Google Keep - Notes and lists

3.5 (4.9K)
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Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Google Keep - Notes and lists

3.5 out of 5
4.9K Ratings
7 years ago, xmanfreeman76
need more to be better than iphone note
If you want to check the difference between iphone note and google keep, you will find that iphone note is great, because you can write arabic language from right to left without any issue and great emoji and good quality of emoji that is written in iOS note that defeat google keep, but wait google is good too for more space 15 GB good too. Now the solution: 1- fix the alignment ( arabic and english) 2- create good emoji pictures different than iphone to be for google. 3- fix links issues and google map links too. 4- increase the security of google keep. 5- lets work with iOS company to merge between iphone notes and google keep easily. ( this need high step cooperation) 6- give a chance to share from iphone studio to google keep easily. 7- easy drawing note with iOS Cooperation between note and google keep. 8- more folders and subfolders and easy way to search for sub folders and easy lock for each secure note 9- each google keep note have a date and synchronized with calendar and easy create a link between calendar day and google keep note. 10- anything new will be great idea to help more in business or normal life Like for example record a voice note or transfer voice note from iOS note to google keep note with option of recording voice. My wishes for google 🌹
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2 years ago, summers2004
A glitch no one’s been talking about ruined my experience.
I’ve been using this app for years. But around two months, I started running into a huge problem every now and then. I’d be in the middle of working on a note when randomly I’d be booted out, and left to watch from the menu as all my notes mass duplicate themselves and turn into lists. This also affected my archived notes. The original versions of the notes would copy paste all text three or four times, enter checkbox format, then make two other blank versions of it also full of checkboxes. In the middle of cleaning up my page (this is the third time this has happened, though it’s never been this bad.) one of my most important notes went missing out of nowhere. I found it in my trash and when I went to restore it, it came back blank. This app has had an irreplaceable role in not just organizing my goals and daily life, but my enjoyment of poems and songwriting. Until I can be for certain my hard work will be protected, I’ll be forced to use a different notes application. I hope this issue gets resolved because it hasn’t been a one-time occurrence. Each time it has gotten worse. Each time I’ve lost valuable information. Each time I spend hours of my day having to clean up and rewrite notes that were altered by a bug that seems very recent. I hope this gets resolved so that I may return.
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6 years ago, Torqued!!
Used to love this app
I used to love this app. My wife and I kept a shared grocery list as well as others. The grocery list, by far, gets the most use. For the last year and a half, it has become pretty buggy for me. Lists would disappear, updates made by one collaborator would not show up for the others on the list. Now, lately, I can’t seem to add an item to my grocery list without the app crashing. I’ve closed the app on my iPhone, restarted it, shut the app down, hard booted my phone, created a copy of a list and deleted the original to see if one was corrupted, you name it, I’ve tried it. Now, not only does the app crash most of the time, when I do successfully add a line item, instead of keeping it where I added it, Keep tosses the line item down to the bottom of the list. I’m not able to move the item in the list order now as well. I’ve taken great pains to order the grocery list to coincide with the layout of my local grocery store. It’s WAY more efficient that way. Now it’s becoming an aggravation. I’ve got over 300 items in my list. Starting over would be a headache. I’m not really interested in using one of the other shopping apps that force a subscription or demand an account be set up for all members to share. I really liked the way Google Keep used to work. Google! Please fix this app!! For what it’s worth, I’m using an iPhone 6+ with iOS 11.3.whatever the latest is.
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10 months ago, dovanatress
I use this app all day, every day!
I’ve been using this app since 2014 and will tell anyone who will listen how much I love it. The labels, colors and new backgrounds are helpful for organizing your notes into categories, and there are many formats, jotting handwritten notes, voice note, links, multiple photos, checklists and more. I keep checklists and archive them and copy them, for everything, like travel, groceries, moving, shopping, I honestly don’t know what I would do without this app! **UPDATE - after reading through some of the lower rated reviews, I see a lot related to formatting and integrations - this is NOT the app for that. Think of it as sticky notes on steroids - anything more complex, use an app like Notion or Evernote. Keep is very simple. It has limits. Don’t expect more. You’ll love it. Also, some of the complaints are unfair, about missing functionality that does indeed exist. For a couple of weeks in summer 2023 it did a glitchy thing copying items on checklists but that appears to be a non issue now a month later. Otherwise for me, for nearly 10 years, Keep has been FLAWLESS. I love this app!
