Google Admin

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8 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Google Admin

2.25 out of 5
227 Ratings
3 years ago, AlexDaGreatttt
As basic as it gets..
If you need anything other than change a password for an employee/student, you are going to need to get on a computer. This app is in dire need of an overhaul. It needs to allow you to modify A LOT MORE than just reset passwords and change details of a user. With the resources of a company like Google, this is simply inexcusable.
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2 years ago, me-iphone-6
Google is the new Yahoo!
We are with Google Workspace because we are trapped by being so integrated. I have zero trust for the company and cannot wait to leave. Google first surprised us with storage caps on GSuite licenses, then it reversed its longtime promise to grandfather the original GSuite legacy licenses. Developers like me, who worked so hard to integrate Google's services in every product we make, now have the same company working against us. What is the point of having a 99.9% SLA, when the service can cease just like that? We are now migrating our company infrastructure to NAS drives and S3 storage to make sure we are protected against sudden changes like these. I am hoping that once we are no longer dependent, we can unplug Google once and for all.
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3 years ago, Lidror
WORSE Than Imagined
Hands-down this is the WORST app I have ever seen..... Google tends to be “very set in its ways” (For Example— WHY can’t users widen their folders column in Gmail... Such a SIMPLE request that would make life to much easier, but NOPE, NOT GOOGLE). BUT THIS APP TAKES THE CAKE— I had set-up an online business account and had even bought a Domain Name, but I was NEVER able to access the account via this App..... To make matters worse, the log-in instructions asked me to change my PW with each log-in attempt... So WHO KNOWS WHAT MY FINAL PW is now..... I HOPE that I’m not now locked out of the Google Business Account that I’m PAYING FOR. That’s 30-minutes of my life that are now gone forever.....: Extremely shoddy, Google..... This is REALLY, REALLY BAD.....
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7 years ago, stopdeletingmyreviewnickname
Not bad
For a smartphone app, the functionality afforded by Google Admin for iOS ain't bad. It's fairly responsive, easy to use, and very stable. The things I'd wish for in future releases include partial name matches when searching Groups (seriously -- what if the group name is too long to type all the way out and I don't want to scroll through the rest of my groups to find it?), and some search and filtering options for the Audit Log. Aside from that I'm pretty darn happy with this app and the features Google has been adding in recent revisions.
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5 years ago, TheTriple25
This Application Is For Super Administration
This Application Is For Super Administration of G Suite domain please sign in with your domain administrator account I’m just trying to change my gmail pin for Xbox live your google website tell me to go through this app to change it on a mobile phone. I can maneuver through a computer good I’m 22 been doing it my entire life, I don’t see why google keeps making thing wayyy more complex then it needs to be, ive been try to change my pin for 3 days now with different things tell me to go different places I’m just trying to change my pin why is it so difficult it should be as easy as changing a passwork
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3 years ago, Keira's mommy
Absolutely Regret Switching
So I was convince to switch from GoDaddy to Google for my business. I purchased the url with email, paid and received a receipt via email. I logged into google domain and the email is not showing, domain support says well add it by going to your workspace. I can not log into workspace. I was not given any access. Domain support said fill out a workspace support ticket for your login. I did that and they say there is no account. So I paid for a url and services that I can not use. And I can not get support for the problem because they say I don’t have those services.
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6 years ago, SAT222
Need alias info for Groups
I really need to be able to see and edit Aliases for Groups. I would also like to be able to navigate to the Group by selecting that group under a User. As such: look at UserA; see the aliases and group memberships for UserA; from that screen clicking on GroupB only brings up a mostly useless pop up about GroupB; It would be immensely useful if that pop up had a way to navigate directly to GroupB. Other than that I am happy with the app.
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4 years ago, rsimsnavy
Fix the aspect ratio please!!!
Why is it that the iPad Pro 11” has been out for over 2 years and this app still looks like it is made for the original iPad. It shouldn’t be difficult to make it work correctly and look decent on the new iPads. Also, why not add a few more functions for the app like are in the admin console. This should be able to manage devices, make/fix group issues, add apps to Chromebooks. There are so many options for this app and I just want more features. COME ON GOOGLE!!!
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11 months ago, seasmith13
Terrible support
The nonprofit org I created with my partners used Workspace. One of our board members claimed fraud on our email account & hijacked our nonprofit’s sensitive healthcare information along with all files associated with this impaired individual’s malfeasance. It is impossible to reach Google workspace to report ongoing issues with access to said account which proves embezzlement & wire fraud issues. For such an overpriced cloud solution I would think Google would offer clearer solutions for customer support.
