Google Slides

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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Google Slides

4.64 out of 5
292.9K Ratings
6 years ago, cardinalart
Multiple photo uploads at a time would make it better.
I use google slides for all of my classroom presentations. I also have my students use google slides to keep track of the artwork like a ongoing portfolio. The app makes it easy to drop single photos into the slide show without having to download photos or email them to yourself first. My only complaint about the app is that you cannot upload more than one photo at a time from your camera roll. I take a lot of photos of artwork for my students and shuffling through hundreds of photos to get to things I took months ago can take a long time-it would be so helpful to be able to click on several photos at a time. I do the majority of my editing of my slides on a computer, I could edit from my phone but it is easier to fine tune things on a full computer. I primarily use the app to transfer the photos to my slides.
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2 months ago, ₵ØØⱠ ӾⱠ
Too many bugs on iPad & iPhone
I make a lot of things on google slides, so I thought the iPhone version would help me out… WRONG! This version of the software is very very buggy and limited! You can’t search the web to find photos, you have to screenshot them yourself! So many good features on the desktop version are thrown away for the App Store version!!! I would think that this was a rip-off made my different people if I didn’t know better!! Don’t get me started on the bugs, because they are horrible. Sometimes your work doesn’t save, which means you need to do everything AGAIN, which isn’t even that bad compared to clicking on things. If you click on something, for example, a shape, it’ll click on something far below or higher then where your finger actually was!! The worst part of all of this is the fact that they don’t even read any of these reviews! None of these problems have been fixed!!! So, to the person reading this I’d like to say, DON’T WASTE YOUR STORAGE ON THIS APP!!!! Update: So for the first time ever, a few things were fixed. Luckily enough, I actually did get a response, and they have fixed a few bugs and added a few new features. HOWEVER they still need to fix a lot of things and add more features
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1 year ago, technically.galaxy
Not optimized for the iPad.
You cant change the background color, only the theme, you have limited color options for text and gradient. No, you can't create your own colors. You can't animate text and its hard to put pictures and text on different layers(ie. send to back/send to front). This feels like something to be used alongside the computer version instead of standalone. I only have my iPad for school work and i haven't been supplied technology so im just stuck. I have to ask other people who have computers to borrow theirs just to change the colors on my background and create custom colors and add them to my theme. THIS IS AN ACCESORY NOT A FULL ITEM. The thing is, this could be easily fixed. This worst laptops can run google sliders so Performance issues isn't the issue. A phone or an iPad, especially the big and chunky ones, can totally handle a fully optimized google slides. Proof? Canva and powerdirector. They have so much stuff and great functionality, but most importantly, they have a fully optimized service that's the same on the ipad and computer(except for the fact that some of the functions are different). This is just pure laziness, and im sick of it.
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4 years ago, luca7232
Good, Could be Better.
Well I’ve always enjoyed writing little books and things like that, but you see the problem with google slides is, well this is kind of hard to say but it doesn't represent something you would use as to write or draw due to bugs and things like that, im sure with all these little new updates etc. they will be fixed, but it just doesn't seem that way really, all the updates say bugs fixed and improvements and it really just seems like a throw off, I keep getting suggestions and auto correct from slides that are wrong and are up to me to fix, my pictures really don't seem to feel like uploading themselves and these problems have really been bugging me and i’m sure many other people can agree with this claim. anyways this rating was mostly complains but the app isn’t all that bad, of course like everything, it has it’s ups and downs, but it really is a great way to write and do things like homework and etc, with online school right around the corner im sure it will be useful. Thank you for reading my little rating, I hope it helps you.
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1 year ago, -kyleigh-
Could use A LOT of work.