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3 years ago, Geo_Potato
Decent so far, but only a B+ rating
This is my first time using Keep for iOS, and I'm impressed thus far. However, I have 3 moderate gripes to share: 1) I wish the app would retain the label selection when reopening the app. For example, if I have my "Things to Do" label filtered and then close the app, I would like for the "Things to Do" label filter to still be enabled when I relaunch the app. It wipes the label filter every time and displays all notes again without a filter. This gets annoying to reselect each time. 2) A nice enhancement would be to auto-invite collaborators to any notes within a specific label. Currently, I have to invite my partner to every note one-by-one. This gets somewhat tiresome after 30+ new note invites, which also spammed her email inbox with 30+ notifications. That workflow could be improved. 3) If inviting a collaborator to a note, have the assigned label(s) carry over to the collaborator's Keep. For example, I assigned my partner to several "Gift Idea" labeled notes, but she had to go in and manually create/assign the same label within her account so that we maintained the same label. These labels should sync across, in my opinion.
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6 years ago, Sirenia Garcia
Best app for organization!
This app is a great app for organization. Hi, I’m a teenager of the age of 14. In high school you really need to get organized, write down what homework needs to get done reminders on test dates. As of right now though it is summer and I don’t want to be just laying around in bed all summer watching videos or being lazy. I at least want to be a bit productive, so I was on the search for a to do list app that will help me feel accomplished in the goals I set. So I went searching and most organizer apps and to do list apps have a fee, which if your under 16 years old you can’t really do that. I downloaded a bunch of apps looking for the right one. For an estimate on how many I downloaded and deleted was about 8, which is a lot. On this app I can put my to do list, write reminders, and put pictures to remind myself to love myself and remind me that people care about me to. Those inspirational pictures and encouraging pictures I’d say help me from going down into the hole of depression. (I might be overreacting to that but it’s true) so I wanted to thank google for making an app like this! ❤️
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5 months ago, WitMyTeefsandMyToofs
My favorite notes app
I used to use keep notes with much satisfaction, and then decided to try some other apps. I’m back to keep notes as it is one of the most user-friendly, intuitive notes programs for me and the other people that I share lists with. The real time updates are pretty, magnificent. It’s cool to watch items be checked off the list in real time. I also enjoy the editing tool on the graphics side with some different tools that they have. I sometimes bring in artwork just to do modifications inside the app. I think it offers a visually pleasing and effective tools for making it easy to find what you need, I don’t usually write reviews but I’ve been using this one for years now and just find it very comfortable I can collaborate projects with multiple people easily., and keep up on my personal life responsibilities There are only a couple of apps that I can say I still use and haven’t upgraded to a better version over the years, and this is one of them.
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2 years ago, Aisha 🌠
2) I’ve tried, it just needs..
Requests! The ability to add in more wallpapers like choosing one from your own photo gallery. Bold text, etc…come on. Sigh, I just got this app to get away from my iPhone’s need of ICloud storage, though this app is from you guys and I’ve gotten it as it doesn’t need iCloud syncing storage, and cause I am comfterbal being in google. I, and I know a speak for a group of many people along with myself on this one, if not then…okay, when adding a picture to a note, the picture goes all the way to the top above the title, and I don’t want it there, but I caint move it down, please make it an option for us to be able to choose where our images go and the ability to make it small so it doesn’t have to take up a botch in our notes space👍 You guys are doing good, making a notes app for your google users, just needs some good add-in updates is all👍✨ (New Request) it’s not an option wether to have it or not, let time and date be visible in the notes we make.
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6 years ago, nbct.wright
Incredible productivity tool!
This app has quickly become one of my go to apps throughout each and every day. It’s cross-platform approach makes jotting a note on my phone, revising it on my Chromebook, then converting it to a Google Doc on my desktop a snap. It is lightweight in terms of storage space and processor demands, yet it is robust in its abilities. Saving audio, photos, etc into notes is simple. Setting reminders, even recurring reminders, makes this app outrageously useful for jotting quick reminders when adding something to a calendar is just too time consuming. And again, the cross-platform approach means that the reminder pops up on your iPhone, your Chromebook, and your Windows machine (or Mac) unlike Apple’s native reminder / to do apps. Of course, you have to be using Chrome on your computers as the internet browser. But why wouldn’t you? :-) In all, it’s a very useful app for organizing and staying on top of personal and professional business!
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5 years ago, JohnAM32
Scrolling and Return Key Bugs
I absolutely LOVE Google Keep and use it excessively. That said, I’ve been meaning to write a review about the two bugs that constantly annoy me: sometimes the keyboard pops up when scrolling through a note when I did not intend to edit it, just to read it, thus my annoyance when it pops up. I think it does so when I scroll only a small amount and it registers as a tap gesture instead of just a scroll gesture. Two: if I press the return key—creating a new line of text—when there are also other lines of text below where I am currently typing (whether I thereafter type or paste something in or just leave the line blank) after a few seconds the line below that one pops up, merging onto the end of the above line I just entered, and I have to replace my cursor and separate the lines again, putting the lower one back down where it belongs.
