Google Tasks: Get Things Done

4.8 (84.8K)
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Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Google Tasks: Get Things Done

4.79 out of 5
84.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Guendavienny
Great app to perform your day to day
Do you want daily achievements, set daily goals 🔥💯👌🏻 You want to be more efficiently? Want to achieve and complete that goals you thought about? This app would definitely make your life better, would reduce your worries, if your worried & stress about problems that you need to fix. Dividing big problems into small tasks will make things much more easy. If you want to achieve that goals that your always dreaming about, thinking on. Now is the time, write down a plan, set up steps do, and guess what make daily “tasks”. Big changes start with small changes. By making simple things as clean up the mess, making your bed, would encourage you to make bigger changes. And this is the app to make those changes. #ChangeYourLife #Success
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6 years ago, JohnathonSullinger
Simple and concise
This app is really simple and clutter free. I’m not bogged down by a ton of different options that make things confusing and difficult. No need to “build a system”, since it’s just Lists and tasks. If you like Apple Reminders, Microsoft Todo or Clear, this app will be great for you. If you’re looking for the flexibility of Omnifocus or the structure/filtering of Todoist then probably not. It’s free though, and integrates with my Google Calendar and GMail so desktop support is available on all platforms essentially. Not so much for OmniFocus and some of the other iOS task apps (Apple only). I can work on my tasks while on my work computer (Windows) while adding on my iPhone when in a meeting. I would love to see Google search in the app. Search by the context of what I’m doing and have their AI recommend tasks to work on based on my availability or context. Any kind of search would be better than no search. Otherwise, it’s a good app. I’ll be using this instead of renewing my Todoist.
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3 years ago, Jenifer K
Missing assignment and daily view
When wunderlist disappeared, I moved to Microsoft To Do. After a year or so, I moved to Google Tasks a couple months ago. From the desktop, it’s great! Everything we do is through Gmail and the google calendar, so the desktop interface is very accessible. However, it’s really lacking a daily view. I have multiple lists or “projects” with numerous item within each list. I use this for home, personal use and multiple small businesses. I’ve overlooked several things because I didn’t open that particular list that day. I really need a daily and/or weekly snapshot of everything that is due regardless of what list it is on. Also, there’s no assignment.... meaning it’s not great for collaboration. If you want to assign something as simple as “take out the recycling” or something more complex like working on a project with multiple tasks that need to be completed by different people, forget it. Also if you don’t set a due date and you don’t take the time to read through every list every day, those items that are just free floating will probably never get done. Reading through all the lists takes too much time and leads to human error which seems counterproductive to the app. Please update the app interface with a daily view and assignment/collaborator capability. Until then... on to another to do app.
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2 years ago, black_mystery
App works for bare bones, not much customizability
Edit: they’ve added a widget thankfully :) Original review: Used the website for a while, just downloaded the app and so far okay but a few features are left to be desired. 1) on the app it would be nice to be able to collapse the sub tasks. They (sub tasks) take up a lot more space and it’s overwhelming to see every single thing. 1-b) it would be helpful to be able to manually change the order of Lists. 2) please work on adding a widget for the iPhone Home Screen. 3) please add the ability to add layering subtasks. I mean in a way where let’s say your task is - “Write a paper” > complete 1st draft [sub task] > create outline [2nd sub task] >> find sources [sub task for create outline]. Also slightly annoying that on the website most of the actually useful ways to organize lists (tags, colors, etc) are pay-walled. Especially the ability to have more than one board. At least give us one of those things please.
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2 years ago, angel cat lover
Fairly useful
I like that it saves my tasks between devices and thought I liked the ability to make extra lists until the ability to move tasks between lists began to malfunction. I can no longer move tasks from the default list to my added lists, which when I could, helped me focus on the most important tasks when I needed to. The ability to do that disappeared regarding the main list (the most important one to be able to transfer from to aid focus) - as soon as I deleted one list and made another! I had to do this before the lists would start letting me rename them - if I’d been able to rename in the first place (I can now, but moving tasks is more important), then I wouldn’t have had to delete a list & make a new one, which apparently led to the problem of not being able to move tasks. PLEASE Fix This Bug!!
