupid
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5 years ago, deeznuts in your throght
Please just make your games free with In game purchases
Just put in game purchases so more games people are more available to your app
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8 years ago, CaptanChemistry
I would love this game if you got rid of the swear word on the title screen.
Please get rid of the swear word! I'll start playing it again if you do.
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8 years ago, Jordan the man
Like what
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8 years ago, ThatGuy625
Worst game ever.
Let's see, bad words for 4+ game, horrible controls, unbelievable lag, only 2 mini games, and limited timing. It's all in one!
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8 years ago, Evander2.0
menu bad words
REALLY? 4+ kids four or up can't use this word!! Change the word settings
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8 years ago, More time 😒
There's barely enough time to play it. I wish it was unlimited or as long as we want it 😭
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8 years ago, Pearameep
Really :/
It says 4+ but it has a bad word something is truly wrong with theses creators you have to be mental to make that mistake
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8 years ago, TheRandom451
It's terrible for a funny game
The camera angles and controls are terrible, and it's NOT supposed to be that way
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5 months ago, Nathan cool gamer9
this game gave me nightmares at 6 years old
I genuinely wish I was joking
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5 years ago, P.E.K.K.A. Boy
F this
I agree with man o truth! Mine is exactly the same as his but his is better! This game is overpriced, crap, and @&$!in @&$! Go get yourselves a job u buttholes, u money hungry 🖕🏻 u
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8 years ago, Yuiip
Very bad game
It is a very bad game because you need to buy like it is a app purchase.
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6 years ago, egrhdududud
I literally spent money and this has a time limit? This game is garbage!
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7 years ago, DeadpoolGaming45
There is a bad word in it remove it or I'm deleting it
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8 years ago, Bludazi55
Horrible game bad words
This game says rated 4+ but in the menu it has a bad word
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8 years ago, Omardude9
Really 4+
It's not a bad game but why does it have a bad Word Really 4+ plz plz plz remove it remove the bad word PLZ I BAG YOU 😤
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6 years ago, Kevinplayz
Awsome game 10/10
Show more
7 years ago, Insanity master
Not like sumotori
Terrible game it's impossible to play if u want a funny rag doll game get sumotori
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8 years ago, Bobbyjoe19865
Seriously 4+ LIE it says kick a s s mini game and it's only 10 sec long
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