When I first downloaded Google Slides on my IPad, I expected the exact quality content the computer version of this application brings, but boy was I wrong. For one, many features have been removed/changed drastically. Take the ‘format options’ menu for example. Well, where is it? The ability to change the color of the background, a basic feature that is a must in an app like this? Gone. It’s a shame that such vital features have been cut completely. The iPad version of this wonderful site also experiences major bugs and glitches. On multiple occasions I have been unable to delete shapes and text from my presentations. Even worse than that is the freezing. For every 10 minutes of working, the application freezes completely at least 20-25 times. And no, I’m not exaggerating. It seems as every time I change the color of anything on the screen, the software freaks out and freezes. This results in the app needing to be shut down before I can continue my project. This is just touching the surface of the bad sides of this application.
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3 years ago, Doubletap2008
Worst Google App I've Encountered So Far....
Like many students, I am required to use Google Slides for presentations. The website was working poorly; every time I opened it instead of bringing me to the home screen and allowing me to select any presentation I wanted, it brought me to a new "untitled presentation" with no way to access my old ones. Hoping it would work better, I downloaded the app. While it does allow me to access all of my presentations, it is glitchy and difficult to use. I have to click on a text box 2, 3, 4 times to get it to open. At this point, I'm almost completely convinced that there is a specific pattern of tapping required to edit text boxes. And forget replacing backgrounds or adding images- you can press that little "add" button no matter how much you want, it won't work. If I am the only one encountering these problems, perhaps it is my device (which is not very old or glitchy generally.) Still, other reviews seem to indicate frustration as far as the backgrounds go, and yet the developers of the app seem to ignore them. I gave it two stars because it used to work much better. What happened?
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5 years ago, Evaldrid
Transitions and Backgrounds
I honestly prefer Google products over most Microsoft, and Slides is a definite win, especially after seeing a mobile app. I took my iPad to school, prepared for the presentation, and I tapped around, seeing what all they had. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we have the “theme” option, but what about backgrounds? It’s kinda tiring looking up images, dragging them into slides, making it full size, sending to the back, and not helping your team all at once. Please add the “background” option. Also, since I begun Slides, I always tried my best to use my best format, honest opinion, and make them as interesting as possible. However, after looking around, I found I still couldn’t find yet another option- transitions. While yes, I agree that we need more, newer ones, we also need— well, the basic options on mobile. I can see them on my iPad during present, but I can’t find it. (If it’s there, please respond where.) Other than those, I’d say 5 stars! *****
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4 years ago, lolllyyyyy
Fun app just a few problems…
I have this app at school and at home, but there are a few problems. This is my favorite G suite app, but on mobile devices it won’t let me put backgrounds, I always have to put a gradient on the text, and stretch it. I also have friends that can’t spell so please let Grammarly in this suite. I’m very tired of correcting them :(. The font Pacifico is fine but on mobile it says it doesn’t work, so please fix that because it’s working fine. For images there’s a bug in the built in browser the images look cursed. The only images that work are the LGBTQ+ flags. Me, and my zoo partner Jason have to copy and paste images it’s so fun but annoying in the built in browser put better images. We needed red foxes but the foxes are costumes on the built in browser. The projects are done but I just wanted to say this.
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1 year ago, 🥷ninja person🥷
One good assignment app
Hello Google 👋 What I would like to say to you about your app is that it is a good app. What I like about your app is that the formats that you guys made for the teachers to use are pretty interesting and cool. I also like how the way to edit and use photos 🖼️, backgrounds, shapes 🔴⬛️🔷 and text is easier to use than Google docs especially when the teacher lets you make slides by yourself/ with other people as an assignment. The only problems I and other students have (along with teachers too [rarely]) is some of the bugs 🐜 that happen. One of the bugs that happen is when the picture won’t upload. Another is when the slides get laggy even with good internet. Finally another bug that happens is when the slides take very long to load especially when go guardian is not working well. Overall, good app to use for school. Well this is what I have to say. Bye Google 👋
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2 months ago, Yadathamter
Don’t download if your on iPad!
