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User Reviews for Google Opinion Rewards

4.73 out of 5
167.8K Ratings
3 years ago, djifhbfc
Just get the app
Love google rewards! Just let it run in the background and forget about it…then every so often you get a notification, answer a couple basic questions and that’s it. Each set of questions pays you for your time. Gotten as much as slightly over $1.50 several times and gotten as little as $0.10 many times as well as everything in between. That $ stays in the app until it amounts to $2 then automatically transfers to my PayPal. Sometimes it only sends me one set of questions in a week and other times I’ve gotten 2-3 sets in one day on multiple consecutive days. May not seem like a lot but it could get you that extra gallon (or so) of gas you need to make it to where you’re going. Or pay for that piece of candy at the gas station that your youngin(s) suddenly can’t live without. Or maybe you decide to use it to buy a cup of coffee to give to the guy you drive past every morning on your way to work. The man standing on the sidewalk who braves the weather, has never asked you for money, simply waves at everyone while always holding up that same homemade sign with the word “SMILE” written on it. Never know when it may come in handy. Just get the app. Every little bit helps
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6 years ago, Mihaal87
Requires patience.
I’m one of those kind of guys that picks a penny up on the sidewalk when he sees one. After about a years time, I’ll have somewhere around $60-$100 in coins saved up. When using this app, you get surveys that start out at about $.10, and sometimes I get close to $.50. It’s not every day, but I do get surveys often enough to start seeing the savings add up. I once listened to a financial advisor explain how wealth comes from multiple avenues of income. So I’m happy to say that I consider this another avenue that I can gain money from even if it’s a little here and a little dinner. I give this app four stars rather than five because it seems to cater more towards those who are out more often due to shopping or travel. I live in a pretty small town so there isn’t much for me around here. I still get surveys, but I would imagine I would get more if I left in a major city or something similar. But I find there to be more good than bad in this app so I will continue to use it and would definitely recommend it as I already have to friends and family.
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4 years ago, strawberrylynn97
Don’t make much, but still worth it
This app is really easy to use and they actually do pay you. It seems that you make about 10 cents per question, which isn’t much at all but I don’t mind. If companies are already gathering data on you, you might as well get a little cash for it. I like that the surveys only take me a few seconds to complete. I think the longest one took me around one or two minutes and I got paid $1.10 for it. The app gives you surveys based on your consumer activity. The more stores and buying-related google searches, the more surveys you get. Lately, I haven’t been making much because I only travel to work, home, and the grocery store—not much consumer activity there. Still, I cash out at least once a month on just that. Whenever I go on a road trip I get many more questions and can cash out around two times a month. If you shop a lot or travel, I would definitely recommend this app. I still have it because I think it’s worth the effort and I like watching my money from the app grow—it’s kinda of exciting to see how much extra you can make per year. It’s about enough to go to your favorite expensive restaurant.
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3 years ago, Scottisfogg
Money for less than a minute of your time
I’ve had this app since late 2018 and have made $116. Now that’s not something one can retire on but considering I’ve skipped a ton of surveys and each survey I’ve completed takes literally less than 60 seconds, it’s not too bad. At first I didn’t get many surveys and could go weeks, if not months without a survey. Now I get them almost daily and sometimes more than one a day. This started after I got Google Home devices. Since setting up the smart speakers and hubs, I get surveys frequently. I receive money in my PayPal account about once a week. Seriously, once a week! $2.00 a week adds up, lemme tell ya. I highly recommend this app especially if you have Google devices but even if you don’t, I still recommend. It’s easy, the surveys take less than a minute most of the time, and once you reach $2.00, the deposit to your PayPal account is instant. Give it a shot! It’s free and there are zero ads!
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8 months ago, CT 4486
Just feels nice to earn
Realistically, your not going to earn much more than pocket change with this app, but the surveys are not long, don’t ask too personal of questions (like political views or income or how many kids you have) and it’s definitely worth it, but surveys are few and far between. The time you invest compared to the money you receive makes this app compensate you for your time far better than many actual jobs, but as I said you don’t get enough surveys to put very much time into it and make very much. I have notifications turned on and I am always happy when I get my bi-weekly or monthly survey. Survey frequency also seems to be based on location. I live in a rural small town and don’t get very many surveys, but normally when I visit a larger city I get much more surveys. It makes sense though, because this is a market research app and there’s not a whole lot of market to research where I live, and theirs much more in a large city.
