Google Photos: Backup & Edit

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4.7 (424.8K)
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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Google Photos: Backup & Edit

4.65 out of 5
424.8K Ratings
2 years ago, little duckk
9/10 read review- last sentence explains why it’s 9 not 10
Pretty solid app. Downloaded it because Apple iCloud got full and had less space plus I’m able to use this on any phone unlike Apple photo app I can download google photos on any device and have all my photos no matter if I break a phone or get a new one I’ll always have my pictures. Google photos app also has some really cool features on it. I love that every time you open the app it downloads all new photos you’ve taken sense the last time you opened the app and not only that but it also works in the background if you don’t cancle the app out so you can literally click on the app and go onto Facebook and your photos will still upload. And it also has a feature to where the app asks you if you want to delete the photos on your phone that are in the google photos cloud so you can free up space on your phone which saves so much storage. And not to mention that you have so much space for a ton of photos and videos (and when I say a ton I mean it, bcuz I normally have any where from 1,000 to 5,000 photos on my phones. I’ve had 5 phones over time that are/ were linked with the google photos cloud app so that’s somewhere between 20,000 photos and I still have a lot of space left for 20,000 more. 10/10 stars. My only complain is I Just wished it worked better for offline use
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1 year ago, MissMegaMoney
Love it but not enough free storage
I used to recommend to EVERYONE to get and use Google Photos because automatically across all devices you can have ALL your photos in one place and you can free up the massive amount of space they take up on said devices. Plus the little Memories and fun little albums and things they make are cute especially when they do it all for you. The only problem is now the storage issue not very long after they started making you pay for storage after 15gb I surpassed 15gb. It would be nice if my email wasn’t also part of what makes up the amount stored. Now I either have to clean house which is why I got this app to begin with space and the work to maintain space somewhere being a burden. Or pay. And I just hate paying for apps and hate paying for stuff that was once free and also hate paying because I’m basically being forced to pay. Separating my emails (the thousands on my account since I’ve had gmail for yrs and yrs) from the allotment of space for my photos I think would be a good alternative to consider. That way it’s 15gb free solely for photos and after that pay. But with everyone and their mother sister aunt cousin and all their third party blah blah blah emailing me 3x a day like come on. I’m seriously considering not even keeping a Gmail any more Because of this space issue but again SOO MUCH WORK. I want big tech to make my life simpler not more complicated and aggravating. But if space or paying isn’t an issue then 100% recommend 😁
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7 months ago, rstomahawkty
Love it, but…
It was honestly too good to be true when they offered unlimited photo storage. Sadly that came to an end. When it was unlimited storage, I literally made it a point to bring up in conversation to every single one of my friends. Funny enough, nobody believed me when I explained how good it was, and they missed out if they didn’t download it. The longer you put off downloading this app, the more you will miss out on. This app was everything (and more) before any other game company was doing anything remotely similar. And I’m confident everything uploaded won’t be hacked or leaked. If you are a criminal or take photos of yourself commuting a crime, maybe don’t do that, but also I would suggest not using this service just in case. The government can subpoena your Google data and although I haven’t ever seen Google Photos being a turning point for a case, I don’t doubt that the government could make Google give them access to every single photo you’ve every taken. But that’s one end of the double edge sword - the other end is that every single photo you ever take will be automatically uploaded to the servers so you don’t have to do it yourself and so you never have to worry that any of your photos will ever be lost. But, now you have to pay for storage so that is on you for not using this app sooner. I use this app more than the photos app on iPhone.
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11 months ago, CrybabyJoy
Best Choice innCloud Storage
I have been using Google Photos for around 10 years starting with other accounts and practically and literally never had any unsolved problems, if I had any problems or frustrations with Google Photos which is “none”, and my files has always been saved in the mode you have set, especially PNG files with transparent background I use for digital art and photoshopping I do, which Apple iCloud mess up all the time, they don’t keep PNG files the way they are supposed to keep, without background for vectors, etc., they give them a white background to those PNG files without background and it’s very inconvenient and frustrating, in the two years of first time use of Apple Devices and iCloud, I got to a point of not wanting to use iCloud or any Apple devices anymore for good, on the other hand, Google Photos has been excellent and simple in the picture storage and has worked almost flawlessly ever since I started using its services. I am very happy with Google Photos as my trust in them with my files can’t be beat by any other cloud storage. I strongly recommend it if you want peace of mind and trust them to care for your files faithfully. By own experience I strongly DO NOT recommend iCloud unless you want a pain in the neck and let them abuse your pocket with their outrageous charges. Google Photos are authentic and legit.
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4 years ago, whitreneeXo
Love it-plain and simple.
Easy to use, does everything for you! Saves every pic you take and can even sync up with your other devices. You can even edit pics easily and save or archive a copy of the original and then share them to your contacts or social media/etc. directly from the app. This app also does “Remember this date..” and will show you a pic(s) from the current date just years earlier! Provides an unexpected, beautiful walk down memory lane. However, probably the greatest most sincerely personal and unique feature of Google Photos are the ‘Photo Stories’ and ‘Movies’ they compile for you out of your gallery of pictures! Sometimes they even include subject-matter-appropriate background music and include dates, times, places, and titles describing the theme of the slideshow or collage of photos which range anywhere from deeply personal and heartfelt renderings to silly, awesome, one-of-a-kind gifs you can save and use later! You can even easily purchase one -or all!- of these creations for a tangible hard copy if you want! There are literally so many more amazing features to this app that I can’t even name them all without writing a few more paragraphs lol! So, I hope this honest, personal opinion will serve as a good enough review for those of you who have yet to partake in the effortlessness that is Google Photos. 😘🤗✌🏽
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6 years ago, Auric Nova
Stores my photos as long as they are not 4K
It’s a bit confusing but what they are storing for me is pretty adequate for my needs. It would be nice to know I was storing the original quality but I don’t need another monthly bill besides Google Drive. It’s awesome the way they rotate some of the photos for you or give you that option. I wish they would do more in terms of the facial recognition so that you can correctly date some of your photographs were the dates were stripped in the uploading process which for me was a bit of a hellish experience because it crashed while uploading. I got past all that and everything I own is in my Google library I just don’t have them sorted properly. I’m hoping this will be done automatically in the future using the facial recognition technology otherwise I have to spend years fixing my library. Another suggestion would be if they would show you your duplicates which are close to exact duplicates so that you can delete them on your own. Sometimes it appears to be refusing duplicates but it’s hard to tell exactly what Google is doing behind the scenes occasionally I’ll see a duplicate missing other times I find odd photos in my trash. It would be nice to know exactly what’s happening with them folders. Those are all my suggestions and why I don’t have five stars I appreciate the free storage in the meantime hoping I won’t have to go with higher quality photos in the future.