So I downloaded this so I could so my dad why I could sell stuff but I could not do pretty much anything so I tried on the website but when I tried to copy and paste what I wrote on the app I couldn’t copy or paste or duplicate anything on the website you had to type the whole thing yourself like if I wanted to make a presentation on the website but I finished the essay on the app I would have to make the whole presentation again to have it on the website so that is why I had a bad time trying to make a presentation I mean the idea of asking if you wanted the app is good but the app was not so good I would rather use the computer version because on my school computer you can copy and paste but not on iPad I feel like it would be the same on phone just don’t get the app on iPad and your good because not even he website is good it kind of limits my options :( that’s why I gave a 2 star ): please don’t limite the website option or let me copy and paste and duplicate or fix the app
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4 weeks ago, kdlsmskeow,d,
Mobile Usage Needs Improvement
It is extremely difficult to complete substantial amounts of progress on large projects on mobile when half the time that I try to move the object I just selected, the whole screen moves instead. Like come on, I selected that object for a reason and I am dragging my finger ON it for a reason, and perhaps that reason is not to move the whole screen but the object itself. If that was the case, I likely would have no objects selected and I likely would be dragging empty space, don't you think? The screen should move if no object is selected or if a finger is being dragged on empty space, or both. Otherwise, when both an object is selected and the finger is dragging on the object, the object needs to be the one moving every time, not the screen, without forcing the user to deselect and select again hoping that this time the app will recognize that ah yes, the user is in fact trying to move the object.
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1 month ago, Noelle 💖
I love Google Slides!
Google Slides is an app that I love because I really like writing presentations and slide shows even if it’s just for fun! I am making one about Taylor Swift, my favorite singer! At my school, we made slides about our favorite singers, but someone already took Taylor Swift, so I did my second favorite singer, Olivia Rodrigo! It was very fun presenting my slide shows to the class, we had a great time. So I decided to do a Taylor Swift one on my phone just for fun! My experience with the app so far has gone very well and I have not been through any problems! I might share my slide shows with family and friends! I really love this app because it really lets me express my creativity and my true self all in one slide show! 😊🎀
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2 months ago, HippieBippie
Frustrating to use on IPad OS
This app is frustrating to use on IPad OS (I have a 12.9” IPad Pro for the record.) It does not matter how often you update Slides, if you’re using apple products to interact with it, etc. The app is just not optmized for the IPad. If you use the trackpad on images, it will not move the image/resize it; it just duplicates the image (you can move the image your finger only!) Often times the mouse will stop working, and you can no longer click on anything. To fix this, you have to either use your finger and click on something, and if that does not work, you have to close and restart the app. Sometimes the app just freezes altogether, and you will have to restart the app. There are so many irritating issues with this app, and I have to use it for work every day, with the IPad being my “laptop.” For a billion dollar company, optimizing an app for any operating system should not be that hard, especially if it is being used by millions every day.
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2 years ago, Letythemachete
Mostly useful
I’m a teacher and use slides basically everyday. I love the options it provides but the app is limited in comparison to everything you get when you’re on a browser. I don’t know why it doesn’t give you the option to add a video when you’re on the app but you can do it when you’re on the browser. The app also doesn’t give you the option to search the web for images. Then, on an ipad at least, when you try to open google slides on a browser it automatically opens the app. The only way I can open google slides on a browser is if I’m on incognito mode. Those are the only drawbacks I have found from using the app. All the other features I use/need are there. It just takes some time getting used to using the app because certain options are found in different places than the regular version.
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4 years ago, Nicolinus
Love it, but it can use some improvements.
I’m a teacher, and with this distance learning, I have been relying heavily on Google Slides to help me make interactive assignments. I just got off of Zoom with a student, whom I was trying to help for an hour because she said she couldn’t complete her work on Google Slides. I pulled the exact same assignment up on my iPad, and I discovered that I couldn’t type anything on the slide. My qwerty keyboard never appeared when I clicked on a text box nor when I created a text box. I have a keyboard set up to my iPad, which I discovered I could use to type on the document, but my student doesn’t, and she doesn’t know how to complete her assignment because of this. If this is a glitch or a fluke, can you please fix it? If we were just looking in the wrong place, please let me know so I can help my student. I don’t want this to be the norm when I assign work to my students.