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2 years ago, Agnes16!
Please make it a widget!
I’ve started using this because I have ADHD and I’m a teacher and a million thoughts pop into my head throughout the day that I want to be able to dump out onto paper. The problem is then I have a million little notepads with random thoughts because I can’t keep track of one note pad. This is perfect because I can have it open on my computer and my phone and always have access to write it down. I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I would LOVE to see it become a widget, so I can make the app way bigger on my phone so when I open my phone to open google keep and write something down, I don’t get distracted by a notification of some sort and forget what I was doing. I want to open my phone, have a giant bright yellow google keep looking at me so I can quickly click on it and dump all the thoughts out of my brain. Please help!!!!
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2 years ago, dj jon bates
Why do Google apps like Keep have third-rate search?
Keep could be an essential note-collection tool: it’s intuitive, simple, fast and offers valuable features like extracting text from almost any image saved to a Keep note. What relegates Keep to a 3.5 star afterthought is its weaknesses in something Google arguably does better than anyone on Earth: search. Perhaps there’s some super-strategy behind Google’s decision to make searching in most of its non-Gmail products worse than what we were able to accomplish in a 1980s DOS command. But the fundamental purpose of collecting notes in an app is to have key information available when we need it later. I’ll concede that Keep does allow searching by content type, labels and the text within notes. But certainly Google (whose name is universally used as shorthand for searching) has the technical chops to include advanced search in Keep and all their products. Where is: ›› Find notes created in a date range, or modified, or before? ›› Search for duplicate (or similar) notes? ›› Advanced search operators (AND, OR, NOT)? ›› Multiple search criteria, and saved searched? None of these missing key features are blue-sky next-gen technology. They’re the foundation of what Google does, and users deserve tools with at least the capabilities of 1980s-era software.
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2 years ago, dudumoomoo
Not quite there
Google keep is my preferred note taking app out of all the other ones, but the level of polish and features aren’t really top notch from what I’d expect from a Google product. It also seems like updates are not being consistently pushed out, as if there’s just 1 dude working on Keep for half the time and goofing off the other half. There a lot of things that could make Google keep the clear best note taking app: - A widget for iphone that would show a note or notes - More customizable reminders (exact set dates for reminders that can be repeated) - Custom backgrounds for the whole background and notes backgrounds where you can insert your own picture and it’s slightly faded behind note contents - etc. Just please improve your app Google, there’s a lot of people that use this a lot and it has so much potential
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1 year ago, PhelineCat
I’ve used the native Apple Notes for years without a problem, and it did everything I needed. I even tried several other apps a few years ago to see if something would be better for me, but nope, I was satisfied. Then Notes started crashing. Someone suggested Google Keep but wow! Look at the problems! Some people sneer at Notes, but their problems are nothing like this! Even the issues the most helpful reviewer Geo_ has are crazy because if my notes aren’t organized, what is the point? I’m going through Notes, stashing them in places, deleting them as I go, hoping I find the corrupted file that makes my Notes crash. I'm only using this when I have to when a file's format is incompatible with another stop-gap measure or if I want to save something quickly. This is a poor excuse for storage. I don’t want to fling information into a repository- I want Folders. Inside the folders, I want related files, and I want to do that on the fly. Apple Notes allows me to create Folders and "notes" that function as 2nd level storage. I can rename files as I go. Keep barely recognizes "labels" until I’ve started filling them. • What's with the miserly colors. What’s the point? There are 14 combined colors & patterns, but I can’t add my own. • Markdown. Seriously? Is it so complicated to incorporate Markdown? I rely on formatting, but it’s whisked off when it hits Keep. Is the Metadata still there? I doubt it.
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4 years ago, google.user.29283836
Good app, just some suggestions
GOOD FEATURES 1. The labels feature and options to change the background color of each note is helpful for organization 2. It’s cool you can add drawings, voice recordings, images, reminders, and checklists. And the feature that grabs text from an image was very useful. 3. Of course the ability to share notes across devices and between people since notes are saved with your Google account and not just downloaded to your device. 4. Small thing but being able to copy stuff to Google Docs was nice 5. Aesthetically pleasing. Not that important but if an app looks old I’ll be less likely to choose it IMPROVEMENT SUGGESTIONS 1. Add bold, italic, underline, and text size 2. Make the option for images to be embedded at any place in the note instead of just attached at the top 3. Allow checkboxes in between paragraphs instead of requiring the whole note to be a checklist 4. Add a view option where only the note titles are shown (instead of the larger icons; like the list view in Google Drive) 5. Allow multiple reminders in one note (not as important as the other ones) 6. Automatically change links into their image previews, while still leaving the option to remove it. Usually I prefer the link icon over the long chunks of text.