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3 months ago, CraftyDIYfun
Not Perfect But Pretty Stellar
Update: 6 April 2024. This app is easy to use and still beats Apple photo app as to search term intelligence and retrieval. And it’s editing abilities are impressive as well. However Google coulda/shoulda included a photo duplicate search, select and delete function because it still seems that somehow some of my photos get duplicated! Google has the best mathematicians, ai experts/analysts and programmers in the world. Every computer or smartphone user and device depends one way or another on Google services. Given all Google’s talent and Google’s vast user base, Google should/coulda fitted Google Photo with an outstanding Photo Duplicate Deletion by now! A photo duplicate search/select and delete feature could make Google Photos the ultimate photo storage and managing app with this one addition Google Photo Duplicate Deleter should include these features: 1) Intelligence to detect 4 classes of duplicates: exact dupes, nearly exact dupes, similar dupes and No Duplicates Exist photo. 2) Allow users to review and select photos within these groups pic by pic. 3) Allow users to delete either one photo dupe at a time or by “all pics selected.” 4) Create 2 kinds of delete destinations: a) TRASH and a b) HOLD 20 DAYS Before Deletion file. So yes Google Photos is very smart and very much appreciated but it isn’t yet perfect!
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3 years ago, KLP/KPGee9
Storage Dream (maybe?!)...
I’m giving this 4 as I wait for “our newest update” to change it all up again,lol. Just when you get comfy with the “unlimited cloud storage” & you get all your stuff settled where you like it... AND THEN... “Hi, Just letting you know that there’s been a change in policy that takes effect next update so...” Then you’re scrambling to save your memories before digital annihilation occurs (or you’ve purchased additional space) so it gets 4*’s (& I teetered on 3, LoL) because even though it’s a little contradictory at times (offers up quotes of praise for saving people from extra expenses, keeping your device clear of clutter where bugs love to hide{!} & eliminating the need for many (many!) passwords... but then you get the daily “suggestion” to use “auto->XP”! for backup & whatnot which kinda has the opposite impact on your device..., it is a great App for pictures and the sharing of but... I dunno!?! I’m leery that an update won’t clear up room or something like that?! Things change on a regular basis with these Apps & where one’s great for storage it’s lacking in cool editing tools but it’s free so 🤷🏻‍♀️ (right?!?), LoL! I guess for now it’s fine but my review is as subject to change as the App is. Who knows, maybe a taste of one’s own medicine for a bit would put an end to the potential “fluxing of policy” where updates & the future of storage space &/or fun editing stuff) is concerned.
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“Are you serious”! “There’s no possible way“! WOW !! Is exactly what i say to myself every single time my Friends or family start reliving memories and it never fails one of us will say did anyone take any pictures of that memory and of course the first thing everybody does is start looking thru photo albums Trying To go thru album’s Looking for a picture Or someone will mention try looking thru your phone to see if you have a picture. Most of the time the picture in question would be taking at a certain time where the person wouldn’t even have that same phone or if they did the picture would not be backed up or saved . Well here I come EVERY SINGLE TIME do i come to the rescue all i say is “Let me pull up on my GOOGLE PHOTOS and i know for a fact i have that certain picture and i would bet my paycheck on it that i have that exact picture everyone’s looking for.. see GOOGLE PHOTO’S not only do i feel safe with all my families and children’s pictures but my very own personal ,Personal 😉 pictures too and to put the cherry on top its always backed up if god forbid my phone end up stolen or lost .. im so very Lucky i have google photos.. I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way. Google photos YOU ARE MY HERO .. From the bottom of my heart..Thank you 🥰
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3 years ago, LauraTheMastermind
Rich, vibrant colors and other fun touches
I started using Google photos back when I had an LG and was still using XP on my desktop. Colors are richer, more vibrant. I like the feedback message I sometimes get on the bottom of select photos such as “Fix Lighting” or “Order Photo”. It’s useful and the lighting adjust message is always spot on; makes the photo have more depth. The other aspect I like is when I find one of my photos had been “stylized” or “motion” had been added by whoever at Google makes these touches. I don’t mind the feedback and that’s what you get when you agree to allow them to modify. I took a hiatus from Google photos to work with another photo editing tool. When I returned, I found all my pictures neatly archived. Pleasant surprise when I found many I forgot I had. My only negative: back when I was working with windows XP and an LG, Google photos had more filters and other features such as blemish blending and natural looking skin tone enhancers. The best was the awesome selection of frames to chose from. These features have been removed so I need to bridge my photos to another editing app for this. Other than that, Google photos is still my preferred primary editing tool. Thanks for the years of creativity and for thoughtfully archiving all of it.