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6 years ago, vicky.txt
Beautiful, long-awaited app, fulfills my wishlist
I was very excited to learn that Google Tasks was finally available as an app yesterday, so I downloaded it right away and was pleased by the simplicity and functionality. I wonder what took so long. It is super satisfying to watch the to-do list item "pop" away when you check off the bubble. I can switch between my personal and work accounts. It remembers the specific list I selected to view last and loads that one vs. requiring me to change it each time. Previously, I had been using a mix of my Google calendar, another calendar app only for its tasks feature, the iPhone reminders app, and an old-school index card to combine all the specific features I like from each. I am glad this app helps sync some of that up in one central place now ☺️
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5 years ago, Taygraf
Please add a way to search for tasks
I have been using Google Tasks within Google Calendar for years. It’s ability to layer tasks on my calendar made it my task management tool of choice over all others since I use Google Calendar every day. I needed a way to access, add to & edit my tasks on the go, like on the subway, when I think about things I have to do & process my lists. Because Google didn’t have an app, I used GTasks. When Google finally came out with this app I was so excited. I am completely shocked, however, that there is no search feature. This is essential and it seems pretty obviously from an end user work flow standpoint that this would be necessary. When I am thinking about a particular task that I know I have put on one of my lists and want to find it to add to it or adjust the due date; it doesn’t make sense that I have to manually search through hundreds of tasks to find it. That is inefficient. Isn’t the purpose of technology to make things faster & easier.
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3 years ago, AlxReview07
Good App But Room For Improvement
Love the interconnectivity with Google Calendar. Easy to use. However, could use several improvements. Definitely needs a widget. Ideally, one in the Notification Center where you can mark tasks as complete. Should be able to adjust in Google calendar the length of tasks (change to 15 min duration). Also, needs more customization such as different colors for different lists. Honestly I think making it more similar to the reminder app would be a positive. More ability to edits and create tasks in Google calendar would be great. Also, If possible there should be a way for notifications to say on Lock Screen even after you open your phone (the way reminders app notifications do). Finally, better connectivity to the fantastical app. In the fantastical app, times of tasks are not shown and they show up as all day.
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2 years ago, OskarN.Reteep
Enjoyably Simple!
I love how straightforward this is app is. There’s really nothing confusing about it … it’s just as simple to use as a written to-do list. I think it’s also satisfying that it tells you the total number of tasks you’ve ever completed in the app. And you can scroll through all the ones you’ve finished just to feel gratified. If I had one critique, it’d be that the subtasks look the same as all other tasks and behave the same way. I’d prefer if the subtasks could be visibly under the main task and distinguished in some. Then if you completed every subtask, it would check off the main task automatically. Or if you marked the main task as completed, it would mark the subtasks as completed.
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4 years ago, Bland Nickname
Great for quick use, but pretty limited capabilities.
I use this app to list urgent tasks (whereas I use Google Keep to log tasks that aren’t necessarily timely). I like that it is simple and straightforward for this purpose; I can quickly add and cross off new tasks. It is a bit cumbersome at times. I liked the idea that I could add sub-tasks, but you can’t check then off if you are clicked on the master task in edit mode; you can only delete the sub-task entirely or complete the master task, but makes the sub-task capability kind of pointless. Thus, I stopped using sub-tasks. My feed is now very full and unorganized, which is a bummer. One other complaint is that you can’t add a voice memo like you can on Keep. I do think this app has a lot of potential, though, and Google does a good job of making reasonable updates without too much time passing by, in my opinion. I assume it will be adjusted to fit these criteria in the bear future.