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11 months ago, *Amanda*B
It does pay 💰
Look it’s not going to make you rich, you get $2 dollar payouts at a time and they are upfront about it. But that can make you enough money to buy a soda or coffee and if you let it add up at in your account you can have lunch or a bit of gas money. I didn’t have any real expectations with this app when I downloaded it. I had downloaded a few others to compare and just see what it was all about. So many others promise big money or rewards and none of them pays in the end, even after downloading whatever games they want you to play. This app is simple, and as others have mentioned only requires a little patience. For me it took about 2 weeks to reach the payout limit. But it paid instantly and I truly only answered a few questions during the 2 week period. Each survey took me maybe 1 min to answer them. I got an average of .10 - .30 cents per survey. So give it a try and it may surprise you!
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12 months ago, Queen : all hail the queen
Great app ever
This is by far the #1 survey app. You just answer a few questions 4 or 5 simple questions. Takes 60 second to answer then all. And next thing you know. You’ve earned some change. All tho the change rang from 32 cents to 40 cents even. They add up. The more places you visit the more your chances for the survey to come in. And unlike most apps. You don’t have to make it to $15 to get the money to your PayPal. Just $2 and you get the payment plus the change if the payment goes over $2. Those $2 add up when you need a little extra change. I’ve made I’ve had this app for years and I’ve made over $100 saved up on PayPal. The only con is the survey is time sensitive. They give you 24 hrs or less I’m not sure on that and the survey will disappear. And you’ll have to wait on the next one. It’s fare I can’t complain about that. Totally 💯 percent everyone has to get this app.
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1 year ago, cdh&autismmomma89
Would be 5 stars but
I never received any reviews I can fill out. I go to many places I do all the shopping for my household. My husband on the other hand uses this app as well and he goes to work each day back home literally every day. But for some reason he seems to get 1 to 2 reviews he could fill out each night on a good week. He will get a minimum of 5 on a slower week. I don’t understand i’ve had this app for a long time now but I’m thinking I should just move onto another one because at this point I feel like this app is just taking up storage on my phone I get a review I could fill out maybe once a month sometimes longer I don’t really understand how it all works. could it be a glitch on the apps and maybe someone can give me some answers but at this point I’m thinking I am just going to delete it if I don’t feel as excited as I do when my husband uses it. Let me know if I’m doing something wrong. It’s a cool app but I guess only for some ppl.
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4 years ago, Cabbie&co
Patience Grasshopper
It’s a quality app. Instead of wasting your time looking for surveys you probably won’t qualify for anyway, you will always earn compensation for any survey that pops up. Most take less than a minute to complete. It tracks your location, so as long as you’re ok with that you are good to go. I have only gotten 4 or 5 surveys that I have been notified of, but the amount you need to earn before a pay out is set at just $2 which makes it a lot easier to actually make money. 😊. I have probably only spent 5 minutes total on the app this month, and I have made $1.00. Two dollars every couple months for 5-7 minutes of your time is not bad. **update** I’ve been getting a lot more surveys lately- To the point where I have been paid a couple dollars in as little as two weeks!! Some surveys- like IKEA, pay upwards into the 60 cent range!! Superb to get paid for simply going about your daily life!!
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6 years ago, smonty90
It couldn’t be any easier
This is one of the best and easiest survey apps to earn some extra pocket change with on the App Store. The surveys take me about 5-10 seconds to complete on average. I earn anywhere from 10 cents to 50 cents per survey. Once you reach the $2.00 payout amount, it is very quickly deposited into your PayPal account. There are no hoops to jump through like with other survey apps to get your money. And this app also doesn’t bombard you with ads like other apps do. The user interface is lightweight and straightforward. It may take a while though to get enough surveys and earn a decent amount. I have had the app for a few months now and have earned just over 10 bucks. But considering the level of effort, this app is well worth it. I have other apps that require significantly more effort with which I’ve earned the same amount of money or less. This is as easy as it gets.