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8 months ago, fjdosmsmdbfkdosldn
It’s so good butttt
Dear google photos, I love google photos I have been using it for about 4 years and it’s safe to say that it needs more storage. My phone only has a storage of 65g and google photos only holds 15g. If you want more storage you have to pay for it. While I love the backing up and how it works and is easy to use. It needs to add more storage and I’m definitely not the only one who thinks that. I have at least 20 friends that deleted this app and said “I would pay but I’m not spending my money on something that won’t even hold half of my storage for photos.” And as a person with a major in business, google photos, you need to up your storage. I completely get the “we give you 15g, you pay for the rest” gig. But let’s be honest, half of your customers aren’t gonna pay for extra storage if your hardly giving storage to begin with. So Im trying to say it in a nice way, but, you need to do better. But, your app has pretty fast backing up and holds photos even if you run out of storage. And it works pretty similar to normal photos app. But please, for you and your customers, add at least 20-25 maybe even 30g of storage. Also, why is it that your number 7 in photo apps? Maybe you need to start posting some updates and maybe just maybe you’ll at least make it to top 5. Sincerely, a person who wants and needs more storage and is thinking of deleting the app and finding
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2 years ago, Ilovemy#=6kids
Photos and videos
Google, I love 💕 your service, I love everything about Google, photos, videos maps, your customer service helped me fix my pc just a little bit ago, and I took a video of the wonderful job as the result of your help, my son gets Norton I don’t, a little while later that day which was only 2 days fixed and finished, I was in heaven I been sick 14yrs , I turned on my pc and Norton was in there rearranging everything and my Google drive where I kept everything important for years was deleting, I lost my mind it’s been a week or so and I hate them everything is different and my Google drive, 😭😭😭😭😭😭 well I’ve been able to send everything from my phone to the pc and print documents pictures and now when I click on a picture it shows up on my right of the screen really small and I can’t print I can’t do anything and now I’m sick with Covid, I’m going to be 63 and I’m not well anyway, and that achievement you guys helped me with , I never knew how to really use a computer and in no time you made me very very happy 😊 and they took it away in a few minutes, I’m too sick to talk to them I feel like I’m getting hit in the head with a hammer , I miss the happy hour, that’s what it feels like, all that work, I’m sorry I’ll be quiet
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2 years ago, Nic*10
Google photos
It’s the best way I’ve ever saved pictures in all my life! Over 40 years of taking pictures. I used to have a camera that spit pics right out, you’d have to shake them to help them along, called Poloroid! Then came disposable cameras, then the pics you developed! I still say~ it’s a Kodak moment!!! Lol! That stuck forever and will continue, even though it’s ALL Google photos and videos for me now! I will NEVER get rid of Google photos!!! They are thee best thing that’s ever happened since sliced bread!!!! I love their “memories “ the “moments” where they combine pictures and make it, like a lil video! And now, they do that 3D thing where the pictures looks like it’s coming out of the phone,~ straight to You… in your own living room!!!! The Only complaint, that I’m not satisfied with now, is I’ve run out of storage space! I thought the “cloud” made it endless! Unfortunately, we now have to pay for more space. But, I won’t. I refuse to. So, I have to keep going through and erasing fond memories. It’s a bummer, but it is what it is. I do like and really appreciate how they’ll separate my blurry photos, which makes it a lot easier to find which ones to dispose of. Other than that though, completely satisfied customer here!!!
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1 year ago, Janchicago
Not foolproof - they lost my photos
I’ve been using Google Photos for years. I switched to Google Photos even though I use an iPhone and a Mac because my library was too big and it was taking up too much space on my iPhone. if I deleted pictures from my iPhone, it would delete them from iCloud. So I needed a way to store my photos but still be able to delete them off my phone when I needed space so I switched to Google photos. Sometime last year I was looking for photos from 2013 and they’re almost all gone. There’s a few things left, but most everything is gone before 2017. I exchanged a multitude of emails with their support team and they couldn’t help me. I have a very large storage capacity and never missed any annual payments for that. I didn’t delete them. So there’s no reason that my photos/videos should’ve disappeared. Customer support was terrible. Just exchanging emails with them was disjointed and time consuming. You can’t talk to anyone live so it’s a back and forth thing and they could give me any answers as to why they have gone missing. And then today I was trying to share some older photos but even though I can see them in the app when I try to share them it tells me that they need to be backed up first - but because the originals are not on my phone anymore the backup can’t happen. I’m crushed. These are all my kids photos from when they were babies. I thought Google would be the safest place to store them but clearly they’re not.
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2 years ago, klwalk73
Going from iphone to Google Photos
So far I’m impressed! It was very easy to start but then it totally slowed down which is ok because I had allot of pictures. However, the problem was, that i couldn’t find out why or if i was supposed to use my phone or stay off of it? I started the process at a time where I shouldn’t need my phone just in case but I not knowing what to expect was daunting because I was so excited at how quickly i could see all of my pictures in the app even tho im very limited on space on my phone. I was thinking wow this app is amazing! But i didn’t know if my photos were safe or not and it said processing but didn’t show any physical sign that i could see as to how many pictures were safe and how many to go. But just looking around in the app I’m excited because it looks easy and their are lots of options! I also got the feeling I was in a safe environment with Google. I hope that’s true because there are a lot of neg reviews for Google and I’ve always kept my gmail because it’s always been awesome. I’m ok with my iphone stuff but I still love Samsung!! If the iphone wasn’t a gift I would totally still be using Samsung. I’ve had my iphone 4 yrs now and i haven’t really seen much advantage to having it! Cant wait until all my photos are secure in Google photos!
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3 years ago, Yajnesh
Best app ever!
This app is amazing! Much better than the original Photo app in many ways. (Not trying to criticize the app, it’s pretty neat too, just stating my opinion) Although all you can do is look at and edit your photos, I still have so many ways how this particular app is really cool too. 1, there are really cool editing options! You can make really cool collages, interesting animations, amazing color pops, splendid cinematic photos, and terrific movies! 2, there are really cool features! It organizes your photos into different things, (Birthdays, Weddings, etc.), you can share everything you create (And by everything, I mean literally EVERYTHING you create on that bad boy) and so many other really cool things! I could spend hours on that app, it’s so cool! 3, Google Photos actually edits your photos into better ones! Here’s an example: I took a picture at a beach and it looked really nice. When I looked at the photo again on Google Photos I realized the app had turned it into a mind blowing photo! It looked like a painting! So to sum this review up, I just want you to know and understand that Google Photos is the most amazing app I have ever seen! So what are you waiting for? Stop sitting on your fannie and download Google Photos today! Like NOW!!
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4 years ago, 12346744763423
Like a virus on my phone
I hate google photos. I was really excited to try it. I backed up all my photos from my phone to Google photos. Unfortunately I couldn’t scroll through my photos to see any of them. There’s apparently a glitch where when scrolling through photos the app forces you to scroll all the way back to the top so you can’t ever look through your photos. This continued even after I upgraded my phone and deleted and re installed the app. Nothing fixed it. Finally, I decided to take all my photos from google photos back on to my phone so I can upload them to iCloud instead. Of course when you try to do that often you don’t even get the option to even save photos to your device/phone! And when this happens you have to restart the app. And then when you finally do download images from google photos to your phone in the slowest way possible so the app doesn’t crash the photos are out of order and a complete disorganized mess of photos. Oh, and I’m now trying to delete photos from google photos and it is also deleting those photos from my iCloud even though I disabled syncing. So I’m STILL trying to figure out how to delete photos from google photos (and be done with google photos altogether). I’ve never even written a review for an app in my life but this app is terribly painful to use and even more painful to break up with. I regret ever using google photos. Hours of my life wasted trying to recover my own photos. Useless.