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5 months ago, SJ6294
Great Potential but Needs Improvement
Excellent that tasks syncs with Google Calendar and is visible in the Google Calendar widget for iPhone, HOWEVER 1) If I set a task for Friday at 11:00am, it will show up in the Google calendar widget a day before through end of scheduled time (11:30am), but then it disappears! And doesn’t come back until the next day as “Pending task”. Why doesn’t pending task show up immediately after task time frame passes? It means for a big portion of that day I don’t see tasks I might want done before EOD 2) notifications are NOT persistent on Lock Screen for iPhone. They disappear after an hour, WHY 3) tasks and calendar don’t auto sync, you have to open both apps 4) Pending task doesn’t show up in widget until you open widget. In general widget doesn’t necessarily seem to auto update reliably 5) NO LOCK SCREEN WIDGET Otherwise great app and functionality
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3 years ago, EsmesGramma
I really do enjoy this app it BUT this 1 thing!!!
I work from home post Covid. I work for mental health agency and we use telehealth services. Also I have an iPhone therefore everything that’s google from my job I have to download an app to track. I came across this wonderful app that is very helpful and separating all of the emails I get throughout the day and how I need to complete those tasks my only issue is.... why isn’t there a way to print the task list? Without doing a screenshot or copy and paste? Is there a way and I don’t know? Also, I downloaded the drive and I created an area where we all can get our documents in our office. I would like to be able to share the task list with my supervisor so she can look at every time, do I have to give her my login and password in order for that to happen? Everything else I love about it!
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5 years ago, Happygoluckylaura
Perfect app for my organization obsession
This app is a great addition to my life. Previously, I would carry around a daily planner for all my to do lists, reminders, and appointments. It was really inconvenient if I didn’t have it with me or even if it was on a different floor of my house. Tasks, paired with Google Calendar, has managed to replace that and I can utilize this organization system on both the computer and my phone. It’s easy to add additional details, like location and set reminders before appointments. It’s different than other to do list apps that I’ve used because it allows you to easily categorize lists. For example, I have one for work, one for my personal life, one for household handyman tasks I’d like to have done, one for wedding planning, etc. This app gets 4 stars because there is currently a glitch that I can’t delete lists.
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4 years ago, Stop switching my video
Great App could use se better visuals
The app is great, it does it's job and does it well. It's very convinient and it's cross platform availability like most Google products is always a plus. Google always has great and simple visual style on all of its products but I believe this one is too simplistic. I would like the ability to view a page with all of my lists rather than the menu from the bottom that allows you to switch between lists. Also maybe add some preference features to that like colors and small symbols to distinguish between lists, much like Apple's Reminders app has. Beside the personal visual preferences the app great and would recommend to anyone who likes to make anTo Do list and hang out tasks
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3 years ago, Art🎨Music🎸Me📱
No iOS Widget
To be honest, i love using this app. Not only does it function as a to-do lists for tasks that i have to get done at a certain time, but it also works to remind me of things that i need to do. There’s a problem though: there’s no iOS widget for it. For other Google apps that i use, the widgets are phenomenal and incredibly useful. It’s nice waking up and seeing exactly what i need to do for the day, but it is a bit of an inconvenience opening up the app every single time i just want to glance at what i need to do. Other than that, i can’t organize task priorities unless i number them or assign a time i need to complete it by. If there were a way to tag certain tasks as more important than others, then it would function a lot better in my day-to-day life.
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5 months ago, MichaelC01
Very Helpful If You’re a Planner Type
I am someone who is a pretty serious daily planner. And I like to use google calendar on my Computer to do most of my planning. Tasks is super helpful, though, because as soon as something that you need to do pops into your head, you can write it down in Tasks, even when you don’t have your computer. It just helps me keep straight what all I have to do. With that said, I don’t use the app to actually fill my day if that makes sense. I find the computer so much easier for that. I just write all the tasks to be done in Tasks, and then I move those tasks into my daily calendar on the computer.