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6 years ago, Mimi❦
Perhaps unethical, but actually pays
This app does kind of sketch me out. If they’re willing to pay you, they must think your answers are worth something. I justify it to myself by reminding myself that google takes my info all the time, they just normally don’t pay me for it. 😬 Besides the morally questionable aspect of the app, I really love it. It doesn’t bother me with notifications, and just has a super quick survey to fill out a couple times a week. It pays 10-30 cents for each 1-3 question (I said it was quick!) survey. Once you make $2, it sends you the money via PayPal. I’ve had the app for a couple months and made about $10. Actually worth it, unlike every other survey website. You’re not going to get rich off of this, but you’ll get a couple extra bucks for essentially nothing. I actually enjoy answering the surveys as it’s just a quick ‘tap tap’ then ‘here’s how much you earned’
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4 years ago, kristenbarmann
Terrible App
I’ve made $4 quickly answering surveys on my whereabouts. This app automatically pays out at $2 to your Paypal YET it fails to mention that it doesn’t ask your Paypal information. This app is under my gmail account which my Paypal is under my iCloud account. They tell me to contact Paypal which is pointless because they can’t review anything about an account that doesn’t exist. So when you attempt to take the problem to the developers of this app, you get no response or correction. I’ve missed two payments because of their neglect. But they sure keep sending me surveys so they may get credit. Don’t waste your time on this app. It’s not even about products it’s about where you were one whatever day and did you buy anything. No reason or purpose. If I could have given this app a minus 5 stars I definitely would have.
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3 years ago, BreBee13
This is a great app to get some extra cash. It has helped me multiple times when I am low on funds. The best thing is that it is a trustworthy app created by Google. I don’t have to worry about sharing personal information like what is asked of me in other surveys. All it does is pick up on locations you have visited and asks to share your purchasing experience. Example, which of these places did you visit recently? When did you visit? How did you pay? And bam! You get some change. You are able to transfer your earnings to PayPal for every $2 earned. It does take some patience, but you can really bring these earnings up to an adequate savings if you just keep completing the surveys and forget about your PayPal for a little while. You’ll be thankful for the extra bit of funds at some point. Thanks Google!
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6 years ago, teenage_mutant_ninja_trisha
Great app for some pocket change
I love getting paid for surveys when it’s worth my time, but honestly 99% of them aren’t worth it and you don’t realize it until you’ve wasted way too much time. This app is different and totally worth it. First off, it’s super easy to use. You get a notification for a survey and then have 24 hours to complete it. If you don’t have time, no big deal, it dashboard amassing junk to sift through. All of the surveys are super quick (a minute or less), like a few questions tops and you get paid every time! Sometimes it’s 10 cents and sometimes it’s more. The best part- fast and automatic cash payout to your PayPal account once you reach $2.00! No super high thresholds for redemption with some gift card conversion...Wouldn’t we all rather have cash? This is so easy and I think everyone should do it because it’s so worth it!
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5 months ago, J.Hardee
Was Awesome, Is Still Good
I've had this app on a few different devices for over two years. When I first started using it, I received offers/surveys/rewards very often. I'd say, at its peak, totaling upwards of $10-$20 per week. It was truly awesome! The tasks were always short and easy and the pay (especially compared to other similar apps) was phenomenal. HOWEVER, for the past 6 months to a year, there has been a steady decline of tasks to complete, and so the rewards have also dwindled down to almost nothing. Now, on a good week, (maybe 1 in 4 weeks) I can barely make the minimal withdrawable amount, which is $2. Some weeks or even months go by and I can't even do that. I don't know why this trend has occurred, but I miss the good ol' days of Google Opinion Rewards, and I hope they bring them back soon.
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1 year ago, Jen-nayy
Extremely Satisfying
I have been using this app for perhaps 4 years? It has been so long that I forgot when I signed up! Never once regretted it. now, don’t try to compare yourself to me, I am a full service worker and my mileage is about 10,000 more than the average Joe per year. ‘What does that mean?’ you ask. That means I’m constantly on the roads, visiting many locations for a short period of time. And that’s how the app works – they want to know where you’ve been, your method of payment, and the time frame. Easy, right? But if you don’t get out much, this is honestly not the app for you and would be a complete waste of time. This is certainly not a side hustle by any means, but for someone like me, I have rarely had to pay HBO in the time I’ve had this app! I make close to $15/mo. I’m satisfied with that fact!😄
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1 month ago, amongusmaster69
Waiting… waiting….