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8 months ago, Tefoley24
You saved my piece of mind My wife and I are retired We always wanted to take a trip out west we live in Florida With the help of my wife’s sister they navigated a trip of a lifetime almost 6 weeks of sights and new experiences most of the time we took pictures with the camera and my apple phone camera When we got home after a week or so it was time to share pics off my phone to Debbie’s sister Well I shared every pic off my camera including the iCloud it overloaded her phone and she was and is quite not happy with Tom understandable It upset me to the point I just started deleting pictures and I deleted thinking I was just deleting what I sent her WRONG I was deleting mine and again I was sick now I lost a really really great friend I would die for but I lost all my pictures for my wife and I I’m batting a thousand This morning I remember google photos always saves a picture let’s see what’s in there OH MY GOD yes they are all there every one of them my heart is beating I feel so relieved I don’t know who to Thank in Google if you do please forward this to them I have so much to be thankful for Thank you for your time to allow me to share this horrible experience that just turned into something truly great
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4 years ago, StaceyT6
No flexibility
Google photos is an all or nothing app. Either it backs up all your photos, every single one, or none at all. Sometimes I use a screen shot as a quick reference for a few minutes then delete it from my phone, but then it’s still in the google account. It’s extremely frustrating to go back delete them from google, especially because that too is difficult to do. There’s no easy way to scroll through and delete quickly. You either have to view them from a small thumbnail and hope you’re not deleting something important or take a long time looking at each one and having to click multiple times to delete 1 photo. I am trying to free up space on my phone so deleting photos is supposed to be the easy choice since I have them backed up to google. However it either gives me option to delete ALL of the photos off my phone or none at all. There are still plenty of pictures I would like to keep sorted in the folders I created on my phone for quick reference. I’ve heard the argument “well they’re still on your phone you just have to open google photos instead of your regular photos.” This is of no use if you are somewhere with spotty or no internet connection. The app is not user friendly, the interface is not clean, and the way it sorts photos is of no real use to me. There should be extensive settings where I can toggle on and off different combinations of options.
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6 years ago, Angel8606
Google Photos is the only way to go!
It’s the only way to go, if ya ask me! I know, ya ain’t asking, right? Okay, well that’s just fine, because I’m just-a-tellin! What I’m telling is that I love this App, because of so many things I won’t be able to list em all! Totally impossible! But I can share a few reasons why I love it so much! One is because of the option of assistant! When you choose this it gives you an option to save or dismiss the Apps, altered & filtered or maybe, brightened & cropped, or maybe, actually I can keep going but you get the Jist of what I’m sayin, right? You won’t believe the things assistant can do to your pics to make them look better or make them look like a work of art! You just won’t believe your eyes, or that you even took the pic in the first place once you see what all it can and will do! Lol woo-wee! I love this so much! Don’t waste your time with any other App out there claiming to do this or that! This one doesn’t have to claim anything, just open it up and Vola! Lol Art, Beauty, Imagination & I can keep going..... you already know! I’m going to stop here and let you see for yourself! The App speaks for itself! Plus I’ve spoken way to much as it is! Jeesh! Lol Y’all will have a blast and enjoy! I know y’all will! Lol Chow!
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2 years ago, FitnessFanLV
Major Issues!!!
June 20, 2022 - Below issues aren’t still unfixed and how come there is no Face ID/password option for this app? Apple iOS 16 will have a feature like this coming this September but I assumed Google would have done this years ago. The Google Drive app has this feature so why no Google Photos… August 09, 2021 - Why can’t you edit photos using erase like other apps (Meitu, Photo ReTouch, etc)? I hate taking a photo and wanting to erase a weird blue dot (common in iPhone photos) and I can’t so I need to use another app to correct it. January 03, 2020 - When I save a photo or video from a website, text message, etc the Google Photos app will unload the photo under the date that shows in photo’s metadata! This is horrible because when I save a photo and open the Google Photos app I expect to see the photo at the very top since that is the most recent photo saved but no... I have to search for the photo! I saved a photo that was taken two years ago per its “metadata” so the Google Photos app saved it based off that date and not the date I saved it too my phone (today). I had to search through 2 years of photos and videos in the app just to find that photo. This is extremely user unfriendly. Please allow users to either have photos and videos save by the date it was save/downloaded. I can’t believe this is even an issue in 2020 because every other media app does this correctly. Please update, thank you.
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2 years ago, Shanxando
Great when you’re on a budget, but leaves a lot to be desired
There’s a lot I like and a lot that frustrates me about this app since I started to pay for it. To start with, I can only edit photos with the enhanced edits (dynamic, color pop, etc.) on my iPhone. It doesn’t give me the option on my iPad or Chromebook (using the app or using the website), it would be great to use the larger screen when editing. I’ve tried all the fixes suggested online. Also, when I use the enhanced edits, I only get the option to save the photo as a copy. If I want the edited copy in the album, I have to add that version to the album and then delete the original (since I don’t want the same picture twice). It’s very frustrating. When I don’t use enhanced edits I get the option for Save or Save Copy, why isn’t that an option for both? I would change my review to 5 stars if those were fixed. Lastly, since the last update the app crashes way too frequently when I’m editing. It used to every once in a while, now it does every 15 or so photos. All that being said, while I like Google Photos, I prefer Adobe Lightroom. But when you’re on a budget, this is a great option for a lot of storage and enhanced edit features. Lightroom is easier to use, but costs a lot more with only a fifth of the storage space.
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2 years ago, alltherave
Terrible UI
I’ve been using this app for a year and a half, after we set up a catch-all album for photos of our newborn son. I didn’t realize it would become the massive shared album it is today, but after uploading many, many photos I have a few points as to why this app drives me absolutely crazy. First, it HATES Apple. I have an iPhone, so sue me. Baby daddy has a Pixel so this was an easier compromise (I can use Google Photos but he couldn’t use iCloud). I can’t hold and click to preview photos, and more importantly videos, which is a huge downer!!! Anyone who takes photos of kids knows there are a huge amount of blurry ones, or two almost identically cute ones except in one of them your kid is like squinting their left eye or something. I want to be able to preview the photos and pick only the good ones! And I don’t always remember which videos are album worthy—it would be so nice to be able to preview those as well. Another aspect of this app I don’t like is that it takes you directly to the comments feed of the shared album. I’d rather see the pictures first, instead of having to click yet another button to take me to the shared album. The UI just is not very streamlined and a lot of things are redundant, or seem like they are but end up being totally different. Does my review confuse you? That’s how I feel trying to navigate this app!
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3 years ago, someyahoo
Google Photos is the greatest!!!