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7 years ago, shecasx
Updated - Late September update seems to have fixed the issues caused by the August changes.
[updated] They finally seem to have fixed Keep, thank goodness. For about 6 weeks it was unusable. Now it seems to work fine, no longer deleting items and failing to sync. Glad Google fixed what they had broken, but better communication from the company to its users should have happened. 👎 on treating your users this way. I used it daily. Still use it via the web. But the August iPhone update made it unusable. Can't connect. Screws up your entries. It's a disaster. And Google's been silent through it all. No acknowledgement anywhere -- support pages or forums -- of the problems. The app support pages are worthless. Hey Google, end the silence and let us know that you've heard us! And fix this used-to-be great app and the sync issues, please.
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6 years ago, BoredMeteor
Bold, Italic & underline formatting are missing but it’s a great alternative to Onenote
It feels incomprehensible that Google wouldn’t allow users of this great app to format text with bold, italic or underline. This basic feature, part of every word processing program since the late 80s is missing from this app! It’s stupefying. You can do this in every other Google app but not this one. This missing feature is single-handedly keeping this app from really competing with Microsoft OneNote. Google has an opportunity since OneNote for iOS has been badly broken for over a year. It won’t sync notes across platforms anymore! Authentication is completely bugged and your notes won’t sync unless you sign in every day which leads to all kinds of conflicts. The app is unusable these days. Google keep could pick up that market. That’s how I know about it. I had to abandon Microsoft’s platform after they broke it.
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5 years ago, Iniyaaaa
I prefer using everything google from mail to photos because everything syncs up no matter what device you’re on and when I found out there was a notes app I immediately downloaded it,, I really like the concept and how you can have the checkboxes and colors however the labels and archiving don’t sync up very well. I like to have some notes for cooking or workouts and not have them clog up my main screen so I archive them and put them in their labels, but when I click the label and click the notes it brings me to the archive section, but the device still thinks It is in the individual label and I have to click out and click back it to get just the notes in the label to pop back and it’s quite annoying. I would prefer it if the labels acted like folders in drive rather than just labels or have the options for both.
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6 years ago, One of millions...
Used to be a five star app...
Google Keep used to be my favorite app for making lists. I loved that if I switched devices, it would update across them seamlessly. However, the last two updates broke the app. It started freezing while checking things off the list with the update prior to the most recent one. Now, with the newest update, the app will not refresh and update across my devices, no matter how much I try to get it to work. It started with freezing and crashing upon opening, and now it tells me I need to “refresh”, but when I do it sits on a white screen saying it’s “Refreshing...” and then comes back to say the “refresh failed” and to try again later. It’s become more of a pain to use than it’s worth, so I just deleted it and will use the native list app on my iPhone for now. Hopefully when I check back in a couple months these problems are fixed, and I can start using this app again.
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5 months ago, Allie in Portland
Please fix the app on iPad
It has been beyond buggy on the iPad for me and I eagerly look for updates each week, hoping there will finally be a fix, when I’m trying to put together my meal plan and menu for the week. This experience has been going on at least 6 months and maybe longer. Way less buggy on the iPhone. My husband and I have been using this app for years to stay coordinated on all kind of things but especially our weekly grocery list. If this doesn’t get fixed, I will push us to switch to something else. Bugs: - Cursor randomly disappears while I’m in the middle of typing, so I have to tap the screen to get back in to the middle of the word I was typing - Frequent lagging to register typing, so I start retyping and then my previously typed letters suddenly appear - Swapping windows between the recipe I’m finding ingredients in and the app to add to the grocery list frequently results in the app crashing and then having to start up again - Switching between different notes within the app is EXTREMELY laggy, to the point I’m frequently unsure if my tap on the note even registered and if it will open. I’m talking like 10-15 second lags. I loved this app and have a TON of history saved in the notes. I don’t want to switch. Please fix these issues!
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6 years ago, DurdeeBurger
Was once a great app
I still use this as my main note taking apps because if everything worked correctly it would fit my needs the best. I used to shared lists like grocery lists with my wife but we stopped doing that after too many syncing issues where we would get to the store and notice have the list is missing. I could get over that, however recently I have had this issue where when I’m trying to edit a list the keyboard keeps glitching where it seems like it’s constantly trying to create a new keyboard making it impossible to type. Happens way too often and kills the experience. Idk why this started to happen, worked great for so long. I would just use Apple notes but I want my checked items to get lumped together like this app does...wish they would fix this app.