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3 years ago, krishthkr
good app concept, but way too many bugs
This past year tons of students have been introduced to online school due to COVID-19. And if you are like me and you couldn’t afford a laptop but you happened to have an iPad, you just used that. At the start of quarantine I bought an attachable keyboard and I have done all of my work on it ever since. I have downloaded all of the replacement apps that I need for school on my iPad including Google Slides. This app is great and I love the way that it has been presented and the way that it works but there are too many things wrong with it. Sometimes it just freezes and I have to reset my whole iPad and other times I am not able to do simple actions such as copy and paste and save my work. This app needs to be worked on because it is absolutely horrible right now. I am coming to the end of my school year and I wish I had written a review earlier but I really hope that you guys and your developers give this app an update to fix everything that is wrong with this app. Thanks.
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3 months ago, penguin ally
prefer good for simple presentations
Has the tools for a simple slideshow. but the interface is a lot simpler and less precise than the web version on a computer. If need to make a slideshow for a professional setting, Just use google slides in your computer instead of on your phone. But if you are using google slides for something more simple, the app will work just fine. The simplicity could maybe even make it a better choice than the web version in some cases. Also worth noting, I don’t really have that much experience with this app, so there could be some important points I missed. Like if it has glitches that the web version doesn’t I would know, since I haven’t used it enough to encounter any glitches. Probably read some other reviews first if your deciding on whether to get the app or not.
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8 months ago, Google Slides Reveiw
Review on Google Slides
Over all a very good app. However making a Christmas list was very difficult. It doesn’t let you add links to which your trying to add. It absolutely WILL NOT let you add a single link resorting in whomever is trying to open your link having to click on the link (which is very hard to do since every time you click on the text box it ends up clicking on something else) then they have to copy the link, go to google, and then paste the link into the search bar. Whenever, it would be MUCH easier to have it to where you could just click onto the link and have it take you straight to what you link was intended to go to. It’s also much easier to use through a computer than it is and iPhone. But besides the link issue this app is great for presentation and pretty much anything else!
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1 year ago, qttauhabbsnnsmisowppaihzbna
I absolutely love this app
As a 6th grader going to 7th grade, google slides helps me a lot with projects and presentations all year around! I especially love it because this app helps me stay organized and clean (although my locker is not). In my free time, I love making presentations for fun! It makes a clean and pretty look to my presentations. I see a lot of people not liking Google Slides but, some changes shall be made. People saying there are not enough themes and colors but a little word of advice, if you go on google there are many slides and extensions that you can add to make your presentations have an Aesthetically perfect look, as I said some things should change but overall I love this app because it helps and it’s FREE!!
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2 years ago, imendez23
App keeps crashing.
Every single time I open the app and try to work on a school project, the app either freezes, crashes or just doesn’t let me type at all and it’s getting really annoying because it happens every single time. I be having to rush because I know it’s gonna eventually crash so I try to get as much done before it does but then it just crashes or freezes. At first I thought it was my iPad but I came to the conclusion that it is the app since other people with iPads at my school with this app experience the same problem. The fact that every update comes with “bug fixes and improvements” is stupid becasue I’ve updated this app God knows how many times and it’s still the same problem. Please fix this issue because it’s not like I can’t use other apps, but my school forces me to use Google slides and if I gotta keep using it, at least make it a better experience for iPad users.
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5 years ago, Queen of the Catnicorns
Great! But...
I love this app. I use it on desktop first and it worked beautifully and I was really happy. I made a bunch of stuff whether I needed to or not. We get free time sometimes, so I’d normally go on slides and make something random. I was really happy, again, so downloaded it on my iPad at home. Again, worked amazing and I was happy. But the but comes in here. I downloaded on my iPhone and there are a few glitches. It just got me to my home screen mid type and I just lost a bunch of my progress. And I can’t move a small text box, I have to expand it one way and shrink the other. I’d appreciate if these small glitches are fixed, and it’s a little picky. But all in all, I recommend this to anyone and I love it!🦄
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3 years ago, sswiller
Be warned it is buggy
I had an extremely unnerving experience just now. I was experimenting with the app to create a slide with photos on my iPhone. First time so I didn’t really know what I was doing but I changed the background with a photo on my camera roll. Then, I deleted the photo, and that’s where it got weird. Instead of changing the photo background back into a white background, it replaced the background with the next photo in my camera roll. I deleted the slide and started again. This time I added a photo to the slide instead of changing the background. Out of nowhere it starts inserting pictures from my camera roll one after one rapid-fire. I shut down the app and removed it, but it looked as though 20-30 photos were inserted in the slide. When I checked the slide in Google drive, there was no photo there. I’ve never seen an app do that. And normally they would crash on there own, but it showed no signs of instability .