Google Photos is and has been the answer to my photo storage needs. I have told my family, my friends and my business colleagues about Google Photos and it’s benefits, like editing, and sharing, and the photo assistant just to mention a few. I have become a fan of many if not most of the other Google apps. I could go on but Google is doing such a great Historic service with the apps like Google Photos. I am sold and I will follow, use and support Google in what ever endeavors it pursues. Keep up the good work and keep the tweaks and improvements coming. History will remember and identify Google’s contribution to preserving History including social and political trends, including those that are outside the political or social mainstream. History is important and Google has the ability to remember and follow the trends, even if at the moment they seem unacceptable. I do not support the wholesale removal of posts that are considered political or that are deemed to be outside the mainstream such as with food like saturated fat being good or bad or one diet being healthier than another or the use of certain products like medications or vitamins.
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3 years ago, Strangermelissa
Great app until.... $$$$$$
This app is amazing, I’ve lost important photos before when I’ve updated my phone a couple of years ago, then I found google photos that constantly keeps all your photos and videos in the cloud so you never have to worry about loosing them again! This app is a game changer compared to iCloud that has just a tiny amount of space, and you need to purchase more space to adding photos, and that was the best part about google photos, it was free. And as a student with student loans I don’t have a lot of extra money to spend it on extra cloud space, especially when the money could go towards food or actual space in the real world like my rent. But I’ve gotten the news that google will now be charging for more space, and I’m absolutely devastated I’m using this service as of now, ( while it’s still free), but I can’t guarantee that I’m going to keep using it once I need to purchase more space, like what’s making me purchase google photo space, when if I was gonna purchase more space I could buy Icloud space, and have it be way more convenient and without all the extra steps of uploading my photos then deleting them off my phone and opening another app on top of my Apple photos? It’s just not practical and I’m very sad that I’ll most likely have to move from google photos once I run out of space. Rip free google photos, you will be greatly missed.
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5 years ago, dmgreenw
Be careful what you upload and store!!
Although I love the unlimited storage and ease of album making, sharing, and management there are freaky unexplained things that happen to photos you know were in your collection but suddenly are no where to be found! I mean no where, not in the trash, archive, or backup places that you set any where. Case in point, I took a picture of the back and front of my business Credit card so that I could refer to my account numbers when I needed to while it was in the possession of an employee. I did so many times. When I looked for it today it had just vanished! I was not in the trash, archive, or back up places and I had not done anything with it since I last checked it. I don’t know if I was hacked, Google automatically removes such things, or maybe Google pulled for their own uses as per the Usage agreement we all sign without reading. That was not the first time something mysteriously disappeared from my photo collection yet is was the most vital. You will see that things tend to disappear for no reason and you will think you are going crazy and all Google will say is, “Check your archive, trash, and back up settings.” All these suggestions are no help when something totally disappears for no reason. BEWARE!!!
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5 years ago, 16/50
Ok for folks that take social photos
First, most of my computers are Apple, and I take a lot of photos with my iPhone. This Google app/ system is ok for users that want to take snapshots to post on social media. As an Engineer and technical craftsman, I can’t discern if there is any way to use it for these purposes. My requirements are for technical photographs showing processes and assemblies mainly to send to publishers (and to publish on-line) illustrations for engineering uses. From what I can determine, is’s not too good for that, although I have never purchased a “For Dummies” book and learned the full capabilities of Google Photos. However, I vastly prefer it over the Apple Photo program that takes control of all content, holds them hostage, and deletes them if you don’t want to play by their rules and pay their fees. I actually purchased a Windows-10 laptop for my phone and camera downloads rather than struggle trying to convert and download my pictures to something a user completely “Apple” can use. I do store my social photos ( family, weddings, and vacations, etc.) on Google Photos, simply because they separate them by date and Google doesn’t mess with them further. And, you can download photos to a thumb drive and take them to a corner drugstore photo printer and gets prints for Granny, something impossible with anything Apple.
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7 years ago, adsitimray
I like it, BUT...
I like Google Photos, but I wish their was an option under the "EDIT" tab, where I could add text or be able to write on the actual photo and be able to pick different colors, fonts, size of fonts and also underline, bold or put the text in italics. Also, my email is also linked to my son's phone, since I don't want to set him up with his own email account, until he gets a little bit older, that means that the Google Photo app is also linked to his phone, since he takes photos too. It would be nice to have an option to put a password protection on the albums that photos of each person is under. For example, if the album is labeled "ME", I wouldn't want him clicking on the tab and see photos of his mother that he shouldn't be looking at and scar him for life. Lol! Also, it would even come in handy when parents let their children play on their phone and they stumble upon photos that their parents didn't want them to see. Since my son also takes photos, one other idea that I had would be that anytime he takes photos and Google Photos downloads them, that the photos would be categorized by the device it was downloaded from, but you would still be able to organize the photos into albums later. Thank you!
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3 years ago, drake_cantype whatev he want
This app is a parasite
PLEASE make it obvious how to prevent Google Photos from accessing your iCloud photos. It is a parasite that is adding all of my photos to my Drive storage even though I don’t use it and deleted it a long time ago. I don’t want the storage on my phone taken up on my Google Drive as well. It means I only have 2 GB that can be used for Slides, Docs, and files, since you get 15 for free. This is a much bigger problem than it should be, since I CANNOT get Google Photos to stop syncing my iPhone photos to my Drive. It is literally preventing me from creating Slides and Docs since it’s taking up 13 GB from my phone and taxing that on my Drive as well. I turned syncing off and deleted the app again yet it is still saying that Google Photos is taking up 13 GB of my 15 GB storage on my Drive. I can’t just remove all of my photos on there because it would then delete the photo I have on my iPhone. This is even more infuriating since I don’t even use Google Photos. I deleted it a long time ago and then I go to edit a Google Slide and it says that i can’t because my storage is full. All taken up by an app I don’t even use, and something that should only take up iCloud storage, NOT Google Drive. It is using my iPhone photos to prevent me from using Slides and Docs. This is terrible. I’ll delete my review if this is resolved.
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2 years ago, maggie_doyle
Worst app ever
I wanted to load on the photos on my phone so I could free up space, but the limit on what’s free is really small and the space is shared with your email so it started to tell me that my email was full and I wasn’t gonna receive emails anymore. Obviously that’s the dumbest thing ever so I bought a 2 TB hard drive and decided to store my extra photos that way, because the concept of paying for space in the “cloud” is honestly ridiculous imo. But the reason that I even am taking the time to write this review is because when I then went to delete the photos from google photos it didn’t give me the option to do so without also deleting them from my phone. So as far as I’m aware there permanently on Google and if I want to delete them off of Google I also delete them from my phone. There may be a way around the but I didn’t do too much digging. Also it divides all the photos by day so if you want to highlight all of your photos to delete a big chunk at a time you can’t. There’s so many things that are just so painfully dumb about this app that I had to write this review which isn’t something that I normally do. But unless you love manually deleting emails 100 at a time (there were 12,000 in my inbox) and having Google photos permanently linked to your Apple photos, or you just absolutely love paying for storage don’t waste your time and energy.
