Google Cloud

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2 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Google Cloud

3.69 out of 5
35 Ratings
7 years ago, jeff_comm
A Very Useful App
There are times when I am out and need to quickly make changes, run some commands in a virtual machine or get a sense of what is happening. This app is exactly for that. I am in a phase right now where I am deciding if I should get a Surface, keep bringing along my compact Chromebook with Linux installed or carry around my iPad for those times when I don't want to lug around a laptop but want to be able to do real work. Usually my iPad is with me anyway but Zi didn't think it could do what I need. This app helps change my thinking. I was looking for a way to easily SSH from an iPad. Sure enough that feature is here. Credentials readily available for me to get it, make some changes or run a script and get out. Now I am going to look for FTP and BigQuery solutions and if I find them the iPad might just win out.
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11 months ago, FriendsyFan
Monitoring too limited
The app is good at what it does, but it doesn’t do a lot. I personally want to be able to access all of my monitoring info on the go. It’s a huge disappointment that you can’t view your dashboards based on custom metrics in the app. The advertising / screenshots for the app are very misleading. The only dashboard you can view is requests per second like it shows in the screenshot. I don’t need to be able to edit or set up graphs on mobile, but you should really be able to see them. Would love if this gets added soon!
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6 months ago, Mattolina LLC
Mattolina Loves Google Cloud
When I use Google Cloud it works both on my IPhone 12 Mini and I created a website using Google Cloud. I thankful Google gave me the opportunity to network with their wonderful Engineering teams. As a Software Engineer I love programming so much and glad Google Pioneer the internet. Than you Jessica from AT&T to help me get to Google Cloud team. 😊😊😊😊😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
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8 months ago, SleepNever
Needs Custom Dash Access
Cannot believe you can’t access your custom dashboards. How does that help when you get an alert and need to check the dashboards? Please fix!
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2 months ago, boldandbeauty
Google one of the best and worst services
I am quite happy and frantic at the same time with Google services because you can never get to talk to a customer support representative it a joke and a disgrace and disgusting attitude that you service people and don’t want to talk with them
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9 months ago, FB:youngsage22
It's a nice app but it keeps crashing everytime I leave the app. (connection timeout) fix it as soon as possible thanks
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2 months ago, Mr. Cortadito
Add Google Cloud Run support
I upgraded to the latest and there still no support for manage Google cloud run services.
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1 year ago, LangFamily
Permission problems
Used to be a useful app, a subset of the web console functionality. Then a month or so ago, it began throwing a number of errors about permissions. Tried deleting app and reinstalling, logging out and back in, no change. Essentially useless now. Judging by other reviews, problem is cropping up for many users. Update: Permissions problem resolved. App once again quite useful for Google Cloud users.
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8 years ago, 泰坦尼克强迫欺骗
Does not work with smart connector keyboard
I was excited to replace my laptop with a logitech keyboard connected to iPad Pro 12 inch. But no luck. As soon as I connect the keyboard the virtual keyboard disappears but there is no response to the physical keyboard on the SSH screen. Very disappointed. Hope they fix it soon. Update: I got the keyboard working sort of. But soon found that the google cloud shell is not in there. That pretty much say you have to have a laptop. Using Safari you will get the full experience including the shell. But I have yet to figure out the up and down arrows (for Unix command) and combination of keys (e.g. ctrl + O). It is still a long way to go. Interestingly Chrome does not even activate the shell button.
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5 years ago, cloudceo_
CLI is too stiff not mobile friendly
When using the command line it’s too stiff and not user friendly. Azure and Termius iOS apps have a smooth natural feel when SSH into servers. Please update the user experience for the command line to be more smooth and optimized for the iPhone as it is possible.
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3 years ago, jason a. grafft
Useful and awkward
I appreciate having a CLI interface for Google Cloud on my iPad. It's great for "small" and ad hoc tasks, and gives me access to features otherwise restricted on my tablet. The application is immature, and the console is awkwardly unresponsive to touch commands---you can't copy text printed to the console, no scrolling support in Vim, and a few other items which "aren't too bad" but will get in the way of work. I'd be less critical if applications like Blink and a-Shell hadn't already addressed many usability features for CLIs on iPads.