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7 years ago, oberon526
Lag, non-responsive, failures to sync
I am hugely reliant on this app. Unfortunately, since iOS 11, and especially with this most recent app update, the app has become very unstable. Syncing across my devices is sketchy at best, and information disappears. I’ve had to recreate whole sections of notes which sync my updates; rather, the app took the updated note and synced it backwards to the previous version on another device. Response to touch / type /cursor movement is slow at best, but usually impossible. You can’t move the cursor anywhere. To move in a note, you actually have to exit the note, re-enter it, carefully place the cursor at what you need to edit (nowhere else!), then exit again, and re-enter it at the next place to edit. Any attempt to move the cursor or tap elsewhere in the note has absolutely no response. I hope this is rapidly addressed, as otherwise Keep is a lifeline app for me.
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2 years ago, SLP Crafter
iPad app is much better than the iPhone app
I have no problems with the iPad app; it’s fantastic! BUT, the iPhone app from time to time has a pop up box that says, “Refresh Required. It may take a while.” When you push on the “Refresh” button, it acts like it’s going to “refresh”, but after awhile, it comes up and says it “cannot be refreshed, please try again later”. This happens every time. And it’s been like that for several years. It is very annoying in a store because it blocks the screen and never goes away. Is there any way to remove that pop up since it doesn’t accomplish anything anyway? The iPad app doesn’t need it, why does the iPhone app need it? Thanks for listening and for finding a fix for the problem!
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5 years ago, tomas 846
So close to 5 stars!
I stopped using Apple Notes after I started using Keep because Keep is a beautiful note taking app. I love how colorful, simple, and clean the interface of Keep is. The only thing that is missing is the ability to lock notes so others who might access my phone don’t get into it. I write personal things and I store passwords in Keep but there is no privacy mode where I can’t password protect or pin/fingerprint protect these personal notes, while Apple Notes does have this feature. I think more and more people would use Keep instead of other note taking apps like Apple Notes if this feature was present. Please hear me out! Will update my rating to 5 if this useful feature is added. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Sana Haider
There’s so much more you should add to it!
I really love this app, because I can access the contents from my phone or laptop because it’s connected to my google account. For that, I have no complaints. However, I wish there were more customizable options when taking notes. To be able to bold or italicize your notes so that they are more easier to read and more organized (like the apple notes app!) I think this app is great to jot down quick notes, but it could be even better for the major neat freaks out there like me if there was more customization with the notes you are taking! If there are features to put notes under labels to organize it in that sense, it should have more document features a well!
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3 years ago, Ahmed Awsaf
Great app in need for a update
Really enjoy this app, used this app from a very young age and this app is really important to be. But the developers can you please make the app feel bit more personal by adding better privacy features. Like, when we log into our gmails its automatically there right specially on desktop. Yeah your desktop is your personal computer but still other people in the house can still access it for important purposes and for printing stuffs( if you got only one in the household) just give an update on google chrome where we can hide/lock the tabs using passcode. And give us the ability to lock certain notes which we don’t want to share if someone have the hold of our personal devices. Thank you.
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1 month ago, Liz @starfishyoga
Background app refresh is not the answer
I agree with the many (many) reviews stating that this app has been great for a long time, but has become frustrating to use: the keyboard disappears, & there’s a huge lag to open a list and check a box- all of which persist even after updates and restarts. The answer to each review here has been to go to settings and enable the background refresh. I’ve done this and it appears others have as well, and it’s no different. It’s also not helpful to be asked to post feedback elsewhere via a provided link, which is the secondary dev reply. I really hope there will be improvement soon because I’ve loved this app for years and clearly we’re all experiencing the same issues.
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5 years ago, NHGadgetLuvr
Even buggier-unusable
I love Keep, but this app is very buggy. I open a note that says Grocery, but a list of errands opens instead. Sometimes as many as 3 or 4 copies of the same note are generated. Other times the notes shuffle unexpectedly. Would be great if it functioned like the Web version. Update: Downgraded to one star. I am the only person using the app it is not shared. Yet duplicate notes are created, they shuffle back and forth, the wrong notes open when i tap on it. I love this app and it is so usable and functional, but these problems are driving me away. As much as i want to use it, I’ve even down presentations to others about it, the problems have to be fixed. 3/29: downgraded to 1 star. Duplicated notes and duplicated entries on notes. Web version is fine, but the app is unusable with duplicated entries on checklists, wrong note opening when you tap on (tap on Shopping, laundry list note opens).