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3 years ago, The jam 15
Everything about this app is very useful when it comes to creating a presentation for work or school. However, this app is very slow at opening documents even when using the latest phones and tablets. I have Gigabit connection so internet is not a problem. If you guys could optimize the app much more for performance and use 120hz of the iPad Pro that would be amazing. But for now I’d rather stick with PowerPoint for the performance. This app has become barely usable for someone like me (student). I tried to use it on my iPad so many times but it just irritates me so much that the magic keyboard does not have a lot of support here, the trackpad doesn’t even register on the app and PowerPoint does which is why I am switching to use it from now on. If you guys could legit add so much bug fixes that would help but in the mean time the term. “Free” is legit what you get from this app.
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2 years ago, JadezCave
No flaws, it’s amazing!
With all of its features, google slides is great for presentations, and more! It’s has a variety of fonts, colors for words, bgs, transitions, backgrounds, pictures, and so much more! You can pick any background just by the “google search” feature for backgrounds, and pictures! You can also import pictures from your phone/ any mobile device, and you can also take your own photos right from the app! There’s soooo many more features for this app, but here are just some! Google slides, your amazing! (All of these same features and things apply to google slides on computers/laptops too! -Kendall 💕🐝✨
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1 week ago, nilez
Shockingly slow
Unusably slow on a brand new M4 iPad Pro. I’m sitting here watching as the letters I type on the keyboard appear with a 15-second delay per key. Editing a word in a sentence will easily eat up 45 seconds to a minute. Looking this issue up on Google’s support forums it doesn’t seem to be uncommon but their agent only suggested that there may be limited storage capacity on my iPad. Ok, well no, that’s not it. The app also doesn’t process inputs from touch, trackpad, or pencil very well, if at all, and discoverability for actions that were second nature on a desktop (let’s say, deleting a text box on a slide) become a daunting task that will make you throw your “thinnest apple device” / paperweight across the room. This is embarrassing from Google, shows an utter lack of respect for users by Google AND Apple, and makes anyone who owns an iPad for productivity use-cases look like an absolute rube (myself included).
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3 years ago, an 8th grader lol
Student work
This app has saved my life. As an 8th grader my teachers are transitioning us from more paper work to more digital work. The teachers are also having us do more presentations to “prepare us for public speaking” and before we had to sign user agreements as well as our parents. My dad originally wouldn’t because the agreement said we would have to be the ones paying for repairs. Since he didn’t sign I had to do everything on paper, including presentations and I can tell you I 100% prefer the occasional having to push a button more than once. I’m currently working on a pitch for my schools media arts program and with how much I’ve had to correct on my slides I am so happy it’s not on paper 😭
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4 years ago, Babble French
I love and prefer google apps over the Microsoft versions. Google slides and docs are much better than word!!! Although word has more options the google format is simpler. It is easier to share document and edit them with google. When ever o use word o have issues sending my work to friends and colleagues. But not with google it works every time! It also tells you if you type in the wrong email do you don’t have to worry about sending your work to a random person. You can also choose what the people you send your work to are aloud to edit!! In conclusion LOVE google it’s performance is flawless I highly recommend it!!!😀😀😀
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2 months ago, wensday addams 👧🏻
I love this I have a chrome book and an iPhone and iPad. I have this on my chrome book and the one on my iPad, which I am writing a review on it it wants me to put in assignment in my sign and it keeps on telling me it’s not correct but the only one I have and I cannot figure out how to get back on it but I still have it on my chrome so I’m confused, but after I really enjoy editing on this app, but yeah, I would recommend downloading this but if you have a sign in account with Google can’t really find it so but still it’s a good app and I just really would recommend it but yet have a great day bye💜
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5 years ago, Ellie Croak
A student’s view of Google Slides
I rate this app 5 stars, but I’m a student, so I use apps like this all the time. When I found this app, I was kind of confused of what to do. After getting to play around with this app, I got used to it and I was enjoying it very much. I used it so much, whenever we needed it in school, so my teacher was becoming proud for me having my own device and using it ahead of time so I didn’t need to do it with the rest of the class and I had lots of free time. It’s all because my best friend recommended it to me. And she wouldn’t have found out about it If it weren’t have been made so, thanks for all the hard work on this app!