Tick toc tick opens the app… nothing tick tick toc… nothing days fly by the weeks float away… tick toc tick waiting… waiting… waiting. nothing. There is nothing here. not there. Not anywhere. All you do is wait wait wait wait wait… nothing. Months goes by tick toc tick… nothing .. ever nothing ever is here for you. Don’t get this app unless you like to wait wait wait. For nothing. The reviews are fake because there is. Nothing. Here I and writing this review while I wait wait wait. Still nothing. Everyday I wait wait wait. For nothing. Getting so tired of having to wait wait wait. And get nothing. Soon I’ll wait a year. for nothing. Get this app if you like. Nothing. My pay pal account still has. Nothing. I wanted free money but got. Nothing. I’m tired of writing this review for…. You guessed it. Nothing. Just don’t get this app unless you enjoy getting. Nothing. That’s all I’ll uninstall this app waste of space could have made more money hoping on a pirate ship and looking for treasure with Davy jones. This app has. Nothing. For anyone waste of time one star
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4 years ago, michellyyybeans
Pro: Real Payouts and Lowest Cash Out at $2 / Con: Surveys Have Become Non Existent
I hooked up my PayPal card not ever expecting to make even the $2.00 that the app said it pays out at but I did actually make that $2.00 numerous times. At one point in time, I was getting a survey nearly everyday at an average of $0.39 each time (they literally take like 1 while minute and if you’re truthful, you usually get a much bigger reward. Once I was something like $0.73 away from my next $2.00 payout so I figured I’d need at least 3 more surveys to reach it but I got a reward of $0.76 which gave me a payout and a few cents towards my next one. Worth the download for sure. My only complaint: now I have not received a single survey for about 6 months, maybe more. No idea why but I’d like to know if I can do anything to trigger them to start again.
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3 years ago, Will ‎
I understand the concept of this app and I think it’s a good concept. But it’s portrayed horribly in this app. I downloaded the app about 2 weeks ago, I did 1 survey when I downloaded it received 0 cents. Since then I have checked in once a day to see if there is a survey to do, no yet have I been able to do one more. As well as through out these 2 weeks I’ve gotten 3 notifications from apple just stating Google Opinion Rewards was tracking everything on my phone, and I’m receiving nothing. The concept, to casually do short surveys every once and a while to earn a very very small amount of money for a very small amount of time when bored. Google is going to take your information no matter what, so why not gets a few dollars and have ads better personalized to you. Instead it’s a waste of a 100 MBs on my phone and a way for Google to take more information on me with no return. I genuinely disappointed in this app and tired of waiting to even be able to use the app once. So I’m deleting it now.
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5 years ago, DJDesmond
Easy Surveys and you really get paid.
From my experience, it’s pretty easy and you really get paid. I’ve had the app for about 2 months. I get a survey every 2-4 days. The surveys for me are 3. The survey questions are based off of your location. The first question will give you a list of stores/location and ask if you had been to any of those places. The next question will ask you when you were there and the last question will ask you how you made a purchase/ if you made a purchase. It’s a simple survey and you get some change for your survey. I believe the most I got for a survey was 31 cents. Once you get to $2.00, you can get cash out your rewards and it gets sent to your pay pal. In 2 months, I’ve made over $4. Yes it is small but you really get paid for surveys and that’s what I like.
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3 years ago, tmurr454
The most consistent survey app
Every time I have tried to use sites like opinion outpost, survey junkie,swagbucks,etc.. I struggle because I don’t qualify for 98% of them based on whatever demographic I don’t fit into. I have been using this app for a couple years now and I wouldn’t say I earned a lot of money, but I truly love it. I would say this app supports my coffee fund. If you cash out at every 2 dollars it will seem like you aren’t making money. But every time you earn a payout, keep it in your PayPal before transferring it and you will see how much you are actually making. The little amounts overtime really add up. The questions are very repetitive but don’t get frustrated or annoyed just keep doing it every time and you will be happy with your decision. Always have your location on to get more chances at a survey.
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6 years ago, Claydood
Very quick surveys
Most survey apps or website have you take a qualification survey before the main survey, or you end up spending 15 - 20 minutes them get told you don’t qualify. That never happens on this app. You always qualify to take a survey offered to you and it they always take less than a minute to complete. You also get 24 hours to complete it, so if you get caught waiting for something, do a quick survey and earn an easy $0.10 to $0.25. Most I’ve ever received is $0.25 least is $0.10 but I hear you can earn up to $1.00. You won’t get rich off this app, but a little extra change is always nice. Once you hit $2.00 the cash goes to your PayPal account. I rate 4 stars because I wish I could bank money for a while then cash out when I want, rather than automatically at $2.00.