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4 years ago, james__apps
A few UX opportunities
Overall this is a fine app for notes and checklists especially when considering the benefits of it being slotted into the Google ecosystem. However there are two UX issues that come to mind that stop me from being all that happy with it. The first is a lack of a platform standard left edge swipe gesture to return to the top level list view from an individual note. You’re relying on users to tap the upper left arrow. Not conforming to basic platform conventions makes this app stick out as being inconsistent. There must be another way to make a checklist item a “sub” item — it’s frustrating to constantly do this on accident. The second issue I see is the floating of the “add” and “more” icons at the bottom of the display when the keyboard is open. Users assume that toolbars floating above the keyboard relate to the task of typing. e.g. in the stock iOS notes app, quick actions to adjust type formatting. Instead, these icons have more to do with the overall note. The ... “more” icon would probably make more sense in the upper right next to archive. The add button might make more sense as a floating action button in the lower right, visible when the keys are hidden.
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2 years ago, Emidee-san
Maybe worth a shot?
I like the ability to do both audio recordings and transcriptions within Google Keep, but it is difficult to know when or why the audio stops recording. Sometimes, I take a quick pause for a breath and then the audio recording cuts off, other times I'm silent for more than 10 seconds and it's still recording when I want it to turn off. The transcriptions are sometimes very in accurate which is frustrating to me as well I have not explored many other features of the app yet, but looking at some of the other reviews, I don't find Google keep to be very promising in terms of functionality in anything else that has to offer.
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2 years ago, Redzone11
Nice app. Feature request
I like this app and the fact that I can share a list with family members and we can each separately collaborate and update it. What I would like added is the ability to add subcategories within that list to sort items into. We use it for groceries and to be able to have them subcategorized into dairy, frozen, produce, paper products, beverages, etc as we wish and to work off of and maintain items in those categories as we check on or off each item would be so helpful as we wouldn’t be scrolling through 150 items to find one item, instead we could select a category and find the item much easier.
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6 years ago, Larry.McJ
You have to give it a chance
The first time I tried Google Keep, it failed. However, that was not a problem with Google Keep, it was my problem and not fully understanding how Google keep works. Once I adapted to its way of keeping notes, I found it even better than apple notes, which I have used for years. Google keep does a nice job of organizing with labels, making it easier to find things were search rather than categories or folders. The clipper used in any browser is very effective. If you use Gmail, Google calendar, or have any investment in the Google ecosystem, you should try Google Keep. Once you adapt to it, you will like it.
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6 years ago, itsmyw0nderland
Good, but...
Overall, the app is good. Display is visually appealing and is user friendly. But it could benefit from a few things: • in two column view, it would be nice if you could have the option to organize things in two columns rather than just from left-to-right format which automatically re-formats the remainder of the items • if you could add multiple lists in a single note. Once you make a list in a note, you don’t have the option of a line break to make a new list in the same note. • the date & time reminder feature isn’t responsive. When you try to change the date or time of a reminder, it doesn’t recognize the change and just defaults back to the original time
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1 month ago, Anonymous veriewer
Mostly works
Nice to have a note app that doesn't rely on apple and it's nice when sync works but it seems to only sync reliably from ipad to iphone. When I edit on the iPhone, I lose everything I changed if I go into the same note on the iPad before the unreliable and slow sync occurs. This has gotten frustrating. I had background app refresh turned off on iphone so I'm hoping that fixes it but you would think it would upload the changes when I leave the note and go back to the notes home screen. I'm still in the app and connected to internet. No background refresh needed. Foreground app refresh which has no such setting.
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9 months ago, dhdjwofh jd
Great potential to be better
I am a Google user -- mail, calendar, drive, docs, forms, sheets -- I use it all. A lot of potential for this app that is not being developed, and in my mind all Google has to do is perform simple tweaks to better align Keep with its other apps: 1. Institute an easily visible folder system (just like drive). Tags and a limited array of colors do not cut it. Color codes should at least be automatic when you label with a certain tag. 2. Too easy to tap somewhere on the list and unintentionally edit or delete text. Add an edit button and eliminate the ability to edit just by tapping screen!!! So many times I've gone into a note to check off a box or touched the screen & ended up unintentionally altering my note. 3. Change notifications to match Calendar
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7 months ago, Sgtkeebler
I am so upset with Google keep
I had zero clue that outside emails and spam accounts could share things with you in Google keep. I went to open up Google keep today at work to log my own personal goals and what do I see? I see a not safe for work image displayed on my Google keep homepage because some spam account shared it with me. I may end up losing my job because of this. I am never using Google keep again because why are my private notes opened to the public where people and bot accounts can share whatever with me. I have never heard of any note taking app allowing this behavior. My own private notes should never have spam and NSFW photos being added to it. Thanks Google! If by some grace I go into work tomorrow and I am not fired, I am never opening up anything with Google on my work pc again.