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4 years ago, leiasgram
Love having all of my pictures in one places for the most part. I also love how smart it is and how the program can go through and recognize faces and group them together, if you name certain individuals. I’ve seen it work on pictures as young as baby photos to older pictures. Now that’s impressive! If it isn’t sure if this person “A” is the same as “B”, then it will ask, “Is ‘A’ the same person as ‘B’ or different? You choose and it moves on to the next picture. Very simple, yet effective. You can go through and label each person in each picture, even the blurring ones, so as to be sure that you remember everything. You can even edit and make changes to the picture once it has been added to Google Photos. Anytime you need the picture, all you have to do is to share it or save it on your device again to reuse. 💜❤️💞 It is truly magnificent! Oh, and the automatic lifelike pics that it makes for you are awesome. You can make little photo album with pictures that you choose or allow the app to do it for you, or just switch one or two pics out here and there. You can print from the app and add a frame. I could just go on and on. Love this app! 🥰
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3 years ago, clwest4
Secure backup for free
I love using google photos, and if you have the background app refresh on, it automatically keeps all your photos on the cloud. If not, just open it every few days or so and it will back them up when it’s open. It has helpful tips and touchups, but asks before making any changes (I almost always prefer the touchups to the original!) I take photos of lists and receipts, things I tend to only need for a few hours, and this app has a very helpful function that asks if I still need these types of photos and will gather them up for me to pick any to remove or keep. It also has an optional facial recognition feature - not for everyone, but I love it! It is easy to search for people and even pets! It may not be my most frequently used app, but it might just be my favorite. Today it asked if I’d like to clear space on my phone (yes, of course) and told me I had over 5k photos that had been backed up and were older, then with the press of a button sent them to my deleted folder in the photos app and told me how to permanently remove them from there. I’m upgrading my phone in a few days so that was super helpful, now the transfer will be quicker!
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5 years ago, EIA101
10/10 Recommend!
i got this app as a way to store photos and make albums, and it has not let me down. i can finally clear up space on my phone for other things while having all my photos in an easily accessible app. it’s very user-friendly. i love how it has gave recognition and makes mini albums for each person! also, you can make your own albums and share them by simply copying a link. google photos is linked to your gmail so you can access pictures and videos anywhere you’re signed in! another benefit is with imessage. you can easily attach photos that are not on your device just by clicking the google photos icon and selecting your images. another amazing feature is that the app recognizes pictures with a lot of writing. when syncing your camera roll to google photos, the app takes the pictures with writing/typing (like a report for school, old notes, etc.) and gives you an option to clear them from your phone, as you probably don’t need them anymore and they’re classified as junk. google photos is an amazing app. it gives you options to create new albums, prints, movies, collages, and animations. this app is a must-have!
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4 years ago, Goldy121
Wish All Assistants Were This Good!
I have really enjoyed Google photos, especially for the assistant feature. Every now and then I’ll get a notification that the assistant has created a little movie or collage from pictures I took 2, 3, even 5 years ago. It’s great because it usually creates something that you’d like to have but you just never get around to making. Seeing old pictures of a trip with family and friends, the family pet doing something quirky, or being reminded of a special occasion can make your day. Candidly, I’m not a huge fan of the fact that Google has become this massive company with their hands in everything, but for utility apps like this there just aren’t many companies out there who have the time, money and imaginative software developers to create an app like this that actually makes it on to the App Store. For that reason I commend them. Now, if I could just figure out how to block every single move I make and web page I visit from them, I might just stop getting harassed by advertisements for things that I just searched for an hour ago on a completely different device connected to a completely different network!
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4 years ago, Fozzy Bearr<3
love it
this app is a LIFESAVER when it comes to phone storage. seriously. i chose to pay for original quality photos but even the free version has unlimited photos at a very good quality. the ONLY things i dislike: the actual photo grid is so uneven and eclectic, as opposed to Apple’s photo app which is always evenly spaced and easy to scroll through. i feel like on Google photos, they’re always enlarging some images bigger than others and the scrolling is not even and smooth. i begin to scroll and then suddenly it jumps down to two months ago. then i have to slooowly scroll back up and try and pinpoint the image i was looking for. it’s incredibly annoying. there’s also no option to control how many photos are displayed at once. i have thousands and thousands of photos, so often times on Apple’s photo app i’ll change my settings to allow four or five photos in one row at a time, which enables me to see more photos at once and find a specific image (needle in a haystack type deal) faster. on Google photos, you have the random enlarged images AND there’s only three in a row and no way to change it. it makes navigating my photos difficult. but for FREE?! can i really complain? i’m so grateful someone made this app!
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6 years ago, Rockdez
Finally! Google, helping to create peace of mind when I run out of storage for my photos!
This is the app I’ve been searching for! When I bought my iPhone 8 Plus, I purchased it in such a hurry that I forgot to tell the sales associate I wanted the highest storage iPhone. It was fine for the time being but, I needed to have a backup plan whenever I do happen to run low on storage space. I’ve been stuck with limited to no space available on my phone just a few months after purchasing it. I thought about possibly paying an online company like Box to backup my iPhone but trust is a big issue for me and I couldn’t get myself to take the next step in subscribing to some online account I barely knew. With Google Photos, I can now have peace of mind that my photos and videos will always be in one place safe and sound! Nothing bums me out more than to be at a concert and get a message pop-up during a video recording that I am running out of storage space. Now I don’t have to worry! I also really appreciate how Google Photos makes it easy to use and recommends albums and animations to save specific memories and moments! Best app ever! Totally worth the wait! :)
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5 years ago, jamaicangel00
Easy storage, fun features
Google Photos is so easy to use! There are so many settings that you can decide on, like whether or not you want photos to automatically be backed up or wait until you are on Wi-Fi. Then, you can have the app on your phone so that you can easily delete the pictures on your phone storage and always see the pictures in the Google Photos app. I personally have turned off photo back up on iPhone, and just use Google Photos. You can access Google Photos from a PC too. And while you’re taking pictures and videos while going to events, Google Photos will make creative designs in the background. So it will give you memories and reminders of what you were doing this day last year or three years ago. And then sometimes it’ll create a movie or animation from the pictures and videos that you’ve taken. It gives you the option to save those or share them if you’d like. And, if it sees that you are using your phone storage when it has already backed up those particular photos, it will make suggestions on groups of photos you can delete/archive from your phone’s memory. Good job Google, as usual 🙂
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6 years ago, iPad3 in Mich
Excellent for photos, Videos are a STRUGGLE
I am upgrading my iPad and have a library of photos and videos on the iPad and synced with iCloud. Download the Google Photos app and give it permission to access your pictures and it takes over. Could not be easier. Be sure to manage your iCloud upload capabilities on your device first and decouple the device from iCloud. This is relevant, I believe, because it has taken a week to synch up ~300 videos from the iPad to Google Photos and in the meantime new pics (from all apple devises sharing the same Apple ID) get shared around to each other making the Google Photos install a bit less straightforward. This is the second Saturday I have been working on this and am now down to roughly 30 videos to get over to Google Photos. Almost done! Bugs I have encountered are minimal, but the count of pics/videos to transfer over is not a reliable number and the "upload in background" setting is not available to me so the app runs in the foreground. I had to upgrade storage size at Google -- for a fee -- because I wanted to keep original resolution and now I am curios about how Google Drive may be useful but don't know if Google Drive and Google Photos "play nice" with one another.