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3 years ago, JustWantATerminal
Poor external keyboard support in ssh/cloud console
When using an external keyboard on iPad (e.g. Apple Magic Keyboard, external USB keyboard), the additional on-screen specific to this app (esc, tab, home, pgup, etc) does not minimize and covers the last lines of the shell (where the cursor and input text are). Pushing the keyboard minimize icon displays the ssh menu bar above the terminal and does not allow text input to the terminal. This makes it impossible to type and see what you are typing, restricting an otherwise valuable use-case to manage VMs on a mobile device.
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5 years ago, PhilRayBlueTiger
This app is great for getting a snapshot. The only major issue I experienced was when using the SSH feature for a compute engine, the return key doesn’t always work properly. Sometimes, like in a nano window or in a redis-client cli window, it would not send a clear command. Adding an “Enter” button to the app’s touch interface should eliminate this, similar to the tab button.
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3 years ago, drivelike
I was going to try and create a Firebase hosted site from my iPad and could not make any progress. The cloud shell command line doesn't allow you to select or copy text. The commands "firebase init" and "firebase auth" result in the cloud shell hanging. The output from "firebase auth" includes a long URL that you can neither click on to navigate to or copy to paste into the browser. It would be much more useful with GCP if you could use whatever SSH client to access the cloud shell. I would prefer to use Blink from my iPad when I want to access cloud resources from the command line.
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8 years ago, Ryan Hickman
Good But Limited
Overall Cloud Console is a good app for managing your GCE instances. However it lacks certain functionality that is extremely important when dealing with any project of scale. 1. No Networking control so no changes to HTTP Load Balancing or any networking aspects for that matter. 2. Graphs are based on selecting static VMs. Should be able to choose Instance Groups so that graphs update when a group is scaled and the VMs change. 3. Should allow management of instance groups.
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8 years ago, The Fresh Prince of Bellair
Feature needed: replace image
For the next version, can you please give the option to replace existing images and add images in cloud storage buckets? In current version, users can only delete images. There's no option to upload images either. This should be available as well. These options only exist on the web - not even mobile webpages, just desktop web. Will give 5 stars if they're in the next release.
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5 years ago, Maxwhalezhou
Does what I need it to do
I can start/stop and manage my instances from my phone. Its a bit difficult to ssh into the machine and handle heavy duty tasks. But if you really needed to do something like that, you should be on a desktop anyway. Good UI and can handle simple tasks very well. Just what I need on mobile.
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2 years ago, youngsamguru
Pls kindly update the app fixing some bugs
I used this app on my phone last 4weeks, it working well and perfect but until now I noticed whenever I minimize while coding using the cloud shell, in the next 30sec i check back the app it will have be disconnected I tried severally uninstalling and installing the app but still the same pls hep
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9 years ago, Miverson
Great addition
I use multiple services like AWS and Google Cloud and I love this app. Although it's not perfect and doesn't replace a computer, it is a great addition for monitoring instances and checking things on the fly. Hard to complain with something that is free and works
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1 year ago, Aerodyno
Can’t switch between projects?
Seems like the app is broken — can switch between projects in my acct Update: by some miracle the app is now fixed, justifying the half mil salaries of those googlers :)
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7 years ago, Nmentley
Can’t register mobile device
I got the app to get notifications for incidents from stackdriver. The instructions to register the device don’t seem to be correct? Or something is broken? Maybe I’m missing something. Either way this isn’t great. I don’t understand how I’m suppose to get notifications without having to constantly check my email. Total bummer.
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1 year ago, BrentSpeaksSpanish
Needs to show the count
Good to track errors in Logs Explorer but I REALLY need the total count. Eg how many errors were there in the past 3 hours? The desktop version shows me that but mobile app doesn’t. I can filter for the errors I want or exclude those I don’t want but I need the total count like the desktop version shows me. Eg. there were 3,492 errors in the past 3 hours
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2 years ago, Roy@Houston-Tx
Great app but needs some improvements
To improve please bring in the dark mode to ipad. I have used the app to edit codes and do some runs on my bed. I really love that.
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8 years ago, atomantic
Missing GKE, networking, logs, everything...
Unless you are running app engine or just simple GCE, this doesn't have much. Would love to see networking and GKE support. Otherwise, all this tells me is how many instances are in my GKE cluster. I can ssh into instances, which is nice but not actually useful for operating a kubernetes cluster. Great design and functionality for the features that it has but needs more to be useful.
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4 years ago, reggae+rock=perfect
Like it now, will love it later I hope.
Like most other reviews I like this tool for when I’m in a bind or need to get a quick sense of things, or what not. I know I will love it when services like Endpoints and Cloud Run are supported.