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2 months ago, Some One You Don’t Know
My personal rate
So when I first got this app I was like HUH how do you do this but then when I figured out the buttons I was like Ohhhhhh and then I got really used to the buttons and I had NO trouble making a presentation on stuff and this app is really fun but one day when I was trying to make something my screen completely froze and it kept saying 0 shape selected and I was so confused because I did not click any buttons and I would not let me type neither click on stuff. - Some One You Don’t Know
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4 years ago, B.R.O.C.K.
PLEASE change its very confusing...
I like google slides, but I just can’t seem to find out how to change the background of my slides. It’s very confusing, and when I went to the help button it did nothing and wasn’t helpful. It says “To hold down on the bottom and go to the top right by the three dots, but the three little dots said nothing about changing my background.” There was no tab THAT SAID CHANGE BACKGROUND. Like WHY CAN”T YOU JUST MAKE A TAB THAT SAYS BACKGROUND. On another note , WHERE can find out how to change the size on the text box. Like why would I want the SMALLEST BOX IN THE WORLD. One more thing why do have have to either take a photo or have one saved in my camera roll. Like on the computer you can just search up pictures, like that would save more time and SPACE. -Lana
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4 years ago, Awesomeness999913
I love it!
This is such an amazing thing to use especially now since we are forced to do online school and most professors are putting us in groups so we don’t go through the semester alone. I like how everyone can use it and how simple it is to follow. All I wish is that there were more template options like powerpoint and if they did suggestions for the different slide when you add a picture like on powerpoint. This would be such an amazing tool and for that very reason, i know more people chose powerpoint and don’t mind putting in extra communication with their groups because of the lack of options with themes. This would truly put it over the top and then i’d give 5 stars
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6 years ago, Shootingstars_aintpossible
This is awesome, but it needs one more thing...
This is my honest review of Google Slides. (and the other document creators by Google) I started using all of google's document creators on my computer, and finally decided to try out the mobile versions of them. All of them work pretty much the same when it comes to settings and customization. The one thing that really needs to be added is options for page setup. None of the mobile apps allow you to change the size and color of the page you're making, and that's a true disappointment. Other than that, Google Slides and all the other productivity programs from Google are great and easy to use!
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2 years ago, amazing app loollllloppl
It’s very useful
This app is very great if it was not here I would of got detention this app allows me to type edit and much more thanks to this app when we are in online school and my laptop is not charged I use this iPad and this iPad does not allow me to type or edit it just makes me look at the slide nothing else but when I downloaded this app it has made me a perfect A on my test because sometimes we have test online and if this app did not exist I would got a F in my safe I really love this slides app and I say everyone that is using a phone or a tablet or a iPad they use this app
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6 months ago, Town"Why"er
It's Good For Design Work
You can make "art" with it, as easily as you can make "bullet-point"-style "slides", for "front-of-the-room" presentations and speeches. I could provide a pretty-extensive gallery of examples, if there were a mechanism to do so. But, since it's all stored on the "Cloud", I guess the techs could go through it all, at their leisure; select examples of my work, that epitomize whatever features constitute the true "power" of the app; and display those "examples" as part of their own "marketing" efforts, if doing so would add value to the app, itself, or to the resumes of its developers.