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5 years ago, Amazingly fun!!
Reseller portal access
We really need to get the mobile reseller platform available. You cannot access it through the webpage because it is broken on mobile devices. This app does not allow you to access it. We need a mobile way to manage reseller users and domains. It’s frustrating having to be in front of an actual computer to do this.
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10 months ago, My name means nothing
Usability of google domains should be so much better
The menu on google domains doesn’t make much sense. They should simplify it and stop using so much industry lingo. For example, all the new updates to how email forwarding works. I can’t imagine the nightmare this would be now that square space is acquiring this business.
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7 years ago, ribollagialla
Nonstandard UI for removing users
I had to search the web to figure out how to remove users from groups. Turns out you have to tap the image or circle to the left of the line item. This is nonstandard and not very discoverable. It should at least have a remove option on the detail view of users.
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1 year ago, Rocworx
This App is Terrible
As an avid Google user and IT director for a Google Workspace company environment, I am embarrassed how little functionality this App has. The only thing this App allows is minimal management of users. No access to any other management of the admin console. I would expect a lot more from a Google App. Don’t download this. Just sign in to your admin account via mobile web browser
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3 years ago, Lauren FZ
Impossible to Cancel Subscriptions
After closing our business during the pandemic, we wanted to cancel our $89/month subscription to Gsuite. There was zero physical way to “click cancel subscription.” It seems the goal is to frustrate the user to the point of giving up. Why is this not user friendly? This app doesn’t even offer the option.
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4 years ago, Darthmoon666
The only feature I actually needed isn’t there
The app looks good. It’s very limited though. I need to be able to create an email and see the generated password. It only shows on the computer. I mean what’s the point if I have to access the computer to check the password? 2 stars until then.
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7 years ago, ymatto
Thin functionality
I’m not sure why Google couldn’t just present the same features and UI in the web based admin console into this app — at least the iPad version where there should be plenty of screen real estate. As it is, this only has the most basic admin features, which is pretty disappointing. I’d much rather have a direct console app rather than have to resort to the web version.
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8 months ago, big sauce joe
missing MANY features
all this app provides is user and group control. the web UI is so much better for doing actual work with organizations and company management. Even Microsoft has Google beat on this with their admin console…
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6 years ago, companyITadminGuy
Easy enough to use, great for helping forgetful employees
This comes in handy when I’m on the go and one of our employees forgets their password. That’s pretty much all I use it for - and it happens a lot.
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4 years ago, id33ps
Why does not it have all the options that the website has? Please add domain management and some more features.
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2 years ago, Dingoniner
It does a good job at a very very few things. It’s a quick way to suspend a user I guess, but it is very limited in functionality. I’m far better off just visiting admin dot google dot com and working from there. I wouldn’t bother with this app if I were you.
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2 years ago, #nbcfail
Unable to generate password reset link
Bug bug bug, unable to generate password link. My organization has closer to 70 employees. Not sure if it's related but it quit working once I got north of 60 users. Super freaking annoying. Please update
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7 years ago, BTagInc
Great App!
I have used Google Admin with my G-Suite account for about a year. It has always been reliable. Yes, there could be some extra features but I still love this app!
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2 years ago, lordarcy
Unable to reset password
I've kept this installed on my phone so that I can reset passwords of my users, while I am not in the office. However, it seems unable to do this task, even though it's offered. The app has almost no value other than that which is why I'm giving it one star.
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5 years ago, BarelyToleratingComputers
Useless app - does almost nothing
Worthless junk. You can add and remove users. That’s it. Cannot admin 99% of the features in your organizations Suite account. Still have to use the web site, so effectively that means a laptop rather than the smartphone I carry for admin on my entire Corp network and security system. Google - don’t waste our time with rubbish.
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3 years ago, nit_suj
Awful App, crash prone
Terrible terrible use interface and extremely limited. Don’t even bother downloading this App. Change user OUs? Nope. Edit App access? Yeah right. Even view your chrome devices???? Not a chance. What’s the point of this app even existing? Why has it been forgotten about and neglected. Mature cloud directory my A**!!
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5 years ago, Di23458
I want to write a good report. However my phone doesn’t have internet with this app! It is the only way I have to communicate some of my friends. I have reported this once already. Please fix this. Please!