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4 months ago, AP24553
Terrible replacement for shared lists
I use keep with my wife for maintaining a shopping list we access on our Google nest speakers. We used to just use the shared lists, but these were moved over to Keep recently. The functionality still exists to add items to a Keep list, but if you add it from the speaker, it adds to the top of a list, whereas in the app, you can only add to the bottom of a list and have to stage the item to the top. Very annoying when I’m adding multiple items for a recipe. Also, the app is so slow! It takes more than 10 seconds to open a list with less than 20 items on it, and adding/updating/deleting anything takes > 5 seconds, so you may end up updating or removing multiple items due to the lag.
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5 years ago, Note_Luver
Too bad...I’ve used this app since it’s I inception and to be candid it’s only gotten worse. I mean what enhancements hVe they released? 100% of their roadmap is to help THEM so they would care less about the UX. They obviously have some things they are monitoring because recently I’ve. Prices that the app is freezing 100% on station (for about 1 minutes). I stopped using because by the time to unlocks I forget what I was wanting to note down. VERY disappointment for Google. I think they perhaps juR night the app and distribute it as I cannot see a company like Google releasing this sort of garbage. BTW, I only have a few notes and a few images so it’s not a problem with the about of USER data being loaded. Instead they have some services that o cohost went untested thst is eating all the memory. . . Hi.
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6 years ago, Slow56
Update fixed nothing for my Chrome, iPad & iPhone
The app worked great for about 2 months this summer. Then syncing stopped. And has only worked once that time about a month ago!! None of the recent updates have fixed anything for me! This app has great potential if it worked as promoted. The troubling shooting instruments would be helpful if the instructions matched what was being seen on the screens! Still have MAJOR syncing issues between Chrome, iPad & iPhone!!!! I’ve never gotten a conflicting note ‘notification’ to select an updated vs outdated note. All devices at least ‘appear’ to be logged in to the same account, I only use it on one login. What does ‘offline’ mean when all devices have Internet access???? Please expand your troubling instructions ‘cause they ain’t work’n for me! I use this for work and can’t mess with this much longer.
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3 years ago, Southern_Dude67
Used to work but lacks support for issues
Keep has been my go to app for a couple years. I even got others to use it. Now, I have to find another solution. I began having issues with the curser jumping around while taking notes, making lists, etc. Since there is no app support, I did what I normally do with an app that is malfunctioning - I delete it then download it again then restart my phone. After doing that I could no longer check off a checkbox once a task is complete & when I try to delete checked items the app closes. I’ve tried many time to resolve the issue. The app support asks to “describe your issue” but really just goes to an unhelpful page on how to use checkboxes. I’ve sent feedback multiple times but apparently they don’t respond. I guess I’m done with the app now!
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5 years ago, Crowlarbear
Using Google Keep in the classroom
If you and your students are using Google Classroom, Keep is an excellent addition to research tools. Show the young scholars how to use keep to save articles, and they don’t forget to copy info required in their Works Cited Page. Keep also allows group collaboration and when used in conjunction with Google Slides and Documents provides excellent communication for students working at home or unable to communicate orally (Reduces Social interruptions and promotes productivity). Particularly valuable when multiple students develop portions of projects independently with the intention of sharing/combining in final group activity.
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4 years ago, bsr_lwll
Conceptually Great but Has Issues
I have been using it for several years. As a secondary repository of my random notes. Most essential functionality was its standard cross-platform interface. However, the windows version became very slow and buggy at times. Eventually I stopped using. Recently I got a new machine, and check the app again on Chrome, perhaps there were updates and with the new high performing machine, I was hoping that it would do better job. Unfortunately, it was still slow and not very responsive. I have googled the issue and I could easily find many Windows 10 users describing quite similar issues. Otherwise, it was a good app for my designated uses.
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7 years ago, menicosia
Good integration with Google docs, collaborators
I like Keep more than Evernote because it has good integration with Google Docs (well, send to Docs) and you can add other collaborators easily. Some minor complaints: - I use a bluetooth keyboard to take notes. With the iPad in landscape mode, Keep only uses the top third of the screen, making room for an on-screen keyboard which is not present! I'd love to make better use of my screen's real estate. - Once you've sent an item to Google Docs, you can no longer edit it in Google Keep. I like Keep's lightweight editing UI, it would be nice if I could continue editing the text from this app, without having to switch over to the Google Docs editor. Or at least, remember a reference in Keep; sometimes I don't remember if I've promoted a note to Google Docs, "Why can't I find this note anymore? I could have sworn I'd taken this down in Keep!" - Can't add a collaborator for just one item in a task list. If I want to remind someone to do something, I need to create a new list and create a single to-do to add them as a collaborator.