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6 months ago, gamingfan_1
Don’t use, and DEFINITELY don’t make the mistake I made and spend money on this mess of an app
All good things must come to an end, and sadly this app is a prime example of this. I’ve been using GP since it was ACTUALLY free and ACTUALLY backed up videos. I’m not against having to pay for the storage (I get it they’re a business and need to make money) but what pisses me off is this stupid app won’t even back up videos anymore, regardless of size, duration, etc. I can’t even get a 30 second video in 1080P to upload anymore, and to put it into perspective I used to upload video projects that were 20+ minutes long and while it would take a while to back up, it would eventually do it. Now the app is taking its name too seriously, and i guess it’s ONLY google photos so don’t get this app if you have videos. They haven’t made google videos yet. Will be switching back to iCloud which actually backs up and isn’t a waste of money. Also has authentication to open, like why does google drive require Face ID but not this? Don’t care anymore not using it and it’s gonna get replaced with iCloud. UPDATE TO 4 STARS: App is backing up again like normal and everything is working as it should.
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4 years ago, Brother Gollum
I love google photos
This app really is both a major convenience, and a lifesaver. Whether you’re trying to combat the possibility that your phone might break and you want to salvage all of your photos, or an easy place to store and organize ALL of your photos, or just a way to save local space on your device, Google Photos is the perfect service for the job. I've taken thousands of photos as well and have still not needed to purchase any of the (cheap) extra storage offered by Google. The personalized photo recommendations, and suggested stylized photos are very well done, as well as the automatic grouping of albums by location (which you can turn off if you’d like your location of photos to remain unknown) , and ability to easily order photo books and photo prints in app. I can attest to the photo books looking good as well, as I have ordered one in the past. Can’t speak to the quality of the prints though, although I’m sure they're of a similar degree of quality. All in all, I have no complaints about Google Photos, and multiple praises of it. The fact that my honest review reads as an advertisement probably says a lot lol. Great app.
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6 years ago, Jason Bryant 503
Yes it rad! It’s better than face book for family photos and being able for all to use
It better than face book for family and the picture s are quality, I feel google is taking over the world but in a good way, I like the assistant and the effects I even like how they lay things out so I can explore and get better at my use of the systems. I use this and recommend it to everyone, yes I know it also tracking more and faster better with maps high pictures and how I use the google search, but I do admit google make so far everything better but ,invasive but so ar3 people This will make a market for phones cameras and other things we use may closed loop system for privacy, cloud for convenience, and we will see a market for towers and old laptops etc I think it’s cool, people need to learn and study it more so they understand what its purpose is and what it can do as in google ai photos computers tech, it amazing I just hope we do well with it and use it for all and communicate better and remember we need to collaborate with each other to make great photos like we have. It only invasive if the energy is negative . Thank you google 😊😉😎
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5 years ago, abi loves google photos
such a helpful and amazing app
google photos is absolutely amazing. since i downloaded the app a few years back, it’s saved my life numerous times. i have very low storage on my phone and so I can’t have so many pictures in my apple photos app, but thanks to google photos, I can take as many pics as I want (and trust me I take a ton!) and then back them up to the app, and it will transport the uploaded pics to recently deleted. I don’t have to go through all my pics and see which ones were uploaded, google does it for me and it’s very efficient and easy. i definitely recommend getting this app if you take a lot of pics like me and have low storage. or even if you don’t have low storage, google photos stores your pics for you so if you don’t want all your pics in your phone’s photos app, you should definitely get this app. super helpful and really amazing. separates pics for you into location, and video, and you can make photo albums and collages. you can also sort people by face which is incredibly incredibly useful. all in all, this app is just a lifesaver and if you know me, you always hear me advertise for it.
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6 years ago, azsedcgyhnjo
Can’t get rid of unneeded photos even though there’s a delete option, not organized, uses my storage
I admit it’s good for keeping photos backed up but I have another issue. There is a delete option for pictures and videos. I’m able to delete them, go into my trash, and delete forever but when I close the app and go back in, they’re all back. I’ve restarted my phone, made sure the app was updated, look up it up and couldn’t find anything. Pretty much everything I could do, I did. Point is, I’m in desperate need of storage and deleting thousands of really, unneeded photos is probably the best way to go. I don’t have many apps, just a lot of photos. My photos automatically back up so I don’t have a chance to go through them before they’re saved to my email. The app isn’t organized and nor are my photos. I go in to find photos that I may need and can’t find them. I’m sitting for hours before I find anything. I take lots of photos. I do a lot of photography and am one of those people who loves taking photos instead of living in the moment. I’m contemplating on just deleting the app and going on to use something else. Plus, it’s really buggy and slow. It’s constantly asking to “make space” and delete the pictures in my photo library. When I say no, it just keeps popping up every 5 to 10 minutes. Apple users, honestly just use photo stream. It’s a waste.
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1 year ago, CAP10'Z
Great Photo App
I began using Google Photos after getting a new cell phone. The tech was working on my cell in the back transferring all my stored photos off my old phone. He literally came back out in 15 minutes and said it would have taken to long to transfer all the photos and deleted an untold amount of irreplaceable photos only on my cell. He did not ask or warn about doing it. My adult daughter learned of the incident and showed me how Google Photo saves automatically and it was a really nice thing to be my backup for photos taken. Thank you Google for that AND it was FREE. I am retired and on a cops pension there is not much money for extra stuff. There is talk of having only a certain memory limit and/or a payment for storage. I surely hope not as I can’t lose more very dear wife and kids photos since the are grown and moved away. Google seems to always do better for regular people than other apps and I would love to talk to them about how good the apps have been for me and others in the community. Hopefully that will not change or waivers for the retired age community.