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3 years ago, Sunnyxxrays
Great app, some bugs.
Overall a great app for working on a slide when your on the go, or just at home and don’t want to go to your desk to work on the computer. There are barely any problems with this app, besides that there are some missing things from the desktop version, but I expected that. However, there is also a couple of bugs. The most annoying bug is that I can’t add an image to my slides. I select the photo I want to add, and hit ‘add’, but it never works. No photo is added to my slide. I tried this on my IPad Air and my IPhone 7, but it didn’t work for neither. Google, please fix this for everybodies convince!
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3 years ago, Napenil
The insert line is garbage
The app is nice and really useful, but the insert line or scribble function makes you go back to your cursor every time you place a single line and that’s annoying. If I want to change the thickness or color of the line I should be able to do that before drawing the line, not after. Also the scribble function keeps trying to make my lines straighter and smoother which is nice, but it also makes me incapable of drawing certain simple things like the number three. The scribbles correction functions makes drawing corners or pointy bits pretty much impossible. Lines also end up shorter then I intend for them to be. But other than that, it’s cool.
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1 year ago, this game is so mich fun
Perhaps a tutorial for basic things, like how to equip a pen?
I am incredibly sorry to ask such a seemingly useless question, but could you maybe add a tutorial for basic things in the next update? I just got it and I cannot figure out how to equip drawing tools. I'm a young animator and I downloaded Google Slides hoping it would make it easier for me to animate with ease. But the problem is, I can't seem to figure out how to equip drawing tools. I ask only what is needed, for me and for others. You don't have to, I'm not demanding it, but would you consider my request?
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9 months ago, colterbug12
Great app indeed, but needs a couple improvements.
This is actually the app I really needed to make things with. You can add in pictures, which is my favorite part of it. Everything is perfect. Now for the improvements, I suggest you put in a feature to add a background. And now let me explain one more thing. Google does like to correct misspelled words, but on google slides, when you mess up a word it puts in red dots on the bottom to tell you that you messed up. And there is no button to turn it off. Please add it in and keep doing great things. Thank you for reading this review. Sincerely, Thomas Kreklow
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1 year ago, Mimi7122cool9
Help for things
If you’re in school work, anything you’re really help you with a really really new things that you could do you can learn and it helps us all of us for sure. If you’re reading this comment you’re probably saying what should I do with this is my advice if you don’t like it it’s all right. If you want to copy the link it’ll be super simple when I was the first one copied the link it was hard but when you do it a lot of times it will be easier in the new ways to do it not to do links, but other things.
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9 months ago, Snowythehamptergod
Great for making presentations
The first time you were able and I didn’t have a chance I just had a little bit of a headache and I was really tired and I was just tired and I was tired and I just wanted to go to bed but I just wanted to let you know that I was going to go to sleep and I was going to sleep but I didn’t want to wake up and wake up and wake up and I was so tired and I was so exhausted and then you had no energy to do that and you just want you didn’t even have to wake you were just like you🔥🔥🔥🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤯🤯🤯🤯💀💀💀💀🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥💥🔥🔥🔥
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1 week ago, VMSbeautiful
Best storywriting app ever!!!!!
I’ve been using Slides for a few years now and I still love it as much as I did when I started. I would mostly use it to write stories and make slides for my friends and family. But I’m telling you, that if you’re unsure about downloading it, I think you should! 😁It’s easier to work on a computer than mobile but still love the app nonetheless. I like the fact that you can work offline which comes in handy for me sometimes. Please download this app, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!!! ❤️❤️❤️😁😁😁
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3 years ago, Crissybaby33
it's pretty nice, but…
so I've constantly used google slides throughout my life, primarily for school projects. on computers, it runs smoothly, but I've had issues when I'm on the go or if don’t have my laptop with me—common sense would tell me “do it from your phone”. I've tried..yet every two minutes (if I’m lucky) it crashes on me mid-sentence. all my progress is nonetheless saved, but it gets irritating and makes the whole process of doing a project a lot longer. this is a minor subject and more so a ‘personal issue’, yes, but it’s relevant enough to take away from the whole experience. maybe in the near future, you guys can overhaul the crashing?