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3 years ago, TN_Ric
Google Rewards Supplies Needed Cash
Recently a friend told me Google was offering great opportunities for making money and resources to learn from. I decided to download the Rewards App and I am thrilled I made the move! I’ve even gotten two coworkers to start using Google Rewards S well! This is an easy way to earn quick cash! Allow Google Rewards to know your constant location and earn even more cash! I’m in my late 50’s and this app is great for any age. So easy to use. A typical survey takes me about a minute to answer. Come on, give this wonderful Google Rewards app a try. You will NOT be disappointed! Have a great day and share a kind word with someone today. Tell them about Google Rewards, your new phone friend who keeps paying you cash!
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12 months ago, Nicole Saleh
One software bug, otherwise fine
This works fairly well. If you’ve ever created a PayPal account with your gmail address, google will automatically send your payouts (once you’ve earned $2.00) to go it without you having to approve it. Surveys are periodic and range between 10 and 35 cents depending on how many questions you end up answering (never more than about 5). The issue I have is that multiple times now I’ve gotten notifications of new surveys (that, “must be completed within 24 hours”) at ~10:30 pm when I’m asleep, and when I go to fill them out less than 12 hours later at 8:00 am, it tells me the survey is expired. I’m not sure why it says 24 hours when it’s less than that; or, if there’s a shorter timeframe to complete them, why it’s notifying me at 10:30 pm on weeknights.
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5 years ago, Ocjea
In need of update
I always see how I can make extra money and these survey reward apps are something I frequent. When I found there was one for Google I thought I might as well try it out. The interface is perfectly bland and there aren’t any flashy things. My only problem is that there aren’t enough surveys. Maybe this is for a lack of companies willing to participate or because the app hasn’t been updated in 2 months. I do trust this app a lot more than the others because I know they can follow through on payouts and keeping information relatively safe. I also like that the surveys don’t redirect you to another page and we don’t have to download stuff. My suggestions: -Update the app with a timer to see when a new survey will be available or… -Add more surveys with more rewards. ex: a 10 minute survey for ¢50 instead of ¢10
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4 years ago, A Lost Reviewer
Actually makes you some money!
Now I’ve tried pretty much every “your opinion for money” type app and website. Only about 3 or them actually made me anything and google rewards is one of them. It’s not a get rich type of thing, it took me a few months actually to make $2, it it was possible and the surveys don’t give you like 30 questions and then say you don’t match the target demographic. Each survey is about 3 question long and you get them 2 or 3 days after you visited somewhere there is a survey opportunity. I just made my first payout and everything worked great! This won’t make you $30 a week, but it’s great for me to slowly make something. (I usually use the money for in-game purchases) I recommend you try this app if your patient!
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3 years ago, I-use-it
It’s helpful. Every question is valued
Even though it is only $.10. This app is extremely helpful to getting just a little bit extra money specifically to your PayPal account. Even today as I am writing this review is because I checked my PayPal account and I see that I have $3.29. The only reason why I have this is because of the 474 question survey as I have answered since 2017. While I have only earned about $120 in the last three years it has been nice because it has fed into my iTunes habits as well as my iTunes subscription for my extra storage. I have not paid for my storage since October 2020 it’s been a long year and every nickel counts. I highly recommend this to anyone that just wants to have an extra $.10 literally in their pocket
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4 years ago, whitewolf361
Easy and Simple
This is the easiest survey app out there! I have a few, and the surveys can be long and annoying, and if you dare turn off your phone’s display because you’re at work & need to set it aside to finish in a minute or two, it will kick you out of the survey. Not this one - they take a few seconds or longer, and you get a decent pay-out! Once you have accumulated $2, it will automatically deposit to your PayPal account. Really the only thing that could be different is to set a custom amount before it auto-deposits to PayPal; I’d like to hold the amount until I’ve reached about $10, but it’s not a huge deal. Still one of the best survey apps out there for the least amount of effort. And least amount of advertisements nowadays.
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2 years ago, Love it -Funnnn!!!!
Simple, quick and easy!
These are very simple, quick and easy reviews. I don’t mind doing them because they don’t take a whole lot of my time and I get paid for it! The questions are always relatable to what I’ve done and/ or what I plan to do. They are always just a few good questions straight to the point! These surveys are not all drawn out like a lot of the surveys asks a ton of questions and go on and on and on not worth your time and effort. That’s what I like about these surveys quick easy straight to the point ✅ and after just a few surveys they pay you! It’s definitely worth my time! I’d take these surveys all day instead of the other surveys out there! Thanks Google 😃
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2 years ago, soph reviews
Not worth it
I’ve had this app on my phone for several years and I’ve probably made four dollars. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather make $4 than $0, I always grab pennies off the ground because little stuff adds up, but I can’t help but feel like this app just isn’t worth the space on my phone. It does everything it says it does, it sends you notifications for short surveys and questions based on your searches and stuff and you can get payed out every $2, but you only earn like ten cents per question and you barely get one question every few months. After my next payout I’m deleting this app because it essentially is just taking up extra space on my phone. There are plenty of survey apps that do something very similar but pay you more money and more frequently, so you’re probably better off just downloading one of those.