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2 years ago, Starship Salazar
Really helps me keep track of my projects
Very easy to make various lists, add tasks & subtasks, set repeat & alerts (which actually work), and I can even mark important tasks with a star and track those priority tasks in the “Starred” list. I have a widget on my Home Screen with whichever list I’m focused on, which makes it even easier to see and access my task lists. Simple, easy & effective. The only change I would suggest is for the “Starred” list tasks to visibly show which list the task is from, without having to open that task and see. Still, overall, very, very helpful without being too complicated. My ADHD brain approves!
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2 years ago, An Angry Walrus LLama
Has potential.
I love the concept of tasks because its easy and works with my Calendar, but it could just be so much more, especially when it comes to the widget. The widget will just show your tasks in the order you put them on there, not the date that you need the task done by. So currently I have a task for two days from now showing up on my widget before my tasks from today. You also cannot complete a task from the widget — you have to go into the app to complete a task, meaning the widget is just for you to look at rather than interact with. Also, when you close out of Tasks, it will only show your tasks for the list you exited out on, even if there are no tasks or they don’t fill up the space. Its just very inefficient.
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3 years ago, Magpie💕
One of the best task management tools I found
I like their new features that they added. It is one of the few online task management tools that I found that lets you make a task recurring. When I have tried other task management tools, and I was sometimes afraid to check it off if I need to do more than once because the task would become hidden. Some other things I like about google tasks is that you can create sub tasks for things that needed to broken down into more than one step and it can also sync it to your google calendar. If you decide to make a task on certain date, you can see it on your google calendar.
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4 years ago, Cay-o
Love it! (Excited for continuous improvement)
Love Google Tasks. My husband and I use the Google Suite of products for all of our personal and professional resources, to-do’s, and projects. We run a small business and we’re having a difficult time trying to find a tool that would help us keep track of day-to-day items. We tried Trello, Wunderlist, Asana, and more. All were beautiful but more than what we needed. Along came Google Tasks and it was the simplicity and design that fit our needs. Now we use it for everything! The only wishlist item I have for the developers would be to have a search bar so I could easily go to the task I was looking for (similar to the functionality in Google Keep.) Other than that, bravo!
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3 years ago, Iansewell22
Love the simplicity, lacking in a few departments especially for a google level app though. Sub tasks can only be seen in edit mode but appear as individual tasks on my unscheduled task section. Has been a bit finicky with recurring events. Needs a bit more focus payed to the functionality aspects. I also feel like it’s odd I can’t move tasks easily to other days or quickly make a task for a certain day by clicking on the day, instead you have to go in to the task maker and select each date, feel like this would be an easy add. Big fan of it’s easiness tho love that it’s not overcrowded and function saturated just needs a bit more polishing.
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4 years ago, Glad_e
Too Disorganized in Date Mode
I downloaded this app thinking, finally, a simple and clean UI that lets me create subtasks with due dates and room for notes. The bad part is when switching to view your list via Due Date. Say you have a sub task with its own due date. It will get separated from the main task and when clicking on it, have no ties to the main task. An example would be having a main task with a client’s name. And the sub task that says “send invoice”. When clicking on the sub task, there’s no indication to who the client is because it doesn’t link to the primary task. So if you have multiple subtasks that say “send invoice”, you wouldn’t know who it’s referring to. I’m back on Trello and it’s much easier. It’s a bummer because I love Google products but this one isn’t there yet.