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8 years ago, venyaz
Almost useless
This app is beautifully designed (thanks to standard Material Design) but features set is very limited even for simple monitor. There is no log access (sic!), no quotas, no datastore view. And you can only view stats, absolutely no control or ability to change single setting
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3 years ago, Ericadia
Several problems
First, there’s no way to manage iOS notifications for this app. Super irritating. But even more irritating, incidents that are marked resolved on the console website linger forever in the app with a “new” marker. I was hoping to use this app for monitoring purposes but for that it’s functionally useless.
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5 years ago, Pachocamacho
Datalab interface?
Simple and easy-to-use, but can I use Datalab with the current version for iPad ?
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5 years ago, theGiantOtter
Great High level View.
I hope they keep developing this app. I would kill for something like this with AWS. I’m not going to lie. It’s made me consider putting my side projects in GCP. And I’m an AWS fanboy. Keep it up!
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3 years ago, Badandy125
No Notifications
On iOS14.8 i was not receiving any notification sounds. I deleted and reinstalled the app and now notifications do not even appear as a setting configuration option in iOS settings meaning the app has not requested to allow notifications. For me this defeats the entire purpose of the app.
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5 years ago, denigu
Notifications doesnt work
Error reporting doesnt deliver mobile notifications. It cant because the app doesnt even ask for notification allowence. It is not listed under notification settings of iphone
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8 years ago, d0z0s
Extremely limited functionality
Other than a high-level overview of cloud projects and resources, this doesn't do much. It can't change storage bucket permissions or upload content. It's basically a dashboard. Go to Google's website in Safari to do anything serious.
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2 years ago, HernanL2001
Incident notifications are not working
What I believe it’s the most important feature of this app is broken since days ago. Also the device registering process is poorly implemented, failing for days
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5 years ago, Instatlas
Can’t stay connected long enough to use Datalab
The app is great since I can’t actually use the Cloud Shell in the Chrome Browser on my iPad Pro 10.5 (for some reason nothing types). However, when I want to use Datalab, the Cloud Shell disconnects from the VM thus shutting down my work in Datalab :(
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3 years ago, ditch303
Can’t change my login
There seems to be no way to change the account the app uses. It automatically signed me in to my personal account but need to access my work account.
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7 years ago, ❤️
Love that I can say into my compute instances and troubleshoot from my mobile devices!
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3 years ago, Joseph b2
Glaring flaw
There is no way to change your logged in gmail account in the app. What google developer only has one account? Kind of a joke
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9 years ago, jastanton
This is the app I’ve been waiting for :) Thank you!
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9 years ago, unamerikan
Awesome interface
Google Cloud Console is really easy to use and has a great UI!
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4 years ago, xiaohuang
Good for quick glance
Better if we can have monitoring agent view (e.g. memory, etc) in the dashboards.
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5 years ago, nycdrocks
Crashes when looking at Error Console detail.
Very helpful app, but if I try to tap into an error in the Error Console, the app crashes.
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8 years ago, Auxbrain
Sign in broken
Was unable to complete sign in flow with 2-factor auth. Upon returning to the app from the authenticator app, was shown a busy indicator indefinitely.
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5 years ago, bgreenlee
Limited functionality
I'm not sure why you'd use this app instead of the web. It is missing support for many Google services, notably GKE.
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5 years ago, nikniknik9876567789
Cloud Shell lacks basic input controls, unusable
Can't select text in cloud shell. No way to copy. Really sad that this is the low quality garbage Google creates these days. Have some quality control please
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8 years ago, Germination71
No useful feature.
I was excited to see this app was available! And then it offered no useful feature. Bummer.
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5 years ago, LLAMACHOPPA
Dude freaking LOVE THE CLOUD!!!!! When I activate the shell I think off the unit "immortal" on the PC game "starcraft 2"s' protective shield 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 6️⃣outta6️⃣
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5 years ago, Tanujbolisetty
App crashes after update
App crashes even after update. Poor quality control and testing in google.
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8 years ago, Aaronangert
Not fully featured
You can not edit data store values, this app is not fully featured for what I use Google app engine for and thus is useless
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6 years ago, tastypackets
Missing cloud functions
This app is missing several key features and all together missing cloud functions.
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2 years ago, By Everyone
Hot Garbage
I would had a better opinion of GCP if you just diddnt bother with making the app and forced people to use the broken console only.
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