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5 years ago, savethabees
Best survey app to make $$$
As a broke college student I’ve tried countless survey apps to make a little extra money here and there. Every app I’ve used takes FOREVER to get money but google rewards hasn’t let me down! There’s a payout for every $2 you make and surprisingly it doesn’t take long to reach that. I’ve had the app for about 3 months now and so far I’ve received about $12. Doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s pretty much free money so I can’t complain :) I will say this though, you must go out often to receive a survey to fill out (I think your location is used to determine when you get a survey to answer) so if you live in a small town you may be out of luck. However as I mentioned earlier I’m a college student always out and about in a big city so I’m always receiving surveys to answer.
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3 years ago, kimpossible8687
Easy way to hustle up a little cash!
I love Google's reward app that pays for your opinion because it's easy to use and it's legit! The app will send a notification of pending surveys that are questions about places you travel to and visit based on your recent location history and also your search history when using Google's app for looking stuff up online. Once you earn 2.00 the amount is deposited into your PayPal account! The process then starts over with 2.00 deposits being earned within usually a week depending on how many surveys you get. I am not going to make a ton of money from this but it all adds up! It's just one of my many hustles to help ends meet!
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9 months ago, karmatrue
Random “pocket change” opportunity
I enjoy the short and easy surveys (usually no more than 5-6 questions) that I have had up to this point, but I wish there were more available. I have my notifications set so that I’m aware of any new surveys available for me, but find myself double checking that setting because these surveys are so random and minimal. I often wonder why I only get 1-2 surveys a month (so it seems). I will come back and edit this review after October has passed. I’m going to keep track of how many surveys I get for the month of October so I can be sure my estimate is on point. All in all , it’s nice to have a little pocket change here and there.
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6 years ago, SlobbyBombsYT
Worth the download
Look, if I was looking for an app that pays me, this is the one to get... But, there is a twist as always! There aren’t many surveys that come up because they usually come only once a week. Maybe it’s because I live somewhere and it gives surgery’s according to your location or some sorts. This app pays you at the most of $0.70 (I haven’t gotten more than this) and it keeps paying you some cents.. But bear in mind that every time you earn, it just doesn’t credit you as you will have to wait for it till you make $2 which I have made last week. All I’m saying is it does require patience and I hope that they would give us more rewarding surveys as some of them just pay too less.
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2 years ago, Lexysjusme
Easiest App to earn
It may not be much but it adds up I’ve earned over $100 in 2 years and I wasn’t very consistent so imagine if I was. The more you travel to different stores and locations the faster you’ll earn. It goes straight to you PayPal. On top of that it’s only like 4 questions here and there unlike those survey apps that ask 20 or more questions then give you a penny, this app pays you a little more so within 4-5 (4 answer) questions you’ll have $2 in you account I’ve used the funds to pay my Netflix bills go towards lunch and meet ends when shopping. It may seem like chump change, but it’s worth it, believe me it adds up.