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1 year ago, GiveeachotherGrace
Great app but limited in what you can do
It’s simple, easy and keeps you organized. BUT the app is limited with what users are able to do. • Sharing- By now we should be able to share our list of tasks or individual tasks with other users. Yes, I know what Google Keep is. I don’t like Google Keep. The layout and user capabilities don’t have the same appeal. • Organization- More options for how users can organize individual tasks. Date, starred and recently added are not enough. • Notifications- Need more options or at least mimic the set up of ‘Appointments/ Events’ in Google Calendar. • Subtasks- The option to create an additional layer of subtasks under each current subtask. I’ve tried other list keeping organizational apps, but I keep coming back to this one. I don’t have the patience or motivation to ‘learn’ another app. As a busy parent simplicity and ease are precious commodities. I’m sure if the developers made a few changes they would drastically improve the lives of millions of people. I’m talking Nobel Prize winning work.
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7 months ago, jcthress
If only there were a Tasks App to improve this
The app itself seems fine but Google still hasn't solved the issue (or is unwilling to address it) of allowing more than one level of sub tasks. This is highly cumbersome to productivity when it used to simply be this way. It is such an inconvenience I've tried one task app after another looking to replace this but the baseline problem is that I use gmail & the tasks are integrated there. I may need to look into switching my email over which would be a bummer but I'm leaving this here in hopes that a developer will actually listen... Additionally, the app itself regularly opens the microphone / voice input when none was clicked instead of just opening the keyboard when a new task or sub task is started. Another item needing to be fixed that wasn't broken...
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2 years ago, FilterJoe
Version 1.46 includes new past date feature
For many years I much preferred GoTasks to google tasks. But I was forced to start using google tasks when I got a new iPhone because something broke with google integration to goTasks. What I most missed was date displayed by past incomplete tasks. That is now available in 1.46 in Date Order mode. While it is for my tastes a huge improvement, it would be even better if tasks on the same past date were grouped together under the date rather than repeating the date over and over. But it’s good enough as is. 5 stars!
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4 years ago, acbimmer
Simplistic and that’s a good thing.
The app is very similar and to the point which is perfect for tasks. One thing that could be improved is the UI. The hamburger menu button should be accessible by a gesture swipe from the left side of the screen. Or remove the hamburger menu button completely and replace with a bottom UI bar that everyone is using now. It will be more accessible to all folks versus right hand or left hand dominant users. The create task button is in a different place from other google apps as well which is a little confusing, but not a huge gripe. The last issue I find is the inability to view multiple lists at once. I constantly have to click the menu button and switch lists and that drives me absolutely bonkers.
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6 years ago, AC Slatter
Reuse a list
I love this app and have been telling everyone about since I discovered it! The only thing I would find REALLY helpful is to be able to make a list that I can re-use over and over. For example I would love to have a master grocery list that I could check off and then when I leave the store, uncheck or reuse the same list for the next visit. I’ve also used this for bills, and would like to do the same thing with that list instead of creating it over again each month. Maybe there’s a way to do this that I haven’t figured out yet, but if there’s not this would be an AMAZING feature to add on the next update! Otherwise I highly recommended this app 😊
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3 months ago, Mr. Chauncy
urgent improvements I hope tasks could make
1. (Make it able to move more than one tasks at the same time) Long press one and then tap others, so that users could drag and move more than one tasks up and down in order to change its positions 2. Add function that users could add one ore more picture into a certain task that they want to add pictures into to remind users of extra images info. ( long words short: users could add photos) the picture could be made “only visible when certain tasks with pictures imported are tapped, so when certain tasks won’t show complete images but only a mark or some signal to show that “ this task has images imported)
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1 year ago, Vahdyx
I don’t get why people like this
A) It can’t be “shared” into. Google doesn’t support the share function in iOS for some reason. For example if you are on Apple Fitness+ and want to share the workout to remind yourself to do a workout on a specific day as a workaround until Fitness+ gets schedules then nope out of luck. Can’t do it but you can do this with Microsoft Todo and TickTick and Todoist. B) No Siri integration like MS Todo or TickTick or AnyDo or Todoist. C) Thankfully that added support for Hey Google and removed the reminder/tasks from a buried Google Assistant page but it’s a manual process to do. So if you didn’t do it you’re stuck using Assistant page for reminders or manually importing them using the option in the app D) Doesn’t support badges so if you get a reminder it’s hidden unless you look at the app, widget or happen to pull down the notifications page on iOS. And lastly it’s not an attractive app. The only thing going for it is the Google ecosystem and that it’s “free” to use. It’s the least useful reminder/ToDo app especially on iOS. Seriously there’s way better options out there. This is for the diehard Google nut more than anyone else.