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6 years ago, AlixInWinterland
I've only had this app for a couple days so I haven't been able to see to its full functionality but I think that so far, the app has its uses. I've used many note and list apps, including onenote, evernote, wunderlist, and apple's native reminders and notes apps. This app combines the functionality of a note and a list into one app with a sticky note design, which is appealing for me. I haven't really done any syncing across devices so I haven't experienced any of those issues. Most of the updating I do will be via phone as I see it's most usefulness being as a mobile app when I can't reach a computer to jot something down. One thing that made me dock a star off though is that I have multiple Gmail accounts attached to my phone. Every time I open the app, it asks for which account to use (as the saves are done by account, which makes sense.) It would be nice to be able to set a default account, as I've never had this kind of problem in the Gmail app and it's not like the number of accounts on that app is any different.
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4 years ago, Patrick Li - 95
It’s weird that can’t set dark mode in mobile
I am an addicted user of google keep. And I use it in both mobile and website. I love the dark mode which does help me writing down some thoughts more willingly. However, it’s been a while since the dark mode came out, and still the only setting is from the web, which does take effect on mobile app. I honestly don’t get the point why we don't allow setting from the mobile app because sometimes like the early morning you still want to use dark mode and in the early evening you still want to use light mode. I am a product manager too and at those moments I will feel a bit frustrated.
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5 years ago, WinterStar_7
Just a small suggestion... 💫
I really like this app and I use it daily, mainly for writing/journaling since I want to feel secure that my data will always be in one place I could always access... and it’s all good, but I REALLY wish there was a way of highlighting sentences so I don’t have to scroll through a bunch of words and notes just to find what I’m looking for, or having to change apps to get that feature. Please, consider adding a highlighter in the near future. 💡 (Also, I personally think it’d be nice to be able to change fonts to bold, italic, underline or strikethrough. And also being able to lock the app and/or notes too. Just sayin’. 🤷🏻‍♀️)
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2 months ago, Lykceb
I love the sync between desktop and device. I like how colorful they are. The post it note look helps me find what I need better than apple notes. I love how I can collaborate with people so I can share notes with my work account and update notes wherever I am and on whichever account I’m logged into. I also like how easy it is to archive old notes and still reference them later if needed. Another huge plus for me is being able to see and update notes on my watch. I don’t know why apple notes hasn’t done this yet but it’s so nice the keep does. The only thing I wish was added was to add widgets.
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6 years ago, LasseLus
Superior thanks to simplicity, versatility and appearance
I keep returning to Keep after numerous cases of having been seduced and ultimately left disappointed by more complex to-do apps, which I consistently find not being worth the sustained effort they require. Being a simple minded person, I need the intuitive simplicity of Keep. It can be bent to serve all sorts of purposes and, importantly, it displays them side by side rather than hiding them in drill-down hierarchies with excessive space between line items. My wish is for Google to let Keep retain its brilliant simplicity while allocating a bit more resources to its maintenance and refinement.
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2 years ago, Eldrick Tobin
Finally a user friendly Apple Notes exporter without a need of A Mac
With this you can Finally backup your Apple Notes somewhere besides iCloud. And you don’t have to have a Desktop to do it. Is it perfect? No. But it’s sooo much simpler than saving every single note to a named text file, and all the backing out that entails. Install Google Keep here, make sure you’re logged into your Google Account, then in Apple Notes Share/Upload button a note you want shared, slide over to (…) for more options, scroll down for Google Keep, and boom. Look in keep and bam there it is. Now if it was just friendlier.
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2 years ago, yourfevorite
Awesome tool (can use some additions)
I’m in love with this, after seeing how people recommend using OneNote, I found myself not really enjoying OneNote’s UI. But Keep on the other hand looks clean and polished. Some functions I would love to see added: • Creation of hyperlinks, just the same way it’s presented in Sheets or Docs; • Folders for labels, for easier workflow with multiple projects on one account, I personally prefer to have really detailed labels, but find its hard to go through the whole label list; • Sorting by labels function, would also be amazing, so you don’t need to restructure the whole layout manually; • And more colors would be amazing, color coding labels is so useful, but I found myself running out of colors, implementing color picker would be a great solution; Despite all the points I listed, Keep is still in my opinion, one of the best ways to keep your notes organized (no pun intended) and accessible.
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