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6 years ago, im not a alien✋🏽
Samsung play store
If you own a Samsung device you are not able to cash out you can only use it on google play store but with Apple you can cash out I don’t know if it’s just the phone that I had , but my mom has the galaxy s8 and I .couldn’t cash out on her phone now my dad has the s9 .It might work but I haven’t tried it with his phone wet so I think the should make it were all phone could use it if that eve is the problem or It might just be the phone it self. But the only reason I rated a 5 was because I can check out know that I have a iPhone. So it might not work on all phones it might just be the app it’s self I don’t know but if it is the app the should definitely get that fixed
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5 years ago, li li li la
Once 2 months
The app is great itself but the thing I don’t get why is the surveys take so long for me to do it and I get 10 cents and right now I only have 40 cents after having it for 4 months and I’m pretty upset. Why does it have to take this long? Everything else I like but I rarely get surveys. I said rarely when i say rarely I mean RARELY. Like there’s always no surveys. And how much do you think I’m gonna have by the end of the year? Like 1 dollar. You kidding me? Make it a little more often like 2 times a week. And maybe after doing a survey maybe not 10 cents but 35 cents or so. You might not agree but this game is cool I get excited when I see a survey but then sometimes it’s rarely I keep thinking of deleting it. So plz just add more and more cents
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2 years ago, DidiKutzuma2020
No Surveys
Hello Google Rewards Opinions App, I’m Shareeza Moulah,and my account has $1.85 with only $0.15 cents left. For the $2.00 reward. Why are there no surveys? It’s been two years since I’ve completed a survey. And your app Stopped sending me surveys and Notifications. Why? I’m very disappointed. I recently updated my phone to the newest iOS version and I updated this app too and still no surveys or notifications? Is there something wrong with Google Rewards? I’m have been a loyal user and this App always pays. But I see after I withdrew / redeem $6.00 worth they stopped. I fear this app doesn’t care to work. Or provide me the $2.00 anymore. It’s lacking and lagging for a Application for Google. Please try to understand that my email address is connected with this App. Am I inactive or not? Try to fix the problem and get back to me. This is terrible service for us Google and Gmail users. My settings are on and my notifications are on and my phone is up to date and so it the Google Opinions App. So what the heck is wrong with you guy? Faulty service and decreased surveys opportunities? Pay me my $2.00 and send me a Survey for .15 cents to complete so I get paid. I hate see money wasted and just laying around doing nothing. It’s been years now. Fix it! Sincerely Yours Shareeza Moulah
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4 years ago, literallylosingit
Pretty good
I enjoy using this app because each survey hardly takes 2 minutes of my time, and I don't even have to think that hard. Those 2 minutes give me anywhere from $0.10 to $0.40, and eventually I get an extra $2 in my Paypal. Enough for some milk tea. After having this app since February of last year, I've made nearly $40 (not counting these past few months of inactivity due to coronavirus). I would say $40 is not a bad amount to make when you're just occasionally filling out little questions about where you went and what payment method you used. A lot of apps make you jump through hoops to get a payout, but you won't have that issue with this one.
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6 years ago, Yes0Yes
Takes time
The surveys are hella easy to do and don’t take a lot of time to complete. However they a worth almost nothing. The highest paid survey I think I was paid around $0.60. The reason I can’t remember exactly how much my highest paid surveys been so far is because they are so far in between, I honestly can’t remember a single thing about the second most recent one. I got this app about 4 months ago and I have only made $2. So the reason I’m giving it 3 stars is because it’s easy to understand and it’s not a scam looking to get you to buy or download a million different apps. However if you’re hoping to make an extra 20 bucks be prepared to wait YEARS!
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4 years ago, Govener Moris
Best Review app available
Not kidding. I’ve tried 4 other review apps and this one is the only one worth mentioning. Other apps have a $35 minimum payout which I never got to because they didn’t have enough surveys to come close. Waste of time. This one has a 2.00 payout which I have hit like clockwork about once every six weeks with one or two surveys a week all of which took less than a minute. Additionally, other apps have you do insane things like download a game and play it till level 5 and grey area stuff like that. This app is simple reviews mostly asking questions about your google maps usage and consumer behavior. Definitely the best app in this category!!!
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6 years ago, Banksonman
Easy money
This is by far the best survey app I’ve found. The payout per survey have been from around $0.15 to just recently $0.63. It seems the faster I take the surveys when available the more I get. But probably the best thing about it would have to be once you exceed $2+ it is payed to your PayPal within seconds instead of having an unrealistic payout of $20 or something along that lines. It’s much simpler to use compared to everything I’ve tried. And for only having it for about 4 months (with about 1 survey every week to close to a survey a day now) I’ve earned about $20. I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants some extra easy money on the side.
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1 year ago, Shii17
Awesome Awesome Awesome
I normally do not write reviews, but this is one I’m going to do why because it’s true . You do earn money. Although it’s $2 every time, it’s 2 dollars that stacks up into $20 and if you use it right that can happen in no time . I genuinely like apps that earn me fast money, but this one is fast enough when it’s done right. Google is awesome for having this and paying it out . The only thing I wish was more of is the little GOOGLE REVIEWS THEY GIVE OUT but it truly depends on you and where you have been that will trigger it so if you want more start going more places. But overall I love it and couldn’t be happier!!