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2 years ago, EvaWlrd
Helping me through college.
This app coupled with google calendar is such a good combination for students to schedule their classes and have an overview of the assignments they need to complete. The only downside to the app is that I can’t change the color of how the events/tasks appear on google calendar (though this isn’t detrimental in reference to the app’s usability at all!). I highly recommend this app to students, those who lead chaotic lives and want to bring in some order, and even those who live relatively stress free lives who just like to plan and schedule!
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6 years ago, Absolutextasi
Solid app needs a few more features
I used to use Wunderlist and since Microsoft biught them out and not released anything with significance, I’ve been look for another app. Well, i just upgraded to the new google and I saw this really simple app. It’s a great start, but it would be helpful to put things on repeat in the same way the calendar app is used where you can repeat tasks every week or every 1st Monday of the month etc. Also, it would help if we could share this app with other people we may be working with. Other things; To have a comment section would be nice. To be able to have printable lists would be really great as well. Wunderlist even had a place where people could vote on features and create ideas where people could vote which allowed developers to know where to focus as they followed what their dedicated users wanted. That would be an amazing feature as we could know that our voice counts. There are some more things, but maybe you can start with these. I will move my rating to 5 stars when I start seeing these things integrated. Thanks for what you have so far
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5 years ago, haneuloh
Better than reminders
I was waiting for google tasks to get updates which would allow dates/times so I can replace Apple reminders with it. Now that is has all that, I absolutely love it, being able to have it connected to my email account regardless of which device I’m using. However, few little fixes would be great. I like to have my tasks listed in order of date, but when I choose this setting, the order of time is not reflected. I feel like the point of this setting is to have everything in chronological order. Once that is fixed, it should feel even more organized. Also, I feel like the time should show on the side of each task without me having to click on them.
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2 years ago, vintagetwirl
I love this app but could be better
I love that you added a star option that way certain things I wanna handle even on the same day can we be prioritized. I wish there was a click and drag option even if I’m using dates to re-order things. That would be amazing. Sometimes priorities change in the middle of the day and having to strong arm my task list can be distracting. My ask: regardless of what sorting feature people use let them ALSO (and not or) click and drag their items where they are needed. If using date sorting you could ask if they want to change the date.
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3 years ago, ilovemusic555
This is a must have app!
This is the app that I go by everyday. Help me manage things a lot easier. The platform is very easy to navigate and it’s very easy to add inputs. It is very clean and organized just how I like it. I only wish the reminder or the alarm part that I can choose my own sounds or ringtone or giving more options to choose. Just the one time reminder ringing sometimes doesn’t get my attention enough to realize I have a reminder coming. Also should have an apple watch version as well. It will be so brilliant!!!
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2 years ago, Johan Perjus
Not bad
Having experience from both Things and ToDoist, Google tasks to me strikes a good balance between simplicity and functionality. Some room for improvement however; Scheduled or “time critical” tasks only sends you a visual notification, where as I would like to have an sound alert option as well. Preferable a unique one or an option to choose from the list of system provided alerts in order to differentiate from eMails and other audible notifications (I hate the iOS eMail audio notification, but that’s probably just me not liking getting eMails and conditioning).
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2 years ago, Ryften
Synchronizing task completion is awful
Marking a task complete only truly happens upon opening the Tasks app. If a task is marked complete from a push notification, it doesn’t sync & show as having been completed across other devices or on Google Calendar…that task will still show as active. Only after opening the Tasks app will it then complete the task. This defeats the entire point of having the option to mark something complete from a notification. Likewise, if a task is marked complete in Google Calendar, the phone app will still notify you that the task is overdue, & the notification of that task will remain on the phone until the Tasks app is opened…only then does it sync, finally marking the item as complete.