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1 year ago, Designergrits
I’m so confused. All I’m able to do is view/edit my email address. It shows me listed as “super admin” but there is absolutely nothing else I see to be able to do on this app. No menu, no buttons, just the list of emails and the option to edit or delete them.
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2 years ago, Leoguzzy
Missing features
I only can mange users and passwords, but this needs to be able to edit policy for everything. Please add Users/ Browser/settings and device policy management.
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2 years ago, HepaticHero
Genuinely Worse GApp
This is by far the worst Google app made to date. It’s very, very simplistic in manager user accounts and by managing I mean add delete modify a user that’s it. Terrible. Let’s add the sidebar menu and allow the clients the ability to make changes to the workspace on a holistic approach while on the go.
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5 years ago, mngrant
Supporting last years phones, this year
Come on guys. New devices are out and you just now support last year’s?! Basic admin functions work. Nothing fancy. I still reach for my MacBook Pro for real admin tasks.
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6 years ago, madhannar
Needs to be optimized for iPhone X
User interface could use a facelift and some more functionality from the web version would be nice
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2 years ago, rybu0305
Not enough functionality
There is very little that you can do in this app. Google needs to add all the same functionality you can do in a browser for users and groups.
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3 years ago, Ironmanmason
Complicated system for members of team
Just add the admin inside of workspace. The. Have the team apply for services with phone number and device. Because no one can get in. I really don’t want to head to Microsoft but I will.
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7 months ago, Demolition61
Ability to approve devices would be nice
Approving devices is something that would be great to be able to do on the fly with this app.
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2 years ago, NotWorthit1
No Effort put into App
This doesn’t allow you to do much of anything. Almost like it was something created as busy work at 4:00 on a Friday.
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1 year ago, gelainest
It’s worthless
I’m supposed to be able to manage my office from this app from Google… but I can’t do anything with it from my Ipad, and the website doesn’t work from here either…
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6 years ago, -Eric-
Last login time never updates, app needs more attention (though not more than the pathetically slow web admin console)
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7 years ago, osric courtier
Very limited utility
You can add users to groups, but you can’t edit or delete them afterward. This app is really bare bones and it would only be useful if they were to add a lot more of the web admin features. It’s easier just to use the web site.
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6 years ago, Nickster8484
Should be available for administrators as well
Not sure why it's only available to super administrators and not to regular administrators, in my case in a country manager as an as administrator and the app doesn't grant me Access for management of my team's accounts.
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2 years ago, rsaadeldeen
Not reliable
You can easily delete user without a second confirmation message that a user is being deleted, there should some kind of 2FA for user deletion.
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4 months ago, Nilrev
Do Better
Archived users show active. Automatically generated pw on pw resets fails as it can’t seem to generate a compliant pw. Missing ability to do many basic admin tasks.
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7 years ago, CaptSaltyJack
Too basic
Not too bad, but the app is too basic by only offering user management.
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3 years ago, hiddenmuse
Only available for the account Super User
I’m an admin for a Google Workspace that has three other admins, but only the Super User can use this app. The regular admins do all the work, but we can’t use the app. So it’s useless.
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5 years ago, ChefQuelicious
Lame app
I guess an admin, according to Google, only apparently creates and deactivated email accounts — because that’s all you can do with this app. You can’t do anything else through this app. Lame. None of the google admin console is available thru this app.
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7 years ago, jimcintosh
I want to change a group's permissions but can't with this app. Worse, I can't get into the admin webpage because Google keeps giving me the web version of this app. I want to maintain my G Suite but can't on an iPad. Google, do you really hate Apple that much?
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2 years ago, Mauricekp
JavaScript Not Enabled On Apps Embedded Browser - Can’t Login
I can’t log in. It says I need to enable JavaScript, but the login page is its own embedded browser in the app so there’s no way to do so. Safari has java script enabled. Can’t use it.
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7 years ago, ralphster949
This app doesn't really do much but allow you to delete users. I installed it because I wanted to approve a new team members device and you can't even do that. Developers, please make this app more useful
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1 year ago, bpdrums
Not good enough
- Password resets don’t work, because it doesn’t follow organizational password rules - Not registered as a Google Workspace app, so you can’t paste data from organization-controlled Google apps
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2 years ago, Summer Academy
Pretty bad
You can’t edit policy’s like turn off or on services like google chat. Microsoft admin mobile actually lets you edit policy’s. Please integrate more features!
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1 year ago, bloo09
Don’t waste your time
This isn’t even close to the desktop version. Zero point in having this app.
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