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8 months ago, Judi Comeau
Worst Cloud-Based Storage Site Ever
I absolutely hate Google Photos. I’ve been paying for extra storage over the past year or two, and overall it has been a pain-staking website/app to use. There is no way to easily download photos and/or videos from the app onto your phone. Similarly, you cannot download albums in under an hour from the website to your computer. When the photos do eventually download within a zip file in your file folder, all of them are in HEIC format. Aka - you can’t open them the same way you could with a JPG or png file. HEIC files can only be viewed if you have some type of paid subscription to a different program (I don’t recall the name of it). When you “favorite” a photo by clicking on the heart that the app/website displays, Google Photos doesn’t always save your selection. There’s plenty of other disadvantages that I could cite here, but in short: do not waste your time on this storage site. Do not waste your money. I am preemptively stressed about having to transfer all of my photos/videos from here to another website. I had Flickr for a long time prior to swapping over to Google Photos, but I would not recommend them either. Although it wasn’t as bad as Google, Flickr was challenging when it came to downloading photos in bulk as well. It was not very user-friendly.
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4 years ago, hhskdjsnsnsjzjsnwbzjkznwbsoz
I don’t know what I have ever done to deserve this but I don’t feel like it’s correct bc I’ve always tried to be kind and good to those around me. I want to find my true love. I have tried so hard to teach myself patience in chaos, generosity for those in need and faith in our creator. My journey has been long, tragic and at times down right impossible but I still push thru because I know I have a purpose in this life. Whether that be to pick up a stranger walking down the interstate, help someone who is having a rough day by listening to them talk or just being somewhere at the right time to effect a small task so greater things can happen, I believe! I believe that God has always walked right beside me and I am so proud of what he has helped me to become. I am strong! I am able to face my fears! I am able to show generosity to those who don’t necessarily know they need it and definitely don’t think they deserve it. It’s very hard at times and occasionally I fall and scrape my shin but I get back up. There is so much bad in the world, putting good back into it can only improve this world and the beautiful hurting souls that inhabit it.
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4 years ago, KingbossJr.
It was great up until the recent update.
I currently have an iPhone XR and I take pictures with it everyday. I use google photos to save all my photos about twice a week. It worked perfectly fine. I have thousandsssss of photos and videos online and Google Photos worked for me for over 1 year. It worked perfectly fine. Now my videos won’t upload. I’ve tried changing the setting on my camera to lower settings for storage. I thought that maybe the files were to large. But after countless to testing none of my videos have uploaded. I’ve even tried screen recordings and Live Photo’s. They don’t upload either. So then I thought it was my WiFi connection. It might be slow or something. So I tried it in my school campus’s WiFi which is really fast. I’ve tested it up to speed over 1 gb a sec. didn’t work. I’ve tried it with my LTE full bars unlimited thanks to Verizon and still nothing. I’ve tried my WiFi at home and disconnected every device from the WiFi and left my phone to upload for 2 hours. I then came back and nothing. My phone has 92 gb of video alone and a ton of photos. Idk what to do. This app WAS amazing and I promise you all it worked for me hundreds of times before but this update ruined it for me. I hope it’s a glitch or something and they fix it soon. I’m begging you guys google 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
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4 years ago, lo_well
Hate this stupid app
I’ve used google photos for 4 years now. Little did I know that this was a mistake! All of my photos have been backed up and saved to google photos over the years- and apparently this supposed storage app was actually a black hole. I am now out of storage space, and because of it, my phone practically doesn’t work anymore! It’s been the biggest mess! It’s keeping me from sending messages, receiving mail, taking photos, sending and receiving calls, and just generally using my phone! In an effort to fix this, I purchased a photo drive usb type thing to download all of my photos onto. Little did I realize that it only downloaded from a normal photos app, not google photos. So now I had my work cut out for me. I started off by trying to transfer all of my google photos pictures back to my normal photos app, and was very frustrated to find that the only way to do this was to go one at a time through every single photo. I gave up after about 200+ transfers. So I scoured the web searching for possible solutions. In the end I keep coming to the same conclusion. I either have to change all of my saved photos and videos to a lower resolution, or I have to pay money every month for more storage. I feel really stinking frustrated. I don’t know what to do. If anyone knows a solution I would really appreciate it, thanks!!!
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4 years ago, s2019nw
Best thing for my cloud storage
I can’t image I can live without Google Photos for I moved all my photo storage to it. If it’s gone so are my photos! Not only it is free with unlimited space, but also it is so user friendly. I love the way an album is created, pics can be dragged into it or added anytime, before or after it's made. I love it's powerful search function and face recognition which can track same person all the way to his life time. I love it's in-app-photo-scanner which has so many uses. I love it’s movie, animation, slides maker which give your ordinary pics a life instantly.I have so much fun playing around the app with my pics, video clips. It saves me so much money from not paying storage devices/services. It saves me so much time by using auto uploading and sync across devices. My photos are with me whenever I go. Uploading pics is super fast and reliable. Mostly it gives me a peace of mind knowing it’s here for safe storage needs which is priceless. I am so eternally grateful to have priceless gift among other things from Google. Thank you Google Photos for making the world better place for us people to remember!
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6 years ago, Macorin
Great app
Google photos is terrific and they have certainly outdone Apple in the Photos app department. Sad that Apple can’t even make a better photos app than Google for their own devices. Google Photos has Apple Photos beaten in so many ways: 1) Google Photos shows camera info and even lets you edit the time of a photo. 2) Google Photos allows you to add descriptions to Photos. 3) Google Photos actually organizes your photos chronologically. Apple says they do in the Photos tab, but they don’t. They organize first by location than chronologically. It’s ugly. 4) Google Photos gives you a speed scroll up and down. 5) Google Photos allows for multi line album names. 6) Google Photos offers free photo storage (full resolution for Pixel owners) and (high resolution to everyone else). 7) Google Photos offers much nicer filters. 8) Google Photos has much better smart organization for their people, places and things Albums. Google Photos is everything that Apple Photos isn’t. It still isn’t perfect, but at least it respects that people can think for themselves and offers many features that Apple Photos should, but doesn’t.
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