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4 years ago, Mfed55
Simple, integrated, just right
I've looked for an easy way to manage short-term tasks for years. Google tasks just might be that app. It's simple to create single tasks and small multi-step projects with sub-tasks. Like Google calendar, you can create flexible recurring tasks too. One feature I love is the re-display (notification) of tasks scheduled for a previous day but not marked "complete". This helps me not lose track of lower priority tasks that I couldn't get to on the targeted due date. Note that I don't use this app for complex, larger scale projects but I don't think that's the intended use.
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1 year ago, Von Hobo
Google Tasks is very good and I find it simpler to use than Google Calendar, especially with the included widget for the iPhone home screen. Pros: Unlike Calendar Reminders, Google Tasks that are not completed stay on top. Much simpler to use in Google Calendar than Calendar events. But you can still create a task with a specific time for an appointment which is nice. This is subjective because if you need more options with an appointment then you should go with Google Calendar. The widget for iPhone is much nicer in my opinion than the Google Calendar widget. Cons: Can’t search Google Tasks. Why? This is such basic functionality for a task list that it really blows my mind that you can’t search your Tasks. If you have lots of tasks in various lists and quickly becomes unwieldily. Unlike calendar, Tasks can only use one color. Summary: All in all, I really like this app and I started using it in place of Google Calendar. If Google could just add a search feature, it would really improve this app exponentially
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3 years ago, JennDJam
love it with a few suggestions
I love this app, it has helped me check things off my to do list that I have had in the back of my mind for far too long! I especially like the integration with gmail, which allows me to refer back to associated information that helps complete the task. 1 quirk is that subtasks don’t seem to stay married to their tasks when it comes to assigning due dates - the subtasks sit in the ‘no due date’ section when organized by date. 1 wish is that I could share my list with another user, and let them check tasks off the list or assign tasks to them.
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4 years ago, yeeyeeboissss
Needs Notification Sounds
No reminder or task app is functional without a notification sound and this is where this app fails. I get a banner in my notification center but no alert sound to go along with it. But I love that I can import my emails into a task! It's easy to write a quick description and set a date/time to be reminded. However, despite the easy to see bullet-point layout and organization there isn't much customization. We can't change the order of tasks manually after creating them, just by date or order the task was created. There should also be an option to add a task reminder for multiple days in a week rather than creating sub tasks to do so. Just fix the notification sound issue and it's a 4 star worthy app!
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6 years ago, Seanbhappy
Very simple scaled back beginning
Ok, so it’s not great...yet. It is a very simple list concept for tasks they includes sub task, scheduling by date, very reminiscent of iOS reminders just more elegant and usable. I am giving four stars because it’s a far cry of what it could be and should be, no Google assistant yet, no connecting to Google calendar and Google Reminders and Google Keep...yet. Read a good article that had this quote to sum it up... According to David Pierce of The Wall Street Journal, Google is apparently working on this: "At some point, Google says it’ll combine Tasks and Reminders, through all the many Google apps, into one killer task manager," Pierce said on Twitter. "Today is not that day."
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3 years ago, dannyrojas1002
Great app, but a few suggestions
Great app! Love the functionality, especially for organizing homework. I only have a few problems/suggestions: - Subtasks can only have a date/time, and can't be repeating - Finished subtasks should be grouped by what task they were under - Widget should include subtasks. I organize my Homework List by making each subject a task, and each individual homework as a subtask in each respective subject. With the current widget, I can only see the subjects, which doesn't help me much - More Google assistant integration please!
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6 years ago, CEO- G
Tasks for business is fantastic!