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5 years ago, FreeBackJack
My favorite app
This awesome app consistently sends me surveys about various businesses I visit: Grocery stores, pharmacies, auto parts stores, etc. The surveys are always only three questions, and I am credited between 10¢ (if I haven’t been to one of the businesses listed) and 4X¢ each. Then, I get a payout to my Paypal account each time my balance reaches $2. During one month this summer, I received three of the $2 payouts. $6 isn’t going to make me rich, but it is nothing to turn down for 15 seconds of my attention. Each survey asks if I visited a particular business, and then I choose one listed in the question or I choose the option indicating I've not visited any of the listed businesses. Then, the second question asks the precise day I went to the business, and then the last question asks if I spent money, and if so, which method I used to spend money there, eg. cash, credit card, etc. That's it. This is the most consistently paying app of its kind that I've found, and I plan to continue using it as long as I receive new surveys.
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1 year ago, Nanit
Where are the surveys?
I haven’t gotten a survey in months! The last one I had was in September, maybe. The last one I remember was almost a year ago. What’s the point of this app again??? I’m not exactly sitting in the house all day *update: over a year had passed and I completely forgot about this app. I randomly opened it to see if maybe I didn’t get a notification. There was nothing, but then a few days later I received a simple survey about sports. I don’t watch so I got 10 cents. This app used to ask, at least once a week, about different stores I would go to. Now it’s just tracking me to track me. I think after my initial review of this app, I ended up getting another survey as well. It’s been about 2+ years since I was able to cash out. I guess Google knows everything about me now, haha. Deleting this worthless app.
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3 years ago, gabykiani
Extremely rewarding
Honestly, I work a full time job that sometimes doesn’t allow for a lot of time to search for other forms of income (like many others). I am also the type of person who loves to save money and also give my opinion. I’ve had this app for just two weeks and already got a payout. It’s real and to top it off just requires you to complete a survey every now and then and I’ve noticed that the more surveys you do, the more surveys you get! It’s quite impressive how they have managed to keep this app mostly on the down low. I’m spreading the work around everywhere I can! Everyone deserve a really easy form of income and $2 here and there are LIFE SAVERS!
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3 years ago, diannjones1234
Love it!
This app is great. The surveys they give anyone one qualifies to take them. Unlike a lot of other where you don’t qualify. Making it hard just to gain a few pennies. So easy to do. Just answer the surveys and bam you get paid. It also track your location. Makes it even easier because they will sometime give you surveys pertaining to your location. Try it out. You will enjoy it. I just wished they would send out more surveys than they do. I might get one every other week. I didn’t get any during the month of November. That’s the only issue I have with the app.
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4 years ago, shopper5.0
It’s great
It’s a good app in all but it’s like pulling teeth from a freakin toddler in the middle of Walmart waiting for a survey to pop up. I understand it’s based on your location and the stores you pass/go to but DAYUM, I go back and forth two states and I can’t for the life of me get a survey. It feels like I have to get all up in my feelings for a boy and sing him a solo part while dancing on bleachers in front of the whole soccer team just to get the their attention. It’s a good thing I’m patient because honestly I would have deleted sooner. Like the selfies you took in your bathroom saying “feeling cute, may delete later” ALL your wanting is the confirmation of being pretty just like all I want is to be recognized by this app. It’s a shame really. But I guess we can’t all be winners.
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6 years ago, GRIMKIRITO
Problems with setup
When I clicked on my gmail account, right after download it said:”Setup failed Something went wrong, please try again later.” I then proceeded to try again multiple times, in case it was just a glitch, but it continued to not work. I decided to re-download the application, in case there being a failure in downloading all the files necessary to work. But it seems to still not be. I am currently using an IPhone 5s, so I’m not expecting any troubles running such an application, concerning it being downloadable on the App Store. I would expect it to be working fine on my device, so I’m slightly disappointed. I’m still giving this 2 stars because it seems to be working for other people. I will try again later and see if the servers were down or something of the such.
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4 years ago, Blu Waves
I’m always looking for ways to make money using my phone. You only answer a “few” questions that’s multiple choice. You get ads either everyday or every other day depending on your location I suppose. It comes in handy for anybody looking for free money. There’s no links or anything to sign up for in order to get paid answering surveys which is gladly appreciated. Have a paypal account. I highly recommend this app especially since people is out of work in this crisis. I don’t want to give too much details of the app but there’s no big threshold & it’s automatic cash out. I let mine build up until I need it.
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