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4 years ago, I am a student reviewer
This app is awesome,I use it all the time . If I could rate this app more than five stars I would . This app is so easy to work with it saves everything you do, it’s easy to put anything on it such as chart , screenshots , pictures , and images . I’m a student so , of course I have to use this app for all my work , and I’m not ashamed of it. At first I didn’t know how but use it , but I figured it out quickly. The other google apps such as google docs , and google drive are also so great . I use those too . I am absolutely in love with this app so much it is just hard to explain . Best app ever!!!!!!!!
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11 months ago, Rikkue
No one’s too young to be an author
When I was five, I was given an assignment to write a story. Ever since then, I’ve been writing stories like crazy! I absolutely love writing stories, and Google slides has really helped me to be able to be able to organize my story ideas. I highly recommend Google slides for you if you also are interested in writing stories also if you are a busy mom or dad or grown-upBecause it’s so beautifully organized and you just have unlimited space to literally write down all your ideas.
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1 year ago, uwugirl667666668689
I kinda hate it….
1. nothing like the Google slides I have on my chrome book.. I thought it’s would be fun having it on my iPad but that failed like on my chrome book you can ad backgrounds but I cant!?!? Is that just me? And me and my friends make silly stories but I can’t make stories if I can’t ad a background?! On Ipad it’s like. a down graded version of the one on chrome book….. I mean like can you fix this? 2. I need to do assignments on this!!! I can barley get them done if I don’t know how to use all the buttons?!? Can u please if all of this and make it similar to the chromebook version…. Some people may like this version but… I kinda hate it!!!
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4 years ago, ebug55
Display and user friendly-ness
I prefer the computer version because when I held my phone horizontally (left and right) I couldn’t see the whole text box. This caused a little bit of an issue because I couldn’t see how what I was writing at the time went with what I had written before. It also took me a minute to figure out how to edit. And, to that extent, it felt a little extra that I had to install this app to edit instead of just simply doing it from Google Drive like you can on a computer. I hope in the future that I can simply delete all the other apps (drive, docs, etc), and simply do it from drive.
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2 years ago, little revewer
Amazing— just a suggestion
Hi! I just wanna take the time to say that your app is really good, and I use it for a lot of my projects. I just have a small suggestion. So, because I use a MacBook, for some odd reason, audio doesn’t come up for me. I am able to use video and it plays music without audio. I would like for the music to play continuously on either the entire slideshow or just selected slides. That’s really all I wanted to ask. Thank you for putting time and effort into this app and give my request some thought!
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5 years ago, Jayhawksrock123
Worst app I’ve ever used, 0 stars
I would give this a negative 100 stars if I could. I absolutely hate the website and the app. It deletes your text and you can’t get it back. The back arrow doesn’t do anything and hits makes the problem worse. I’m a pretty tech savvy person, but google slides is one of the most poorly designed apps/websites. It randomly changes slides when you’re typing and then messes up that slide. I have been forced to use google slides on multiple occasions and I have hated every second I’ve used it. It doesn’t let you copy and paste words over a certain limit and does it tell you when it cuts off whatever you’re pasting? Nope! It just doesn’t tell you and leaves you thinking that a PowerPoint type website could actually copy and paste things successfully.
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5 years ago, Mad Dog0919
Pie charts :(
I looooveee google slides! But, I would love to be able to add a pie chart easier. Right now, I’m doing a project on religions in America, and I need to add a pie chart to show percentages. The pie chart just says “points earned” and I cannot find one single way to change that to say “religions in the usa.” It’s kind of frustrating, because now I have to go to a website just to make a pie chart. Absurd. The mobile version is not even close to being as good as the version on chromebooks at school. I do like the perks of not having to save it, as it saves on its own. But adding charts could be easier, like maybe being able to change it in the app instead of having to go to google sheets.
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