I love Google Tasks and I am happy that they now have an app. The best feature is that when I’ve created a task from my work g-mail on my computer, I can now click on the email link within the Task app and it automatically opens up that email in my Gmail app on my phone. This way I get the same user experience on my phone as I do on my computer. I just wished I had the option to create a task with an e-mail from within the gmail app. This would definitely make it a mobile experience with the Task and Gmail apps. Thanks!
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4 years ago, countingthreads
Great app for keeping track of my knitting and needlework
I use this app for many different things. I’ve created several lists for the various types of crafts I do. It’s been a great way to track both active and planned projects, as well as household and business tasks. I absolutely love this app. I’ve tried many different kinds, but this is by far the best I’ve tried. The only reason I gave a four instead of five is that recurring tasks don’t show up again until the day they are scheduled again. I like seeing all upcoming tasks including repeating tasks. That’s the only change I would make if I were asked how to improve.
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1 year ago, Carolina_Heart
Great except lack of location based reminders
I switched to google apps to avoid the "lock in" ecosystem of apple and this is mostly the same as iOS reminders except that I can access it on desktop and anywhere else which is useful. One thing though: The app lacks location based reminders which iOS reminders had. For some reason this feature is on Google Keep app which I also use. Minor inconvenience but why? Why have two google apps with a reminder feature and the one specifically for reminders lacks a type of reminder. I use keep for notes and this app for reminders
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4 years ago, Boo.Buddie
Integration with all of G Suite
I have tried every type of task management app and template with limited success. Finally I decided to try Google Tasks again for work and personal task management simply because I was so unsatisfied with the other options. And I was happy to discover how well it integrates into all of the other G Suite tools I use like my calendar and Keep. I just wish they would make it possible to download all of my tasks into a spreadsheet. Also, it would be great to be able to insert a link to a specific email or doc in the task description because now I have to leave myself a note like “see June 15th email from Jake.”
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4 years ago, thebasispoint
Love Tasks. Needs Notes & Calendar integrations!
I love Tasks and hope Google keeps pushing to develop it to integrate better to Calendar and Keep. I quite like the simplicity — it’s mostly just a checklist for me, and I like that you can also add deadlines and notes that are contained within Tasks. But sometimes I wish I could have the Tasks deadline show on my calendar automatically. And sometimes when my Tasks notes get longer I wish I could convert those to Notes—and I would LOVE if I could push a Task note to a pre-existing note in Notes. Is this possible?
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1 year ago, Fox Number 22
I miss reminders
Google had me convert my reminders into tasks but the functionality is a lot different and not in a good way. All-day Reminders would get grouped together on my calendar. But tasks are not. They are displayed row after row on my calendar which is overwhelming when combined with the events. Also, reminders would just move to the next day if not completed. Tasks do not. They will show up under “pending tasks” the following day but then will disappear after 30 days and you have to go into the tasks app to find them. So now I have to remember to look there and start a new task list called no-date because otherwise all the tasks for future dates are all mixed in with the past and current tasks and it’s a big mess.
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2 years ago, Mo OJ
I use it for everything!
I love Google Tasks and use it for just about everything. I am a huge list person and love that you can set reminders and can now also star the really important tasks. It’s easy to move individual tasks around too! I do wish that the app were a bit more similar to the browser version (such as being able to hit”return”/“enter” to create a new task and being able to organize the list order), and that you could format the notes section into bulleted lists, but other than that it’s a wonderful app!
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3 years ago, rickafterburner
Basic tasks, but Google Apps Script means your imagination is the limit
Tasks itself doesn’t have every feature I’m looking for, but the ability to write a basic Google Apps Script allows me to add features like reschedule from completed (which mainstream paid task apps have, but bundled ones, like Google Tasks and Apple Reminders, do not), and more esoteric ones like rotating reminders (do x every 30 days, but rotate descriptions between a, b, and c). Because of the basic but well performing app, as well as decent web interface and Google Apps Script integration, I just switched to this.
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